Tuesday, 31 January 2012

By the way, Rush

     From one who had people in his background who used the term and applied it to themselves at times, allow me to interject for all the people who are still actually sane out there.    Cracker, like the word Gringo, is a term of balance.  It is only an insult if it is said in an insulting way.  Red-neck, hill-billy, web-foot (Cajun), and a thousand other terms are used  to describe what is essentially best defined as the Upland South White Man.  Red-necks are normally associated with eastern Texas, northernmost Louisiana, and Arkansas.  Georgia, especially north Georgia is the home of the Cracker, Eastern Tennessee-Western North Carolina and South Carolina is hillbilly....and to a lesser extent southern Missouri and northern Arkansas (Ozarks and Boston Mountains people).    Central Texas has what the Mexicans call "posteros" or "cedar-choppers" ....people who make posts from cedar limbs.    And on, and on.
BUT!    Cracker is certainly a person of both great and small resource. But either way, he or she is a person who cracks a cob of un-shelled corn shortly after harvest, and throws different parts into different piles.   This base end of fat corn goes to the still'n, and the middle three-fourths we'll put'n in for grindin' into pone-meal.  And the tail of d'cob will go to the hogs.    Of course,  any leavings will be raked up and fed to the chickens.....but not that mean old rooster over there....he just won't share to be beaten.   (he is so obstinate that he'll take a beating before he shares.)
File:Georgia cracker peaches.jpg     When the song says, "Jimmy, crack corn, and I don't care....",  it refers to a person who is not qualified to judge which part of the corn goes to where, being allowed to  crack corn caus'n the one who is in charge just doesn't care how the job winds up.
     Oddly, the term applies generally to white folks, but in the good old days the black folks were as apt to be sittin' on the upside-down bucket singin' or gossipin' while "dey cracked de coin".    Further, in some of those places a Yankee would have to sneak up really close to tell if da talkin' people wuz a white cracker or a black cracker.....caus'n they sounded a lot alike.  The accent points and pronunciation written in this little paragraph, for instance, is how my Granma Mamie and Granpa Rex sounded.    They were from Eastern Tennessee.
corn sheller manual hand operated     Hand-powered kernelers or shellers pretty much destroyed the "cracking" of corn by the turn from the 1800s into the 1900s in all save the most traditional areas.

Pleasant Hill Grain
Corn Sheller

Tough cast iron construction
& fast, easy operation!

White Southerners wear our provinciality as a badge of honor.   We thought the Beverly Hillbillies and the Dukes of Hazard was genealogical about our own famblies.   We were rat proud of all o'dem.
El Gringo Viejo   

"Just be reasonable"

Rodney and Gangrich are the same.   Each of them beg the analogy.   The analogy is:
     A passenger liner is steaming through the night, at 24 knots, in spite of the fact that there are more icebergs than fish ahead.   The ship finally strikes an iceberg that is three time the size of the passenger liner.   The iceberg wins.
     Rodney lurches up in his bunk and runs over to the dresser in his drawing room.  He moves his socks and handkerchiefs from one side of the drawer to the other.   He also remember s that he meant to change the blade in his razor.    The clatter wakes up Gangrich who promptly goes over to the same chest and places his socks and handkerchiefs where Rodney's had been put, changing Rodney's back to where they had been before.
      He thinks,"I might should change my razor blade."   But he decides that he can do that in the morning.   "Why are all those stupid emergency sirens going off?"
      "Who cares, you're stupid," responds Rodney.
      "Pots and Kettles.   Sticks and Stones," snickers Gangrich. 

"Where did you put my socks?"  "That's for me to know
and for you to find out" "Turn the light out" "No!"
"I'm gonna tell.""Shut up" "Are we there, yet?"
     The "wise ones" and the "moderate Republicans" who look down their noses at those of us unwashed radicals who wander in the desert, living off of the locusts and the honey and drinking with the camels are really much more enlightened than us, the little, extemist hot-heads who cannot grasp the art of reasonable compromise and seeing the other point of view.
Gerald Ford, King George I, McCain, and now Rodney....or Gangrich?   The only reason King George II won his first election in 2000a.d. was because he was running against a dolt who invented Global Warming.    At least he finally gave us "free prescriptions for Geezers"....that solved all the problems.   You see, the government pays for it.   That way it doesn't cost anything.
Vote forSantorum....to stop the bleeding at least.    The patient may already be dead.
     The nation is well beyond at-risk.   We are in danger of drowning in a sea of red ink, in a morass of entitlement, in a quagmire of socially-defective, dependent-groups producing hordes of meth and crack heads, moral and mental slugs.  We are surrounded by consumers and prostitute business and labour interests.   And Rodney and Gangrich want me to worry about, each the other's, money posture?    Beam me anywhere, Scottie, quick!

Free money for Geezers now!   Free money!!!!! Now!!!!
El Gringo Viejo

Josephina Vazquez Mota, Accustom Yourself with the Name

We are happier to report that our favourite in the Mexican Presidential race, within the centre-right National Action Party, has pulled out to a substantial lead for her party's nomination.   We have Josefina Vazquez Mota, who has steadily built a lead and now, according to reliable polling among PAN "militantes", she has over 60% of the votes heading into the final nomination convention on 5 February 2012.    She is something like a Michelle Bachmann/Santorum cross.   She has worked privately, successfully.   She has government experience, serving as Secretary of Social Development and as chief economic advisor to the President.    The leftist press calls her "La Borracha  (the drunken woman)" because of her sleepy eyes and they refer to her as "La Nin~a con Cara de Mona del Planeta de los Monos (the little girl with the ape-face from the Planet of the Apes).    However, a centrist "body language specialist" from Mexico City....a person of considerable understatement and highly respected as a psychologist and analyst of such things....says the following:

     En conclusión, Vázquez Mota me parece, de los tres pre-candidatos, la más auténtica. Es una mujer expresiva, intuitiva y asertiva.   Su gran desventaja, la inexperiencia (en comparación a otros políticos) y la timidez que a veces refleja (a veces en su sonrisa, pero sobre todo lo observamos en algunas posturas cerradas). Evidentemente, no es nada fácil presentarse ante una audiencia, los nervios son perfectamente normales. Sin embargo, de llegar a ser la candidata Presidencial de su partido, esto sí le podría jugar en contra sobre todo ante un personaje como López Obrador (que proyecta fuerza y autoridad).
     In conclusion, Vazquez Mota appears to me, of the three pre-candidates, the most authentic (is as she looks, sincere).   She is an expressive, intuitive and assertive woman.   Her greatest disadvantage....(compared to the other politicians)....is her inexperience and her timidity that at times is reflected (at times in her smile, but above all, we observe it in certain 'barrier postures').   Evidently, it is not easy to present oneself before an audience, to be nervous is perfectly normal.  However, upon arriving at the point of being a Presidential candidate  of her party, this might play against her, above all else before a personality such as Lopez Obrador (who projects forcefulness and authourity).
     It is well to point out that this same analyst later declares Lopez Obrador (communist) to reflect his forcefulness and authouritativeness as does a drunken, braying donkey.....which makes sense because that is what he revealed in the last Presidential elections.    In that episode he made a fool of himself in the first debate and then said he would not attend the next two debates because ".....I have already won the election, anyway".     Works for me.
One of the greatest political pictures of all time.   On the left is the woman who
gave Snow White the poisoned apples.   This picture was taken when the leaders of
each party's faction in the Mexican Congress's lower house (Camara de Diputados)
were having an official group picture made.    The one on the right is our girl, when
she had been selected to lead th Partido de Accion Nacional, (PAN) on the floor.
The other one was the leader of the old, frumpy centrist party, the Partido
Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) and doubles as the head of the national teachers' union.
   She is as evil as Nancy Pelosi, but sadly she is also much more intelligent.   But would
you want to see her on the other side of the breakfast table?

     It would serve the Republicans well to follow the lead of their brethren in Mexico and support the moderate Yankee, Santorum at this point and leave the two elitist, liberal Republicans out on the line to dry.   They have demonstrated that they have only their own interests within their hearts and souls(?), and Santorum has demonstrated that he has the interest of the nation placed foremost in his pecking order.    He has also proposed "government-get-out-of-the-way" solutions....which is good.    All the problems we have right now can be traced back to central government programs and legislation...social security, medicare, medicaid, establishment and subsequent dissolution of the underclass, military diminishment, FmHA and FHA, EPA, educational decay....now far beyond repair, etc.   All predictable failures due to the fact that they come from marxist utopians and people who live in Chappaqua and want to tell the hoit poloi how, when, and where to live.

More later.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 30 January 2012

The Quiet War in the Anglican Communion

     El Gringo Viejo was moved to respond to the kindly Rev. Father Wier, a nice Episcopal priest whose concerns are well placed, I am sure.   He seems puzzled that the Republican people would think it appropriate to rely on tax cuts for the investing class....and lower taxes overall...as a method of providing employment and economic prosperity for what is generally termed the "middle class".
     El Gringo Viejo is not a kindly, nice old man.   He is a curmudgeon who has tired of placing ugly, evil, sloth, filth, arrogant sense of entitlement, violence, coarseness, vulgarity, perversity, and treachery over Divine order and natural law.   El Gringo Viejo is now too old to learn to be kinder and gentler to people who expect someone else to provide food for children whose parents care naught about them.  And food for those same parents, as well, also comes along with the package.
     The Gringo Viejo's over-reaction on the blog of the Anglican Curmudgeon is placed here for the view of all.  He feels bad for having to state the matter in the way it is stated, but does not apologise for the defense of the Natural Law of Creation.

BloggerThe Old Gringo said...
     The Rev. Mr. Wier is a well-spoken man. His ideas deserve some reasonable comment, obviously. The question he raises is about calling Mr. Obama "the food stamp President". My comments are not reasonable. They are founded in a passion originating in reality.
     The fact is that Obama is.    That is the meaning of is.    Democrats and socialists desire the death of a sinner's soul and that he become the slave of Man, not of Good. The Democrat Party...all leftist parties....desire the death of a man's soul and that he replace his loyalty away from Yahweh and towards those on Earth who know what is best for each man.
      Large businesses also sell themselves to the call of Lucifer's enchantment by pointing out that farmers, food processors, transporters, and grocery outlets, along with school feed-the-fat-afdc children, all benefit from Lucifer's feeding the people and the children. After all, if the elites and Lucifer do not feed the people, who will? They themselves? Who will feed the "minority children"?    Will it be the "minority parents"? Who will feed the "majority children"?   Should it be the "majority parents"?  What a brutal notion.     However novel, it is silly. How quaint and backwards to think that people should feed themselves and their own children.

          We are told that it is better to give than to receive. We were told, in the Olden Tymes, "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven".
       Now we are told,"If you have, you are evil. If you support yourself and give the second gleaning to the poor then you are a Republican. You are evil and part of the one percent."
       The only good people are those who whelp without plan, who demand to be supported, and who strive to become grandmothers when they are younger than 26 years. The only good businesses are those that depend on Lucifer's subsidies. And the only good churches are those who doubt every element of the Creed of Nicea, who know that homosexuals are better than perverted normal people and that aetheist women should wear cleric's collars and traditional women should be spayed.
Thank you, Father, for you time and patience.
January 30, 2012 9:57 AM
Thanks for the readers' time and patience as well.
El Gringo Viejo

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Grumpy Old Grumpy Old Men

(a)    Why do the pinkoes at Google think they have to change the foremat for composition and posting processes on the blogspot.com system?    Is there a  "no sleeping dog left un-kicked" policy that is universally enforced by all pinkoes and leftists?    Is there some bastard son of Ernesto Guevara who works late at night and finds out that the Gringo Viejo is comfortable making his rants and grumbles with the same crummy system that he has used for 327 years?    Is is (Sir Edmund) Hillary I,  Eternal Queen of the Universe and the Duchess of Chappaqua?  Is it Eric Holder, working under orders from Father O'bamaham?    Before long, after a person realises that the entire world is out to get him, he becomes a bit paranoid.....or quadranoid.

     In any regard,  yesterday we were attending a bit of a parade, celebrating the founding of one of our locale's early industries.....grapefruit production.   It is the 75th anniversary of the event so in keeping with the theme of diamonds and such they decided to have a Mardi Gras theme in order to celebrate grapefruit and diamonds.   Such is the living proof of the usefulness of committees.    It was pleasant enough, however.

      The low point of the episode was when we went into the supermarket to by some inconsequential this-or-that and fell in behind the people in the express check-out.   Turned out there was a committee at the check out and they were sending members out to refine their wish-list of selection.   After about 5 minutes of waiting around on their coming and going, going and coming, debatinig about whether a 202 ounce Mountain Dew would be better than six 2-liter Coca Cola and would it be better to have ten mega-bags of Doritos and 20 tubes of Pringles or maybe just the 40 pound industrial strength jalapen~o Frito bag.....a non-nourishment-challenged girl searched through her several Lone Star Cards (automatic food stamps in Texas) and finally decided to ask a female relative for one of her cards...and they paid....finally...the sum of  $26.44. 
     I had to restrain my poor wife.   She had to restrain me....Even the cashier was angry and depressed.   "Please help me, I have to see this all day everyday at this store."....His words helped us calm down a bit.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Earth to Newt....Earth to Mitt...Dust Bin of History Approaching

Newt was right.    When he asked the CNN interrogator about wasting time with questions about things other than presidential level policy alternatives.    So, one can assume that   Newt likes irrelevancy when he wants to have a hissy-fit about whether or not Romney has stock in this or that company or a bank account in Switzerland or the Caymans,  or any number of other mind-numbing, pointless matters.
Mitt Oreck
for President
     Newt,  IT'S REALLY NOBODY'S BUSINESS.   Your private income is not my business, Romney's is not my business, Mrs. Gluberstiens's income is not my business.   If there is something illegal about the method of gaining income, about the method of investment,  some day it will come out.    You were the one who was floating (aka: kiting) checks during your time as a United States Congressman.   In fact, your taking advantage of zero-net-negative-checking-account-innovative- personal-financing ranked you up at second place as a privilege abuser.
      And, Mitt....Your presentation of Newt's lobbying for Freddie and Fanny is patently untrue.  A government consultation contract of 1.6 million dollars was not a payment made in cash in some dark alley....composed of used and un-marked 5 and 10 dollar bills.   Furthermore, as you know, the money was turned around in payment for office lease, salaries for clerical people and researchers, and telephone and computer connections, insurances, and all the other paper clip and toner things involved in running a doctor's office or a consulting firm.     That is was a waste of government money goes without saying.    Franklin Raines retirement bonus of 60,000,000.00 dollars was also a bit of an invasion of the exchequer as well, but at least Franklin did absolutely nothing for it save for successfully deleting all of the White House emails from the 1994 through 2000 period.   That's when Franklin was White House Communications Director.   Then Clinton appointed him to head the Freddie quagmire.   Quid pro crook....
     The point of it all is that you both should be named Oreck.   Mitt Oreck and Newt Oreck.   Or maybe Hoover.   Newt and Mitt Hoover.   Because your childish sitting in a muck-slump and pouting and snivelling over totally pointless personal details has demonstrated that neither of you is qualified in the final analysis to be president of the Welcome Wagon Committee.   You remind me of two sophomore girls in the dorm cramming for finals while suffering PMS and pimple outbreaks.
Anniversary WindTunnel® Bagged Canister Vacuum
Newt Hoover, GOP Candidate
for the Presidency
While suffering their problems they begin to fight over which one of them will get to have first access to the make-up mirror in the morning.   That is the discomforting image that El Gringo Viejo has of the two of you.   During their next encounter, perhaps we can be treated to a mud-wrestling match with the two of them dressed in cheerleader drag.
     This is not what we were hoping for when we were told that you both were "aspirants"  for election to the office of the Presidency of the United States of America.   Instead of being "aspirants", you both turn out to be "aspirators" instead.     It becomes necessary to reiterate ones support for the best available candidate in the mix, and that would have to be Sen. Santorum.    He is the only one who understands that we do not need any further "adjustments" or "temporary debt ceiling authourisations" .   The Republic is running at 28 knots in the Adriatic....in the dark.....near the shoals....near an island named Giglio.
     The display presented by last night's "debate" leaves a person rather much like surviving a shipwreck.   Gee, I'm alive....but nobody knows where we are and we have these other idiots here on the same un-charted island....Gilligan, Mary Ann, Thurston, Tina, the Professor, Mr. Howell....

Thanks for putting up with the ever-optimistic
Gringo Viejo 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lunacy of Leftists

File:Okuni kabuki byobu-zu cropped and enhanced.jpg

One of the Old Gringo's favourite kabuki dances is the one liberals and other marxists pull off on the "waiting for a Republican to say anything about public assistance" game.
Tim Scott is congratulated by supporters at his victory party
in North Charleston after winning
the seat of the 1st Congressional
District in North Charleston, South Carolina

    "We must strive to address the disintegration of the family" becomes something that Maxine Waters calls ...."an insensitive racist blame-game used by Republicans to divide America".
      The next day, this or that "official" spokesman for this or that aggrieved "minority" group trundles to the microphone after the big official government meeting concerning institutional poverty and declares, "The failure of President (Reagan, Bush, Nixon) to move quickly to address the issues of hunger, poverty, and family stability is a form of racism of the worst sort.   It is intended to destroy a race of people by starvation and neglect.   A child cannot learn if he is not fed.   A child cannot learn if he has no place to lay his head.   A child cannot learn if he is dead.  The racist "Klanners in Pin-stripes" are killing the future of the (enter minority) by not providing the most basic necessities that are the right of all children....the right of all people....to have."
      Republicans put forth the silly notion that a two parent family....a man and a woman, perhaps....raising a family selflessly and working one or several employments or running this or that business....is a better format to apply in the quest for spiritual and material comfort.  Then, Sheila Jackson Lee waddles out to remind people that the GOP is the bastion of racism because they will not even approve a huge increase in (food stamps, school lunch, emergency diapers, section 8, WIC,  AFDC, public housing, free legal, medicaid....add infinite etceteras).
Col. Allen West, Florida
Republican Congressman
     So, public welfare and assistance programs, if mentioned by Republicans becomes a euphemism for a racial slur.    If they are mentioned by leftists, Democrats, and marxists, they are the measure of a certain right to reparations for the oppressed darker skinned masses.

Dr. Thomas Sowell
Certifiable Genius
   One need only compare the appearance of Black and Latino Republicans to the images presented by people such as Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton       One need only listen to Negro conservative commentators and compare their logic, facts, construction of thought, and presentation to the likes of Jesse Jackson and Mayor Nagin and recognise that the cure for poverty is obviously to become an African American who is also a conservative and perhaps associated with the Republican Party.     My racism is showing, perhaps, when I understand and agree with Herman Cain, Col. West, J.C.Watts, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and several hundred thousand more.   Those several hundred thousands will be integral in leading many millions out of the desert of political and cultural slavery in the years to come.
      The notions the mainstream media and the professional race slugs have about "minorities" will ultimately fail.     The "community leaders" and "community organisers" are like the gang members and labour unions, as they imitate in their tactics, trying to force the "poor" and the "minorities" into gulags of dispair, to be used as cannon fodder in the cultural war to destroy America.    It will take a while, but the Kabuki Theatre will collapse upon them

      Please forgive the use of the word "kabuki".   Kabuki is among the most impressive theatre arts and a tribute to the advanced intellectual and artistic ability of the Japanese people.    
     And, remember to pay your fair share.   We have already filed and are awaiting Father O'bamaham's largesse to twinkledinkle a few of his generous farthings upon those of us in that percentage who actually pay income tax.    Abolish all income and inheritance taxes.
El Gringo Viejo

Southern, Crockett, Whig, and Confederate

     El Gringo Viejo recuperated long ago from brain-strains caused by his peculiar political and philosophical positions.   He retreated into the intellectual wigwam of his ancestry, his people in Tennessee, and took the advice of one of those people.     This advisor from beyond the veil spoke to many....both contemporaries and those who would dwell in Earth's future....by instructing them to "Be sure you are right, and then go ahead".

     David Crockett would not have fit into this day and time.    He was a showman, like Wild Bill Hickock, and an orator/humourist like Will Rogers.   He was a rustic man of the Smokies and the mountains of Eastern Tennessee.   He was also among the sharpest political and cultural analysts of his generation.    He gained fame as an Indian Fighter, and was also one of the foremost defenders of the Nations of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Cree(k), and other Indian peoples.  He was a Republican of sorts in that he was a member of the prototypical Republican Party, known as Whigs, at the time.    This placed him in the northern, industrial, and banking political group although his personality and loyalty was distinctly rustic, traditional, and individualistic.    While there is some question about his ancestry, it can be assumed by his colour that, like many white people in the South, he had one or two strains of Indian blood.
File:David Crockett.jpg     He informed people of his "evolution" as a conservative politician having been provoked by a Tennessee farmer.   While out visiting constituents one day, Crockett came upon one of his supporters, Horatio Bount, pushing his mules in the black soil of Franklin County, on the back side of the Smokey Mountains.   Crockett stopped and waved-ho the farmer who reined down his team and put them at rest.   The farmer walked over to the rail fence and shook hands tepidly with the famous Congressman and said nought.   Crockett sensed that there was some recalcitrance dwelling inside the farmer's soul, and immediately sought to plumb his motives.   He enquired of the health of the family and the major animals of the farm, and after receiving the briefest of answers, finally asked,"What seems to be the problem, Horatio?   Is there something we need to take care of?   Something I can do?"
     The farmer elbowed onto the rail fence, and leaned into an instructive pose, "Yes, Davy, there is a problem.   The news came by the paper that you all met in session and heard the plight of a widow who had lost her husband.   She's a known lady in the Washington area, and everyone was moved by her new problems....having children and accounts to pay and all."
      David Crockett brightened up, and interrupted a bit,"Yes, yes Horatio.   You're talking about Widow Baker, she was in a tight way and we voted her a goodly sum to dispel her cares.   It was a great amount for her but less than a copper for the Republic.   You can be sure that we took care of her.   Yes sir."   Crockett beamed with pride over this quick disarming of the issue.     But, his broad smile did not last long.   Horatio, the farmer, continued to look down and was shaking his head in the negative.
     The farmer took off his hat, and beat the chaff off'n his leg a bit, and then responded, "Well, Davy, here's the problem.   I am sure that the widow woman is a lady and that she had a cause for help.   It was good to help her.   But there is a wrong here, and you were part of it.   If you and your Congress friends felt so moved to help this woman, then you should have taken up a collection from among yourselves....or held a social....or informed the various churches and asked for a portion...or any number of other things.    It is not right, moral, legal, or in any way correct for you and your Congress friends to take money from people in Tennessee or New Hampshire or Pennsylvania and give it to anyone as a matter of charity...no matter how distressed that person is.   It is not your money to give.   Had you begged a dime from every Negro, a half-dollar from every wealthy man within 20 miles of that poor woman, she would have had a willingly given estate of several thousand dollars.    But, you chose to raid the national treasury and displace the Samaritan with the will of a messenger carrying his master's money and spending it in a saloon.    The messenger feels good for a moment, perhaps, but he is committing an evil."
      David Crockett was left with nothing more to say, save for this promise, "Jesse, you have spoken well.   I shall return to the Congress and place my share of the award to replace the money and I shall attempt to compel my colleagues to do likewise.   Your words have cleared my mind as to the nature of my duties, and I thank you."
(This is not taken from a "wire" worn by the farmer Horatio Bount.  It is solid lore and something that was passed to El Gringo Viejo by his grandfather.   The writer's mother was born in Franklin County, Tennessee which was the residency of David Crockett and his family during his service in Congress and from whence he left to go to Texas.   The Gringo Viejo's mother's family settled into the area of Franklin County during and shortly after the time of the Revolutionary War.   While the above conversation was not personally heard by the Gringo Viejo or his family members, he can hear his grandfather telling and re-telling the same story many times and in the same accent and rhetorical composition as might well have been used by Horatio and David.   El Gringo Viejo has to this day many, many 2nd and 3rd cousins living and buried in and around Franklin County, Tennessee.)

     Crockett left the Congress, tiring of the hypocrisy of his own party concerning the lack of compliance with the Indian Treaties and in utter disgust of the vicious, dictatorial nature of Andrew Jackson.   It is probable that he and Samuel Houston both came to the same conclusion about Jackson....Houston being a close personal friend of the Old Hickory....and like many Tennesseans, they decided to plight their troth with Texas.    Like many, he thought that it would be a great final adventure to move his family to that golden place and establish a new future for his children and grandchildren.
      It is thought by many people that Crockett was an unwilling participant in the issues that confronted him in Texas.   He was used to being comfortable among people of different races and extractions, being in contact with Negroes and Indians on a very close basis.   But, once in Texas, he found that he was confronting another Andrew Jackson, but this time in the form and presence of one Generalissimo Presidente Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.   He walked into a fight, that like back home, pitted the Centralists (led by Lopez de Santa Ana) against the local control liberal federalists (Zacatecas, Coahuila, Texas, Yucatan, Durango, Jalisco, Morelia, and many, many other entities) who were supporting the Mexican Constitution of 1824.   It was that Constitutionalist tri-colour that flew over the Alamo that enraged the Mexican dictator to unreasonable military measures that indirectly led to his losing a war that he had already won decisively.
     This is not to say that he was not a fighter at the Battle of the Alamo.   It is almost certainly the case that he was a fallen hero.   That he went down swinging "Old Betsy" and waiting for Buddy Ebsen to come riding up with reinforcements is very doubtful.   Best indicators suggest that he was spared by elements of the 2nd Batallion of Combat Engineers...known as the Segundo Batallon de Zapaderos, a truly heroic and militarily correct group....and brought as a prisoner to the presence of Lopez de Santa Ana.    Before the commanding general could speak to Crockett and two Latin Alamo defenders, several particularly effeminate lesser officers fell upon the two Mexican Texans and Crockett and hacked them to death with their parade sabres.
    According to Lt. Col. Enriquez de la Pen~a, XO of the 2nd Sapper Batallion, who had respect for Crockett and the other fallen in the actions of March 6, 1836, he included the above observations in his accounts of the battle.   His unit was the first to bridge the Sacred Walls.   He also wrote a long, detailed account of the war in Texas and was bitterly critical of its conduct by a person he considered to be a vainglorious fool.   He wrote:
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
The diversity of opinions expressed concerning the Texas campaign; the accumulation of lies told to falsify the events, published in national as well as international newspapers, but especially in the latter, and the cheap adulation have rendered to the men least deserving of it; the ignorance, stupidity, and cruelty displayed by the ministry and the commander in chief of this war; the honor of the army, unjustly censured even by its own members, who without adequate knowledge have superficially or inaccurately passed judgement; the honor and self-esteem of every military man who participated, so deeply hurt by the inaccuracies in the official records as to dates, deeds, and places; and above all the honor of the country, deeply compromised by its leaders and no less by the truth and the atrocity of its crimes – these are the principal causes which compelled me to publish the diary I kept during the time I served in this unfortunate campaign

     The "Disney" historians would not like for this to be revealed, and others who prefer a hollow myth to the hallowed truth resent the telling of the true story.   The Lieutenant Colonel's account....lengthy, over-flowery like other writings of its type at the time, and detailed have been challenged.   But it becomes increasingly clear as the years go by that his accounts are true....his charges of war crimes, incompetence, corruption, and cover-ups by the Generalissimo and his lackeys have steadily....like tales from the Bible....become more and more plausible.    El Gringo Viejo finds his writings, having read them in both the original Spanish and in translation, to be veritable and worthy of regard as truth.
     Enriquez de la Pen~a's description of timings, unit movements, results, the weather and climate and geography, the support of the Anglo-Irish to the south in Texas and the opposition among the Latins in the northerly parts of Texas....among many other things....point to his veracity.   He regarded Crockett's death and the two Mexican defenders deaths as murder.
      This winding account of very small moments in Col. Crockett's life shows, perhaps, a better understanding of the thought processes of a typical Southern, Confederate, Crockett, Whig.   The typical Democrat....the typical leftist....the typical stereotyper who accuses us of stereotyping while portraying us gleefully as Beverly Hillbillies....has neither the depth of understanding of history nor the native intelligence to truly comprehend things like the Tea Party movement, philosophical conservatism, or the difference between private charity and welfare.
The Gringo Viejo feels better now...for a little while.    Thanks for your time.
El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

People are Watching, We shall overcome the madness.

     People are watching.   We shall overcome.....the madness that has been manifested by the Occupy movement.    We are including a poignant, perhaps even brilliant observation about the soul, or lack thereof, of the movement.
     Sometimes, original unpublished poets need to be recognized by all available outlets.   This is a Facebook-type entry written in observation of the first filing for major office by an Occupy slug.  The place is Phildelphia.   It is for the office of United States Representative.   The slug is filing in the Democrat Primary against an incumbent Democrat, so we know pretty much that we are dealing with a terribly depressed area.    The poem is written in prose form.   It is profound.    The Poet is, like El Gringo Viejo, not at all impressed with the Occupy personalities or purposes.

A demonstrator sleeps wrapped in the American flag with other Occupy Wall Street demonstrators as people go to walk in the financial district on October 11, 2011.
The girl is not carrying the Che banner
But we could tell that right away anyway

El Gringo Viejo has named this work
by Matthew Clarke

Here is a OWS Dude. He's the guy on the street with the nose rings,
      the dreadlocks and the lice.
He's the guy in Starbucks making coffee because it's the only job he can get with his degree in Art History.
He doesn't always have money for rent or food but he always has money for weed.
He rents a dingy studio apartment with a window on the sidewalk level.
Bums sleep on his steps and wee-wee on his sidewalk window.
He doesn't seem to care.
He doesn't even notice the smell.

He's the guy that rides a bicycle everywhere he goes because he can't afford a car.
He has to keep replacing the bicycle because people like him keep stealing it.
He has no mechanical skills.
He has no administrative skills.
He has no trade.
He is a vegan, too weak from malnutrition to work at any kind of physical labor job;
     not that he would take one anyway as tha...t kind of work is beneath him.
He despises the military and law enforcement.

He has an upside down American flag taped to his sidewalk window...
     right next to his marijuana flag.
He hangs out with other leftwing losers who blame their innumerable failures in life on
      people they've never met and know nothing about.
He's always borrowing money from someone but never pays them back.
He gives them some weed instead.
He's never contributed time or money to any civic project yet he constantly criticizes his
He fully immerses himself in anything leftwing.
The more these leftwing organizations bash America, the more rabid he becomes.

Despite his leftist fervor, he is always on the outside looking in.
He's a loser and even the leftwing losers that tolerate him think he's a loser.
He's never been able to become part of their leftist clique, no matter how much he bashes
When he gets old and is unable to support himself he will turn to welfare.
He is a parasite.

When his life is over he will have contributed nothing but hatred and bigotry to the
He will be buried in a state owned lot at the taxpayers expense.
Maybe one or two of his dealers or customers will stop by for the funeral service.
So long, OWS bum.

     We stress again that this is not the Gringo Viejo's poem.   He is jealous.   And also recommends it as required reading for all children aged 12 and older.    
El Gringo Viejo.....

Anticipation Is Making Me Wait

We are waiting in this household to hear the inspired words of the Beloved Leader.   It will sound something like this:

     America has been a dump where only the rich are happy.   No one has had a chance until I came here after the rich people drove us into the ditch.   The Republican Congress still stands in the way, but we will take care of that in November.   They have stood in the way of us passing a balanced budget for three years now, but in November we will have the votes to make certain that the richest among us....the millionaires and billionaires....will finally have to pay their fair share.    No more subsidising their wealth, no more secret tax rates that only they know about; from now on, we will be the ones telling them what they are going to pay.    We will finally have a level playing field.   We will be the ones who have....and they will be the ones who have less.
     For too long America has been an extension of the plantation mentality.   It was a country established by slave holders, accustomed to being waited on, accustomed to making other people wait in line while they took the first pickings at the good life.   Now, with our new tax rate of 66.6% not only on the earnings of the wealthiest two percent...but also on the evaluated value of their estates while living....we will see a new day where minorities become empowered to full, rewarding lifestyles, free medical services, free food and lodging, and free entertainment options.  All will qualify except for the richest two percent.
     I have established an executive order clearance procedure which will, from this day forward, authourise the abolition of the electoral college along with the right of abeyance in the case of any disagreement my government has concerning outcomes that are not desirable.  We extend this right of abeyance to any decision made by the supreme court  that is not in keeping with the overall objectives of the administration.
     It is time that we become serious about social democracy, income equality, and other such basic human rights.  For instance, we have ordered Fannie and Freddie to immediately take possession of those domiciles that are designated as "vacation homes" or "second homes" and to make them available to historically discriminated people.    We have a ten point program that will build on this first initiative and details will be released after we have begun the implementation of that program.   Suffice it to say, there will be no more mansions of billionaires and millionaires with space going to waste when there are so many children  sleeping under expressway overpasses.
      More could be said, but you people are not really capable of understanding.   So, we'll just go ahead and say...."welcome to democracy".


Monday, 23 January 2012

It's all stunning

The issue with Mr. Romney is that he speaks in four to eight word phrases that are essentially reformed platitudes.   The platitudes have been repeatedly run through a filter that takes out any chance of offense to anyone save anyone too stupid or stoned to be capable of taking offense in any regard.
File:Neanderthal reconstitution centre courrier annecy 1.jpg
 Homo Sapien Neanderthalensis
Also known as Mr. Romney's idea of
what a Republican commoner is.
     Mr. Romney is a good candidate.   He was a better candidate.   But now, he takes on the character of that cheese a body was hoping to use in this evening's meal preparation, but upon taking it out of the refrigerator, it is, alas, consumed with mold.   He is remembered as a dolt who actually believes that it is a homo sapien conspiracy to destroy the earth by crock pot and not the Sun.    After all, he reasons, who are you going to believe?   Al Gore and the drowning Polar Bears, or obvious climatogical facts?
      Mr. Romney is also one of those inspired souls who is wise enough to know that criminals will gladly go down and pay four times more for a pistol permit than they used to.   After all, criminals need to be allowed to stand in line for three hours in order to pay for their own personal protection.   What if some Republican took away the criminal's mother's social security money before the criminal could make it to her house  in time to pistol whip the old bag to get to her Social Security money so he could scrape enough money to pay for the next pistol permit he is going to buy?
      Mr. Romney is certainly an inspired, new-wave Conservative philosophical thinker.   And, he wanted everyone in Massachusetts to have free medical services.   For free.   And everything.  For the children.
File:Jesse Jackson at Max Palevsky Cinema crop.jpg
 The Rev. Mr. Jackson,
shown here trying to
remember what comes
after the number "5".
     At least we have Mr. Gingrich, who is easily the most brilliant thinker in the history of history.  When he rose to the great office of Speaker of the House of Representatives, he was given a group of seats of honor to offer to people of great note, heroism, importance, and positive contribution to the American condition or experience.    You know, like Sergeant Benavides, Congressional Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, etc.   But, the Speaker chose to give a seat to that miracle worker.....the one who managed to reform the concept of being a Negro professional into the new category of Professional Negro, the one who delighted in telling to the story to his....women....that he would spit into the soup of the people he served while a waiter at the country club where he worked.    You know, Jesse Jackson.   Speaker Gingrich "reached out" and invited a poverty pimp, racist, embezzeler, philanderer, profane, hypocritical, marxist, slug to a seat of honor.
     There were only 200,000,000 other people more qualified.  But the Speaker chose to honour Jesse Jackson.   The Speaker knows how to "reach across the aisle" and build working coalitions with septic sludge whose forte is lying, shaking down people, and fomenting violence and threats of violence.    The Old Gringo just loves "reaching across the aisle" to Satanic monsters whose only desire in life is to demogog, shake down, and have other people pay for his women.   Neither the Speaker nor the "Rev." "Mr." Jackson have very good taste in women.
     Then, we have Senator Sentorum.  Anybody who has to translate his real name into Latin must be older than he looks.   He also slings a lot of meaningless mayonnaise at his opponents.  He was also the inventor of elephant earmarks, which are the giant, economy size pieces of pork.    He does have something like a notion about what the concept "conservative" is.

Cheshire Cat Tenniel.jpgJust Please!    We all know that you are all a bunch of bums to one degree or another.  So just stop worrying about how stupid I am not to have memorised every one of your stupid mudpoints concerning the other candidates and concentrate on the enemy....the atheist marxists in the White House.    Lay down your plan and sign it in blood.   Then be quiet.   Stop shouting about what a scumbag some other Republican is.   What spoiled children you all are.
     One notes quickly why the Democrats and mainstream media had to lynch Herman Cain first.    Oh! And by the way, WHERE ARE ALL THOSE WOMEN WHO HAD THEIR LIVES FOREVER DESTROYED BY THE RAPACIOUS HERMAN CAIN?   The Stepford Wives have become the Cheshire Floosies?  Perhaps Gloria All Red can come to the fore and explain how it is that she can line up white trash and Guatemalan illegal aliens at a drop of a mad hatter's hat to trundle out to blame some Republican or another with all crimes up to and including removing tags from pillows that say "Do not remove under penalty of law".

Back to my cave to nibble on my No-doze and to drink my Air Wick.
El Gringo Viejo

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A local report

Hello again to everybody.

    We are back again with no real earth shaking events to report, at least from around our little mud hut in the Sierra Madre Oriental country.   Beyond a three-day episode last week when El Gringo Viejo had to fire up the old fireplace, even the weather was tolerable enough for the December - January time of the year.   There were four mornings when the temperature hovered in the mid-30s, once even flirting with the dreaded 32F figure.   Each afternoon managed at least the mid-60s, and the departure morning, yesterday, followed a day when the temperature made it to 85 F. 
      The flowering trees and the other growies around the area and on the property are already showing signs of the "reton~o".   Our monstrous old mesquite tree is probably in its last demise.   It is an ancient tree, but now seems destined to serve for firewood.   We shall give it another year.   It is being replaced by two medium-huge ebony trees, which is appropriate, because ebony is the State tree of Tamaulipas.   The two trees are about 35 feet tall and of almost equal form and dimension.   They are also close to coming together to form a solid, dark green wall on the upper-west side of the property.   (upper-west side?)
Clay-coloured Robin, aka Tropical Robin
     This has also been a very intense episode of birds.   We have had bunches of the old regulars, but also new arrivals.   One of interest is a medium-small bird that is navy-blue in colour, with a black beak and apparently a thin red line across the throat.  He seems to delight in jumping into our large tray of water (we call in Lake Guerrero), and thrashing about with glee.  He'll jump out and shake off like an old shaggy dog, and then fly up to a nearby branch to air and sun dry.   The rest of the topic might prove boresome, so suffice it to say that every day, all day, almost without respite, there were passages of parrots, song birds, ground birds, warblers, etc. without end.   We even nailed a couple of really good navel orange halves onto the flamboyan tree in front, and waited for the attack of the orioles.   This time, however, they were joined by mockingbirds, clay-coloured robins, green jays, and summer tanagers, at times simultaneously.   Every now and then there would be smaller birds swarming looking for fruit flies and other treats around the oranges.

      Another sign of the times is that the Old Gringo encountered a little convoy of American fishermen heading down to the real Lake Guerrero with their boats and trailers in tow....about six trucks.    It used to be a very common sight, and perhaps the event is going to start being repeated.   The last time coming up, another little caravan of trailer/motor home people was seen heading towards the Emerald Coast of Vera Cruz probably for the Winter.   There used to be 50 to 60 rig caravans....sometimes more...."doing Mexico", which I always thought to be a ridiculous way to see and engage a country.   But...to each his own.
      Topics for the days ahead will deal with the continuing saga of  the War in Mexico, the elections to be held in Mexico in July and in United States in November, the lunacy of the gun control nuts and their allies in the Department of Justice and the ATFE, the bitter silliness of the marxists in Chilpancingo, and probably the Gringo Viejo's lecturing of the media, the dumboe missteps of the Republicans, the hypocritical jibberish of the Democrats and the American left in general, and other pleasantries.

     We shall be mulling over the dull, pointless, meandering lack of substance of the Republican Primary.   The candidate who will say...."O'bama's Socialized  Medicine Initiative will be repealed as my first act....could win the nomination and election.    If he can then say, "I shall sign the Balanced Budget Amendment and forward it for ratification by all fifty-seven States of the federal Union.... I shall order the design and implementation of a complete embargo and trade suspension with Communist Red China.....Once empowering legislation is forwarded to my desk, that legislation will implemented....I shall immediately order the lifting of any and all suspensions of deep water or any other drilling prohibitions in the Gulf of Mexico that were put into place during the previous administration......I shall immediately implement procedures that will result in the elimination of the Departments of Homeland Security, Education, Energy, Labour, Commerce,  and most of the Department of Health and Human Services.   In the Justice Department we shall de-activate and disband the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives division of the Justice Department, and the United States Coast Guard will return to detached and independent service as America's only free-standing military service serving principally inside the territorial domain of the United States of America."
     This "America needs jobs" goat barf is tiresome.   Platitudes aspirate.

More later, and thanks for your attention as usual.
El Gringo Viejo  

Friday, 20 January 2012

Windy Return to Texas

Returned from a few pleasant days down at the Quinta.  The theme, I would guess, was that everything was perfectly boring, there were a zillion birds including various new ones, and that the mornings were quite cold....for my old bones....and that my calling as a slave to cats and dogs was well acquitted.    There will be some tales to tell and some observations coming on-line during the next few days, so stand by for a bit.    By tomorrow we might be able to put some thoughts together.

El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

One Last Note Before Departure

This is one more rant, because if it ain't writ, then there ain't no point to tryin' to get any sleep.

     The article is cryptic, summarizing the events that left a PEMEX gasoline station attendent severly burned.    A "student demonstration" near the city of Chilpancingo, Guerrero, the State's capital, turned into the predictable and desired mayhem desired by the "professors".   First-class and Deluxe long haul busses stopped in the highway with large stones and a human mass, then boarded....thugs demand that everyone get off....pilfer money, jewelry, luggage, and whatever for "the cause", and then turn the busses sidewise to the flow of the expressway lanes that normally smoothly connect Mexico City to Acapulco....traffic count of 40,000 each way per day is common.
     The mayhem had gone on in Chilpancingo for several days...part of the common marxist tactic.  They demand this and that, and the rectory and/or the local, State, and/or national government says okay, and then the agitators refuse to agree to what they were previously demanding, accusing the other side of "being insincere, patronising", and trying to trick  the "students".
       The problem is that there were no "martyrs"....people slain by the fascist brutes who are lackeys of the filthy Capitalistas Americanos and the "free-trade colonialists".    So, like the Occupy Your Property movement in the United States and other such nihilistic narcissists in Europe, it's time to break some windows and set some fires.    After all, why should anybody have any of this stuff....what about global warming?   Think globally, Act locally!
      So a batch of thugs, driven on by their university trained urban "professors", finally attack the PEMEX gasoline station across from their school complex....quite a nice one actually....and throw a molotov cocktail into a pump.
      Enter Gonzalo Rivas Camara, a pump attendant and minor repairs and auto service person one might normally find at a PEMEX station.    He runs forward first to try to put out the fire, then runs to the shut down switch that disconnects the pressure systems for the pumps.  Gonzalo is severely burned.   He is hospitalised, receiving excellent care, but finally succumbed yesterday to the murderous, depraved indifference of marxist thugs who were trying to destroy a privately owned concession of the PEMEX monopoly gasoline operation.   Gonzalo is not a rich man....not quite a poor man.....but now he is a dead man, because arrogant, atheist, elitist "professors" educated in Mexico City's best public schools essentially at no charge, decide to change their preparatory school into a popular resistence communist training camp of some sort.    In the ensuing disorders, when the authourities finally came to restore order, two of the poor innocent students were shot to death.   The leftist media, both in Mexico and worldwide, was quick to point out that "poor, Indian students, just excersising their legal rights to protest, were murdered by trigger happy cops."    There is no common lament for Gonzalo Rivas Camara, one who complied with his legal and morally correct duty, and then some.

      It is clear that the ''students'' did everythng possible to provoke the authourities.   It is true that the largest pecentage of the  body of the "protesting students" fled the area after the molotov attack on the PEMEX station.    A dedicated group of about 30 stayed and taunted the police.   They went on one charge at the police who fell back in fairly good order, considering the abandoned autos and trucks at the scene.  The next thing is gunfire, which the leftist press immediately blames upon the police.
     It is becoming clear, as was pointed out in the previous post some days back on this same blog, that the "professors" or their agents most probably fired the shots that killed their "comrades"....thereby providing the much needed martyrs.   There is solid, camera evidence taken by neutral nobodies....like people from the busses that had been stopped....that there were at least four "professors" or their agents who were carrying rifles and lurking at the rear edge of their students' grouping.    These armed people consistently took firing positions behind cover as if waiting for some opportunity to "fire for effect" .
     Sick of it, tired of it.   These same "professor" types have been coming down to this Indian areas for years with the same purpose of fomentation of useless insurrection.   They follow the same formula every time.   It is tiresome.   It is a form of premeditated murder.   These people are pathological.   Like...I have the right to demonstrate in front of your restuarant and drive you out of business because George Bush wouldn't give me a job paying 200,000 dollars per year.   Occupy?   Protest?   Spare me.
El gobernador Ángel Aguirre Rivero, el alcalde, Héctor Astudillo Flores y la sociedad civil brindaron un póstumo homenaje a Gonzalo Miguel Rivas Cámara, trabajador de Diario de Guerrero y las gasolineras "EVA" quien murió a consecuencia de las quemaduras que sufrió al apagar con un extintor el fuego de una bomba despachadora de la gasolinera EVA III; incendio provocado presuntamente por estudiantes de la escuela Normal de Ayotzinapa. (Foto: Abel Miranda Ayala)
This individual was eulogized by his brother, a lieutenant in the Mexican Navy.   The Bishop, the Governor, the City Council, his mother came from Vera Cruz, and several thousand people came....at some danger to themselves....because the "liberators of the people" are very good about bullying, brutalising, terrorising, and otherwise wreaking violence on people who oppose and/or stand up to them.   The post election 2006 and 2008 stories out of Oaxaca are the norm, when people cross the commies.
     Simply please be aware that this entire incident was prefabricated by the marxist social disorder handbook.   A crummy imitation is Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals"....but it is the book of common prayer for marxist activists in these times.

El Gringo Viejo