Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bush's and Cheney's Uncle

Many people are unaware that George Bush and Vice-President Cheney are cousins and they share a common blood uncle.   That uncle has been a problem for the family over the years.  Like another relative, Aunt Bea from the Isle of Man...(I'm sorry, the Isle of Person) who was found to be living in the Slave Quarters of George Bush's palatial ranch home in an exclusive part of extreme central Texas, this Uncle is also an illegal alien.    This Uncle, a Mr. Elmer Fuhd, is an illegal alien from Worcestershirshire on the Windsorshireham, England and has lived in the United States on the dime of American hospitality for several years....like his illegal alien sister, Aunt Bea.
      Illegal Alien Uncle Elmer lives in a hollowed-out bunker in Cheney's secret underground city near the community of  Illuminativille , Wyoming.   Uncle Elmer , who is affectionately referred to as "Uncle Elmer" by any and all, picks up a little extra money, besides from his social security check and his SSI payments, by counting all the money Halliburton Co. steals from poor people and the hard working American people.   Uncle Elmer uses that money to buy several gallons of Thunderbird and  Jesse and Al's Lite Malt Liquor every week, as well as to post bond every now and then.    Like his nephew, Uncle Elmer had a run in with the law the other day...something about a 2.2 something, just like his nephew many years before.   It seems though, that his nephew George learned to stay sober and/or not drive drunk....while Uncle Elmer seems to like policemen's company.

     But enough is enough.   When the Illuminati installed Bush and Chaney for their fifth consecutive term after elections were cancelled in 2008 and everybody was waterboarded all the time and everything....we were willing to put up with a few excesses.   But, we citizens should protest this thing about us paying for Uncle Elmer's and Aunt Bea's becoming Trans-gendered Americans and then getting married to each other just so they can have a new, larger free Housing Authority apartment by the Casino in Atlantic City.   I mean....you just gotta draw the line somewheres.

(Notice how, in the press caption, the
Republicans try to make it look like this
is Barack O'bama's relative, and not the
Uncle of George Bush and Lon Chaney)

This is so lame, the mainstream media labelling Uncle Elmer as some kind of relative of Barack Hussein O'bama, the first Irish President of all 57 States.    Typical teabagger racism.  Everybody knows that it's George Bush's and Lon Chaney's uncle....who else could take advantage of the system without fear of retribution??   Aunt Bea?   Teddy Chappaquiddick?  Of course not.    If these two people, Uncle Elmer and Aunt Bea were related to Al Gore or Barry O'Bama, they would have been deported instantly!!!!   Everyone know that.   We are for the poor.....not for people who rip off programs for the poor and then file for and receive...from very honest immigration judges...."refugee status" for Aunt Bea and "menace-to-society-drunk preferential status" for Uncle Elmer.    If Obama were here, he'd do something about it.

The Old Gringo thinks its over.   One more try, and he's gone.
Thanks for your time and patience as always.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 29 August 2011

The Clairvoyance of the Gringo Viejo

 "Did I put my shoes on the wrong feet
again this morning?  This hurts, man!"
     Now, all will know that the Old Gringo is at least as brilliant and well-informed as the Washington press corps.  (?)
     These are interesting times my friends.  The notion that this was taking place occurred to the Old Gringo some time back and then seemed to solidify during recent weeks.    This is not such a comedown for the National Socialist Democrat Workers' Party, because they must take solace that they can dump the 2nd first black President for the wife of the the real 1st black President of America, William Jefferson Blythe, who managed to forever disgrace the office and betray his wife at the same time.
     The American version of the National Socialist Democratic Workers' Party can nominate that wife, because she is as wiley as the first Black President of all 57 States and as much a dedicated marxist as he.   She can also prove that she is every bit as irrational and hypocritical as the present first black President of all 57 States and as corrupt as Charlie Rangel, William Jefferson, Mr. Maxine Waters, Algee Hastings, by showing them her Rose Law Firm billing papers and her "charts" that guided her to a small fortune in the cattle-trading futures.  And, she has one big advantage over Michelle.   Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham has never been proud of America since her second year at Wellesly, a noted patriotic think tank of the CCCP.   She got the street creds...you know?
     Can we not stop and take a deep breath and imagine the wondrousness of it all?    Instead of Camelot with a Round Table, we can have a septic settling tank where The View, Oprah, Jerry Springer, Nancy Pelosi's Beauty Hour, and Maxine Waters can write law by decree while on Public Mandatory Television.  Sessions of these meetings will be called "The New Improved Girls Gone Wild Show".
   The Congressional Chambers and  offices can be turned into a free day-care for the exploited mothers of the the DC metroplex.   All the children will be given a free university diploma from something called  "The Electoral College", and they can appoint Sheila Jackson Lee Czar-Boss Man of the Homeland Security Office of Space Exploration and Equal Opportunity Department.   After all, Sheila can then find the flag the American astronauts so stupidly left on Mars.   Each will be given an Air Force One private plane equipped with a shopping mall  featuring only books by Hillary and dirty Che t-shirts.
Laissez les bons temps rouler!
et merci, Le Vieux Americain

Global Warming?? No....Hog Troughing Politicians and Gimmetrons? Yes

Starring Jane Fonda, Whoopee Goldberg, HRH Sir Edmund Hillary Rodham, and AL GORE, Barry O'Bama, and introducing Katie Couric as the Revengetrix of the Universe.

(Theatre management will provide barf-bags at the entrance for viewers who have been forced to attend this movie by Mayor Bloombird)
This was the Old Gringo's whole point.   Global Warming is now proven by Hurricane Irene.   For a correct recovery it is necessary to fund shovel ready projects and invest in America's infrastructure.   We should spend at least 2 trillion dollars over the next 6 months to dig out from this....the worst disaster in American History....It is time for the Gimmegimme people to trundle and waddle down to the Uncle Sam Saloon and belly up to the bar.
      Training academies are gearing up for Queen For A Day training so that people can whine for their handouts.
       Politicians will be perfecting their pitches about how the Bush tax cuts have left their local infrastructures in ruins and then they have the hurricane damage to deal with.
       Nashville....Joplin....considerable non-central-government recovery.      Essentially being too white, too Republican to be the concern of the press...or the Obama adminstration.    Most of their recovery was done by local resources, volunteers, churches, private groups, insurance companies.   Everyone doing something to help themselves and their neighbours simultaneously.
         BUT...where ever FEMA is found there is massive corruption, massive stupidity...ie mobile and modular housing parked "somewhere"  to be sold two or three years later, un-used, deteriorated, as surplus...and what is put into service is totally trashed by the 666 people who lined up for whatever free goodies they could Queen-For-a-Day out of the stupid bureacrats.
        The Mega-Banks....(campaign donors in their majority to leftist Democrats), the politicians, the Labour Unions (always ready to take care of them there shovel-ready projects) and the Gimmetrons are circling. 
     We went through many hurricanes and natural disasters here in  South Texas without FEMA.   Why FEMA?, What is FEMA?, Please seek answers.   In 1933 the Rio Grande ran 100 miles wide at its mouth with the Gulf of Mexico due to the runoff from Hurricane No. 4....The only Central Government help was a few elements of the United States Army, 1st Cavalry Division.   My father was in the Headquarters Squadron of the 12th Regiment of that outfit.   It took them a week to round up about 2,000 mounts and start into recovery efforts, but the private sector and a few Texas resources managed to recover from the effects of a hurricane that was 100 times more devastating than Irene.
Please!!     Let us end this insane, mindless "help" from the Great White Father in Washington.   No more programs that are only set up to keep people like Mayor Nagin in power and thier "poor" enslaved to the Democrat Socialist Party and the New York Megabanks who write the rules for the Democrats.   Enough!!  No mas, No mas!!!! 

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Why? How Does the Old Gringo Know These Things? And a bit more..

Not only does the Old Gringo give up on Governor Christie...but he finishes any slight use he might have had for Mayor Bloomberg.     He is also one of the those politicians who delights in the notion that, since he is so much better and wiser, he can tell the world that mosques can be built to accompany the ghosts of the murdered, for the very people who did the murdering.  He demonstrated that he knew how to bring a metropolis to its knees by vacationing in Bermuda during a minor snowstorm three years ago.   He has now demonstrated that he could bring that same metropolis to its knees....to a complete standstill....for three days by "taking care" of it, on behalf of all the little people, and protecting same from a very common and very brief weather event.    Thank God for Mayor Bloomberg and FEMA....They saved us from Nuclear Winter again.
Sunday, 28 August 2011,    Where has America gone? 

The Old Gringo, responding to a steady smattering of statements of concern about his mental health because he is contradicting all known weather forecasts and analysis and going off on a binge of rightwing vitriol, reponds:

He saved us from Global Warming,
Cooling, Climate Change Worst Storm in
the History of the Universe

TO THE RESCUE: Obama takes charge at hurricane center...

"We humbly accept the Nobel
Prize for Saving Humanity
Again.    Without Government
the dummies would have all
drowned or had a 2x4 driven
into their collective heads.  We
must all give thanks to Saint
Kwanzaaclaus that George
Bush was not in charge and
Barry the Heroic drove away
 the bad of the storm and left
only the good"

       The hurricane can not and never could have developed SuperGargantuan Category 345 Perfect Storm Billion Miles Per Hour strength.   Never.   Like Katrina barely reached category 5 briefly one time in the mid-Gulf but had degenerated to barely a three...very briefly in the Mississippi data.....and barely a one anywhere west of the Mississippi - Louisiana border....Almost all  of Katrina's effects were caused by corruption and political croneyism in the staffing, maintenance, and operation of the locks, gates, and control houses of the Orleans Parish levee and canal system.     The all but insignificant high winds and relatively un-commentworthy rainfall totals did not cause the flooding.   The overload in Lake Ponchetrain and the failure to control that overload was the cause of the flooding.    The human toll was due to addiction to giving and taking public assistance and the choosing to be a member of the 666 group by the majority of the people in New Orleans.

(the below-entered material was written on the Saturday before the "devastation" of the Entire East Coast and New England) 
     If you northeastern political leaders can close all of the nuclear and coal fired electrical plants permanently every now and then, maybe we'll only have ten or twelve once-in-every-thousand-years earthquake/hurricane one-two punches   every combined hurricane/earthquake season.    Think of the Children!!!


Enough, already!! It's a crummy, basic hurricane....Are We Americans or maggots?

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will, torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” – C.S. Lewis

It is not fun to have to lecture my friends, but the 57 hours per day coverage of a relatively minor hurricane is just stunning.   How many beach-standing reporters must one skip over with the channel selector?    The  answer my friend is blowing in the wind....right?
      This storm is a mediocre "Category 1"  at best.   Please review the records of Camille, for instance, which was a killer and back-doored the middle Atlantic seaboard with huge rains and damage, after entering through Mississippi and making a right turn in western Tennessee on its run back to the Atlantic.    There are AT LEAST 50 other hurricanes of greater import just in the latter 1800s and through the 1900s....But this reaction is absurd even for stupid, ignorant reporters who tell me that the Earth is 4,000,000,000 years old with all authourity, and yet who know nothing about geographical history, earth-sun relationships, geomorphology, history,  or much of anything else.
     I shall never forget Shep Smith, FOX-news, panning an extended overpass in New Orleans, not far from the stadium they use for the Saints' football games, and doing a close-up on the covered body of a deceased-type person.    Shep glowered into the camera, with all his anger and earnestness showing, and declared, "Just laying there, and nobody cares.   Doesn't anybody care about these people?   Before this is over, scenes like this could be repeated 10,000 times."    Little matter, of course, that the death toll never remotely approximated that number.  
     My response then as now is best not recorded.    Most know what I think about the whole worthless concept of FEMA, or almost any central government intervention, long before it became another instrument in the destruction of local control, States' rights and prerogatives, and the practice of general self-reliance.    Some of the best summaries of what happens to a group of people who have five, six, or even seven generations of complete public assistance as their main or only support, augmented primarily by illegal activity such as prositition, drug dealing, strong-arm thuggery, armed robbery, murder for hire, and welfare fraud.....came out of the Katrina "disaster".
     The mayor of New Orleans, elected by the "takers" left and went to where he lived...in Dallas, Texas.   He had frequently been heard to say that he did not want his children to grow up in a place like New Orleans....it's a nice place to visit, but...?   Five large consists of AMTRAK trains had been dispatched and were waiting in the train station  to take people out, according to the evacuation order....within sight of the stupid football stadium...nobody came.
       400 busses from the New Orleans Independent  Feeding, Babysitting, and Thug-Trainig District sat abandoned, eventually to be drowned by waters, not from Katrina, but from the corrupt, inept adnimistrators of the canal and levee districts, long places of employment of girlfriends, boyfreinds, and brothers-in-law of local politicians.   Nobady came...the bus drivers had also heroically fled.   As did the city bus people.
     A cum laude graduate of the New Orleans school of "public service",   United States Congressman Jefferson...a racist, Democrat, hypocrit, liar, and thief commandeered National Guard assets so as to make a last run to his house (in the "white folks part of town"...doncha know?....) so he could remove what turned out to be 100,000 in Greenback Yankee cash dollars from his kitchen freezer.    And one of theseveral Guard 2 1/2 ton transport trucks (for one scrawny hyprocrit thief) got mired in the front yard, requiring several more vehicles in its extraction.
     No press coverage of that one.    Or of innocent self-reliant black people being passed over for minimal assistance because there were so many scores of thousands who were "truly deserving".....like the Crips, Bloods, and the slime who stole all of Fats Domino's legendary works, collections, and awards and who raided the acclaimed museums in the Crescent City....and a thousand other sackings.   Another of the "truly deserving" was filmed, while pulling a pirot in waist-deep water, with several large family members on board with considerable belongings including a huge television....he intimated in a way that cannot be stated here that he had to bring all this stuff because, since he had gone to all the trouble to loot it out last night, he did not want some criminal to come and steal the stuff he had managed to help "liberate" that night before at the store near his projects.    He was one of the famous "undocumented shoppers".
      On top of all of that, the people who were taken out of New Orleans were for years...and still are in many places, a scourge of locusts upon the places where they lighted.   Gangs, criminality, sloth, stupidity, filth, violence, and decay oozed behind them as they "reformed" the criminal elements in Houston and that area, as well as Dallas, Memphis, and scores of smaller communities unprepared for the Locusts from  the Septic Tank of Hell.  Crime rates went up from 25 to 50 percent in these places.
       And George Bush gave them FEMA charge cards of 1,000 dollars a person in Houston and other places...that went on until the FEMA dumboes figured out that 500 people in a line meant 5,000 pre-paid cards when the slime/thug/born-criminal "takers" simply kept going back around to the end of the line....'....'til dem cahds run out, We needs lot o'help..MF".   MF was their affectionate, pet name for anyone  who was helping them during their times of stress.  All OROGs understand, I am sure.
     These cards were sold to regular people in Houston sometimes look for "something for nothing" and who were dumb enough to buy them for 10 cents on the dollar.   The buyer would go a distance and then be robbed at gun-point by a family member of the one who had sold the card to begin with.     It was kind of like one of them there "interest bearing" FEMA Katrina emergency cards.    Thanks, FEMA.....what did we do before you were here?

Thursday, 25 August 2011


It is tiresome to listen to Republicans who listen to the stupid, ignorant focus groups.   Focus groups say stupid, ignorant things that are repeated from the mouth of Katie Couric, Whoopee Goldberg, and the mainstream media.    Republican, Democrat, whatever.   The Old Gringo knows when somebody is reading a speech that has been written for him by a staffer cutting and pasting stupid, ignorant focus group words and phrases.

For instance:
       "The hard working American People...." 
       "blah,blah.....the Middle Class......"
       "blah, blah.....the special interests...."
       "blah, blah....and that's why I will fight for....."
       "blah, blah....and I will work tirelessly for...."
       "blah, blah....to guarantee solvency for social security and medicare...."
       "blah,blah.....we all agree that America needs and should have a government paid safety net for the poor..."
       "blah, blah......and establish a partnership between government and business...."
       "blah, blah......to make the the millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share...."
AND, THERE are hundreds of other cute little words and phrases that the politicians and their wormy little speech writers know that the dumbed down American public like to hear.   It makes the American public feel warm and fuzzy, like the cute animal scenes from Bambi....that everyone will be happy and cared for and fed...and everything.... (enter barfing noises).

BUT!    As most of us with one-tenth of a brain left know, these phrases are bilge, made to appeal subliminally to people who are in early dementia or who have the intellectual capacity of a dead rock.
     Politicians and bureaucrats do not "work tirelessly" .     They go to "meetings" and "consult" and "hold hearings" and go on "listening tours".    They do not know a jackhammer from a garlic press.   It is like a union "local president".....what does he "do" ?   What does he do beyond sit at a cozy saloon all day and mete out favours to slobs who will grovel to him so that they can earn enough money to act like they are doing something....when the job they are doing can be done better in an American non-union environment....or even in Honduras by a 14 year old girl with two week's training.
      Neither do Politicians "work".   They get dressed, go somewhere and sit, they pontificate on behalf of the "poor", or "the American People", or "the Middle Class" and blame a bunch of bilgebottom corporate executives for arriving at the politicians' "very important" hearings by flying in "corporate jets" to Washington, D.C.    Then the politicians fly off somewhere in corporate jets or military assets to  "important meetings" in Florida or Hawai'i during the Winter so save the speckled triangulated whixgribble worm....and blame Republicans and free enterprise for trying to kill the beast.
      They meet.....they do not "do".   They spend.   They spend lots of money on themselves, they spend money to re-elect themselves.   They spend lots of money on projects about which they know nothing and understand less.

REPUBLICAN DUMBO POLITICIANS....repeat the word "jobs" so much that it has now gone far beyond tiresome.    Perry cannot make jobs.   Bachmann cannot make jobs.   Romney cannot make jobs.  Cain cannot make jobs.  Obama and Hillary cannot make jobs.   None of them can make jobs.   No one of them....not one job.
     Jobs are not the answer to anything.   It is a mythological warm, fuzzy Bambi puff word.  Taken to the extreme, one can say that Adolf Hitler was really great because he "made" a lot of jobs "happen".    Lots of neat-o soldiers with really neat-o uniforms and toys.   All employed, "by golly", with JOBs!!    A government can only prompt work periods...not employment in the sense of a calling or a trade or a profession or a mission in life.    Those are the aims of a decent and rewarding civilisation that we are now losing because of the quest for "jobs" and the demand that somehow the only people who cannot provide the "jobs" we envision that we want, are the very ones who cannot provide any such thing.
       The government can only take callings, trades, professions, and missions and ruin them.  How many times have we heard some sage...or a teacher...say, for instance..."Well, we simply have to pay the teachers better, because you only get what you pay for".    It is such a wise admonition.   Certainly it is true, no?
       Well.....not really.    In the dark ages before the public school predominace as we know it now, teachers were paid miserably.    College professors, high school, primary, private tutelage...all such individuals were paid in paltry measure.    There were no kindergartens as we know them now.   And of course, a high school graduate left his 10 grades or less of schooling with a good grounding in matters of knowledge.
   To-day, the best education is derived in places where the pay schedule is markedly less than in the public arena.....we reference the church-sponsored schools and the few Catholic schools that still might teach things that are free of liberation theology.     In the public schools, the SAT has had to be re-scored so as not to embarrass the test takers or administrators.    Public charter schools deal with troublesome students or students with high IQs...the former graduate or drop out and become the thugs they were going to be anyway, and the latter graduate with advance college credits and all, but they can't differentiate between an angle worm and Angola, or determine how wealth is produced.     ALL PUBLIC EDUCATION, BY ANY REASONABLE MEASURE SUCH THAT ONLY ASIAN STUDENTS PREDICTABLY EXCEL IN THE UNIVERSITY SETTING IN AMERICA.   ONLY INDIANS, VIET NAMESE, KOREAN, CHINESE, OR JAPANESE WIN THE SPELLING BEES.
       When the Old Gringo was a pre-delinquent and an amateur delinquent, almost all his teachers and principals...male, female,Anglo or Latin....were people who were independently poor or well-to-do.   They did not teach to make a salary or a living.   They could sit on the porch and drink beer or do part time work like teaching, or community service like the March of Dimes, Salvation Army, Red Cross, or set up a business or marry a rich guy, or any number of things.  Teachers came...whether we like it or not....from a particularly quirky and independent body of people from the upper-middle class who felt a calling to teach.    It was unfair in those days to say..."Those who can, do....and those who can't, teach"....because most teacher years and years ago could do both...and frequently did...simultaneously.
      By part-time, it is meant 50 to 70 hours per week, directly or indirectly involved in the mission at hand.   My father never complained about his work schedule when he left farming and worked toward and becoming a psychologist.   In fact, he would seriously observe that he felt guilty  about his "light load".   As a farmer and grove care operator, he and his wife (my mother) both put in 100 or more hours every week.....without complaint.    Much of my "quality time" with my father came while standing in the bench seat of a IH Red pickup, bouncing over unpaved rural roads or atop a tractor setting a furrow or irrigation ditch.    His father-in-law (my grandfather) was a lazy blowhard (like his grandson) who, as a farmer, would only work 60 or 70 hours a week.   The Grandfather did make-up work by pontificating and telling the Old Gringo's father how things should be done.

      Of course, the  Old Gringo's father would have been sued, fired, and quite probably imprisoned were he to have had to deal with to-day's classroom.   The profanity, the continuous threat of violence, the surlyness, the nudity, the lack of order, the disdain for any procedure, the arrogance, ignorance, and complete absorption with procto-urological verbiage and concerns.....would have caused him to drag various of the males out by the collar.   And, he was a peaceful man.
       The difference is, that now, even in the "best" schools, only about a fifth of the attendees have the remotest form of catechism or moral orientation.    In almost all schools, Ritalin-filled thugs...usually white-race individuals...are plotting the execution of their dream murder rampage....to see if they can beat the Columbine record...Virginia Tech doesn't count, it was done by a Korean Ritalin-filled thug.    In....shall we say..."urban" areas....the mission of the majority of the females is to join a gang and become a grandmother by the age of 26.   The males, by that same majority seek to join a gang and either be dead by 19 years of age or the head of a baby mother harem of 10 or 12 girls whose career is to be grandmothers by the time they are 26.    As grandmothers, they can practice a form of network-marketting....by recruiting others to participate in WIC parties, or AFDC showers, or Community Service Streetwalking programs, or Public Housing Destruction Committees.   And, of course, they can turn over 10% or more of their public assistance procedes to the male head of the Harem so that he can remain accustomed to the manner by which he lives....for a while longer.

        SO....now it is official....there are 49% of all babies born now....almost  entirely to "baby-mothers"....who are on some form of  poverty food subsidy program.   WIC, Food Stamps, Lone Star Cards, etc.    Of that number, over 80% were born to mothers whose mothers birthed those mothers into poverty food subsidy programs.   That means that we have now arrived at the point that at least 40% of all babies being born in America  are part of the dreaded multigenerational poverty industry.

THE WAR IS OVER.   We should and must burn down the bakeries before the hoardes of 666 people come to do it for us.

      The notion that "jobs" has anything to do with the problem this Republic is having is beyond ludicrous.   If we do not stop, at this instant, paying for miracle babies and feeding them.....and paying out trillions upon trillions of dollars on shovel ready projects that neither exist nor have any pertincnce to any reality....then the Republic is done...stick-a-fork-in-it done.
       More education, training programs, Laptops for the Crips/Bloods/Chicano Brotherhood programs will serve to naught.   What is proposed?   Are they going to use their advanced information and communications devices to   perfect the FlashMob rampages of murder, assault, and malicious destruction?
       The idea that we need to have Michelle Bachmann or any of them..."give" a "job" to anyone is revolting.   Taxing milloinaires and billionaires is code for burning down the bakery and ultimately for the guillotine.   Shovel ready is what is meant as the fate of white people, conservative people of colour, and anyone who has ever contemplated a parable from the Nazarene.
     Yes, the Old Gringo knows that most of the Republican candidates know that they cannot "create jobs".   Yes, the Old Gringo knows that they know that only natural law and free enterprise can create life missions, callings, trades, and professions....and that it requires risks and sweat and blood and following self-interest over selfish interest.
      BUT THE OLD GRINGO WISHES THAT THEY WOULD SAY THOSE THINGS AND WAKE THE GLAZED-EYE ELECTORATE UP TO THAT FACT.   It is not enough to "beat O'bama".   We must destroy the falsity of democratic socialism and the slavery, sloth, and dispair it always produces.   If we do not do it soon, the Republic is lost.
     Green jobs, Government innovation and investment in environmental industries...It's all Trojan Horse stuff designed to destroy the dollar and make people chase "jobs" instead of missions, professions, trades, and callings.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Little impediments

     We are involved during these days with the situation of the Old Gringo's father-in-law who has been hospitalized a couple of times during the past few weeks.   The boss pretty much prohibits me from disclosing anything of a private or personal nature about that part of the family so...as one might imagine with a hospital stay....there is not a whole lot to add.
     Tomorrow perhaps there will be a bit of time to make a few comments and observations.  Thanks for your time and for dropping by.    Your visits are important to us at this time.
El Gringo Viejo.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Thousand Words.....

A Dog and His Hero

Petty Officer Jon T. Tumilson was laid to rest Friday in Rockford, Iowa, where an estimated 1,500 mourners came to pay respects for the fallen Navy SEAL, including his dog Hawkeye. In fact, Hakeye’s loyalty to his owner at the funeral was visible, creating a heart-wrenching image as he laid down by the casket of his owner during the entire service:

Sunday, 21 August 2011

It just keeps getting better....


      This one explains why COSTCO wants granny to eat catfood in the dark with no air-conditioning while not being able to park her coalburner in the disabled parking space during the blizzard brought on by global warming during Bush's purposeful flooding of New Orleans.
It's all part of their plan, folks.

Hi! Y'all, I'm Jimmie Rodham and
I'm runnin fer President
Join the Peoples' Resistance!
Coal Powered Cars to the People!!
We demand electric cars!!
We demand no electricity production!!!
We are the Left....We know best.....!!!
Everyone else is extreme, illogical, and rich!!!!
We demand everything now!!!!
You...Shut Up...NOW!!
Give us your guns, money, and property...and SHUT UP!   Racists!!!

And then there is this charmer
     This one explains how we are all better off with a National Socialist Workers' Party solution to das autoproblemmitbaldergashen.    Adminstration by United Auto Workers....where the belly over the belt union thugs are apparently all members of the "Six-Pack for Lunch Bunch".        But, what the heck....the UAW owns the place...we're the UAW....if we want to smoke a few roaches and knock off a six-pack for lunch....what's a little inaccuracy on the assembly line?   After all...that's a management problem...quality control and all that.   Besides we only work on suspensions and brakes....nothing life-threatening like the CD changer.   What the hell do you expect for 40 dollars an hour?   Perfection???

All new contracts with labour unions in the Closed Shop States must include a "Hold Harmless" clause, agreeing to not press or pursue civil or criminal charges against the Union or its members.   These charges are meant to cover but are not limited to vandalism, arson, bodily harm, assualts, other criminal and/or issue of civil liability.   The Unions demand this clause or else they'll slash your tires and shoot your dog....but nothing personal you understand.
Pray for America. 

More Later.  Thanks for your tolerance.
El Gringo Viejo 


Friday, 19 August 2011

Before you all scoff at the previous post

    We have to admit to ourselves that if the New York Times is beginning to paint pictures of Barack O'bama's marxist programming failures, then the end is here.
      O'bama's cute self-described communist clown, a Mr. Van Jones....an ex-con, of course...who at one time was a real live White House Czar, is painted in an article by the Times as a failed experimenter....perhaps noble...but failed.
     It's time to turn the inevitable march to World Socialism back over to the Queen of the Universe.   She is the candidate the Democrats will instantly turn to so they can demonstrate buyers' remorse adequately.   And think of it; she's been out in the trenches as Secretary of State, defending America's Interests, stabbing Israel and Mubareck in the back, keeping the Red Chinese in their place.   She's the man of the moment.   Oh!....think of the shivers running up and down Chris Matthew's leg now!!!
      She is also the perfect and oh-so-moderate-and-experienced candidate.  She appears "moderate" to the dunced, MSM-following public and she has a  million lunatic Amazon Battalion Commies in Move-on, Code-pink, and the NOW "women's" movement dullards.    It is kabuki theatre at its best, at its very best.

 An apple for your freely given vote, my lovely?

Ah!....Relish the moment.  "I'm going to wash that man right out of my hair...", except, I don't think she can sing as well as Mary Martin....Actually I don't think she can do anything except be the Perpetual Queen of the Universe for Eternity.   She is the only one the Old Gringo knows who will be able to outdo Michelle in base, whitetrash-like self absorption.

Thanks for your time and interest.
El Gringo Viejo

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Peculiar Prediction

One of the good things about being a geezer is that the Old Gringo has seen a lot of things, been to a lot of places, and had a number of experiences.

     During the 1967 - 1968 period, a perfectly useless piece of human debris by the name of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who, some have said,  could well have been directly involved in the murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was floundering in the mess of the Viet Nam War.    He would not allow the generals and admirals to fight in their own way.   He would not make the massive deployment that would be necessary to drive the North Vietnamese forces out of the South, and he would not bomb Hanoi or Haiphong into oblivion.
     He would also not simply pull out and say "Phooey on the whole thing"....Instead he dribbled in troops in small to medium sized increments....changed strategies and tactics as if to the click - clacking of a metronome.   This was a perfect situation for a light infantry enemy that relied principally on hit-and-run guerilla actions and terrorization of local, native populations.
      It amazed people in the know that the South Vietnamese forces changed bit by bit during the war,  into an almost respectable fighting force and finally began gaining quite a bit of local backing...simply because of their own good performance and the presence of American and South Korean and Australian combat forces in large numbers.   I believe the American deployment level in 1969 hit a high of 623,000, all branches.  while the allied groups numbered upwards of 90,000.
      Americans lost nearly 60,000 dead and 220,000 wounded.   The South Vietnamese lost about the same number.     During the course of  almost 9 years over 3,000,000 people served under arms in the American military in country.   There was still a draft at that time, and the Old Gringo was drafted immediately upon completing the requirements for his B.A. degree at Southwest Texas State University.    He, (sniff, sniff) did not have the opportunity to attend his own graduation ceremony....which is just as well....because he would have been a lot like Father McKensie.
      But none of this, or all of this, is neither here nor there.   Except for one thing.....Johnson walked off and left the whole issue behind.   He was a shallow, hypocritical, crooked thug.   He was a bully, and like most bullys, he could not stand up to a fight.    He would only fight if he were absolutely certain of the outcome being in his favour.     So, when a third-rate pinko senator from Wisconsin, Eugene McCarthy,  filed against him in the Democrat Primary of New Hampshire in early 1968.....and managed to pick up 38% of the vote... thereby embarassing the President profoundly.       A couple of days after that primary, Johnson held a talk to the Nation and announced live and in colour that he would not be a candidate for re-election.

     The Old Gringo is increasingly under the impression that Barack Hussein O'bama, the first Irish President of all 57 of the United States, is going to soon announce that he is going on a permanent vacation......that he will not be a candidate for re-election.
      He is harder to read than Lyndon Baines Johnson.   O'bama has a foreign father, an absent mother, and was raised in the rarified environment of Hawai'i, by communist grandparents.  He attended private exclusive schools that emphasised marxist dialectics and social democracy and minimized any thought of patriotism towards the United States.   Because of those things, he does not have the mannerisms or inflections of a normal, natural born America-type Negro or Caucasian or any American mixture of any kind.
      O'bama, however, does lie just like Johnson, and, like Johnson has neither soul nor sense of shame.
      Speaking of 'neither soul nor sense of shame' , now comes (Sir Edmund)Hillary Rodham.   While watching her to-day     e x p l a i n    i n   h e r   o w n    i n i m i t a b l e    w a y,   t a k i n g  h o u r s   and   h  o   u  r s   t o     s  a   y     e v e  n    t  h  e    s im p  le  st     s en t  e n c  e  s      .    (yawn, shudder)....about how we are going to  whup up on Assad...just like we done whupped up  on Quaddafi....and Assad done better look out 'cause we're a' comin' to git 'em, it dawned on me.

     It dawned on me that she has been putting her Move-on ducks in a row....and with the next stumble by O'bama....she will strap on the Wonder Woman outfit, play the themes from Wonder Woman, Rocky I  -   XXXVII, I Am Woman, and her new song titled "I am the Wind Beneath My Wings".     She already has the endorsement of the Progressive Extraterrestrial Male Lesbians for Change that Remains the Same for (Sir Edmund)Hillary for Presidenta de Eternidad.

(For innocent OROGs who are normal and sane, reasonably wondering why the Old Gringo refers to the Mighty Queen of the Universe as (Sir Edmund)Hillary Rodham, it is because she responded with a straight face to a  0+ reporter shortly before her coronation that the Rodhams had named her "Hillary" because they were so inspired by the accomplishment of Sir Edmund Hillary and his conquest of Mount Everest that they were moved to name their daughter after him.   Of course, that being the case, her parents had the patience of Job, because normally people name their recently born children well before three years has elapsed from the time of the birth of that child.)
     [ However....the Old Gringo's mother went to school with a girl in rural Tennessee whose name was Girl Baby.  Because of various arguements amongst the Aunties from various sides  of the families, Girl Baby was never really named.    So, since she had been called Girl Baby so much, she finally began responding to those words as her own name.   She was known a Girl Baby into adulthood]

Tired of It

Yes, daughter, George Bush just took
 one vacation after another.  Not me. though.
But, it is tough, evaluating all these Red
 Chinese bicycles for Chairman Mao.

Suggestions for O'bama

     Dear Mr. O'bama, why don't you try confiscating a couple of Auto Manufacturers.   Have them build autos....like the coal-powered VOLT?  Tell the little people that they will help the environment by burning more coal and tell them at the same time that coal-fired electrical generation plants will have to be eleminated....for being too contaminative.
      After over a year on the market, not even 2,000 have been sold.   The auto loses its 40,000 investment (price, plus tax, title, insurance, etc.) at the rate of 65% before the ink dries on the title transfer application.   It is an environmental disaster....essentially a coalburning automobile....with a 1,000 pound battery that cannot be recycled.
      We can see it now, Mr. O'bama....on E-bay.....2012 VOLT Goremobile, makes 30 miles on an 7 hour recharge.   Home utility bill will go up by 400 dollars per month.    Too toxic for landfill, garbage truck will not take it away. Will pay anyone 1,500 dollars to drive vehicle into Lake Michigan. PLEASE NOTE:  Actual use indicates that the re-charge is much more electricity consumptive than GM or other analysts indicate.   Much greater.
       Why don't you try some shovel ready project.   Like all those bridges that George Bush ruined?   We need a lot of good union men out making 56.0o/hr driving front-end loaders around.   Ten percent of that will go to the union bosses and half of that will go to the Employ a Democrat Party Operative fund.
      Then, we could do a bit of taxing the rich, because they don't need the money anyway.    That will also solve all the problems, as well......it always does....if not....maybe a few "re-education centers" could be openned.
       Later, we should have the two-level JOBS....(Just Official B.S.) Bill....Whereby you could order an increase of the minimum wage to $24.36/hour while  prohibiting the hiring of anyone who fails to wear his pants four feet or more under his butt, and increase the term for unemployment compensation (unemployment compensation???    Unions for the UnEmployed are next...like in France??) from 99 weeks to 99 months...AND increase Food Stamp coverage to anyone who would rather be a consuming slug than a self-sufficient person.
      Then, require that all children under the age of 44 be insured by their parent's policy, that would help.    And....we could require that all minorities be required to report to ACORN's Midnight Flashmob Cracker-Beating programs.
       Anyone refusing to join could be made to carry Michelle's train around while she's on vacation.   When that line of service has enough people, then the others can work as your Aunt Zeituni Onyango's maids and butlers.  She can still be found in the illegal alien protection program, Boston Housing Projects, under complete public assistance....while in her perpetual, eternal appeal process against deportation back to Kenya.   You denied knowing her before it was revealed that you had known her and referred to her as your favourite aunt....kindalike the Kerry defence...I voted against it before I voted for it. 
      But, based upon the proclivity to .....shall we say...."adapt" to the life-style to which they have become accustomed....Michelle and Zeituni do seemed to need a lot of extra "inputs" in terms of being waiting on and taken care of.   A couple of hundred thousand jobs could be "saved" that way. 
      Aunt Zeituni was not the mid-wife auntie who caught you when you were born...right?   It was a different one....the one in Hawai'i...right?

      And remember to blame rich people, the Republicans in Congress, George Bush, and your fat-cat slug socialist friends on Wall Street.   The American public falls for that one fairly easily. 
      Make certain that nobody catches you in the false trap that Bush took office at the beginning of very sharp recession.   Remember that Bush blew up two big buildings in downtown New York and then tried to blame the 1.7 trillion dollar hit on the American economy on some innocent student pilots who just happened to be Muslims.   You have to watch out for the wily Republican contra-revolucionarios and their history re-writes. 

       Thank you, so much, Mr. O'bama for all the hope and change, we could not have been done without you.    (and Michelle)

El Gringo Viejo
(and Auntie Zeituni)

(Credit: AP)
President Obama's Aunt Zeituni Onyango lived in public housing as an illegal immigrant for a time because the "system" took advantage of her, she said in a recent interview.
"I didn't ask for it; they gave it to me," Onyango said in an interview with CBS affiliate WBZ-TV, scheduled to air tonight and Tuesday night.
"Ask your system," she continued, unapologetically, when asked about the situation. "I didn't create it or vote for it. Go and ask your system."

Onyango uber alles

Monday, 15 August 2011

Ask Not for Whom They Construct the Guillotines....

Uncle Warren Surveys the Future, watching the
International Brotherhood of Guillotine Builders,
AFofL-CIO put the Finishing Touches on one of
 Several  Guillotines designed to punish the Rich
 for having too much.   The judges of what is
"super rich" were Jeremiah Wright,
 Shiela Jackson Lee, and Maxine Waters
Now we have the entertaining picture of a rich old fool who has arrived at the peculiar point of thinking that the Central Government has a better idea about how to spend his money than does he.
      This old fool also thinks that the Central Goverment can actually define what the term "super rich" means.    He thinks it is people who have estates like his or Carlos Slim's.   Barry Soeto thinks that it is any person stupid enough not to be on AFDC, Rent Subsidy, Food Stamps, Unemployment C0mpensation, Medicaid, and in a Midnight Flashmob League.

      The Old Fool in question is gradually losing his bearings....just like the Old Gringo.   Mr. Buffet was heard saying, while this picture was being taken, "Why are they building that guillotine over there?"    At least the Old Gringo knew to respond, "Sir, they are building the guillotine for thee and for me.   They come for our children next.   They have just finished burning down the bakeries." 
      Uncle Warren responded, "I guess that Barry meant that we ourselves were to be the 'shovel ready projects'." 
       We learned later that the panel of judges was appointed by Hillary Rodham who was taken to the blade shortly after naming the illustrious panel.

                                                              Anagallis arvensis
                                                               the Scarlet Pimpernel flower
El Gringo Viejo

Ah. Justin, I barely knew Ye, my lad

Peculiar things.   While the politicians posture forever about matter of little import, then pay scant heed or practice  to deceive on issues great and grand, we fail to see things like life.   Life, going on around us.
      This was a very dull weekend in Mexico....our part of it....From Cd. Victoria to Monterrey.   The absence of marked inter-cartel confrontation leads to a lot of human interest stories in the news....and speculation about the up-coming Presidential elections both in Mexico (July - 2012) and in America (November - 2012).

      BUT!  The Really Big News these days is Justin Bieber's arrival at the performance center known as "The Arena" in Monterrey.   When the sales started for independent private purchases of tickets for the event, the tickets sold out in 4 minutes.   These are for tickets purchased on only one credit card and for a maximum of four tickets.  This is done to keep as many tickets as possible headed directly into the hands of the dedicated and deranged Pre-Bimbos known as adolescent females.   Click here for more details  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0M6PEkAzpo  .      Prices for the tickets ranged from dollar equivalent of around 50USD to a little more than 400 USD plus the 16% federal sales tax.   Bundle services were left with very few tickets....and there are two other presentations on the 1st and 2nd of October in Mexico City....also sold out. 

       Now we learned that all the tickets are all gone, within 2 hours.   Group tickets, 2ndary market tickets, everything.    These heifers' video might be typical of the many that were produced for this thing, who knows? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcJ1uHbgjlQ&feature=related      You'll have to wait it out all the way through.   It's funny in a way, sad in a way, good in a way....But there is not space show the OROGs the several hundred home produced videos and even personal webpages ....This particular one was done on 5 May 2011....well after all the ink had dried on the event, so it is really just a celebration more than an exhortation.   It is pretty much silly....except we are looking at lots of time,talent, money, and effort....loyalty on the part of the fans and performer, and something a bit normal....much more refreshing, perhaps than PoopDog Leper Breath and the Ho' Beaters or  Gutslyme and the Electic Toilets.

     The venue for this event, the Arena Monterrey is quite a place...troubled leaving the batter's box and making it to third base....but like a lot of things Mexican...quickly and well finished.   It is situated in a downtown Monterrey  site officially known at the Parque Fundidora which is the old Steel Foundry, shut down about 35 years ago.   The 700 acres of downtown property was finally converted to a Plaza Sesamo (Sesame Street Park), a World Trade Center... "CinterMex"....quite a nice "theatre of access" to and from  Mexican heavy industry....an elaborate family park with advanced aquatic diversion, and so forth.   The Arena is a 50,000,000 facility with "basketball seating" of about 18,000 and "concert capacity" of 56,000 with all exit doors "unblocked and unlocked" as they say.    The Wikipedia summary  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monterrey_Arena  about the place is fairly accurate, although the events list is incomplete by about 50% and a bit out of date now.

Thanks for your time this early Monday morning.   Time for me to try to look like something a little better than Howard Hughes on his deathbed.   Thanks for your time, messages, and interest.
El Gringo Viejo

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Since You Asked

Observations by the Old Gringo about what the Republicans are up to?    Not much, because of the axiom in American politics that 6 weeks is a lifetime.   My rankings by preference?    Not ithat it amounts to much, because any Republican would receive this vote over Hillary Rodham or even Barry O'Bama should he decide to file in all 57 States again.   Rumour has it that he might be going to join the Marine Korpse, or maybe even the France Four In  Lesion (hah! beet the spell czech again!)  just to get away from his mother-in-law.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH4lRzKboeg

(1)   Michele Bachmann - a dumbo such as I....natural law person...

(2)   Herman Cain - someone who just simply understands that the government is not the source of innovation, money, or  positive outcomes.    He is a private sector man and a person who builds solutions from his own heart, brain, soul, and sweat.   A Gentleman...and he is an accomplished singer!
(3)     Santorum

(4)     Governor Perry - Do not presume that this is a walk in the park for the President of the Republic of Texas.   Sen. Hutchinson of the Country Club poofy set of Elephants, really wierd rightwingers who know that George Bush blew up the Twin Towers and who think Perry is an agent for the Royal House of Bourbons and King Juan Carlos, and people who just do not like the guy because they think he is a hayseed, will distribute their votes among a group of GOP pretenders,    Perry is the guy who chose to endorse Guliani in 2008, leaving fellow Confederate, and "reasonable, moderate" disguised as a conservative, Arkansas GovernorHuckabee in the lurch.   Oddly enough, he was Gore's Texas campaign chairman in 1988.    The Old Gringo will vote in the GOP primary, as always, but for Bachmann or Cain.
(5)    Romney  -  Also, like Huckabee, another "reasonable" Republican.  Once again we have to remember that     "Reasonable" is another term for "moderate".   Both terms are used for any Republican who knows that the eventual drift of the culture in the United States is to an improved European statist form of capitalism, whereby certain of the superior race control all assets that are privately owned.   Industry, labour, and social organisation are placed in the hands of bureaucracies that buffer the superior people from the hoi polloi.    These bureaucracies will assure that the people have enough rice and beans, a bit of entertainment, and an apartment to share with people of their own kind.   This "social democracy" provides for equivalent income distribution, and other rewards, like a washing machine for the family of the child who draws the best picture of the Great Leader.
     While the Old Gringo would vote for Romney in the General Elections, and although Romney has a great number of admirable traits, Romney is the lowest point on the Old Gringo's list of favourites.   He did manage to compromise Massachussets into O'bamacare Socialized medicine....as would all "reasonable, adult-thinking" compromisers.   He did this well before the Saint O'bama passed his own  unconstitutional version of the British National Health Nightmare.
Old hulks, waiting to be scrapped
   He also says that he is in favour of taking active measures to solve the problem of "anthropogenerative global climate change".   Like Governor Christi from New Jersey....who shut down all seven of the coal-fired electricity generation plants in his State recently....by executive order...to "do his share"......like Al Gore, who is an expert on Earth - Sun relationships and who loves to ridicule people who think that there are more polar bears at this time than since records of such things have been kept. (There are)
      Finally, concerning Romney, he is another in the long line of 'moderates' who lose elections honorably.   John McCain, Bob Dole, GHW Bush, Gerald Ford...all nice elephants who "know their place" and recognized that drinking vanilla Ensure was a lot better than eating real food.   

(6)     Gingrich, Huntsman, and whoever....Newt was one of the worst check-kiters back during the House scandal about such things in the 1990s.   He also gave one of his preferential passes to Jesse Jackson to some Joint House Congressional Session...(State of the Union or the like)....so that that particular piece of hypocritical human debris would have a place of honour in the Speakers' pantheon....I'll never get over that one.
        He appeared at a "town-hall" meeting (what a horrid overused term, please) with that great defender of Wimmins' Rites, William Jefferson Blythe, and talked about manners of implementing O'bamacare before O'bama had married St. Michelle d'Arc!!!   Run for the restroom and barf!!!

         And Huntsman, who served as O'bama's ambassador to Red China....????   Huntsman, who like all RINOs from Charlie Halleck, Earl Warren, and George H. W. and George W. , is a "reasonable, adult-thinking" conservative Republican.   They all remind me of some impressionist's painting of a sea-scape with old wrecks abandoned on the shore or rotting and decaying at dock.      They are all socialist-lite, huddled behind their electric gates, hoping that they have given the masses enough food-stamps and lottery tickets to be left alone.

It's time for me to crawl back into my cave and drink my Air-wick, and nibble on my No-Doze, to see what other hobgoblins can be conjured up.   Thanks for your time.
El Gringo Viejo