Thursday, 27 June 2013

EL ZORRO rides....

As we speak today, it is obvious our president is totally out of his depth (if not intentionally destructive) in all things foreign and domestic. The conservative media has nailed it while the liberal media is asking "Uh, what?"

The talks between Vladimir Putin and Barrack Hussein Obama were embarrassing for Americans and a joke for the rest of the world. Body language notwithstanding our President showed just how pathetic our leader is.  

Putin/Obama June 17, 2013
At this point, the US has nothing to offer the Russians or the rest of the world for that matter. No bargaining chips. Whether by stupidity or by design, he is destroying America. He looks the fool; however, either he really is a fool or he just hates America… the result is the same.

President Obama wants to arm the rebels in Syria. That worked out really well in Egypt. We don't even know who the rebels are... well, yes, I guess we do (can you spell Muslim Brotherhood) and they are not our friends. The armament we provide will end up in either the hands of the rebels who will ultimately end up using them against the free world or in the hands of the current regime who will ultimately use them against its own people. A lose-lose situation for the US. He reaches out to the Muslim radicals at the expense of friendship with and support for Israel which has been our strongest ally in the middle east.

In the meantime we are facing a pull out in Afghanistan which will allow the Taliban to return to their previous strangle hold on that country and undo all the gains we made and could have kept except for Obama's unbelievable audacity.

At home, the government is empowering itself at the speed of light. The IRS will soon have total power over our health, wealth, and happiness. The NSA has, by direction of the administration, assumed the power to access personal information on every American without Constitutional authority. The President has already denied local authorities the ability to enforce immigration laws and is on the path to permanently allow illegal immigration. The republicans, for some not understood rationalization, have joined in with the democrats to give amnesty to illegal immigrants. The Attorney General continues to abuse his office (Fast and Furious, James Rosen's prosecution, etc.). So many abuses by cabinet members and non-elected bureaucrats not to mention the Executive agencies running amuck:
Department of Agriculture,
Department of Commerce,
Department of Defense,
Department of Education,
Department of Energy,
Department of Health and Human Services,
Department of Homeland Security.
Department of Housing and Urban Development,
Department of the Interior,
Department of Justice,
Department of Labor,
Department of State,
Department of Transportation,
Department of the Treasury,
and Department of Veterans Affairs

These are not an all-inclusive list of Presidential branch departments nor do they include the sub-agencies. Just to list them is exhaustive.

The President has all of the departments reporting to him and under his authority by which he convoluted the Constitution by intimidation and Executive order. This one man of average IQ and radical ideology is ruining the United States with the assumption of power not granted by the people or the Constitution.

The people by the polls approve of the President personally by a very small margin but his job approval rating is in the mid 40 percentile and dropping. He and his appointees have run out of spin to justify the outrageous programs and unconstitutional activities of the past four years.

Internationally the United States is viewed as a declining power. The middle eastern radical Muslim countries are simply waiting for our policies fall apart and our military support to withdraw so they can resume their extremist regimes. They know the US is a paper lion. China and North Korea are biding their time as well. Russia knows there is nothing to fear from us militarily or financially.

Nationally, our rights are being taken from us or being forfeited by apathy and ignorance. The "low information" class is growing. The welfare state is overtaking the working class. Our greatest enemy is the inability of educated conservatives and reasonable libertarians to reach the majority of our people who will not listen or even try to understand the severity of the situation.

Possibly this is the end of the greatest system of government ever on the face of the earth. In the struggle between good and evil, it appears evil has a better than even chance to prevail.

To pull this out, every American has to wake the hell up and look at what is happening! The current administration has to go! We have to get rid of every Obama disciple and appointee as well as the progressive ilk who have been sucking the blood of our beloved country. Read, study, be aware, look into your heart and mind, pay attention to those things that are ruining our country. It starts with Obama who singlehandedly rammed through the ObamaCare abortion and by executive order is whittling away at your liberty. It follows with the Congress and the power-mongering socialists/statists too many to name them all but just a few are:
Harry Reid
Dick Durbin
Chuck Schumer
Joe Biden (President of the Senate)
Bob Menendez
Lindsey Graham
John McCain
Barbara Boxer
Al Franken
Dianne Feinstein
House of Representatives
John Boehner
John Dingell
John Conyers
Henry Waxman
Ed Markey
Steny Hoyer
Nancy Pelosi
Maxine Waters
Jerrold Nadler
Xavier Becerra
Jim Clyburn
Lloyd Doggett
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Loretta Sanchez
Gregory Meeks
Chris Van Hollen
Eddie Bernice Johnson
G. K. Butterfield
Charles B. Rangel
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
With Obama goes his Chicago thugs and socialist "Community Organizing" cohorts. With the change in leadership in the House and change of majority party in the Senate, maybe we can turn this catastrophe around.

Good luck and God bless America!