Thursday, 29 November 2012

Continuing to Come Out of the Closet

Yes, we are coming out of the closet.   We have mentioned it in the past, hinted at the fact, but we now have the luxury of being an old fool who is relatively independent of any linkage.   We can say and do things that could not be said or done years back...and certainly not in public.
     Below the red line is a letter written to some very dear friends with whom we have had, albeit at a distance, business and social relations for some time.   We communicate about family and the socio/political situation at times.  During recent days we were urged to communicate by them with our elected representatives about a pressing issue before the American Congress.   We had already done so, and now have re-done so...our political inclinations are very similar.

    However, we felt that it was time to tell them that we had fallen off the wagon, flipped our lid, cut off our nose to burn the bridge ....or is it burned our bridges to spite our face?   Can't ever seem to keep those things straight.
     In any regard, so that more will know...these things are going on throughout the Republic of Texas at this time.   Thousands of such conversations, informative communications, confessions, re-thinkings and contemplations on the part of a people who woke up on the morning of 7 November past and realised that the United States of Ameria had seceeded from Texas.
“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”
--John Adams

Read more here:     The American Republic has put us in the position of paying for them....of sending us their problems...and then ridiculing us for being rubes.
     So, the OROGs are informed of the final decision of El Gringo Viejo.  I'm not taking my flintlock to the mountains to fight off the blue coats...or any variation of that.   I am, however, going to spend what little time an old man has to re-establish what David Hawkins Crockett knew had to be done.   We owe it to the Cherokee the sons of Lexington and the hundreds upon thousands of Confederate dead who had no slaves and/or loathed the "peculiar institution" and should have been allowed to deal with it in their own way...we owe it to all American dead who fought against tyranny of behalf of the people of the Orient and Europe....all of this is being wasted.    Wasted...on a naked Emperor who has no magnificent raiment....and a hopelessly addicted ....increasingly addicted.... populace that is more and more disposed to chant..."I need!  I want!  I deserve!" and to expect someone else to pay for those needs, wants, and desires.
     Much of our ire is reserved for the effeminate, marshmallowy GOP, which brings a piece of wet, cold spaghetti to a fight where the other side uses any and every means, including crowds of  filthy, perverse, anarchistic vermin who shriek falsities and threats...and otherwise do "God's work" (according to Nancy Pelosi).    Any political party whose leaders can speak in respectful terms about a marxist in the presidency or about either or both of the Clintons, is lost in a haze from which they can never return. 
Here is my "coming out confession" to our friends.

Hello to all,
We sent a refresher to various of our hapless representatives and senators. We have another close friend without contact for two-score years with whom we co-ordinate attacks on the various Constitutional imperatives required in any true republic.
We had become somewhat deflated after the election. We have a string of liberal Republicans who have lost elections now....and this last one even lost to Obama when Obama's vote count fell by over 3,000,000 votes as opposed to his count in 2008. Romney had more votes than McCain in 2008, Obama had 3,000,000 fewer, and the "moderate" Republican still lost. And of course the party poobahs and shamans blamed the Tea Party, the Rightwing Crazies, and the Constitutionalists for the GOP's own lackluster performance.
We are genuinely of the opinion that 5 to 8 million of "our types" just 'kinda drifted off into the darkness'  after Romney began to go pinky in the debates...("Yes, I agree that you did a good thing in getting rid of Mubareck")....and when the Romney people kept on with the line of ...."First we'll rescind Obamacare and then we'll redo it with the things that were good about it"...and so forth. The failure to openly connect with our snake-handlers, foot washers, and alleluia people also was a kick in the face to them....after they made overtures aplenty that they would go ahead and support a "cultist" over a communist....But they didn't. The whole campaign was limp-wristed, like the two week victory lap before the election and the failure to warn Christi that if Christi were to kiss Obama's big toe with reference to the "Queen for a Day Hurricane Relief Effort"...then Christi would certainly face vigorous opposition in the primaries coming up for governor of New Sludgeburg.
It became apparent, and fairly well disseminated, that Romney's "team" would make sure that the "Michelle Maulken nuts" would never darken the door of the White House and that a Romney Administration would be more involved in "reaching across the aisle" than either Bush II or Obama. So that is the unspoken story. Our own people...among the whom of which is I...are the ones who just drifted off down the beach, collecting shells, and humming Dixie....until by voting time, they had drifted unseen into the fog.  The Better Half and I did vote this last time for Romney and the complete Republican ticket, especially Mr. Cruz.
        Folks, You all might as well know. We are dedicated at this point to commit to the Welsh and Scottish solution....except to take it a step further. There is an increasingly active and an increasingly sophisticated movement to re-establish the Republic of Texas. Texas has a bigger GNP than Canada, and a larger GNP even than Mexico. It is sinking in even on our Texas liberal element that the welfare state is going to cause ruin for Texas and their "constituent groups". It is sinking in with our psuedo-conservative, country club Republicans that the business-control group will be the first to be sacrificed to the guillotine when the bakeries run out of cake in Washinton, D.C.
      The United States looks upon Texas as a goose that lays golden eggs. That is not a good thing to be when the 47% decide that 17 meals a day is not enough for the We Breed 'm, You Feed 'em R'Us group. We might can still control that group here, and tell the HEB's and other parasitic businesses that live off of food stamps and subsidies that they need to change keys and octaves on their pianos. It is the only hope we have to maintain any sense of an English Common Law - Natural Law Civilisation on the North American Continent.
     Mexico and Canada are edging to the Right, while the United States is hurtling into the abyss of national socialism faster than Germany did. It just leaves no alternative for an old man. 16 minutes a day in politics will be spent in the Texas Nationalist Movement. As you know, our grandchildren through the Boss are 13th generation Texian, and by my line they are 6th generation. We are studied, but we choose to be parochial. The Republican Party views us as bullet catchers and cannon fodder and rubes. They do not take active measures of any kind to defend and promote basic liberties that are required in any free country. And they hold us up to ridicule, even within our own ranks. Time is up. The game is over.
       We shall continue to support the right-most candidates on the American national theatre, but our efforts will be spent in withdrawal and in fostering support for a non-socialist, non-public welfare society within these borders.   The borders of Texas.
We remain trusting in your good health and prosperity. It is always a pleasure to hear from and we think and speak of you all often.
El Gringo Viejo
Thanks as always for your time, patience, and attention.
El Gringo Viejo