Wednesday, 30 April 2014

We Know That We Have Fallen Through the Bunny Hole

Is this the White House Gatekeeper?

The insanity of the popular culture, the Obsolete Media, and the complete, apparent lack of willingness for broad swaths of the populace to engage in any form of critical thinking begins to depress a man of the past.  We never found Alice in Wonderland particularly entertaining when it was a twiddling satirical comedic work.  But now that Alice is Wonderland has come out of the Bunny Hole and has ensconced itself on the surface of Tierra Firma Americana it is something similar to a mix of depression and fright.

     Before we move on from this senseless Sterling frenzy, allow El Gringo Viejo to point out just a very, very slight few of Jesse Jackson's finer moments.   This even includes his pulling into New York City one time, saying something to the effect that it's was time to take over Hymie-town.   Let us invest our time in what are, perhaps, headier oratory of the Eloquent One:

     In 2008, Jackson was caught on tape stating that he would like to “cut off [President Obama’s] n**s (testicles).” for “talking down to black people…telling n****** how to behave.”  In the 1980s, Jackson referred to New York City as “Hymietown.” He called Ward Connerly of the California Board of Regents a “house slave” and “puppet of the white man,” and according to James Mtume, stated in 2008 that Barack Obama was a “half-breed n*****.”

Sheesh!  Is it not time, finally, to award Jesse Jackson the Medal of Valour, the Nobel Prize for Poetry and Sacrifice, and the Gold Trophy for using non-profit funds to pay for his behind the scenes squeeze and his child he had by her, while he lectures the rest of the world about morality?   I could have handled the woman and the baby, without a problem....but taking other peoples' money to pay for your own error and responsibility, Jesse...I mean, even you should have enough class to rise to that occasion.  But I forget that way down deep inside, you're just very dark whitetrash.

Signing off.
El Gringo Viejo