Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Rules for GOP Candidate Encounters

The Republican National Committee must pass a new regulation concerning all future Republican campaigns for Primary Nomination as the Republican candidate for presentation in the general election next.    If not, we have learned nothing of our real difficulty during these days, and during the processes of this ongoing Presidential nomination process.

     From this time forward, any Republican Primary, regarding election to the position of United States House of Representatives, United States Senate, or for the Presidency or Vice-Presidency of the United States will be follow the following few and basic rules:

     (1)     All forums of discussion will be hosted by a group known to be a Republican entity.   A State Party, known Tea Party groupings, conservative think-tanks such as the Heritage Foundation, conservative publishing houses and commentary magazines, the Wall Street Journal, and the like would be qualified.   This writer would be inclined to include even the Log Cabin Republicans and certain conservative-oriented colleges and universities, such as Hillsdale College.    An approved list of host-sponsors for candidate forums must be established before the end of the year 2013.

     (2)     During the sessions...also known as debates....no candidate will be allowed to refer to any other candidate present and/or formally declared and legally registered as a candidate.

     (3)     Super PAC monies, operatives, and operations may only be deployed during general elections.   The avalanche of childish, churlish, half-truths and near slanderous bilge that the Republican candidates have thrown at each other  during these processes wreaks of rotting sewerage.   It appears as though the candidates and their teams are involved in some secret suicide pact.    Therefore, the Republican National Committee, in its wisdom and within its authority, issues this new set of regulations regarding the conduct of multi-candidate encounters, at any time or at any place.

It astounds this observer that we watch Republican candidates who have numerous good points hurl insults, variations of the truth, outright lies, and mud at one another, but with rare exception are reluctant to say anything remotely negative about a corrupt Chicago-style, marxist pretender who has ruled by the wave of his sceptre.

El Gringo Viejo has spoken.