Friday, 25 May 2018

Que en Paz Descances

     Cheyenne, Johnny Yuma, Sugarfoot, Paladin, Marshall Dillon, and all such models of heroes of the morality play...the good against the bad...rush into the mind of one who lived through that time.
    Imagine! We survived the continuous hail of bullets, the hours and hours of verbiage without having to hear one "bleep" to cover the obtuse profanity, and almost no coarse body function innuendoes.


Wednesday, 23 May 2018

A Little Catch-up About and Around the Quinta and Other Issues


     This is just a brief piece to remind the OROG Community that we are still here and about.  We arrived back into the Magic Lower Rio Grande Valley on Monday afternoon just past.   The earliest hours of Monday were a bit of a challenge.
     What is called "la madrugada", an ominous-sounding word that actually only means, generally, the period between 00:00 hours (midnight) and what we would call "morning's first light", we were involved with a long-lasting, extensive cluster of thunderstorms.  They were originating both in the mountains...then moving East...and in the North, coming down from Texas, and moving South where the clusters unified with each other and proceeded to bring down the Tears of Angels upon us.

     We received in that area, which is roughly 20,000 square miles, anywhere between two and ten inches of rain during a six to ten hour period.   When I left at 07:00, gutter-rushes and puddles were everywhere.  Chaff and small to medium sized limbs, along with a few large limbs and trees were downed, and they paralleled the little paved route to the main highway.   In keeping with the general situation in Mexico, the small, rural road has now improved to the point that, what would have been a washout 20 years ago, has become just a drive that required only mature caution and deference.

    Our arrival at the destination in Texas was accomplished before noon.   My job, besides unpacking, was to process some of the few pictures that had been taken in the days just before the storms.  To the left are two flowerings of the peculiar trunks that shoot up out of the hennequin maguey after between seven and up to fifteen years of that plant's existence.
     In the light of the late morning, one can appreciate the truly strange, weird, peculiar,  even almost extraterrestrial nature of the sprouting.  At the tips of the branches are flowerettes that, in different times and in similar places, were taken and planted to develop another great extension of hennequin maguey plants.
     At one time, in Tamaulipas and generally around its capital city of Ciudad Victoria, there were over 2,000,000 acres of these plants...all rowed up in great lines, awaiting for that very moment when the plants began to confess to their pregnancy (as in the above photo), which would result in the sacrifice of the already dying central plant (el quiote), and the subsequent planting of her 100 - 200 babies.    The main "asparagus", which is strictly my term, as in "Texas Asparagus" to entertain my tourists on the excursions into that area, would dry into a very nice, straight pole.  That resource would be used as the apex-point for a roof of a jacal (ha - KAHL), the name of a rustic mud, stick, and rock home, and/or any of its humble but comfortable rooms.
     The leaves of the maguey would be battered and beaten by English thresher machines in order to reveal and allow extraction of the magic fibre within.  Those machines were made specifically, in England and to a lesser extent in Mexico, to make the access to fibre easier.    Great maritime rope and all nature of work clothes reinforcement was drawn from plants identical to those pictured.  They were the many time great-grandmothers the plants the OROG sees. 

     My oldest child...named after two of her mother's fore-bearers...planted Blue Mist weed in a huge pot, and the planting exploded with growth and production of flowers.   This greenery shown above is Blue Mist  weed as well, but perhaps more primordial because it is from the area of its "known" origination.  It is famous for being the "rest-stop" of preference for the Monarch Butterfly that moves between a couple of places in North Central Canada and a few places in South Central Mexico.   That stopping place is a quadra-generational migration between those areas which ebbs and flows during the decades.   Each year there are long moanings about how there are not as many now because George Bush killed them all except for the survivors.
    This year, however, Obama came and restored them to life. But he did it at night so that no one would know.
           All kidding aside, however,  destruction of the forests near Agangueo, in the highlands of the State of Michoacan, between Mexico City and Guadalajara, due to the value of one 100 foot trunk is around 100,000 dollars, has done a bit of damage to that race of butterflies.  But they always come back...and this year in force.

     The next picture shows a small but important planting we have near our grilling and outside cooking area when we have guests who want to burn meat.  The pictures the OROG sees is actually the flowing of oregano.   We are hoping to disperse the seeds over about 200 square feet near the "parrilla"  (grilling place), and thereby have an almost marketable harvest of "wild oregano", which is the best thing for poultry cooking and a thousand other things.

     We use a lot of these natural, local, common, and  enjoyable spice plants in our effort to have a wide selection of both Mexican and other national palates pleased with our very humble kitchen.   We have, besides the  oregano, rosemary (romero), basil (albaquar),   and such things as cebollin (say - boh - YEEN) which are true chives, that are found now in abundance in the Quinta's gardens.  We even have mint and another plant the Mexicans call "Vicks" because it has that very pronounced mentholated fragrance.  And it is used by the locals to alleviate the problems associated with sinus, nasal, and upper (as well as lower) lung involvements. 

     Everyone can appreciate the flowering and spectacular show that the Lord's Nature puts before us.  This usually means that even the  small things, such as the picture to the left...showing the "explosion flower"...are lurking around to surprise the visitor.

     Another is the "Butterfly Weed" which we have allowed to sprout here and there on the grounds of the Quinta.  That poor plant has the misfortune of having hosts or owners who are horrified at the appearance of "worms" on the plant and who then fumigate or physically destroys the poor butterfly larvae, who are only doing what nature intended.
   Those larvae, of course, become various types of very impressive butterflies, so each fumigation is an emotional and physical setback for both man and plant and beast.
     Here, one can see the flowering of the famous "Crown of Thorns" plant, and in the background are some of the butterfly weeds along with a good stand of "romero" or what we call rosemary.   This particular romero is, in fact from around the area...I do not know if it is native...but it has been known to be in this part of Mexico for at least the entire colonial period.

     We could go on and on about all of this.  Some of my impatience comes from having to deal with quirks in this  computer and my lack of ability and/or intelligence to understand how to fix or adjust what is going on in this computer's brain.   Frankly, it is more than just a bit of a daunting task.  

     We now show the "gift" we were given by a family which has an abundance of cats...which is a rarity in our community and surrounding area.  This is a pure-bred, full-scale, alley cat who is full of joy and playfulness.

    That demeanour does not sit well with our older two females, although the tri-colour does try to practice tolerance and provide instruction to the white male.   One problem we have, however, is the fact that the kitten is absolutely and certainly deaf.
     We began to notice that he did not respond to loud noises in the least.  I can clap my hands, very loudly, within 9 or 10 inches from the back of his head, and he will not even move or flinch or...hear.
Beyond that, he eats well...perhaps 10 to 15 times a day, and he likes to sleep in inconvenient places.    With that considered, it should be understood that he is a purebred cat.  He quickly understood that he was the owner of the house and would abide by his own disposition.

We shall do some more in a bit.  Thanks for the attention and interest.
El Gringo Viejo

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

We re-publish work that is not ours...But this writer and the writer below...we each walk in each other's shadows...


    For 15 years, the girls lived parallel lives. Left behind in El Salvador by mothers bound for America, they grew up a few miles apart in San Vicente, entering adolescence just as the city sank into gang violence.  They fled within weeks of one another, traveling north in 2014 along the same smuggling route, before ending up in the Washington suburbs.

     It was there that Venus Iraheta and Damaris Reyes Rivas finally met, after becoming entangled in the same violent street gang, MS-13. And it was there, in a wooded park in Springfield, Virginia, that Venus stabbed Damaris 13 times.
Even amid a nationwide surge in MS-13 slayings, the 2017 killing stood out. Female victims are nothing new for MS-13, which is infamous in Central America for making young women choose between rape and execution. But in a gang as chauvinistic as it is fearsome, female killers are almost unheard of.   Teen girl confesses to stabbing victim 13 times in MS-13 related murder during interrogation,  (FOX 5's Cori Coffin reports.)

Media: Fox10Phoenix

     As Iraheta, now 18, awaits sentencing for murder later this month, authorities say the killing may be a sign of growing female involvement in MS-13 in the United States.  Unlike their counterparts in Central America, some MS-13 cliques in the United States now allow female members, said Michael Prado, assistant special agent in charge of the Washington office of Homeland Security Investigations, a branch of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

     "In that regard they are somewhat progressive," he said. "The [cliques] here are a little bit more, for lack of a better term, Americanized."  In response, ICE has begun instructing its agents to scrutinize girls and young women as closely as males for MS-13 involvement, Prado said, "There are female MS-13 members engaged in some extremely heinous and violent activity," he added.
     Some turn to MS-13 to escape poverty, homelessness or sexual abuse, only to be prostituted by the gang, immigration advocates say. Others are attracted to its reputation - often invoked by President Donald Trump - as the most dangerous gang in the world.   "MS-13 is the new bad boy in girls' lives," said Carlos Salvado, a defense attorney who has represented young women accused of gang connections. "By the time [parents] understand what their teenage daughter is doing, it's when they are called by the police."

     In a series of jailhouse interviews, Iraheta told The Washington Post she had been introduced to MS-13 as a child. She denied being a member, but defended the gang.  "They aren't the monsters people think they are," she said. "You don't know their stories. You don't know what's happened to them to make them this way."   (stunningly absurd statement that reflects the moral, social, personal depravity and hatred of the value of human life...welcome to between 8% and 16% of the "migrants just searching for a better life")
    In the summer of 2003, an angler working the dark waters of the Shenandoah River in Virginia made a startling discovery. Lying on the bank under a bridge was the tattoo-covered body of a 17-year-old girl.  Brenda Paz had been a "homegirl," or full female member, of MS-13. But "Smiley," as she was known, had wanted out and had begun helping federal authorities.

     She was four months pregnant when MS-13 members slit her throat.  Her defection, and others like it, convinced gang leaders in El Salvador that women couldn't be trusted and led to a ban on new female members.  Becoming a homegirl once provided some protection, said Tom Ward, an anthropologist who spent much of the 1990s hanging out with MS-13 in Los Angeles, where the gang was founded, for his book, "Gangsters Without Borders."

     "There was an unwritten rule that you can't rape a homegirl," he said. "Homegirls weren't running things, but some had a lot of respect."  The ban fell hardest on females in El Salvador, where women are still forced to serve the gang by cooking or cleaning, smuggling contraband into prison or collecting extortion payments, according to Salvadoran journalist Óscar Martínez.

     "We're seeing more and more girls pulled into the gangs for the purpose of sexual slavery," said Silvia Juárez, a researcher at the Salvadoran Women's Organization for Peace in San Salvador. "Now we're seeing girls as young as 9 years old being harassed."  Those who resist gang rape or prostitution are often killed. Thousands have fled. Girls make up nearly one-third of the 200,000 Central American unaccompanied minors detained at the U.S.-Mexico border since late 2012.

     A small percentage of these girls have joined MS-13 after being placed with relatives in the United States. Their recruitment has boosted the gang here, but has also begun to change it, authorities say.   Washington area prosecutors say they've seen an increase in female involvement in MS-13 in recent years - a sign that new cliques in the United States may not be adhering to the ban on homegirls. "They are including women in their activities more than they have in the past," said Paul Ebert, commonwealth's attorney for Prince William County. In most cases, he said, they remain "around the edges of the crime" as getaway drivers or bait to lure men into ambushes.

     "We see all that continuing," said Patrick Lechleitner, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations' Washington office, "but we also see a rise in their violent activity."

     When a homeless man was stabbed to death behind a liquor store in Suitland, Maryland, in 2014, one of the six arrested was a 17-year-old homegirl.  Katherine Lopez had joined MS-XIII in Las Vegas after she was sexually abused by a family friend, her mother told The Washington Post. A few months before the murder, she ran away from home. MS-13 pimped her out, her mother said.

    When the homeless man said something to Lopez outside the store, she grabbed his arm as the others stabbed him. She pleaded guilty in 2015 and was sentenced to 10 years.   Girls in the United States are not forced into MS-13 like they are in Central America, but they are often driven toward it by trauma, poverty or loneliness, advocates say. Unaccompanied minors are especially vulnerable, yet girls raised in the United States aren't immune. Lopez, a legal resident, moved to the U.S. from El Salvador when she was 3 years old.

     Vanesa Alvarado was born in Maryland. In the summer of 2016, the then-19-year-old used a promise of sex to lure a man into the woods in Gaithersburg, where male MS-13 members stabbed him 153 times as she shouted encouragement and laughed, according to prosecutors. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 40 years.
     Alvarado had dropped out of school in ninth grade after getting pregnant, later using cocaine and marijuana "to a significant extent," according to court filings. Her attorney, Tim Clarke, said she dated several MS-13 members.   "She was offered the opportunity to be part of a group, and that's what sounded good to her," he said.

      The gang's bad-boy allure can cross cultural lines.
    Long before she was known as "Flaca," or Skinny, Shannon Sanchez was born Shannon Marie Spicer. She befriended MS-13 members at her Northern Virginia high school, learning Spanish, according to her attorney, Tom Walsh. Later, after her husband was sent to prison in 2015 for molesting a child, she reconnected with the gang, which began hanging out at her house in Leesburg.

     Sanchez, 36, wasn't a gang member but occasionally helped them, like the time she drove one to the hospital after his fingers had been chopped off by a machete, Walsh said. But she also convinced two young men to leave MS-13, angering leaders in El Salvador, he said.
     In 2016, gang members borrowed her car to drive a suspected rival to a remote quarry, where they killed the teen. Afterward, Sanchez helped burn their bloody clothes in her fireplace and clean the vehicle, according to federal prosecutors. She pleaded guilty to being an accomplice after the fact and was sentenced April 27 to almost six years in prison.

"The feds are going to say, 'You should have come to the police,' " Walsh said. "Yeah, right. And on her way, she'd get killed. (El Gringo Viejo asks, "What is the loss?)

In the evenings, as kids played soccer or finished their homework, the sun would sink behind the San Vicente volcano, casting the city of 50,000 in shadow.

That's when the shootings would start.
     For Damaris, the deepening gang problem was evident at school, where MS-13 members coveted her delicate features and eager smile.
"They walked behind her in the streets, saying things to her, following her everywhere she went," recalled her mother, Maria Reyes.
Iraheta, who spoke to The Post from jail on the condition that she not discuss the charges against her, credited MS-XIII with keeping her San Vicente neighborhood peaceful.
     Her father, a taxi driver, was sometimes paid to chauffeur the gang. One night when she was 12, he didn't come home. He'd been jailed alongside members of MS-13 and its rival, the 18th Street gang.
"He said he didn't want us to come to see him because he was scared that something might happen to us," Iraheta recalled.

(We are forced here, in the voice of El Gringo Viejo, to be sure the OROG, and the visiting reader, understand how the rot affecting the taxi-daddy somehow learns to follow the lead of ''invasive" MS-XIII cancer.   They have ruined entire neighbourhoods in central Houston.  Mexican ancestried people do not want them around.  Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia people of the organised classes do not want to be around anything that starts with an MS.   The cancer will kill and/or destroy everything...Latin, Angloid, African, Extraterrestrial, etc.  The sins of the fathers will, most certainly, be visited upon the third, yea! even unto the fourth generation.)

    Iraheta dated an MS-13 member who sold drugs for the gang inside their school, she said. One day, worried he'd be caught, he put marijuana in her backpack. She was caught and suspended.  When her older brother joined 18th Street, Iraheta decided to flee north before she was caught in the crossfire.

   "I came because I had to," she said. "They knew my brother was in the opposing gang, and he knew what type of guy my boyfriend was."  Her family paid a coyote $7,500 to take the 14-year-old to the United States, she said. She crossed the Rio Grande on a dinghy near McAllen, Tex., and was arrested in the desert days later by Border Patrol.   (Where did people who make 4,000 dollars per annum per family come up with 7,500 American dollars?)
     Without a parent, she was turned over to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a federal program that places unaccompanied minors with relatives while they are in immigration proceedings. She lived with an aunt in Riverside, California, before joining her mother in Alexandria, Virginia.

     Iraheta hardly recognized the woman who'd left her behind when she was 7.   "She was almost like a stranger to me," Iraheta said. "One day she asked me what my favorite color was, because she didn't know."  Iraheta re-connected with MS-13 in Virginia. She declined to tell The Post how, but at least one of her co-defendants also attended Annandale High School.

    At one point, when her grades began to suffer, she said she tried to distance herself from the gang. But then she met Christian Sosa Rivas.   Iraheta would later tell police she didn't know Sosa Rivas was in MS-13 until she overheard him using gang slang on the phone. But the 21-year-old boasted in rap videos about being the "leader of the Harrison clique," and Facebook photos showed him throwing MS-13 hand signs.
     After dating him for a month, Iraheta found Sosa Rivas hanging out in his room with another girl. Suspicious, Iraheta asked her where she was from. San Vicente, the 15-year-old said.  Damaris had come to the United States weeks after Iraheta. But instead of being caught at the border, she'd been smuggled all the way to Maryland. She, too, felt isolated in America. And she, too, met MS-13 members - at her Montgomery County, Maryland, high school. She'd once fled gang members. Now she ran away from home with them.

     Damaris bounced from one gang apartment to another with nothing but a backpack. But the clique soon tired of her, and when Sosa Rivas told her to stop coming around, Damaris was upset, Iraheta later told police.  But Damaris was not done with Sosa Rivas.
     Members of another MS-13 clique in Maryland suspected him of being a poser. On New Year's Eve, they apparently used two other young women to lure Sosa Rivas to the woods in Dumfries, Virginia, where they attacked him with machetes and dumped his body in the Potomac River. Hours later, Damaris allegedly sent his friend a text saying: "I told you Christian was going to pay."

     On Jan. 8, 2017, Iraheta and nine others surrounded Damaris in the woods of Lake Accotink park.   Iraheta led the attack, grabbing Damaris by the hair and hitting her in the face so hard she fell to the ground. Iraheta then interrogated Damaris at knifepoint as Jose Torres Cerrato, one of Sosa Rivas's closest friends, recorded a video on Iraheta's phone.
     "I'm telling you, these videos are going down there," Torres said in one of the videos, which he hoped to send to gang leaders in El Salvador and earn a promotion, authorities say. In the videos, Torres and others can be heard egging Iraheta on.
     "What the ----!" someone shouts at one point. "Just stick the steel in her."
She did, stabbing Damaris after the 15-year-old admitted to sleeping with Sosa Rivas and helping set him up, Iraheta later told police. The others then joined in the attack. Damaris's body was found a month later under an overpass.

     When police arrested Iraheta and the others, they traced the videos to her iCloud account. Emerson Fugon Lopez told Fairfax County detectives that Iraheta had taken charge of the clique after Sosa Rivas' death - an extraordinary claim, if true. She had warned him not to talk about their crime or she would "rip my head off," he said. She had contacts everywhere.

     But when Fugon falsely claimed that Iraheta had been the only one to attack Damaris, the detective scoffed. "You're a man," the detective said. "There's no way that a gang is going to allow Iraheta to be the only one that hits the girl."
     The thing is that we're just starting out," he replied. "We don't know real well how the Mara thing works."

     But Iraheta did. During her interrogation, she showed detectives Mara Salvatrucha hand signs, boasting that she'd grown up around MS-13, "I know how things work," she said.
     From jail, Iraheta claimed that others involved in killing Damaris may have done it to move up in MS-13 but that she was motivated by love - and hate.   "They keep saying I'm a gang member when I'm not," she said. "If you really, really investigate, women are not allowed in the gang. They are not trusted."


   Here begins the commentary of El Gringo Viejo.

    All of their DOAs and Emergency Room transport and treatment is paid for by the taxpayer.   All of their illegitimate babies...many of whom are sacrificed to "Santo Muerte", are supported by public funding through AFDC, Food Stamps, Section 8, Medicaid...etc.
   Catholic Charities, the Mexican American Legal Defence and Education Fund, the Southern Poverty Law Centre, all associated Soros "ACORN" descendants such as Occupy Wall Street and movements such as Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, and the entire "Progressive" movement are all involved in the task to destroy America as the last free-standing common-law democratic, republican nation.
    The Mara Salvatrucha were sent by Satan to speed up the process.
Related image
This is the image of the Virgin de Guadalupe, so named by orders of the Virgin herself
to the Indian man...some say Aztec, but he was in all probability of the Otomi' nation .   This image appeared on his 'tamil' (blouse made of cotton and maguey strand reinforment)
 when he unfolded the gift of roses to the Bishop of Mexico from his tamil.  He did not know
until openning the gift that the Image would be there.
Image result for Images - Santo Muerte
This depiction of 'Santo Muerte is
actually a desecration  of the classic
image of Saint Mary of Tepayac, also
known as The Virgin of Guadalupe,
Patron Saint of Mexico and all the
Americas...there is no greater
desecration of a religious emblem
in the opinion of this writer.
Skepticism is understandable. One
should have at least a healthy dose
of skepticism when dealing with
"religious relicry".   The true image
of the Virgin is confounding, the one
above is simply a vain and profane
piece of work inspired by Satan.

Show item 1 of 41. Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Gustavo A. Madero - Tourism Media
The Basilica where millions pay
homage to the apparition of the
Holy Virgin and the tilma
(blouse) of the Indian, Juan
Diego.  The "new" Basilica is the
 ugliest religious structure in the 
world, but it houses the 
most beautiful "painted
blouse" in all religious art. 
     With all due deference, El Gringo Viejo wants to point out  this Mara  thing and all such groups, really does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, and such things.   They care only about making an illegal living; worshipping  "El  Santo Muerte, extorting...stealing...shaking down and "taxing" the "huddled masses, AND the wealthy by kidnapping, killing by means of extreme torture, raping, destroying, and all the while directly or indirectly being supported by some or several forms of governmental subsidy in the United States.  The reason they come here is because there are so many people who are not accustomed to this type of incomprehensible violence.  They can strut upon a stage of incredulity.

     While not a fan of Hemingway in any way, I am moved to remember the words that inspired the term..."For Whom the Bell Tolls" in the popular culture.  It reads:

   John Donne (1572-1631), Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, Meditation    Lento Sonitu Dicunt, Morieris:
   "Perchance he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him; and perchance I may think myself so much better than I am, as that they who are about me, and see my state, may have caused it to toll for me, and I know not that.''
     Hemingway was not capable of such eloquence.  Perhaps I am not so blessed , either.  But I do know the difference between pewter and silver.

       It is not too terribly over-expressive to suggest that the violence we read and hear about in Mexico is not a distant thing.  Each minute, hour, day, and week that goes by, the rot...the a sociological and anthropological sense, is not "over there".
       It is now within, and has been for several years.  And when the ignorant and arrogant chant, "There are no 'illegal' people!!!  There are no borders!!!"  Please remember, the Mara Salvatrucha did laugh to hear such sport, and await the chance to tear apart one of their own...or one of your own.

The tamil of Juan Diego spoke for itself, and still speaks.  Thankfully, the Bishop of Mexico at the time decided to take the words of a well-spoken Indian, subject of the new religious and royal order,  seriously.

Pray for the ordering of the Affairs of Earth.
El Gringo Viejo.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Heading down next Thursday to the Fabled Quinta -


     We are going to be heading down to the Quinta this next Thursday, the 10th of May, after doing a bit of shopping for the larder down there and making other necessary purchases that the gang requests from "up here".  We shall be out for about 2 weeks during this episode.

     During the past weeks and months there has been a very serious up-tick in the number of animals great and small who visit us, as well as a proliferation of new birds and butterflies.

     This seems to have coincided with a significantly higher number of nearby and Monterrey and Tampico people asking for accommodation and / or for afternoon "parrilladas" - the famous outdoor grilling and chewing the fat social and political talk, speculation, and tiddlywinks that most Texians and Mexicans seem to enjoy so very much.

    We shall have a chance to get to know the most recent addition to our family, a new water heater, which is always a pleasant thing to have.   I suspect that it has not been used yet, because Alvaro, our charge' d'affaires, will frequently eschew using the hot water because he thinks the room temperature water is fine.
     El Gringo Viejo, on the other hand, thinks that if the "hot" water cannot blister your skin and steam up the house with just the "hot" water faucet of the sink in the little kitchen, then the setting is not high enough.

      We are anxious, as well, to see how our new, semi-albino male kitten is adapting.  It was noticed that he was almost totally deaf when we took possession of him, but that over the days he seemed, finally, to be beginning to  respond to sharp noises.   Alvaro informed me during one of our telephonic connections that the cat "Whitey" had been "hearing pretty well".
Image result for image - albino kitten
our newest family member
"Whitey"  more or less  at

 home in the Quinta.

     In any regard, on Thursday, we shall turn into a pumpkin, mainly due to a quirky problem we have in terms of telephone and computer connections.   We are quick to add that such connections throughout Mexico are quite good, in reality.   It has to do with a notorious "black-hole" of about 1 mile in diameter, and the end of a cable service that is always going to be extended "next month".    We do have very good SKY satellite television reception in our parlour and a 17 channel 1950s style, very clear old-fashioned antenna feed for the guest room.
     Please do not worry.  When you visit, the guest has priority over both televisions.   For instance, there are times during a Dallas Cowboy game or an important soccer match or political event when we might have 10 or more people gathered around our flat-screen (a medium-large new one) in the parlour, with all our different chairs, cheering and/or moaning about the proceedings.

    So, people asking me to pay up my bar-bill, and wash the car, and keep my cats out of their flower beds need to be aware that such orders and advisories need to be made no later than Wednesday night, because before daybreak on Thursday, I shall be nearly 100 miles deep into Mexico.   Any messages or requests need to be made before departure.

El Gringo Viejo

Thursday, 3 May 2018

We seemed to have made a fairly good analysis...Check out the data on the Presidential polls for Mexico


Posted by Reuters
(Repeats with no change in text)
By Christine Murray
MEXICO CITY, May 3 (Reuters) - Mexican leftist presidential front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's lead narrowed for the first time in months as his nearest rival rebounded from corruption allegations ahead of the July 1 election, according to a poll released on Thursday.
Less than two months before Mexicans vote, Lopez Obrador's support grew to 39 percent from 38 percent in the previous poll at the end of March, according to polling firm Parametria, but his lead narrowed to 14 points from 18.
The possibility of a victory by Lopez Obrador, who has threatened changes to the country's landmark reform to lure private investment to its energy markets, has spooked some investors, helping send the peso currency down more than 3 percent in April.
Support for Ricardo Anaya, the candidate of the "For Mexico in Front" coalition of three parties from the right and left, grew to 25 percent from 20 percent the month before. In a recent TV debate, he portrayed himself as the only alternative to the front-runner.
Third-place ruling party candidate Jose Antonio Meade's support fell to 14 percent in the latest poll from 16 percent previously.
"There is now no debate about who is in second place," said Parametria founder Francisco Abundis, saying Anaya was helped by a shift in focus away from corruption scandals.
"If this trend continues, we would expect a closer election," he said, although adding that Anaya may not have enough time to catch up.
Independent Margarita Zavala fell to 6 percent and Jaime Rodriguez declined to 2 percent.
Until now, Lopez Obrador had maintained or increased his lead in opinion polls every month since December when he was ahead by 11 points.
The face-to-face Parametria poll of 1,000 people was taken between April 25 and 30 and had a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.
Some 14 percent of those asked either did not answer, said they did not know or could not choose a candidate listed.
The results were similar to a poll published by national newspaper Reforma on Wednesday, which showed Lopez Obrador's lead slightly narrower than its previous poll.
Despite his smaller lead, Lopez Obrador's advantage has led to a focus on how his Morena party will fare in national congressional and gubernatorial elections also held on July 1.
His ability to control Congress will be key for his proposals, including a review of major energy-sector reforms enacted in recent years.
In the lower chamber race for 500 seats, Lopez Obrador's Morena is ahead with 25 percent support versus 19 percent for Anaya's National Action Party (PAN). In the 128-seat Senate, Morena holds 25 percent of preferences, with the PAN at 21 percent.
Abundis said the difference between the presidential numbers and those for the Senate and lower chamber showed Anaya's coalition had potential to grow.
He said the first candidates debate on April 22, seen by 13 million people, was an element but not the most important factor in changing voter preferences. Anaya is generally viewed as having won the debate.
And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon | Nursery Rhymes Art Prints These prints are made at our location in Seattle, WA. They have a thick, white backing board and are sealed in clear bags. Each is suitable for framing at 11 inches x 14 inches or can be used as is for wall display. Our goal is to bring back to life these wonderful illustrations from old-fashioned, children's books and from early advertising art.Now on his third presidential bid, Lopez Obrador has been almost universally known in Mexico since he first ran in 2006, although opinion of him has varied. Less than two years ago, Anaya was known by less than half the population and Meade by less than one-fifth, according to Parametria.
     It will be noticed  that this poll took place between the dates of 25 April through 30 April 2018.  The data was "centrifuged" and published yesterday by the Parametria company, which has a slight leftward bent, although their work is creditworthy, in our opinion.  
         The OROG community can take comfort in the fact El Gringo Viejo's forecast, published four days ago, has begun to prove to be accurate...if anything, a little ahead of schedule.   Anaya's share shot up due to his performance at the first debate.  There are rumours that AMLO might choose to forego any further debating, because he seemed to be "scowly" and "grumpy", as well as rambling in his answers.   Age has its advantage but youth also has its advantage, and we shall see how that plays out.
     We look for a continued gradual increase in the "market share" for Anaya, and a slight erosion in the following for AMLO.  We were a bit surprised by the reading for Meade to measure two points less...we were, frankly expecting a one or two point increase.
     Anaya was the only one whose "market share" went up substantially, and should one regard the margin of error, at best case, Anaya could be very much in striking distance.  The fall-off for Mrs. Margarita Zavala de Calderon might suggest that her PAN followers might be drifting over to the candidate that is at least within some kind of striking distance.   It is also evident that the leftist Partido Revolucionario Democratico (PRD) is holding in strongly with the right / left amalgamation that I personally find strange to the extreme.
We shall see...

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Population Movements, Migrancy, and Invasion

    With the images of people hanging off and riding atop the border fence at Tijuana / San Ysidro (A special note to Steve Dousy of Fox and Friends:  san - Y -seed - roh -  the "y" is pronounced like a long - e) and all the attendant noise concerning the "caravan of migrants", we thought it might be nice to inject just a bit of relevant reality to the issue.

Channel, 28, a Honduran and a member of a caravan of migrants from Central America, waits to enter the United States border and customs facility, where she is expected to apply for asylum, in Tijuana, Mexico May 1, 2018. REUTERS/Edgard Garrido
Two "trans-gendered" caravan immigrants arriving
to help drive down the income of people who
make their living being trans-gendered
"entertainers".  Democracy at work?


(1)     To begin, the people who are flooding up to the American frontier are not "migrants".  They do not move from here to there on a seasonal basis or any other basis except for the purpose of gaining a better position and quality of life.
     The people arriving at the frontier are not "immigrants'' or "emigrants" or any such thing.  In the case of the Central Americans they are coming up, brutalising their post-infant children by using them as badges of oppression...America's fault, of course...and generally proceeding in a completely self-centre'd manner that assumes their own misery is greater than some other person's misery.

(2)    Not only are they not immigrants or emigrants, they are also frequently not huddled puddles of blubber with two, three, four, or more little mouths that the Gringos are required to feed because the Gringos are guilty of having supposed wealth and are obligated to give it in taxes to these people...or else. At times, the people coming across are males of the aforementioned gangs.

      There is considerable evidence that the "oppressed class" in the Central American countries glob on to some woman "going north"with two or three "tsquintles" (squirts - very young children) from a family that has a surplus of "tsquintles".    Sometimes a "tsquintle" has a great-aunt's brother-in-law who has a 2nd cousin in Milwaukee who said he would take in Maria and her four "off-spring" for a month or two, and she could use his address as a reliable place for Maria to wait for the time for her summons to Administrative Court to determine her citizenship and residence status to come down the pike.
     Another small  problem here is that this particular woman is carrying "one in the oven", who just happens to be a baby of her brother. The brother says that she must bear the baby to term because Santo Muerte (Saint Death) ordered it to be.  The brother also says, "After Milwaukee, you will go to Houston, in the Barrio Honduren~o, and have the baby. This is the address...123  Bungo Street, Houston, Texas.  It is a birthing centre.   The Gringos have to give you Aid to Families with Dependent Children welfare and free medical for everything.  Do not back down from this.  Call Catholic Charities if they give you any problem.  Here is the number.  They have lawyers and advocates.   Then, you will give me your Lone Star Card and the AFDC check and I will keep half.  If you do not do as I say, I will tell my buddies to have their way with you and then we will feed what is left of you to the wild dogs." 

 This is standard operating procedure for the Mara Salvatrucha 13.  

    This is the "American Dreamers" of to-day that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are pushing with both hands and every ounce of energy they have.  Their broad sweep of the hand declaring that "...these people, like all of us, are simply hard-working immigrants who contribute much more to America than they take."
    If a person fails to understand this, then this screed is over.  It is the truth...profoundly so for 10 to 20 per cent of these "migrant" females. For those who cannot understand that this is not the immigration of the Irish in the middle of the 1800s, which was bad enough, then please be at rest in your chosen ignorance.  The aforementioned migrant families, almost all were primarily black, and the office seemed to be  politically white.
     More simply put, we are suffering a purposeful invasion of the Nation designed to rot from the inside out of what is left of the soul of America.   It is being done by Progressives and Soros-type agents from the inside and by co-operating marxists and psuedo-Roman Catholic and other "religious" activists off-shore elements.

(3)    One will notice that there actually is a decidedly anti-American, marxist, and purposeful intent to flood the United States with people who are also decidedly incapable of adapting to standards one might expect a true emigre' to have.  We note, for instance, that in the case of single, post-adolescent males, that many if not most are members of extremely violent "pandillas" (gangs) such as the aforementioned MaraSalvatrucha XIII and Calle 18 who pray to Santo Muerte and who practice murder and torture as though it were a board game.  They also revel in the raping and other abuse of girls and other females without any regard to any vestige of human decency.  Cold blooded murder is a mark of honour, not depravity, for these sub-human organisms.  

FINALLY:    One kinder and gentler message to Tucker, Steve, Laura Ingraham, Hannity, and a few others whom I genuinely admire and follow on FOXNews.  Even Rush blows hot air in the dark about much of this matter.  Oddly enough, Brian Kilmeade, of Fox and Friends Morning does pretty well with this "problem".  He understands the variables and the width and breadth of this issue of "migrant invasion".
(4)    In the previous massive invasion of these "migrants" a couple of Summers past, they made themselves very popular by complaining about every consideration they received.  They almost never smiled or said "Gracias" for any service or favour provided.  They were given the "free passes" to a "relative's or sponsor's home" in Massachusetts or Minnesota or Cut and Shoot, Texas.
    They boarded busses, the likes of which they had never entered until bumming their way through Mexico and then the United States.  Others had plane rides, paid for partly by Uncle Sam and partly by largesse and noblesse oblige of pro-marxist Catholic Charities and other dupes and supporters of marxist social degradation, 'depende el caso'.

(5)    The entire effort is designed to flood the United States with people who will of necessity require essentially spoon feeding and free medical for a never-ending batch of birthings of "special needs" children.   These children (and their moms) will latch their tentacles onto every known and unknown school and medical and social "free" programme known and unknown in the Universe. 

     We are not fooled.  We know that one of the main efforts by communist and other anti-civilisation elements has always been to find the "point of imbalance".  It is always a place where there is violence, usually a failed socialist / marxist government, and then where there is a pod, place, or patria where there is order and some level of prosperity far beyond what the "oppressed" group  has ever seen, the control agents point and need to go to America...Brazil.  Even Mexico looks like the promised land, compared to from whence these people these people spring. 
     At these very minutes, as Brazil is re-constituting something of a common-law nation after the ruination caused by the corrupt, organic law,  brought on by  the marxist demagogue Lula and his bright pink and red cabinets' / advisors'.   The invasion rule is being practiced by Maduro and the Ghost of Chavez of Venezuela.  Disorder, hunger, and abject dispair are emotions impulsing the  sending literally hundreds upon thousands (when it is over it will have been millions) of impoverished Venezuelans into the sparsely populated parts of northern Brazil.
  The crime wave there has been staggering...just as is the coming flood of Nicaraguan peasants - marginalised urban - dispossessed people fleeing President Ortega's and Vice-President Mrs. Ortega's Brave New Paradise will be for Mexico, and subsequently the Republic of Texas and then United States of America.   They will only serve to intensify the problems being brought on by the Honduren~os.
     Pity this new wave of onslaught brought on by ardent followers of the Bolshevik Solution.  They enter a country soon after departing their own.  That new country is so rich...with a middle class so huge, the "refugees" see  it as something  incomprehensible.   This new country has shelves and refrigeration units and freezers...and stores...full of products of medium to very high quality.
  The prices will astound them about how inexpensive good products are.   And they will be entering into a country that is having elections for President and lower offices wherein there is no known certain winner anointed by the electorate,   until after the have voted.  The "migrants" will not believe that such perfect places ever existed.  It is like a fairy tale.
     The place they entered?  Mexico.   But the Mexican authority has better sense than to keep these people at hand.  They will attempt to return as many back from whence they came, while the remainder they will try to persuade to quickly go the Rio Grande and  just leave. The flood of "refugees" we had two and three years ago is described below.   In spite of all of this, there are presently living in Mexico City and within 140 miles radius of Mexico City, some 2, 000, 000 "dreamers"from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala (94% are from other than Guatemala).  (Please, FOXNews, do not rely on whoever is providing you your feeds.  The are at best 52% accurate, and the rest is bilge from the Catholic Charities and Jesuit talking points.   We repeat, both of the aforementioned are liberation theology, pro-marxist organisations now). 

(6)    "Suddenly, One Summer" is the title of the 1950s book and movie, but in this case it pertains to the time that the Mexican Army and Naval Infantry had rendered massive...very massive...injury to the Zeta's and Cartel del Golfo's existence.   Those two groups have never truly reconstituted from the 2012 - 2014 shredding of their organisations.  The military operational programme was put in place and began to be executed during the 18 month search and destroy operation.  It was difficult for the cartel to kill each other and then deal with military units.  The military's combat competence level was, let us say, considerable.

     This allowed for an openning, especially along the eastern corridor of Mexico (Vera Cruz to Tamaulipas) to people from Central America especially, without "coyotes", without "helpers" from the Cartels, or anything beyond, "When is the next bus leaving for Reynosa?" (large city across the Rio Grande from McAllen).   The "refugees" knew to come to McAllen because the Roman Catholic Church had turned its santuary, offices, and facilities over to Catholic Charities, and from there all nature of goodies flowed.  Medical care, food, clothes, teddy bears, disposable diapers which would soon proliferate throughout downtown McAllen...but almost never in a trash receptacle.  

     While this was going on, the Obama administration was busy passing out information at the various counsels and embassies in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala about how to enter the United States "somewhat illegally and somewhat legally" with one's own children or any children that might be reasonably presented as the children of the frumpy, grumpy Maria who is literally dripping wet who keeps repeating, "I, and my children,  want to surrender to the Border Patrol."
     These people, arriving principally from Central America, had had radio and television articles that explained in detail how to force the American immigration authority to allow anyone to enter the United States and remain...even if the entrance was illegal and entrants were illegal aliens.
Image result for Image - Cheshire Cat
Classical Cheshire Cat
(before fading out and
     Amazingly, and this Texas Tall-Tale is the absolute truth.   The Obama administration caused there to be a programme administered en situs in the counsels and embassies of Honduras, Guatemala, and El well as with various "religious and community based" organisations (almost always marxist and / or very progressive, anti-American entities) that provided instruction concerning, literally, how to surrender to the Border Patrol.
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      American embassy personnel and their designated community spokesmen essentially told radio and television to "Do this and you, as an oppressed person, will begin the process of "Catch and Release".  The audience would be advised "...and you will be told that you will be required to  return for your administrative immigration court hearing 19 months and 3 days from now for your hearing.  You will be advised to be sure to re-notify a tape recorder 2,000 miles away in Colorado that you are still at the same address in Boston that you placed on your Catch and Release form."

Related image     We are told and ranted at and admonished to believe that..."THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ILLEGAL PERSON!!!" They chant, and the angry rent-a-mobs screech such senseless bilge, certain in the knowledge that the Obsolete Press and the 'caring people' will understand the bilge and repeat it as credo maximus.  But, in truth, an alien person residing in the United States of America without an entry visa permitting a touristic, business, study, or investment purpose is an illegal alien.  One can stretch the rubber band and the Cheshire Cat's smile and the sweep of Tinkerbell's wand all one might wish, but it does not change the facts that a person is illegally in another country if he/she has not complied with the host country's rules of entry and self-maintenance.___________________      We would like for you all to understand what it means to be a foreigner, working and living and repeatedly visiting in a "home-country"that is not Texas.     We worked for many, many, many years in tourism (hands-on).   We were not selling "time-shares"or hanging around in beach-front hotels selling maps to Montezuma's mother's gold and silver trove.   We owned and  operated a deluxe excursion company with destinations throughout the truly fascinating and enchanting Mexican Republic.   It is necessary to confess that I did at least 10% of all the work as one of the escorts and authorities and as owner, while my wife, in Texas as owner,  did the other insignificant 90% (small things like accounting and IRS compliance, state and local tax work, lugging two babies around in a 5-speed Toyota Celica sports coupe at 04:30 hours in the dark, keeping a 4 / 2 house on a large lot, and raising her parents, and running the laundromat in my absence...a large laundromat.  Oh! And working was another of her little pursuits, with a full time, professional level accounting job...nothing serious...nothing to see here...keep moving).    When I decided to build a house in 2001,  near the ancient Hacienda de Santa Engracia, out north of the City of Victoria, Tamaulipas, on the banks of the Rio  Corona, we had to sign an agreement, simply and well stated without endless bureaucratic Buffalo Snot legalese, that I had to be a person in good standing with his own society and Mexican norms.  I had to comply with the law that prohibits the participation of any foreign national with Mexican religious (save for normal attendance) or political processes, business that is not in compliance with local, State, and / or national laws of registry, or publication of political or religious propaganda on the vehicle or properties of the foreign land purchaser.     Also prohibited, obviously, land within a military fort or preserve, an Indian Reservation (there are only two in Kickapoo, the other a 'cultural zone' of the Rurari Nation aka. Tarahumara).   But, during the otherwise useless term of the first PAN conservative party Presidency, one very, very major reform was passed through the Congress.  All Ejido (semi-communal farming lands expropriated from the large land holdholders from 1920 through 2000) Lands would now be put forward as private properties, and those holding the temporary, warrant titles were now known to be OWNERS IN FACT of the terrain beneath their feet....20 acres...100 acres...200...acres...depending on the ejido's "productive soil potential".   There would be no further "return to the common pot" of tract warrant title when the holder reached retirement age.     People with crummy, non-agricultural ground, full of rocks...too small for a tractor, too rocky for oxen or mules to plow...could reasonably sell their property that was, agriculturally worthless, but touristically valuable.   The"crazy-gringo, bed and brunch, birdwatching centre, rot and relax and read Agatha Christi mysteries on the scenery rich corridor" place envisioned by this really, really deranged Gringo fit ideally into a piece being offered by a woman whose father held title to some river-front land, very close to the idyllic Hacienda de Santa Engracia.                       True enough, when we began the transfer of title, we searched for a reliable Mexican Notario Publico (always use a Notario Publico.  They are the ones who can legally transact transfers of title.  DO NOT EVER SETTLE FOR A CONTRACT OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN FRIENDS. That last barroom agreement readily evaporates when the old new-owner dies, and the nephews, 2nd cousins, illegitimate children, and great-grandmother of the wife (who also owned half, and now all of everything since the death of the old goat,  according to Mexican law) is not valid in terms of transfer of title.  In the absurd case we post, the wife, though divorced, has primary claim to the "contract of sale" property.   Notary Publics in Mexico and  Latin America in general, are especially empowered attorneys...not like notary publics in Texas who simply assure that someone is affirming under oath, with threat of prosecution for perjury.     We had to pay the Secretary of Government and the Secretary of Exterior Relations for a permit that, among other things, required that we would not introduce American Armed Forces to defend, reclaim, or ensure our ownership of the property.  And, once again, we had to declare that we would not, in any way, attempt to influence any current in the stream of any Mexican election, locally, regionally, by any State definition, and by any Congressional or National definition.   Marching in a PAN "desfile" (parade or march) in Cd. Victoria could result (but probably not) in the revocation of our "derechos proprietarios"(property rights).  Doing it repeatedly would quite possibly result in legal reprisals.      Now,  on the other hand, there is this "understanding" that if a geezer-foreigner establishes an informal business that otherwise complies with the high standards (high standards for touristic facilities is not a blithe joke in is deadly serious), and which has less than one million pesos of gross receipts pertaining to the activity of the location, it is thought to be a benefit of retirement and positive interaction with the Mexican experience.   My total ad valorem taxes during the twenty years we have owned and operated and used our little mud hut still do not total 400 dollars american.,,such taxes are very low.   But remember, almost every retail transaction in Mexico is fraught with a 16% to 17% sales tax.     It remains that we are restrained from doing certain things, but in reality there is a certain informality that permits great latitude in terms of personal liberty.
Limbaugh Cemetery
Limbaugh section of a Winchester, Franklin
County, Tennessee Cemetery.  Mostly Neals
are buried here and nearby. (read on to
see, 'The rest of the story' concerning
this cemetery.  Peter Limbaugh and
many of my mother's people are
 "asleep in the arms of the Lord"
Image result for Monclova, Coahuila Cathedral - image
Monclova, Coahuila Cathedral
Built in the latter 1500s and early 1600s by my wife's people,
to some significant degree.   They were ranchers, mine operators
 (lead and silver), and farmers.  This building in the centre-point of a

 city older than Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (1599).
The city is dull, boring, clean and predictable.  It is the
perfect place to live.  There are many attractions
within 100 miles in any direction, in order to
dispel real boredom.  Also, great food, Euro,
American, Mexican, Mexican haute cuisine,
street-stand food, etc.
The male line (mine) comes from a family that has had a presence in the Continent of America Brittanica for 370 years...father's side coming in at Massachusetts (1642 - because the Mayflower had been overbooked - family joke)...hence the city of Newton, Massachusetts, and mother's side coming in both at Virginia (1660) and North Carolina (1677)...and then into Tennessee in the 1690s.     Neither of us is descended in the slightest manner from immigrants to the United States of America or the United States of Mexico.  Our people...both Spanish and English...were colonials, long settled and established before either land-mass took up arms against their Crowns, and then establishing some form or another of republican governance.   And, neither of us have anything but the greatest of admiration for those who comply with the labyrinthine and, at times, uselessly exhausting procedures to become American citizens as true immigrants.   The same applies to those who served as foreigners and then elected to use their Honourable Discharge or first-term of successful enlistment (or conscription) as the key to open the door of American citizenship.

    We come from a unified family of a woman whose family lines have 450 years in what would become Coahuila and Texas, then Mexico with Coahuila and Texas, and the 300 years as La Provencia Real de Nuevo Santander...which is now most of Tamaulipas and the southern 40% of South Texas.   Most of my wife's people held property and/or grazed sheep by the scores of thousands in what is now Texas, long before the first volleys at Lexington.     My line had many fallen during the War Between the States.  There were five (5) who died on the Confederate (mother's) side, and two (2) brothers on the Union side.  My wife's people in all probability served under Santos Benavides to some degree or another in the Confederate light cavalry.  General Benavides was the only Mexican/Spanish descended general officer in the War Between the States...he became a Brigadier late in 1864.  He had a long a distinguished pre-War and post-War record in public service and private business...a highly honoured personality.
     We, my wife and I,  grew up among Mexicans of all sorts of types and kinds, colours, races, mixtures of races,  classes, and personalities.   We had legal alien Mexicans, Mexicans called "Wetbacks" when that term was honourable and applied to people who had walked or hitched 200 or 2000 miles to find work on the farms of the Magic Lower Rio Grande Valley and its perpetual growing season and  intricate irrigation system.   We dealt with Braceros who entered with temporary papers, with a certain time limit allowing the Bracero semi-permanently (six months - two years), live on site and work for self-profit with a specific employer.     In those times, although the norm was not such, it was still not uncommon to encounter cross -cultural marriages, Anglo male / Latin female or Latin male / Anglo female.  Very strict religious canons and rules interrupted some of this, mainly due to the requirement that Romans had to marry within the Faith, or at the very least agree to raise whatever the Stork brought as Roman Catholic.   My last piano teacher was one of those "hybrids" with an Anglo mother and a Latin father.   In the upper reaches of both Latin and Anglo society, it was not thought askance to encounter these marriages because it was "money marrying money" and also the "pure white" matter was settled because of the nature of both side's genealogy.  (Frequently, these same people would brag, after a few passes by the servants with the wine tray, about how "Mi Abuelita fue una princesa Indita de pura sangre de los Huastecos, etc...." and "My mother's grandmother was a runaway Indian princess...Chickasaw or Cherokee...and she went off and married my great-grandfather...They had a baby every year....So we populated half of northern Alabama and eastern Tennessee, ho, ho, ho, hah, hah", sounds of backslapping in the background).     The deal is, that we are not entirely an "immigrant nation".  We had and still have a "colonial core" that, if lost, means the nature of the nation is lost.   We have gone through this before with the debate concerning whether to have English only as the understood language of the new Republic, or English and German.   After all, the largest single battalion of militia at Valley Forge was a bunch of "krauts" (or  probably in those days 'boches' - or alcaboches, the French word at the time for cabbage heads) from Pennsylvania.   They were anxious to confront their "cousins" the Hessian allies of King George III, and thereby prove in blood that our "boches" were patriots and their "boches" were 'mercenaries'.  Their meritorious service was integral to Washington's Christmas Victory.      Rush Limbaugh's (and my) gggGrandfather, George Frederich Limbaugh, was the XO of that   batallion with the rank of Major.  He was just beginning to feel comfortable speaking Washingtonian English.  His bloodline came from Bavaria, Prussia, and Saxony.  He was of middle-aristocratic, 2nd pretender-level to two or three titles, but chose to search his fortune in America.   And to fold Rush further into the Americana flag, my great-great Grandfather Asa Grant (a second cousin of US Grant), married Amelia (Meli) Limbaugh, the daughter of Peter Limbaugh the grandson of George.  This makes Rush and me first cousins, three times removed.     Asa Grant and David Limbaugh, (George's grandson) both lost their lives in service to the Confederate Cause, serving in the Tennessee 2nd Cavalry.   The first named was elected captain of his cavalry regiment.  The second was, very young, a 1st lieutenant.  Neither owned slaves or were fond of the institution.
    These "tale-tales" had more than a bit of truth...usually they were soundly based. (And that is why those of us, especially Southerners, "know" that we carry the genes, but do not use the certainty of family lore...that always turns out to be right, oddly gain privilege with professorial appointments, when that bloodline is a sacred trust and not something to parlay into pointless gain.    And, in deference to a woman who is obviously a malicious, rabies-mad, tooth-pulling, eye gouging monster when it comes to people who are normal and self-supporting, and also in spite of her willingness to lie about having an Cherokee ancestor, we shall not stoop to naming Elizabeth Warren as the disgusting lying marxist demagogue that she is.     We arrive at the point.   The people who are arriving are being driven by the same type of people who terrorised the villages in South Viet Nam, knowing that these people would flee to the sanctuary of Hue, American en force positions, Saigon or any place where they could escape the capricious slaughter of village officials and elders...especially Buddhists and Christians...causing Saigon...a pleasant little place of one million to turn into a hell-hole of three million;  shanty town, cover for terrorist bombers, Viet Cong inserts, etc.     It is a tactic of the world leftist they socialist, communist, anarchist, progressives, or zibuggleflsihers...they are all the same.  They demand that we do this...and say such and such in this manner...and remember the admonishments of their atheist Religion, "From Each According to His Ability and to Each According to His Need".    We regret that Lenin, Marx, Engles, Fidel, Hugo, Mao, and Ho did not hang around long enough to relish the orgy of quivering glee the Obsolete Press is expressing over the "caravan"(which is not a caravan) of "migrants" (who are not migrants).  
Cecilia Abbott
First Lady of the Republic of 
 Mrs.Greg Abbott
(the former Miss Cecilia
     Catch a ride with someone who knows and understands Mexico and Central America from the ground up.  I can even understand the point of view of the left...we can understand a lot from having lived, studied, learned at the knee of parents, and older brother who were heavily studied and experienced (including doctorate degrees...I am only a BA in sociology with emphasis on demographic analysis and Latin American studies, with special emphasis in Mexico).   My great-grandfather and grandmother lived in Vera Cruz State, out in the mountains to the west of Tuxpan, Vera Cruz back in the 1880s through to the earliest 1900s.  The great-grandfather was a principal in Washburn and Christian Mills which later became General Mills, in Minneapolis, a place in far northern Texas.
    We have had more experience in Mexico than 99.9% of all the commentators, especially the leftists who have philosophical, anti-American axes to grind.   It hurts worse, obviously, when my fellows and fox-hole mates are so befuddled and mistaken.   One last image for the reader.  When the "migrants" were scaling the fence at San Ysidro, and sitting atop the top rail...please understand:   They were wearing designer jeans...they were principally racially white...they were all college indoctrinated, ardent anti-Americans, anti-Trump, and will be for the next 12 - 15 years.  Then they become Partido de Accion Nacional (Republicans), and hope that everyone has forgotten about the days of wild oats and roses. 

     The last picture is the embodiment of what Texas is.  The is the woman who stood behind her husband after a tree fell on him.  She has Latin, Saxon, and perhaps Teutonic bloodlines.  Her Latin grouping were people of high academic accomplishment, and the academicians of their time.  She is a woman with several significant university degrees.  She is also a mother, and she has to put up with a cantankerous President of the Republic of Texas, which she has done well in terms  of keeping him on the path of being a Southern and Texian gentleman.   A 21 cannon salute to her!

El Gringo Viejo...