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So much puffery and little substance.....Veterans' Issues

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     OROGs are well aware that El Gringo Viejo, being barely functionally sane, sometimes does not swim in the same Rio Grande as the normal people.  And by normal people, we mean right-wing crazies, supposedly conservative Republicans, traditionalists, etc.   The lead-in has to do with our main message to-day.   It pertains to the idea that once again we are carving into the issue that Veterans are victims and incompetent to deal with their issues.  Such is not the case.   The Veteran, with just a bit of intervention can stand and deliver.   Many individuals and organisations, private and public, stand ready to intervene happily in any remediable situation suffered by any Veteran.   The issue is that another Government programme has been morphed into a support system for the upper range of the bureaucrats who parasite on to the budget and squeeze out the blood of the taxpayer and the petitioner.   Let us change the system and take it from the grasp of bureaucrats and union people.   Including medical services....complete and part of a pay package is the solution.  Low pay during active service, with room, board, vacation included, and extension of medical services, pensions, and other honorifics during retirement.  Let us wander through our thought processes.  Gird the loins of your brain!!??!!

     We visit the issues of Hillary and her Benghazi mess, and we turn a watchful eye upon the matter concerning the veterans.    Then we ruminate a bit about the no runs - no hits - no errors Texas Republican Primary run-offs.  The Tea-Party was dead and then suddenly got up at the funeral and walked back down to Duffy's Irish Tavern because it's 2 X 1 all afternoon. There are many cross-currents, tying all this and more together.

     To begin, the issue of treatment of veterans is an old one.  General Douglas MacArthur gained a bit of his fame as a Hero of World War II and Korea.   But, the old Cavalry officer gained a bit of urban fighting experience during a combined cavalry, infantry, and tank assault on the Bonus War army that had encamped in Washington, D.C. in 1932 not too far from the White House.  By this point the Great Depression was well underway and becoming worse due to the insistence of Herbert Hoover to dedicate recovery efforts to public project "shovel ready jobs" and "pump priming" recommended by the Fabian socialists in Great Britain....that being the process of flooding the market with  money so that the people could buy products that are not made.  Makes sense to a commie.    But I dasn't digress.....

     Hear what comfortable words Wikipedia includes about the incident.  Many Ph.D. dissertations and other treatises have been done about the events, although that which is included below is accurate and concise enough to pass for government work.

U.S. Army intervention

At 4:45 p.m., commanded by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the 12th Infantry Regiment, Fort Howard, Maryland, and the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, supported by six battle tanks commanded by Maj. George S. Patton, formed in Pennsylvania Avenue while thousands of civil service employees left work to line the street and watch. The Bonus Marchers, believing the troops were marching in their honor, cheered the troops until Patton ordered[citation needed] the cavalry to charge them—an action which prompted the spectators to yell, "Shame! Shame!"

     Shacks that members of the Bonus Army erected on the Anacostia Flats burning after the confrontation with the military.   After the cavalry charged, the infantry, with fixed bayonets and tear gas (adamsite, an arsenical vomiting agent) entered the camps, evicting veterans, families, and camp followers. The veterans fled across the Anacostia River to their largest camp and President Hoover ordered the assault stopped. However Gen. MacArthur, feeling the Bonus March was an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government, ignored the President and ordered a new attack. Fifty-five veterans were injured and 135 arrested.[12] A veteran's wife miscarried. When 12-week-old Bernard Myers died in the hospital after being caught in the tear gas attack, a government investigation reported he died of enteritis, while a hospital spokesman said the tear gas "didn't do it any good."[16]
      During the military operation, Major Dwight D. Eisenhower, later the 34th President of the United States, served as one of MacArthur's junior aides.[17] Believing it wrong for the Army's highest-ranking officer to lead an action against fellow American war veterans, he strongly advised MacArthur against taking any public role: "I told that dumb son-of-a-bitch not to go down there," he said later. "I told him it was no place for the Chief of Staff."[18] Despite his misgivings, Eisenhower later wrote the Army's official incident report which endorsed MacArthur's conduct.[19]...but once again...I dasn't  digress.

    We see the issue in our rear view mirrors, now arising again from the ashes.   Back then it was, "How can we short out the veterans?"    And, quite frankly, it was how can the IWW (the Wobblies - early day communists) infiltrate and make the issue one for the Kremlin to capitalize upon during the Great Economic Collapse of Capitalism in downtown Washington, D.C.  in 1932?

    This time, however, and make no mistake, it is due to the overt and  intentional desire to denigrate, ridicule and mistreat  all that which is military.    That conscious intent exists within the confines of the top-level personalities running the show at 1600 Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and the heads of every Department and  Agency of the present regime in said city.

     It is also demonstrated by the drawing down from two wars that were won, and then by purposefully turning them into what must be militarily defined as obfuscatum blubflubberium disparitum.   It was done on purpose, with malice show that the Americans cannot even defeat  7th Century, mentally retarded, culturally devoid ragheads.   We could not tolerate Mubarak and Qaddafi because they were satraps for the Gringos and Hebes.
   It was more important to worry about the Palestinians and the Moslem world majority more than despots and Jous (pronunciation derived from the Jeremiah Wright Noou Fayth Baihble).   And, of course, we have a primal need to fund the mafias known as Jamas, Hezbollah, and Mrs. Arafat and her Parisian credit cards and Champs Elyse' complex "with a view".  

     This thing with the Veterans' Administration is typical of two things.  The total uselessness of any and every government project or programme.   And the danger one runs in trusting that a veterans' support system could never be turned into an instrument of purposeful mistreatment and abuse.  They are, especially the ones who were deployed into combat in Viet Nam and the Middle East....all....are war criminals.  Sen. Dick Durbin said so.  Every Democrat in national elective position believes that in every cell of his/her/ other/non-other/whatever body.

     And yes, Dick Durbin said what he said on the floor of the Senate, and the next day got up and not only denied that he had said it, but also asserted  that his words had been taken out of context although his entire speech had been analysed from first letter to last period. 

     It is not our intention to write the final an definitive Book of Reality and Truth here.  But the fact is that there should be no Veterans' Administration.

   The fact is that soldiers are fairly poorly paid.  Part of their salary is nearly ethereal.  We should go ahead and say, "Okay, work for these few pieces of copper, and we shall provide you with even more pieces of silver when you reach the age of retirement plus a certain age."   This idea would work fairly well over all the pay grades  with a bit of fudging in favour of the old brass hats who make a 40 year career in uniform.
     This means, of course, that at a certain age and according to some established ....before the enlistment or conscription of the military person in question...procedure that we would address the complete medical attention according to the normal accepted procedures of the day.   During the time of service, it would be best if there were Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard clinics and hospitals and/or clinic and hospital designate facilities in the private sector for use during time in service by active duty and activated Reserve and Guard personnel.

     After separation, and for all honourably discharged and the wife and minor children, this would mean that the soldier and those designated eligible dependents would be covered for some or all of the bill depending upon the length of time served.  That would and should be considered simply as part of a deferred salary for service provided.   As far as "for some or all"....that could start with, for instance, 100% coverage for a service member, and dependents, after 20 years of service at any rank.  It must be re-iterated that this expenditure not be calculated as a benefit, but as deferred salary, annotated on the service member's pay-statement, demonstrating how much money might have accrued during his/her service.    Certain additional limitations should and must be enforced,  such as not allowing for the use of this asset as collateral, or for any other expenditure.

     This would some significant degree...the issue from the AFSCME Union and the ridiculous civil service that hamstrangles any reasonable management structure.   Please type into your search engine the AFSCME Union and see the nature of the self-pitying morass of degraded humanity whose job it is to be a victim and to make people clean up after their demonstrations for "More, Now" ...."If You Have, Then You Are Bad! Now!" "Gimme! Now!"   To wit:

     Mark Rosenthal, president of Local 983 of District Council 37, is accusing political rivals of trying to run him out of his $156,000-a-year-plus-perks job overseeing about 3,000 low-paid workers and officers involved in the Parks Department and NYPD, The New York Post reports.
Sleeping at his desk.
Sleeping at his desk.
Those political rivals accuse Mr. Rosenthal of showing up at work — after a union-covered lunch — at 2 p.m., taking a snooze with a full soda, then heading home at 4 p.m. before the traffic starts.   The  fight hit the headlines after coworkers snapped numerous pictures of the 5’7″ 400-pound boss sleeping at his desk. With a soda.   But it’s OK for an executive to take “power naps,” Mr. Rosenthal counters — especially when the executive is on pain medication for falling from a McDonald’s chair that broke because that executive was too big for it.
    Mr. Rosenthal, it seems, sees victimization.“I’m 60 years old, so if I eat during my lunch hour and take a little medication, can’t I close my eyes?” The Post reports he said. “Is it so outrageous?”

Here at The Daily Caller, we see a slippery slope.   Sleeping on 16 May 2012.
Sleeping on May 16, 2012.

 The above is the perfect caricature of the Unions, the members of the unions, their appetite for demanding 44 USD/Hour to bolt bumpers on a vehicle being prepared for a GM recall at a date soon to be named later, their sense of entitlement and victimhood based upon the notion that someone has "more", and they want it, NOW!!!   And they want us to pay for it.  They are an onion-skin higher than the babymothers cranking out babies for the increment in AFDC payment and the anchorbabymothers who come over to whelp on American soil and then sit back and draw the equivalent of 40,000 USD to be waited on hand and foot.  They are even lower than the politicians who pander to them.
    Mon Dieu!   A parking meter attendant who steals an estimated  110,000 USD from the convenience boxes over a four year period and the union prohibits her dismissal, demotion, or loss of benefits...?????   Wasn't someone watching?  Yes!  But, so what?

     This is the way out.   Veterans earn, as deferred salary, not as a benefit essentially "medical - included" for life, once in the service, and until and including burial, and if separated under  honourable conditions.  Low pay during service, and continued "pay" afterwards.   This would not take away from any set-aside pension that was being earned by the service member.  The Democrats, as in the case of Social Security, would and will go down fighting hand to hand, scorched earth, total Hiroshima on this issue, because they prosper by the notion they insert upon the dull that "We are giving you this benefit (entitlement) and the Republicans want to take it away from you and let your children starve to death.  And your mother and grandmother.   And they want to dig up your grandmother's mother and take the gold out of her teeth and give it to Romney, because he doesn't pay any taxes."

    It is depressing.   But El Gringo's plan would work.  And it would serve as a format to close down about 80 per cent of the central government dependencies such as the Department of Energy, the EPA, FEMA, the BLM, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, to name only a few of several hundred entities.

Thanks for your patience while we search for our heart medicine.  I've been taping a cat's hairball to the back of my left ear, and it seems to help my tachycardia.
El Gringo Viejo