Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lunacy of Leftists

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One of the Old Gringo's favourite kabuki dances is the one liberals and other marxists pull off on the "waiting for a Republican to say anything about public assistance" game.
Tim Scott is congratulated by supporters at his victory party
in North Charleston after winning
the seat of the 1st Congressional
District in North Charleston, South Carolina

    "We must strive to address the disintegration of the family" becomes something that Maxine Waters calls ...."an insensitive racist blame-game used by Republicans to divide America".
      The next day, this or that "official" spokesman for this or that aggrieved "minority" group trundles to the microphone after the big official government meeting concerning institutional poverty and declares, "The failure of President (Reagan, Bush, Nixon) to move quickly to address the issues of hunger, poverty, and family stability is a form of racism of the worst sort.   It is intended to destroy a race of people by starvation and neglect.   A child cannot learn if he is not fed.   A child cannot learn if he has no place to lay his head.   A child cannot learn if he is dead.  The racist "Klanners in Pin-stripes" are killing the future of the (enter minority) by not providing the most basic necessities that are the right of all children....the right of all have."
      Republicans put forth the silly notion that a two parent family....a man and a woman, perhaps....raising a family selflessly and working one or several employments or running this or that a better format to apply in the quest for spiritual and material comfort.  Then, Sheila Jackson Lee waddles out to remind people that the GOP is the bastion of racism because they will not even approve a huge increase in (food stamps, school lunch, emergency diapers, section 8, WIC,  AFDC, public housing, free legal, medicaid....add infinite etceteras).
Col. Allen West, Florida
Republican Congressman
     So, public welfare and assistance programs, if mentioned by Republicans becomes a euphemism for a racial slur.    If they are mentioned by leftists, Democrats, and marxists, they are the measure of a certain right to reparations for the oppressed darker skinned masses.

Dr. Thomas Sowell
Certifiable Genius
   One need only compare the appearance of Black and Latino Republicans to the images presented by people such as Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton       One need only listen to Negro conservative commentators and compare their logic, facts, construction of thought, and presentation to the likes of Jesse Jackson and Mayor Nagin and recognise that the cure for poverty is obviously to become an African American who is also a conservative and perhaps associated with the Republican Party.     My racism is showing, perhaps, when I understand and agree with Herman Cain, Col. West, J.C.Watts, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and several hundred thousand more.   Those several hundred thousands will be integral in leading many millions out of the desert of political and cultural slavery in the years to come.
      The notions the mainstream media and the professional race slugs have about "minorities" will ultimately fail.     The "community leaders" and "community organisers" are like the gang members and labour unions, as they imitate in their tactics, trying to force the "poor" and the "minorities" into gulags of dispair, to be used as cannon fodder in the cultural war to destroy America.    It will take a while, but the Kabuki Theatre will collapse upon them

      Please forgive the use of the word "kabuki".   Kabuki is among the most impressive theatre arts and a tribute to the advanced intellectual and artistic ability of the Japanese people.    
     And, remember to pay your fair share.   We have already filed and are awaiting Father O'bamaham's largesse to twinkledinkle a few of his generous farthings upon those of us in that percentage who actually pay income tax.    Abolish all income and inheritance taxes.
El Gringo Viejo