Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Jury Service Done

The Gringo Viejo's jury service is done for this cycle.  There was nothing anyone can read about at the grocery check out line.  Very mundane service.   More tomorrow.

El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Anglican Curmudgeon: Quo vadimus?

Anglican Curmudgeon: Quo vadimus?: One has the greatest difficulty trying to climb into the mind of the bureaucrat(s) who decided to erect this sign . Far from being what ...

EL GRINGO VIEJO PUTS THIS INCLUSION IN FROM The Anglican Curmudgeon (season's colours mine).   It is required reading for OROGs.   Sour, sweet, bitter, and salty in one short article.   Brilliantly pointed and instructive.   90 second read.

El Gringo Viejo

Slight Changes

We shall be doing a bit of site modification and re-design.   Nothing major, but simply implementing notions that have come to us during the past few days.   Waiting around for the the jury selection process gives one a chance to think about things a bit, and that might be the source for this new inspiration.
      The process yesterday at the Courthouse was the quickest and best run yet experienced in perhaps fifteen or so journeys to the jury selection process.   El Gringo Viejo long ago stopped trying to avoid service.   Things like nice little old lady successfully sueing for damages after pouring hot coffee on herself are what motivates the Old Gringo's mean streak. 
       It is also difficult for normal people to understand or comprehend the crime wave we have in South Texas.   Incomprehensible, depraved zomboes with no souls  committing crimes that were unheard of down here back in the Flintstonian Epoch.    The product of unbridled breeding by the 666 people.    Parents (?) decapitating their three infant and toddler children as an offering to Santa Muerte so as to somehow gain access to more PCP, methamphetamine, or cocaine.

     It would be good to say that these are isolated insanities.   It is understood that such activity is not reserved to this area alone.   But, this is where the Old Gringo can do something about it.  In our presence in Mexico, we stand up for social order and the catechism of normality by demonstrating our support of the Army and Naval Infantry.....and just be being there.   Feeding the dogs and cats, tending the plants, providing a pleasant refuge and relaxation for visitors.  The locals are restored to know that people would journey from a distance to dwell among them.   Remember always, that Mexicans are always more appreciative of their own things when they are esteemed by foreigners and outsiders.    The locals may or may not like me, but they do like the fact that I like their setting....their place in geography, time, and situation.

     So, this feeds into El Gringo Viejo's view of things.   There are no radical changes coming to the web site or to the blog site.    Perhaps we are going to try to be a little less sharp edged, but oddly, we may slide a couple of clicks to the Right.   Standby, and thanks for your continued interest.
     We are fighting with the labyrinthine AdSense procedures in order to provide better shots at bargains for our readers and greater moolah for El Gringo Viejo.   Google, however, does not like the idea that we do not want porno ads, AARP ads, Planned Parenthood, Obama, United Nations, ACLU, and so forth.   We are not really into mobile abortion services or miltiple-state voter absentee registration forms.   Well....almost.

El Gringo Viejo

New Rules for GOP Candidate Encounters

The Republican National Committee must pass a new regulation concerning all future Republican campaigns for Primary Nomination as the Republican candidate for presentation in the general election next.    If not, we have learned nothing of our real difficulty during these days, and during the processes of this ongoing Presidential nomination process.

     From this time forward, any Republican Primary, regarding election to the position of United States House of Representatives, United States Senate, or for the Presidency or Vice-Presidency of the United States will be follow the following few and basic rules:

     (1)     All forums of discussion will be hosted by a group known to be a Republican entity.   A State Party, known Tea Party groupings, conservative think-tanks such as the Heritage Foundation, conservative publishing houses and commentary magazines, the Wall Street Journal, and the like would be qualified.   This writer would be inclined to include even the Log Cabin Republicans and certain conservative-oriented colleges and universities, such as Hillsdale College.    An approved list of host-sponsors for candidate forums must be established before the end of the year 2013.

     (2)     During the sessions...also known as candidate will be allowed to refer to any other candidate present and/or formally declared and legally registered as a candidate.

     (3)     Super PAC monies, operatives, and operations may only be deployed during general elections.   The avalanche of childish, churlish, half-truths and near slanderous bilge that the Republican candidates have thrown at each other  during these processes wreaks of rotting sewerage.   It appears as though the candidates and their teams are involved in some secret suicide pact.    Therefore, the Republican National Committee, in its wisdom and within its authority, issues this new set of regulations regarding the conduct of multi-candidate encounters, at any time or at any place.

It astounds this observer that we watch Republican candidates who have numerous good points hurl insults, variations of the truth, outright lies, and mud at one another, but with rare exception are reluctant to say anything remotely negative about a corrupt Chicago-style, marxist pretender who has ruled by the wave of his sceptre.

El Gringo Viejo has spoken.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Musings of a Friend and Musings on a Friend's Musings

Without too much brevity… Why not license a few more refineries and nuke plants?  How about pricing based on cost of production and refining instead of what the market can’t bear as in $10 a gallon however we can get it?  Actually, that really doesn’t matter because fossil fuels and oil companies are not the problem and destruction of America is the objective.

I have a 2005 diesel Mercedes with 265K miles and gets over 40 miles per gal with no fanfare.  If we (uh, err, Germans and Mexicans) can do that who needs alternative energy?  By the way, diesel requires less refining but costs more than any other liquid fuel. I guess that is because there is more demand for diesel and thereby crashing primarily commercial transportation system we can expedite the destruction. 

Personally, propane seems to be a really good alternative to liquid fuels however it is regulated by the railroad commission so ordinary users cannot easily acquire it for everyday consumption.  There is some reason for regulation of compressed natural gas as it boils at 32 degrees and is dangerous to transfer.  There is the “logic” for regulation by the RRC, compressed gas containers are considered boilers as in the old steam powered trains.  I am getting somewhat off track but not so much as this is an example of another government agency inhibiting the energy sector.
Good Blog!

   The above material is a comment derived from the pen of my best life-friend, a chum from junior high and high school and later life.   We caused a lot of turbulence for people, sometimes even intentionally.   He is a combat veteran, college graduate, advanced technician, among many other things.   He also frequently dishes up salient points that the Old Gringo either brays to0 loud to be heard, or did not think of on his own.
     We can gloat that we have a much older battle-wagon (1992) that we use for our transportation in Mexico.   Draws little attention.   Very serviceable.   But, the point is well taken.   In Mexico there are a million vehicles that are powered by propane.    There are very, very few safety issues resulting from this massive use.   The LPG and propane/butane alternative applications are there for the using, but even with that, more drilling is required.

     The conversion to diesel would also be a good idea.   It is cleaner and quieter and  very efficient.   Tinkering with some way to solve the volatility problem with natural gas should be considered a priority.

     Bang, bang, bang, and some rube in North Texas fires off three or four quick ideas that could all be developed....perhaps are being brought to applicable levels even now....all in private sector research and development....and some dumboe in South Texas sees the ideas, knows both intellectually and instinctively that the ideas are viable.....that adaptation processes, costs, and time-frames are all very "do-able".
     No need for Department of Energy nothin'.    No need for Solendra "alternative energy investments" by Father Obamaham.   No electric cars that are essentially coal burners and toys for high-income liberals.     It is just so obvious that the problem is the government, and the solution lies out here among the great unwashed.
     Bush did a lot of dumbo things and a number of good things.   Among the good things was his release of lands in lucrative off-shore areas and other prime spots during the last run-up on fuel costs.   While that in and of itself did not reduce the cost of fuel at the pump, it did break the back of the oil  commodity and fuel speculators.   The price of crude began to drop as speculators and traders began to abandon their "long positions"  for in oil futures.    Before a year had transpired, oil dropped from 150/barrel to 77/barrel (more or less, depending on origins/destinations of product).
     Any good conspiratorialist would almost be forced to believe that Obama and Soros conspired to send a research submarine down below to sabotage the deep water rig in the northern Gulf of Mexico.    Obama and all those around him favour European-level fuel costs. Each step taken since the Blow-out underscores the marxist axiom of ".....never let a good crisis go to waste...".   Even after being ordered by several and various levels of federal judges, Obama and his government continue to obstruct  previously legal and permitted activity in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere.

     We managed to convert from coal-oil lamps to gas lamps and  then electric lamps without Obama-like government "investment in the future".      We managed to move from wooden-spoked, iron-rimmed wagon wheels to rim-t0-wheel rubber tyres without "government leadership and investment".      There was no need to resuscitate the coal-oil lamp industry, and Conestoga went its way.   Folks can still find the lamps and wagon wheels, but the demand is not what it used to be.

     My chum's ramblings are stunningly simple, stunningly enlightened and would solve about 99.9% of the "energy problem"  that has no "silver bullet".   So, sorry Father Obamaham, as you see, there are three or four silver bullets that can and will make the North American Continent a self-contained and sufficient multiple-energy source market.    That market will be profitable for the producers, a permanent and massive fountain of high-skill blue-collar employment, and a source of power for production of wealth for all levels of American society.

El Gringo Viejo

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Algae, O'Reilly, & O'bama

Kudos to Dr. Krauthammer for having put O'Reilly in his place concerning the oil and gas issue.  On Thursday last's Factor, Bill O'Reilly put the world straight with his blowhard logic about how to "put the oil companies straight".    He was demanding that Father O'bamaham bring the evil oil company heads into the oval office and demand that they reduce the price of gasoline.   He ordered Father O'bamahan order an end to the practise of sending American refined gasoline to foreign countries.   He reminded Father O'bamaham that the sub-surface resources in the United States belonged to the "American People"  (This land is your land, this land is my land....) and that the oil companies had no right to make any profit off of the recovery and processing of such resources without the President's permission.

Algae, anyone?
 Here is an algae farm where we can put a tidal
generator basin and 20,000 of those beautiful wind
turbines, and maybe a couple of million Solendra
panels.   Any 500 billion dollars will do, if the rich would
just pay their fair share.
     Braying jackasses always have the answer about to  whom fault is to be assigned.  In O'Reilly's case, the fault for anything that is out of whack or not to his liking, is whoever he blames.    Pardon the "racism" but O'Reilly, as has been said on this blog on various occasions, is the drunk Irishman at the end of the bar whose idea of winning an argument is to out-shout the insignificant mates to whom he has deigned permission to have their lowly elbows on the bar and their insignificant boots on the brass rail beneath.   Krauthammer told O'Reilly in very certain terms that things about subsurface resource recovery are, most definitly handled by contract and not by order from a monarch or dictator.   He also pointed out that Obama has gone out of his way to hamstring production of energy material during his entire presidency.

Algae?    Algae?    And Obama thinks that this is even a new concept.   Arrogant sophist.
      O'Reilly knows nothing about Mexico, but since he has been there a few times, and because he has an opinion about it, he knows everything about Mexico.    Likewise, he knows nothing about oil or gas production and less about refining, transporting, futures trading, or the engineering matters involved with the industry, so therefore he considers himself to be a complete authority on the issue.

     Try to have O'Reilly deal with a simple, direct restatement of factual information, before going on the air, such as the following entry:

".......For instance, take a look at what Jason Furman, one of the president’s advisers, said on a conference call with reporters just last week:

“Big oil companies actually pay lower tax rates on their profits than do most other corporations,” he said. “Get rid of those tax breaks so the big oil companies are being treated just the same as every other corporation when it comes to taxes.”

       This simply isn’t true, and I challenge reporters who hear these statements to take a look at the facts before they print such sweeping assertions.
    • A Compustat North American Database analysis shows that the 2009 income tax rate for U.S. oil and gas companies was about 48 percent, which was 20 points higher than the rest of the Standard and Poor Industrials.
    • According to the government’s own Energy Information Administration, from 2004 to 2008, 27 American oil and gas companies – which actually make up under half the total oil and gas production in the U.S. – paid almost $150 billion in U.S. income taxes.
    • Additionally, those companies paid other non-income taxes of more than $300 billion, for a total U.S. tax contribution to federal, state, and local governments of more than $450 billion.
    • Keep in mind, too, that Sec. 199 – the manufacturing and production tax provision that Furman would likely call a “tax break” for “big oil” – actually benefits other industries more than it does oil and gas companies.
    • What’s almost more disturbing, however, is the context in which Mr. Furman made this remark. The Administration needs money to fund a proposed $50 billion stimulus package. To pay for it, the Administration is singling out the U.S. oil and natural gas industry for tax hikes, and making statements that lead people to conclude that oil and gas companies aren’t paying their fair share.
           The numbers above are proof that we pay more than our fair share."

      (excerpted from Pespectives, which is an EXXON-Mobil publication and blog concerning serious issues affecting the oil and natural gas industry.    The author is cited below.   The statistics he has included in the above excerpt have been verified by the Gringo Viejo.

About the author

Ken Cohen is vice president of public and government affairs for Exxon Mobil Corporation. He has worldwide responsibility for the company’s public policy, government relations, communications, media relations and corporate citizenship activities.

     Pro-communists, National Socialists, and other ''populists" who would rather trust in a weasel like Gietner or Soros or Obama or Hugo Chavez than in something like established, real and true facts talk like Bill O'Reilly.   The oil companies are accused, for instance, on a nightly basis of receiving "subsidies"....O'Reilly himself says the oil companies receive "subsidies".   When socialists and demagogs use that term against any opponent, they are almost always referring to a preferential exclusion from taxation.   Thinking along those lines, Save the Whales and the Salvation Army are receiving a "subsidy" from the IRS. The entire housing industry receives a subsidy because people write-off their interest payments on mortgages.
      However, when Father O'bamaham is cancelling out the preferred and other shares of stock and the bonds held by literally millions of small, medium, and large investors in what is now Government/UAW Motors and FIAT/UAW Motors  and shovelling scores of billions of United States Treasury assets into a black hole known as the Solendra - VOLT that is a good thing known as "investment".   (with someone else's money)
O'Reilly says that he cannot understand why Father O'bamaham does not understand this or that policy is injurious to America....why he does not understand that Keystone Pipeline is good for America....why he does not explain that America's number one oil supplier is ...America?    Why he  does not understand that the number two and three suppliers are Canada and Mexico almost always?    If we were to have three gasoline blends, and reasonable production access and rules for production and processing of oil, natural gas, and coal then the companies would make about as much money and the people would pay half of what they are paying now.    And, 98% of the supplies would be drawn from the North American Continent.
    And the Gringo Viejo repeats, as always.    Social Security is better than the Texas Retirement System because Social Security can makes slaves of old, mean, selfish geezers who hate the children who are not paying in enough.   Social Security is, was, and always will be a system designed to destroy America.   The Texas Retirement System is for people who take care of themselves and who kinda like babies and younger people and do not want them to pay for all the geezers.
     Likewise, Father Obamaham wants to drive up the cost of fuel to 10 dollars per gallon or more if possible.    He wants to destroy American Industry and the independent classes.   He wants to destroy America.   One destroys a nation by making the people dependent upon the government for food, housing, medical services, and transporation.   He wants to destroy America.
Chant after me...Free Money! Free Money!  Make the Rich pay!  Free Money!   There you go, I think we're getting the swing of it.
El Gringo Viejo

Friday, 24 February 2012

General Report

    Matters ranged from dull and boring to somewhat interesting during the most recent visit to our little mud hut and property on the Corona River.   We have had some relatively heavy, slightly out of season rains.    Amounts in and around our area ranged from 4 to 8 inches during a period from the last week in January through the second week of February.   Temperatures set no records, but very chilly overnights and warm afternoons provoked the expected "welcome to Spring" flowering of the Yucca, along with the flowering of the elegant, ochre-coloured blossoms of the Huizache trees.   The citrus also was provoked into bloom, especially due to the out-of-season rains.
    The fragrance of several thousand acres of Valencia oranges, along with Persian limes, and various types of red grapefruit can be a bit much....a little too sweet....something like Aunt Beatrice's Nuclear Gardenia Perfume.   But, it is generally a positive thing.   A bit of wind helps, and at least the dogs all stink, and that balances things out a bit.

     The rains have been generally and liberally delivered upon the southernmost part of Texas and throughout Mexico, with a very few exceptions.   The "long-range forecast"  for all such areas was for continued drought and abnormally hot.   Didn't happen.

     We had another "visit in force" from the Mexican Army, with essentially an entire battalion of infantry and their helicopters and their armoured fire-power machines and heavily armed soldiers pretty much  walking every street, trail, and path of our ejido and every ejido adjacent or near ours.    We were honoured by a visit from a company commander and his xo and another junior officer,  shortly after a platoon had come through and checked our area.    The three officers spent a bit of time in and on the Quinta, even sharing a bit of a meal.   It is difficult for a normal person with normal world view and life experience to appreciate the positive response the folks in the ejido (and elsewhere) have when these powerful, battle-tested units make their "visits in force".   The locals come out in droves, and sometimes a person can be seen passing a written note to a sergeant.....perhaps with a license plate number, an address of a suspicious house or person's location, or some other nugget of reconnaissance.   The biggest complaint is that the troops do not stay.
This is a Pencil Cactus that we planted a little
less than a year ago.   We took a foot-long stem
from the Gringo Viejo's Godmother's home,
shortly after her passing
     We have reminded the Mexican folks who makes such comments, that " and fish begin to stink after three days....".    It is also is pointed out that there are many square kilometres, many cockroaches, and very few soldiers and marines.    These things don't need to be said, but....they need to be said.    This time the troops stayed a couple of nights camped in open areas here and there in the line of Ejidos that form our extended rural community.

     Something of note is that El Gringo Viejo left Texas a couple of days after the urgent travel warning was re-issued by the American State Department, saying that all travel must be avoided throughout Mexico, especially the fourteen States of concern.....That advisory was modified with a kind of a map later which had the States coloured in a pukey green.    That advisory was modified later with the coloured area changed to colour the States that had been left white, and the remainder turned to green.   Then, finally the American Department of State said that the travel warning had not been necessary and that it had been released mistakenly by three former Mexican State governors.

The dog Bebe, now about three-fourths grown
     The above paragraph seems silly.   It would be, perhaps.   The problem is, it is true.   Your tax dollars at work.   Stick with the Gringo Viejo.   He will tell you for instance, that if you would like to go to the normally....almost always...enjoyable destination of Oaxaca, Oaxaca, you should save your time and money for at least the next several weeks.    Communist-led, "student" uprisings, fueled by union thugs demonstrating over some apparently major points of oppression by the 1% against the 99%.    Chilpancingo, Guerrero has quieted some, but can become interesting fairly quickly.    The area between Acapulco and Zihuatenejo seems to have attracted an infestation of people of low degree from various countries in Central America as well as certain criminal elements of local origin. 

Comments coming up about oil, gasoline, and money.
El Gringo Viejo 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Back in Texas

We returned around mid-day to-day.   Bushed, creaky, and cranky.   But no bridge lines.   Will write some observations about the stay down at the Quinta.   Tonight or tomorrow.
El Gringo Viejo   

Saturday, 11 February 2012

So That You All Will Know....This Is Serious

As most of the OROGs know,
     The Gringo Viejo said that Josephina Vazquez Mota would win the PAN primary.  She did.  Now she goes up against a formidable opponent who is an intellectual lightweight, but backed by the old mossbacks of the old Official Government Party, the PRI.   She will also face the lunatic  AMLO (Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) who will give us everything for free and punish the people who have too much.     The Old Government Party candidate is all but a dumboe, but he is a pretty boy who has married a soap opera, telenovela queen, and has sufficient private resources to support seven illegitimate children. He also has three mansions, in different places, and has spent most of his time in the United States in spite of having had to be bothered with the duties of being Governor of the State of Mexico, which lies adjacent to and to the west and north of the Federal District.    This time it is Pena Nieto/PRI with a significant lead, and Vazquez Mota of the PAN in the middle again, but with poor AMLO/PRD way behind and fading.   El Gringo Viejo has conjectured that the party faithful are going to vote the way the party faithful vote.   The wild card is the female vote among the lower-middle class.   My bet is that they will gradually move towards the conservative party standard bearer, because she is what that large body of industrious, busy-body type, educated and usually competent in two or three skills...look to for an example for their children.  Vazquez Mota is what they would like Mexico to look like...not Cuba or Venezuela (AMLO) or like a soap opera full of bored, indolent, rich people who are famous for being famous....who play the roles of people who play roles in telenovelas.   The women are famous also for being waited on hand and foot, shopping, and make-up, and of course, shopping.   Some are also famous for wearing out mirrors and cellular telephones....and for being waited on hand and foot  (Pena Nieto).

    It is happily reported that the predicted falling of Pena Nieto and the predicted steady rise by Vazquez Mota, has begun.

FXWire Pro Headline | February 9 2012 3:58 EST

Gap between Mexican presidency rivals narrows slightly - opinion poll by Consulta Mitofsky

  • Mexico's ruling National Action Party's Josefina Vazquez Mota narrows gap with his rival Enrique Pena Nieto from opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party - Opinion poll by Consulta Mitofsky
  • But still opposition's Nieto holds a commanding lead with support of 40.4 pct
  • However, the gap has narrowed to 16.4 percentage points, with backing for Vazquez Mota now standing at 24 percent, up 1.5 percentage points from a Jan. 24 poll
  • AMLopez Obrador, of the Partido Revolucionario Democratico, has 17.2 pct, far different from his slightly more than 50 pct at this time during his last run for the presidency six years ago.   His percentage, like Pena Nieto's, shrank fractionally after the completion of the nomination of Vazquez Mota for her to lead the conservative National Action Party.

More later.   Thanks for your time and patience.
El Gringo Viejo

Private Message to Santorum

As a favour to your campaign, El Gringo Viejo is going to tell you how to win nomination  as the Republican Party's postulant for the Presidency of the United States.
     (1)       Do not say anything ill of the other candidates.   When attacked only say, I have the greatest respect for my fellow candidates for the nomination.  When pressed, only say something about how you admire each of your opponents.   Point out one of their strong points.

     (2)     Attack Barak Hussein Obama's tragic, hypocritical, marxist record.   Point out that he had two years as a State Senator, two years as a United States Senator, nearly four years as a president, and he accomplished nothing short of the collapse of the currency, the collapse of the notion of self-sufficiency, and perhaps the collapse of the economy.    All community organisers are failed, hateful personalities who wish to destroy and not build. Their mission is to create dependency and not self-sufficiency.

     (3)    Please point out that he told Gov. Jindhl that the oil-workers and others displaced in the Gulf blowout could get by on food-stamps, and how he crippled the deep water operations in the Gulf of Mexico.   Point out how he insulted the Canadians by renigging on a done-deal to transport Canadian oil into the United States.    Point out how, by moving to remedy these two insane actions of self-injurious measures,  the United States could produce 50,000 excellent, full time positions, directly and indirectly, for small contractors, diners, air-freight, motor-freight, saloons, medium and high skilled blue collar people, and cadres of bookkeepers, accountants, supervisors and other white-collar positions.
      Point out that you will, without fail, have on your desk and signed the repeal of the O'bamaham Socialised Medicine Initiative....(do not call it 'Health Care'), Dodd-Frank, all czars, All Fast and Furious type actions,  and ...

     (4)     .....that you will submit a budget for consideration by the House of Representatives calling for a 25% cutback in every budget of the following departments of the central government:   Agriculture, Health and Human Debris Services, Energy, Education, Labour, Commerce, Education, Homeland Security, State, and numerous independent agencies.   These budget "adjustments" will be a prelude to the ultimate closing down of some or all the above entities.

    (5)    Request the passage of legislation reforming the Social Security System into a numbered, private account for all persons under the age of 45.    The contributions made will be 4%  of the employee's wage, taken from his established wage/salary and creditted to his personal account, to be administered by the Texas Teachers' Retirement System or the Texas State Workers Retirement System, since they know how to husband other peoples' retirement funds, and the United States Central Government has demonstrated profoundly that it has nary the least notion.     People 45 through 60 could choose to opt in or stay with the old system.   All Geezers presently receive pensions under the old rules would be stuck in the Ponzi Relief Act of 1933 program.

 Hope (l) and Change (r) with some
friends in the background
      Say these things.   Say them vigorously, and you will win the nomination and the election in November.    If you don't you will be known as "What's his name", the one that ran against Obama like the other what's his name in 2008. 
       If O'bamaham wins, this Shining City on the Mountainside, will become just another favela on some Brazilian hillside, sliding into the muck after a brief rain storm, with thousands of 666 zombie food stamp AFDC entitled people walking around trying to find a piece of food with not-to-much filth or fungus on it.   All the rich people will have been eaten.
     Rich?   Rich was anyone who provided for himself and/or his family.   They are almost all gone now.   Some lucky ones made it to Costa Rica.  There are a few in some small pockets in Mexico and Canada.   In Taiwan and Japan there are radio signals still, likewise in some parts of the British Isles and parts of the Old Commonwealth......not many...but a few, at least.

We are rapidly arriving at the point where the producers will not be able to satisfy the demands of the consumers.  Pray for America.
El Gringo Viejo   

Let Me Get This Straight

Father O'bamaham comes out and says..."We are going to compromise.   Instead of us violating the 1st Amendment in such a blatant manner, I am going to order the insurance companies and not the church denominations to provide contraception for free.   That's what I call a real compromise".
HRH Emperor Barak I

The hope is that there are still enough voting Americans to understand that the President of the United States does not have the authority to order insurance companies to provide anything for free.   Lamentably, we have arrived at a point there it may be possible that enough people actually think things can be ordered by an all-powerful provider to be provided for free.   The hour draweth nigh that we learn whether this is the Shining City on the Mountainside or if it is the sludge-filled hovel of Grovellania, full of victims, beggars, and slothful scum who see themselves as entitled to something.
To-day was the first time in the last 15 that my wife and I paid out at the HEB grocery store that we did not have to wait behind one, two, or three mondo-blobbos Lone Star Cards and gaggles of children and two carts full of every imaginable junk food, soda pop, and actual delicacies that "the upper-income" people can only afford to buy once or twice in a blue moon.    The reason we did not have to wait is because the girl opened up her lane just as we were coming up to pay.   Pure Co-incidence.

Thank you, as always, for your kind attention.
El Gringo Viejo

Friday, 10 February 2012

Can the Cosmos Give Me a Break?

So, let me get this straight.   Can we still use the word "straight'' any longer?

     O'bamaham tells the Roman Catholic Church, "You must provide abortion and contraception services through any employment by your church of employees of your church staff, hospitals and clinics under your control, and other employees directly employed by official Roman Catholic entities.

      There is an outcry.   The stupid and ignorant immediately counterattack declaring that women need, have a right to, and must have these services that are being denied.   The pro-abortion group takes a victory lap and high-fives each other.

      Those who have the remotest sense of critical thinking know that the issue is the interjection of government authority into the internal affairs of a religious entity.   The unclear thinkers love to drone through their drool expressions such as "....separation of church and state...".  Perhaps those of us who think clearly and critically could say, ".....separation of state and church....".   It is a much larger issue than any of that.   It involves certainly the fact that the central government can order a religious group how to administer is daily business operations.
It also, if permitted, establishes that a President, even a horrid communist President who wants to rule by "stroke of a pen, law of the land" can so do.
     It was predictable that the press and others would zero in on Roman Catholic reaction.   The fact is that the government must not be allowed to direct private businesses, public businesses, the Maranatha Alleluia Baptist Tabernacle, Jimmy"s Roller-Skates and Hamburgers-the best in Texas,  the Latter Day Saints, any religious or non-religious group, an auto dealership...or anybody about these matters.

      Now, O'bamaham comes forward to say...."Okay, okay I get it.   The Church is safe, we're see your point.  You're right.   So the Church is off the hook.   Now, instead I'm going to order that the insurance companies provide free contraception and abortion services to women.   I know how to compromise, and now we'll see if the dirty, stinking, tea-bagger, millionaires and billionaires will let all  you little people have your little piece of least have a few tiny crumbs."

 It is hoped that everyone sees through this classic, predictable cynical standard communist method of addressing a dispute.  

      (1)     First find the target.   Label the target  "Thesis"

     (2)    Determine the objective and then announce the objective.   The objective should be
                something far beyond what is actually wanted or obtainable.  Call this"Antithesis"'.

     (3)    After much "soul searching and negotiation" come to a "reasonable' alternative. 
               Call this "compromise" .   But the good communist knows it as "synthesis" or               "victory". 

     The dumboes go off saying, "We were very reasonable.   We gave a little, they gave a little, isn't it wonderful to be a moderate, to be reasonable?   We are so good.  We are better than those unreasonable ideologues who worry about things like "principle".   And it really doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong or that it really can't work.   All that matters is that WE WORKED TOGETHER TO GET SOMETHING DONE."

     How in the name of Jumping Jehoshaphat can it be somehow better that Herod slaughter this baby and not the other one?   What he cannot do to the Church he should also be stopped from doing to anyone especially to a private business.   It's Rosemary's baby....from the rape of the auto companies.   O'bamaham can say, "I cancelled the stupid crackers' preferred stock and gave the company to the union thugs who give me campaign contributions.   Now, I'll tell the insurance companies that they have to pay for FREE ABORTIONS, FREE THIS, AND FREE THAT.   Take that you miserable cracker tea-baggers.   Where's my Che shirt, Michelle?" 

El Gringo Viejo        


It is a matter of no joy to have to put out the article from El Diario of Coahuila contradicting the "annual emergency travel advisory" to the frontier and interieor of Mexican border States.    Nothing is said about the improvements in Tijuana and Mexicali.   There is no  mention of improving situations in and around Hermosillo.   Monterrey continues with inter-cartel issues, but even there things are assuming greater normalcy.
     The coincidence of the "emergency travel warning" is in fact a cut and paste warning that has been issued at the beginning of every Spring Break episode for the past 10 years, where the Holy Innocents come down to South Padre Island to participant in religious studies, do good works for the poor, naked, hungry, homeless, and prisoners and fast while meditating on various points raised by the Nazarene in His sermon on the mount.   
     The "emergency travel warning" does not specifically or even generally indentify places of real concern, which, while fewer, still exists.    Recent success in the lower reaches of Vera Cruz  State, in the extreme southern part of Tamaulipas State, and in the Monterrey metroplex still have not eliminated the problem totally.  However, it is well to call the attention of the OROG to the remarkable phenomena of the return of well-heeled Gringo hunters into the same area that received so much attention during the peculiar Hartley incident at Falcon Reservoir.
    Quoting the speaker, it states, "Gonzalez placed the example of the white-tail deer hunting season that has brought hunters to Ciudad  Mier from Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, and Coahuila, but principally from Texas."
     El Gringo Viejo can attest to the fact that there were also a few groups of hunters back hunting the incredible whitewing, mourning dove, and waterfowl areas of central and coastal southern Tamaulipas this year, and a surprising numbers of fishermen heading back down to the lakes of Vicente Guerrero, Republica de Espan~a, and the coastal fishing community of La Pesca.    In that area, we are looking at a few hundred when there used to be several thousand.   The return to the Mier - Cerralvo area has been remarkable, because four years ago it was riddled with "bad influences" but now, the only problem they seem to be having is, like Central Texas, a plague of deer.    The number of Texas hunters returning are going on the word of Mexican friends and/or American/Mexican outfitter-guides with good records and who are also straight arrows in terms of their word.    The hunt has been phenomenal, we are given to understand.

      It would be appreciated if the United States State Department would publish an advisory that has usefulness, however.   Like the remoter parts of the highway between Acapulco and Zihuatenejo.   And point out that visiting either of the two towns is probably one of the safest things a person can do.    The advisory does the Gringo Viejo no good, because it is known that what it states is false and purposefully misleading.   It refers to events in the past.  It fails to correctly define events in the present for what they are, and it fails to recognise the massive amount of military and policing efforts that have steadily been degrading the malefactors.    The last incident to the west of Reynosa last week, and  two weeks before that incident were both horribly mis-represented by the local press...and finally even by members of the American federal government police officials.

     It is more than just a bit humiliating to think that better information can be derived from politicians from the old Partido Revolucionario Institutional than from our own press and officialdom.

      The simple fact is that a bad situation began to improve since the introduction of massive numbers of boots on the ground.    For four years we common dumboes have seen a slow restoration of order.   It has been, and will continue to be, very much a two steps forward and one step back situation.    EL Gringo Viejo will lament the steps backwards and celebrate the steps forwards.
El Diario de Coahuila

Viernes 10 de febrero de 2012 | 09:47 hs
En gira de trabajo sostenida en Reynosa, el mandatario tamaulipeco presidió la entrega de apoyos de Petróleos Mexicanos, al estado y municipios de Tamaulipas, por el orden de los 160 millones de pesos, y allí Torre Cantú aseguró que en esta entidad los casos de violencia que se han registrado, han sido aislados y no representan riesgo para la ciudadanía, ni para el turismo.
"Esa es una alerta que emiten cada año, si ustedes la ven, ellos (Estados Unidos) hablan de una situación que se vive en el país, y hacen una recomendación para cada uno de los estados, pero ya es algo que realizan año con año".
Resaltó que su gobierno trabaja de manera incansable en el tema de la seguridad y además continúan promoviendo el territorio tamaulipeco, con muy buenas relaciones en todo México y en otros países.
"Estamos trabajando todos los días por darle más seguridad a los tamaulipecos, y esta alerta de seguridad nosotros simplemente la vemos como un reporte anual con recomendaciones que ellos emiten", puntualizó el mandatario tamaulipeco.
Por su parte, los alcaldes de la frontera tamaulipeca, lamentaron la postura del gobierno de Estados Unidos, y de igual forma señalaron que a esta entidad no le afecta, ya que por primera vez, en esta administración, se puede decir que la seguridad ha sido recobrada al 100%.
El alcalde de San Fernando, Tomás Gloria Requena, dijo que la seguridad de Tamaulipas hoy se palpa principalmente en su municipio, el cual a inicios del 2011 fue azotado por una inusual ola de violencia, que los puso en el plano mundial.
Destacó que esta seguridad que hoy vive su municipio la garantiza el Gobierno Federal, quien a través de la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional ha manifestado que San Fernando, hoy es el municipio más seguro de Tamaulipas.
De igual forma el alcalde de ciudad Mier, Alberto González Peña, minimizó la alerta estadounidense, ya que aseguró que en esta zona ribereña de Tamaulipas, el tema de inseguridad es cosa del pasado.
Reveló que gracias al apoyo del gobernador Egidio Torre y del gobierno federal al mandar a Mier al Batallón 105 de Infantería la seguridad se recobró al 100%, y el comercio y turismo han vuelto a la normalidad.
González puso como ejemplo la temporada de caza de venado cola blanca que hoy se vive en la región fronteriza, y que ha atraído a ciudad Mier a cazadores de Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila y principalmente de Texas.
- Difieren con alerta en congreso local
Es respetable pero no compartida, así se refirió el presidente de la Junta de Coordinación Política del Congreso del estado, Gustavo Torres Salinas, sobre la alerta de viaje que emitió a sus ciudadanos el gobierno de Estados Unidos.
"Esa postura del vecino país es respetable pero no la compartimos el llamado es que sigamos trabajando como hasta ahora, en la eneración de empleos, de economía, en la inversión", señaló el legislador priísta.
Previo al inicio de la sesión ordinaria de este jueves, Torres mencionó que en Tamaulipas se sigue trabajando.
"El estado sigue su marcha, han visto que hay diferentes estrategias que ha impulsado el gobernador y nosotros como congreso, apoyando todas las medidas tendientes a buscar la tranquilidad de todos los ciudadanos en cuanto a su trabajo y labores cotidianas", expresó.
Añadió que, "difiero con respecto a esta postura, seguimos trabajando en lo que nos corresponde.

     Any OROG desiring a translation of the above newspaper article should advise us, and we shall attempt to have a translation emailed to you befor Spring Break begins.
With grumpy resignation, we retire from the computer for at least a little while.  Thanks for your time and attention

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lo Que el Viento Se Llevo

     The title of this blog-entry is Gone With the Wind.   El Gringo Viejo includes a couple of silly little clips of the late 1950s and early 1960s just so we can remember and give others a chance to see how innocuous and shallow the popular culture was.   To give everyone an idea, in the time exposed in this little clips, the illegitamacy rate among Black folks was hoverning at an alarming 9%, and the licentious Latins were checking in at a disturbing 7%.   The sedate and ever-so-correct Anglo group, by the same measure back then, was scoring a 5%.    Public assistance of any kind was something to be avoided and never to be revealed  to people outside the family because of the possible shame of it all.

    Now everything is better....and we can show our children how to make obscene gestures during the halftime show of the SuperBowl.    In any regard, El Gring0 Viejo sent these little ditties to his children so they would know what kind of silly people we were back in Bedrock. The Spanish part of the transmission is because a friend in Mexico is being sent these looks into the dust bin of history.    The one in Mexico is a bit older than my children, but not old enough to have been able to make fun of this kind of music and presntation.   At time El Gringo Viejo communicates for no purpose in the Spanish, just to keep his children on dedos pedales.

Proviene desde los días cuando la gente negra fueron, casi todos, gente presentable, ordenada, y civilizada.    No es mitología.   Simple fue una realidad.   Las Ronettes, el trio, son de Spanish Harlem en Manhattan.  Mas increíble todavía es que no están llevando pelucas.  Es cabello real.
      It is a bit of a sad thing to see these girls from Spanish Harlem, The Ronettes,  such a corny, boring routine....but when one thinks of Celena Quintanilla and how her father turned her into some kind of a whatever to flounce and shreik in her underwear in front of an essentially brain-dead audience, it is still my opinion that things have edged steadily down for the common folk since the Beatles crawled out of their vermin hole in Liverpool.

a pleasantly rustic bed and breakfast at the foot of the Sierra Madre
Oriental, in the countryside not far from Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas.   Birds,
butterflies, and other creatures framed by an absolutely perfect view into
the "real Mexico".    Pleasant accommodations, good food and libations.   A
near-perfect atmosphere for total relaxation.   E-mail us any time or call
956 - 205 - 2441....we'll get back to you quickly!*<>

Required Viewing for OROGs

We commend to the attention of all OROGs  the very brief film-clip that can be joined at the below-included linkage.   This was to have run during the SuperBowl commercial madness in the past, (2004).   The production and direction of the little blurb was paid for and sponsored by our friends at and the estimable financial genius George Soros.
    We have borrowed this link from the ANGLICAN CURMUDGEON which is also found as one of our constant recommended reading alternatives on the list to the right of our screeds.   The Rev. Mr. Haley is that joyful combination of perfect literacy, subdued eloquence, and inspired work-a-day genius that one fears may be soon absent from the American and English-speaking world's scene.
We include the entire article.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Superbowl Commercial No One Saw Today

This commercial (H/T: Powerline) was originally made by
George Soros' lapdog, MoveOn, to run during the Superbowl
in 2004, but for various reasons (including its then very political
slant), it did not make the cut. My, my -- how times change.
For some unfathomable reason, George Soros and MoveOn
did not even consider submitting this commercial for the
Superbowl ad competition this year. Please watch it, and
along with me, wonder why -- are their particular bones of
contention becoming increasingly irrelevant to what the rest
of us can see is happening? Here is the 30-second commercial
that -- despite Soros's billions -- did not run in either 2004 or in 2012

Meanwhile, here is a commercial (with Clint Eastwood) that did run this year.
It implies that, under the Obama administration, Detroit and its automobile
industry are about to launch a new "second half" initiative that will
put the (Democratic) team on the scoreboard once again:

Who else but the Democrats under President Obama can claim to have turned
GM and Chrysler around in these trying times? (Of course, the commercial
does not mention Ford, which managed to survive the recession with its own
capital and negotiated union contracts, no thanks to the President.)
And who else but the Democrats under Obama would choose
to make this commercial the one they decided was best to run,
instead of the one George Soros handed them in 2004?
I tell you Republicans out there : you've got to get up
early to gain a march on these Democrats.
RalphM said...
Perhaps I'm unperceptive, but the Clint Eastwood Chrysler commercial does
not seem to be about a second term for Obama. I don't know Eastwood's
political views and I doubt that most viewers would know either.
To me, the ad seemed to be an inspirational message to have hope
and work for a comeback.
(Obama is not the person that is going to inspire that comeback IMHO.)

A. S. Haley said...
RalphM, Clint Eastwood himself agrees with you.
President Obama's campaign,
on the other hand, does not.
My juxtaposing of the two ads was intended to poke
fun at the Democrats--
that they could not re-run the first ad because it
would embarrass Mr. Obama, but that they could
identify with the second ad because it could be
taken as an endorsement of the results of Mr. Obama's
bailouts of both GM and Chrysler. In doing that
however, they would end up emphasizing
how the bailouts have served mainly to keep
GM and Chrysler alive, so that they could
continue to pay union workers according to their
elaborate contracts. But neither of those companies
nor Mr. Obama has yet devised a means of going
forward profitably in these recession/depression times
while still adhering to those contracts.

You, seeing Clint Eastwood for what he meant to say,
didn't fall for it. But Obama's campaign managers,
wanting to hitch their candidate to an icon like Eastwood, did.

Links to this post

Ad Orientem: Truth in Advertising

Addenda:   Posted during the mid-afternoon of 9 February 2012

The Old Gringo said...
There is no place to hide. No one can reasonably say that the Clint Eastwood clip was not a campaign advertisement for BHO. The dastardly take-over of the two companies, Fiat-Chrysler and Government Motors resulted in the cancellation of all preferred shares of stock, thereby punishing those who had the least to do with the companies' failures. Preferred stock is that which is most frequently found in the "widows' and orphans'" portions of long-term, "ultra-secure" stocks designed to produce modest but sure dividends. One can check how many mutual funds are still in existence since the expropriation and subsequent cancellation of these shares of stock. The number of Mutual Funds have been reduced by almost 40% since the expropriation. The most innocent of the financial instruments were the ones most punished by this marxist administration.
Clint Eastwood, as have I, perhaps has become a bit unclear in his thinking now, at this stage in his life. During the expropriations and subsequent delivery of the two corporations into the hands of extremely corrupt labour unions and the central government, Rowdy Yates knew that these were bad moves, and he said as much, frequently.

Forgive my long-windedness and abrasiveness. Thank you for your kind attention and time.