Wednesday, 19 March 2014

El Zorro tends a ha'penny common nail with a 16 - pound sledgehammer....right on the head


How can a twerp like Barrack Hussein Obama do so much harm to 330,000,000 people?
If you really stop to think, it is almost as unfathomable as the national debt of $17 trillion.
     330 million individuals have had their lives unalterably harmed by this average IQ, brainwashed, arrogant, and low-esteemed product of the third world drug and thug cultures.
     He is making basketball predictions at a time when the Russians, Red Chinese, North Koreans, and almost every other bully country in the world is laughing their collective butt off at the once impressive Unites States of America.  That is us.  We are being laughed at.  More importantly we are in imminent danger of becoming a full blown third world country ourselves. 
     Our Internet domain name and Internet Protocol (IP) assignment control will be handed over by Obama to an as yet unknown international body.  How about the Internet being under the control and advice of Sharia Law?  Amazon will be selling turbans, prayer rugs, burkas, and other Muslim paraphernalia.  Information sites will be dedicated to Sharia indoctrination.
    Is Obama a Muslim?  I really want to know.  I am asking the question because it is obvious his agenda is so obviously prejudiced in favor of Islam.
    And just how did he prevail in two elections?  I refuse to believe there are that many really stupid Americans.  There had to be a special or foul method.
     The first time this fellow was elected we can understand due to the charisma associated with his speaking ability and ability to use a teleprompter.  His talent comes not from his brain but his mouth.  He was able to make effective use of technology.  He has surrounded himself with people who are savvy in all things political and technological.  With the low information voters interested in only what was free and the republicans caught sleeping, he breezed to an easy win.  The second time is very difficult to understand.  His base still is the low information drones; however, the Tea Party, Libertarians, and republicans who woke up slightly made the race closer.  Beside the choice of a really lame candidate by the republicans, the problem was (and still is) the Obama supporters do not sleep, do not quit, and do not care about issues.  The republicans, libertarians, and independents are lazy.  If they do not acquire energy soon we will be under some sort of fascist, socialist, communist, or Sharia government.  Our Constitution will be no longer, and it will be replaced by one of the above.
I believe the Obama party used some technology to sneak up on the voting population during the last presidential election.  This may seem over the head of most observers but here is a proposition that may have been or could be employed:
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or a very similar system of using information can practically guarantee an electoral win.  It works like this.  The nation is divided naturally into geographic regions, states.  The states are further broken down in to many layers of smaller and smaller geographic regions i.e. counties, municipalities, voting districts, and so on.  Having a map with these divisions outlined, imagine it over laid with dots representing demographic data (for example census data).  What can be done with this map and the underlying data is to ask a question of the map “in the state of Texas, show me all the voters who voted republican in the last election (place a red dot for each of these)”.  On a computer screen one would see the state outline with areas lit up for where there exist concentrations of republican voters.  Some areas on this map will be a solid red for strong concentrations and no color where they do not exist and variations in between.  Imagine how districts could be drawn using this technology.  A technician could draw on the map, lines around the lit areas or exclude them as necessary to accomplish a voting district map.  To refine further using the map and census data additional information “asked of the map” could be incomes greater than $25,000 or families who drive SUVs or Individuals with criminal records ad infinitum.  By combining data and circumscribing relevant geographical areas a presidential candidate could easily know where and how to campaign (or where to buy votes).  This allows a machine to mechanically decide where the votes are without regard to issues and thereby giving an election to the voter with the best system.  This is like counting votes in a casino which, by the way, is not allowed in most legal casinos along with other mechanical systems.
This is somewhat complicated but the GISs do exist and are very accurate and effective.  I cannot help but believe that Obama used some mechanical advantage to win his second election if not the first.  To learn more about GIS see What is GIS?.  Put as simply as possible a GIS is a method of relating unrelated objects by where they exist geographically.  A very powerful tool.
It is believable that the controversy over GWB’s first election and the voting machine upgrades may have influenced use of such a system.  If the conservatives of either or all the Tea Party, libertarians, republicans, or independents are not using some such system they will lose.  Elections are not as simple as they once were…

There is a certain conundrum involved with Obama and the Muslims of the radical sort.  The radical Muslims are dedicated to the proposition that all humanity be forced. to be compliant with the Law of God.  The most radical mete out very severe punishment for walking under the bumbum tree on Tuesday afternoon with a casual beheading of the offender's three daughters and his camel.   Nothing personal, mind you, just the Law as set forth in this Quran.

     Obama and his posse are communists, through and through.  They act like they know something of the Judeo-Christianic thing, but find it odd that the snake handlers and the people who kiss the Pope's big toe actually think that there is a god who has/had a son, who was born to a virginal Hebrette, and that the supposed mythical figure rose from the dead after having been crucified for blaspheming against the Roman Emperor's divinity.  They roar with laughter about this, among themselves, after all, "It's not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." --explaining his troubles winning over some working-class voters".

     So we witness the stark raving mad lunatics...the Muslim radicals who supposedly believe in nothing but Allah, all day, every day, three times and twice again more during Ramadan and desire nothing but the death of whomsoever might braid his camel's mane with the wrong coloured ribbons during the Full Moon....who are making truck with people who want to destroy the faith of the American people and replace it with total secular humanism and the absolute religion of Global Warming and Cooling and atheism.   The progressives and marxists and atheists, arm in arm, swaying to the anthem of Coca Caliphate Cola and the International....with maybe a bit of the senseless, ridiculous, meaningless song we all know and love:

      Perhaps the most beloved, pointless, incoherent, bafflegab lyrics ever dedicated to feed starving Ethiopian children.  Three freighters were loaded up with medicines and food.   They pulled into harbour and immediately were mired in corruption and red-tape.   Almost all the food was purloined by corrupt military people aligned with the regime that was causing the starvation to begin with.   Various of the Grand Poobahs sold the majority of the tonnage....similar to what Saddam Hussein did with the relief material that was shipped in during his time in the United Nations "penalty box" after his defeat in the first Gulf War.

     This wafting odour of something rotten about the automated voting procedures affected only one place in Texas during the immediate past was down here where the Democrats control of the very few places in the Republic of Texas where that is the case.   There have been several elections contests filed due to small things like more people voting in precinct than there are people on the registration (poll lists).  Among other El Zorro's points are not flimsy in the least, especially considering that he is one of those people who can repair a computer, or put an F - 4 Phantom engine back together and make it work....and who installed three or four million miles (almost) of the first fibre-optic for SouthWestern Bell, etc. etc.    We are not talking about a guy who just plays with swords and rides around on a horse at night.

El Gringo Viejo will be heading South to-morrow in the morning.   We are doing repairs, and who knows, perhaps we'll even have visitors.  On Sunday, when I went to get my documents for my vehicle and me, the bridge of normal use had a 4 hour line of motorcars full 9f people from mainly the Monterrey metroplex who had flooded to the Magic Lower Rio Grande Valley (mainly McAllen) for shopping!!!  WHOOOPPPEEEEEE!!!!
     Remember that three years ago, no one was travelling anywhere....except your humble servant. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

(Sir Edmund) Hillary Lauded for Public Service by Jeb Bush - Visit from the Archivial Past (Humourous, Sad Material)


     Jeb Bush has taken heat from some on the right for agreeing to present an award tomorrow to Hillary Clinton for her work in public service.   Bush, who is chairman of the National Constitutional Center, is presenting the award in Philadelphia. he said in a statement. "While Secretary Clinton and I disagree on many issues, we certainly agree on the importance of civic engagement. The Board looks forward to the Center’s annual celebration of the vision of freedom, responsibility and equality embodied in the U.S. Constitution.”
   We were privileged to have been contacted by the Republican Institutional National Organisation (RINO) requesting that we assist in the composition of a short address for the famous conservative. past-governor of Florida, allowing us to amend his speech slightly before its presentation at (Sir Edmund)Hillary's award for "Public Service and Civic Engagement"  (?)   My inspired words came out something like what is found below.

      Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,” Bush said in a statement. "The simple act of corkscrewing into the heavy enemy fire in the Balkans and shielding Sinbad and her own daughter from the withering sniper and mortar fire as they ran across the completely exposed tarmac, prove that this woman is truly a daughter of Jean d'Arc.
      We all remember when she suggested to Maggie Thompson and Bernie Nussbaum that it might be nice to "tidy-up" Vince Foster's office after poor Vince was found at Fort Marcy Park after having suffered a calamitous health issue, something like a work-place incident. (Sir Edmund) Hillary, always thinking of others, asked her staff to clean up the office so that Mrs. Foster would not have to be burdened.
     And we are moved to think how difficult it was for her to supervise the ghost writers of two different books...two! mind you....when she had so much on her plate, on behalf of women and children and minorities. It is very difficult to supervise two different books, when one realised that neither she nor anyone else ever read them. (Sir Edmund) Hillary emoted the new literary process, far ahead of its time by Cerebral Osmomosistic Diffusion, a process she invented and perfected, and will be awarded, later in the day, ten consecutive years of combined Nobel Prizes for Peace, Science, Literature, and Divinity. While some light a candle instead of cursing the darkness, (Sir Edmund) Hillary is more like a Times Square Solstice and Kwanza and LGBTRZOKH Tree, lighting the way for what has been called the New Normalcy and Tolerance.
     The Wall Street Awards Group gave her, simultaneous to the Jeb Bush Award for being just like (Sir Edmund) Hillary, the coveted Bernie Madoff Award for devising new Techniques in Cattle Futures Trading. The Academy of Cattle Futures lovingly engraved her imitation silver and gold trophy with the message embossed over the image of an Old Cow, reading "It really does take one to know one".
     And of course, sitting in the front row of the admiring and adoring audience was Mrs. Ron Brown, and the members of the White House Travel Agency staff who were given, let us say, a nice "early retirement" when (Sir Edmund) Hillary first entered the White House advised the FBI that they seemed to be tired and needed a rest. Always thinking of others, you see.
    She placed her cousins and some of their friends in charge of the White House Travel Office, and they served well enough until some were let go because of little discrepancies here and there.   Only two or three were ever convicted of felonies or anything, however.
    It was like when (Sir Edmund)Hillary and Janet Reno decided to have the FBI, the ATF, and Gen. Wesley Clark liberate those poor children from those crazy, religious gun-nuts outside of Waco, Texas. We are comforted in knowing that because of the heroic efforts of that team, led by (Sir Edmund)Hillary, those children are in a better place now.  Turned out the "gun-nuts" had fewer guns per adult-under-the-roof than the average home in Texas.  It just goes to show what a reasonable approach to Climate Change can do to forward the blunting of simultaneous  Global Cooling and Global Warming.
    It doesn't really matter, whether we are talking about holding 1,300 FBI raw data files for two years or leaving a briefcase on Vince Foster's White House office desk, three days after the office had been visited, photographed, and dusted.   Either way, it really is phenomenal, folks, really, because Chuck Colson who worked for Nixon in the White House had one unopened raw data file, and he had to sit in the Big House for three years for that offence.  Imagine!  All of (Sir Edmund)Hillary's were opened and the papers returned in inaccurate manners.  We are talking about a really magical personality.
    Or, we can consider the phenomenal ability to have Web Hubbell serve two different long terms in the Big House so that (Sir Edmund) Hillary could keep her wide....uh...her wide.....uh...presence ensconced in the White House, or that she is the only person in this 5,000 seat auditorium at this time who can say with pride that he or she knows well over 100 people who have met with violent and/or untimely deaths, sometimes unexplainable and sometimes ruled homicides and sometimes ruled suicides, and/or folks who are serving or who have served prison time stemming from activities with or around the famous pair, Bonnie and Clyde, excuse me, Billy Jeff and (Sir Edmund) Hillary.   Now, go ahead and say  what you might...not many people can duplicate that record.
     This list can go on forever, shaking down political contributors, foreign and domestic, who are trying to buy a Presidential Pardon or obtain some well-deserved illegal favour, saying that her daughter was at the twin towers on the morning of 9 - 11 - 01, saying that she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary three years before he began his assault of Mount Everest, or telling a nice crowd of folks that she tried to volunteer for the United States Marines but was turned down because of her eyesight.  We all just have to stand in awe of her.  We simply must.   Or else.
     Who would have ever thought that we would have the opportunity to pay homage to a person who could actually be forever remembered for falling into her 1,000,000 dollar an hour airplane while drunk, and then avoiding a pernicious Congressional inquiry for three months, by faking first stomach flu and then faking a brain concussion and then faking a broken jaw.  What better way to work out of a really tough hangover?
     And she will forever be remembered for those inspirational and patriotic words, "What difference, at this point, can it possibly make?" We shall forever remember that defiant, scowling, witch-like face, skewed into a look of contempt for such common people to even think about calling her to account for herself and her stuperous inaction during the time Americans were being killed because she was too blotto and/or too uncaring and/or too self-involved to have considered addressing the need for beefing up security for a consular compound in some silly remote country full of funny looking dark people.  At least it wasn't 03:00 some dark-thirty morning.
    Finally, I, Jeb Bush, demand that we have a moment of silence so as to consider deeply, everything....and I mean everything...that (Sir Edmund) Hillary has done for women.....and children......just think of everything she has done.....everything. Monitoring cameras and microphones are on, and will be reviewed after this event so as to ensure compliance with (Sir Edmund) Hillary's demands.

    Thank you all.  And may (Sir Edmund) Hillary bless America.
    Thank you, Governor, for allowing me to advise and contribute to your attempt to speak reasonably about such an interesting personality.   I have been guided by my parents' admonition to only say the most favourable things one can about the living or the dead.  We believe that admonition has been served.
    Suffice to say, I and all of mine will vigorously oppose any effort that you might make in terms of gaining any further elective office.  The notion that you can render homage to a certifiably psychotic narcissist who is a dedicated marxist, committed to the destruction of this Republic and the establishment of a socialist replacement, while at the same time you are denigrating personalities like Ted Cruz, is disgusting. 
El Gringo Viejo

A couple of bitter pills....Billy Jeff's and (Sir Edmund) Hillary begin the case of "THE LOST ARCHIVES"


Observations concerning Billy Jeff Blyth and his "heartfelt comments" that have been scrubbed so as not to stain the deliberations of the Beatification Committee

(1)   At the transcribed sessions with speechwriters ahead of his 1999 State of the Union, the president joked that then-Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, was “probably a major suspect” in the dragging death of James Byrd in Texas the previous summer.

(2)   In a discussion over the politics of the parents of Matthew Shepard, a gay man beaten and left for dead, Clinton said that “white people in Wyoming … are by definition Republicans.” And expressing his doubts about whether to bring up Shepard’s murder in the address, Clinton revealed to aides that his pollster warned his “numbers go down” every time he mentioned gays in a speech.


     1.    Concerning the first point.   Billy Jeff Blyth is quintessential white trash.  His task, as a member of the whitetrash-American community is to denigrate and ridicule his betters.  He does it very well, through considerable practice, by associating people he resents and feels inferior towards with acts and statements he thinks will lessen public and community esteem for said people.  Tom DeLay, of course, had nothing to do with the dragging death of that poor unfortunate who met up with some drunken whitetrash late one afternoon.

     OROGs should be aware, however, that the area of Newton and Jasper Counties in Texas, adjacent in Deep East Texas to Louisiana, are  truly Old Confederacy in their ambience and understanding of life.  And, interestingly, with the end of the coming term, Newton and Jasper Counties will have been represented for six consecutive years in the Lower House of the Congress of the Republic of a Black man....very highly educated....a movement, fundamental conservative, and a Republican.  This last election cycle, he will have had no opposition from a Democrat and he had none in the Republican primary this round.

     Perhaps he took solace and inspiration from Billy Jeff, when Little Billy told the beaming Yankee throngs about how he would get on the city busses in Hope, Arkansas and purposefully go sit in the back so as to express solidarity with the humiliated Black Folks who were required to sit in the back of the bus by law.  Of course, that did not ever happen....for one because he would not have done it if he could, and for another...Hope did not have city busses.  Children rode their bicycles the 15 blocks over there and then the 9 blocks to over here and the adults either drove or walked to their destinations.   Billy Jeff lied and the Black Folks walked or drove to their destinations.
     Billy also remembered all the Black churches that were set afire around where he lived (actual count? Zero), and that is what drove him to always cast his first sympathies with the Black when he put his post-Presidential office in Harlem.

Harlem Is Losing a Piece of Clinton

     When Bill Clinton officially began his post-presidency in Harlem in 2001, he was greeted with open arms — thousands of them. At a plaza near his new office, at 55 West 125th Street, a crowd of 2,000 residents and civic leaders gathered on a hot July afternoon to celebrate the arrival of a neighbor whose presence, two blocks from the landmark Apollo Theatre, seemed to put a presidential stamp of approval on the neighborhood’s revival.

James Estrin/The New
York Times
Bill Clinton in Harlem in
2001 after announcing he was
in negotiations for office space
in a building at 55 West
125th Street. Nearly 10
years later, the William
J. Clinton Foundation is
moving to a bigger office
in the financial district.
     In his speech there in 2001, Mr. Clinton said, “Harlem always struck me as a place that was human and alive, where there was a rhythm to life and a song in the heart, where no matter how bad it was, people held up their heads and went on, and where, when things got good, people were grateful and cared about their neighbors.”
Nearly 10 years later, Mr. Clinton is leaving Harlem. Or, at least part of him is.
The William J. Clinton Foundation is moving most of its offices from Harlem to 77 Water Street in the financial district, in Lower Manhattan. But Mr. Clinton will keep a toehold in Harlem: his office as a former president will remain on the top floor of 55 West 125th Street.
     The nonprofit foundation will occupy space on the 18th floor of 77 Water Street. The move will give the foundation more space — 25,227 square feet downtown versus 18,000 square feet uptown — and will help it cut costs. The foundation’s rent will be cheaper than the $40 a square foot it pays in the Harlem building, though it is unclear what the exact new rent will be, since the deal is not yet official, said a person familiar with both office locations who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the details.
     The foundation did not respond to requests for comment. CB Richard Ellis, the real estate brokerage firm representing the foundation, declined to comment.
A spokeswoman for the General Services Administration, which oversees office space for former presidents, said that although the foundation was moving, the office space afforded Mr. Clinton as a former president would remain in the building in Harlem. The lease for that space — 8,715 square feet at the top of the 14-story building — was renewed in May 2010 and takes effect in August 2011, the spokeswoman, Emily Barocas, said. The 10-year lease expires in July 2021.
     Ms. Barocas said the General Services Administration had no role in the foundation’s use of the Water Street space. The New York Post reported the move on Wednesday.
      It remained unclear how Mr. Clinton would divide his time between the two offices. On 125th Street near his office, Harlem residents interviewed on Wednesday said Mr. Clinton had been a positive force in the neighborhood, although not a regularly visible one. Abuk Auk, 35, who works at a hair salon near 55 West 125th Street, said she saw Mr. Clinton walking into the building once years ago.
      “We were so happy,” Ms. Auk said of Mr. Clinton’s arrival in Harlem in 2001. “We thought it was going to change everything for us.” She pointed across 125th Street at a row of shuttered storefronts and added: “You see those shops that are closed? It’s too bad he couldn’t do more to help small business here.”
      Assemblyman Keith L. T. Wright, a Democrat whose district includes the Harlem building, described Mr. Clinton as a great neighbor, adding that there were no sore feelings.
      “We love him dearly,” Mr. Wright said. “The community will always love him. We would catch a glimpse of him from time to time, and that added a special flavor to the neighborhood. We wish him well.”
     Harlem had not been the former president’s first choice. In February 2001, Mr. Clinton abandoned his plans to move into a skyscraper in Midtown after he was criticized for his decision to rent office space at one of Manhattan’s most lavish office towers. He had planned to rent the 56th floor of Carnegie Hall Tower for $738,700 a year, compared with the $210,000 asking rent in 2001 for the space in Harlem.

Colin Moynihan contributed reporting.
Suffice to say....Billy Jeff almost never appeared  anywhere around his "favourite part" of New York City....a place where, according to him, he would go out of his way after arriving at "La Gardya Airport" to walk through Harlem and enjoy its familiar ambience that he had grown to love in Hope, Arkansas.   Like Hillary Diane Rodham had grown to love the New York Yankees because she was from Chicago.   Doesn't everyone just love football? 

     We return to Jasper and Newton Counties of Texas, where the three scumbags who murdered the hapless Black fellow were tried in a Court of the Republic of Texas, where the foreman of the jury was another Black man, a law officer, and where the three whitetrash who murdered  the poor fellow received two death sentences and one life in prison.
     And even at that, the press and the NAALCP ran advertisements against George W. Bush because he would not support a bill that would style certain crimes as "hate crimes".   Bush was stupid, so he said things like, "How can anyone prove what someone is thinking in a court of law?   And besides, we have two guys on death row, and one who's going to sit in prison for the rest of his life.  What more can be done?'
     We throw in the last pitch, for a well-deserved "Strike Four", when we refresh the memories of all, about when Billy Jeff hurried back to Little Rock during his presidential campaign, so as to be available to reassure the Warden that there would be no delay in the up-coming execution of a Death Penalty Warrant.   The convicted murderer?   He was a Black man.  Bleeding hearts and others had pointed out that the fellow was not stacked with a full deck.   For instance, when the guards came to take him to the Death Chamber, the man straightened everything up and put the remains of his "last meal" in a safe place, covered up neatly, saying in all seriousness, "I'll finish this up when I come back".  This sounds like an urban legend...but it's not.   But at least Clinton managed to show the world that he was "Tough on Crime!"
     He probably learned his compassion in these matters while riding in the back of a non-existent bus, while passing by the smoldering remains of churches that were never burned....while he honed his penchant for steroidal mendacity.   Tom DeLay had nothing to do with the murdered of the Black man, by the way, although Billy Jeff went out of his way to tell that "joke" at every opportunity....part of that kinder and gentler, reaching across the aisle and being that there reasonable thing..... don'tcha know?


2.     Matthew Shepard was a homosexual.   He was brutally murdered by a couple of thugs....mortally injured and left to die, apparently tangled in a barbed wire fence.   The press flooded every corner of the the newspapers, radio news, and television time and image with the innuendo that all Westerners, just like Southerners are beasts who rampantly dedicate themselves to the torture and murder of homosexuals and Negroes.   It just their nature, being sub-human illiterate snake handlers and superstitious rubes.

     Then the times, they be a - goin' day turns into the next....and the story turns out not to be true.   The two thugs are thugs, truly enough.   But they are homosexuals who patronise the same homosexual bar  where Matthew frequented.   The three were drinking and partying buddies with other homosexuals.   A couple of members of their posse even had girlfriends.  One night after too much alcohol and weed, Matthew wound up being the object of the disaffection of the two people who had killed him.    It was a matter something entirely different than that which was reported.   But, at this point, what possible difference could it make?

     Liberals, socialists, marxists, communists, national socialists, kill truly democratic-republican, common and natural law paradises, one lie at a time.  But do not fret.   They have all the billions and billions of lies they need, and the gullible, dependency-seeking slugs in the populace now....that they will ever need.   The American Republic stumbles ever closer to the abyss.

More Later, and thank you for having invested your time with us.  Your presence here is appreciated.
El Gringo Viejo

Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Terrible Situation....Immigration nightmare

     This morning started poorly.  I had to go buy some milk and a couple of extra goodies for the breakfast for my granddaughters.  They seem to like having their grandfather slave over a hot stove for them...and it is something El Gringo Viejo enjoys doing.   Upon arriving at the grocery store, it was disappointing to see that it was not open, although every clock and time source in town and the radio said that the hour was 06:05.
     It was noticed how the employees were sauntering in, and how they opened the door, so I did the same.  After a bit of hunting and pecking, the milk and other goodies were located.   But, no checkers.   After about two minutes a lady came up to number seven with a cash tray, and motioned me to come on into Number 7...which I do.   As I near, a slob runs in front of me, grunting, "I'm first. I'm in a hurry."  He is a slob, smelly, unshaven, and in no danger of might say.   I was always taught and have almost always practiced allowing the lesser to be the greater for that moment they think of course I deferred.   He had some female necessity products, and a loaf of specialty bread.   Odd.
     The cashier rang up the purchase, and asked for the money because the fellow seemed distracted by the magazines with the four/fifths naked bimboes on the cover.  Finally he responds by producing his Lone Star Card....and swiping it incorrectly.   The cashier told him that he should have declared that he was going to pay with the card, because now she has to segregate covered charges from uncovered charges, requiring a start over.   Finally after several other setbacks, and a request, with which the cashier complied, to make change in cash with the Card (I really thought that was not permitted), my "turn" came.   Transaction time...23 seconds, method of payment...yankee greenback.   The smelly slob....he had stopped at a lottery ticket dispenser machine...and he was feeding three actions of two dollars each into the machine.   I turned at the door, and looked back.   Zero for six.   Six dollars flushed right down the Cosmic Galactic toilet.

My Country 'tis of Thee, Great land of Liberty.....Saint Mary and all the Angels help us now and at the time of the Death of our Republic.

    Corruption, all-powerful government, and unions are joined at the hip and shoulder.   We lament that these ingredients and the sham of a game being played by the central government about immigration control have combined into the perfect storm of danger, extortion, official corruption, injury, and death.

    In one day, a jury in Brownsville returned a multiple count verdict of guilty against the field operations director of the McAllen office of the Department of Homeland Security.  The charges involved forgery, false testimony, forms of official oppression, various illegal orders to subordinates, and co-ordinating the sale of immigration permits, through subordinate personnel, in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.   He was also involved in facilitating numerous passings of pregnant illegal aliens into the Brownsville area for the purpose of delivery of the infamous "anchor babies" whose delivery on American soil immediately qualifies the mother for over 30,000 USD per year to do nothing beyond care for the child somewhat, while she watches telenovelas at waiting for the opportunity to deliver a series of anchor babies, thereby making her stay essentially permanent on the welfare roles.   That high ranking officers in the Department of Homeland Security are involved in this kind of activity....selling immigration permits and fomenting not only bastardy, but illegal alien frankly, to be expected.   It is the nature of corruption, performed by an all powerful government and its accompanying labour union...joined at the hip to perjure, cover-up, sneak, filch, extort, and practice every aspect of the fine, arrogant, bullying art of hubris.

     While another agent is being jumped at a point just south of the Falfurrias  Border Patrol checkpoint, and stripped of his weapon by an un-armed illegal alien....narrowly missing being hit by two shots by that illegal alien, and finally wrestling his pistol back from said alien....another Border Patrol agent is having a bit of a different problem.

     This is a fellow making over 70,000 USD annual salary.  He's a union fellow, and he has been "looked in to" by supervisory authority for the Department of Homeland Security.   In other words, he has had complaints levied against him from civilians or apprehended illegal aliens.  Perhaps there have even been observations forwarded by work mates.  That is not clear.  But it is possible.   This fellow apprehends three females....a mother and daughter, and the daughter's female friend.   The two younger girls are aged fourteen.  They have walked and done whatever to make it to a point on the Republic of Texas side of the Rio Grande from all the way from Honduras, in Central America.   The intent of all three, in all probability is to become anchorbabymothers.   It is the best they can think of, given the hell-hole Honduras has become....much of it because of lack of strong and forthright American presence in northern South America and Central America.   One should find these women disgusting and horrid invaders....but it is, as in the case of the American Negro....the fault of the American "live free, then die" public welfare system that lures more and more of the unqualified, non-immigrant type invader into our midst.

     This time, however, the hell-hole and the madman and the hubris of a central government officer with a gun come together to make a perfect sociological storm.  The officer detains, and loads the three females into his patrol pickup.   He drives a short distance to an out of the way spot near the Rio Grande.   He take the oldest female and one of the fourteen year old girls out, slashes and stabs the oldest female, then brutally rapes and then attempts to break the girl's neck...unsuccessfully.   She is also stabbed and slashed...leaving the two bleeding and disoriented, and apparently dead.
      He then takes off to his deluxe apartment in a deluxe part of Sharyland, which is a deluxe part of Mission / McAllen in the Magic Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.   He drags the second fourteen-year-old girl into his apartment, and apparently brutally beats and rapes her, then learns that a police team has arrived outside his deluxe he promptly blows his own brains out.
     The three females are hospitalised...but don't spite of what Obama and (Sir Edmund) Hillary lied and said...everybody really did have medical coverage.   The three females have an insurance policy called  YOU.  They are covered by Medicaid.  They will have the first or second best attention available on the Planet.   There will be no charge.   And there will be no one to pay for the crime....although the guilty party in many ways is the slime who continue to tout the public welfare system as something other than the dependency trap designed to enslave defective people and to tax productive people to the point of destitution.
     El Gringo Viejo faults more the rapacious Democrat National Socialists and the milquetoast RINOs GOP "reasonable" Congress people who want to "give" people gifts bought with someone else's money.   We have built walls, they do not work.   We have staffed up, frequently with unqualified people of marginal moral and/or mental capacity.    We have deployed "advanced technology that is sometimes not used, and other times not comprehended, and yet the flood of unqualified vacuum cleaning bottom feeders glob on to the gravy train....and the Department of Agriculture posts more and better announcements about how to eat free, and make that guy over there pay for his meal twice...or thrice.

     Do not delude yourselves, please.   These folks are not the workers from years past.   Before the first amnesty and the Great Society there really were fine people who came from the bowels of Mexico and laboured long and hard and made good money for their families.  The almost always went home.   If they stayed they became positive elements in the society with the same frequency as the general community.
     Now we have carved-up and strangled anchorbabymothers, dead by suicide interception agents, other agents who managed to get into a situation that allows an illegal alien to disarm him, all the while several officers in the McAllen field office make their families proud by winning free room and board for the next many years because of the "innovative" systems they have developed to keep America safe.
     Pardon while El Gringo Viejo states clearly that these people never once thought about anyone...especially you and yours....only themselves, not America....not the little girl in the ballet outfit going to the recital...not the people in the "feel good" advertisements....only themselves.   And this they did while knocking down salaries almost no one down here makes.   These things have become the norm.   This is a regular passage of two or three days here, now.

El Gringo Viejo

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Buck McKeon rises to the occasion - El Zorro informs!! Attention all, please!


Zorro at

12:41 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

The House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-CA) rejected the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) for 2014.  DoD is required to submit a QDR every 4 years to Congress.  It is supposed to make recommendations that are “fully independent of the budget submitted to Congress by the president”.  It is also required to create a 20 year plan.  This is the first quadrennial report that has been rejected in recent history.
The following is a statement by the Chairman rejecting the QDR, and rightly so:
"I appreciate the work that has gone into this QDR. A rigorous analysis and debate that takes place every .four years as the review is put together should be immensely valuable to planners and senior commanders. Unfortunately, the product the process produced this time has more to do with politics than policy and is of little value to decision makers. For that reason, I will require the Department to re-write and re-submit a compliant report. In defiance of the law, this QDR provides no insight into what a moderate-to-low risk strategy would be, is clearly budget driven, and is shortsighted. it allows the President to duck the consequences of the deep defense cuts he has advocated and leaves us all wondering what the true future costs of those cuts will be. No QDR is perfect, but I have been disturbed that the review has become less compliant as time goes on. The QDR has legal standards to meet for a reason. They were designed to guide Congress and the Commander-in-Chief as we make tough choices about resources and security. The information produced by the review process could be immensely valuable, but is often withheld from those who need to understand it most. In the coming days, I will introduce legislation intended to reverse this trend. The legislation will require DoD to re-write and re-submit a compliant QDR for FY14, and could be considered on its own or incorporated into the National Defense Authorization Act. In the coming days, 1 will consider what measures could be added to such legislation to ensure a prompt and compliant rewrite."
This information was made available to El Zorro in an armed services bi-monthly report made available to active military and veterans.  Some information in the bulletin is prohibited from being reprinted without permission; however, the above is a public statement by the Chairman.
The President and the Senate have become a renegade collaboration that have to be brought under control.  The only foreseeable way to do that is to get rid of them, preferably through election.  Unfortunately, we cannot wait for elections.  Other measures have to at least be considered.  The House of Representatives passed the "Executive Needs to Faithfully Observe and Respect Congressional Enactments of the Law Act" (Bill: H.R. 4138 copy) which is step in the right direction. This bill still needs to be approved by the Senate and that seems highly unlikely with Harry Reid in the hen house.

El Zorro

GOP - Please Stay Out of the Way

It is necessary to re-take ground and never yield it back.  Insanity, dysfunction, adulation of the perverse and degenerate, corruption of both soul and silk purse, have been forwarded into the centre of the culture as the new default iconic position for the American Culture of the 2100s.   It is Madness.

     Fools in abundance vote for a charlatan who fits the template of a devious, state compromised press.  Illogic among the "conservative class" leads them to nominate moderate candidates because they are the only ones who can win.  We are lectured by Gen. Colin Powell, who declares that only a moderate who can attract the centre of the American political spectrum can win a national election.  And then, after so instructing the hoi polloi, he campaigns for and votes for Barry Soetoro, the nephew of Uncle Omar and Auntie Zietuni.    Why?   Because Barry is black....and it is Colin's greater obligation to be true to his race than to his so stated by the good General.

     For those of us who are white and who support Black people over White people because the Black person's political orientation is more in focus with our philosophy, we do not do such in order to feel good about ourselves.  We do so because it is best, in our very valid opinion, for the State,  nation, and locale.    That is how we think;  and the guy who tells us that we must nominate losers because they are the only ones who can win...but that he will vote for the pseudo-black man because he is truly a wondrous, perfect example of arrogant intellectual dysfunction.   Arrogance served with fine herbs and broken glass.   Sorry, General, but we want tuna that tastes good. 


      The recent by-election in Florida's 13 U.S. Congressional District is a case in point.  The national party apparatus, and the Obsolete Press made certain that everyone knew that the former Lieutenant Governor...a nice lady, holder of the required Golden Coathanger Trophy, a certifiable leftist and person fully willing to put your money where her mouth is, was a double digit favourite for this by-election.
     The GOP consultant class and the Party itself went out of its way to point out that the Republican opponent was a nobody, he did not even believe in Climate Change or Global Warming, he was insensitive to women's issues, and he had been recently divorced and had remarried to a girl 14 years his junior.  There were rumours that he had driven around with a dog in a cage on the roof of his station wagon.   And, of course, he had not renewed his subscription to Queer Nation or condemned Chick fil a, or Duck Dynasty.   They could prove that he had not quilted anything into the AIDs quilt.   And, they pointed out that he was running against a "moderate" Democrat, more reasonable and professional, with 10,000,000 USD of backing from the DNC.

    She lost.  He won.  So it was necessary that Karl Rove come and remind everyone that Jolly, the Republican, won because he assured the electorate that he was more interested in "fixing the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI)" than in repealing it.   That, of course, is absolutely not true...but, in the words of another famous moderate and reasonable pol..." this point, what possible difference could it make."

Onward....Repeal, Rescind, Eviscerate the OSMI!
El Gringo Viejo

Thursday, 13 March 2014

El Zorro weighs in....Preposterous? I don't think so.....




                                                        DMZ and Ben Hai River Area


Displaying hwy1_n_of_river.jpg
A form of the Arch de Triomphe
at the old point of division between
North and South Viet Nam.
(perhaps in the background the OROGs can
see the Red Army massing, look carefully.

Not a lot of information but a (preposterous?) theory:

     It occurs to me that Malaysian 777 crashed on an island that keeps moving and the dead survivors have to keep pushing a button to keep themselves and the island from exploding into nothing.

     Okay, okay....more seriously but still only a thought inside the little grey cells:   it or something similar is a possibility:
To wit -

      The plane was commandeered by the pilot who lastly informed us that everything was just fine.  Then the plane took a westwardly turn toward Vietnam where the pilot changed the voice channel to an encrypted one and said in Chinese, “I will be coming in on runway 3L from southwest, please clear for landing” (or some such instruction request).
     The plane landed and promptly pulled to a remote hanger at this Nha Trang International Airport (formerly Cam Ranh Air Base).  All passengers were loaded on busses and shuttled north up Highway One quietly and unnoticed.

     Okay, nutty but who is to say the passengers are accounted for alive… somewhere.  I wonder what negotiations are going on between China, (communist) Vietnam, and our inept government regarding this mystery. 
Waiting for the shoe to drop I am,

     There is a bit of tongue in cheek, perhaps.  But the scenario that El Zorro points out takes place within an area with which he has considerable familiarity.  The distances, fuel consumption, talent/skill requirement for the pilots, and the facilities that might be available to detain and attend to a group of people who had "suffered" a real live hijacking....(hospitals, doctors, food, bathing facilities, re-orientation, and repatriation with country and family...) are all available in this area.
    The pilots of the Malay airplane could be accused by the Red Chinese of hijacking the Chinese patrons on the plane for the purpose of extortion....when in fact there might have been personnel from the Peoples Liberation Army (Red Chinese Army) who "hijacked" the airplane by  previous arrangement, and flew it to Cam Ranh AFB.  The purpose would have been to show the world that Red China can apprehend terrorists and save passengers, but the real reason is to take possession of a real live 777 for some kind of cloning.  The Red Chinese certainly have some 777s in their remuda of airplanes, but perhaps this one, with its very latest RR engines held a particular interest for Peiping.

     All of the above could be why the Red Chinese are causing attention misdirection with their press releases and petty arguments with the Malays.  Relations are not good with any of the "tropical neighbours" of the Dragon Nation.  Japan, of course, is regarded as a sleeping 1,000 tonne scorpion by the mainland Chinese.   So, all of this could well be just a lot of theatre scripted by the Red Chinese government to cover a multi-purpose incident that would provide a clone plane, a bit of recon, and a chance to strut around with some braggadocio in the neighbourhood.
    So, along with other :kooky" interpretations, including El Gringo Viejo's?
El Zorro's little scenario seems quite plausible and rational.  Something bigger and more bizarre than what was originally thought at the time of the "went missing" advisory, is certainly underway.

El Gringo Viejo