Thursday, 29 November 2012

Shovel Ready

     As a child, while living on the farm, among the animals and the mess, we noticed that there was a goodly amount of shovel ready material.   Our neighbour had a dairy farm.   Shovel ready was abundant there as well.
     Listed below is what those of use who follow the markets day in and day out...who have a modicum of understanding about the international business scene...have seen increasingly since Obama's regime came into power.    Bush and Clinton and Bush were bad enough.  Especially Clinton, but Obama and his gang of marxists and compliant "American Business Men Useful Idiot Running Dogs (standard terms used for Americans and American business people in Red China)" are in a league of their own.  
     The especially vile hypocrisy of "defending American 'jobs'" with the expropriation of General Motors by the White House Agrarian Reformers....and the use of such a campaign plank by the UAW and the Obama Re-election team....can be shown for what it has been, is, and will increasingly become.   Lots and lots of shovel ready stuff....all in foreign Red China.
GM venture in China plans $1 billion auto plant
The Associated Press - 4 hours ago
     None of these "investments in shovel ready jobs" will keep Detroit from being shuttered and  turned into a landfill in ten years.  This is even being considered the governor of Michigan.   And the factories and outlays in Red China will have cracked walls, weeds, and broken windows....lieing vacant like almost all of their facilities they have put up with great fanfare in Mexico over the years.  There they put up a little operation, build some stuff and ship it out, and then disappear overnight.  People come to the factory in the morning and find the offices empty, all files and computer records gone.   It happened so much that they really aren't involved any longer in on- shore production in Mexico and a number of other Latin American countries.
    Obama plays the UAW workers for the fools they are. Not the Union bosses...they know the game.   They are all crooks and marxists playing the labour union shell game, counting on the predictably intellectually dull, selfish, small, easily-led, mainline union dullard who compose the majority of the ranks of the UAW. (Yes, we know that 34% still vote Republican, and we are referring to the majority of the ranks)
     Even with recent gains in the stock's value, the chance of General Motors ever climbing out of the bottom of the canyon is nil.  They will not let go of the VOLT and they are having their lunches eaten by labour costs in the United States and their "advances" are dated, at best, even as they roll off the assembly.   Dealerships are inundated and sales are sluggish even with all kinds of incentives, financing promotions, and "discounts". 
    Where's the light switch?   It's startin' to be that time.

Continuing to Come Out of the Closet

Yes, we are coming out of the closet.   We have mentioned it in the past, hinted at the fact, but we now have the luxury of being an old fool who is relatively independent of any linkage.   We can say and do things that could not be said or done years back...and certainly not in public.
     Below the red line is a letter written to some very dear friends with whom we have had, albeit at a distance, business and social relations for some time.   We communicate about family and the socio/political situation at times.  During recent days we were urged to communicate by them with our elected representatives about a pressing issue before the American Congress.   We had already done so, and now have re-done so...our political inclinations are very similar.

    However, we felt that it was time to tell them that we had fallen off the wagon, flipped our lid, cut off our nose to burn the bridge ....or is it burned our bridges to spite our face?   Can't ever seem to keep those things straight.
     In any regard, so that more will know...these things are going on throughout the Republic of Texas at this time.   Thousands of such conversations, informative communications, confessions, re-thinkings and contemplations on the part of a people who woke up on the morning of 7 November past and realised that the United States of Ameria had seceeded from Texas.
“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”
--John Adams

Read more here:     The American Republic has put us in the position of paying for them....of sending us their problems...and then ridiculing us for being rubes.
     So, the OROGs are informed of the final decision of El Gringo Viejo.  I'm not taking my flintlock to the mountains to fight off the blue coats...or any variation of that.   I am, however, going to spend what little time an old man has to re-establish what David Hawkins Crockett knew had to be done.   We owe it to the Cherokee the sons of Lexington and the hundreds upon thousands of Confederate dead who had no slaves and/or loathed the "peculiar institution" and should have been allowed to deal with it in their own way...we owe it to all American dead who fought against tyranny of behalf of the people of the Orient and Europe....all of this is being wasted.    Wasted...on a naked Emperor who has no magnificent raiment....and a hopelessly addicted ....increasingly addicted.... populace that is more and more disposed to chant..."I need!  I want!  I deserve!" and to expect someone else to pay for those needs, wants, and desires.
     Much of our ire is reserved for the effeminate, marshmallowy GOP, which brings a piece of wet, cold spaghetti to a fight where the other side uses any and every means, including crowds of  filthy, perverse, anarchistic vermin who shriek falsities and threats...and otherwise do "God's work" (according to Nancy Pelosi).    Any political party whose leaders can speak in respectful terms about a marxist in the presidency or about either or both of the Clintons, is lost in a haze from which they can never return. 
Here is my "coming out confession" to our friends.

Hello to all,
We sent a refresher to various of our hapless representatives and senators. We have another close friend without contact for two-score years with whom we co-ordinate attacks on the various Constitutional imperatives required in any true republic.
We had become somewhat deflated after the election. We have a string of liberal Republicans who have lost elections now....and this last one even lost to Obama when Obama's vote count fell by over 3,000,000 votes as opposed to his count in 2008. Romney had more votes than McCain in 2008, Obama had 3,000,000 fewer, and the "moderate" Republican still lost. And of course the party poobahs and shamans blamed the Tea Party, the Rightwing Crazies, and the Constitutionalists for the GOP's own lackluster performance.
We are genuinely of the opinion that 5 to 8 million of "our types" just 'kinda drifted off into the darkness'  after Romney began to go pinky in the debates...("Yes, I agree that you did a good thing in getting rid of Mubareck")....and when the Romney people kept on with the line of ...."First we'll rescind Obamacare and then we'll redo it with the things that were good about it"...and so forth. The failure to openly connect with our snake-handlers, foot washers, and alleluia people also was a kick in the face to them....after they made overtures aplenty that they would go ahead and support a "cultist" over a communist....But they didn't. The whole campaign was limp-wristed, like the two week victory lap before the election and the failure to warn Christi that if Christi were to kiss Obama's big toe with reference to the "Queen for a Day Hurricane Relief Effort"...then Christi would certainly face vigorous opposition in the primaries coming up for governor of New Sludgeburg.
It became apparent, and fairly well disseminated, that Romney's "team" would make sure that the "Michelle Maulken nuts" would never darken the door of the White House and that a Romney Administration would be more involved in "reaching across the aisle" than either Bush II or Obama. So that is the unspoken story. Our own people...among the whom of which is I...are the ones who just drifted off down the beach, collecting shells, and humming Dixie....until by voting time, they had drifted unseen into the fog.  The Better Half and I did vote this last time for Romney and the complete Republican ticket, especially Mr. Cruz.
        Folks, You all might as well know. We are dedicated at this point to commit to the Welsh and Scottish solution....except to take it a step further. There is an increasingly active and an increasingly sophisticated movement to re-establish the Republic of Texas. Texas has a bigger GNP than Canada, and a larger GNP even than Mexico. It is sinking in even on our Texas liberal element that the welfare state is going to cause ruin for Texas and their "constituent groups". It is sinking in with our psuedo-conservative, country club Republicans that the business-control group will be the first to be sacrificed to the guillotine when the bakeries run out of cake in Washinton, D.C.
      The United States looks upon Texas as a goose that lays golden eggs. That is not a good thing to be when the 47% decide that 17 meals a day is not enough for the We Breed 'm, You Feed 'em R'Us group. We might can still control that group here, and tell the HEB's and other parasitic businesses that live off of food stamps and subsidies that they need to change keys and octaves on their pianos. It is the only hope we have to maintain any sense of an English Common Law - Natural Law Civilisation on the North American Continent.
     Mexico and Canada are edging to the Right, while the United States is hurtling into the abyss of national socialism faster than Germany did. It just leaves no alternative for an old man. 16 minutes a day in politics will be spent in the Texas Nationalist Movement. As you know, our grandchildren through the Boss are 13th generation Texian, and by my line they are 6th generation. We are studied, but we choose to be parochial. The Republican Party views us as bullet catchers and cannon fodder and rubes. They do not take active measures of any kind to defend and promote basic liberties that are required in any free country. And they hold us up to ridicule, even within our own ranks. Time is up. The game is over.
       We shall continue to support the right-most candidates on the American national theatre, but our efforts will be spent in withdrawal and in fostering support for a non-socialist, non-public welfare society within these borders.   The borders of Texas.
We remain trusting in your good health and prosperity. It is always a pleasure to hear from and we think and speak of you all often.
El Gringo Viejo
Thanks as always for your time, patience, and attention.
El Gringo Viejo

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New Truisms

     Anyone who thinks that the government can do a better job with money than can a normally well-off individual with a higher wealth and/or income level than the majority of the population is a fool, a slug, a syphilitic paramecium, a jackass, or a marxist.  Anyone who demands that those who are better off than the norm be taxed in order to "pay their fair share" is delusional, an intellectually dysfunctional amoeba, and a brain-damaged seed wart, who is devoid of the most basic sense of moral reason.
     The insidiousness of the progressive notions that led to the income tax is now presenting itself.  It is based upon a strange notion that a person's income first belongs to the central government.   The possessions, including the money, of all true persons belong to their owners.
      There is no quicker way to establish a peon class than to make a slothful person comfortable in his sloth. To attend to that person in his necessities...his feeding, his medical needs, his accommodation, is a death sentence.   It kills the soul.   Without a soul, the homo sapien is a lower life form, but certainly not a descendent from the Orderer of the Cosmos.
      A mother gives a child his heart.   A father give a child his soul.
      All ills affecting the American condition at this time have either been worsened or caused by programs authorised and/or administered by the central government located in Washington, District of Columbia.
      How can FEMA help?   What can FEMA do?  How did Anyplace, USA ever get on with life after a disaster, in the days before FEMA?  FEMA is another agency designed to make the citizenry beg The Great White Father for a few crumbs of largess provided by people who were forced to pay for said largess at the point of a gun and/or by the certainty of prison.
      Were the Social Security Program to be operated by a public agency or by a private person or business within the confines of the Republic of Texas, the operator, or public entity, would be charged and without doubt convicted of felony fraud.
    If only we could legalise marijuana consumption and tax its purchase, then all of our budget problems would be over.
    If only we were to have a small Statewide sales tax, that alone would pay for all the State's operations, along with the royalties on oil production from State-held royalty rights; that solved all of our problems forever, back in 1961.
    It worked forever again,  when we legalised parimutual betting on horse racing and dog racing, thereby funding the operations again for all eternity, in 1987.
    It worked even better when we secured public funding for public education by Ann Richards's pledge to save the public schools with proceeds from a State Lottery.   Right? School funding solved, forever, in 1991.   
     If only we could legalise liquor by the drink, those taxes on that vice alone would pay for 30% of the State's budget.  That solved the problem forever....back in 1970.
     If only we had just a minute tax on tobacco, no one would even notice it,  the operation of the State's finances would be solved forever.  So we have a tobacco tax, and a tobacco tax law-suit settlement.   Both have produced billions and billions of dollars to feed 300 pound sixth graders.  We should be proud.
     Now...if only we could just edge the camel's nose just a little further into the "business gross margin tax" Tent,  to a more realistic level, and institute Casino Style Gambling along with that really would solve the funding problem for all those people in need out there in TV land.
     Each of these ideas are made to sound good to the dolts of us who compose the dolts who compose the non-political body politic.   Think of all the jobs it will provide!  Think of all the economic impact it will cause!
    The last truism is a combination of lies...purposeful lies.   In all cases, liquor by the drink, pari-mutual race betting, Texas lottery, and even the stupidity of a sales tax  (taking money out of an area so as to be commended when it is sent back)....the result is always dirty buildings with grey defeated people coming in to buy liquor by the drink, lottery tickets that never pay and even when they do, wind up destroying the winners 80% of the time, leaving them as the losers that they always were, and ever will be.   Hence, the term "idiot tax".
     If we want these things, let's just do private business.  Enforce the laws of fraud and theft.  But why tax them?   So as to hire accountants to count the money that is derived from the tax?   To pay for some previously unheard of "urgent need?"..."Head Start"?
     Folks, we have to re-establish the idea that the government is not here to create jobs, business, or to help people have a safety hammock.  In so doing, it simply provides the road to perdition, selfishness, class warfare, and the dull, grey reality of 1957 Eastern European drabness.    It was called  'social democracy', which translates into realspeak as  "everybody's poor".  Lots of dirty parks, buildings, and filthy rest-rooms.   Governments are for providing a public record, a judicial system that provides equal justice before the law to all who come forth, domestic peace and tranquility, and in thq cases of home-rule cities, an orderly provision of water, sewer, and garbage pickup.   Paved streets with curbs and gutters if the people want them as well.    The central government's job was to be to provide for a common defence and a postal service.
We've come a long way, baby!
El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

      We are beginning to prepare for our jaunt down to our little hideaway on the face of the Sierra Madre Oriental.   Our man has been there far too long for one stay, and it is all due to a series of small problems and obligations for El Gringo Viejo to address on this side of the Rio Grande.   It may well mean having to be out of circulation for Christmas and the Holiday Season in general.  With better order being restored there is even a chance that we might go back to having folks stay with us for all or part of the festivities, which in Mexico really start up with the day of the Virgin de Guadalupe  (12 December), or what the Anglicans would style (when there was such a thing as an Anglican or Episcopal Church) as the Apparition of Saint Mary of Tepeyac.

A very small portion of a principally Indian group of worshippers coming
to the Basilica de Guadalupe on the 12th of December, any year

File:Our Lady of Guadalupe.JPG
This is the actual "'tilma" of Juan Diego, enshrined upon its own
altar made of different types of lumber drawn from every nation
 in the Americas, from Canada to Argentina
     A good treatise that is reasonably short yet complete about the events surrounding the various aspects of the Apparition can be found in a book under the title of "Roses for Mexico" by Ethel Cook Eliot.   It is classified as a fiction, but I have no idea why.   It is something between a gushy puff piece written by a Roman Catholic apologist fused with the reasonable understanding of conditions and events of those days in the 1530s in the high, cold, dank precincts of the new and burgeoning capital of New Spain....La Ciudad de Mexico.
     While the book has drawbacks, it is readable, has errors in history based on common understandings of the mid-1900s, and stays aimed at the intelligent swimmer entering into the shallow end of the pool.    It is a very good prologue for that intelligent person who would like to do deeper study into the phenomena.   Phenomena, did I say?   One should consider that 30,000,000 pilgrims, worshippers, tourists, and interested others arrive on the grounds and at the Basilica annually.  Official Church estimates of the numbers of visitors are kept around 12,000,000 to 15,000,000 but some say that this is to keep leftist politicians from ranting about "cultism" and currency with "In the Pope We Hope" instead of "Sufragio Efectivo, No Re-eleccion!"    The official count makes this Basilica the 2nd most visited in the entirety of Chistendom, following Saint Peter's in Vatican City.
      The smock, or tilma, of now Saint Juan Diego is still there to be seen, as it is by millions upon millions each year.   It has been analysed, investigated, purged, and surged, UV'd, IR'd, spectrachromaticised, curse't, damned, bless't, defended, threatened, defended again, and generally made into a symbol of Mexico and Christianity for now nearly 500 years.

     In any regard these celebrations for Saint Mary take place on the day 12 December, and after that Mexico generally goes 1/4 speed ahead, as 100,000,000 people take it easy until the day after the First Day of Epiphany (Three Kings) on the 6th of January.   After that the same 100,000,000 have to take off a week or so around St. Valentine's, just to rest up from their exhaustion from the December/January episode.

Tomorrow more about Father Obamaham and about Mexico.   Thanks for your attention.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 26 November 2012

Moral High Ground

“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”
--John Adams

Read more here:

     Humour is something like listening to a pinko, obsolete media reporteress solemnly pointing out that the Democrats, as usual, have staked out the Moral High Ground in the matter of shaking down people who have anything more than the next person.  
      One of the most important things to a socialist politician is to have considerable sums of someone else's money to distribute to one kind or another of a victim class.   The socialist/marxist cares little about the exploited victim, but a great deal about having control over the poor victim and the disgusting person who has things.    After all, the socialist has been endowed by the Great Power Which Existeth Not with supernatural knowledge about how cultures should be arranged and who should be at the top of the pecking order.


     We, on this humble theatre, would like simply to point out that it is far nobler for those of us who have little, to defend those who have much, when we have nothing to gain.   We know that money taken from those who have much is destined to profligacy and payment for all manner of self-defeating, injurious activity.   It is the nature of "social democratic" governments.
     We would like to point out that the only true task and obligation of the central government was to have been the provision of a common defence for the several sovereign States and to operate a postal service.   Certain duties and tariffs were to be levied, and the northern interests fought over this with the South, because the South was disposed to free trade while the northern interests wanted great walls of protective tariffs so as to lessen competition from foreign finished goods,  (as an aside).

    The purity of the demagoguery of the Obamacrats is the conceited notion that we who can read and write would think that raising taxes on the "rich" will in any wise affect either the national debt or the national running fiscal deficit.   The best any of the proposals put forth from the White House would provoke perhaps 300 hours worth of extra income, but even that is in doubt due to diminished overall economic activity that would be caused by raising said taxes on the productive investing class.   In short, the productive investing class will not productively invest.

     The willingness of any Republican to play any kind of ball with these charlatan national socialist madmen is disheartening.   Any position taken by any Republican will certainly be, is certainly being, ridiculed and derided by the Obsolete Press.   Nothing can be gained by being "reasonable and inclusive and bi-partisan".   The only thing the national socialist madmen truly fear is that the Republicans will put up a fight.   The Rightwing crazies and common Republicans rising up and digging their heals in is the only way to derail this artificial Windmill made of sugar that Geitner and Bernacke have invented to essentially generate support of Quantitative Easing XVII .
     It'd the Fiscal Cliff don't you see?...If we don't spend another 1,000,000,000,000 on useless projects and corporate and union welfare....then you see,  just put in that small amount into shovel ready projects and unemployment compensation and areas that have good union wages and provide investments for sustainable energy projects and the rebuilding of the Nation's infrastructure, THEN, and only then,  we can finally arrive a place where we can be proud of America for the first time in our adult lives.
       If Republicans cannot unite to fight against such bilge and intellectually defective garbage, then it really is time to move closer to an independent Republic of Texas or the establishment of a Constitutional Conservative national party to replace the useless RINOs.

Thanking everyone as always for passing through these precincts.   Every viewer is appreciated.
El Gringo Viejo 

No Respect Earned, None Given


     There is a fine old American institution, whereby Americans think that it is good to "respect" the office of the Presidency, and that somehow refraining from calling a cad a cad, or a fraud a fraud is the meaning of such an epithet.
     Such refrain is not the meaning of the concept of "respecting the institution".  Respecting the institution is pretty much limited to the idea of desisting from removing the President by means of unjustifiable force.   It can be construed as waiting for the normal cycles to approve, renew, or disapprove and replace the present president, and to accept the victory or defeat of this or that candidate by virtue of the rulings, procedures, and votes of the Electoral College.

     As an aside, most of us know that the libs, pinkoes, and lefties hate the Electoral College.  They know that everybody is equal all the time and that we should have direct elections for president, just like a real country.   A professor told me one time that it was stupid to have a place that used to be a school evolve into being an arbiter of a national election.   Ah! The dulcet lure of fraternite', equalite', et liberte'.

    So, from this fountain of vitriol and other spewing gastric acids, we point out that no one who is completely unaccomplished, who has no agenda save for the destruction of the American Republic, and who knows nothing beyond the agenda of demogogic marxism deserves any of my respect.   Quite frankly, he deserves no one else's respect.   He has gamed the system by trusting in a certain residual willingness to be doubly fair when dealing with certain people.   He and his peeps knew and know that the American people will put up with being called racist white-trash Klanner dullard neanderthals scum selfish fascists by a supposedly brilliant black man until the cow that jump over the moon comes home and closes the barn door after herself.   The marxists who seek Utopia know this and, of course, use it to their advantage.   They know that while elections are still taking place they need to combine the following in order  to "win" approval.

    (1)    demonisation of the opponent as an uncaring, detached wealthy person
              who made his wealth by fraud and exploitation of the masses.

   (2)    promising to the oppressed and exploited the return of the profits
             made by the exploiters and the millionaires and billionaires.

   (3)   promising, to the oppressed and exploited, free telephones food,
            housing, education about how to obtain public assistance,
            heating, cooling, transportation, medical services, and
            carnival palace tattoos and fingernail jobs.

   (4)   promising to "make the rich pay their fair share", by finally
            forcing them to pay taxes, just like the rest of the people.

   (5)   promising to extend unemployment benefits to beneficiaries
            on a permanent basis, along with "drive-through disability"
            benefits at Social Security Multi-service benefit dispensaries
            located by every liquor store and lottery dispensary in America.

   (6)    promising to balance the budget by raising taxes on the rich.
             (see #4)

   (7)   promising to give unmarried and married women free abortions
            contraceptives, child care, world peace, absolute independence
            from men, and free shopping, and know...unless,
            whatever...and no men...unless...and everything.

File:Beguiling of Merlin.jpg
The Lady of the Lake beguiles Merlin
during one of her trips ashore.
   This above group combines well with the "gimmeeverythingforfreenow!'' 70% of all labour union members, although there might be some duplication with the 25% abovementioned.   Tack on the stupid and ignorant wise-fools who stumble around in the universities memorising communist cant and canon as if it were newly discovered wisdom recovered from a rock with a sword stuck in it, taken out of a lake with a beautiful lady-spirit living there. This will produce a base of 25% of the electorate that can barely wipe up their own drool. It will also fold in the single women and women who are essentially in a remorseless quest of extending their hatred of their mothers and their own wrinkles into a crusade against whatever catches the microwaves generated by whatever hormone froth seems to be spilling out of the cauldron at the openning scenes from MacBeth.
       Included in this latter group are thrippets who think that my daughter should pay for her birth control pills when, while my daughter paid her own way through school, is married, has a family, has a professional level position, a husband who complies with the complete traditional assignment and on, and on....while the thrippets want free pills at Georgetown University where the Jesuit Beelzebuddies perversify not only Roman Catholic dogma, but other things as well.


     There is no "fiscal cliff" arriving.  It arrived with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank and the deification of the Green Back Dollar.   Our present problems could be solved by cutting all central government spending by 8% across the board...everything...and reducing the income tax to 20% maximum, and abolishing the capital gains tax on secondary gains.  Abolition of taxes on any form of business, including small, medium, and large corporations would also solve the problems.
     The rule is that any money sent to the central government will have a tendency to be misspent.  The more money that is sent to the central government will increase the tendency.  Sending money to the central government is the beginning of that process by which leaches and parasites who "really need" the money to build Solyndra Plants and buy lottery tickets with food stamps,  gain their fix.

    No excess money in Washington, D.C. -   No starving children, no 24 year-old inter-generational grandmothers, no Solyndras, no ethanol, no housing crisis, no 300 pound sixth graders, no fairness and diversity and tolerance sex-education classes for 3rd graders, no duplication of 70 programs involved in ''job-training", no studies of examination committees checking into the studies of reviews of the policy initiatives relevant to the peripheral impact of peripherilisation.

Thanks for Being Here.  More later.
El Gringo Viejo

Back from a Whirlwind

     We returned from a quick trip up to the "extreme central" part of the Republic of Texas, and beyond.   Family matters and a combination mix of Thanksgiving and Christmas obligatory visitations.   The people who compose our very near to near biological and in-law class of family are all solid, civilised, productive people.  They are competent in the white collar, medical, blue collar, and social areas in such a manner that bespeaks of a solid catechism and approach to life.   Each has his/her little quirks and characteristics that set that particular relative apart from the other.   All share many similarities.
      For instance, Aunt Rosario and her daughter whom she did not name due to a promise made to an Indian spirit named Watabuncha always sacrifices two chickens and a cat just before daybreak on days that fall on odd numbers.  But she failed the rest of us by being a bit predictable and unwilling to branch out into more imaginative methods of self-expression and self-realisation.   Cousin Jake did not make all the reunion activities this year because he finally succumbed to the ardours to trying to set the Guiness World Record for Body Piercings.   He had something like 54,000, but was disconcerted when he found out he was trying to break the National Record for India.   He thought India was the name of a girl.
      So, we also went up and back to Dallas, Texas to visit our son.  We went up and back on the train, which was an experience, almost entirely pleasant.   The ride back was a little better than the ride up, although the entire event was rewarding with scenes of Texana filling the windows, and meeting up in a couple of cases with long lost friends who had never been met. One fellow in particular, a "old cowboy - master carpenter" whose ancestry, life-story, and political/culural observations were taken from the same mimeograph that was used to program this Gringo Viejo.    We both had substantial ancestry coming out of East Tennessee, and from there on the whole show went downhill.
Night scene at the Arlington House, a Southern-themed
events centre on the grounds of the 9 acre central-city
park.  Although this is a night view, this facility does
all kinds of public renderings, including a "cold fried
chicken" breafast, wedding receptions, business
 meetings, and a hundred other services.Just
 Amazing.  A publically accesseible place fit
for Royalty. 
     We  were especially impressed with the return train.   Both trains were full....every seat, ever Pullman compartment.   The first one even had a deluxe, add-on, private touring car tacked onto the front of the consist with people doing a Rail Tour of America.   They had been in San Antonio for three nights, and were heading to Dallas for a couple of know, to go to Gilley's in Fort Worth and then see what must be America's Stepford City...which is Dallas....simply an amazing place.
      We had the advantage of having our son as a chauffeur, and host...because we barged-up his apartment of course.   He has an idyllic living situation, and an executive-type position at a place adjacent to the most downtown part of Dallas about a squinch and a tad from  the train station, Highland Park district, University Park district, and Saint Peter's Earth Office across the street from Robert E. Lee absolutely stunning set of urban grounds, elegance, and tranquillity....none better....none as good.
     We were also treated with being introduced to a entirely delightful, entirely attractive, and entirely civilised young woman who looks strangely like our son and daughter and son-in-law...were they all to be seated together.    She comes from the background that causes her to put a self-made, elaborate floral display in a crystal vase on the table, for the pleasure of my Boss.   Pure class.   She also did well under the withering fire of prying questioning.   She didn't even seem to mind when The Boss took the mouth swab for ACME Forensic DNA Services and sealed it in the mail pack.   The fingerprinting was a bit messy however.  Although youngish, she is already an accomplished professional woman, qualified by diplomas and demontrated experience in two areas of professional endcvour.   A real "catch" to be sure....but then, so is our son!
    It was only an overnight run, so in the morning we went back to take the return ride, and we purposely had quite a bit of time to kill.  We turned in at a little restaurant, a half block from the train station, that appeared to be a little hole in the wall.  Something told us that it was a nice place.   Decent looking folks going in and out.  Clean and proud looking on the outside.  A combination of things.
     Once inside, one realised quickly that this is either the Cantor's brother or the Rabbi's sister's place.   Perhaps the Chinese ancestried waiter named Oscar gave it away, (actually it was the menu listings and some of the clients).   The fact is, after a little research, the owner is a Vietnamese lady...a refugee...who has five of these places in the Dallas metroplex.   Her efforts truly have established the best Country and Western Hebrew Delicatessen West of the Hudson....(as some reviews state).
     In any regard, it was a thouroughly delightful detour on the Road of Life.   We solved the problem with what to eat on the train by gorging on a "light breakfast" with our son.   It wasn't so much the quantity of the food, howver.   It was the sedate, august atmostphere....even for the morning....the commonality of the clients and staff...coming from at least 6 ethnicities and three races....yet all oddly similar in presence and deportment.   The physical plant was like Dallas, or any really fine place that is fine from the inside-out.  And the quality of meal and service was and anticipatable 100 on the scale of 100.  It's funny what can be done when you slam together Arkies, Orientals, Jews, Saxons, Latins...when they all have a catechism....a notion of compliance....a sense of the Golden Rule.   Amazing.... read her for recommendations other than our own;


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Israel - Palestine Solution

    We are pleased that everyone was clamouring for El Gringo Viejo to recommend a workable solution to the seemingly intractile problems presented by the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.    We have a very simple set of actions that would solve the problems permanently.  However, single women and people of colour and Hispanics and the elderly and the students would not approve, so our platform is being re-written to tolerate those more mature and intelligent points of view.
      The rest of the world's notion is for the Hebes to learn how to swim or die or both.  This is Hillary's idea...often stated in her more private moments....and it is the solution presented even by atheist Jews, who for some reason just love to hate the god they know does not exist.  It is the solution recommended by Bill Ayers,  Barak Obama's Chicago Community Action mentor, et alii:


William Ayers
(Weatherman Underground bomber,
 unrepentant domestic terrorist)

Frank Davis
(Member Communist Party USA,
 Early mentor to Obama)

Jeremiah Wright
(Black Liberation militant,
 racist, and "pastor")

Tony Rezko
(Corrupt Financier,with
  ties to Terror Financing)

Louis Farrakhan
(Nation of Islam Leader,
 racist, anti-American)

Raila Ordinga
(Fundamental Islamic Candidate,
 Kenya, Obama's Cousin)

Communist Party Illinois
(US Communist Political Party)

Socialist Party USA
(Marxist Socialist Political Party)

The New Black Panther Party
(Black Militant Organization,
 anti-American and racist)
Terrorist Group Jamas
     These are some of  the people and organisations involved in Obama's formative devolopment.  The above mentioned people and organisations and the individual known as Barak Hussein Obama have long advocated for the elemination of the State of Israel and for the "Palestinian People"  to be restored  their "rightful lands".
     It is enough to point out that the various Palenstinian groups are content to shoot rockets that indiscriminately rain down on wherever.   To them it is preferred that the rockets hit schools, hospitals, and synagogues full of people.    To them it is preferred that the Israelis be forced to aim as weapons stores and missile batteries that are purposefully positioned adjacent to schools, hospitals, and residential areas so as to cause the maximum civilian casualties.   They have no respect for life...even of their own people.   Their dead children are hoped for by products to be used for their insidious propaganda machine, which then means that the Obsolete Media and the Jew-haters like Hillary and Barak are accessories to the murders of children, women, old geezers, and other non-combatants.   It is what Obama wants and it is what Hillary wants because it feeds their understanding of what evil people Jews are and what a better world it will be when they are all dead.
     Palestenians with their guts hanging off the understructure of some building in downtown Gaza City are just necessary collateral damage.   And besides, Hillary doesn't really give a flip about them either....would you want people like that at your gated and guarded community in ....well, we can't say where Bill and Hillary have their love nest, you know.


     The people living in the Palestinian areas wake up one morning with brains in their heads.   They look around, as if trying to shake off a stupour of many generations.   They begin whispering to each other, generally agreeing, " We've been schnookered by a bunch of shake-down thugs."
     They conspire during the day, and then, at sundown slay all of the Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Fatah, Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda affiliates, Persian,  and similar operatives and officers.   Then they say among themselves,"We are all sons of Abraham, surely the Hebrews will see us as their brothers.   Let us go to them and ask their guidance.   They are an arrogant and cranky people, but they are also generous.   They will tell us how to become happy and rich, and our wealth and industry can reinforce theirs, and we will be too tired to hate the Hebes any more and the Israelis will be able to prosper more by not having to worry about the scum we killed yesterday afternoon.
     And they all lived happily ever after.

     There is only one other way a conflict that has one unreasonable, savage, unprincipled party engaged in mortal combat with a group of people who have a catechism that includes fairness and respect for human dignity and commonly applied law.    The second group has to finally destroy the former group.   There is an ancient Spanish epithet that was placed on the escudo of a noble family's coat of arms.   It stated, "Si no la Razon, la Fuerza".   It is easy enough to translate for anyone who looks at the words for a few seconds....."If not the Reason, then the Force". 

   (Sir Edmund)Hillary held up the announcement of the Peace Treaty for All Times for 24 hours, so as to give Hamas a little extra time to try a field goal.   She then was given the opportunity by the World Control Group Press Confederation to make the Official Announcement that signals   "The Bringing of a Permanent Peace to the Middle East, Finally".   Now she can be appointed president in 2016 to build on the great democratic  foundations she and Barak Hussein Obama Onyango Soetoro Dunham brought to us.   Mean, judgemental old judgemental meanies suggest that this permanent peace to last until the next episode of  Global Nuclear Winter and Summer Forever, which will be between 3 hours and 42 days.
Thanks for your attention, as always.
El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Is anybody aware?

      Obama nearly caused a complete and total eclipse of the Universe by handling and smooching the three women.   Where was the protocol officer?  This is the smartest, most anti-American, grovelling, and foreigner-respecting person in entire Universe.   You don't hug the Queen of England.  There are some things you don't do.   Bill Clinton went and joined the line waiting to take communion at a Roman Catholic Church somewhere in Africa...he's one of them there Fulbright Scholars....real smart feller, jist like Obamer.   But he's also one of them there ingert Jethroes  that think they're really smartypants when they're really, really ingert.   He jist don't know that you hafta be one of them there mackeral snappers to be in their communion line.  I bet he don't even know thet you cain't pick yourn nose when you meet the Pope.

     In any regard, Billy Jeff managed to confuse the baptised, confirmed, and "confessed" communicants in good standing, even though he was in the middle of the Monica mess, as well as about 432,774 other venal and mortal sins being unaddressed.   I know that I am a pot calling a kettle black, and confess such.   So, that makes me a blowhard, but not a hypocrite.
      The internet has been fairly well "scrubbed" already of the various other grabbings and  smoochings in front of the press Corpse and literally hundreds of 10,000 dollar cameras.   The dunce doing the grabbing and smooching is apparently unaware that the communists who lurk in the background in Burma...still controlling much by virtue of their willingness to terrorise the population...have circulated all these encounters to the populace.   They are showing the populace that the women are wanton public women who will sell themselves to the American.   They are using language about these women that I do not feel needs to be used on this medium.   Or on that medium from Cincinnati who shortchanged me on the tarot card reading she was supposed to do.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Snake Oil and Indian Tonic, FREE

Dear RINOs and all the other compassionate, reasonable, and rational sellouts to hedonistic "social justice" sales people:
     We know what the term  "revenue enhancement" means.   If you think that you can cover it up by saying catch phrases that only the  drooling, dull glazed look, basket people can understand, we have our own definitions of what you mean by the terms "closing loopholes", and "making the rich pay their fair-share" and the best one, "making a fairer tax rate".
     This is an example of the memory of El Gringo Viejo.  George Bush had been inaugurated three weeks before the Washington Post published the article which accompanied this picture of a hopelessly deranged "homeless'' woman.  During the entire "co-presidency" of Billy Jeff Blythe and (Sir Edmund)Hillary not one mention was made about homelessness or street people or any such issue by the Washington Post....unless, of course, it was to point out how programs were being put in place to help those of who, through no fault of their own, had been thrown out of the mainstream of American society and deposited under the overpasses by 12 years of neglect by Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.    We knew what you meant by that, too.   Time for some of that "Magic Snake Indian Elixer and Tonic" called "Revenue Enhancement" cures everything.
     George the Second comes in and three weeks later, look what happens:

     You guessed it.   Lengthy "human interest" stories about the massive homelessness and the absence of any plan to address the problem.   We were told homelessness had diminished a great deal during the 1990s, but  that began to change after it was learned that the Supreme Court would vote along party lines to install George Bush as President, against the wishes of an overwhelming majority of the citizens of all 57 states.  This woman lost her house just hours after George Bush was selected and not elected.   Now, only 5 weeks into the repressive Bush regime and war against women, and the war against minority children, homelessness has increased from 1,305 people nationwide to well over 10,000,000 people now crowding every available square foot under every overpass on the American Interstate Highway System.  There is already a critical shortage of grocery carts that do not have "wiggly front wheel syndrome".
      We know the jargon used by the Obsolete Press, the RINOs, and the SOCIALLY CONCERNED means that anyone presently paying any income tax....defined as anyone who receives less back tham he/she paid in withholding, is considered by the obamocrats to be a millionaire and a billionaire.   A person who made 30,000 dollars last year and had 2,500 dollars withheld, and then receives a 2,000 dollar "refund" check from the a millionaire and a billionaire.   Anyone who produces on any level and is not a gross consumer of central government largess is a millionaire and a billionaire.  Such people are not paying their fair share.
     Is it fair that a young couple making 100,000 dollars, and having no children, be allowed to keep all that money when they really do not need it?    What about the single mom with six children, three of whom have special needs?  She has no income, and yet just a few miles away there is a young couple, with no children, no cares, with too much money in terms of the needs that surround them.
     So, we know that Obama needs just a little bit more from those who have been lucky enough to work their way through the secrets of the system while others were distracted by the need to care for children afflicted with spinabifida, anacephalic disorders, blood diseases, and diabetes all brought on by atmospheric, water, and ground contamination produced by uncaring, profit driven industries....who also never pay a fair share of their excessive, and sometimes obscene profits. (we know your dribble and demagoguery)

The parents of the little girl on the right just told her that the picture
 is of the monster who comes when you lose a tooth and put it
under the pillow. He yanks all the rest of your
 teeth out, and then  bites your nose off.  He
needs teeth.   Lots of teeth. And money.
  Your money.And your nose.
  And your ears, too.
We have some editting, and some preparing for our run to Austin and Dallas - Forth Worth.  El Gringo Viejo and the Better three/quarters is going to take the AMTRAK from the Austin area to the DFW area and back, during the Thanksgiving Episode.   My addiction to trains comes from cowardice after essentially crashing a Braniff 727  during the early 1970s,  in Austin and from a particular affection for trains that my paternal grandmother had for the concept of "train travel".   It is my affliction.  More later.
El Gringo Viejo