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A couple of bitter pills....Billy Jeff's and (Sir Edmund) Hillary begin the case of "THE LOST ARCHIVES"


Observations concerning Billy Jeff Blyth and his "heartfelt comments" that have been scrubbed so as not to stain the deliberations of the Beatification Committee

(1)   At the transcribed sessions with speechwriters ahead of his 1999 State of the Union, the president joked that then-Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, was “probably a major suspect” in the dragging death of James Byrd in Texas the previous summer.

(2)   In a discussion over the politics of the parents of Matthew Shepard, a gay man beaten and left for dead, Clinton said that “white people in Wyoming … are by definition Republicans.” And expressing his doubts about whether to bring up Shepard’s murder in the address, Clinton revealed to aides that his pollster warned his “numbers go down” every time he mentioned gays in a speech.


     1.    Concerning the first point.   Billy Jeff Blyth is quintessential white trash.  His task, as a member of the whitetrash-American community is to denigrate and ridicule his betters.  He does it very well, through considerable practice, by associating people he resents and feels inferior towards with acts and statements he thinks will lessen public and community esteem for said people.  Tom DeLay, of course, had nothing to do with the dragging death of that poor unfortunate who met up with some drunken whitetrash late one afternoon.

     OROGs should be aware, however, that the area of Newton and Jasper Counties in Texas, adjacent in Deep East Texas to Louisiana, are  truly Old Confederacy in their ambience and understanding of life.  And, interestingly, with the end of the coming term, Newton and Jasper Counties will have been represented for six consecutive years in the Lower House of the Congress of the Republic of Texas.....by a Black man....very highly educated....a movement, fundamental conservative, and a Republican.  This last election cycle, he will have had no opposition from a Democrat and he had none in the Republican primary this round.

     Perhaps he took solace and inspiration from Billy Jeff, when Little Billy told the beaming Yankee throngs about how he would get on the city busses in Hope, Arkansas and purposefully go sit in the back so as to express solidarity with the humiliated Black Folks who were required to sit in the back of the bus by law.  Of course, that did not ever happen....for one because he would not have done it if he could, and for another...Hope did not have city busses.  Children rode their bicycles the 15 blocks over there and then the 9 blocks to over here and the adults either drove or walked to their destinations.   Billy Jeff lied and the Black Folks walked or drove to their destinations.
     Billy also remembered all the Black churches that were set afire around where he lived (actual count? Zero), and that is what drove him to always cast his first sympathies with the Black Folks.....like when he put his post-Presidential office in Harlem.

Harlem Is Losing a Piece of Clinton

     When Bill Clinton officially began his post-presidency in Harlem in 2001, he was greeted with open arms — thousands of them. At a plaza near his new office, at 55 West 125th Street, a crowd of 2,000 residents and civic leaders gathered on a hot July afternoon to celebrate the arrival of a neighbor whose presence, two blocks from the landmark Apollo Theatre, seemed to put a presidential stamp of approval on the neighborhood’s revival.

James Estrin/The New
York Times
Bill Clinton in Harlem in
2001 after announcing he was
in negotiations for office space
in a building at 55 West
125th Street. Nearly 10
years later, the William
J. Clinton Foundation is
moving to a bigger office
in the financial district.
     In his speech there in 2001, Mr. Clinton said, “Harlem always struck me as a place that was human and alive, where there was a rhythm to life and a song in the heart, where no matter how bad it was, people held up their heads and went on, and where, when things got good, people were grateful and cared about their neighbors.”
Nearly 10 years later, Mr. Clinton is leaving Harlem. Or, at least part of him is.
The William J. Clinton Foundation is moving most of its offices from Harlem to 77 Water Street in the financial district, in Lower Manhattan. But Mr. Clinton will keep a toehold in Harlem: his office as a former president will remain on the top floor of 55 West 125th Street.
     The nonprofit foundation will occupy space on the 18th floor of 77 Water Street. The move will give the foundation more space — 25,227 square feet downtown versus 18,000 square feet uptown — and will help it cut costs. The foundation’s rent will be cheaper than the $40 a square foot it pays in the Harlem building, though it is unclear what the exact new rent will be, since the deal is not yet official, said a person familiar with both office locations who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the details.
     The foundation did not respond to requests for comment. CB Richard Ellis, the real estate brokerage firm representing the foundation, declined to comment.
A spokeswoman for the General Services Administration, which oversees office space for former presidents, said that although the foundation was moving, the office space afforded Mr. Clinton as a former president would remain in the building in Harlem. The lease for that space — 8,715 square feet at the top of the 14-story building — was renewed in May 2010 and takes effect in August 2011, the spokeswoman, Emily Barocas, said. The 10-year lease expires in July 2021.
     Ms. Barocas said the General Services Administration had no role in the foundation’s use of the Water Street space. The New York Post reported the move on Wednesday.
      It remained unclear how Mr. Clinton would divide his time between the two offices. On 125th Street near his office, Harlem residents interviewed on Wednesday said Mr. Clinton had been a positive force in the neighborhood, although not a regularly visible one. Abuk Auk, 35, who works at a hair salon near 55 West 125th Street, said she saw Mr. Clinton walking into the building once years ago.
      “We were so happy,” Ms. Auk said of Mr. Clinton’s arrival in Harlem in 2001. “We thought it was going to change everything for us.” She pointed across 125th Street at a row of shuttered storefronts and added: “You see those shops that are closed? It’s too bad he couldn’t do more to help small business here.”
      Assemblyman Keith L. T. Wright, a Democrat whose district includes the Harlem building, described Mr. Clinton as a great neighbor, adding that there were no sore feelings.
      “We love him dearly,” Mr. Wright said. “The community will always love him. We would catch a glimpse of him from time to time, and that added a special flavor to the neighborhood. We wish him well.”
     Harlem had not been the former president’s first choice. In February 2001, Mr. Clinton abandoned his plans to move into a skyscraper in Midtown after he was criticized for his decision to rent office space at one of Manhattan’s most lavish office towers. He had planned to rent the 56th floor of Carnegie Hall Tower for $738,700 a year, compared with the $210,000 asking rent in 2001 for the space in Harlem.

Colin Moynihan contributed reporting.
Suffice to say....Billy Jeff almost never appeared  anywhere around his "favourite part" of New York City....a place where, according to him, he would go out of his way after arriving at "La Gardya Airport" to walk through Harlem and enjoy its familiar ambience that he had grown to love in Hope, Arkansas.   Like Hillary Diane Rodham had grown to love the New York Yankees because she was from Chicago.   Doesn't everyone just love football? 

     We return to Jasper and Newton Counties of Texas, where the three scumbags who murdered the hapless Black fellow were tried in a Court of the Republic of Texas, where the foreman of the jury was another Black man, a law officer, and where the three whitetrash who murdered  the poor fellow received two death sentences and one life in prison.
     And even at that, the press and the NAALCP ran advertisements against George W. Bush because he would not support a bill that would style certain crimes as "hate crimes".   Bush was stupid, so he said things like, "How can anyone prove what someone is thinking in a court of law?   And besides, we have two guys on death row, and one who's going to sit in prison for the rest of his life.  What more can be done?'
     We throw in the last pitch, for a well-deserved "Strike Four", when we refresh the memories of all, about when Billy Jeff hurried back to Little Rock during his presidential campaign, so as to be available to reassure the Warden that there would be no delay in the up-coming execution of a Death Penalty Warrant.   The convicted murderer?   He was a Black man.  Bleeding hearts and others had pointed out that the fellow was not stacked with a full deck.   For instance, when the guards came to take him to the Death Chamber, the man straightened everything up and put the remains of his "last meal" in a safe place, covered up neatly, saying in all seriousness, "I'll finish this up when I come back".  This sounds like an urban legend...but it's not.   But at least Clinton managed to show the world that he was "Tough on Crime!"
     He probably learned his compassion in these matters while riding in the back of a non-existent bus, while passing by the smoldering remains of churches that were never burned....while he honed his penchant for steroidal mendacity.   Tom DeLay had nothing to do with the murdered of the Black man, by the way, although Billy Jeff went out of his way to tell that "joke" at every opportunity....part of that kinder and gentler, reaching across the aisle and being that there reasonable thing..... don'tcha know?


2.     Matthew Shepard was a homosexual.   He was brutally murdered by a couple of thugs....mortally injured and left to die, apparently tangled in a barbed wire fence.   The press flooded every corner of the the newspapers, radio news, and television time and image with the innuendo that all Westerners, just like Southerners are beasts who rampantly dedicate themselves to the torture and murder of homosexuals and Negroes.   It just their nature, being sub-human illiterate snake handlers and superstitious rubes.

     Then the times, they be a - goin' by....one day turns into the next....and the story turns out not to be true.   The two thugs are thugs, truly enough.   But they are homosexuals who patronise the same homosexual bar  where Matthew frequented.   The three were drinking and partying buddies with other homosexuals.   A couple of members of their posse even had girlfriends.  One night after too much alcohol and weed, Matthew wound up being the object of the disaffection of the two people who had killed him.    It was a matter something entirely different than that which was reported.   But, at this point, what possible difference could it make?

     Liberals, socialists, marxists, communists, national socialists, kill truly democratic-republican, common and natural law paradises, one lie at a time.  But do not fret.   They have all the billions and billions of lies they need, and the gullible, dependency-seeking slugs in the populace now....that they will ever need.   The American Republic stumbles ever closer to the abyss.

More Later, and thank you for having invested your time with us.  Your presence here is appreciated.
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