Tuesday, 31 May 2022

monitor opinion page, McAllen, Texas - article by David Christian Newton

________________________________________________________________________________________ David Christian Newton Letter to THE MONITOR: Over the years, and not so long ago, this writer sent various commentaries to the Monitor, almost always carrying a message of conservatism and self-sufficiency that served well for the person who cared for him, or her, self. During the times leading up to the present, I have been pleased with her clear form of expression and her dedication to self-control and limited government. She was, and remains, a person who is committed to avoiding being a person looking for an easy ride or a person who feels entitled without justification. She is obviously a self-provident, contributing citizen. Lamentably, there are those come those who ridicule or discard those who are committed to self-sufficiency and positive citizenship. Her most recent submission to the discussion about the the value of self-support as opposed to being supported by public assistance is another excellent pronouncement about the value of self-sufficiency and avoidance of public assistance,or worse, criminal activity. It is clear that those of us who prefer self-sufficiency and who avoid the allure of sponging "free money" are taking the high-road, realizing nothing has value if it is not earned. The invading of other peoples' nations while demanding support might seem easy enough in a nation such as the USA. However, it is not reasonable to arrive into a place such as Texas and expect and require alimation, shelter, and other basic services. The fact is there are large bodies of humanity who think that arriving without permission into the United States is a heroic or reasonable accomplishment. The payment by "coyotes" or other forms of criminal method of entrance into the United States of America and places such as Texas are and frequently a one-way entrance into public assistance and a frequent opening to an uncomfortable and compromised life compromised life-situation. My almost certain conclusion about the scores of thousands who are arriving with baby-in-the-belly, or fleeing one kind or another of oppression, or who thinking that he or she can establish themselves as some kind of a person who is a free-standing, self-sustaining person. The issues and settings of those arriving before these times are very much different from today's challenges. I was born in 1947...the third and last birth by my parents. on a 25 acre tract on a gravel road that connected about 40 feet from a concrete highway that connected up with another highway that led to a place called Edinburg. The times were different obviously. Good and bad things have had their way, and I could tell tales about that area that would bore people to death for hours. We appeciate your time and interest. David Christian Newton privatouring@gmail.com

Wednesday, 27 October 2021



continued from our preceding entry..

     Relying upon the intelligence and integrity of the writer of the newspaper report concerning what is regarded as essentially a shutdown of the Rio Pecos, one could reliably take the writing and use the material for kindling.   The article essentially points out that the Rio Pecos is either dead or dyeing or both.  The article was somber and authoritative  and perhaps even believable.  However, one must remember that throughout the world there are people with many degrees, much experience, all nature of ideas, analysis, and best interests at heart that reassure the human race that The End Is Near.

     I mean…everybody knows it.   Doctor Fauci couldn't be either that wrong or that deceptivehe's a nice little old man who is just trying to help the poor and the downtrodden.

       BUTthere is a little problem as we move along.   The drought and shortage of water in the subterranean  areas in West Texas has been a bit severe, but it has also been confined to a relatively small area.   It is also a river that can "pick it up and  dump all over you and your ranch" or it can enter into an eight to twenty month "dry-spell" and pick up one-tenth or less than what the Good Lord allocates to the rainfall in the Pecos River (in Texas ) area, that being 15 too 24 inches per year.   There have been times when there was little or no rain in that area for 12 to 20 months.

     The massive Lake Amistad that has depths in some places as deep as 400 - 500 feet, and it fed primarily by the Rio Grande and the Rio Concho which comes in a ways upstream from Mexico   The Devil's River is a smaller course, running generally North to South, and feeding into the Rio Grande, and that flow is relatively steady and spring fedalthough it is much smaller than the catchment areas of the other mentioned sources.

     And, to draw the noose tight, we can be sure that Gabriel will blow his horn some time in the very distant  future.   The regular and irregular rains, the regular and irregular springs will fill and feed the 200,000 square miles of that part of Texas (and New Mexico) drained and fed by the various aquifers and surface carriers.

    Thanks  one and all for your time and interest.   We are trying to get back in the saddle againand apparently our response has been been than I thought it might be.   Thanks to everyone!!!


Thursday, 26 August 2021

We return to the Field of Combat and Contention

      Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.   Perhaps I am not the good man needed for these times, but we shall try.   As an entry and aside, we have been in a jumble of extremely compressed action, taking care of large and small problems and projects during the past couple of months or a bit more.

     We dawdled and procrastinated, helped and sweated, felt inadequate for not doing things betterand so forth.   Cats to feed, dogs to re-assure, lawns front and rear and both sides to mow and nurtureall rewarding and challenging, especially when one is normally disposed to hanging around, whining and moaning, and grumbling about the political situationsin Texasin Washington, D.C., and with our friends and enemies throughout the planet.


     During the past few years, and especially during the last four or five years, we have been witnessing one of the most ridiculous assaults without punishment ever to afflict the Republic of Texas and its surrounding political entities.  For instanceduring the months of October and November, 2021 the number of people detained and processed by the Texan and American authorities totaled in excess of 350,000 humans, of all imaginable ages, races, ethnic types, and citizenship.

     It was left to people in the southernmost  

Sunday, 1 August 2021

A Clarion Call

     This is a bit off my route, but it is something that must be circulated throughout the common law, Judeo-Christianic, free enterprise world.  The below cited woman styled what this writer must consider to be a classic re-statement of the obvious.

     Our problem for the nation, as it is for Texas, is that we must struggle to remain viable in the face of decadence and the abandonment of Holy Creeds and proven successful codes of social and moral conduct.  Business conduct, social activity, the rearing and guiding of children and the pre-adult individual obviously must depend upon that which is dependable…and honest…and straightforward.

     There have been several contributors to our local newspaper here in McAllen, Texas and it is fairly certain that a tenth or more of the one million people who maintain an orbit in and around Hidalgo County of Texas probably review the commentary provided by the McAllen Monitor on a regular basis.   I do not wish to delve into the transformation of the culture and social complexion of Hidalgo County, for it is far, far too complexas it pertains to the past, present, and futureto discuss within the structure of this missive.

    Suffice to say that Hidalgo County became an official entity back in the early 1850's.   Places such as McAllen, Edinburg, Weslaco, Mission, and Mercedes (please forgive the failure to mention the many-score villages, towns, and cities that also form much of the population of this County) back in pre-War Between the States, the Maximilian / Benito Juarez War of the early 1860s, and all the subsequent activity since make a patchwork quilt of a complexity never imagined by those of us born in the 1930's - 1960's in Hidalgo County.   That part of Texas, at the very frontier with Mexico and the Rio Grande, has witnessed all but incomprehensible changes and forms of common and extremely advanced commercial, agricultural, and industrial activity.  It is an awesome metamorphosis in my lifetime.

     We render now the submission of one Hortencia Camargo, a contributor to the McAllen Monitor newspaper.   She is one of several observers and analysts in this area,  very astute Latins of one or two generations on up into 20 generations in this part of the North American Continent, who have committed to the Free Enterprise, Judeo-Christian approach to cultural viability.   Without further droning forth, we present Hortensia Camargo's view of Hidalgo County and essentially the World in very few words…all gilt in wisdom and glistening in silver.



Hortensia Camargo

     President Biden is burning the candle at both ends.  The near, near future will clearly show Biden and his supporters that money and resources truly do not grow on trees.  The endless stimulus checks, blanket loans, and strain on America for Americans, plus the blanket cost of living tab for the entire world simultaneously will cripple America.   Small businesses will fail, taxes will be raised to try to support this ridiculous grab for "free everything" in the name of feel-good and warm-inside sentiment.

     Have you ever boarded a plane?  There is a reason they clearly instruct you to protect and secure yourself in case of an emergency before you help your neighbour.   Why?  Because when you are both weakened and compromised, the chance of you both perishing are almost guaranteed.  That's America and its neighbours.

     Right now the burden of keeping American citizens afloat and the entire influx of illegal aliens will eventually affect all of us.  It'll be with higher taxes, major crime, an uptake in COVID - 19 infections and variants, lack of resources, overpopulated schools and congested classes, more colonias, inflation, lack  of medical resources and ICU  beds, and…eventually Social Security will be attacked to help foot the bill.

     Each and every one of us will feel the horrific effect of the absolute worst and first quasi-communist socialist president ever, Joe Biden.  He has created the most volatile economy America has ever seen.  Awe, but like children: all the candy your heart desires looks extremely attractive, but America must accept that it will come with rot and a world of pain.

     The American Dream is no more.  Hustle, drive, ambition, creativity,  entrepreneurship and capitalism are gone.  The current system puts fear in its citizens to excel.   The famous income tax return pie-in-the-sky keeps the masses purposely trying to not excel and to instead settle; to live not to lose instead of living to win.

     To-day, parents literally teach their kids how to get an income tax return and not pay taxes.

   And, Oh!  critical race theory is totally racist.   If there were white-only, groups, advocacy centres, and organisations, society would be up at arms.   Yes, racism still exists today but the new colour of abused victims is white.

     To truly end racism we must collectively accept and acknowledge that all races face it every single day.   Being White in America to-day is almost a crime.  Don't let certain movements and organisations fool you…racism is racism, regardless of colour.

     Biden's America is a joke.   The entire country is being pandered to.  It is insulting and sad.