Thursday, 29 November 2012

Shovel Ready

     As a child, while living on the farm, among the animals and the mess, we noticed that there was a goodly amount of shovel ready material.   Our neighbour had a dairy farm.   Shovel ready was abundant there as well.
     Listed below is what those of use who follow the markets day in and day out...who have a modicum of understanding about the international business scene...have seen increasingly since Obama's regime came into power.    Bush and Clinton and Bush were bad enough.  Especially Clinton, but Obama and his gang of marxists and compliant "American Business Men Useful Idiot Running Dogs (standard terms used for Americans and American business people in Red China)" are in a league of their own.  
     The especially vile hypocrisy of "defending American 'jobs'" with the expropriation of General Motors by the White House Agrarian Reformers....and the use of such a campaign plank by the UAW and the Obama Re-election team....can be shown for what it has been, is, and will increasingly become.   Lots and lots of shovel ready stuff....all in foreign Red China.
GM venture in China plans $1 billion auto plant
The Associated Press - 4 hours ago
     None of these "investments in shovel ready jobs" will keep Detroit from being shuttered and  turned into a landfill in ten years.  This is even being considered the governor of Michigan.   And the factories and outlays in Red China will have cracked walls, weeds, and broken windows....lieing vacant like almost all of their facilities they have put up with great fanfare in Mexico over the years.  There they put up a little operation, build some stuff and ship it out, and then disappear overnight.  People come to the factory in the morning and find the offices empty, all files and computer records gone.   It happened so much that they really aren't involved any longer in on- shore production in Mexico and a number of other Latin American countries.
    Obama plays the UAW workers for the fools they are. Not the Union bosses...they know the game.   They are all crooks and marxists playing the labour union shell game, counting on the predictably intellectually dull, selfish, small, easily-led, mainline union dullard who compose the majority of the ranks of the UAW. (Yes, we know that 34% still vote Republican, and we are referring to the majority of the ranks)
     Even with recent gains in the stock's value, the chance of General Motors ever climbing out of the bottom of the canyon is nil.  They will not let go of the VOLT and they are having their lunches eaten by labour costs in the United States and their "advances" are dated, at best, even as they roll off the assembly.   Dealerships are inundated and sales are sluggish even with all kinds of incentives, financing promotions, and "discounts". 
    Where's the light switch?   It's startin' to be that time.