Thursday, 27 June 2013

EL ZORRO rides....

As we speak today, it is obvious our president is totally out of his depth (if not intentionally destructive) in all things foreign and domestic. The conservative media has nailed it while the liberal media is asking "Uh, what?"

The talks between Vladimir Putin and Barrack Hussein Obama were embarrassing for Americans and a joke for the rest of the world. Body language notwithstanding our President showed just how pathetic our leader is.  

Putin/Obama June 17, 2013
At this point, the US has nothing to offer the Russians or the rest of the world for that matter. No bargaining chips. Whether by stupidity or by design, he is destroying America. He looks the fool; however, either he really is a fool or he just hates America… the result is the same.

President Obama wants to arm the rebels in Syria. That worked out really well in Egypt. We don't even know who the rebels are... well, yes, I guess we do (can you spell Muslim Brotherhood) and they are not our friends. The armament we provide will end up in either the hands of the rebels who will ultimately end up using them against the free world or in the hands of the current regime who will ultimately use them against its own people. A lose-lose situation for the US. He reaches out to the Muslim radicals at the expense of friendship with and support for Israel which has been our strongest ally in the middle east.

In the meantime we are facing a pull out in Afghanistan which will allow the Taliban to return to their previous strangle hold on that country and undo all the gains we made and could have kept except for Obama's unbelievable audacity.

At home, the government is empowering itself at the speed of light. The IRS will soon have total power over our health, wealth, and happiness. The NSA has, by direction of the administration, assumed the power to access personal information on every American without Constitutional authority. The President has already denied local authorities the ability to enforce immigration laws and is on the path to permanently allow illegal immigration. The republicans, for some not understood rationalization, have joined in with the democrats to give amnesty to illegal immigrants. The Attorney General continues to abuse his office (Fast and Furious, James Rosen's prosecution, etc.). So many abuses by cabinet members and non-elected bureaucrats not to mention the Executive agencies running amuck:
Department of Agriculture,
Department of Commerce,
Department of Defense,
Department of Education,
Department of Energy,
Department of Health and Human Services,
Department of Homeland Security.
Department of Housing and Urban Development,
Department of the Interior,
Department of Justice,
Department of Labor,
Department of State,
Department of Transportation,
Department of the Treasury,
and Department of Veterans Affairs

These are not an all-inclusive list of Presidential branch departments nor do they include the sub-agencies. Just to list them is exhaustive.

The President has all of the departments reporting to him and under his authority by which he convoluted the Constitution by intimidation and Executive order. This one man of average IQ and radical ideology is ruining the United States with the assumption of power not granted by the people or the Constitution.

The people by the polls approve of the President personally by a very small margin but his job approval rating is in the mid 40 percentile and dropping. He and his appointees have run out of spin to justify the outrageous programs and unconstitutional activities of the past four years.

Internationally the United States is viewed as a declining power. The middle eastern radical Muslim countries are simply waiting for our policies fall apart and our military support to withdraw so they can resume their extremist regimes. They know the US is a paper lion. China and North Korea are biding their time as well. Russia knows there is nothing to fear from us militarily or financially.

Nationally, our rights are being taken from us or being forfeited by apathy and ignorance. The "low information" class is growing. The welfare state is overtaking the working class. Our greatest enemy is the inability of educated conservatives and reasonable libertarians to reach the majority of our people who will not listen or even try to understand the severity of the situation.

Possibly this is the end of the greatest system of government ever on the face of the earth. In the struggle between good and evil, it appears evil has a better than even chance to prevail.

To pull this out, every American has to wake the hell up and look at what is happening! The current administration has to go! We have to get rid of every Obama disciple and appointee as well as the progressive ilk who have been sucking the blood of our beloved country. Read, study, be aware, look into your heart and mind, pay attention to those things that are ruining our country. It starts with Obama who singlehandedly rammed through the ObamaCare abortion and by executive order is whittling away at your liberty. It follows with the Congress and the power-mongering socialists/statists too many to name them all but just a few are:
Harry Reid
Dick Durbin
Chuck Schumer
Joe Biden (President of the Senate)
Bob Menendez
Lindsey Graham
John McCain
Barbara Boxer
Al Franken
Dianne Feinstein
House of Representatives
John Boehner
John Dingell
John Conyers
Henry Waxman
Ed Markey
Steny Hoyer
Nancy Pelosi
Maxine Waters
Jerrold Nadler
Xavier Becerra
Jim Clyburn
Lloyd Doggett
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Loretta Sanchez
Gregory Meeks
Chris Van Hollen
Eddie Bernice Johnson
G. K. Butterfield
Charles B. Rangel
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
With Obama goes his Chicago thugs and socialist "Community Organizing" cohorts. With the change in leadership in the House and change of majority party in the Senate, maybe we can turn this catastrophe around.

Good luck and God bless America!

hello from the Sierra Madre Oriental

Hello to all friends and enemigos back in Gringolandia.   Here all is well although our connection here is a Little slow.   The girl in charge is being very patient with our own slowness of mind in terms of adapting to a new keyboard.
      Paula Deen  -   It is funny in a sad way.   All rappers must say n····r at least four hundred thousand times before they brush their teeth in the morning.  El Gringo Viejo`s maternal grandparents could not say the word "negro" in the way it is written in English.  They could only identify a black African originated person by saying the word "nih -gra".    If we said the word "n·····r", they would, if we were in a private setting, spank our White bottoms with a shoe or thick oleander branch.   If we were in public,  they would take us outside, and discreetly whack our butts.
       But they could not say better than "nigra" for black African-type people.   Granma Mamie....nor her husband Reginal (misspelling is because that is the way his name was spelled)....could say the word "Mexican"....they could only say..."mecks  -  kin"....not  "meskin"....but "mecks -kin".
AND....the number one thing they both hated most in this Existence was the Ku Klux Klan.    And both were proudly Confederate....thought of themselves as First Friends of the Nigras....and the Meckskins.   Granpa Rex`s uncles, in Winchester had an emporium and weekly newspaper that was badly damaged by Klanners during one of their revivals in the 1890s.   They suffered the arsonage for having editorialised against the Klan in their weekly.  El Gringo Viejo his sidebar is a proof....always fought the Klan when and whereever possible.
      Paula Deene should have "come out" at the time that she went National.   She is no racist.   She might be a dumboe for not "coming out" as a normal Confederate-type person from them-there Olden Dayes....but, good grief!   Henry White picked up the biggest roar of laughter and applause at the McAllen High School Auditórium during the Shiner´s Holiday Minstrel fundraiser....when he came out in his tuxedo...singing Carry Me Back and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot....IN WHITE FACE!!!!!    Henry White was 15-16ths Negro by race....and of all the people in McAllen in those days, always included in the top ten most admired people.
AND THEN, ON TO OTHER MATTERS OF IMPORT....INCLUDING THE ABSURD IMMIGRATION "issue".     The answer is yes to enforcement.  The solution is NO!!! to public assistance and anchorbabymother síndrome.    If you all could only see the difference between the Latins that composed the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of pipples in Texas during the Olden Tymes in Texas....pre-1960....and what we have now as a result of the "Great Society" and the last urgent fix of the "immigration problem" would make you want to cry, commit suicide, or both.
 Then, the Texas Nationalist situation....
      If Massachusetts can elect a slug...profesional parasite (Spanish Spellcheck is over-riding)...over a liberal Republican SEAL Team type person....then to Hell with the Whole thing.   If Anthony Weenie can be ahead in the Peoples` Republic of Nueva Yorque polling, and Massachusetts, (one if by land, two if by sea) can be so far beyond redemption...then to Hell with the whole show.   There is no functional federated Republic.   TheSupreme Court of the American Federation can say that if Idaho determines, by a vote of its citizens,  that Swahili will be the oficial language of the State...the Supreme Court can overturn such a vote and tell everyone to get back in line.   We are still on track to have the Clinton - Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative  forced upon an unwilling public.    The budgets are whacked...matters become worse....the abolition of the IRS is a back-burner topic....and so forth.
     It becomes increasingly clear that this political subdivisión of the New World....can and should become totally self-governing.    El Gringo Viejo would kidnap David Robinson and take a chomosome and DNA sample and prove that he is descended from Watutsi Royalty...and put him on the throne  of a parliamentary Monarchy.....and establish a Court of Counts...of people who have been awarded the Title of Count of the the Pariliaments acclamation....ànd  the Monarch´s deigning by sabre....and change our ¨legislatura" into the True Parliament that it should be....full of scoundrels and generally regular folks meeting briefly every couple of years....and doing as Little damage as posible....being paid as Little as posible...and never spending more than the Lord Comptroller says will be available.
    The above is written even as El Gringo Viejo debates within his own soul and heart....a true Son of the enemy of George III....honourably discharged conscript of the American Army....whether he will put his name on some ballot or another to forcé the inclusión of the Texas Nationalist Party onto the Ballot of All Electors in the County of Hidalgo, Texas.
It is hot...dry again...although there are clouds upon the Mountains and other signs of rain....ant activity....a roach or two on the corridor (fun for the cats) and the mornings are very cool....55 degrees.   The Army comes down to swim in the Rio Corona most drives the girls crazy....All Mexicans love know....Like Obama and his Marine Corpse.     Actually, Porfirio Diaz   (president or ultimate authority of Mexico - 1880 to 1911) demonstrated the usefulness of a benign dictator and the subsequent uselessness of such a dictator when his service has been outlived.
Please forgive various errors and oversights.   This computer is very good.  The problem is that it has all the Spanish keys ....different placements....and Spanish spell-check....It will give our pinkoe friend who do not read us something more about which to complain everything.
El Gringo Viejo 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Heading South - Alvaro Has Parties to Attend


The time has come for our return to the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.  There are five or six small projects, and the possibility of folks arriving.  All eyes are on the Bay of Campeche and the eastern Gulf of Mexico for the next two or three days.   Tropical Storm "Barry" is meandering 100 miles east of Vera Cruz, Vera Cruz as we write, and these systems have a way of putting down lots of water....slow movers....hitting the Sierra Madre....always interesting.   Also, sometimes an event measured by the yardstick.

El Gringo Viejo celebrating the
late bloom of the Flamboyan on
the "Land down below" as it was
just "coming out" last week.
     We have been informed that our flamboyanes have really begun to put on a show for all around, and that they are setting new "buttons" that presage more flowering.    So, this will be the first year since 2009 that we have had the florid presence.   It makes things a little more worthwhile.

     We shall be walking around a bit, this time, to take personalised pictures of the Ejido and its appointments, quirks, and pleasant corners.   Admittedly, one must employ a bit of patience and penetrating gaze to find things that are of interest, because the people are very skillful at covering up any outward sign of prosperity or wealth.   Lamentably, they used to do it with disorder and a kind of messiness that could be depressing.  In recent months, for some reason or another,  things seem to have been up-grading, and it may have to do with the new-found sense of having taken control from the cockroaches.   The days keep going by, and the tempo and intensity of our affliction diminishes more.    Pray that it should be a memory soon.

    We are going to make a serious effort to be un-lazy.  This will be revealed to the OROG if there are two or three or four submissions to our blog....concerning events and activities down at our place.

     For whomsoever might be disposed, we urge at least an email to Marco Rubio and your Senators about the uselessness of this "Path to Legalisation" business.    We notice that Harry Reid  is attempting to speed up the processes suddenly.   This is usually a sign that his fellow  Senators are getting an earful about the proposed legislation.  Please, for those who are "on the fence" or trying to be "fair" or who think that we shall gain one more vote from any ethnic or racial grouping due to our patronising beneficence to any group of people, who in the main, could not care less about a "pathway to legalisation", know that such will not happen.   This is strictly a Democrat Socialist Trojan Horse.   They see more people mired in hopeless dependence upon the "safety net", ergo Democrat voters....while our Latin voters will feel sold out, and lumped into a group of which they are not members.

     We shall hit the road to-morrow early, and be at our little place sometime around mid-day.  Then Alvaro can make his run to Xicotencatl 70 miles to the South, and attend the party they are throwing for him.  I think he won second prise in a dog-bathing contest or something.

More later,
El Gringo Viejo

A Kinder and Gentler Suggestion

    Your humble servant will appeal again to the Cosmos.   Various blogs in the universe of intellectual, pseudo-intellectual, anti-intellectual, and professional sectors of human activity recommend the reading of our delicate mixture of wild Mexican honey and rotted battery acid.
     This blog is dedicated to strong statements, it is an extension of a old man who takes advantage of being in the position of not having to apologise for attitudes and understandings that he knows to be correct.   And that old man indulges himself in hyperbole and irascibility.  Grumpiness and humour.  And kindness and understanding.
     We ask...nay, demand....that should one come to this blog from another newspaper, magazine, blog, or personal reference, do not return to the referring party and complain.   We permit comments, although almost all OROGs (official readers of the Old Gringo) send e-mails...which are more convenient to this writer.   Complain to me.   Complain to your heart's content.
    The people who referred to this site are not the people writing the observations.  Almost all who make referrals here are very, very advanced and accomplished in one or several fields.   That is their business.  Do not bother them for the burrs I have placed under your saddle.

Not exactly a grass shack. Each adobe block
 weighs 42 pounds, and there are 10,000
such blocks.  The trees in the background
mark the Rio Corona, a permanently
running spring-fed mountains stream.
       My business is that of being a business has been business.  I have had great successes and various calamities.   I am an excellent operator, in these latter days, of a really nice place of comfort and hospitality, in an enchanting area.   I am the guy people hate because he actually did build a grass shack on the beach and eat shrimp and oyster cocktails with Bohemia beer for breakfast....Except that the grass shack is made of adobe and teja, and the beach is an enchanting Tropic of Cancer segment of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains....and my diet includes the above and a thousand other magnificent things.    My guests tear-up and/or weep lightly when they leave.   They hug my dogs.  They scratch the ears of my cats....just one more time.
     We guarantee boredom, birds, and beer....if the guest wants a beer....really good smoothies, lime/lemonade, and such if he/she does not.  I also make great meals, and provide reasonable information to my guests.   That information is based upon a lifetime of studies, experience, and observation.


     So, please....if my image of Miss Flukie is a is because she is a worthless parasite.   She expects that my daughter and granddaughters should  pay for her contraceptives.  Therefore she is a parasitic fluke.  And a narcissist....and a conceited snip.   If  the reader has a different opinion...then   once again, do not write someone who might have recommended this site about any complaint;  write to  me.

     Perhaps, if a person is disposed to complain about this site, he could set up his own blog page, and warn people about this blog site.   One could put together his own page to  laud and magnify the OWS people and the snips and flukes and slugs....but few if any people will read such submissions.   They are humourless, dull, and almost always non-factual to the extreme.
    So, now our offended reader can go back to the OWS tent and stoke up with that girl with the public health card hanging out of her purse, and the six new piercings (they are all infected) and the two of them can solve the problems of the world again.   Maybe we should tax people who have things they don't need and/or shouldn't have.
El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Waterloo: An afternoon that saved Europe from a return to the Dark Ages

Our esteem for The Anglican Curmudgeon requires us to, at times, vigorously urge readers of this humble publisher of thoughts  and opinion. El Gringo Viejo, to invest time in that always worthwhile  blogspace in the cyberworld, called, oddly enough "The Anglican Curmudgeon".
    This time, an essay by Victor Hugo, analysing the lead-up and the final day's execution of two perfect battle plans, both well executed within the limits of the possible....irresistible force meeting unyielding resistance....valour and brilliance expended like water in an ocean.   Please...we and re-read this treatise about the Encounter at Waterloo.

    There is a permanent linkage down to the lower right, as most already know.   It is listed, also by  odd coincidence under the heading....A.S.Haley, The Anglican Curmudgeon .                                                 

     Twenty minutes to completely understand minute by minute, regiment by company, both sides....all the alliances, and the outcome of one of history's most important military encounters.
El Gringo Viejo

Obama: I hear folks saying, "Katie, bar the door, let's just go in and knock out Syria."

"Katie bar the door, let's just go in and knock out Syria."
Please read this somewhat laborious, but pleasantly short article in The Hill.
Obama's invocation comes from familiar ground.   His understanding of the term "Katie Bar the Door" differs from various Olde English and other literary suggestions and deductions about the expression's origins.  That is because Obama is child of the moment.  He knows nothing of true history or literature.  Because of that, El Gringo Veijo knows that the below-listed "poem" is Obama's idea of "Katy Bar the Door". 
     It is from this union hall "poem -  saloon drinking song"  that Obama draws his ridiculous command...a command that is totally inappropriate to Charlie Rose's oddly and surprisingly penetrating and sceptical interview of the secular messiah:
When I graduated high school
College not my scene
So I got a job at home for me
Feeling good about my opportunity.
It's got benefits and decent pay... but they say
We hit a stalemate, looks bleak for us
A strike or lock-out or wholesale bust
Think to myself what a hell of a start.

As we file down to Kate's Tavern
Katie, bar the door, we are jumping off the rails
Any hope for calm went John B. Sails
We're in your pub tonight to sing of good days left behind.
And raise a glass to better times.
The rumor mill's dispelled the official word comes down
They're gonna move our jobs real far away
Settle to another country where mistreatment for the workers is so commonplace.

The judge says "We cannot stop them, they're free to go"
He looks me in the eyes he says, "I can't help you son."
Whatever happened to America?
She was sold twenty-six xxxxxx' long years ago.

Katie, bar the door, we are jumping off the rails
Any hope for calm went John B. Sails
We're in your pub tonight to sing of good days left behind
And raise a glass to better times.
Hey, Hey, Hey, HeyHey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Why sing about the unions again?
They have all died away.
We are now in the midst of a brand new world economy.

I don't believe them, I won't despair
They are regrouping, they're coming back to stay
Twelve per cent can climb back up to fifty per cent
Once again, my friend, a message we'll send.

Katie, bar the door, we are jumping off the rail.
Any hope for calm went John B. Sails
We're in your pub tonight to sing of good days left behind
And raise a glass to better times.


     The "poem" is bad enough.  It would take Woody Guthrie to go ahead and vocally embalm it....or maybe Linda Ronstadt.    But, please read the interview in The reveals a person for whom the application of the term "lightweight"  would be a serious injury to the word "lightweight".  Obama rambles, incoherent, condescending, dismissive, and at times seemingly unable to understand the simply-stated questions.   At first, El Gringo Viejo thought that perhaps Obama was only trying to bluff and filibuster, and thereby run out the clock on the President's "busy schedule".   It became increasingly apparent, however, that Obama was trying to tie together thoughts, intuitions, notions, and dogma, but found his brain on the floor of the La Brea Tar Pits.   He was certainly no match for Charlie Rose, who finally decided to act out the part of journalist with a bit of seriousness.
     Perhaps Father Obamaham was simply looking forward to his upcoming 100,000,000 USD pilgrimage  to the ancestral land....and he was trying to remember the melody and perhaps even the lyrics of that old hit, "Faith of Our Fathers" (linkage below).

File:Tennessee Ernie Ford 1957.JPG
Tennessee Ernie Jennings Ford


As always, we genuinely appreciate the time each OROG invests of his/her life with the simple ramblings  of an old cowboy.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 17 June 2013

We are not listening....And you lawmakers are not listening to us....I'll try one more time.

That's it!   Rush, Hannity, Marco....Ya! Basta!   Any Democrat slithering up with made in China crocodile tears for the poor "in the shadows" folks...Ya!  Just shut up!   We know what YOU want more than anything.
     To explain to the recently arrived visitor from the moon Europa of Saturn, Democrats have an image of Mexicans and Latin Americans as lazy, hyper-reproductive slobs who are dedicated to sloth, crime, and production of children with multiple learning disabilities and physical defects.   They see this group as ideally suited to the life of a zombo slug, plugged into all the programs to which we nicely refer as The Safety Net.
     The Safety Net includes but is not limited to AFDC, Medicaid, Section 8 rent payment, Food Stamps, electricity subsidy, school free breakfast-lunch-snack, disability payments, free attorney service, Supplemental Security Income, and on and on.    The participants in these programs are reminded frequently by the slugs known as Democrat elected officials, that the receiving slugs and dregs are entitled to their "benefits" and that they are "free".
    The Democrats, and some Republicans, as we have pointed out repeatedly love to use and use and use and use the word "Hispanic" that they can demonstrate that somehow it proves that they are (1) not bigoted and (2) astute and "with it".   The professional poverty pimps known as the Mexican American Legal Defence and Education Fund...and their ilk....give each other high-fives and hoot and howl for joy every time some pontificating, blowhard elected official uses the word ''Hispanic".   Why?...because it means that the Marxist slugs in the poverty pimp - destroy America - blame America first crowd....have cowed the slugs in office and the commentators into using a term that implies that all the Latino group is one homogeneous group.

     They (the poverty pimps ) think, "You see our group is bigger than the black group, and like the black group, our group votes in lock step how we tell them to vote.   So you had better fear us."

BALDERGASH!!!!!   MARCO RUBIO, RUSH, SEN. GRAHAM, EVERYBODY!!   Please sit down and be quiet.    Not all Latinos are the same.   Surveys showing how "they" vote are horribly incorrect, because they poll in the 95% census tracts and voting districts.   In Texas, a slim majority of people with some kind of Mexican / Spanish ancestry are well dispersed outside of 95% districts.   The attitudinal hegemony is further broken down by intermarriage.
     WE WILL NOT GAIN MORE VOTES BY APPROVING A NEW ''IMMIGRATION REFORM'' .   A large body of our voters will be offended that somehow a group of people who deserve nothing will be given privilege over those who have been playing by the rules.   THEY RESENT BEING LUMPED IN TO ANY OTHER CATEGORY BEYOND "TEXIAN"  AND/OR "AMERICAN".   AND THEY ARE VERY PROUD OF THEIR  ANCESTRY...CAN SPEAK GOOD SPANISH, AND ALL OF THAT....BUT THEY JUST RESENT THE HELL OUT OF BEING LUMPED INTO A GROUP OF SLUGS WHO DID NOT AND DO NOT PLAY BY THE RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE ONLY IMMIGRATION REFORM THAT IS NEEDED IS TO ABOLISH PUBLIC ASSISTANCE AND THEREBY ELIMINATE THE SLUGS AND DREGS WHO ARE ATTRACTED BY FREE MONEY.   ELIMINATE PUBLIC ASSISTANCE....ELIMINATE THE AUTOMATIC AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP OF A BABY BEING BORN ON TEXAS SOIL BY A SLUG SOW WHO CAME OVER TO WHELP IN A MIDWIFERY RUN BY THE MARYKNOLL NUNS (or similar).   The intent of the birthing slug is to be declared the baby's only source of support...thereby qualifying as a person who must be allowed to stay, because the baby is an American, ergo Texian.....and his/her mommy is the only one who can care for him/her.
     She is taken down by a "helpful" slug assistant, and registered, once again we repeat...for food stamps, WIC, visiting nurse postpartum follow-up, free housing, electricity subsidy, Medicaid, Head Start Early Enrolment, and so forth.   Jackpot!   She has an income stream of 32,000 USD, and all she has to do is make sure nobody steals her television all day.    Can't miss Medianoche de las Narcos Nimfomaniacas, or whatever.

     Please get off of this idea that we'll make them pay a fine, learn to speak  English, have steady employment, move to the back of the line....SHEERRRRREEEEEEEKKKK!!!!   Why would anyone want to "come out of the shadows"  in order to "pay a fine"?   Why?   So that he could pay for his green card permits?   And go back to Mexico City to receive an American Visa that would allow him to go to the back of the line when he already has a babymother or three or four who pay him blackmail and service fees to drive them to the medicare appointments, and to the food stamp redemption centre, and to the 7 - 11 to buy the lucky lotto tickets....and so forth.   Why would he jump at the chance to legalise with so much freight attached to it?
     You people either have no idea what the true nature of the problem is, or you are complicit in the active measures destruction of the Republic.

YA BASTA!!!!!    NO MAS....NO MAS!!!!
El Gringo Viejo

So All Will Know.....

   In the next couple of days our planning and preparation will be complete for another run down to our little place on the mountainside in the Tamaulipecan outback.   We shall continue to putter and improve, repair and refine the Adobe Hut.   We were pleased to note that the last guests were....stunned by our little place.
This is a picture of our one-eyed cat, Lucky.
It was taken to prove to Diana that El Gringo
Viejo never, never, never lets the cat on top of
the bed during Diana's absence from the
house.  Perhaps the best way to say should
have been, "....allowed to set foot on the bed".
    It seemed to them to be such an oddity of elegance set into disorder.   But, they also pointed out that the comfort allowed by a place that is essentially an 1892 - epoch mud house (a little over-stated ) also allowed the chance to see a little deeper into the disorder by which we are surrounded.   There is considerable beauty, even in the ejido's residential area.
     The grounds, and the Hacienda de La Vega, and the natural setting of the Quinta are mystically beautiful.  They can be appreciated without having to rationalise or "understand".   But the ejido residential area needs a bit of "understanding"....or perhaps even a bit of functional psychosis syndrome.    For some reason, neither the disorder nor the order I have established bother me much if any at all.  It is one of the advantages of being a geezer, perhaps.  It is a source of a bit of consternation, however, when we review the homestead of El Zorro and see that some Air Force guy can have a really spit-shined and ordered place, while mine ( And me an Army guy ) always looks like a Confederate military camp.
El Gringo Viejo showing a guest the blossom
buds of the paint-splatter croton.
El Gringo Viejo shows the guest where the
"graping" of the avocadoes is forming.
     Since we have been receiving some rains in the up around Eagle Pass / Piedras Negras on the Rio Grande ...  up to 17 inches in 24 hours last Saturday, which is not a record, by the way...( sorry, AlGore )...and our little area with, now, about 12 inches in the past week or so, we are looking for real pro-LEAF-eration so to speak.   Alvaro decided to prune our paint splatter croton....much to my chagrin....but he was right.  It will probably triple in size in the next month, and it will need to be "guided" upon the path of truth and righteousness, and away from invading the interior part of the "long west-facing corridor".    The croton has developed a good working relationship with the adjacent avocado tree. The avocado is resetting a second batch of fruiting tips.

     So, now barring summer freeze or a really bad hurricane situation, by August we should have several hundred avocados coming off during the late Summer and early Autumn.
     Confession is good for the soul, so it should be pointed out that this tree is actually a "pagua" and not an "aquacate".   It is something like the parrots....which in this area are never referred to as "parrots" (pericos - pei REE koes).   Parrots come to us in five or six different configuration (species) and each is called by his/her appropriate species colloquial name.   Almost no one points up and says "Look at the parrots".   They will say, "Look at the cotorro"....or "Look at the calandrias"....which is a bit confusing because "calandria"  (light, open, one or two horse buggy, sporty in its day) is also the word for "oriole".   It was so named because it flies...usually in groups...very fast, almost like trotter-rigs in the horse-racing business.  They seem almost driven by a speeding mania when they are flying, and they fly very fast....almost 40 miles per hour at very low just on top of the tree line in a citrus orchard.   And they are loud.

Hoya, or Wax Plant.  A story unto
 itself.  We shall do an entry about
 this specific plant soon.  It has
 a travelled and long history.
  Soon.  Big hummingbird
     Now, we'll take the mornings of the three or four weeks to come, and begin minor pruning, a little painting, and some re-stacking of our loose-rock fences.   The fences need almost no work, save for a couple of areas where the dog BeBe decides to jump over, semi-successfully every now and then.   We are also cold-bloodedly turning over the lower 45% of the property to primeval state.  It is simply too undependable to try to grow anything, even a garden without the certainty of the old standard flow and delivery allocation from our ejido water system.   The issue has improved over the last few weeks, but the fact that we went for about 4 months at one hour longer provision of water(four hours) at 1/2 the pressure of normal delivery makes it too precarious to branch out.   It is best to use the water provided for the house and the upper gardens and plantings.
     We are also planning on running a line from the Hacienda de La Vega that is connected to their ancient spring and well, about 3/4's of a mile from our place.   Most of the distance is already connected to new piping to the edge of the Hacienda de La Vega.   So, there will be a plateful of stuff facing the poor, old Gringo Viejo.
     It will be a matter of priority and great importance to try to make it down to the little place where I can send smoke signals while down at the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.   So we invite questions and comments.   Thanks for your continued interest
El Gringo Viejo

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Dark Clouds

Al Capone-around 1935.jpg
Alphonse Capone
1899  - 1947
    A Community Organiser from Cook County, Illinois.   It is a place that ranks among the five most corrupt places in the nation.   Ethnic and racial politics have been its staple since before The Fire.  Organised crime has long been established within its industrial and agricultural processing complex, labour groupings, and in the entertainment - saloon - restaurant industries.   Almost every aspect of Cook County and the adjacent areas two counties deep around Cook County still carry the stench of Capone....another, earlier, community organiser.

    But...just think...putting on a resume, "community organiser" brings to mind the tone of the administration.   "What difference, at this point, does any of this make?"   It causes one to reflect upon how many people can approach a Congressional desk of inquiry and respond, "I don't know"...."I will refuse to answer any questions...even those that are not invoking my rights assured unto me by the 5th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America before any questions are asked".   The woman pulling off that stunt is an attorney, and she had a battery of attorneys behind her (why?), and yet she violated the purpose of the 5th Amendment against compulsion, by rendering a statement at the end of her defiant declaration.   That statement caused her to expose herself to cross-examination....and that cross examination could not be deflected by  the exemption from compulsion granted by the 5th Amendment.  (For an attorney.....really, really stupid)

      Another good answer has been, "I'll get back to you with the answer to that question."   Republicans doing such a thing would run the risk of being immediately trundled off to prison.   The press would pour down withering fire upon the wounded survivors of the first volleys. 

     Frankly....Chicago is such a cesspool with its apparent mix of the worst of each of America's major ethnic and racial groups, that keeps producing and reproducing scum, bottom-feeders, murderers, shake-down and protection thugs, pimps, politicians, parasites,  robbers, extortionists, union bosses, and charlatans in every, religion, whatever.
    And yes, we know that all areas have such things, from the Inuit Reserves in Alaska to the Seminole Reservation in Florida... such things exist in Texas....Tennessee....Indiana.  We realise that the human condition is one of frailty.

     However, Chicagoland  does it best.   It teeters between existence and the judgement of Gomorrah.   Who will bargain with the Angels for the lives of 50 or 20 or 10?  And even with the obvious problems and hypocrisies, we a left to be lectured by the same vermin who set up, run, and profit from the iniquity of....the Chicago morass.

    The choir of the 5th column, composed of the 4th Estate....move without deviation in their task of establishing deviancy as a norm.   And they report on their television news....their newspaper pages.....nothing that is negative about their chosen leader and his minions.  Closer, ever closer to the edge of the cliffs the culture stumbles...blinded by flashes of bright darkness....guided more and more by the degenerate and the perverse.  The approving masses are known as low-information and low-intelligence;   they seem to be proud of their identity.

     And so here we are:

An American President who is campaigning for re-election by exhorting the crowds..."!   vote!   That's how you get your revenge!!!   That's right,  your revenge!"   One step below Robespierre....just a smidgen removed from the order to attack the Jews' and their little shops.  "....Get your revenge!!"
     And, might one inquire concerning revenge from or for what?

    Campaign advisors state patently false information about the President's opponent, they are caught in the lie....not misstatement...but a lie, and nothing happens.  "Romney drove the business into the  ground, he took his money and left, and my wife lost her insurance, and so she died".   Not a bit of truth...but all is fair, as it is said.
    Harry Ried. speaking from the floor of the Senate so as to avoid any chance of a defamation lawsuit for his chronic, pathological, psychopathic lying binges, declared that a "friend" told him that Romney had not paid any income taxes for 10 years.    The "news" is reported roundly by the Obsolete Press...not an ounce of it must be the sirens of Hermann Cain....and then the Cheshire Cat fades away from the mind of the low-information, low intelligence voter.   We move on to new and better lies.

     And a Secretary of State who says, "What difference, at this point, can it possibly make?" which one might respond, "Madame (Sir Edmund)Secretary, we are trying to figure out if we are referring you to the prosecutor for murder in the 2nd degree or felony manslaughter...that is the difference that it makes."   And we behold the spectacle of an FBI Director who has done nothing about the IRS abuse of citizens contact with the victim knowledge of who is leading the investigation if real knowledge of any kind about much of anything....including Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the Al Rosen case, the AP case, the NSA's filed under, "I'll try to get back to you." 

    Now comes Barak Hussein Obama, whose aunt and uncle are living free of charge, both being illegal aliens in residence in Massachusetts, each for many years, each having had orders of deportation, but being defended by very expensive law firms against the deportation.
    Said Obama is going to Ireland to-morrow.  He is going to ask the Russian leadership what  their limits and parameters are concerning the Persian and Syrian situation.  Once he has his orders, he will embark on a rather lengthy trip to Africa.
     It being the case now that he has denigrated the value of America to the point of her being another corrupt banana republic.  He can celebrate that he is visiting, thankfully, as just another corrupt leader....talking to other corrupt leaders....who spend massive amounts of money on personal pleasures....and who, like Obama, let their countries generally rot and ooze into the open sewers. Like Chicago.  Dens of murder....abuse of whoever is weaker....or weakest. Dens of crime....of seemingly perpetually falling standards of morals, of living, of community conditions....there is much to celebrate now that the United States of America can demonstrate that it has joined the socialist slide into the audacity of septic degeneracy, crime, hooliganism, and total corruption.

More later.   Have a nice 100,000,000 USD trip with your 14 limousines, and 2,800 closest friends and gun-toting, private security agents, Barry.  Or should I call you, "The Chicago Kid"?
El Gringo Viejo