Thursday, 27 June 2013

hello from the Sierra Madre Oriental

Hello to all friends and enemigos back in Gringolandia.   Here all is well although our connection here is a Little slow.   The girl in charge is being very patient with our own slowness of mind in terms of adapting to a new keyboard.
      Paula Deen  -   It is funny in a sad way.   All rappers must say n····r at least four hundred thousand times before they brush their teeth in the morning.  El Gringo Viejo`s maternal grandparents could not say the word "negro" in the way it is written in English.  They could only identify a black African originated person by saying the word "nih -gra".    If we said the word "n·····r", they would, if we were in a private setting, spank our White bottoms with a shoe or thick oleander branch.   If we were in public,  they would take us outside, and discreetly whack our butts.
       But they could not say better than "nigra" for black African-type people.   Granma Mamie....nor her husband Reginal (misspelling is because that is the way his name was spelled)....could say the word "Mexican"....they could only say..."mecks  -  kin"....not  "meskin"....but "mecks -kin".
AND....the number one thing they both hated most in this Existence was the Ku Klux Klan.    And both were proudly Confederate....thought of themselves as First Friends of the Nigras....and the Meckskins.   Granpa Rex`s uncles, in Winchester had an emporium and weekly newspaper that was badly damaged by Klanners during one of their revivals in the 1890s.   They suffered the arsonage for having editorialised against the Klan in their weekly.  El Gringo Viejo his sidebar is a proof....always fought the Klan when and whereever possible.
      Paula Deene should have "come out" at the time that she went National.   She is no racist.   She might be a dumboe for not "coming out" as a normal Confederate-type person from them-there Olden Dayes....but, good grief!   Henry White picked up the biggest roar of laughter and applause at the McAllen High School Auditórium during the Shiner´s Holiday Minstrel fundraiser....when he came out in his tuxedo...singing Carry Me Back and Swing Low, Sweet Chariot....IN WHITE FACE!!!!!    Henry White was 15-16ths Negro by race....and of all the people in McAllen in those days, always included in the top ten most admired people.
AND THEN, ON TO OTHER MATTERS OF IMPORT....INCLUDING THE ABSURD IMMIGRATION "issue".     The answer is yes to enforcement.  The solution is NO!!! to public assistance and anchorbabymother síndrome.    If you all could only see the difference between the Latins that composed the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of pipples in Texas during the Olden Tymes in Texas....pre-1960....and what we have now as a result of the "Great Society" and the last urgent fix of the "immigration problem" would make you want to cry, commit suicide, or both.
 Then, the Texas Nationalist situation....
      If Massachusetts can elect a slug...profesional parasite (Spanish Spellcheck is over-riding)...over a liberal Republican SEAL Team type person....then to Hell with the Whole thing.   If Anthony Weenie can be ahead in the Peoples` Republic of Nueva Yorque polling, and Massachusetts, (one if by land, two if by sea) can be so far beyond redemption...then to Hell with the whole show.   There is no functional federated Republic.   TheSupreme Court of the American Federation can say that if Idaho determines, by a vote of its citizens,  that Swahili will be the oficial language of the State...the Supreme Court can overturn such a vote and tell everyone to get back in line.   We are still on track to have the Clinton - Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative  forced upon an unwilling public.    The budgets are whacked...matters become worse....the abolition of the IRS is a back-burner topic....and so forth.
     It becomes increasingly clear that this political subdivisión of the New World....can and should become totally self-governing.    El Gringo Viejo would kidnap David Robinson and take a chomosome and DNA sample and prove that he is descended from Watutsi Royalty...and put him on the throne  of a parliamentary Monarchy.....and establish a Court of Counts...of people who have been awarded the Title of Count of the the Pariliaments acclamation....ànd  the Monarch´s deigning by sabre....and change our ¨legislatura" into the True Parliament that it should be....full of scoundrels and generally regular folks meeting briefly every couple of years....and doing as Little damage as posible....being paid as Little as posible...and never spending more than the Lord Comptroller says will be available.
    The above is written even as El Gringo Viejo debates within his own soul and heart....a true Son of the enemy of George III....honourably discharged conscript of the American Army....whether he will put his name on some ballot or another to forcé the inclusión of the Texas Nationalist Party onto the Ballot of All Electors in the County of Hidalgo, Texas.
It is hot...dry again...although there are clouds upon the Mountains and other signs of rain....ant activity....a roach or two on the corridor (fun for the cats) and the mornings are very cool....55 degrees.   The Army comes down to swim in the Rio Corona most drives the girls crazy....All Mexicans love know....Like Obama and his Marine Corpse.     Actually, Porfirio Diaz   (president or ultimate authority of Mexico - 1880 to 1911) demonstrated the usefulness of a benign dictator and the subsequent uselessness of such a dictator when his service has been outlived.
Please forgive various errors and oversights.   This computer is very good.  The problem is that it has all the Spanish keys ....different placements....and Spanish spell-check....It will give our pinkoe friend who do not read us something more about which to complain everything.
El Gringo Viejo