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Speaking Seriously About Hillary Rodham - How to win in 2016 and 2020

The following is the realistic advice this writer would give Hillary Rodham, concerning her assumption.
Mirror, mirror on the Wall

(1)   Campaign and appear centre-stage as little as possible until the time of the possible coronation at the Democrat National Convention.

(2)   Re-build every bridge to the stupid, self-entitled parasites who depend on the panoply of public assistance hog-trough programmes and re-assure them that you understand their plight and the roads they have travelled...abuse, discrimination, hatred, and the imposition of "white prerogativism".  Remind the Geezers that you will defend Social Security and Medicare like a junk-yard dog, against the Republicans's desire to turn the programmes over to their "friends on Wall Street for profit". 

(3)   Speak occasionally about the need for free women's reproductive alternatives and free contraceptives for women of child bearing age.  That makes sense to a lot of women voters who normally vote Democrat.

(4)   Answer nothing about anything in the past.  Seriously.  It is settled.  It does not matter if it is settled or not, only that the low information and low intelligence potential voters can understand that such matters are settled and need no further address or explanation.

(5)   Establish a network of "outreach workers" who can be paid to do "intensive voter outreach and information services".   These people will think they are really important, especially if one month or a fortnight before the election they are given 632.00 USD as contract workers / consultants involved in 'historically discriminated against voting areas".   Hire at least 2,000,000.   And yes, you have the money.  Just get out the lists you and Bill hid out in the back of the house in the Hamptons.  The lists are the ones written in Mandarin.
       You have to say that because of Republican restrictions on honest, hard working minorities do not have the time, after working three jobs, to register to vote and go back down to the courthouse to stand in line again for a voter's registration .
       Say, "The Republicans finally have made it more expensive in time and money to register to vote than when we had the Poll Tax requirement.  At least the Poll Tax used some of the money for the County Old Folks' Home and the rest to pay for the elections.   And now, the Republicans only put voting boxes in Republican areas!"

(6)     Retain Gloria AllRed to have a cadre of women available to instantly  leap to the attack of any formerly pliant press person who begins to question if it is wise to not address a few of the basic questions about your past.   Also make certain there are enough accusing Guatemalan illegal aliens "maids" and "nannies" and floozies to defame opponents as well as defecting Obsolete Press allies, prosecutors, or anyone who might remember something.   For those who really think they have to "go State", you already know the drill.  We suggest to have at least 500 Guatemalan illegal alien maids and saloon-floozies on stand-by.

(7)    Vow to fight to the bitter end to abolish the practice of crushing women under a glass ceiling.   Remind the stupid, angry, uniformed, and "third column" that you understand what it means to have your light hidden under a bushel while the men are allowed, and even expected to shine.  Women have always been punished...but no more.

(8)     Remind all the Trannies, the re-trannies, the un-re-retrannies that you have always been on their side, even in your earliest day.  Circulate your books, especially the one "It Takes a Bathhouse to Raise a Reverse-retrannie, or Ode to Enlightenment in Pelosi's San Francisco. An American Bathhouse Trilogy"

(9)     Have as many movie stars come forward with profound campaign messages such as, "It's time"....and "Think of all the Miles She's flown for us", and "Think of all the abuse this woman has is like she has been crucified over and over for the sins of the 1% and the programme cutting Republicans who don't give a damn whether or not minority children starve to death."

(10)    Tell selected markets, specific buys on radio and television during the campaign that your first order of business will be the establishment of a programme of Free Medical Care for Americans, and that it will be budget neutral because of your commitment to make the rich finally pay their fair share.

     This is not a joke.  It worked in every Presidential Cycle before.   Gore and Kerry fell off the track. But Barry loaded up the manure cart with all of this and the people ate it up instead of putting it on the lawn.  He meant to destroy America as best he could, he and his billionaire internationalist minders accomplished more than they thought they could.  They are probably surprised that they were so successful.

    So, Hillary.....use this formula.  Answer no questions about anything in the past except with accusations against the people making the charges.  You do it well...and mendacity is your strong suit.

Thanks for the memories.
El Gringo Viejo


Friday, 30 May 2014

(Sir Edmund) Hillary, Do this and you will have no problems

On the night of her debate with Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden, Palin opted for a dress by Elie Tahari.
We see a newer, trimmed down version
 of (Sir Edmund) Hillary Rodham who
will re-double her efforts for women
and children.
    And you all thought that El Gringo Viejo was just a big old meanie.  And now, you all will have to admit that there is a kinder and gentler side to this curmudgeon.  We are going to help (Sir Edmund) Hillary.   No snarfy jokes about the ash-tray flinging banshee with a potty mouth bigger than any septic tank.   A total absence of remarks about character or origins of names.  No, this time its just a life preserver that will also save her a lot of money and campaign trials.

     We urge that (Sir Edmund) Hillary forget about even thinking once, much less twice, about Benghazi.  To begin, 60 per cent of the potential voters in her cohort think that Benghazi is an joint-pain ointment. Then the other 40 per cent are committed, first and foremost, to forced abortions for men and women at all times, for free, except for anyone who has a nickel stuffed in the crannies of the cushions of the old sofa.   So, it does not make any difference if she testifies before any stinkin' committee who wants to pry around in her private life.

     We all have to remember that there is a form of female logic, becoming increasingly common among certain natures of females of all sexes as well, that any questioning of (Sir Edmund) Hillary will come off as a War on One Innocent Woman Who Has Done So Much for Women and Children.  We see an advertisement, late in the campaign with (Sir Edmund) Hillary in her birchbark canoe and driver and security detail (it's a big canoe), dressed in her deerskin with fringes, hair drawn back, feathers perfectly poised, as she turns, with a tear coming down her cheek, as the camera draws down on a woman with her nine children in tow, being turned away by the man at the door of the Community Abortion Free Lunch Midnight Locksmithing Classes, Free Breakfast, Free Multi-services Cards, Free Lotto Tickets Building. And the man is pointing to the sign on the door that says, "Closed by George Bush Sequestration Republicans Budget Cuts Against the Poor and Middle Class".    Two of her children make an arm basket to carry their little sister  home because their little crippled sister's wheelchair collapsed finally just upon arrival at the Obama Local Cathedral of Free Help.   That's a good advertisement.   Hits home with the real people.

Pocahontas Warren
with her Hollywood
stage name.
    So you see, we've done the campaign plan.  The Tea Party closed the White House to the Little Children, and I'll be there when the phone rings at three o'clock.   And look how pretty I am now!   I'm a lot more comfortable being a natural brunette, just like now, as president I'll be able to watch the Washington Nationals football games in person.  Do you OROGs think that the Pocahontas will be jealous of (Sir Edmund) Hillary's taking advantage of Hillary's mother being a full-blooded Whitewater Cherkodee Injun?

(Sir Edmund)
Hillary relates
to all people
     But, (Sir Edmund) Hillary has a secret weapon for making a passive bid for the African American vote.  Something like a take-off on her famous "I ain't no ways tired" recitation back in 2008....that went over so well, we have suggested that She try it again, but with more sincerity and impact.    Everybody thinks that this will make her look as truly sincere as she actually is.  Perhaps a Cherkodee Indian War Bonnet would be good so as to aim at multiple voting groups at the same time.   Cost effectiveness needs to be considered.

     Okay, now you all know that El Gringo is just an old softy, giving away all these campaign secrets for free.  Perhaps to-morrow we shall return to the battle with our armour strapped firmly on.
El Gringo Viejo


So much puffery and little substance.....Veterans' Issues

The Fabian Society
Fabian Society Logo CMYK.JPG
Fabian Society logo
AbbreviationFabian Society
FormationJanuary 4, 1884; 130 years ago (1884-01-04)
Legal status
Unincorporated membership association
PurposeIt aims to promote greater equality of power, wealth and opportunity; the value of collective action and public service; an accountable, tolerant and active democracy; citizenship, liberty and human rights; sustainable development; and multilateral international cooperation
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
Location61 Petty France, London, SW1H 9EU
Official language
General Secretary
Andrew Harrop
Main organ
Executive Committee
AffiliationsLabour Party


     OROGs are well aware that El Gringo Viejo, being barely functionally sane, sometimes does not swim in the same Rio Grande as the normal people.  And by normal people, we mean right-wing crazies, supposedly conservative Republicans, traditionalists, etc.   The lead-in has to do with our main message to-day.   It pertains to the idea that once again we are carving into the issue that Veterans are victims and incompetent to deal with their issues.  Such is not the case.   The Veteran, with just a bit of intervention can stand and deliver.   Many individuals and organisations, private and public, stand ready to intervene happily in any remediable situation suffered by any Veteran.   The issue is that another Government programme has been morphed into a support system for the upper range of the bureaucrats who parasite on to the budget and squeeze out the blood of the taxpayer and the petitioner.   Let us change the system and take it from the grasp of bureaucrats and union people.   Including medical services....complete and part of a pay package is the solution.  Low pay during active service, with room, board, vacation included, and extension of medical services, pensions, and other honorifics during retirement.  Let us wander through our thought processes.  Gird the loins of your brain!!??!!

     We visit the issues of Hillary and her Benghazi mess, and we turn a watchful eye upon the matter concerning the veterans.    Then we ruminate a bit about the no runs - no hits - no errors Texas Republican Primary run-offs.  The Tea-Party was dead and then suddenly got up at the funeral and walked back down to Duffy's Irish Tavern because it's 2 X 1 all afternoon. There are many cross-currents, tying all this and more together.

     To begin, the issue of treatment of veterans is an old one.  General Douglas MacArthur gained a bit of his fame as a Hero of World War II and Korea.   But, the old Cavalry officer gained a bit of urban fighting experience during a combined cavalry, infantry, and tank assault on the Bonus War army that had encamped in Washington, D.C. in 1932 not too far from the White House.  By this point the Great Depression was well underway and becoming worse due to the insistence of Herbert Hoover to dedicate recovery efforts to public project "shovel ready jobs" and "pump priming" recommended by the Fabian socialists in Great Britain....that being the process of flooding the market with  money so that the people could buy products that are not made.  Makes sense to a commie.    But I dasn't digress.....

     Hear what comfortable words Wikipedia includes about the incident.  Many Ph.D. dissertations and other treatises have been done about the events, although that which is included below is accurate and concise enough to pass for government work.

U.S. Army intervention

At 4:45 p.m., commanded by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the 12th Infantry Regiment, Fort Howard, Maryland, and the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, supported by six battle tanks commanded by Maj. George S. Patton, formed in Pennsylvania Avenue while thousands of civil service employees left work to line the street and watch. The Bonus Marchers, believing the troops were marching in their honor, cheered the troops until Patton ordered[citation needed] the cavalry to charge them—an action which prompted the spectators to yell, "Shame! Shame!"

     Shacks that members of the Bonus Army erected on the Anacostia Flats burning after the confrontation with the military.   After the cavalry charged, the infantry, with fixed bayonets and tear gas (adamsite, an arsenical vomiting agent) entered the camps, evicting veterans, families, and camp followers. The veterans fled across the Anacostia River to their largest camp and President Hoover ordered the assault stopped. However Gen. MacArthur, feeling the Bonus March was an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government, ignored the President and ordered a new attack. Fifty-five veterans were injured and 135 arrested.[12] A veteran's wife miscarried. When 12-week-old Bernard Myers died in the hospital after being caught in the tear gas attack, a government investigation reported he died of enteritis, while a hospital spokesman said the tear gas "didn't do it any good."[16]
      During the military operation, Major Dwight D. Eisenhower, later the 34th President of the United States, served as one of MacArthur's junior aides.[17] Believing it wrong for the Army's highest-ranking officer to lead an action against fellow American war veterans, he strongly advised MacArthur against taking any public role: "I told that dumb son-of-a-bitch not to go down there," he said later. "I told him it was no place for the Chief of Staff."[18] Despite his misgivings, Eisenhower later wrote the Army's official incident report which endorsed MacArthur's conduct.[19]...but once again...I dasn't  digress.

    We see the issue in our rear view mirrors, now arising again from the ashes.   Back then it was, "How can we short out the veterans?"    And, quite frankly, it was how can the IWW (the Wobblies - early day communists) infiltrate and make the issue one for the Kremlin to capitalize upon during the Great Economic Collapse of Capitalism in downtown Washington, D.C.  in 1932?

    This time, however, and make no mistake, it is due to the overt and  intentional desire to denigrate, ridicule and mistreat  all that which is military.    That conscious intent exists within the confines of the top-level personalities running the show at 1600 Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and the heads of every Department and  Agency of the present regime in said city.

     It is also demonstrated by the drawing down from two wars that were won, and then by purposefully turning them into what must be militarily defined as obfuscatum blubflubberium disparitum.   It was done on purpose, with malice show that the Americans cannot even defeat  7th Century, mentally retarded, culturally devoid ragheads.   We could not tolerate Mubarak and Qaddafi because they were satraps for the Gringos and Hebes.
   It was more important to worry about the Palestinians and the Moslem world majority more than despots and Jous (pronunciation derived from the Jeremiah Wright Noou Fayth Baihble).   And, of course, we have a primal need to fund the mafias known as Jamas, Hezbollah, and Mrs. Arafat and her Parisian credit cards and Champs Elyse' complex "with a view".  

     This thing with the Veterans' Administration is typical of two things.  The total uselessness of any and every government project or programme.   And the danger one runs in trusting that a veterans' support system could never be turned into an instrument of purposeful mistreatment and abuse.  They are, especially the ones who were deployed into combat in Viet Nam and the Middle East....all....are war criminals.  Sen. Dick Durbin said so.  Every Democrat in national elective position believes that in every cell of his/her/ other/non-other/whatever body.

     And yes, Dick Durbin said what he said on the floor of the Senate, and the next day got up and not only denied that he had said it, but also asserted  that his words had been taken out of context although his entire speech had been analysed from first letter to last period. 

     It is not our intention to write the final an definitive Book of Reality and Truth here.  But the fact is that there should be no Veterans' Administration.

   The fact is that soldiers are fairly poorly paid.  Part of their salary is nearly ethereal.  We should go ahead and say, "Okay, work for these few pieces of copper, and we shall provide you with even more pieces of silver when you reach the age of retirement plus a certain age."   This idea would work fairly well over all the pay grades  with a bit of fudging in favour of the old brass hats who make a 40 year career in uniform.
     This means, of course, that at a certain age and according to some established ....before the enlistment or conscription of the military person in question...procedure that we would address the complete medical attention according to the normal accepted procedures of the day.   During the time of service, it would be best if there were Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard clinics and hospitals and/or clinic and hospital designate facilities in the private sector for use during time in service by active duty and activated Reserve and Guard personnel.

     After separation, and for all honourably discharged and the wife and minor children, this would mean that the soldier and those designated eligible dependents would be covered for some or all of the bill depending upon the length of time served.  That would and should be considered simply as part of a deferred salary for service provided.   As far as "for some or all"....that could start with, for instance, 100% coverage for a service member, and dependents, after 20 years of service at any rank.  It must be re-iterated that this expenditure not be calculated as a benefit, but as deferred salary, annotated on the service member's pay-statement, demonstrating how much money might have accrued during his/her service.    Certain additional limitations should and must be enforced,  such as not allowing for the use of this asset as collateral, or for any other expenditure.

     This would some significant degree...the issue from the AFSCME Union and the ridiculous civil service that hamstrangles any reasonable management structure.   Please type into your search engine the AFSCME Union and see the nature of the self-pitying morass of degraded humanity whose job it is to be a victim and to make people clean up after their demonstrations for "More, Now" ...."If You Have, Then You Are Bad! Now!" "Gimme! Now!"   To wit:

     Mark Rosenthal, president of Local 983 of District Council 37, is accusing political rivals of trying to run him out of his $156,000-a-year-plus-perks job overseeing about 3,000 low-paid workers and officers involved in the Parks Department and NYPD, The New York Post reports.
Sleeping at his desk.
Sleeping at his desk.
Those political rivals accuse Mr. Rosenthal of showing up at work — after a union-covered lunch — at 2 p.m., taking a snooze with a full soda, then heading home at 4 p.m. before the traffic starts.   The  fight hit the headlines after coworkers snapped numerous pictures of the 5’7″ 400-pound boss sleeping at his desk. With a soda.   But it’s OK for an executive to take “power naps,” Mr. Rosenthal counters — especially when the executive is on pain medication for falling from a McDonald’s chair that broke because that executive was too big for it.
    Mr. Rosenthal, it seems, sees victimization.“I’m 60 years old, so if I eat during my lunch hour and take a little medication, can’t I close my eyes?” The Post reports he said. “Is it so outrageous?”

Here at The Daily Caller, we see a slippery slope.   Sleeping on 16 May 2012.
Sleeping on May 16, 2012.

 The above is the perfect caricature of the Unions, the members of the unions, their appetite for demanding 44 USD/Hour to bolt bumpers on a vehicle being prepared for a GM recall at a date soon to be named later, their sense of entitlement and victimhood based upon the notion that someone has "more", and they want it, NOW!!!   And they want us to pay for it.  They are an onion-skin higher than the babymothers cranking out babies for the increment in AFDC payment and the anchorbabymothers who come over to whelp on American soil and then sit back and draw the equivalent of 40,000 USD to be waited on hand and foot.  They are even lower than the politicians who pander to them.
    Mon Dieu!   A parking meter attendant who steals an estimated  110,000 USD from the convenience boxes over a four year period and the union prohibits her dismissal, demotion, or loss of benefits...?????   Wasn't someone watching?  Yes!  But, so what?

     This is the way out.   Veterans earn, as deferred salary, not as a benefit essentially "medical - included" for life, once in the service, and until and including burial, and if separated under  honourable conditions.  Low pay during service, and continued "pay" afterwards.   This would not take away from any set-aside pension that was being earned by the service member.  The Democrats, as in the case of Social Security, would and will go down fighting hand to hand, scorched earth, total Hiroshima on this issue, because they prosper by the notion they insert upon the dull that "We are giving you this benefit (entitlement) and the Republicans want to take it away from you and let your children starve to death.  And your mother and grandmother.   And they want to dig up your grandmother's mother and take the gold out of her teeth and give it to Romney, because he doesn't pay any taxes."

    It is depressing.   But El Gringo's plan would work.  And it would serve as a format to close down about 80 per cent of the central government dependencies such as the Department of Energy, the EPA, FEMA, the BLM, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, to name only a few of several hundred entities.

Thanks for your patience while we search for our heart medicine.  I've been taping a cat's hairball to the back of my left ear, and it seems to help my tachycardia.
El Gringo Viejo

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Jorge Ramos Complains that Politicians use reporters as team tu, Jorge?



    El Gringo Viejo  has met Jorge a couple of times. We have exchanged comments and observations. He is a deep-pink marxist, without apology. He is, in this article, the pot calling the kettle black, in spades.

     During the last presidential campaign, Univision had an extended interview with the poseur currently known as the president of all fifty-seven States. Jorge and one of the older, more dilapidated anchorettes were there to "really go in-depth" with Barry. Barry continued with his filibuster-style of answers, knowing that a one hour event meant 39 minutes that he would have to bloviate to death.

     Jorge, who is no dummy and is well-informed, broached the question about "Fast and Furious", suggesting that American government provided weaponry had been used in the killing of non-involved civilians and semi-honest and honest cops, and members of the Mexican Army and Naval that time in October of 2012....numbering about 400 dead and about 2,000 shoot outs where guns that were walked by the ATF and E were recovered.

     The purpose of "Fast and Furious" was to have firearms that were provided by American firearms stores placed in the hands of cartel thugs in Phoenix and other cities, mainly in Arizona. The ATF and E's intent was to wait until American police and/or civilians were killed or wounded by these guns, and then create a press and political furor to close down sales of firearms to civilians once and for all.

     Barry Soetoro interrupted right at Jorge's close to this question, interjecting, "No, what happened there was that programme which was in place from the Bush administration, as soon as I found out about it, I closed it down." JORGE KNEW THAT THAT STATEMENT WAS AN OUT AND OUT BLATANT LIE, but Jorge stayed in with the fellow commie, just as would the chubby comrade "moderator" during the last Romney-Soetoro "debate". That was where Barry had to remind Comrade Moderator that he had declared Benghazi to be an act of terror the day after the attack, and it was in the Rose Garden, ".....don't you remember?" Barry asked her with a menacing sneer.
Romney, who should have walked out at that point, declaring that he was not going to be a member of a "debate" where the catcher and the umpire were the same person. But no, he was a nice Mormon boy and dealt with his inferiors as though they had souls.

     However, Jorge knew he was being lied to by Barry Soetoro, knew he was lying to his audience and essentially to all America and the world, but he did not challenge, shuffle his papers, or in any way, right the ship of truth. Why? Because Barry is a dedicated Che' T-shirt guy....and Jorge is a dedicated Che' T-shirt guy. Commies at that level only kill one another when no one is watching. (Stalin - Trotsky, Mexico City, and all the fun that Frieda and Diego had being simply hahve to understand, dahrling...!"
Here, Jorge is complaining that Obama was using his
picture to intimate endorsement on some of Barry's
Spanish language campaign lies.  Jorge is reminding
the audience that he has always been an Independent
voice.   (!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
So that the reader will be clear, the Bush-era programme was "Wide Receiver", and it was closely co-ordinated with the Mexican Army, and the guns were chipped. It functioned with seamless efficiency until the day that the Mexican Army contact informed the ATF people that the chips had been detected. The orders went out immediately for all the "moles" to "come in from the cold" and the programme was completely shut down. Its operation netted numerous Mexican and American major operators before the shut-down.

     The Obama-Holder programme was an "under the radar" operation, involving neither the Mexican Army nor the Naval Infantry...both confidable partners. It was a disaster and many innocents were killed by the obfuscated operation use of willy-nilly passing of automatic weapons to cockroaches in the cartels. And yes, finally an American border-patrol officer was killed by one of the weapons. The Mexican government, which has its own hypocrisies, has been offended by the fact that Obama-Holder would not involve the Army and Naval Infantry in any cross-border action, especially when their dedication and honesty levels are at 99% or better. Of the 1,000 or more, now, who have been killed and/or wounded by the "Fast and Furious" debacle, approximately 30 have been soldiers or navy infantrymen, while the remainder have been men, women, and children usually caught in the crossfire between two different groupings of cockroaches, while cockroaches number about 300 of the fallen. My personal concern is with the other 700 that were directly damaged by the scurrilous, illegal, and arrogant action of Holder - Soetoro - Jarrett.

     And Jorge....the blood of Gringos and Mexicans is on your hands as well. Make sure to wash your Che' t-shirt in cold was made in Red China and bleeds a lot before it falls apart, usually after the 3rd wash, Jorge.

And to all OROGs, thanks for your attention.
El Gringo Viejo

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Father of Shooter....No sympathy....

    Your son had a 50,000 USD BMW.  You paid to fly him to England to attend what is, in these days ,foolishly called a '' concert''.  He flew 1st Class, and hopefully it was with some kind of your card's awards points.   You pawned him off on psychotherapists, psychologists, and therapists, and medicines, and whatever.....but you did not father him.

   If anyone, by the age of 22 anywhere near a person so deranged as your son could not immediately have determined that he was an immediate danger to both himself and to the human race.....then those observing are fools and equivalently  narcissistic to the "infermed person".  You apparently were, and are, too important to deal as a real man with a problem such as the son who you apparently birthed-up.  Your pursuits were a little more important than that.  Your artistic pursuits were much too beyond the ordinary and mundane to be deterred by something such as a problematic child.

    How many credit cards did he have?  How many times was  he whipped? lectured? grounded? time-outed? taken fishing or hunting? Parachuting or glider-piloting?  a NASCAR event?  a minor league or major league or college baseball game?   Did you ever train him....I mean...TRAIN him on the correct use of knives, firearms, bows and arrows, boxing, kung Fu, jujitsu, piano, soccer, tennis, paper route, ANYTHING NORMAL!!!????   Did you ever take him aside and tell him that all women are crazy?  Did you ever do anything ????

     You managed to be somewhat famous for being a top-line director of some kind of degenerate television or motion picture programming, and of course, if people need really, really great pictures of women's derrieres, then you are just the fellow to come through with the goods.   Quite an accomplishment.  Perhaps if you could have made them to look like some icon of Saint Mary and packed the models in elephant dung, or dropped them into a Houdini tank of urine with a cross/crucifix in it.   What in the Hell were you thinking while this child existed?  Were you so busy being le gran artiste pervers?

     Do you think that you avoided something by not whacking your son on the butt and yelling at him?   Do you not think that you and not the firearm or bow and arrow or machete or motorcar had anything to do with the violence that you created and disregarded, then lumped off on those of us who did whack our sons (and daughters) on the butt and yell at them?
     Do you realise that I and millions of other fathers moaned privately at the "abuse" we rendered our children...when we knew that it was up to us....not their mothers....not the village....not the jackboots disarming the religious kooks in Mount Carmel.....but the protect the culture from our children.............and our children from people like you.

    You can be against firearms, or smoking, or sewing machines, or whatever.   But you are a fool if you try to re-blame me for firearms deaths for anyone.   I went to a school in 1964 in Texas where every third vehicle in the High School parking lot had one, if not two or three, firearms in the trunk and/or glove compartment.    We never had such occurrences.   We had catechisms....we had parents who would slap our faces and whack our butts and thighs for serious transgression against the public sensibility. Seventeen years of 6 murders, not all by firearm,  in the 6th largest county in the Republic of Texas, with 254 counties....and essentially no gun violence.

     You have nothing but some kind of fame for butt-shots of models....$1,250 to really dress up your living room.  Wow.   They are truly works of art....No, they are burlesques of humanity with a dolt of some woman trying to make a buck with her body, having her picture taken with the Taj Majal live in the background.  Wow.   Art.

    You are a well-known assistant Director for making horridly violent movies that resemble the vomit to which the dog famously returns.   Really cutting edge stuff....degenerate violence that has absolutely no social or cultural value, but which appeals to the monsters you people have always been willing to construct.   Your spawn....the aimless, inarticulate, mumbling, self-centred, self-consumed, indolent, violent, addicted, self-entitled, arrogant, contemptuous, deceitful, self-pitying, slugs that you want to blame on me, when you were the one who whelped them forth.

     Re-bundling babies over to a soulless psychologist to hates natural law and loves to load up children with magic crystals, especially males, to calm them down and make them more like controllable little animals and girls is NOT BEING A FATHER!!!!!! It is being a child-abuser.....hateful, self-centred "busy person" who resents the problems that that non-viable tissue mass has become.

    Do not blame the gun owners.  In each of the cases where  white (or Oriental) children have uselessly murdered scores of people public or theatres, children in schools. or people in public venues of any kind. the shooters or assailants, the shooter or assailants had been under psychiatric care, heavily medicated, and diagnosed with all sorts and forms of names for the condition of being a male child, needing over-arching male supervision and discipline, commonly performed by that rapidly disappearing entity know as....a Father.
     Medicated white (Oriental also) males, who are unchurched, and untrained in the social civilities and personal responsibilities....and then medicated because their rambunctiousness makes them inconvenient to be around or to discipline, are the problem, especially when the mother is not emotionally invested and the father refuses to or does not exert masculine prerogatives concerning child guidance.

NO BEHAVIOUR MEDICINE FOR MALE CHILDREN!  Fatherhood, earned and practiced!  Cure for much of the world's Ills!
El Gringo Viejo

A Bit of Comparison - A fusion of observations

Michelle Robertson-Obama?

Michelle Obama's Defining Fashion Moments
Michelle Robertson Obama

 Michelle Obama spends $8,990 of taxpayer money on one dress for the Oscars and the press calls her “fashionable.” They compare her to Jackie Kennedy and call her the First Lady of Fashion.

 Mrs. Obama spends another $9000 on a purse and you can’t easily find any mention of it on the Internet.  It also disappears from internet availability.

Michelle Obama spends $467,000 on a trip to Spain.  She notoriously and frequently takes a later plane, or requires a second plane, so as not to wait for Obama, or so as to not have to hurry to leave on the "first flight" when travelling to other "family vacations", always to places the wealthy cannot afford.

Expenditures of tax money on six discretionary "working vacations" have not been totally tabulated, but reach well towards a couple of score-million dollars.   Large coteries of hangers-on, scores of "close friends", and family famously lard-on to these excursions.  Michelle's mother is never mentioned but almost always present.

Mrs. Obama has employed 22 attendants to attend to her every need, which total $6,364,000/per year. Jackie Kennedy, who is also thought to have been extravagant, had one, as did Laura Bush.  Even (Sir Edmund)Hillary had three.

None of Michelle Obama’s staffers were asked to take furloughs as part of the sequester.  White House was closed to visitors, "because of the Republicans".

Michelle Obama’s college records were removed from the public venue and kept secret.
Michelle Obama’s children are off limits.  But she takes them to Jeremiah Wright's church....?

Michelle Obama's "problem figure" is, as in the case of Hillary, not even glossed over;  one simply does not mention "such things".  Her grotesque facial construct is described as "stunningly beautiful" by some leftist glorifiers.

Michelle is paid over 300,000 USD/annum to "administer" a programme that pushes poverty level people over to public hospital - Medicaid attention, and away from the hospital concern where Valerie Jarrett obtains Michelle a do-nothing, come-pick-your-check-up-twice-a-month "job".....advocating.   Advocating?    

The number of Robertson-Obama's arrogant postures, statements, and generally classless and tasteless abuses of privilege that a person of gentility and grace would never commit are stunning.  There are simply too many such incidents and occurrences to list on a short screed.


Sarah Palin ?

    The GOP spends $150,000 of donated money to buy Mrs. Palin an appropriate wardrobe for the entire 2008 campaign and The Huffington Post headlines read: Palin Clothes Spending Has Democrats Salivating, Republicans Disgusted.

   Palin's wardrobe was camping chic, Black Tie Parka, and lace-up Mush-Dog boots.  She had precious little 'Meet the Press' garb.

  The ''disgusted Republicans" are the ones who always want "good progressive candidates who favour abortion and reasonable compromise".  Their record?  $18,000,000,000,000 in central government debt....and half the population at the trough.   And certain loss at the polls.

sarah palin photo: Sarah Palin SarahPalinKuwait.jpg
Sarah Palin in Kuwait

     Many similar articles can still be easily found on the Internet today about Sarah Palin's Beverly Hillbilly shopping spree that, of course never happened.

     It is something like Secretary of State Kerry, the wise one, during an official speech saying that Sarah Palin says stupid things like, "I can see Russia from my front porch." 
      I shan't ever forget Kerry laughing stiltedly at his great joke, when the audience was groaning and even liberals were trying to crawl under their chairs or put paper bags over their heads.   One could not help but think, "Could there ever be a Secretary of State worth less than Cyrus Vance?"....and yes, there could.  Hillary and Kerry.

     Sarah Palin sells a State of Alaska jet given to her office for her convenience as Governor,  stating that it is too extravagant.

    Sarah Palin is mocked for "taking advantage of her looks", and for participating in beauty contests.   She is even denigrated for "bearing too late in life".
     Governor Palin dismissed all cooks assigned to her when Governor, stating that she could cook for her own family.

     She also returned the car supplied to her by the State, saying that she had her own car.

     Sarah Palin’s college records were examined, scrutinized and publicized.

    Sarah Palin’s children are constantly being watched, ridiculed,  and criticized.


    Marie Antoinette’s extravagance during a time when the citizens of France were supposedly struggling with poverty is well known.  Michele Obama’s is never acknowledged by the leftist Obsolete Press.  It is fairly well established that Marie Antoinette she never uttered the sentence, "Let them eat cake"....that was an aunt or a sister-in-law, but myth, reality, lore, and rumour make a spicy pie.
     For instance, just think, just think of all Hillary Rodham has done for Women, and Children, and Minorities....think of how many miles she rode in that State Department Jet, trying to push away the glass ceiling and solve the income disparity suffered by women!  Just think of it.

     Perhaps Michele wouldn’t say “let them eat cake.” She wouldn’t have to. She would probably say, “Let them have foodstamps.” Either way, Michelle Robertson-Obama-Soetoro is the prime example of the elitist who cares little for the challenges faced by her fellow citizens. For her, life is good, especially after all the racism and discrimination she has had to endure.  It is well, that to remain sane, she can truly believe that she is better than the rest of us. It is exactly this attitude of superiority that makes her the presumptuous, elitist hag, like Hillary, that she is.