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We Know That We Have Fallen Through the Bunny Hole

Is this the White House Gatekeeper?

The insanity of the popular culture, the Obsolete Media, and the complete, apparent lack of willingness for broad swaths of the populace to engage in any form of critical thinking begins to depress a man of the past.  We never found Alice in Wonderland particularly entertaining when it was a twiddling satirical comedic work.  But now that Alice is Wonderland has come out of the Bunny Hole and has ensconced itself on the surface of Tierra Firma Americana it is something similar to a mix of depression and fright.

     Before we move on from this senseless Sterling frenzy, allow El Gringo Viejo to point out just a very, very slight few of Jesse Jackson's finer moments.   This even includes his pulling into New York City one time, saying something to the effect that it's was time to take over Hymie-town.   Let us invest our time in what are, perhaps, headier oratory of the Eloquent One:

     In 2008, Jackson was caught on tape stating that he would like to “cut off [President Obama’s] n**s (testicles).” for “talking down to black people…telling n****** how to behave.”  In the 1980s, Jackson referred to New York City as “Hymietown.” He called Ward Connerly of the California Board of Regents a “house slave” and “puppet of the white man,” and according to James Mtume, stated in 2008 that Barack Obama was a “half-breed n*****.”

Sheesh!  Is it not time, finally, to award Jesse Jackson the Medal of Valour, the Nobel Prize for Poetry and Sacrifice, and the Gold Trophy for using non-profit funds to pay for his behind the scenes squeeze and his child he had by her, while he lectures the rest of the world about morality?   I could have handled the woman and the baby, without a problem....but taking other peoples' money to pay for your own error and responsibility, Jesse...I mean, even you should have enough class to rise to that occasion.  But I forget that way down deep inside, you're just very dark whitetrash.

Signing off.
El Gringo Viejo

September 11, 2011 - Governor Perry is Right, Governors Huckabee and Romney are wrong about Social Security. A Blast from the Past!


    After the Reverend Mr. Huckabee's appearance on Fox and Friends - Weekend this morning, the Old Gringo was moved to respond.   The Reverend Governor has a bone to pick with Governor Perry because Perry came out, somewhat stupidly, four years ago and supported Mayor Giuliani for the Republican Presidential nomination.   As a fellow Dixieland Governor, perhaps Huckabee had a right to scratch his head and wonder.

     The Rev. Gov. Huckabee now figures turnabout is fair play.   If you do something stupid, let me do something stupider, seems to be his operative mode.   Huckabee, and his closest ally in the argument, Mitt Romney, has ridden to the half-defense of Social Security.    He and Romney both think that we need to be "reasonable" in how we deal with Social Security.   "It's a popular program with millions of Americans and has been a big help to millions of Americans in the past," seems to be their observation.   Little matter that Social Security is a cyanide tablet covered with an hypnotic chocolate sauce.

      When questioned about whether, in fact, Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, the good Rev. Gov. Mr. Huckabee finally suggested that perhaps it might be a "modified" Ponzi scheme, but....since the central government can print money, there is a final, fail-safe system that guarantees that Social Security can and will always pay its obligation.    It might pay with money that cannot buy anything, but it will pay.

      Those payments ultimately will have to be something like.."Do you want a system by which the Government sends you a check for 40 billion dollars that can buy perhaps a half-slice of stale bread and a 5 billion dollar lottery ticket.   Or, should we "democratically vote" for a system that would continue to provide 1,000 dollars per month as previously established....that 1,000 dollars would be enough to buy 3 grains of salt, for delivery in six years."   
      You see?...It's not a Ponzi Scheme...we complied and paid all of our obligations.

     The Old Gringo reminds people that this is not a far-fetched comparison.   I witnessed it in Mexico during the 1970s and 1980s.   Luis Echeverria Alvarez and Jose Lopez Portillo, two of the very worst presidents of Mexico ever, drove the currency and the economy into the tank by printing money to such a point that it is difficult to describe to people nowadays.

      Figure that in 1900, cavalry and other soldiers at Fort Brown, in Brownsville, Texas and others at various other forts and outposts on the Texas border with Mexico created disturbances on-base, protesting the Quartermaster's decision to pay the soldiers in greenback dollars.   They had been told that one of the benefits to serving on the border was the soldiers would be paid in Mexican coin at the rate of one peso to one dollar...and that that payment would be made in silver or gold equivalent.

      There was a settlement of sorts, when the quartermaster's people finally went over to the banks in Matamoros and exchanged dollars for rolls of Mexican silver 10 centavos (five pesos the roll) to be used for the monthly paymaster muster.

       Figure that the Old Gringo could buy a hamburger, a Coca-Cola in one of those nifty small green bottles, and leave a gratuity at a decent place in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas across from Roma, Texas in 1963 for ONE PESO!!  The gratuity  left was in the form of a huge and beautifully stamped copper 20 CENTAVO coin!!!!    For a decent meal, in a decent place, with normal looking clients and workers.

       By 1976 - 1980 the two above-named socialist-slug Presidents  had debased the currency and confused the Mexican economy to the point that it set Mexico back a minimum of 30 years in terms of socio-economic development.    They and their leftist, rational, reasonable, compromising, let's spread the wealth, social engineering  advisors, Secretaries of This and That had decided that the problem with Mexico was that there were too many poor people and too many rich people   So...they made it difficult for businesses to make profits and they froze rents and other charges, redirected agricultural harvests out of production areas and into areas that had no market for such products or capacity to process the harvests....they nationalized everything from two boat family net-fishing operations to the entire sugar processing industry.   They regulated the banks in increasingly un-predictable and capricious ways, ultimately nationalizing them.

      The peso began a trek that took it from 12.50 / 1.00 against the dollar...already beat up from the turn of the century due to the excesses and stupidity of previous socialist experiments and ensuing corruption which is endemic to all socialist even new heights, or lows depending upon whether the truck hit you from behind or head-on.    After the episodes of the 1970s through about 1988 when some braking had been forced by reason to be applied, the peso finally began to slow down in its collapse.   Before it was done, however, it had fallen from the 12.50 level mentioned above to 4,000.00 / 1.00 .     Quite a legacy for the 20th century.   And to think that the Morgan Trade Dollar was devised to be 10% larger than the silver Mexican peso back the the 1870s so as to counteract the dominance of the Mexican currency piece as the primary medium of currency for international trade in the Orient.

        The Old Gringo carries to this day a beautifully engraved and stamped COMMON CIRCULATION COIN OF CURRENCY , a .720 fine, silver Mexican 50 centavo coin...known as a remind him of the danger of "being reasonable", "being moderate", "willing to compromise", "thinking rationally", "establishing a moderate, predictable discourse", and all the other bilge that brought Mexico to its knees back then, Germany of course after World War I, almost Canada durng the early 1990s and again ten years later;
Zimbabwe, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, etc. etc. etc.   were all reasonable, adult, rational, forward looking, willing to compromise.

        IT IS ALL THE SAME BILGE.   Socialism begets unpayable debts and destroys nations.   The only solution is to somehow climb back out of the mid-air free-fall, like a cartoon character, and re-establish either a hard currency or at the very least a harder currency.

      The leftwing politicians in  Mexico had tried to  solve the problem of the poor people not having enough money and the rich people having too much, finally by making it possible for any impoverished Mexican to have 1,000,000 pesos in crisp, new 50,000 peso notes; very pretty ones with flowery emblems, official markings, revolutionary slogans and heroic images of heroic  heroes.....and with the 1,000,000 pesos a person could not buy a set of tires for his Volkswagen.    At one point, the nationalized banks were paying 150% interest on deposits of 360 days.

The 50,000 peso note in Mexico during the late 1980s
to which the Mexicans referred as "papel hygienico"
(toilet paper) and/or El Toston (the fifty cent piece).
In 1960, had there been such a thing as a 50k peso
note, it would have had a value of 4,000 USD.  By the
time the 50k note was published, it was worth a little
more than 12 USD.   The fruits of Socialism.

      The Old Gringo knew of some other Old Gringos back then who would play the interest rates and "let the Mexicans buy me another Oldsmobile"...who actually put money in during those days.   There has almost always been a set of independently well-to-do Old Gringos who liked to dabble in the interplay of Mexican Government paper, and Mexican bank paper interest rates.   Kinda fun if you like that sort of thing.   A person needs to be rich enough to allow the sure-to-follow increasee in interest rates to make up for any loss of principal due to devaluations.   It usually would take about 18 months to be back ahead of American CD rates.

         President Miquel de la Madrid finally began to return the banks to the private sector and,  in one of his last acts as a controller-by-decree, he ordered that the exchange rate of the peso to the dollar be frozen and further ordered massive spending cuts to balance the Mexican exchequer (the coup de grace for socialist programming and engineering).   That meant those last Old Gringos essentially made 150% on their Mexican Treasuries, even in dollar terms....because no Mexican government paper or bank, public or private has ever faulted on a peso debt.   A bunch of Oldsmobiles were bought on that trade.
       In the 2006 presidential elections Lopez Obrador, the pro-communist candidate for the Revolutionary Democratic Party of Mexico, laughed when it was brought up to him by press people...,"What you are proposing is just like what we went through in the recent past during the 1970s and 1980s.   Don't you think the people will reject that?"    Through his sinister giggling he responded, "The people have short memories.   We know how to implement those same policies, but this time, we shall do it more forcefully.   There will be no place to hide for those who exploit''.  Thank the Great Yahweh, Lopez Obrador lost.

      Therefore, the Old Gringo points out...Mexican Social Security (their socialized medical system), and all things in the government and in Mexican heavy industry...everything....everybody...learned clearly that socialism "gives" money to the poor, but that money  cannot purchase anything.  It has highly diminished purchasing power.  The solution of giving every derelict stumbling our of this bar to enter into another bar  a handfull of 50,000 peso notes for one more drink, is where we are heading....actually it is where we are.   And where we are soon to be is in a place where Michelle O'bama will be dropping bales of Margaret Sanger Commemorative  Golden Coathanger 1,000,000 dollar bills out her vacation planes so that all the little people can have lots of money.

      Didn't work for Eva, didn't work for the Weimar Republic, didn't work for nobody, nohow, never will.    The Buzzards they do gather.    So, esteemed Rev. Mr. Gov. Huckabee and Gov. all are good fellows, hearty fellows well met, but if you say that the American Social Security System is not a Ponzi Scheme, you are both wrong....very wrong.

      The last note is...Anyone operating a gaming arrangement identical to the Social Security System....operating it privately in ANY AND EACH OF THE 57 STATES IN THE COUNTRY THAT I AM FINALLY PROUD OF FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE....  that person can be and frequently is correctly arrested and convicted of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud, to wit: the operation of a PONZI Scheme!!!!!!

Thanks for your time and attention.

  And yes the Old Gringo would vote for Huckabee, Romney, or Perry for President. although he would prefer to re-establish Texas as an independent Republic with treaty-based associative agreements with whatever is left of the other 56 united States of America.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A One Paragraph Salute to the Lads of Michoacan


A Telling Picture
(Please clique to enlarge)

This is essentially a battalion of common citizens,
self-formed into a militia of common citizens; Minutemen,
if you will.   There are about 2,000 in this picture
 somewhat better armed than when they began the
 defence of their idyllic homeland against the
 cockroaches known as the "Caballeros
Templarios" or Knights Templar.   

The "Vigilantes" have made up for the soul-less ruthlessness
of their enemy by being resolved, disciplined, and
 having the numbers and better knowledge of
 the terrain and population.  In two days from
 this inscription 20,000 Vigilantes will stand down
 and deliver their military-grade weapons to
the Mexican Army.  Those who wish will be
 inducted into a formal Rural Defence Force,
 the first in over 70 years in Mexico, and
 will work in direct co-ordination
 with  the Army.  

     The Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar) established themselves especially in western Michoacán State of Mexico, about six years ago.   They arose from the disorders caused by the assaults from the Mexican military and the degradation of existing cartel groups.   The successes of the military were true, but withdrawal was thought by some to be a little early.   Before long, left-over thugs re-established the cartel concept under the ridiculous name cited above.   The same things began to happen.  Shakedowns of avocado, citrus, and mango haciendas and small private plots and gold are terms for money, avocados and mangos are money.   Protection rackets and direct extortion, temporary kidnapping of very young girls for carnal abuse, kidnapping for ransom extortion, trafficking of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, example killings, turf combat, and so forth became the rule in the very rural and beautiful tropical mountains of western Michoacán.   Enter a group of young men....and yes, backed up by their sweethearts, wives, sisters, aunts, mothers, and the female race of fundamentalist Catholics who still carry the good of Mexico in their souls.  With ridiculous firearms and accoutrements....old binoculars...rusty pistols....double-barrelled shotguns from the late 1890s....single-shot .22 calibre bolt action rifles...need I say more.   They moved upon the evil-doers.   They intercepted them at the intersections of the small towns' downtown areas, and at bars on the edges of bigger cities.  The tracked the "Knights Templar" down in their lairs situated in caves in the mountains and in gaudy, expensively built homes in small cities.   Bit by bit the gained weapons like the cuerno de chiva (goat's horn) AK47 and the "solamente un 22" (just a .22) AR16 .223 American combat issue rifle, "expropriated" from captured and killed Knights of the Knights Templar.   The Vigilantes kept records, and they reported to the Army and made, finally, a contract and agreement with the Army as El Gringo Viejo reported some months back.   The Army offered technical and military assistance and training.  The Army "swore the Vigilantes in".   The results have been stunning to the extreme.   In two days the Vigilantes turn in their military-style weapons.  However they will keep all other weapons and pertinent ammunition.  The Vigilantes will be elevated to a Constitutionally recognised "Rural Defence Force" and assigned to a role somewhere between National Guard and Special Partisan Rangers.   Some 20,000 will be taken through the rigorous Basic Combat Training (7 weeks), and a more enhanced military protocol and formalities training session (3 weeks).   They will be given arms training and identification.   Why all this?   Because during their 9 or 10 months of wallowing around in muddy caves, and lying in wait on dark roads and paths for Knights Templar in the cold, even snowy higher mountains, and all their urban work...there has not been one complaint by the civilian population of any abuse of the civilian sensibility or human rights.    They have been gentlemen, they have been brave against all odds, and they have been the true knights of chivalry and honour.   So, Mayor Bloomberg et al, an armed citizenry can become a militia.  An armed citizenry that becomes a militia, when that militia has members who have at least a basic moral catechism, becomes an irresistible force.   A force that wins against evil.   Yes, Virginia there is a Zorro, he was last seen with the Vigilantes in the mountains of western Michoacán State in Mexico.

Thanks for the existence of an armed and brave citizenry.
El Gringo Viejo

Go, Ted, Go!


American energy production is a vital part of expanding job growth and opportunity. Texans understand this better than anyone in the country.
Energy expansion and job growth should be a bipartisan priority. That's why I recently introduced the American Energy Renaissance Act, along with U.S. Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma.
A new Forbes article by Peter Ferrara stated the bill will provide for "comprehensive liberation of energy producers to maximize energy production, job creation and prosperity in America."

Please take a moment to read the full article here and share it with with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

The Forbes article continues:
“Despite the war-like hostility of the Obama Administration to the traditional carbon based energy that fueled the industrial revolution, the entrepreneurship and modern technology of America’s private economy is producing a boom in oil and gas production that is overwhelming President Obama. America has already surged to become the world’s number one natural gas producer. It is also now the world’s fastest growing oil producer, already third in the world. And America has the resources to be the world’s number one coal producer as well.”
And Ferrara notes the importance of getting federal regulations out of the way to let the private sector thrive and create jobs:
"The Cruz-Bridenstine bill would require that before any EPA regulations eliminating any jobs could take effect, the regulations would have to be expressly approved by Congress and signed by the President. EPA regulations currently under development are estimated to eliminate 2 to 3 million jobs in the next decade. Again, today’s Democrats are not representing working people."
I hope you'll take a moment to read the full article about how increasing American energy production will lead to more jobs and opportunity. Then please share it with friends on email, Facebook, and Twitter. Thank you!
For Liberty,

Ted Cruz


Birthday in NoWhere, Mexico

El Gringo Viejo (second from right)expresses impatience
 because we are looking into the sun and Alvaro
 is looking for the button to push
 to make this picture.

     Perhaps the OROGs might think, "What possesses someone to throw his life away in a nowhere place surrounded by people no one can understand.   You see some of the Lilliputians we captured the previous night....people who had come to tie me down with a hundred ropes and to assign me to a life of slavery.   You noticed they had captured another Giant, whom I freed after desperate hand to hand combat, liberating him to once again join family and society and normalcy.

     Now the truth.
      First, of the two big, ugly guys to the right, is the owner of the family estate upon which we are standing.  The buildings in the background are part of the home compound dating back to the mid-1930s.  There is a water tower, fed by the ejido potable water system, normally for three hours or so, once a day.   The manor house and lawns, and the two structures seen in this frame sit on about one acre of grounds, growies, and structure.   The acreage of the surrounding citrus plantings comes up to almost exactly 200 acres.
    The next person is a part-time sasquatch and a full time curmudgeon.
    The next three from right to left are (1) a famous local musician, very accomplished guitarists and singer, very studied.  He is also a research biologist, active in environmental research and solutions for issues both of flora and fauna throughout North America, with an emphasis, obviously on Northeastern Mexico.
     Then there is (2) "La Maestra" (the Teacher) who  has worked in the "Ambient Protection Division" of the State of Tamaulipas's Forestry and Wildlife department for a score of years, as well as on the front line in the effort against union corruption in the education field for lo these many years.  She is also the person who has produced, directed, and provided most of the stunning photographs  for the award-winning, coffee-table books about the geography, flora, and fauna of Tamaulipas.  (Don't tell anyone, but at this stage in life, the singer/guitarist and the Maestra are an item, but they are very discreet.  Neither is married.  Both have lost a spouse.)
     The young man to the far left (3), is a member of a trio who back up recordings, at times of famous label people along with (1).  More especially they perform for churches, friends events, and conventions.   During other times, such as weddings, mothers' day serenades, and at times, even serenades ordered by an ardent lover they perform privately.   This young man and the group sing like angels and are very impressive.   Suffice to say, El Gringo Viejo was stunned when they came out from Victoria and spent essentially the entire day....up until well after sundown at the here-pictured Hacienda de La Vega, just to help celebrate El Gringo Viejo's birthday.  We offered to the attention, privately, of La Maestra a considerable amount of money for professional services and recuperation of fuel costs, etc. for the three musketeers but she adamantly negated the entire idea.   She said it was a gift that they actually wanted to give without recompense.    It was quite a gift, because it was free AAAA - minor league cum major league music off-and-on for about seven hours.
      Very Humbling.

      At one point, as I recount everything, there were 24 people at a "fiesta" that had no invitation, no preparation beyond the relatively famous "parrillada" that we have essentially perfected.   There was a lot of beer, fine brandy, four large racks of ribs, two-dozen chicken wings with chili sauce one and a half tonnes of guacamole (almost), grilled zucchini strips, homemade hot-sauces,   homemade tortilla chips (totopes), old-fashioned Mexican Coca-Cola, and the dratted Mexicans ate all my Brownies, for which I am also famous among "my people"....(the gaggle of friendly acquaintances and friends who surround me).   During these events, it should be noted that Alvaro presides and  performs as  master of ceremony.  He slightly resents my "getting my hands dirty" although he uses the spices and sauces that I prepare ahead of time in his grilling.
    Nobody drank too much, no arguments, no "misunderstandings.  It is difficult to describe how pleasant these events are.  BUT, more importantly, there was no reluctance this time in returning all the way back to Victoria, or to La Corona (where some of Alvaro's close relatives live, about 20 kilometres away, down-river) during night-time hours.   For the previous two and a half years, such a things was pretty much out of the question, due to the cockroaches.
     To underscore the point in the previous paragraph, the autobus company TRANSPAIS....which is an ultra first-class to deluxe carrier....has initiated hourly service now from Victoria to the Santa Engracia area.   They are using their top of the line equipment and drivers in a straight-up extension of their standard service, which is phenomenal.   This speaks to the validity of the application of disciplined, steady, and vigorous application of military force against the menace of the forces of disorder.
     It is my opinion that the Mexican authorities will maintain this "force availability and application" alternative for some lengthy period into the future.   This is so as to avoid the mistakes that the Americans made by sacrificing victories in Viet Nam and Iraq and Afghanistan to the political whims of anti-American elements within the Congress and the mainly Democrat, leftist elements of the American political panoply.    The problem, as in the case of all criminal activity, will never be totally cured and put to rest.   But firm lines are....have been....drawn to demonstrate that Mafioso thuggery and anarchy are not options.

More later.  We appreciate your investment of time and interest.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 28 April 2014



     All the intricate plans, designs, and schemes that the liberals and progressives have thrown at the fan since the time of Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson were well encapsulated by the Mexicans at the end of the military/social Revolution of 1910 - 1917.

     The Mexican Revolution of that era was associated with many catch phrases and words that eventually became shallow and meaningless in many cases.  Tierra y Libertad!  Democracia!  Sufragio Efectivo! No Re-eleccion! Justicia!   (Land and liberty!  Democracy, Effective Suffrage! No Re-election! Justice!!!)   The old dictator, Porfirio Diaz, was booted out and another election was held to displace the results of the flawed 1910 elections, and everything was perfect.

     It was almost exactly like the period the day after Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated.  Nirvana had been achieved.  Everything is now perfect.  But, we return to the sardonic joke that the wiser observers of Mexican and human tendencies made during the triumphal entry of the Revolutionary forces onto the elegant Paseo de la Reforma during those heady days in 1911.  Literally millions of people lines the regal boulevard of 10 lanes and impressive rotundas with sculptures as fine as any in Europe, fountains, flowers, bugles, uniforms, and marching groups of bandoliered veterans, columns of regiments of cavalry in good was all so impressive.
File:Madero y Pino Suarez.jpg
Francisco I. Madero, President, and his
Vice-President, Jose Maria Pino Suarez
1911, Mexico City, Chapultepec Castle
     The joke was told by an experienced observer of the political scene had heard two Mexican families chatting excitedly about the possible passing-by of the new Presidente...that he was nearing the place on the boulevard.   The fathers and most of the rest of the family members sighted the professorial-looking new president in one of those fancy new motor cars, waving to the adoring masses.   As he turned in the direction of the two families the frenzy intensified and the families were literally jumping up and down...the men were shouting as they never had before....shouting to rip their vocal chords, "VIVA MADERO!!  VIVA DEMOCRACIA!!!   VIVA MADERO!!  VIVA DEMOCRACIA!!!"
     The main body of the procession and the Presidential Guard had passed by finally, when one of the older children asked his father, "Papa', what is Democracia? (he had difficulty assigning the accent to the correct syllable).  The father turned to him and informed, "Ay! My child!  Democracia is the wife of Madero."
     Before two years of Madero's term had transpired he and his Vice-President, Jose Maria Pino Suarez were assassinated during their escort to exile for having been absolutely useless to either side in the Left-Right debate.  They never made it to the train station from their incarceration at the Ciudadela military compound in the middle of Mexico City.   We should point out that this regicide has been studied at least as much as that of Kennedy and Lincoln and significant evidence now exists, at least through the employment of logic, that Madero and Pino Suarez were incidental casualties in a firefight between pro-Madero/Pino people trying to interrupt the enforced exile, and military agents and police loyal to General Victoriano Huerta, who as Secretary of War would be the new provisional President,  (the Secretary of the Government had quickly resigned upon learning of the "resignations" of Madero and Pino Suarez a few hours before.).   This paragraph digests what is known in Mexico as the Decena Tragica....the Tragic Ten Days....that connected the arrest and detention of Madero and Pino Suarez for incompetence and ineffective governance and their deaths on the way to Buenavista Terminal where the Presidential car was waiting, attached to the overnight El VeraCruzano train....a very elegant train....with the locomotive oiled and hissing....with 22 cars.   The Presidential, four dormitory cars, eight 1st class cars, 2 2nd class cars, and 2 3rd class cars, a military detachment car, and two express and baggage cars.   Between the 1st class and dormitory cars was a very spiffy dining car with all the best...even ice...and another saloon car with large, red velvet covered chairs and brass appointments, the best cognac and other liquors, and fine conviviality.   The train finally left, and it was on this train, supposedly where the conductor apologised for the tardy departure by stating, ''We are very sorry for the delay.  Please understand we are in Revolution."    (Please note that this saying has many, many attributions, perhaps all are accurate.)

 Passenger train bound for Vera Cruz from Mexico
City....probably around 1915.  Please note the
German-language note, and the style of

     In a series of changes of leaders of Armies, intrigues, huge costly battles, a series of clumsy diplomatic missteps, Mexico finally arrived at the worst of a solution, aided by the stupidity and arrogance of Woodrow Wilson.   The arrogant, mean, and totally anti-American,  and totally self-consumed marxist Venustiano Carranza assumed power in Mexico.   He promulgated the Constitution of 1917, an organic-law monstrosity that sought to legalise the step-by-step control of each aspect of every Mexican's life.  The Constitution sought to establish that every Mexican had the "right" to a home, medical services, food, an education, a job, a living wage, and so forth.  Every Mexican also had the "right" to obligatory and mandatory membership in a labour union if he were employed in a business outside his home orbit.  In many ways it mimicked what was being planned by the Bolsheviks.
     Everybody had certain basic rights except for the Roman Catholic church and anyone professionally associated with said church as a cleric, church worker, educator, or any other such support to the institution.   Soldiers attending Roman Catholic services in uniform would be court-martialled, for instance....a constitutional provision that continues in force to this day.   This blog entry is not for the discussion of the various other prohibitions directed at the Catholic Church....there were many and they were all draconian. We have written some reasonable summaries about such things earlier.
     This entry is designed to point out that the Constitution, essentially written by one man and approved by the Constitutionalist Convention in Queretaro, Queretaro in 1917 has bedevilled Mexico now for almost 100 years.   Organic Constitutional law...laws written in a governing document that are designed to control and "provide for" every situation and condition of life, and to further permit, require, or deny certain activities by the citizenry based upon the discretion of the central madness.
     The Constitution of 1917 sucked a lot of wind out of the sails of the ships of States in the supposedly Estados Unidos Mexicanos.  Discretion, authority, and initiative was established within the halls of the Presidential Palace, and the Heroic Congress was intentionally designed to be "monopartidario", or one political party only.  States had no say, unless called upon by the Central Government control freaks.

Tell-tale Characteristics that indicate you might be living in an authoritarian or totalitarian oligarchy or one-man-rule country:
     Carranza and his trained monkeys in Querataro did not like the free-wheeling free-enterprise espoused by Pancho Villa.   Nor did they like Emiliano Zapata's traditionalist Indian communitarian approach to land tenure and use that had held sway for a couple of thousand years before the arrival of the Spanish.   Land reform and economic models would have to follow the plan of Carranza.
     Carranza and his lackeys clumsily combined national socialist (Nazi) elements (allowing certain large businesses owned by "important social forces" to operate but under strict compliance with government rules and objectives), Bolshevik socialist (total ownership of production, transport, distribution, education, and property), and the nebulous notion of "social democracy"....a form of no man making more in salary than 10 times more than the lowest paid worker.   The notion of..."From each according to his ability, and to each according to his need'' was very much in play,  at least in the saloons and mansions where the "elites" played applied sociology as Americans might have  played Monopoly or Scrabble.
     Carranza, like Madero, did not long endure in office....but, unfortunately his Constitution still remains the cornerstone of Mexican Law.   The major accomplishments of the reforms initiated under that Constitution?

     (1)   A disastrous agrarian reform that changed Mexico from one of the most prolific agricultural producers in the world into a net importer of corn from 1940 through the year 2002, when the privatisation of the ejidos began to take shape.   (American Bureau of Land Management, the EPA, and the Department of Interior, et al, anyone?)

    (2)    The establishment of four of the most thoroughly corrupt labour unions in the world, the Confederacion de Trabajadores Mexicanos, the Sindicato de Petroleros (oilworkers), the Sindicato de Trabajadores en la Educacion de la Republica Mexicana, and the Sindicato de Trabajadores de Electricad.   These labour unions joined the pantheon of professional sloth and thuggishness that typifies any labour union working at optimum effectiveness. (UAW, SEIU, NEA, etc.)

   (3)     Until very recently, with the implementation of the Tratado de Libre Comercio (free trade agreement), the Central Government practiced the typical hobnobbery that all national socialist governments exercise with their wealthy industrial class.  ( Crony Capitalists, Deutsche Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei, DNSAP, etc.)

  (4)     A once excellent to adequate basic education system driven into the ground by corrupt teachers' and education workers' union and meddling from the Central Government in terms of ideological messaging.  (a central government Department of Education, school lunch, preggy girl, Common Core, No Child Left Behind, National Education Association, American Federation of Educators, etc.)

  (5)     The establishment of the Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social, a mandatory participation programme for all workers that provided "free medical service" for every one in the family of a covered worker.   Continually breaks the bank, runs in the massive red, covers only about 40% of all Mexicans....most of whom prefer to seek private medical intervention if possible  (Sound familiar?).


     And we could go on, far longer than any reasonable OROG would care to read or regard.   What we are pointing out is that the Obamatrons, who are such brilliant original thinkers, are doing the same thing that was done by the German National Socialists, by the Bolsheviks, by the earlier European and American "Progressives" and all nature of every other kind of erstwhile socialist, the Fabians, the Utopians,  and every other "innovative leftist populist" thinker since Adam and Eve were expulsed from the Garden. 

     It does not work.   Hating some other person's wealth and taxing said wealth in order to form a path to one's own wealth and personal comfort does not work.  It is good politics for eight to fifteen years, perhaps but, as in all cases involving socialism, it works until you run out of other peoples' money.
If you don't think so, then just ask this fellow pictured below;

President of Mexico,
Governor of Coahuila,
Senator to the National Congress of Mexico,
Congressional Deputy to the House of Deputies
of the Congress of Mexico,
Mayor of Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila,
Hacendado of the Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila,
 Commanding General of Revolutionary Army
 of the North

     We are aware that we have written in the past along these lines, but the parallels, and common paths uniting the foolish, atheistic, secular humanist pictured above, and his homologue presently ensconced in the White House in Washington, D.C. are just too ripe and juicy to pass up.  The brew they make is from the same recipe, and the name of the beer is Disaster.   After the fall of the Mexican fascistic, paternalistic the fall of the Southern Plantation....the elites have re-established the worst of all of that and none of the good.

Thanking everyone, as usual, for your kind interest and patience, I retire from the field of battle to rest a bit.
El Gringo Viejo

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bill to Promote the Study of O'bama's Election as a lesson in Civil California, of course.


The Racial Significance of the Election of Barry Soetoro to the Presidency of the United States of America:

        There was absolutely no significance to the election of Barry Soetoro to the Presidency of the United States of America.   He had no ancestry that linked him to the Negro Experience of an American of Negro Ancestry.   His only "Negroness" came from a misogynistic, tribally Kenyan father, who was famous for brutalising a series of wives, an erstwhile polygamist, a communist, anti-colonialist, alcoholic, drug-addicted, extremely violent, America-hater.   He was a good match for the 16 year old girl he impregnated to produce the soon to be famous progeny, Barry Soetoro.  The father of Barry, before he died in his 40s due to a drunken driving mishap, abandoned Barry's mother upon learning of her pregnancy.

Barry's  30-something father with his
now 17-something wife shortly before she
was abandoned by Barry's 30-something

     Therefore, Barry lived among his communist, union thug grandparents and their friends in a luxurious section of Hawai'i, long a refuge for communist, union-thug slugs who made off with union dues money to live comfortably in tropical paradises.   He knew nothing of, and cared little about things like Willie Mays, Frederick Douglas, Confederate Negroes, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Booker Tecumseh Washington, Jews writing the definitive Porgy and Bess,  Jackie Robinson, The Platters, Nat King Cole, the silly Amos and Andy, Jack Benny and Rochester,  The Jeffersons, Jesse Owens, etc.etc.etc.

Barry's message of hope to
Americans of black-African
ancestry?   "You 'hood people
do the time, I'll take the dime"
Self-admitted drug dealer, who
used his dorm room as an office.

     The most famous thing Barry Soetoro did was to have some black African antecedence, and then to have stoned out on cocaine and marijuana almost continuously, to have sold marijuana and cocaine from his university dormitory and then written about it, in gloating, snickering terms....while other Negroes of true American background sat rotting in prison for having done the same.
     Barry Soetoro simply saw those black people as something he could use to demagogue at a later date, when the communist Valerie Jerrod gave him permission that she would receive from the shadows controlling the Annenberg Foundation and George Soros.

     The racial importance of the election of Barry Soetoro to the Presidency of the United States?  None.   The true significance of his election?   Proof that critical thinking and  selfless interest in the Republic before self as a national characteristic is dead.

Sheesh!   Is there nothing better to do in the parliament of the Bear Republic?El Gringo Viejo

Saturday, 26 April 2014

It always happens, but it never ceases to amaze.

The annual 420 celebration at Golden Gate - San Francisco Bridge called because it is always on the 20th of April, and supposedly ends at 4:20 in the afternoon - an adventure in social degeneracy and dysfunction.

     It always happens.   A bunch of nice, counter-cultural hippies have a smoke-in at a little park on the San Francisco end of the Golden Gate, just a nice get-together among friends.  Things are a little unruly before everything is drawn to a close and suddenly the crowd just drifts away, you know was time to go.

Scene of the aftermath of the San Francisco 420 smoke-off
Some 15,000 organisms with different multi-complexes of
venereal and immune-deficiency disorders brought peace
and love to bear, so long as someone else cleaned it up.

     Estimates of the amount of garbage for a crowd of about 1,000 heads, in less than three hours, was well over 10,000 pounds, strewn throughout the public common.   That is quite an accomplishment for 15,000 sub-human dullards who are so narcissistic that they blithely assume that it is the duty of the Cosmos to pick up after them.  The clean-up crew finished after 1.5 days of garbage re-collection, terminating late in the afternoon of the second day of efforts.   And this is from the "save the planet'' crowd.   This is a gift from the ones who "care" and who are "oppressed" by the one per cent.
     The above picture is what the Republic will look like in its entirety should the Democrats and Obama have their way during the next three years.

El Gringo Viejo

Friday, 25 April 2014

Multigenerational Welfare Dependency, and Reaping the Whirlwind


This is the gift of the Great Society to America.   This is the harvest of the seeding known as Public Assistance.   This is the product of a subset of society that can even conceive of a notion that can be described with the word, babymother.   The "Progressives" must certainly be very, very proud of themselves for having made a brave new world that can be represented by "people" the likes of these:

Detroit: Relatives of Black Defendants Who Nearly Beat White Driver To Death Laugh In Court As Prosecution Describes Attack…

Written By : Tiffiny Ruegner
April 24, 2014


detroit defendants
If'n I had had a son he'd a'looked
 a lot like these fellas in yella.  This
is a teachable moment, in that the
police in Clinton behaved stupidly.
Obviously, if the cracker has just
stopped moving, these gentlemen
wouldn't have had to kick him so
many times.  That's obvious.

Revolting to say the least.
Via Detroit News:
     Four men will stand trial in the beating of Clinton Township motorist Steven Utash, following a raucous hearing Monday in which some courtroom onlookers blurted objections and laughed at a description of the near-deadly thrashing, and a defendant made an obscene gesture to a photographer. 
       Latrez Cummings, 19; James Davis, 24; and Wonzey Saffold, 30, were bound over for trial on charges of assault with intent to commit murder. A fourth defendant, 17-year-old Bruce Wimbush, waived his right to a preliminary exam during the hearing in 36th District Court and will face a trial. Max Mohr, Utash’s brother-in-law, said he was disgusted by the courtroom behavior.
       “Why would you laugh about someone being in the hospital?” Mohr said. “To make a mockery in the courtroom … what can you do?”
      The four allegedly were part of the group that beat Utash on April 2, when he left his truck to check on a boy he hit after the 10-year-old darted into the truck’s path. A weapons charge against Saffold was added after witnesses said he brandished a gun during the incident.
       All the defendants are in jail in lieu of $500,000 bond. During Monday’s hearing court deputies admonished onlookers for talking. One man was removed from the courtroom. Saffold made an obscene gesture to a photographer. A group whose members described themselves as relatives of the defendants laughed when Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Lisa Lindsey read aloud Saffold’s description of how the mob kicked and punched Utash.
If these defendants were white and the driver had been black, you could be sure Obama would be at a press conference this minute talking about the degrading behavior in the courtroom.


     The fact of the matter is that this is the spawn of Lucifer.  The mother is the AFDC addict, and the father is every damnable liberal-progressive who ever said, "I don't see why the government can't provide just a small morsel for these poor people to eat."  That was followed by, "Everybody should have the right to a roof over his head."   Then there was, "These women can't work 'cause they simply do not have any place to put their babies while they are at work."  And on, and on, and on.....until life became so cheap, and the realization of self was so clearly evident that the individual had no moral or cultural worth of any kind that acts of depravity were just something else to provide a bit of diversion.  Life has come to have no value in very wide swaths of the American tapestry.   The number one predictor of this lamentable is not so much race, but the environment produced, once again by the multigenerational maternal dependency upon public assistance for all wants and needs of the dysfunctional family receiving multigenerational public assistance.   It seemed to be easier for the progressive egalitarians to develop a victim group to hone in on, so instead of eliminating them by eugenics, they changed their objective and decided to drain the American treasury through demagoguery.   With the constant chant of racism the "progressives" could have a dull, unthinking, self-entitled, body of votes upon which the Hampton progressives could count to maintain themselves in power.
    A victim group....and a scapegoat group.  The scapegoat is the white Southerner, the overwhelming vast majority have never raised a hand against any black person.

    We are now in a statistical nightmare situation wherein one finds that for  1000 black persons who are killed by an act of murder or manslaughter, 93 are killed by another black person.    Sadly, for every 1,000 white people of any extraction who are killed by an act of murder or manslaughter, 44 are killed by black people.   The only reason the rate is as low as 44 is because there are large areas in the geographic demography of the Republic where there is a paucity of black people to do the killing.   Where the black people coalesce, however there is greater concentration of black people who are more available to be murdered.   Grandma with her SS check...when the grandson is really, really needing a fix....and grandma is old anyway and doesn't need the money, no how. 


(this note:  the part below in blue print is speculation, no evidential basis except for reasonable possibility)

     Auntie Zietuni has returned to her native Kenya.   She had her deportation call finally, but this time to the great public housing project in the sky.   We finally have been able to learn the reality of what she was doing over here to begin with.  She was brought over to Chicago, originally to nanny the post-infant and infant daughters of Barry Soetoro and Michelle Robinson.  One could presume that there might have been conflicts that began to arise between Auntie Zietuni and the lady who plays a cigar store Indian for her day job.  The cigar store Indian is the mother of Michelle Robinson, of course.
     When things came to a head, Barry sent Reggie Love to tell Valerie Jerrod that "Barry went to play golf with some white boys, but he wanted me to ask  you if you could send Auntie Zietuni back to Kenya for him...or anywhere, actually.  He is really tired of Mrs. Robinson griping about having his old Auntie here teaching the babies about voodoo, her words not mine."
     Valerie Jerrod then arranged to send Auntie Zietuni to a Boston suburb where there was a small but somewhat numerous Kenyan expatriate community.   Someone arranged that Auntie Zietuni could illegally obtain every known public assistance which came up to, in to-day's dollars, about 45,000 USD per year in Massachusetts, and there she endured until about 10 days ago. She overstayed her temporary tourist visa, and yet remained under full public around money....Medicaid, etc.
    Oddly enough, during Auntie Zietuni's funeral, her nephew was not present.  He had a golf engangement.  That is not semi-inventive speculation.  It is the fact.   He did send a small check to help defray a bit of the funeral expenses.  After the funeral, Auntie Zietuni was loaded onto the freight section of the Nairobi Red Eye Express, and flfpfpflfpfpfp, she was gone to Kenya.

 And with that we sign off for the night, wishing one and all an early Merry Kwanza and a prosperous New Solstice.

El Gringo Viejo