Monday, 15 August 2011

Ah. Justin, I barely knew Ye, my lad

Peculiar things.   While the politicians posture forever about matter of little import, then pay scant heed or practice  to deceive on issues great and grand, we fail to see things like life.   Life, going on around us.
      This was a very dull weekend in Mexico....our part of it....From Cd. Victoria to Monterrey.   The absence of marked inter-cartel confrontation leads to a lot of human interest stories in the news....and speculation about the up-coming Presidential elections both in Mexico (July - 2012) and in America (November - 2012).

      BUT!  The Really Big News these days is Justin Bieber's arrival at the performance center known as "The Arena" in Monterrey.   When the sales started for independent private purchases of tickets for the event, the tickets sold out in 4 minutes.   These are for tickets purchased on only one credit card and for a maximum of four tickets.  This is done to keep as many tickets as possible headed directly into the hands of the dedicated and deranged Pre-Bimbos known as adolescent females.   Click here for more details  .      Prices for the tickets ranged from dollar equivalent of around 50USD to a little more than 400 USD plus the 16% federal sales tax.   Bundle services were left with very few tickets....and there are two other presentations on the 1st and 2nd of October in Mexico City....also sold out. 

       Now we learned that all the tickets are all gone, within 2 hours.   Group tickets, 2ndary market tickets, everything.    These heifers' video might be typical of the many that were produced for this thing, who knows?      You'll have to wait it out all the way through.   It's funny in a way, sad in a way, good in a way....But there is not space show the OROGs the several hundred home produced videos and even personal webpages ....This particular one was done on 5 May 2011....well after all the ink had dried on the event, so it is really just a celebration more than an exhortation.   It is pretty much silly....except we are looking at lots of time,talent, money, and effort....loyalty on the part of the fans and performer, and something a bit normal....much more refreshing, perhaps than PoopDog Leper Breath and the Ho' Beaters or  Gutslyme and the Electic Toilets.

     The venue for this event, the Arena Monterrey is quite a place...troubled leaving the batter's box and making it to third base....but like a lot of things Mexican...quickly and well finished.   It is situated in a downtown Monterrey  site officially known at the Parque Fundidora which is the old Steel Foundry, shut down about 35 years ago.   The 700 acres of downtown property was finally converted to a Plaza Sesamo (Sesame Street Park), a World Trade Center... "CinterMex"....quite a nice "theatre of access" to and from  Mexican heavy elaborate family park with advanced aquatic diversion, and so forth.   The Arena is a 50,000,000 facility with "basketball seating" of about 18,000 and "concert capacity" of 56,000 with all exit doors "unblocked and unlocked" as they say.    The Wikipedia summary  about the place is fairly accurate, although the events list is incomplete by about 50% and a bit out of date now.

Thanks for your time this early Monday morning.   Time for me to try to look like something a little better than Howard Hughes on his deathbed.   Thanks for your time, messages, and interest.
El Gringo Viejo