Saturday, 9 February 2019

More missing phrases…now replaced…Ready for Reading, Now!!

We have a special notice, released by authorities at the highest level in the Mexican heirarchy, emanating from the Los Pinos compound and, interestingly, circulated publicly…although almost no one would believe such a thing, if one depended upon the "professional" obsolete media.  Reuters filtered the announcement as best possible, so as to show that the Mexican government is obsolete, stupid, and ineffective.  Reuters is substantially to the Left of even the Lopez-Obrador presidency.
    We shall try to clarify the announcement herewith.

MEXICO CITY, Feb 6 (Reuters) - Mexico began beefing up law enforcement in its most violent districts this week, officials said on Wednesday, sending the first of 10,200 troops and police to reduce murder rates in 17 hot spots, in the first phase of a program it plans to expand.
     Homicides rose by one-third last year, breaking a record for the second consecutive year and underscores the challenge facing Mexico's new president to rein in the violence that has spiralled over the last decade amid a military-led war on drug trafficking.
      Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who took office in December, has proposed bolstering the armed forces through a new National Guard, while saying the war against drug traffickers is over. He is also exploring a crop substitution for illicit crops and amnesties for low level drug dealers and farmers.
   The government will initially deploy 600 people to each of the 17 targeted districts and subsequently expand the program to other areas of the country, Mexican Security Minister Alfonso Durazo told a press conference.   The northern border city of Tijuana, which had one of the country's highest murder tallies in December with 202 deaths, began receiving new forces on Monday.
     Fellow U.S. border cities of Ciudad Juarez, Reynosa, and Nuevo Laredo are also slated for an influx of troops, along with tourist beach destination of Acapulco.  The deployments are intended to be permanent, Durazo said.  "It's one thing to do operations and bring forces from Mexico City to Tijuana, to Reynosa, to Nuevo Laredo, and then bring them back," Durazo said. "It's very different to have a permanent state of force." (Reporting by Daina Beth Solomon and Noe Torres; Editing by Steve Orlofsky)

Now.What was left out of this "news release"?

     Let us sayperhaps 60 percent purposeful misreporting, and 40 percent half-truths and deception.   The actual facts are that the gnomes of Los Pinos have decided to sharply diverge from the previously stated goals and hopes of Mr. AMLO, the new President.   There has been a unanimity of opinion that Mexican military mightwhich is considerablemust after all is said and done must be deployed, and deployed more vigourously than during the previous 20 years.   This represents a radical change from the original hopes of Mr. AMLOand he appears to be in step with his "choir of advisors". 
 Mexican Honour Guard Officer's Training Academy
escorting the Mexican Golden Eagle, symbol of
La Patria Mexicana

     The facts are that 92,000 effectives have been designated to form into an eradication strike force.   This number is eerily similar to the number of national guard / public service/ constabulary-like people Mr. AMLO seemed to envision during some of his original "pronunciamentos" shortly after the swearing-in.  Perhaps he is still sane and solid of mind after all, as it appears with this decisive decision to apply essentially full military pressure.

  Also, please remember that we have pointed out that his "Choir of Advisors" represent Left -  Centre - and Right almost equallya jaw-dropping collection of 11 very intelligent, respected, accomplished thinkers and doers.

     Suddenly, and in keeping with some of the announcements posted above, deployments are announced in solid, stunning numbers and objectives.   First, 7, 000 Naval Infantry, Army Special Forces, and 'federal military police' were poured into Tijuana and to a lesser extent, Mexicali.   These are really the guys one does not wish to have around, if in fact one is committing on-going organised crime actions.

     Snarkey nay-sayers point out that elements of the military are corrupt.  Wellgee whizelements of the American military suffer from corruption and criminalitylikewise the British,  and the (enter name of any nation) militaries.   Fact checkthe Mexican military is about as corrupt as the American military.

    But, as the successes of the La Limpiada (The Cleaning) take hold in the far northwest of Mexico, heavy infantry elements moved into other areas of concern…the Northeast…such as Reynosa and Tamaulipas State in general.  Nuevo Laredo is included in this sweep.  Other areas are being penetrated at these moments…Michoacan State, the Acapulco - Chilpancingo axis, and certain locales in Vera Cruz State, Culiacan - capital of Sinaloa State and centre of (you guessed it) the Sinaloa Cartel (El Chapo's old stomping grounds).

Red Chinese Container Ship
preparing to enter Manzanillo's port

   Moreover, these deployments are meant to be mobile, on-going, night and day equipped with air support via helicopter and higher fixed-wing reconnaissance craft…and increased, armed and dangerous, Navy warships sent to encounter Red Chinese freighters coming into and out of Manzanillo and Mazatlan ports of entry and exit, and to check for ammunition, drugs, and other such nefarious stuff. 

      These interruptions on sea - lanes and land - lines are common and almost not special events.   And in the past two months the number of surprise nocturnal and diurnal  boardings by  the Mexican military and navy have intensified most profoundly. The tonnage of meth and other ingredients for making meth and other very destructive drugs  has been nothing short of staggering.  All along the frontier…a few hours ago…a few days ago, huge interceptions of well-packages drugs have been intercepted on the American side, after "heads-up" warning from the "other side".    We refer to loads with values from one million up to 10 million dollars worth on the street.   All of this within a couple of miles or less than a score of miles from McAllen, on the Texas side of the Rio Grande.

     The basic contingents of full-scale infantry in Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo during these moments is supposedly 7, 600 effectives each, and they are what is referred to as "de planta" or "permanently stationed" for at least the next several months.   Ciudad Victoria, the capital of the State of Tamaulipas is also receiving a similar contingent.   It is news of a most welcomed kind among the rank and file Tamaulipas citizens and those foreigners who have business and/or properties in that State.

     It has been something similar to a yo-yo mixed with a centrifuge during the first months of Mr. AMLO's term…but these new measures have proven to be very popular at all levels.   We shall continue to monitor the application and the effects.   More later.


Tuesday, 5 February 2019

She loves me, she loves me naught, she loves me, she loves me naught…


    Two quick points:

(1)   We have some 'splainin' to do, Lucy.   While I take some blame, most must be thrust upon the present occupants of the two Presidential Palacesone in Washington, District of Columbia and the other in Los Pinos, District Federal, Ciudad de Mexico, Republica de los Estados Unidos de Mexico.   We shall develop that topic as best can be done.

(2)    There have been some peculiar procedural changes in our counting machine service(s).   Our normal count comes from what hits this computer, in this home, only.   There are three other secondary and tertiary counters that barnacled on to AdSense and other Googlebuddies.   Suddenly, about six months ago, we began receiving updates every three to five days.  Our daily graph showed very little activity which then on any random Thursday or Saturday or whenever, a "dump" of 2,500 would show up, citing "North American Catchment" or something to that effect. Another two or three days and suddenly a dump of 1,500 from"international receivers".   And so forth.
     We were aware of the background counters and the fact that they were measuring things "out there", but now we have to wonder…or know…or quake in fear…about the fact that my brain is being monitored by an extraterrestrial work-group under contract to Maxine Waters and Richard Simmons.  

     We leave these things to the common run-of-the-mill geniuses who compose the audience of A Gringo in Rural Mexico, and allow for them to ponder the import of this information.

     She loves me.   She loves me naught.

     We feel like we are watching one of those cartoon scenes of Yosemite Sam shooting up the Saloon while Bugs Bunny is dodging bullets at the Bar.   To-day Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador decides in his Presidential glory that Mexico will lock arms with the Gringos and begin to tightly control immigration coming into Mexico from the southern nations in Central America.
     To-morrow hordes of un-checked, unwashed, unknown, unrecorded supposed humans with baby humans come pouring into Mexico with little interference from Mexican military or constabularial intervention.  The next day a spokesman declares that the newly arrived "guests" in Mexico are being offered worker-authorisations and full benefit packages for positions at various of several thousand venues where there are labour shortages in and around the Mexico City metroplex.   It is known that there is a severe labour-shortage in that area as well as other industrial areas in Mexico.  The labour contracts are quite good especially considering the medical and other benefits.
     The Central Americans gobble up the papers and sign everything that needs to be signed.  Two days later they are found  forty or four hundred miles further north, on their "migration" to America.   "Hey!  Why didn't you report for that job in Ecatepec?", to which the Centroamericano will respond, "We decided to go north because the Gringos have to give us everything for free.   No need to work, everything free."   And folks…this is not a joke.   It is VERY especially true of the young women who are aware that they need only drop a baby in an alley-way in McAllen and thereby become the "sole caretaker" of an "American citizen infant".  From that point everything is free…medical, food, accommodation, schooling…everything.

      Then we hear of more "caravans (they are not caravans)" heading out to the north on the Great Human Cattle Drive to seek redress for the damage the Gringos have done to the poor simple countries that America has cannibalised during the past 200 years.   This "caravan" with 2,000, then the next from the Mara Salvatrucha 13 factory also known as El Salvador another 4,000 leaves while the Hondurans contribute a couple of days later 4,000 innocent young mothers simply looking for a small morsel for their babies to eat, once or twice a week.

     Everything is tightly under the control of United Nations "handlers" who are tightly en league with the overall world marxist movement.   Peoples Without Frontiers (Pueblos Sin Fronteras),  and the Soros people, unapologetically serve inside and outside the "caravan", being especially welcomed because they have friendly relations with the Mara Salvatrucha and the Callejon 18 and various other criminal and arch-marxist agents united in the common bond of "HATE AMERICA FIRST".   These gangs are the one who deliver fresh meat to to on-going porno and slave-labour  found in the Sacramento-type Cities and other towns and States in the hinterland..  

     The first group arrives at Tijuana  (not TIA - Juana) and they stormed the gates of the hated Gringo garita (stockade or garrison) at the international entry point the next day.   They are turned away by the local American defence force…with billy-clubs and noxious gasses.  
     Two days later, the drug cartel people come into the presence of the disorganised "migrants" and set upon them.   There is a period of 36 hours of mayhem and on-again / off-again violence and brutal hand to hand between the organised crime elements and the "migrants" who are well marked with their gang-insignia (accompanied by almost no Obsolete Media or even FOXNews coverage).
     The Federal Mexican Uniformed Police and the Army came in and cleaned up the mess…making many arrests of people with old and new wants and warrants, principally by Mexico and the Texas and the United States authorities.   Nothing is reported to Notimex, FOXNews, CNN, and the other "official news sources".

    THEN INTERESTINGLY,  the next  "caravan" comes up from the South and determines that they will go to the Piedras Negras - Eagle Pass international crossing at the Rio Grande.   A week earlier in Tijuana everything turned to rot pretty quickly.   So, they figure, we'll go to the Texas frontier where the people are really stupid and hicks and we'll walk right over them. 
    The Governor of Coahuila State of Mexico, which includes the City of Piedras Negras (Black Rocks …or actually Coal…which is found in abundance in that area, both on the surface and subsurface)…advised a FOXNews reporter in Mexico that these people were being helped to the Texas frontier.  A total of 55 ultra-first class and de luxe busses had been leased by the State of Coahuila to carry the "caravan" people from Saltillo to Piedras Negras in style (this is not a sly joke…the busses are ultra first-class and de luxe units…very, very posh).    He told the FOXNews reporter to talk to his secretary about the details.
     As a de luxe excursion operator for a quarter century in Mexico, I can assert some authority over these comments.  The cost to the State of Coahuila for the lease of these vehicles, even with the appropriate discounts for group and public service considerations, would have been around 15,000 pesos / each for the one day delivery and the dead-head back to the terminal facilities in the State Capital (Saltillo).  That charge would be about 700 dollars per bus, paid by the Coahuila taxpayers in the amount equivalent to over $35,000 (am.cur.)
Jose Maria Fraustro Siller
Secretario del Estado de Coahuila

     In Mexico the "secretary to the Governor" is not the steno-girl down the hall.  It is the 2nd most powerful, empowered, and important position in the administration of any reasonably operated State Government.   The Secretario del Gobernador, Jose Maria Fraustro Siller declared yesterday that those presenting themselves to the American authority at the Eagle Pass International Boundary without papers-in-order were going to be returned to Mexico.   Those who remained adamant about not working in Mexico will be removed from the group and returned to Central Mexico.   Early to-day, there began a removal of several hundred people back to Mexico City, and supposedly to the frontier with Guatemala where several hundred of those intent upon breaking into Texas illegally will be sent back into the ephemeral zone known as Centroamerica.

     In the meantime, over in Tijuana, Baja California where some of the "refugees" from the failed assault by the "caravan" essentially went for naught, combined forces from the Mexican Federal Police, the Mexican Army, and the Mexican Naval Infantry (all formidable forces) did some housecleaning in downtown against both Cartel people and the caravan people (essentially the same people).   Sociologically and demographically…about 80% of the migrants were dispersed, some being transported back down to Central Mexico and then on to the Guatemalan frontier to be deported.   They were only about a third of the original number that had arrived a week before.
   Some went to jail in Tijuana, some tried to break into the United States facility at Mexicali, somewhat east of Tijuana…they failed and some were arrested.   A small gaggle of assorted mixed groups of invaders tried to cross near the old Columbus site in New Mexico, and they were detained for processing in El Paso, Texas and then deported into Ciudad Juarez (although they should have been divested of their valuables and flown back to their point of origin in Central America).
Where are my oats and honey!!!


     In short, I am trying to diagnose private information and substantially credible information from local and private and Mexican sources, while trying simultaneously keep up with the different interpretations of the will and mind of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Presidente de Mexico.  His "kitchen cabinet" of truly (I am not being 'theatrically sarcastic) highly intelligent and substantially morally correct people…a couple or three whom I know personally.
     It is the opinion of various people who are in the know that AMLO is substantially "bronco"- that being a fine, but unpredictable stallion.   AMLO is an old draught horse, in actuality…a socialist warrior from the Ghosts of the Calles and Cardenas days of expropriations and arbitrary executive orders commanding confiscations of properties and Stalinist types of public shaming of the rich.   True enough, AMLO did a creditable job as mayor of the ungovernable metroplex of Mexico City.  But most observers say that his success was due to his absence and his leaving in control a second level of very adept engineers of motor vehicle traffic, water quality and pressure improvement,  up-grading continuously the metro uniformed and mounted police,  forcing judicial process to be made functional by browbeating                      the stupid, lazy magistrates who handled misdemeanours and minor feloniesalways waiting for "jurisprudential lubrication"AMLO did receive the credit, but many will suggest that a cadre of people without imaginations, who had watched a lot of LAW and ORDER and such programmes decided to force English Common Law rules on the Mexican legal chaos.  It resulted in improvements for everyone, foreign and domestic.

    Not a lot really, really changed, but there were improvements during AMLO's administration. Mexico City is oddly a pleasant place to waste four or five nightsthe food, the civility of the people, the massive buildings that stun the senses, the peculiar weather, the views of the snow covered mountains to the east, the mix of red people who cannot speak Spanish, crossing the same 16-lane boulevard with the high-heeled model-looking white woman who speaks Spanish better than a Spaniard, helping the Otomi Indian woman with her plastic bags of merchandise.  The best saloons with decent music and entertainmentif you are willing to stay up until 23:00 hours for the show to beginand a million other things all conducted at 7,400 fasl.

     These are all things that clash together in my mind and the minds of others who truly understand what is going on here on the Rio Grande Frontier.  We are accused of being 'meskin-hatin' Southern bigots' but one who says such loses the argument in its entirety.   We have many generations studying, living, doing business in the environment of the Frontier and the Republic of Mexico.   My wife has over 15 generations as a lower level titled aristocrat person that defined Spanish / Jewish colonists of what would become that area of north central Mexico and most of Southern Texas.  We know.  We understand.  Leftist Democrats do not. 
     The people coming up from Central America are not "migrants"they are not "refugees"…they are not "looking for opportunity in America"…save for about 10% or less.  Almost all are dedicated to "anchor baby entry",  and/or cleaving onto a cell already in Trenton, New Jersey where there are opportunities that almost always result in being prostitutes or pawns in shell-games, or where they work for wages that are normally paid in India in some dark hovel in a ghetto of slaves, or where, with luck a 9 year-old girl can get her first big break in the "movies".  

Nancy Pelosido you meet Lady MacBeth during your ambles in the stairwells at night in your Castle?   Do the stains of your inequity ever leave you hands….?

Monday, 4 February 2019

Expansion upon previous remarks…Pocahontas


     We are reluctant to kick a sleeping dog, but this will be more like scratching the dog's back with the point of my boot…very gently.

     Pocahontas was very distressed when it was learned that Pocahontas was not really Pocahontas.  She pointed out that it was Donald Trump's fault that Pocahontas actually was another person by the name of Karla Marxene, the Queen of Goodness and Light and senior senator from Massachusetts, Home of the Chappaquiddick National Historical Centre.

     We were sincerely affected by Karla's apologetic letter to the verification agency concerning relevance of legitimacy as a Cherokee ancestried person.   Everyone knows that one does not write a letter to Big Chief Crossed Arms advising him that one has decided to tell the Chief, ''…Hello, Chief…I'm just like you because I'm a Cherokee, too!"

     With almost all the extant American Indian nations, there are serious scribes, historians, genealogist, document analysts, attorneys who work on matters of "degree of linkage" of people who have small, medium, or large portions of their bloodline being of American Indian Origin.  
     It is not enough to say, "My folks always told us we we're part Indian."   This could mean one part per one hundred and twenty-eight or 87.5 (7/8ths), or perhaps, nothing at all, quite frankly.  In the South, it has, for certain, been commonly thought that 90% of all White Southerners who could prove colonial presence (…born in country before 1770…) had Indian ancestry to lesser or greater degree.   For those of principally Black African ancestry, people would say, "Sixty per cent of the Black Africans in the South have Indian blood in their veins."
      Those suppositions were commonly held beliefs among Southern people during those times when I was growing up in Texas.

    What is required to establish one's Cherokee or Chickasaw membership and citizenship is a large retainer, and a reasonable account of the ascendency of this or that tribal member in History, and then turning everything over to a committee or tribal secretary and staff who will attempt to draw a straight line of ancestry between the petitioner and the Indian ancestor.
     The retainer can be 1,000 dollars or even up to 3,000 or more dollars, most of which will be used in the research required to verify a line of blood descendancy from a verifiable Tribal ancestor.

      To remind both myself and the noble reader, the DNA sample that Miss Pocahontas submitted to the nice man with the DNA service some months back was processed and did in fact reveal that Pocahontas did have a possible marker for a Native American DNA strainof less than 2 per cent.  It also pointed out that the indigenous group providing that marker was located in what is now Ecuador, Peru, and/or Chile.
     While Pocahontas was overjoyed with the knowledge, finally, that she was 1 / 2,650th indigenous, possibly, there remains an insurmountable problem.  The problem was and is that she is so stupidly ignorant that she failed to understand that the nice young man at the DNA place was trying to tell her in a nice way that the Indians to whom she might or might not be related had a Polynesian - Southeast Asian origin.
      For  Pocahontas to have been a real, live Injun of the North American sort, she would have had to have Indians of the Mongolian and far East Asian strain of humanity.   The Great Nations, including the Iroquois and the Cherokees and all those scores of significant and cousin tribes and nations come from a completely different ethno-racial bio-schematic.   In short, Pocahontas's DNA test proved that she could not have been "part Indian" in any true American biological sense.

So, we are very sorry,  Pocahontas, or Karla Marxine, you are just a old white woman taking a subsidy you did not deserve and lied to obtainpresenting yourself as a deprived native American who had suffered the abuses and discrimination of The White Majority…when in fact you were part of the leftist stain that is always demanding preferential treatment when none is merited.


Saturday, 2 February 2019

Trying to Explain and Focus the "migrant" matter and other salient topics


    This is a matter which must be addressed and it is my physical and willpower failure that have combined to delay my rigorous definition, attack, and other commentary about the "caravans", the winds of Latin America, the dullness of our President.   The absolute uselessness of the lower house of Congress will persist for so long as the head of the Lower House can be charitably described as a deranged, rabid-bat brained, limousine-marxist, self-consumed nincompoop.

Governance defined:
   "We shall have to vote for the Bill
in order to find out what's inside
 the Bill." 


      Two or three weeks ago,  it was my duty and pleasure to go down and man the doors and gates  of our "estate" in the middle of NoWhere, Mexico.   While being a member of the Chronic and Pathological Hypochondriacs Union, this time El Gringo Viejo fell into a deep funk with chills and a very light fever.  Coughing and excessive sinus discharge was incessant…loss of appetite…cold beyond comprehension (almost)…and an extended temperature of 40F existence for five days was enough to wear down the resistance of almost any real hypochondriac. 

     Thankfully, Alvaro had loaded the parlour with firewood, stacked neatly in the area of the "fogata" (fireplace) in anticipation of the forecasted inclimacy.   During this weather episode, your humble servant filled a plastic 5 gallon bucket…twice with the ashes of a very small fireplace.   This is a testament to my slight Jewish ancestry, ("Spend nothing, and save the rest.") and it was also good discipline.   The forecasts both in Mexico and Texas pertaining to our area were "all over the map".   There was no way to judge when warmth would return.
      Driving back up after about a 10 day stay, my condition steadily deteriorated.  A very slight fever and mountains of sinus congestion persisted in persisting.   Wednesday last was the first day that my mettle has fully recovered to such an extent that I felt like strapping on the armour.   Earlier to-day, perhaps it was yesterday, my friend and fellow Consuegro (two men who are fathers-in-law of a married pair (my daughter is married to his son, and his son is married to my daughter), revealed that he had been stuck in exactly the same mess.   He is fighting other medical devils (successfully) and complains almost none at all about any health issue, but he was definitive about this particular plague.

     We are both up to the challenge as of to-day and we shall be working in tandem to turn our grandchildren into human ladies and gentlemen.   It helps to have wives who will shoulder the other stuff, like work, duties, responsibilities, and taking care of valued relatives who are even our seniors.  (I did help my boss a little with the IRSalmost an hourreally.  I even pushed the typewriter button to send our filing to the IRS electronically...)

(1)     CARAVANS:
      A new way to sell advertising by the news media, be it by print, radio, television, or illuminated blimp is to account breathlessly about the "caravans".   This is the phenomena of people from Central America coming up on foot to seek a better life.   In Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, in spite of the utterly astounding abundance of gold, silver, fish, timber, tropical fruit, exotic tourist potential and beaches beyond belief, and common to highly advance crafts of museum level, the lower 50% of the body politic is stuck in the cultural quicksand of drug and gang activity that now extends deep into the fabric of the United States and other countries as well. The Central American cultural plague presented by the Mara Salvatrucha XIII and the Callejon 18 gangs have proliferated through Mexico and now fully ensconced in the United State and several other countries.
      To be succinct, these two groups and their subordinate gangs have essentially displaced, in terms of importance in the criminal world, the Mexican Mafia and the Aryan Nations and their disciples.  The Mara Salvatrucha and the Callejon organisations recruit and compel 10 and 12 year old males of Latin originnow into Texas, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, California, Georgia, and other States in the United States, and even now extending into Canada…to qualify as a Mara by raping and killing their sisters and mothers.  Introduction into the group requires, frequently, an expression of willingness to fight the entire local gang until consciousness is lost or the recruit is dead.   All property of the recruit's family that can be sold or pawned is demanded of the new recruit in many cases.

       These males are coming over with lists of girls and their babies, as well as notes concerning "whether Maria is pregnant or not" when leaving Nicaragua.  When finally crossing over in the darkness of nightor walking around the checkpoints such as the Sarita and Falfurrias Border Patrol installations on US77 and US281 respectively they take advantage of the weaker females at their merest whim.
   Last year alone, for example a minimum of almost 200 people died trying to "trek around" those facilities.   The ground is super-sandy and almost untroddable.  In the Summer, ground temperatures can range from 105 - 120 degrees easily.   Women and very young girls are raped without apology and their underwear displayed on the thorny mesquite trees  for the next groups to see.   Wild Hogs and male Javalinas kill and sometimes eat the "migrants" even during the pitiable  human's last seconds of life.
     Scores of these people have died, essentially oven-baked in the back of an 18 wheeler's trailer, sitting under the Summer Texas sun.  This happens at times when a "driver" gets cold feet and cuts and runs towards the dawn, leaving his "cargo" behind.  The trailer is left  in a parking lot of a shopping centre or similar.

   There have been numerous repetitions of this event, an it has brought us hundreds of "baked illegal aliens".  We find no humour in any of it.  Children are involved, always as well as females, and of course, the "guys just looking for opportunity".
      These are not the people who were refugees of the Mexican Revolution (1910 -1917) or the Cristeros War (1922 - 1926) that followed that Revolution.   These are not the Braceros and Wetbacks (legals and river-swimmers) of the 1940s or 1950s, or even the lamentable invasion of those taking legal and ultra-extra-legal advantage of the Amnesty in the late 1980s.   The people coming towards us now, are in a Tsunami that might well spell the end of our common-law Republican Democracy.   They do not come for opportunity.
      They come for anchorbabyism.  They do not come for much beyond free medical, free food, free legal, free school, free housing, and free whatever and free everything…and free things to steal.

(2)     Press - Caravan Collusion:

   The following is a set of recent observations and thoughts that will give insight into the nature of what is going on along the Texas - Mexican Frontier and the Republic of Mexico during these times.
       Without pause we begin with the ridiculous matter of the "caravans" of people trundling their way to the north and the promised land of free milk and honey.

   Once again, It is a leftist-press begotten farce.  Forty per cent of the adult participants are ardent criminalsthieves, murderers, extortionists, Mara Salvatrucha XIII and Callejon 18.  Camera operators and the obsolete, complicit leftist media are careful to accentuate the "mothers and their children" as the groups trundle, beg, steal, pilfer, demand, and scheme their movement northward.  They are indirectly subsidised by various leftist organisationsfrequently Soros-fronts and/or United Nations operative agencies along with pointedly marxist, seditionist, anti-American activists.
     The above picture presents Irineo Mujico, well-known and self-declared communist who is one of the chief operatives on the ground in the Pueblos Sin Fronteras (Peoples without Frontiers) world-wide movement.  This organisation alone has shadowed millions of dollars into this recent effort to degrade the American population with people who will come to demand complete government support.  The men surrounding him are likely lieutenants who are receiving marching orders for to-day, for instance.   Almost all the "women with dependent children and infants" are actually scurrying little "trojan horses" making a bee-line to the nearest cell where AFDC can be arranged.   They are not refugees, and they are not migrants, and they are immigrants.
    They are invaders and parasites almost in their entirety.

(3)     Elizabeth Warren:

       As this horrid woman began to move into the upper stories of the ivied towers of America's finest universities, she declared that she was the re-incarnation of Pocahontas and had had a vision and a photo from the Sunday Native American section of the New York Times showing the Princess receiving honours and a peace pipe from Sitting Bull.  Cochise and Crazy Horse had brought her Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh for the 53rd Annual celebration of her first birthday.
United States Senator - Pocahontas
(aka - Elizabeth Warren)
     It was a sad moment when the Lone Ranger and Tonto rode up just moments too late to intervene in the Ceremony of the Holy Bologna.  There was no recourse beyond accepting the fact that  Elizabeth Warren was in Truth, Fact, and the American Weigh, Pocahontas.
      At every turn, Pocahontas would admonish her lessers, reminding them that she had obtained the official recognition by (and this is true) declaring her Pocahontacity by receiving a special financial salary supplement allocation along with her regular salary as an entry-level college teacher simply by saying she was Pocahontas.
      In Truth, Pocahontas did not say she was or had been or still was Pocahontas.   Pocahontas finally declared that she had been told by her auntie and mommy that that her Scandinavian high cheek-bones were a sure indication that she was part Cherokee.   That is the truth of the issue.  And by using this highly centrifuged, advanced scientific approach to human genomic genealogy, she decided to take the highly warranted additional "historical racial discrimination recompense pay" allowed by the condescending Palefaces in charge of the snotty, arrogant Ivory Tower - Ivy League marxist-dominated universities.  This is proof beyond all other proofs that Pocahontas was and is actually Pocahontas, and this analysis proves it even further: Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, the paramount chief of a network of tributary tribal nations in the Tsenacommacah, encompassing the Tidewater region of Virginia.
     Powhatan,  to this day, continues to drive a taxicab in Lower Manhattan ten hours per day, six days a week.  Powhatan had been a Lion-tamer for a major circus and an astronaut on the Saturn expedition.  But, he failed to check the box "Real Injun" on his last employment evaluation, and therefore had been left out of many opportunities.

(In truth, Powhatan was probably among the top five most powerful Indian leaders / kings of the eastern half of what would become known as the New World.   He was profoundly athletic and quick of mind.)

(4)     The Myth of El Chapo's Grand Trove -  The legend of El Chapo has much testimony in the famous "corridos".   Corridos are songs generally recounting historical and/or social events commonly sung, recorded, and archived in what can be styled Northern Mexican cowboy music…a form of periodical and recent historical relation…fairly un-inspired music that is highly and tightly limited in musical expression, well-played, well-sung even if too-sharp of close harmony, simple and hard hitting musical images  (-  -).

     The truth is that El Chapo - Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera -  does not and never has had a 17 billion dollar kitty.  It could be that he has handled and dealt through that amount of money.   But, he was and is not Mr. Magic Money Man.   When people guffaw about how he walks in and out of prisons with his American Express Gold Card and a Diamond Hacksaw, I wait for the laughing to stop.   Then I remind the folks that Joaquin has been in prison three timesand he has escaped twice.  Not a terribly good record for a master escape artist.
  He is presently a guest of the Gringos in fancy courtrooms and a fairly nice, somewhat clean maximum prison in the United States.   On his third incarceration in Mexico,  Joaquin was placed in a 2nd - level, relatively shabby, albeit a relatively well-run place.   It was a common, low-felony type prison in Ciudad Juarez, quite neat the Cd. Juarez - El Paso border.
Nicolas Ortega
Friendly Socialist Dictator
Friend and facilitator of El Chapo
Famed for that certain manly beauty and his
Socialist Doctrine which reads, "Me grabb-um
every centavo me can reach-um! Me luv Fidel"

  He did not escape from that point, although he knew that he was going to be extradited to Gringolandia at any time. 
     He has complained about his accommodations in the United States continuously since arrival.  When his trials are over, his wife and attorneys will have whatever cash is left over and/or secreted in various places around the world.
    It is usually to be found in the Caymans, Jamaica, Switzerland, Argentina, and such places that welcome special deposits with real, live legal papers of propriety and financial compliance, and honourable names like Mr. Yas U. Arphat.  Places where nice, refined , and important people put their moneyimportant people like Hugo Chavez, Fidel and Raul Castro, Nicolas Maduro Moro, Nicolas Ortega, Yas U. Arphat, Mr. William Jefferson Hamilton ex-US Congressman of Hurricane Katrina fame, and Billy Jeff Blythe, husband of (Sir Edmund) Hillary Dontremember.  

     One has to admire a guy like El Chapo because of all of his work in population control and, of course, his assistance in training Mexican medical personnel in traumatology, gun-shot wound intervention, and the many civic and industrial compounds and University endowments he has made.
     His establishment of a nation-wide system of refuges for lost, abandoned, or lonely dogs and cats, as well as certain other lovable furry animals. represents a high water mark for Mexican and other Latin-American pharmaceutical engineers and transportationists in their quest for a better to-morrow.
     And, of course, we have to think about all those other projects that El Chapo has done to improve the physical plants of so many local communities…not the least of which are the schools and factories, and churches,  and sporting stadiums…and the Great Observatory…the Underwater Sea Colonisation Initiative and everything…simply amazing.


(5)  Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador:

     We are beginning to be able to assess some of the smokey, hazy notions of the AMLO trademark concerning patience, power, and prerogative and the mind and motive of AMLO.   We are aware that our followers, friends, and visitors like to study our comments and frequently have more than just a little interest in our  "other point of view" concerning Mexican politics and political personalities.   As most folks know, El Gringo Viejo is able to reasonable pontificate and drone on about the most minuscule of detail about scores and scores of current and historical potentates of Mexico.  He can also drone on about issues, both above and below the surface, concerning Mexico's past, present, and future.

     We have tried to be reserved since we do have an obviously rightwing inclination concerning political, cultural, and religious matters.  President Lopez has a decidedly leftist - populist accent to his political approach.   That is his core disposition.  He has tried to form a "private cabinet" of nine or so men who truly represent the broad spectrum of left - centrist - right.   He can do this because his party "La Morena" (La Morena can mean "dark-skinned girl,  but actually it is an anagram for La Movimiento de la Renovacion Nacional ) actually does hold an outright majority in the Lower House of Congress (Heroica Camera de Diputados del Congreso de la Republica de Mexico).   By a simple coalition MORENA also holds a coalition majority in the upper chamber (El Senado de la Republica) of 70 - 59.   Such an occurrence is astoundingly stupefying to this observer.
     President Lopez-Obrador during the past ten days, however, has become a bit more instructive about his mission.  He did, essentially, an about face concerning offering work-permits to the Central Americans since many who accepted them, worked a bit  but then became "tired" and indifferent after three or four days on the job.  The vast majority returned to the caravan or sought out dives and holes in barrios dedicated to criminal pursuits and lethargy.
      President Lopez declared early on that he was establishing a 90,000 troop National Guard that would serve as a national uniformed police / military-style group designed to do social outreach and organised crime penetration and eradication.   He inferred that the National Guard would be advanced in systems of forensics as well as social intermediation.   The use of the National Guard as he had envisioned became laughable, finally, when it became apparent that it would require a minimum of three years to bring into any reasonable military order.   It would also require, by all estimates, foreign and domestic, conservative or radical theoretical approach, at least 300,000 troops.   They were especially challenged because each soldier would have had to been combat ready, psychologically train in counselling and personality repair, highway and crowd control, long barrel and short barrel weapons proficiency, collegiate level intellectual accomplishment.
      The conditions and admonitions and expectations were at best testing the edges and at worst, ridiculously impossible.   While this proposal is floating around in Congress, and there is some willingness to forge some kind of civilian / military force, President Lopez suddenly turns a full 180 about-face and orders the Naval Infantry into Tijuana, Baja California to quell cartel violence and to control the "migrants" who have become increasingly unruly during the last few days.

     While the Naval Infantry was called in with 2,400 actives, the Army was ordered in by the President, thereby bringing something like an equal number to the far east side of the City of Tijuana.   On top of that was the "federal civilian police", a creation of the previous President, and sent into the centre of Ciudad Juarez to establish forced tranquility in the downtown-most part of Ciudad Juarez.    This would mean about 7,000 A-minus level (international / American standards)  troops in a 30 square mile area of a city with a 1,600,000 present population.
Poor Old Tom
(but don't feel too bad…this one was taken
from a shelter and given a 'forever' home
and the result is in the inset)

     Although the ragged-out cartels cannot really stand up to the above-presented military force, they might try.  They would lose again,  and return to the "melting away" tactic of disappearing for a couple of months or more before returning to the incessant assaulting of rival gangs until they again tire and rest.   Lamentably, there is no will at any level of any political party or coalition of political parties in Mexico to commit to a total eradication of the Cartel people, such as what has taken place in Colombia in northern South America.
    While the Frente Armada de la Revolucion Colombiana (FARC) is even less than a shell of its former self, its "revolutionary military posture" still has some unjustifiable and unrealistic sense of importance, like a straggly old tomcat that in his prime had been the cat o'the walk, but who now is just a shell and shambles of his former self.
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador
President - United States of Mexico

     It is apparent to me that AMLO entered the Los Pinos Compound (Presidential Retreat and compound in the middle of the District Federal ) with the idea that he would forge a combination of philosophies, weld a consensus, and rule a Mexico of homogeneity and concurrence, while the lamb lay down by the lion.  That governing principle will not see the light of 2 January 2020.  There will be marches, inter-leftist confrontations, more boulevard-blocking marches, boulevard blockages at nighttime hours in the centre of Mexico City, and low-level violence breaking out before the half-way mark of this administration.  There will also be incessant calls for higher taxes on the middle-class and the wealthy and upon the middle and heavy industries, and calls  for the abolition of the "white unions" (usually much more businesslike and business friendly, even while doing a creditable job provided union benefits, personal and group representation, and generally just being more of an employees' club and advocate).

Interesting times await us.  More later…perhaps to-morrow.
El Gringo Viejo


(brief addenda)   It is of interest the high number of Presidents of Mexico whose paternal surname is Lopez.  Starting from the front and working backwards, we have Andres Lopez Obrador (1), then Jose Lopez Portillo (2), then Adolfo Lopez Mateos (3) just to start.  Then we can go back to nearly the beginning of the Presidential continuation…with the famous (infamous) Antonio de Padua María Severino López de Santa Anna y Pérez de Lebrun,   also known by to-day's nomination Antonio Lopez.
     We shall run down some more Lopez's later.

El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 14 January 2019

Bound for the South: Some Notions About Current Events and Other Matters of Concern


Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez 
I promise you free medical care, like in Cuba,
 where the wealthy bureaucrats get to fly to
 Mexico or Spain if they want real medical
 services.  (Please don't tell the peons)
    We are heading down South againour poor charge d'affairs has been there by himself in the main for the better part of a month.  During the holidays, Alvaro and the Maestra (a neighbourhood major personality) and their friends and relatives alway seem to wait until the last moment and then ask about the possibility of "using the Gringo's house" or "the Maestra's (professor or advanced teacher) house for a couple of nights.
     We are caught in the fact that we can neither charge them even our normally low rates, nor can we allow them free passage because of the fact that we have to wash and sterilise,  mop and polish, and so forth after any trip.  It usually takes two or three days to prepare our facilities to a level that is acceptable to people who desire quality…(such as el gringo viejo).

     We have all of that to put back together, and then the inventory of plants and sprouts, and our "wild" herbs and spices and pepper bring us many opportunities to work on details until the sun sets…for several days in row.
     Due to Al Gore having brought on Polar Melt, Global Warming, increased earthquakes, the New Ice Age,  and several hundred other types of inescapable nightmares, we have to be prepared for everything and everyone…just in case.   Doing the inventory of the larder is also necessary, and in these matters Alvaro and the Hacendado of the Hacienda de La Vega, which is adjacent to the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.
    And it has been uncommonly cold, chilly, damp, and close to miserable.  There have been no great rains, but there have been five or six days of cold dristy mizzle separated by a couple of typical tropical days and then another episode of three or more days of light rain and temperatures in the upper 30s to the mid 50s.   So this was not the Christmas or Winter that one might fantasise about, but it could have been the perfect place for doing some binge SKY television, football, etc. and book reading.  That is what I am going into to-morrow.

    Next, we have the continuing issue about "The Wall" and the "Caravanas" and the incessant bleating by the stupidest intelligentsia on the Obsolete Media Channels.  It amazes me how, by 04:00 hours in the morning every spokesman, all the barbie sheet-

readers, all the commentators, and certainly all the parasitic Democrat "spokespersons for the disenfranchised" can trot out, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and repeat the same key words and phrases that identify Donald Trump as the uncle of Satan. 



     We have had to step back a bit and scratch our collective heads here in these quarters.   The fellow who "broke the back" of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), Vicente Fox Quesada, a certifiable conservative, anti-socialist, private sector type has spent the last five or six years acting like an anti-American, Mexican university college professor.   He has become foul mouthed (in live English or Spanish) on news channels that are associated with the "television in the kitchen", and also either in Mexico or the United States.   He has become a one-man Jorge Ramos.

As described by Wikipedia:

Jorge Gilberto Ramos Ávalos (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxoɾxe ˈramos]; born March 16, 1958) is a Mexican-born American journalist and author. Regarded as the best-known Spanish-language news anchor in the United States of America,[4] he has been referred to as "The Walter Cronkite of Latin America".[5][6] Currently based in Miami, Florida, he anchors the Univision news television program Noticiero Univision, the Univision Sunday-morning political news program Al Punto, and the Fusion TV English-language program America with Jorge Ramos. He has covered five wars, and events ranging from the fall of the Berlin Wall[7] to the War in Afghanistan.[8]
Ramos has won eight Emmy Awards and the Maria Moors Cabot Prize for excellence in journalism.[9][10] He has also been included on Time magazine's list of "The World's Most Influential People".

Wowthe Walter Crankcase of Latin America…These are the guys who bring us Rigoberta Menchu', Fidel Castro Ruz, the Ortega Brothers, and all those nice guys.   It was Walter Crankcase whose career was not damaged in the least when he was caught  off-guard after a break, saying,"well,  at least here's one were winning".  Of course he was referring to some congressional race in Peoria or Bolling Green or Montrose, Pennsylvania.   Reagan was winning the rest of the board.
     We have followed Jorge's career, and it has been a steady and not too slow chase to the Left.   He long ago dropped any pretence of being fair-handed, and blossomed into a full-fledge marxist propagandist and Gringo-hater.   He especially despises Conservative Mexicans and other such Latins.

     Vicente Fox Quezada, was a fairly good President, but he set about two or three years agoperhaps earlier …bursting forth with all nature of gerontological Turret's syndrome.   He began to sound like a radical American Democrat , not only with his foul mouth among children and ladies, but also in hatred for anything normal.  It occurred to me that he might have been taking a cue from the above pictured Jorge Ramos, the chief spokesman for the Frida Kahlo / Leon Trotsky / Fidel Castro Ruz crowd.  (yes, I know.  They are all dead, but they still have their "crowd".)

     Now, El Gringo Viejo moves the merry-go-'round at breakneck speed.   During the ending PRI days in the late 1990s…the populace began to stretch out their muscles of influence.  Substantial, but not total  reforms took place, step by step, under the rule of President Fox, President Calderon Hinojosa, and even the recently departed Pena-Nieto.   The greatest fear that we had from the middle and the conservative block was Andres Lopez…more commonly known as AMLO.

"But, gee whiz Sergeant Carter! That Mexkin, Mr. AMLO is just surprisin' everybody."   He's a'stoppin' those caravans, and sendin' troops to the frontier with Guatemala and Belize…and he's buildin' a big new fast train in the Yucatan, you'd think he be a Republican or something."

     While Gomer might be overstating things just a bit, it's not by much.  There is even some thought that this militarisation of the Southern Frontier of Mexico might be one way AMLO and the Mexican poobahs are "paying for the wall" in real terms.
      One must remember that there are 2,200,000 people from Central American who have come to Mexico's home to roost because of the relative prosperity presents to Central Americans.   These people are working at low skill jobs and finding niches here and there where their work can provide some improvement for both them and the Mexican totality.

     Also, just before we were too deep into the weekend here on the Texas Frontier we learned that two Cartel grouping had gotten together near the city of Miguel Aleman, across the Rio Grande from Roma,  Texas…and before it was all over, there were 21 dead "soldiers" of the Gulf Cartel remnants and the old Zeta group.
     The next day there was an engagement by the Mexican Army with the remnants of both of the opposing interests, and the Army inflicted more damage on those interests.   Originally, one soldier was reported as having been mortally wounded, but that information apparently was in error.   Supposedly he had been transported to McAllen, patched up,  and then taken over to Reynosa, Tamaulipas (McAllen' sister city on the Rio Grande).   So there is a lot happening, the military is as involved as before…perhaps even moresand business continues to boom in Texas and Mexico by almost any reasonable measure.

      Suffice to say that much of AMLO's cabinet is considered to be moderately conservative to even hard-core conservative (as is your humble servant).   So, we shall see.  Adolfo Lopez Mateos had a motto during his presidency of Mexico (1958 - 1964) which was, "Left, but within the Constitution!"and he named the very conservative Gustavo Diaz Ordaz to be elected as President (1964 - 1970).

We shall seea report of events upon my return from the Quinta.  As always, your attention and time is certainly appreciated.
El Gringo Viejo