Monday, 8 July 2013

The Sucker-Punching of Maro Rubio


    We have witnessed a fairly effective sucker-punching of the junior senator from Florida, the Hon. Marco Rubio. While Mr. Rubio is an effective politician, well experienced in the art and science of political manoeuvring and combat, he was possibly un-prepared to deal with the kinds of  treachery practiced by the Democrats of the United States Senate.  Those individuals, when teamed with the Alinsky-trained community organisers in the White House and SEIU activists and rabble rousers, can be formidable .

     It is very probable that Marco Rubio wished nothing more than to take an ill-defined problem and come up with a reasonable and well-defined solution.   As a freshman on the floor, he might have been unconvinced of the of the all-but-total corrupt nature of the Democrat Party and its convened presence in the United States Senate.
     The first and foremost issue before those Democrat Senators who formed part of the "Gang of Eight" was never to  help out a hapless bunch of poor, picked upon, discriminated-against, exploited illegal aliens.   Their mission was to destroy Marco Rubio and his standing with the movement conservatives in the GOP and those people generally typified as Tea Party activists.    People like Senator Schumer should and must be measured closely.   What they say is almost never what they mean. Their number one goal is to maintain the greatest number of people on the dole as possible, so as to ensure their own place in the Hamptons and in the Senate restaurant.
    This is done first by convincing the folks who "feel" rather than "think" that the Schumers of the world are genuinely concerned about feeding the children, "women's issues", and the heartbreak of psoriasis among lesbian water buffaloes in Bangladesh.....and of course, bullying.   The proof of this is simple to demonstrate.   Every program they propose and then put into action almost always results in cost overruns and a worsening of the original "problem" that did not really exist in the first place.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
Debbie Wasserman
52nd Chairman
Democrat National Committee
     Student loan guarantees for college students....only fair and reasonable.   Everyone could do with a little help from Uncle Sam in order to pick up a college education.    Everybody wins....right?   Wrong, of course. More debt, ever rising tuition charges due to the availability of more money being flooded into the food money that doesn't cost anybody anything is the inevitable result.  It all feels great until the hangover hits.   Like Medicaid and Medicare and Social Security.....all broke....breaking the nation....never solved anything.... but it does give the Democrats the perpetual stick to drag out and beat the Republicans every two years,"....and the Republicans want to cut your Social Security and Medicare!   Roll Grandma to the cliff and throw her and her wheelchair into the chasm of Republican Greed....Just like Romney making that poor old lady die of cancer by closing down the company where her husband had worked all his life!!!"

     Such is the nature of the beast.   So, Marco Rubio forgets the rules.   He knows how they operate in Florida.   Just think of Debbie Wasserman's wild and wooly Whopper-rama during the last couple of years.   Think of the demonic glint in the eye of Barack Hussein Obama when he exhorted his crowd of low information and intelligence followers..."Get your revenge by voting.  Get your revenge!!"
   But, just for an instant,  Marco decides to be kinder and gentler....reaching across the aisle.  What could be wrong with a bit of bi-partisan co-operation and reasonability?    And, the answer as usual, is "Just about everything".

     El Gringo Viejo feels...or knows....that the Democrats simply set up Marco Rubio.   They knew that any efforts on Marco's part to "work across the aisle" would diminish him with the  hard-core rightwingers such as El Gringo Viejo and about 30,000,000 other of Marco's supporters, thereby injuring Marco's chances to destroy the Democrats in 2014 and 2016 with his good looks and conservative message to Americans of all ethnic and racial stripes.  Marco was invited into the  "Hispanic Outreach" and "immigration reform" racket, and he made the mistake of walking into the mess and staining himself.   It is a set-up that the Democrats prepared for him.   It is called, in boxing, the "sucker punch".
    We still support and defend him, and see his errors in these matters as being caused by unjustified optimism and goodness of spirit.   We are certain that the immigration reform efforts are undertaken, not to improve any situation, but rather to make the situation worse.   Nothing that has been proposed has anything to do with the problems we face here on the border, nor in the hinterland with people who have little or no interest in self-improvement and good citizenship.   We know very well that it can only serve to  invalidate that Latin group that has been here long and/or legally.
     Public assistance, provided by government workers who are usually unionised, has brought upon us a plaque that will finally ruin the republic.  The body count in Chicago and Detroit serves as a demonstration of this fact.  The last amnesty unleashed an inundation of unfathered gang members throughout the Borderlands and the border States that could not have  been  comprehended by those of us who are native here and who can remember life here in the 1950s.
     El Gringo Viejo retires from the page with the hope that another bill is not passed through the Congress that we have to read after it is approved to find out what civic horrors we have approved while sleepwalking.
El Gringo Viejo