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Proud of their own ignorance…they scheme to erase the past without knowing much about it….

The Vermin Who Are Terrorising and Destroying America, piece by piece are leaving pieces and shreds and cast-off remnants of reality that should forever be preserved We invest the following
images of the South, of Robert Edward Lee, and
a reality of life that we came to understand. 

When he left her to go to the West Point, his mother was heard to say; “How can I live without Robert? He is both son and daughter to me.” 
Years after, when he came home from West Point, he found one of the chief actors of his childhood's drama-his mother's old coachman, “Nat”— ill, and threatened with consumption.  He immediately took him to the milder climate of Georgia, nursed him with the tenderness of a son, and secured him the best medical advice. 
But the spring-time saw the faithful old servant laid in the grave by the hands of his kind young master.

        The above paragraph depicts one of the many acts for which Robert Edward Lee was famous…as a child, as a young man, and throughout his fabled life.   When the Battles roared and cannon-launched bombs exploded around him and his famous mount "Traveller",  frequently the junior officers would shout out, "Lee to the rear!! Lee to the rear!!"
     But the demand of the subordinates would mainly fall on deaf ears.    Holding the reins atop his saddle, and with his servant stroking Traveller's neck during the horrible cannonades and noise of battle, Lee would finally take note of the
subordinate officers and return to a less exposed position to study the ebb and flow of the battle.   Lee's "body man" would return, just as slowly, showing no interest in things that could only be controlled by the officers and men at this  point.  Mister William (or sometimes "Mack") would keep a kind hand, stroking through Traveller's mane, and telling him, "Don't worry, boy.  There's lots of oats to-night for you."

    We wish to enter into the record that I am a descendant of the Newton line as it pertains to the War Between the States.  Because of long generational delays and other reasons such as the loss of women at birth (or shortly thereafter) some of my grandfathers had extended years and periods between progeny arriving to the families.
     For instance, my grandfather was a small child, but remembered well his two eldest brothers who came to Christmas (or perhaps Easter) banquet dinner during that horrid period of the War Between the States, or as Mr. Lincoln would have it, "The Civil War".   Both of those boys never saw the end of the next year.
     As Longstreet lurched out with two divisions reinforced by several batteries of cannon at New Salem Church, Virginia on 2 May 1863, one of my Uncles had the impossible task of  facing off the onslaught of Longstreet's masses with only one single company, the loyal and capable Company 3, of the 96th Infantry Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers.  One can imagine guarding a rail station with 160 men, when 8,800 crazy Confederates come pouring out of the dense forests covers some 200 yards away.   It was over fairly quickly.  Sgt. (brevet Lieutenant) Charles Newton was patched up in the parsonage of the Episcopal Church in New Salem but the best efforts of the doctora Southern gentleman, were to no avail. Several score of Union soldiers were either killed or seriously injured in those moments.

     Two months later, a foolish and brave rear guard of Union cavalry was harassing a large Confederate army in retreat from a place called Gettysburg.  The Yankee boys  thought is was great sport to harass and molest the rear guard of the grey forces.  Lamentably, Sergeant Ollie Newton brushed up too close to the rear and managed to take a single bullet in the heart, along with several other blue-coats.   They had underestimated the remaining spunk and spark within the ranks of the Confederates.

      These moments are known and documented.   There were five Confederates who were either killed in action or who died just after the War Between the States due to the wounds suffered in service to the Confederacy.   One was a Captain of Cavalry by the name of Asa Grant…a cousin of the famous Union Genereal and later President of the United States.   Another was David Limbaugh, a Lieutenant who died in action at Fallen Timbers.  Three others met their demise…all five were Tennessee people…none of whom owned a slave during entirety of their lifetimes.

     There are many stories about those times.  There was bad and there was good as one might find anywhere.  But in the main, people did what the events required.   My mother scolded a little Jewish girl who had a slightly gimp leg, for instance.  She told her that she was very pretty and smart and talented but she needed to put herself forward more.

Yes, Virginia - girls played hoop and stick back then
   Before long, she was pushing the pretty little blond girl to play hoop and stick,  kickball, football, and baseball with the boys…and beating them.  She taught the blond girl how to pluck mulberries correctly, and how to make a pecan pie.   My mother learned about Kosher this and Kosher that and a bit of Hebrew along the way.  The two families were competitors in the general wares and wears stores on main street in Winchester in those days.
     It was a time when there were still more horses and mules and wagons in front of the the stores, but there were a lot of fancy autos as well, due to the people who came down from New York to visit the "medicinal springs" in the area around Winchester, Tennessee.   My mother's family had farming property out at Estill Springs for instance.

      Oh…the little girl?   She went to New York and wowed a bunch of Yankees and some real people too.  She was "Fannie"  to her playmates and to my mom.  But once on stage she was Dinah Shore.   They named a long section of the main street in Winchester for her.

     During one of their last calls during Dinah's later days, my mother advises "Fannie" that the city of McAllen, Texas had, in a way, named a major boulevard for my mother…when the city fathers opted for changing the first idea "Narcissus"  for "Nolana" due to my mother's given name of "Nola".   It was necessary to have an "N" because the streets in McAllen were order so as to be alphabetical.    My mother had been very active in PTA as County President, in politics, as a business woman, and as a middling executive with the power company, and as an active civic personality, heading the Traffic and Safety Commission, and various other duties including the Altar Guild at the Episcopal Church.

     So, in a way, Fannie and Nola had very different and very similar lives lived well.

A Special Note about this publication:

The following is somewhat confused.  The first thing will be a nice book written by the Reverend Mr. William Mack Lee.   He went through life as an illiterate, and then as a person who worked to perfect his manner of speaking so as to  adapt to the people to whom he might be speaking.  His written word
is quite coherent and very understandable.
In his book, he will move in and out, depending on the level of familiarity
and upon the seriousness or humorousness  of what is
being related.   
He grew throughout his life and became a true servant of the Lord and Jesus Christ.  He established many Baptist Churches in the rural areas of Virginia
and other places adjacent to his native State.  His writing style and
 manner advanced during his years (1832 - 1919) and he would
at times revert to the "country accent and construct"  that
pertained to his "less sophisticated" younger times.                                      

Title Page


Still Residing in the South

THROUGH THE CIVIL WAR. . . COOK FROM 1861 to 1865 . . .

Copyrighted - year 1918, by Rev. Wm. Mack Lee

    for whom Rev. William Mack Lee cooked four years
    during the Civil War, when he was servant to
    General Robert E. Lee--1861-1865

  • Gen. Stonewall Jackson
  • Gen. Ewell
  • Gen. Mosby
  • Gen. Bragg
  • Gen. Elwell
  • Gen. Anderson
  • Gen. Pickett
  • Gen. Early
  • Gen. Longstreet
  • Gen. Jos. E. Johnston
  • Gen. Sidney E. Johnston
  • Gen. Morgan
  • Gen. Forrest
  • Gen. J. B. Hood
  • Gen. Kirby Smith
  • Gen. Chambers
  • Gen. Van Dorn
  • Gen. Buell
  • Gen. J. E. B. Stuart
  • Gen. A. P. Hill
  • Gen. D. H. Hill
  • Gen. Fitzhugh Lee
  • Gen. J. B. Gordon
  • Gen. Harrison
  • Gen. Price
  • Gen. Billy Mahone
  • Gen. Jefferson Davis
  • Gen. Wilcox
  • Gen. Fremont

Page 3

of Rev. Wm. Mack Lee

        I was born June 12, 1835, Westmoreland County, Va.; 82 years ago. I was raised at Arlington Heights, in the house of General Robert E. Lee, my master. I was cook for Marse Robert, as I called him, during the civil war and his body servant. I was with him at the first battle of Bull Run, second battle of Bull Run, first battle of Manassas, second battle of Manassas and was there at the fire of the last gun for the salute of the surrender on Sunday, April 9, 9 o'clock, A. M., at Appomatox, 1865.
        The following is a list of co-generals who fought with Marse Robert in the Confederate Army: Generals Stonewall Jackson, Early, Longstreet, Kirby, Smith, Gordon from Augusta, Ga. Beauregard from Charleston, S. C., Wade Hampton, from Columbia, S. C., Hood, from Alabama, Ewell Harrison from Atlanta, Ga., Bragg, cavalry general from Chattanooga, Tenn., Wm. Mahone of Virginia, Pickett, Forest, of Mississippi, Mosby, of Virginia, Willcox, of Tennessee, Lyons, of Mississippi, Charlimus, of Mississippi, Sydney Johnston, Fitzhugh Lee, nephew of Marse Robert, and Curtis Lee, his son.
        The writer of this little book, the body servant of Gen. Robert E. Lee, had the pleasure of feeding all these men at the headquarters in Petersburg, the battles of Decatur, Seven Pines, the Wilderness, on the plank road between Fredericksburg and Orange County Court House, Chancellorsville, The Old Yellow Tavern, in the Wilderness, Five Forks, Cold Harbor, Sharpsburg, Boonesville, Gettysburg, New Market, Mine Run, Cedar Mountain, Civilian, Louisa Court House, Winchester and Shenandoah Valley.
        At the close of the struggle, General Lee said to General Grant: "Grant, you didn't whip me, you just overpowered me, I surrender this day 8,000 men; I do not surrender them to you, I surrender on conditions; it shall not go down in history I surrendered the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia to you. It shall go down in history I surrendered on conditions; you have ten men to my one; my

Page 4
men, too, are barefooted and hungry. If Joseph E. Johnston could have gotten to me three days ago I would have cut my way through and gone back into the mountains of North Carolina and would have given you a happy time." What these conditions were I do not know, but I know these were Marse Robert's words on the morning of the surrender: "I surrender to you on conditions."
        At the close of the war I did not know A from B, although I had been preaching two years before the war. I was married six years before the war. My wife died in 1910. I am the father of eight daughters and I have twenty-one grand children and eight great-grand children. My youngest child is 42 years old.
        I was raised by one of the greatest men in the world. There was never one born of a woman greater than Gen. Robert E. Lee, according to my judgment. All of his servants were set free ten years before the war, but all remained on the plantation until after the surrender.
        The following from the Bedford Bulletin, a paper published in the town of Bedford, Va., which town I am now visiting, situated in the mountains in full view of the famous Peaks of Otter; while soliciting means here to finish my church near Norfolk, I caught inspiration to give the readers of this little book, my friends, and friends and admirers of Marse Robert, a brief history of his body servant and cook, the Rev. William Mack Lee, and will, I hope, cause you to purchase one at the price named on back of same, as I will never be able to write another; I am too old.

Lee's Body Servant Here.

        "Rev. William Mack Lee, one of the best known colored men in the South, is in town this week making an effort to raise funds to complete the payment on his church near Norfolk. He is a Baptist minister and built the church at a cost of $5,500, of which all has been paid except about $500, and he wants to raise this before he returns home.
        "He was born on the plantation of Gen. Robert E. Lee, in Westmoreland County, 81 years ago, and at the outbreak of the civil war went to the front as the body servant of his distinguished master. He cooked and waited on the Southern chieftain during the entire four years of the war, being with him at the surrender at Appomatox. The fact that the war had set him free was of small moment to him, and he stayed with his old master until his death. He is a negro of the old type, distinguished looking, polite in manner, and, despite his age, is straight, firm of step and

Page 5
bids fair to serve his congregation for many more years. The first day he was in town, he went to the old Burwell homestead, now the home of Mr. John Ballard, because he and his master had stopped there while on a visit to Bedford, soon after the war, and was greatly disappointed to find that the last member of the Burwell family was dead.
        "He will be in town all of this week, and if you want to help him pay for his church you will find him on the streets or some one will tell you where he can be found."
        I have been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ the best I knew, with my limited preparation, for 57 years. My master, at his death, left me $360 to educate myself with. I went to school. I studied hard at the letter, but my greatest learning came from Jesus Christ. God sent me out to preach, and when God sends a man out, he is qualified both with the Holy Ghost and the Spirit. He makes his words sharp as a two-edged sword, and his feet as a burning pillar of brass.
        I was ordained in Washington, D.C., July 12, 1881, as a Missionary Baptist preacher. The beginning of my work as an ordained minister was with the Third Baptist Church, Northwest, Washington, D.C., which I built with 20 members, at a cost of $3,000. This church increased from 20 to 500 members during my pastorate. I also built another church in the same city, a frame building, 20 x 36 feet long, at a cost of $2,000. I took this church with 8 members and left it with 200 at the close of two years.
        My next pastorate was at Cantorsville, about eight miles northeast of Baltimore, Md., in Baltimore county. There were 12 members of this church, when I took charge. I erected for a house of worship a frame building 22 x 38 at a cost of $3,500. At the end of four years the membership had increased from 12 members to 365. I resigned this charge and took a church in Norfolk county, Virginia, six miles from the city of Norfolk. In this little town called Churchland, I erected a brick building, stone front, for a house of worship, at a cost of $5,500, in the year 1912, all of which has been paid, with the exception of about $500. When I began the building of this last house for God, I sought aid from abroad. I went into three states and by the help of the Lord, and good friends of Virginia, North and South Carolina, I have succeeded in raising over $5,000 for this last project. I preached in 36 counties in South Carolina in 1915, 28 counties in North Carolina, and 23 counties in Virginia. The following is a list of cities and towns that responded to my call for help in relieving the indebtedness.

Page 6
of my church:--Virginia: Norfolk, Portsmouth, Berkley, Brambleton, Newport News, Hampton, Cape Charles, Eastville, Pocomoke City, Charles City, Suffolk, Lynchburg, Danville, Crewe, Blackstone, Petersburg, Ivor, Waverley, Zuni, Appomattox, Bedford, Roanoke and Hollins. South Carolina: Columbia, Charleston, Summersville, Kingtree, Lake City, Bennettsville, Florence, Mullen, Hartsville, Darlington, Marion, Dillon, Latta, Sumpter, Spartansburg, Orangeville, and Branchville. North Carolina: Raleigh, Wilmington, Rocky Mount, Goldsboro, Greensville, Greensboro, Selma, Clinton, Tarboro, Little Washington, Edenton, Elizabeth City, Wilson, Windsor, Kinston, LaGrange Beaufort, Durham, Hamlet, Rockingham, Gibsonville, Lovington, Ahoskie, Tunis, Reidsville, Winchester.
        Having stayed on Marse Robert's plantation 18 years after the war and with limited schooling, I am not ashamed to give my history to the world that it might cause some of the young negroes who have school advantages from childhood and early youth, to consider life more seriously and if men of my type had lived in their time, how far they would exceed them along lines of religious, educational, and business activities. I contribute my success to my teaching from God. When John was writing on the Isle of Patmos, God appeared to him and said, "Write no more, John, seal up what thou hast written." John fell face foremost. God said, "Rise upon your feet, fear not, I am he who was persecuted, seal up what has been written  and write no more." The apostle Paul says the letter kills a man, but the word of God makes him alive in our Lord Jesus Christ. A man gets nothing for starting a journey, but gets pay for being faithful and, holding out to the end. If a man lives according to the ten commandments, he will be blessed, because the chief word in the decalogue, obedience; and obedience to God is service to man.
        In addition to my pastoral duties I found time to look after the bodily wants of my fellowman as well as his spiritual needs. To this end I organized the State Benevolent Association of Virginia, for colored people, at Charlottesville in 1887. In 1888 I organized at Washington, D. C., the Supreme Grand Lodge United States Benevolent Association of the District of Columbia. The district associations of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania are under jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge, whose office and building is located at 428 R Street, N. W., Washington. I am elected Grand Chief for life at a salary of $50 per month and traveling expenses.

Page 7
        This association pays sick dues and death benefits and aids its members while out of employment by allowing a weekly sum of $2.00 for 4 weeks each, or until employment is secured, and gives each unfortunate a chance to pay back same to the Association in easy installments of 25 cents a month until the amount has been paid, so advanced by the Association's Treasurer. The brotherhood requires its members to help those find employment who are not employed.
        I have some gavels made out of the poplar where Marse Robert bade farewell to his comrades and instructed them to go home and make themselves good citizens and may I urge those who read this book, especially my people, to take the advice of the humble writer, try to make yourselves good citizens by being industrious, save your money, educate yourselves, buy property, etc., let your religion be more practical and less sentimental. The best friends we have are the Southern people who know all about our raising, and if we colored people want to get along well with the white people, we must show our behavior to, respect and be obedient to them. These are my views to our race.
Your respectable, obedient servant,
         General Robert E. Lee's cook and body servant of the Civil War.

        Still limping from a yankee bullet, an old darkey, with a grizzled beard and an honest face, hobbled into the office of the World-News at a busy hour yesterday.
        "Kin you white folks gimme a little money fur my church?" he asked, doffing his tattered as he bowed.
        Typewriters tickled their hurried denial.
        The aged negro cocked his head on one side. "What, I ain't gwine ter turn away Ole Marse Robert's main servant is yer? You didn't know dat I was Gen. Robert Lee's cook all through de wah, did yer?" Every reporter in the office considered that introduction sufficient, and listened for half an hour to William Mack Lee, who followed General Robert E. Lee as body guard and cook throughout the Civil War. When the negro lifted his bent and broken figure from a chair to take his leave every man in the office reached into his pocket, for a contribution.

Page 8
        "The onliest time that Marse Robert ever scolded me," said William Mack Lee, "in de whole fo' years dat I followed him through the wah, was, down in de Wilderness--Seven Pines-- near Richmond. I remembah dat day jes lak it was yestiday. Hit was July the third, 1863.
        "Whilst we was in Petersburg, Marse Robert had done got him a little black hen from a man and we named the little black hen Nellie. She was a good hen, and laid mighty nar every day. We kep' her in de ambulants, whar she had her nest.

Prepared Feast From Small Supply.

        "On dat day--July the third--we was all so hongry and I didn't have nuffin in ter cook, dat I was jes' plumb bumfuzzled. I didn't know what to do. Marse Robert, he had gone and invited a crowd of ginerals to eat wid him, an' I had ter git de vittles. Dar was Marse Stonewall Jackson, and Marse A. P. Hill, and Marse D. H. Hill, and Marse Wade Hampton, Gineral Longstreet, and Gineral Pickett and sum others.
        "I had done made some flanel cakes, a little tea, and some lemonade, but I 'lowed as how dat would not be enuff fo' dem gemm'n. So I had to go out to de ambulants and cotch de little black hen, Nellie.
        There was a tear in William Mack Lee's voice, but in his eye I fancied that I saw the happy light that always dances in the eyes of his race at the thought of a fowl for cooking.
        "I jes' had to go out and cotch little Nellie. I picked her good, and stuffed her with breod stuffin, mixed wid butter. Nellie had been gwine wid us two years, and I hated fer to lose her. We had been gettin' all our eggs from Nellie.
        "Well, sir, when I brung Nellie inter de commissary tent and set her fo' Marse Robert he turned to me right fo' all dem gimmin and he says: 'William, now you have killed Nellie. What are we going to do for eggs?"
        "'I jes' had ter do it, Marse Robert.' says I.
        'No, you didn't William; I'm going to write Miss Mary about you. I'm going to tell her you have killed Nellie.'
        "Marse Robert kep' on scoldin' me mout dat hen. He never scolded 'bout naything else. He tol' me I was a fool to kill de her whut lay de golden egg. Hit made Marse Robert awful sad ter think of anything bein' killed, whedder der 'twas one of his soljers, or his little black hen."

Page 9

Lee Wept Over Jackson's Death.

        "I have even seed him cry. I never seed him sadder dan dat gloomy mownin' when he tol' me 'bout how Gineral Stonewall Jackson had been shot by his own men.
        "He muster hurd it befo' but he never tol' me til' nex' mawnin'.
        "'William,' he says ter me, 'William, I have lost my right arm.'
        "'How come yer ter say dat, Marse Robert?' I axed him. 'Yo ain't bin in no battle sence yestiddy, an' I doan see yo' arm bleedin'.
        "'I'm bleeding at the heart, William,' he says, and I slipped out'n de tent, 'cause he looked lak he wanted to be by hisself.
        "A little later I cum back an' he tol' me dat Gineral Jackson had bin shot by one of his own soljers. The Gineral had tol' 'em to shoot anybody goin' or comin' across de line. And den de Gineral hisself puts on a federal uniform and scouted across de lines. When he comes back, one of his own soljers raised his gun.
        "'Don't shoot. I'm your general,' Marse Jackson yelled.
        "'Dey said dat de sentry was hard o' hearin'. Anyway, he shot his Gineral an' kilt him.
        "'I'm bleeding at the heart, William,' Marse Robert kep' a sayin'.

Tells of His Own Wounds.

        "On July de twelf, 1863, I was shot myself," continued the old darkey, heaving a deep sigh as he withdrew his thoughts from the death of General Stonewall Jackson.
        "Yer see dat hole in my head? Dat whar a piece er de shell hit me. Anudder piece struck me nigh de hip.
        "I had jes give Marse Robert his breakfas' an' went to git old Traveler fer him to ride ter battle. Traveler was Marse Robert's horse what followed him 'round same as a dog would, and would never step on de dead men, but allers walked betwixt and aroun' 'em.
        "I went out an' curried and saddled Traveler. I hyeard dem jack battery guns begin to pop an' bust an' roah. I saddled Traveler and tuck him in front o' Marse Robert's tent.

Page 10
        "Jes' as Marse Robert cum out'n his tent a shell hit 35 yards away. It busted, and hit me, an' I fell over.
        "I must o' yelled, 'cause Marse Robert said he ain't never hyeard no noise like de wan I hollered. He cum over and tried to cheer me up, an' I hollered lak one o' dem jackass guns.
        "Marse Robert laffed so hard 'cause he said he ain't never seed a black man holler so loud. An' den he called for de ambulants an' dey tuck me ter de hospital."

Loyal to Famous Master.

        William Mack Lee has all the praise in the world for "Marse Robert." He tells many interesting incidents of the Southern hero's life in the tent and field.
        The old negro is here now trying to raise $418 with which to complete a fund of $5,000, most of which he has already secured, for building a church. He has built four churches and is now working on his fifth.
        Among the white churches contributing to his fund are nine Baptist, eight Methodist, and six Episcopalians, in Norfolk, four Baptist in Danville, and churches in Lynchburg, Bedford, Crew, Blackstone and Appomattox.
        William Mack Lee was born in Westmoreland County, Va., at the old Stafford House, on the Potomac River, 1835. He is 84 years old. He was raised by General Lee as his personal servant.
        "Tell de white folks heah to be good ter me an' my church," says William. "Tell 'em not ter turn away Robert's ole soldier ."

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The Seas Are Stormy

A note filtered in from the confines of Travis County, Texas which holds itself up as one of those "reasonable" places in Texas where the majority of the people think chickens are diamonds and boys and girls can marry their favourite Cedar tree and live happily ever after because everything is "FREEEEeeeeeeee!!!!".   My Consuegro (remember the word, for it means that two men are criss / cross politically related because He is the father-in-law of my daughter, and I am the father-in-law of his son.)  invests some of his pleasantly-pointed and brief message  posted below:

"We will be 105 degrees or more today. We'll see now  how many protesters and marchers we get this afternoon. I vote that the city DOES NOT supply "free water". Sell water for $2.00 and tell the protesters the funds will go to help fund our police department. 

Defunding the police. I've heard proposals to take away guns, tear gas, shields, helmets ect. Mandatory 6 month 'sensitivity' training and yearly testing.

Oh well, lock and load."

The future of America
    Pictured to the left is one of those endearing things that make a Daddy so very proud of his progeny.  Our understanding is this picture actually is a "record photo" and it pertains to her having been detained by the New York Police for some real or imagined violation of good public order.

     This is the face of America's "young intellectuals, and apparently much of the Western World, during these times.   Those who know little, and understand less have arrived at the conclusion that their knowledge and deductive ability has obviously risen above the intellectual ability of the masses.   They know this to be true because their college professors, many of whom are third and fourth generation professors, are more than certain that they are guiding lights of knowledge and truth.

   It is that legal and religion of the left's canon that guides "intellectual  truth", for them.  They have descended from and  derived from great-granddaddy professor, granddaddy professor, daddy professor, and mommy-converting-to-daddy professor and have internalised their entire bucket of leftist / marxist bilge.   They have spilled out the contents of that bucket over the "best and brightest" of America's young and budding intellectual powerhouses.


The bears hang around during the day, and the
 come at night.  Pumas come whenever
 they wish.
were assured that human activity would
 destroy all the
major mammals in the western
 Sierra Mad
res before 1975, due to American
 pollution and Mexican complicity.

The Mama Bear is relaxing while watching
over her cubs.   It's her third litter in five

  These are the people who told us that the Polar Bear would be extinct before 1975.   Th
ere are now five times the number that were known to have existed back then.    People are having trouble with bears of all kinds turning up in places of all types.   In Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico we have the case where this metroplex of 10 or 12 municipalities ( the largest being Monterrey, obviously) bears are so numerous that the State government and the localities have had to establish a "Bear Round-up Service".   Reasonable estimates concerning these bears is that there are something in the area of 6,000 in the mountains to the west of Monterrey's metro area and it seems to extend down to the Linares - Iturbide area in the Sierra Madre Oriental's very rugged topography, 80 miles to the south.


Never have so many milled around so much for so little
 justifiable purpose.  Banal, pointless demands, and

 tonnes of chants were in abundance, although
 none of it made any sense.


     The "We Are the World" people have to explain to us about AlGore's love mansion that he bought for his new squeeze after he ran off his long-suffering  wife.   You see, it is below the sea - level that he predicted would occur if George Bush failed to stop the inevitable 20 yard rise when all the ice in the Antarctic is melted by Texas oil and gas production.  AlGore assured the world that would be a matter of three to five years before that particular coastal area of California would be underwater by several yards.

   Now they, the "protestors" and the Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs, presume to tell us what the new Code of Process and Ethics shall be.  Now they propose that police organisations and operations must be "defunded" and shut down.  The notion that a constabulary and records of process for legal reasons is not needed is ludicrous.  Violence would soar, death and destruction would be incomprehensibly devastating and there could be no judicial punishment.   It would, without any doubt, bring anarchy.

    For the agitators and "protestors", they know the objective is for volatility, destruction, violence, and mayhem.   They fool no one about their objectives.  For them, the more "students" and "marchers" and "oppressed" there are who are wounded, bleeding, and/or seriously afflicted or killed, the better it serves their purpose.   The "mainstream press" will make certain to construe all blame as belonging to the shop-owners and constabulary.

     The main purpose of the disorder, as usual, is to cause a form of anarchy.  Preferably, they want to work by night, when those on the offence have the advantage.  The "protestors" also have the advantage that they actually have no rules of engagement.  To them fall all the rights of anarchy…burning, looting, maiming, killing…without any reason or justification.   Now we have CHAZ, the "free zone" in downtown Seattle that has allowed the scum of the Earth to take possession of what was Police Precinct 13it is an area of six blocks that has been taken over by something between 1,500 to 4,000 miscreants.
     All the disorder is necessary so as to keep the streets blocked, clogged, and menacing.  All ignorant, violent imbeciles who need Antifa and Black Lives Matter and George Soros's degenerate, subversive marxists must be kept at the ready.  At times they might be fully in view, and at other times they evaporate into houses, or alleyways, or predesignated "hidey-holes".   The boulevards and byways must be ready to be filled with zomboids chanting menacing threats, throwing rocks, bricks, and other things.  At times there are more fire engines than people.
     At other times there are more animals dressed up as human beings than there  are fire engines.   Sometimes the nights bring a thousand molotov cocktails, and 2,000 boogie boards that serve to knock out police units windshields, car lamps, and safety lights in the rear.  There is the edge of violence in CHAZ, day and night, weekday or weekend now.  Violence, property destruction, and degradation have become the dress code of the city,

     de Blazio, however made me rethink things.  His daughter who is pictured above is very proud of her violation of established law.  She is very proud of being able to ridicule her own father in public.  She is the future of ruin…of abandoned buildings and homes and productive life alternatives.  She is a slug who is motivated only to tear down, remain ignorant…proudly ignorant…and to remain totally self-absorbed while she pushes for the implementation of projects and schemes that have failed every time they were tried.

We hope calamity falls upon her quickly so as to not allow her suffering to be lengthy.


Thursday, 28 May 2020

Troubled Jumble - A few grumpy observations


     These are the times that try men's souls…and everyone else who has a soul.    Your humble observer will never understand the nature of the rolling out of the "pandemic"by so many wise ones who have magnificent credentials and total confidence in themselves, who then blotch every effort to cure a problem.
Mao Tse Tung - first communist leader of
Red China

     It lends cause to the notion that this entire matter was a collision of different forces…each of which was seeking one thing -  anarchy.    There were the groups who believed that a "mild anarchy" was necessary…while another group, known as politicians, and among the very special  group known as Democrat governors who revelled in the opportunity to play the role of Pontius Pilate.   The third group is, of course, the Red Chinese government and their millions of apparatchiks whose business it is to spread horror, death, disease, and chicanery throughout the world.   The main target, of course, is the United States of America…or what is left of it.

     (1)   There can be no reasonable doubt that the contamination that was inflicted upon various parts of the Planet by the Red Chinese government was a wilful, planned, and then executed act of
and by murderous madmen.   These madmen are composed of a like-minded, fairly close-knit group that probably numbers no more than 100,000 individuals.  They rule Red China autocratically, violently, with no concern or respect for anyone save themselves.
     These people revel in the ability to create death as well as torture.   At the end of the "Revolution of Mao", it is generally accepted that Mao and his zombie ghouls executed (murdered) as many as 30,000,000 Chinese people who had directly or indirectly, or with no affiliation at all, been involved with "counterrevolutionary acts".   Mao and his buddies laughed it all off by calling it a learning moment, or a "petrification".

     China was a different story.   China was severely damaged by the Japanese during Emperor Hirohito's drive to make all the Eastern third of the Globe a Kingdom of incomprehensible size and power.   During the prelude to World War II, the Japanese with a scant 70,000,000 people.  
Generalissimo and President
of China…then Taiwan
Chung Kai Shek
1887 - 1975

The dissolution of the Chinese Monarchy during the first years of the 20th Century set up a an eventual contention between elements loyal to a conservative by the name of Chung Kai Shek and a blubbering communist named Mao Tse Tung.

     The two unlike-minded leaders and their followers did manage to finally blunt the occupation of China, Korea, Siam, Cambodia, Tibet, and Mongolia with the help of the Aussies, Brits, and the AmericansIt was essentially Micronesia and the previously named nations with about 900, 000, 000 (nine hundred million souls) against the 70,000,000 of the Japanese.   It was a war with nearly 10 to 1 odds against the Japanese.
     The Japanese Crown reckoned that since the Japanese had beaten the Russians back at the turn of the century (1900 - 1902) by destroying almost the entirety of the Russian Crown's fleets and taken almost the entirety of the Czar's handsomely uniformed soldiersthey could probably do it again against the totality of the "Entire Eastern World".   But it was not to be

(2)     After Kobe, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki  (combined 350,000 civilians dead) and resources totally exhausted, Japan set about trying to re-establish a nation as well as a national entity.   The Red Chinese  managed, while Japan climbed out of its ashes, to push Chung Kai Shek and his partisans off of the Chinese mainland.   The Chung group essentially invaded Taiwan and took control of that island nation.   From there, the "Free Chinese" developed a very productive manufacturing and financial bastion, while fending off constant harassment from the Red Chinese.

(3)     Now we have a situation wherein highly qualified medical professionals, surgeons, medicine gurus, and all nature of such advanced practitioners have waded into the mess caused by this mystical coronasinus contamination.  We have already pointed out in previous postings as well in the present one that there was nothing accidental about this particular outbreak of this exotic flu-like infestation.

    Airplanes loaded with Chinese people coming from China were deplaning in Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Seattle.   On the east coast of America, Chinese passengers were coming in at a high rate as well.    It was one of the reasons that Trump decided to pull the plug on Red Chinese originated people flying into the United States and Canada.

      Why are they coming?   Because almost all of them are carrying the disease of coronasinus.  There can be no conjecture or debate or even moralising howling about racism or any such distractions from the facts.  We were invaded by people carrying the illness, purposely, and they did it in Europe as well.

      Red Chinese disinformation was made abundant and the leftist press in Europe and in the United States soaked it up by the shipload.   "American experts" talked about "flattening the line" and "social distance" (the term sounds soooooo terribly astute and high-brow).  Folks, there is no such thing as social distancethe term is made up to make the unwashed masses believe that there are people who know more than we do.
      They still haven't come up with the method of reconciling how the Spanish Flu killed so many more people in per capita terms (the only way to compare between disparate-size masses).   Please remember that in the 1917 - 1919 period of the Spanish Flu 6.8 people died for every 1,000 people by strict, mathematic ratio.
       During this episode of the coronasinus the ratio is 0.033 for every 1,000 people (one-third of a person for every 1,000 people).   These figures are for the United States.   It proves overwhelmingly that the Spanish Flu was much more powerful than what we are suffering through right now.   Furthermore, there were other Asian Flu outbreaks in North America that were much worse in terms of morbidity than this coronosinus.

     The fortunate thing for the ignorami community is that they have no idea what a ratio is, much less a comparative ratio.  A very authoritative young woman pointed out that she knew these statistics were false, because a lot more people than 1,000 had died.  This writer will defer mention concerning the profession of that woman.   Lamentablythese people can voteand the woman in question is a legitimate, employed at high salary, degreed individual from a prominent University.   Therefore, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

     Furthering the lamentable deaths matter into the labyrinth of knowledge, we must point out that the vast majority of the people who have gone croak-o during this epidemic are geezers like me.  People over 70 years of age are very susceptible to the rigours of this disease.   They constitute 80 per cent of the deaths…actually slightly more.   Further complicating the matter, both for the geezer community and everyone else is the tendency of Americans to have problems with obesity…which is a massive contributor to the problem.

     One can extrapolate easily what the nature of per capita impact might be, when one considers that the United States of America, before the beginning of the War Between the States had a population of 31,500,000 souls.  The combined losses during that ridiculous War came to 252, 000 killed in action.

We shall return to variations of this topic during the coming weeks.

Monday, 18 May 2020

Comparatives between then - 1918 / 1919, and now 2020


     We are ever so tired of the chatter, discussion, and dull broad-brushing of topics captured into the American discourse…into the American parlance.   El Gringo Viejo is an old man…and he has wasted much time braying at the moon and lecturing people who had better things to do than listen to me.

     One of my fortes' has been to learn and understand the past, to the best of my ability.   Lamentably, my academics are actually the trek of a dilletante who frequently gave cursory study and/or review of a matter.  But there are times when this writer is knowledgable and can comment correctly about certain matters.

     There are those significant times that my work and study has been work that was deep, wide, and high.  There will be no great divulgence here in the body of my studies and conclusions over the years.  The facts and data that will be revealed in the following paragraphs will be solidly accurate facts and figures.
      However, in the matter of the great Pandemic of Coronavirus of 2019 - 2020 we shall vigorously and emphatically declare my case and then turn my back upon the many experts who have fogged and clouded the issue, and who have performed as insipid dolts as purposeful misinterpreters of our current "greatest plague in history".   I shall point the reader to the previous century, and interestingly a time almost precisely one hundred years before these hours in which we now live.

     My paternal grandfather and grandmother, neither of whom I ever had the pleasure of hearing or seeing in that they passed on long before my birth, went through the flu epidemic associated with the end of World War I.    People were amazed when it tallied up a peculiar total in terms of casualties.  They were living near McAllen / Weslaco area of deepest South Texas at that time.

     My other grandparents and uncles were still in Winchester,  Tennessee at that time, and that grandfather could recount the number of people who were lost during the Flu Epidemic in Eastern Tennessee…literally hundreds in one county, for instance just before 1920.

     In those times, the population had crossed over the massive number of humanity of 107,000,000 in the United States of America.  This would include all native born as well as those who had legally entered the United States with the intention to become permanent residents and citizens.
The flu was no joke.  It was as dangerous as
any bomb, grenade, or bullet, constituting
well over 40% of all American casualties
who died in World War I.


     When World War I was over, and the carnage was totalled up, it was truly a horrible tally.   The American military suffered 115,000 dead in that war.  Oddly enough, almost one-half of those who died while at war, died of the Asian Flu, or let us say…slightly fewer than 48,000 soldiers.

     But waiting back at home and shortly after the return of the American Soldiers, the numbers in terms of killed and/or died in action or disease was dwarfed by the number of Americans who had died in the Flu Epidemic of 1918 - 1919 while remaining in the USA .

      During the time of the end of the War, there was a movement throughout Europe and it included the United States, with its pitifully physically spent and intellectually exhausted President Woodrow Wilson, to establish a League of Nations to resolve arguments and disagreements between nations.   Like most everything that Thomas Woodrow Wilson did, he flubbed up that effort, and returned back to Washington, D.C. and the White House.  It is said that
President Wilson with wife Edith.  She became known
 during the last year of Wilson's term as "the first
 First Lady lady President".  According to some,
 she had mastered  Wilson's style of writing.

Wilson had been in a 
mental decline, and that a bout with the Flu epidemic had truly reduced his mental acumen and physical stamina.

     It was said that Mrs.  Wilson would meet visitors calling on Mr. Wilson at the White House and deflect them from the private quarters.   She would also write announcements and press releases and sign the President's name to such transmissions.   There were those who snickered that she had become the first woman President of the United States.

     In any regard, with all the analysis, all the hullaballoo, all the opining and debating, we come before the reader to state clearly and unequivocally that the Pandemic of 2020, while serious, to be sure, is not the once in a millennium, Angels' Trumpets announcing Blood in the River Nile, and the Earthquakes that Destroy the Moon and whose pieces will shred the Planet Earth.   The near, to at times total, hysteria about this flu business is truly disheartening.

     The strutting and bluster of mainly liberal political leaders, and certainly the leadership of the Democrat Party during these moments is another "climb down to a deeper cellar" in terms of hysterical posturing and outright mendacity concerning this particular epidemic.   It has been made immensely worse by having nincompoop political leaders who hold high offices in large cities, and major States, demanding to send flu-afflicted older people to nursing homes…among the many terrible decisions.

     The nearly forced imprisonment-by-homestay and the ordering of closure of almost anything that has a door was the stroke of stupidity that will live for the ages.   The willingness to position conjecture and pontification for an understated, steady realistic yet positive posture would have been so much better than what the leftist gurus and pompous authoritative bilge-bearers puked out into the public's attention.   To think that the governor of New York State and the Mayor of the City of New York would clog the lines of communication with dimwitted orders, pointless admonitions, incoherent demands, and cascades of blame on the President is stunning.
     New York State and New York Cityso very advancedordered up a congestion and set of threats against the population that they finally won the first prize in having the greatest avalanche of dead people during this entire event.   The two entities can lay claim to almost 40 per cent of all deaths associated with the flu in the United States since it began last January.  And the more they bossed people around and pontificated with great surety and authority, the worse it became.
     Their solution, of course was to tell the media to announce to the public that it was all Donald John Trump's fault.   In my opinion, Trump's biggest failing in the whole matter was his trying to work amicably with the various political leaders and medical authorities.   Many of these personalities bore a personal animus against Trump and regarded him as something superfluous.

     In my opinion, the political leaders of the Democrat order, and the medical people who had so much swagger and distaste for Trump's presence, performed very poorlysomething like the police officers' pursuit of Charlie Chaplain in the old movies.


     At this juncture, it being the afternoon of the 18th of May, 2020 here in deep South Texas we are noticing that in the Flu Epidemic of 1918 - 1919 over 670,000 people died when the total population of the United States of America was lightly less than 107,000,000.  At this point, with the number of new deaths still not over 100,000 and when the total population of the United States of America is 330,000,000.

     We can make a fairly quick comparison then by using these two comparatives:

1918 -1919 Flu     Mortality 675,000       Total USA Population     107,000,000

                                  RATIO:                    6.8  / 1,100

      2020 Flu         Mortality  96,000       Total USA Population    330,000,000

                                 RATIO:                        1 / 3,300


    Now…I retire from the field of battle, leaving to the OROGs to guard the precincts and keep the horses saddled and readied with rifle and shell.

  The hysteria, blather, speculation, and useless recriminations against Donald Trump are offensive and pointless actions and I feel that the man should be supported.   He and his cadre have done an A- job in my opinion…and while we are not cheerleaders for the President…we are reasonable in judging the man.   And an A- during these times is pretty darn good.

We do now retire from the field of battle to return to-morrow or shortly thereafter.