Wednesday, 22 March 2017

We shall be leaving to-morrow. We leave this rambling assembly of observations, lamentations, and notion.....


(1)       We were distressed to note that about 800 American "Spring Breakers" in Cancun decided to become hopelessly inebriated and entered into depraved debauchery and ridiculous, offensive behaviour worthy of "The Snowflake Generation".     It seems that, in spite of the well-known over-all friendliness and generally good treatment of Foreigners by the Yucatecos, the dull, un-trained in common manners and courtesies by their indulgent, stupid, insipid parents, the Snowflakes began chanting, "Build The Wall, Built The Wall", and generally began to do things that were insulting to staff and normal clients all about.

     Your humble servant had to check this out on a few levels, because reports such as these can be bent, twisted, and re-designed by to-day's Obsolete Press sources.  Some time back, for instance, there was a major soccer game between Mexico and the United States that took place in the magnificent stadium of the University of Guadalajara.  All went well until the American National Anthem was played.   That was when a large number of "students'', also pretty well tanked-up on German Rocket Fuel, began chanting "Osama, Osama, Osama" (at least the chant was easy to remember).   This story circulated in the American press to demonstrate what lugs and bums all Mexicans are.
      The problem, as Paul Harvey knew, was in the rest of the story.  Horrified for many good and neutral reasons....all mixed in the code of fraternity, deference to the visitor, "hands across the border ethic", and such.....adults and younger men also of college age, came down and exhorted the ruffians to show respect to the visitors who genuinely are friends and neighbours.   The drunks persisted.  At that point, the "normal people" began a rain of destructive blows upon the miscreants.   It was the two-beer crowd, heavily out-numbering the ten-beer crowd, beating the slop out of the drunks.  Various elements of the police carried off the "Osama" crowd, and normalcy was restored.
     The American press did not report the intervention of the two-beer crowd and their victory over the culls and scum of the ten-beer crowd.   Later when the Houston Texans played against whoever in the Great Azteca Stadium last year in Mexico City, there was concern that, in the environment of a really left-wing populace which dominates in Mexico City,  that there would be trashy behaviour on the part of some of the fans.    The game was a sell-out....107,000 paying fans...10 dollars to 250 dollars for most general seating.... everything was clean....all the restrooms functioning.....everything was okay.  The young Mexican girl took to the microphone, paused, and the belted out the Star Spangled Banner with just that perfect bit of Spanish accent to remind the people that it was being sung by a Mexicana.
      At the end, there was a strong and sustained applause from those gathered.   The Mexican national anthem followed, and received a bit more endorsement from the audience, but the Americans there stood and applauded, appropriately, for the Himno Nacional de Mexico.

     We return to the issue at Cancun....the display put on by the "Spring Breakers", where the young hellions have arrived to "escape the pressures" of their studies....(????).....and blow their mommies' and daddies' credit cards to Hell and Back....and we wonder, "What is the use? Is there any reason to care about, worry about, give a flip about....anymore?"  
     El Gringo Viejo has long felt that the Mexican authority should have invoked the rules that are normally applied to the locals and Mexican citizens.   Generally speaking, anywhere one might be in Mexico, if it happens to be beneath the stars...or under the blue is against most States' laws to be imbibing.  Beer, pulque, tequila, mescal, rum, and tesquino, etc. are to be "taken in" while one is under a roof, or at least within an enclosure, or well within a tract of private property. Public drinking of "inebriantes" in public view, on a public thoroughfare, or generally under a blue or black sky is essentially a serious misdemeanour, and can Mexico as in aggravating condition to criminal charges.
      But for financial and for "understanding" reasons....the Mexican authority does not want to hurt the feelings of the Snowflakes with their parents' credit cards...and they do not want to have any of them jump off the balcony of the 19th floor of the Hotel California.

     It is all very sad.  Some Americans are meant to travel to foreign countries, others are not.


     (2)   And now we return to another that has haunted the area around El Chorrito and Santa Engracia and the places known as La Hacienda de La Vega....and La Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre....and the homes of two or three other people in our little community....(some might say, 'our little calamity').   The very well known, Falstaffian character, Don Jaime Salazar....uncle by blood to the owner of the Hacienda de La Vega, and long known as the "defender of the wildlife and culture of the Tamaulipeca"....before his untimely death about six or seven years ago....always envisioned a"Guanajuato Style" make-over of the area around the Hacienda de Santa Engracia.

    Truth be known, this area....wherein my wife was tolerant enough to allow me to invest her money into a folly, is a true area of distinction and cultural / environmental treasure of the State of Tamaulipas, and by association....Texas.  The present PAN Governor of the State (just think Republican Conservative), is a person of the privileged class, who lived and studied beyond university level in Texas, and who speaks English in a rhetorical and literary sense.  He graduated from a Baptist University.
      His deepest desire is to capitalise on Don Jaime's futuristic pipe-dream...and make it happen to-day, and forever.....enshrining the natives, the colonists, the religion, the geography / wildlife / vegetation, the ranching and farming, and the industrial transformation that Tamaulipas has undergone in LESS THAN ONE GENERATION.

      He has one big Ace of Spades in his deck.   That is two aces....the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Hearts.  The Naval Infantry and the Mexican Army.   That presence is huge....and we have been assured, re-assured, and re-re-assured that every cockroach will have been eliminated from among us, and still the Army will remain in Divisional force for the State and Regimental force for the area around Santa Engracia.   Please understand....these are troops trained by Mexican, Israeli, British, and American trainers.  These are troops who declare that 'Mexico is my Mother, the Army is my Father."  They have a 98. 4% approval rating from the populace. 

      In recent episodes, something that El Gringo Viejo knew but did not wish to comment upon, was revealed on the NAT-GEO channel.   Odd that it should come from a pinko-channel, but if I say it, then fellow right-wingers need to understand that it is true.   During the last couple of years, and against Obama handlers' wishes, the American border agents began to be able to access and advise the Mexican military of failed drug and 12-year-old-girl, white-slavery deliveries across the River (Rio Grande y Bravo del Norte y del las Palmas). Also known as the Rio Grande.
      The Mexicans had already developed quite a good extradition track-record....the sending back and taking  back....of really disgusting offenders of the general sensibility and law.   They take back their really scumbag people....and we take back the really scumbag people who have been caught hiding in Mexico.   The Central-American nexus is a problem, because they and the Red Chinese are a much greater grouping of people who are seeking "a better life"(meaning a more comfortable life at the expense of taxpayers, and an easier life in terms of killing, raping, and stealing, usually from their own nationalities).   Trump and Co. do not understand any of this.   Donald thinks that having an "olde Scottish Bible"  has some kind of special effect, and that his barking aimlessly at the moon has an effect, but it does not.
     Only a few days ago, the Border Patrol was "exposed" transmitting to the Mexican Army a message of "return to Mexican shores" by  people transporting drugs, marijuana, and human female slaves.  The Nat - Geo cinemafotagrafos continued filming, as the smugglers managed to gain ground on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo).   While they might have celebrated briefly, the 'thudududatu' of the combat personnel helicopters could not have been a restful relief.   Once they could differentiate between prisoner and captor, a hell's fire of machine-gun bullets began to rain down on the criminals. Two late model pick-ups were almost instantly destroyed.   Several of the "bad hombres" were literally torn apart.  The Mexican Army films that were released were a bit more explicit.  Nat Geo probably has a agreement to not show guts and organ pieces splattered over an acre of God's Green Earth.
     The purpose of this transmission is not to "off" the reader with the gore, but to make the OROG aware of the fact that very serious tactical and strategic co-ordination between the American and Texian Constabulary and the Mexican Military has been put into operation, irregardless of Trump and "Mexican Sensitivities".   

       What will happen is that the Hacendado (owner of) de La Vega, a friend and fellow PAN political party member, and our neighbour.....and the nephew of the Old Nature Warrior....the now departed for more hallowed precincts, Don Jaime Salazar.....and I are in the position of impressing various magnates of Mexican heavy industry and other investors that our locale is a worthy setting for up-grading, as has been San Miguel de Allende, Real de Catorce, and about 100 other places in the central, northeast, and north-central part of Mexico.   We are talking about what is essentially billions of pesos of private investment and many millions of pesos of public up-grades.  The investment made in the replanting of the Hacienda de La Vega in the new-fangled limes that are going to be the "rave" in a few months, and the two or three million pesos that the Quinta has cost in its operation and maintenance since the turn of the century, and also including the very elaborate and close-by mansion of "La Maestra" who is also part of this mix of pleasant eccentrics, has already impressed the "Captains of Industry" who are seeking to re-start" the gentrification of the area.
     Remember, fellow OROGs. the venerable and ghost-infested Hacienda de Santa Engracia is the huge "anchor store" and it it as impressive, one could say, as the Statue of Liberty is to the New Yorker / New Jersey people and their visitors. 

There shall be more later.
El Gringo Viejo

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Law in the simplest of terms. There is nothing complicated here....


     We must comment upon the idiocy afflicting almost all West Coast Federal Benchers, and numerous others who "serve" on the bench in other parts of the Republic.  There is nothing  difficult about these decisions concerning the induction of Ishmaelites into the precincts of Terra Sanctus Americanus.

     One must point out that St. James Earl Carter, the patron saint of all things that permit and allow the hatred of America, did by the wave of his scepter order the prohibition of entry rights into the United States of any and all persons practicing the Shia form of Islam or Mohammedanism.  The prohibition was amplified to include any and all persons associated in any way with the offense against the American Embassy in Teheran,  the capital of Persia, also known as Iran.
     This act of religious bigotry and hatred of Moslems by a blatantly Christian of the Baptist Denomination passed into the annals of American history without comment or concern.  It has obviously been forgotten by one and all.  Part of the good fortune of the Hate America First academic and political classes is that almost all the American population is totally ignorant of anything that occurred before last Thursday.  Oddly enough, fewer than 15% of the population can name the winner of the Super Bowl in 2011, and fewer than 10% can name more than 10 Vice-Presidents of the United States.
       Fewer than 10% of America's graduating seniors....from university....can find Switzerland or Sri Lanka on a world map, and probably even fewer have ever heard of either place.   At least we can celebrate that various of the famous citadels of public education in the Enlightened Territories have solved the problem of teacher illiteracy.  The New York School System has declared that teacher will no longer be judged by the cruel requirement of being able to read and write and cipher as a condition of obtaining and /or continuing in service as classroom teachers.

     Therefore, now that the cocoons are woven and the majority of the population is living in the Brave New World of feeling instead of thinking, of taking instead of giving, of consuming instead of producing, and of hating good while cleaving unto evil and degeneracy, we are prepared for rule by Organic Law.  The concepts of English Common Law and the practice of law that defers to precedent and the common application of the processes of the Law to Prince as to Pauper is essentially now 'dead man walking'.

     The notion that a seated federal judge can literally say that an Executive Order can be judged not by the words composing the executive order but rather by the words thought to have been said by the one in authority to issue such executive order or by his associates burns down every barn on the legal farm.  Such a legal stretch extends well beyond any sense of reason, and is, in and of itself, grounds for invalidation of said judge's competency and authority concerning the issue. 
     Actually all of these judges finding against this prudent Executive Order should be taken to a "Home" and allowed to rest for the remainder of the their retirement.   They are all filled with leftist bile and hubris that is truly dangerous to the fair and proper conduct of the defense of the nation and the proper conduct of good judicial order.

Enough said.  More later about matters pertaining to the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 13 March 2017

Making the Swamp Great Again

     Paul Ryan and the Reasonable Republicans begin the process now, apparently surprised by the idea that someone among the rubes and unwashed ranks of conservative voters is hung up on the idea that the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) needed to be dispatched to the Dustbin of History.
     The tortured, but predictable, Ryan Method of Legislative Obfuscation was hauled out for the doltenpressen to analyze and ridicule. What it turned out to be, of course, was a series of measures that essentially repealed the OSMI and replaced it with the OSMI.  Of course, the doltenpressen opined that although the Ryan OSMI was the exact duplicate of the inspired work of 2,000 pages of Nancy Pelosi's best work, they did surmise that Ryan's would not work, while Pelosi's OSMI would work perfectly, if just allowed to mature with experience.

     Admittedly, El Gringo Viejo is oversimplifying the "repeal and replace" efforts underway presently on The Hill.  But, not by much.   Perhaps the best that can be said is that the Republicans came up with a 200 page proposal that makes a little sense, while the Democrats under Gruber, Obama, Pelosi, and Co. built up a document that was 2,000 pages, and in its short life suffered an equal number (2,000) of executive amendments, orders, and modifications....none of which were authorised by the required Congressional amendment authority.


     With all that grumping and growling done, it is necessary to circle the wagons and exclude extraneous participation in what is going to be a fairly short process of repeal and "replace" the Obama Socialised Medicine Offensive nightmare.   We urge that only Republicans....moderates, right-wing crazies, Tea-Party, Constitutionalists, conservatives, libertarians, right-to-lifers, and such be allowed into the ring.

     Then, while Trump can act the honest broker between all these legitimate faction of the Elephant Herd, the Constitutional Process requires that the House of Representatives initiate the formal processes involved in Repeal and Re- Constitute.

     As Paul Ryan spins out something that might fit the image desired by the House, the Senate will begin drafting its legislation that would pertain to operation characteristics and limitations of the new law.  That is the normal way of moving legislation to the point of being signed into law by the Chief Executive (President).  

     As both bills come out of their respective Chambers, there will be parts that fit and parts that do not fit.  The two Chambers will send negotiators to work out a set of compromises and adjustments that will, in the end, be generally accepted and / or tolerated by the hard-liners of every stripe.  At those times when there is a bit of an impasse, the Chief Executive can provide his good offices as a theatre for arguing the fine points of final accord.

     Once signed and implemented into action, there are three or four Congressional committees that can and will practice operational oversight,  along with the other appropriate internal solicitors, to assure that the various parts are being operated with legal and moral precision. 

These are my desires.  I shall bide my ire and impatience, while remaining true to my Cruz - Lee - Paul axis of personalities in whom I trust.   This meeting of Elephants I propose is a far better thing than the Soros - Polosi fifth column of marxist hypocrites, nihilists, and anarchists being involved.

We take leave and maintain our powder in it driest possible place.

El Gringo Viejo