Friday, 31 August 2012

Here's to you, Neil Armstrong....

To-morrow morning, very early, around 04:00 hours, this will be the scene when the Blue Moon begins to set on the Sierra Madres Orientales to the west of our little mud hut.

The first one is the Marcels and the second one is the man from Hobokin, New Jersey.   It is really noteworthy that Richard Rogers wrote this 1934.   Can we imagine?
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Yes, Rush, O'bama has stories of people he helped

     Rush Limbaugh always fails to consult with El Gringo Viejo.   He declared,"Obama hasn't gone around helping people.   Has he?   No!  You can't point out anybody he's helped, can you?"
     Yes, Rush.   O'bama has helped other people who were disadvantaged.   People right here in this hell-hole called America.



ouncle.jpgView full sizeThis Aug. 24, 2011
 booking photo provided Aug. 30, 2011 by the Framingham Police Department shows Onyango Obama, arrested in Framingham, Mass., for several infractions, including operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. He is the uncle of President Barack Obama.

This is a cautionary tale about three of President Obama's family members—the president, his uncle Omar Onyango and his Aunt Zeituni Onyango. To follow the story completely, readers should be current on President Obama's administrative amnesty which he sprung on an unsuspecting and incredulous public just before he departed for Martha's Vineyard.
Obama and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano define his new policy, now in effect, as an ICE evaluation of 300,000 cases involving aliens in deportation proceedings to determine whether they are hardened criminals and therefore a risk to public safety or "low priority" offenders. The latter are released.
At a speech she delivered at the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation and the University of Arkansas' Clinton School of Public Service, Napolitano brazenly summarized the revised immigration guidelines as "common sense" and ones wherein "nobody is getting a free pass."
Actually, the policy is idiotic, hurtful and defies Obama's sworn Constitutional obligation to uphold the nation's laws.
Furthermore, for Obama to release illegal aliens just weeks before 9/11's tenth anniversary is a callous display of indifference to the victims' families. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 12 of 48 terrorists involved in the plotting and carrying out of the murderous attacks were illegal aliens. Because of the discreet profile they maintained during the days leading up to 9/11, using the current Obama-Napolitano standards they would have been described as "low priority".
Ditto for Auntie Zeituni. While Zeituni didn't pose a criminal threat, she fraudulently tapped into a social services pool that drained scarce public resources.
First ordered deported in 2004 after overstaying a visa issued in 2000, Zeituni lived in public housing, supposedly available only to citizens and collected $700 in monthly disability checks. But an unidentified benefactor interceded and hired famous immigration lawyer Margaret Wong to represent Zeituni in her efforts to remain. The unsurprising result—a Boston federal judge stayed Zeituni's deportation order. In 2010, Zeituni was granted political asylum and is now a legal U.S. resident.
Only the most optimistic expect a different result from Uncle Omar's case. Like his sister, Omar ignored a previously issued federal deportation order and has been living in the country illegally for several years. Wong will represent Omar.
But getting Omar off may be tough. On August 24 Omar, who had an outstanding warrant, was arrested on for driving his SUV through a stop sign and barely missing a police cruiser. Omar's sobriety test indicated a 0.14 level, nearly twice the maximum. The police charged Omar with driving under the influence, driving to endanger and failing to use his turn signal. Because of his immigration violations, ICE detained Omar.
Under the new immigration rules, into what category will Omar fall: hardened or low priority? Don't forget that the ICE language includes allowances for protecting aliens "with family ties".
Most would argue that Omar, an illegal immigrant, should be deported immediately. While he's not a convicted axe murderer, Omar is a hazard behind the wheel that may kill someone with his car.
Obama, with his eyes on the polls, can be sure the nation will be watching his uncle's case. If Omar is still hanging around in November 2012, there's a good chance Obama may be gone by January 2013.

     As of yet President Obama has not helped his brother George.   Others have, but Barry has not.   George lives on th4e edge of Nairobi, Kenya.   In a 180 square foot "squatter's cabin".

Just a hint, Rush.
El Gringo Viejo

Thursday, 30 August 2012

El Gringo Viejo's Favourite Clint Eastwood Movie

     Since everyone is asking, El Gringo Viejo's favourite Clint Eastwood work, besides Rowdy Yates during the Rawhide days, is "Bronco Billy"....It is a farce, a comedy, an allegorical treatise, and a big slice of Americana.   As comedies go, it is a serious peice of work, not a lot of pie in the face.   We recommend it as a justifiable waste of time.  Cliq below for YouTube trailer.    Mr. Faver sent me this picture from Faver Ranch in Presidio County, Texas.   In fact, Presidio  County is almost all Faver Ranch.   He and Rowdy worked together one time, but Rowdy went to California after the last big drive up the Chisholm Trail.
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Anglican Curmudgeon Alert

A simple admonition.  The Anglican Curmudgeon has jumped into some of Chesterton's analytics from the 1930s....and while telling us to turn our eyes for a moment from to-day's putrid presidency and the fallout therefrom....slyly shows us that we are truly doomed to repeat history because we know it not.   It is his current article, Signs and Portents, now open to the public.   The drinking light is lit.

El Gringo Viejo

An Apology Just Won't Do!

ABC News reached out to Breitbart News to name the man heard mocking the Romneys during this ABC News livecast: David Chalian (pictured) of Yahoo! News. Chalian is a former political director with ABC News, but according to ABC News has no association with the network now. The headline has been changed to reflect this update, as has the story itself.    Even this apology is an afront. It is a limp-wristed attempt to dust up a little cover by saying that David Chalian, formerly of Yahoo! News has no association with ABC News now. Such word crafting is typical of marxists. It is like when Lanny Davis told reporters that "....The President did not have sexual relations with Mrs. 1979...", knowing full well that Mrs. Broaddreick was not Mrs. Broaddrick in 1979...she was married to a man with a different surname....and, as stated, Lanny was assuring the press corps that President Carter had not consummated the "lust in his heart" that he occasionally felt. That Billy Jeff Blythe brutally raped a woman who was the same person as the person who became Mrs. Broddicky was a matter that Lanny did not address. He was being a legal mechanic and a smart aleck jackass. The leftist press lackeys, then as now, did not call him on his word game and reported the matter as "case closed".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
       It is true that when this apology was published, the statement, "David Chalian is a former political director with ABC News, but according to ABC News has no9 association with the network now. The reason he has no association with ABC News "now" is because they fired him two hours ago. He is probably on a bit of a vacation before reporting for duty at Google Events Director, as liaison to Obama's campaign. He would do well as Outreach Coordinator for Atheist Jews who Hate Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism.    Chalian's error was in talking in a production room without being sure that all the mikes were dead. One was live and caught him saying that the Romneys are “happy to have a party with black people drowning.” Chalian’s comment, a reference to the tropical storm battering Louisiana, was made during a webcast at the Republican convention that is part of a partnership between Yahoo and ABC News. On Tuesday, Chalian and ABC’s Jonathan Karl jointly interviewed members of the Romney brain trust.Pardon the ploughing of ploughed ground, but the marxist press people have said lies so much that they begin to believe themselves. It is like "America lost the war in Viet Nam". Anything that was lost in that war was lost by the Socialist Democrat Congress and their allies in the European leftist press, and their allies in Hanoi.They harp continuously that we on the Right are racists, when in fact it is they who have the low expectations for people "who don't look like them", and it is they who assume that "people who don't look like them" are incapable of taking care of themselves.     And now once again, they believe that white Republicans people probably tried to kill all the black people in New Orleans so as to make sure Louisiana's electoral college votes would be safe for Republicans for at least two election cycles. They believe the rantings of racist madmen like Spike Lee and Louis Farakhan and Jeremiah Wright because it makes them feel superior and "understanding" of the roots of "black rage".
The problem, however, is that what happened in New Orleans had little to do with FEMA or George Bush. It had to do with the fact that the head of government in New Orleans was a hypocrytical black man named Nagin, the mayor. He ran off to his home when it looked like things would be serious but not too bad....he thought he had ought to be with his family. Mayor Nagin just happened to live in a substantially white, upper-income part of Dallas, Texas at the time. Yes, Mayor Nagin was in Dallas, Texas shortly before and two weeks after the event. He had bought the home in 2005....and has had trouble remembering to pay his homeowner's dues to the neighbourhood committee.                                                                                                 
And while that was going on and the Adjutant from the National Guard was asking for orders from his commander in chief, she was busy trying to throw together outfits for the coming pressers....outfits that "....wouldn't make my butt look too big." She needed a bigger brain and a soul and a sense of self that would have been smaller than the problems other people were having. THE ISSUES OF KATRINA, A RELATIVELY MINOR STORM, DEVELOPED BECAUSE OF SLOTH ON THE PART OF THE MAYOR AND THE GOVERNOR FOR FAILURE TO ACT....FOR FAILURE TO CALL FOR CENTRAL GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION IN A TIMELY , LEGALLY REQUIRED WAY....AND THEY DEVELOPED BECAUSE OF THE BREAKDOWN OF A BADLY MAINTAINED, TOTALLY CORRUPTLY ADMINISTERED, SYSTEM OF LEVEES, GATES, PUMPS, AND DRAINS THAT HAD NO OPERATORS. FURTHER COMPLICATIONS OCCURRED WHEN THE POLICE, FIRE, PARISH, CITY, AND SCHOOL (as in bus drivers and other support personnel) INSTITUTIONS WERE ABANDONED BY THEIR MEMBERS, to between a 65 to 90 percent level....across the board. In America's federal system, locales and States must request central government intervention. Neither Mayor Nagin nor Governor Blanco deigned to perform even this simple task....send a fax....use the special White House line that all Governor's have....nothing was done. It was Mayor Nagin who went and hid and it was Governor Blanco who worried about more important things while New Orleans sunk below the muck. AMTRAK had eleven special trains in the middle of the city that finally had to be moved out....without any refugee/ transport. The worst thing that George Bush did was to allow the worthless FEMA piece of useless government largesse to pass out cash and 500 dollar ...even 1,000 dollar FEMA charge cards to the people in the temporary refugee facilities in Houston and other places. The people who were taken to Houston their huge majority (there were noteworthy exceptions)....among the laziest, dirtiest, meanest, most violent, demanding, menacing, impositive creatures who were ever catered to 110% by the Salvation Army, Red Cross, and the hopelessly useless FEMA dregs.                                                                   

Civilised white and black people in Texas bent over backward and worked hand and foot to recieve and make comfortable      the people who were forced out of their situation in New Orleans. As with the lepers, the over, over, overwhelming majority  resented that the Texans did not do more for them. Tales of slobby women going into a beauty parlour for the "works" and      throwing down a couple of dollars...saying ...'You gotta take what I give you, an' I don't havta give you nothin' if I don't          want to." are so commonplace that they are really not worth repeating. If repeated, it would be common for some person to say, "Yes, I know. I'm the morning clerk at the 7 - 11 over on Elm Street. They just sent in children who would grab bag and cans and bottles of any and everything, and then run out of the store shouting "Katrina victim, Katrina victim....and if we said anything, we would be dressed down with profanity and obscene gestures or with several rough looking men coming in, grabbing more stuff, and glowering at us".                                                                                                                                                                 
    So, do not talk about the Romneys or the Bushes , they have no fault in this. The fault lies in posturing Democrats who want to keep the shelf stocked with a dependent class whose existence can always be blamed upon the neglect by the rich Republicans....who do nothing for the poor. This is especially sad when. in fact, it is the rich and the not so rich who actually pay twice to help the poor, and it is the Democrats and liberals who take money from the rich and not so rich and give it to the professionally poor so as to ensure that those same people will remain dependent and perpetually mired in their poverty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
More later.  Thanks for your time and patience, as always.
El Gringo Viejo

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

If Barry Crosses the Finish Line First

     Baroness Susan Kramer, a member of Clegg’s party in the House of Lords, said that a wealth tax could be more effective than an income tax, and that the wealthy won’t move away.    "You have to be part of the society in which you live,” she told the Guardian. “"If we're going to be a coherent society, and that is absolutely fundamental to our success and our prosperity, everyone has to carry a share of it."

     One can read, re-read, and then read it again.   The illogic...the pointlessness....the counterproductivity...the arrogance....and it is the new world-wide movement among the marxist lunatics who are allowed to wander around without their nurses and minders.   Wealth Tax...Saints preserve us.
      We understand her concern about the wealthy not paying their fair share.    So we would propose to just get it all over with right now, once and for all.  Without their wealth they are pretty much useless.   Let us simply take all their goods, possessions, money, collections, and properties of any kind.   Disinter their dead and sell the cemetery space to someone who is more deserving.   The wealthy should, for the sake of efficiency, just be fed to the sharks or eliminated in some reasonably humane long as it costs neither naught nor nary.  
      Then, all of their assets could be sold in order to pay for the programs to feed the children of the four wives the muslim men are allowed to have since the Brits decided to permit muslim men in the United Kingdom to run their private lives by Sharia law.
Snodley shows off his NHS official
toothcare system.   He chose
the red handle ones!
     Then the good Baroness can pay for the dental work to put the entire what-used-to-be-a-kingdom into such a position that the people could actually eat something besides kidney pudding and warm beer.   And even smile, in public, without frightening the children.  Go Manchester United!!
     This movement is not a joke.   El Gringo Viejo recently wrote about the woes of Madame Viuda de Kirchner, the Supreme Ruler of Argentina, who was heralded as the Greatest Thing since sliced pate de foie gras,  all the way into the 1oth month of her reign.   She began her sudden thud to the bottom of the elevator shaft after proposing things like the "nationalisation" of privately held pensions and annuity policies.    She considered such financial instruments to be idle money that was needed to feed the children, and the elderly, and to build monuments to her husband, and to her.   After all she needs to be remembered for building monuments.   Like Hillary, we must think of all the good she has done for..... for..... well, whatever.
     The Red Chinese thugs who are on their way to flooding the galaxy with junk that breaks on the first use, are also having problems with the rise of their ''princeling classe".   These are the children of the ranking thugs who pick up leads and angles from the Peoples' Liberation Army concerning business opportunities.    The princelings and other corrupt thugs who have managed to escape execution are now being eyed as financial and fiscal "organ donors''.    Rumours and scuttlebutt suggest that the little gnomes in Mao suits who sit around somewhere and decide where the next Great Leap Forward should land, have decided that 90% of these peoples' wealth should be "taxed"  (read: confiscated).

Red Chinese rapid rail "situation".   Train was to be
 named Peking Flyer, but factory forgot wings
     Actually, once again a tip of the hat to efficiency, this is only reasonable.   The marxist axiom comes into play, that all wealth was not earned by the wealthy....they do not really make, do, or cause anything.   All wealth actually comes from the exploitation of the proletariat, the poor, and the government.    So, the Red Chinese government is going to take away the wealth of the monsters that the government itself gave to the monsters in the first place.   What the government gives it can also take away.   So there we have it!   Liberation Theology on steroids.   What the Lord hath given, so shall the Lord also taketh away.
     The princelings now are moving out of Red China.   They are trying to find safe harbour even in places like Mexico, Canada, the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, and other such places that have an in-place ethnic Chinese community.

     The President of France and the French Socialist Party has proposed a tax rate of 75% on high wage earners and are studying a wealth tax on people with estates and assets that total more than 1,000,000 Euros.    Wealthy and titled Frenchmen...those whose ancestors avoided the guillotine from another wave of social democratic hysteria....immediately began looking for the exit and preparing their Lear Jets and yachts for new berthing.

     When Barry Soetoro was talking with the Russian thug temporary president and saying," You can tell Mr. Putin that after the election I'll have more latitude to do the things I want to do"....the OROG can be certain that one of those things in the offing for all Gringos of any race, colour, creed, or code  who have any stored wealth in excess of what is "necessary" will be a "wealth tax", along with an agreement to strip Eastern Europe of basic missile defense systems and other impediments to Bears coming out of the east. 

     Almost every totally bankrupt socialist country in the world is studying "the wealth tax" alternative as a possible cure to what ails the insatiable marxist appetite for other peoples' money.

     Voting counts, even if the choice is not perfect, the alternative is a road that leads to re-education camps, gulags, guillotines, firing squads, 30 year prison sentences for writing a poem about "When Cuba Was Beautiful", concentration camps...complete with showers, mass graves in Georgia, killing fields in Cambodia.
      To give folks an idea about how far downhill we can slide very quickly....should Barry Soetoro be returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.....Mexico has no inheritance Death Tax.    Barry wants to increase the American Death Tax.    As does the Barroness, Barry wants the wealthy to pay their fair share.....and he might even fit them with a ball and chain, so as to make leaving the country a bit more cumbersome.

Thanks for your patience.  More later.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 27 August 2012

Another Visit from He Who Rides When the Full Moon Is Bright

This time, as I cinched up my old dependable black hand ran over the cover-flap of the rifle scabbard, and it seemed to be strange that it was not fastened.   Did I forget?   Immediately upon mounting, I checked, although everything had felt  (weighed and balanced correctly) right.   Surely the old lever-action 30 - 30 Winchester was there.   And sure enough, it was.   But under the lever, it could be discerned.....yes....a carefully folded page of fine stationery fitted underneath the lever.   One knew immediately that it must be another message from
It reads.....
We attended the early afternoon showing of “2016…” to take advantage of the early afternoon bargain discount and the old codger discount.  This was the first showing available within reasonable distance of our place. 
Having read D’Sousa’s “Roots of Obama’s Rage” as well as “Lights Out…” by Mark Steyn, “The Looming Tower” by Lawrence Wright, “While Europe Slept…” by Bruce Bawer, etc., etc,. etc. not to mention Both of the Obama books, “The Communist Manifesto”, “Rules for Radicals”, “Prairie Fire…” by none other than Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  There are many more, shall we continue?
All of this is to corroborate that we already knew and have already been exposed to just about all of the content and conjecture of this film so this reviewer was not impressed on that level.  However to be objective it would only be fair to say that 99% of the population has not tread the same virtual ground as yours truly.  In that respect, it has to be estimated that 95% of the population might have learnt a great deal about the man who would be President… again. The documentary was well done aside from the monotone dialog.
    A conclusion that might be taken from the film is that Obama is not of America.  His premature experiences are totally third world.  He does not understand America but from his mother’s hippie communist indoctrination and his father’s Marxist anti colonial activities.  His bitterness is probably exacerbated by the contradiction between his father’s ideology and that of Lolo, his step father.  He did not know his father other than what he had learnt from his mother who adored the older Obama and the younger Obama’s grandparents.  In his young adulthood he attended Punahou School in Hawaii, then Occidental and Columbia when that confusion led him to go to drugs and known underground radical associations.  He is bitter, confused, indoctrinated, and misguided.  This is what this viewer takes away from “2016” objectively on behalf of those who have not the time or enthusiasm for the documentation openly available in books and on the internet.  It is not a condemnation of those for those reasons.  It is unfortunate that we have to go so deep into the character of this man to know what trouble we are in.  It is fortunate though that D’Sousa has made this unbiased documentary.
     The left will not see the movie as unbiased but it truly is.  D’Sousa is very careful not to personally denigrate Obama but to show where he came from and how it relates to what he does.  The viewer is left to decide for him/herself what America might be if Obama is President for a second term.
     It was disappointing that the crowd of about 150 were people of ages from about 50 to 80.  The theatre would seat about 400 so 150 for the time of day, a Saturday, in a town of 200,000 seemed disappointing to me as this was the first showing in this community (75 miles from our rural bunker).  It is disappointing that we do not see more 18 to 50 year old people at these showings.  The ratings and attendance since we saw the film have been more encouraging.
     Under any circumstances or for whatever reason this pathological, bitter, misguided pretender cannot be elected again!  D’Sousa has done his part.  We all need to do ours. 
Z (and Lolita)
PS – The books above-named are required reading for liberal vision correction!   If such is not done, El Zorro will pass through their useless home libraries while they sleep and take the books to the fat friar at the Parroquia so he can use the dusty tomes to teach the Indian children to read.

      We are a bit distressed about the  census at the place away from El Zorro's bunker because ours was substantially better.  It exceeded "swamping" because there actually were people outside for the later showings hoping to pick up tickets from people who had to break their engagement.  But, perhaps there were also better crowds at El Zorro's place when the hour grew later.
      It is definitely true that Dinesh D'Souza pulled his punches, leaving great gaps without explanation and obvious conclusions left unstated.   One could not help but to have been struck by the open, sincere nobility of a man whose life had been ruined by his own hand in some ways, and in other ways by the horrid corruption and government control environment wherein he is mired.  That man is brother  George, O'bama's ignored brother.   There is no disclaimer or self-congratulation about the fact that George Obama called Dinesh sometime after the filming, on site, at George's home.
     George had need of funds to acquire treatment in a real medical facility.   Dinesh had a bit of reservation, because he has been hustled by people at all point on the globe.   But, there is something about George Obama that is lacking in his brother.   George is sincere...deeply gazing at his conversation partner into his eyes.   He is un-presupposing.   Although frail and thin, he seems almost regal.   And his speech is clear, without prompting....he seems almost regal while his brother reeks of profanation against both God and mankind.
     In any regard, Dinesh arranged for money to be provided and is now involved in an effort to try to wean George from his addictions and to continue writing about his opinions as non - anti-colonialist in Kenya.   The Old Man...Barak and George's grandfather.... is a much more complicated man...a man of two allegiances...a man with honour trying to serve two traditions as a gentleman and a true person.   One can see that George is his grandfather's son....and Barak, Jr. is Barak, Sr.'s son.    The former "has class", the latter is a petty, jealous vindictive little person.
El Gringo Viejo

Sunday, 26 August 2012

We do not want to say, "I told you so, but".....

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner attends a meeting with her Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez (not pictured) to sign agreements between Venezuela and Argentina, at the Argentine Embassy in Brasilia July 31, 2012. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino
Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner attends a meeting with her Venezuelan
 counterpart Hugo Chavez(not pictured) to sign agreements between Venezuela and Argentina,
 at the Argentine Embassy in Brasilia July 31, 2012.
Credit: Reuters/Ueslei Marcelino

BUENOS AIRES | Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:01pm EDT
BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentine President Cristina Fernandez's popularity sank to 30 percent in August, less than half of what it was a year earlier, according to a poll published on Sunday that portrayed a country worried about crime and high inflation.
      The telephone survey of 2,259 voting-age Argentines by polling company Management & Fit showed dissatisfaction with the interventionist policies that won Fernandez a landslide re-election 10 months ago.     The popularity of the 59-year-old Peronist -- who is part of a bloc of left-leaning South American leaders including Evo Morales of Bolivia and Rafael Correa of Ecuador -- fell by 8.1 percentage points between August and July alone.  The international bond market has shunned Argentina since its 2002 sovereign debt default and subsequent embrace of policies that emphasise state intervention in the markets and heavy government spending meant to stoke economic growth.
     As recently as September last year, a month before winning her second term, Fernandez had 64.1 popularity while campaigning on promises of deepening the interventionist policy model of her late husband and predecessor as president, Nestor Kirchner.  Since then, the economy has slowed, and the poll suggests most people are not buying Fernandez's argument that external factors, such as Europe's financial mess, are mostly to blame.  Argentina's economic activity was flat in June, according to the official EMAE index, which is a close proxy for gross domestic product.
     Of those surveyed by Management and Fit, 44.5 percent said government policy was the main cause of the stagnation. Only 8.0 percent blamed it on spillover from sluggish world growth.     The perception of an increase in street crime was first on the list of complaints voiced by participants in the poll, which had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.2 percentage points. No official crime statistics were available to back this up.
     Annual inflation, clocked by private analysts at over 20 percent, was another worry voiced in the survey. The government fines economists who publish their inflation estimates, which tend to double or triple the official figures.Participants in the poll also cited growing worries about unemployment. The country's second quarter jobless rate edged up to 7.2 percent from 7.1 percent in the first three months of the year.
     Fernandez's image benefited from a fast-growing economy during most of her first four-year term.   Activity is now being slowed by fallout from the European debt crisis, softer demand from key trade partner Brazil and government-imposed currency and import curbs that have further hurt confidence in Latin America's third biggest economy.
In the latest sign of malaise, Argentine industrial production fell 2.1 percent in July from a year earlier.
 QUE LOS BUENOS AIRES SE HAN CAMBIADO A LOS MALOS AIRES. -   An ancient saying first made famous by El Gringo Viejo's better half, who is also not a fan of Madame Viuda de Kirchener's style of Esperanza y Cambio.    Perhaps she can fix everything with a quick little war with the British Invaders.   In English, the saying above translates to "The Good Winds (airs) have changed into the Bad Winds (airs).
     We were surprised to note that the Reuters News Agency had developed and executed this article.   Could it be that the normally knee-jerk press is finally allowing just a little, teeniney, teensey, weensey, little bit of journalism to seep into their coverage of leftists, marxists, and other types of pinky totalitarians?    Do they ever stand in the shower, trying to wash off the sins of their lies...asking themselves...."Pinochet submitted to a plebiscite, lost it, and left office.   Why can't Fidel and Raul submit themselves to an internationally supervised plebiscite....would they leave office were they to lose."?
     While the world celebrated the Wave From the Left...with Evo Morales (a dunce, a professional Indian, and dedicated communist), Cristina, Hugo Chavez, Dilma Rousseff (president of Brazil, which is also into a renewed social and economicfree-fall.  She like Cristina, was also a communist guerrilla in her teens and twenties.).... All are now fixing to lead South America into another Great Leap Forward.    Soon, their great leap forward may be a lemming's rush to see if any of them can replace Haiti and Cuba at the bottom of the basement.
      There is no need for El Gringo Viejo to remind anyone that these things were in the process of unfolding, a little less than a year ago, so we shall not waste time reminding anyone.

El Gringo Viejo

We Went, We Stayed, We Came Back

We did make it to the noon screening of "2016".   There were 200 people at the movie house.   We were treated to 4,210 previews of movies that cost a million times more to make and had no redeeming artistic or social value.
     Then, we had about 87 minutes of fairly dry, academic, "just the facts, ma'am," treatise about a person who is well qualified to be a candidate  for the title of "Greatest Imposter of All Times".    We were already aware of about 60% of the material covered in the film.   But D'Souza provided a considerable amount of mortar to put the many poorly made blocks of O'Bama's life into focus.    There is nothing in the picture that is conjectural about the chronology, geography, or familial aspects of O'bama's life.  The one piece of conjecture is that O'bama is doing what he does to destroy America so as to gain the approval of his father's ghost.    While it may be conjecture, it is a reasonable divining of the roots of the madness that has hold of this degenerate personality who now holds the title of President of the United States.
     Although Obama's father, Obama Senior, was a reprobate, communist, alcoholic, drug addict, anti-colonialist racist, mysogenist, philandering, wife-beater, Obama Junior knew that his father  was better than his mother's second husband.
     The second husband was a sell-out.   Imagine an Indonesian who actually wanted to provide for his family by working with the foreign oil drillers and producers!   Imagine dedicating  your life to something beyond hating white people, America, gainful activity, cleanliness, good order, fairness, and industriousness.
      It is almost like one could imagine that Obama dreamed his father's dreams....and that Obama would, at a young age, began to dream that he would grow up, become President of the United States, and send the bust of Churchill back to the abominable Queen.   Then he would proceed to cut America down to size, by taking advantage of the very thing that he knew America did not have....a tolerance for people of "different races and backgrounds", and a willingness to think well of a person, in spite of his "different race and background".   So, instead of Richard the Lion Hearted or Charles the Great....we have Barry the Conundrum.
     Barry had to destroy America and make it more like Kenya because America is a racist country, controlled by white billionaires who do not permit people of colour to ascend or advance.   Although America's productive Negro element produces more wealth than all the nations of Black Africa combined( app. 300,000,000 people), all of America must be brought down to the level of what is normal in the rest of the world.   And since America is a place where no person of colour is allowed to advance, Barry will use the peculiar American characteristic of tolerance, friendship, communitarianism, and fraternity to rise to the top of the heap so that he can destroy the country for not having allowed people of colour to rise to the top of the heap.
     It all makes sense if one is a communist-leaning, America-hating, narcissist.   It helps to have a shallow, bumper-sticker intellectual depth.   And, it helps to have people composing the electorate who are dependent upon the government, who wish to become dependent or more dependent upon the government, and/or who are mentally retarded or defective.
   Voila!   The self-made man.
It is absolutely necessary to ensure that this horrid person not lead the government beyond the end of his first term.   It will also be necessary to ensure the absence of a Democrat majority in the United States Senate.    Perhaps the Fat Cats and Industrialists would care to study what happened to the Germans when the German Fat Cats and Ruhr Valley Industrialists thought that they could control the Austrian corporal.    We must purge this infection.  We have but one chance.
There were about 200 people at this screening.  The day before 5 screenings had been sold out.   That is for a seating area of 320 theatre seats.   Our understanding is that the remaining four showings for the rest of the day were all sold out.
El Gringo Viejo....

Friday, 24 August 2012

Geraldo, Juan....You are nice fellows, but your glasses only have a lens for the left eye.

The link has Judy Collins singing the classic "Send in the Clowns"
The OROG will have the feeling she is singing en voce of
Obama and the Obama supporter at the same time.
Spooky....moving....A Requiem for a tyrant.

      All OROGs can take a little more faith in the future.   El Gringo Viejo wandered down to a movie house for the first time in a quarter century, over in McAllen.   It was apparent that the place was not ready for people, and that should be reasonable because the ticket booth does not open until 10:45.    The gaggle of people gave it all away, but we stopped and ambled over to hobnob and make and take in  a bit of conversation.
     The group was 11 human people, ranging in age from 40 to 75.   Eight were boys and three were girls.    Six were Angloid and five were Espanoid.   One fellow was actually a Mexican citizen....a wealthy person, the kind who buys a house instead of staying in hotel during his business trips to McAllen.   He was interested, like us, to gain further information about the poseur who presently "occupies" the White House.
      He was fairly blunt, when he observed that, where ever a person goes in the world the people debate if it is the Germans, or the Japanese, or the Americans who are the most intellectually, spiritually, and morally advanced.    He was amazed when the Americans voted for a person whose slogan was "Esperanza y Cambio" and who was never asked what kind of "esperanza" and what kind of "cambio" was being discussed.    You a definition of terms.   And that the Americans would vote for an undefined "esperanza y cambio" as opposed to an old, honourable warrior, hero, somewhat conservative, "reasonable" person with a long, long record of mediocre to inspired service to his country.  (His words, in both English and Spanish).
      El Gringo Viejo pointed out that the Germans thought that an Austrian corporal, house painter seemed like a good choice at one time.   To which this Mexican businessman answered, "Yes, but Obama is worse than Hitler was.   Obama is an American who hates America, and Hitler was deluded into thinking that Germany was greatest and guided by the Cosmos to rule the Earth.   Obama wants to destroy "....lo bueno que es Gringo...lo bueno que norteamerica se resprenta para toda la humanidad."       (....the good that is American...the good that the United States of America represents in and of itself  for all humanity.)
     In any regard, the group was all unified in the bitter, disgusted, distaste for that impudent pretender who wields the sceptre in the White House (when Michelle and Valerie Jerrod so allow).
      We all detained each other railing and howling like a pack of coyotes about the National Socialist usurper....celebrating the fact that when Michelle sends the waggons for us, we know that we will at least have pleasant companions for our trip to the re-education camps.
    The girl in the ticket booth was very cheerful and dispensed to-morrow's pair of tickets for El Gringo Viejo and his boss.    I asked,"Is there much interest in the show?    There are not a lot of people for the early afternoon showing."
     "They all came yesterday to buy their tickets.   There are no tickets left until the 10:00pm showing."
     "You've sold out four screenings?''
     "Yes.   And two sold out for tomorrow afternoon.   Your noon showing is about half sold out now."
     ''People like us, " I referred to the batch that had returned for the openning of the ticket booth...mostly the original eleven and a few others.
     "Some younger...about the same...nice people...they say 'thank you'.   You all are different."
     "Yeah, nicer.  Quiet and not demanding.  Nice people".
     "Well, what do I say?   Thanks for being here on time and taking us seriously and treating us like we're important!"  I finished the engagement and drove the 9 miles back to the cave, thinking, "Maybe there is hope".

There will be more later.   Thanks for being with us.   Please re-read my abusive previous post, and consider the hoops the Obsolete Press jumped through to protect Billy Jeff Blythe, simply and solely because he favours all abortion all the time for any reason....and because, while they called him a  "moderate"....he is also a dedicated marxist.   He is that kind of marxist who, like Frida, Diego, and Hillary, wants socialist life solutions for everyone but they themselves.   That post was published just before the dumboe in Missouri made a dumboe of himself.    Measure the reaction by the Obsolete Press to the dumboe, while the adulation for a brutal misogynist can exceed no bounds.

El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lest we forget

  • This is a partial list of activities of a person who is called by the Obsolete Press, "America's Favourite Statesman", or "America's favourite politician", or "The Man Who Balanced the Budget in the 1990s".

  •       Further analysis reveals that the ''prosperity of the 1990s" had little or nothing to do with William Jefferson Blythe.   He entered the White House after campaigning on the premise that America during the early 1990s was suffering "the worse economy in the last 50 years...".   There were enough Americans voting then who were stupid or gullible or self-immersed to the point that they thought such a slogan sounded good whether it was true or not.   It was not true, of course.   Further, the actual situation was that the nation's economy was in fact entering into a very vigourous recovery mode and had been entering that mode starting about four months before the election.  The Obsolete Press forgot to tell the electorate, and the electorate was involved in one of those episodes when thought was replaced by self-pity and the epidemic of the Hawaiian disease of mewanna and gimme-gimme.

         The actual and truthful time-line is something different.    It's like "Who won the vice-presidential debate between Biden and Palin?"   Everybody knows it was Biden because he is smart and Palin is a Bimbo.   But, what everybody knows is not true.   Even the Obsolete Press had to admit that "Palin more than held her own"...."Palin mopped the floor with Biden, he's just getting up there in know."  What actually lost the campaign for McCain was his ridiculous "suspension of campaigning" and trundling up to the White House to approve some stupid notion that by spending 1,000,000,000,000.00 USD we would have prosperity in our time.   The next ten days...according to Rasmussen and Gallup....McCain went from a 6 point positive to a 6 point negative.

          The following are those kind words that actually tell the truth about the 8 years of glory and perfection and bi-partisanship and perpetual good feelings that came from the glorious leadership of Billy Jeff Blythe.

         He ran on the promise of "a middle class tax cut"....and that he would have a government that looked more like America.  He knew what it was like to be black and what is was like to find out your church had been burned down just because it was a black church.   He even rode in the back of the bus when he lived in Hope, Arkansas so that he could relate with the oppressed black population.   Of course...during those days...there was no municipal bus service in Hope, Arkansas....nor were there any black church burnings.   White churches, yes.   Black churches, no.
         Billy Jeff dealt in and with whores and other personalities of low degree, like drug traffickers and land scammers.    Once governor, Billy Jeff appointed one of his whores to the position of State Director of Child Protective Services, leaping over another candidate for the position who was widely regarded by black and white, Republican and Democrat, judicial and social evaluations, etc. as overwhelmingly the best choice for the position.   The whore was white and had qualifications that ranged from scant to nil, and the qualificant was black.   Chalk up another racial progress milestone set in place by the Man From Hope.
          Billy Jeff also was famous for his insatiable capacity, not only for sex, but also for cocaine. He frequently appeared with a white mustachio, teary, blood-shot eyes, and hyper disposition.   His wife, Hillary Rodham, cared little because she had her own distractions, mainly in the person of Vince Foster and balancing a billing racket at the Rose Law Firm that hired her in order to have an in with Governor Billy Jeff.   Several people went to prison because of her willingness...some say active measures enforce her wish that other people, like Web Hubble, take the fall for her "billing irregularities".

    This is the electoral map for the 1992 Presidential elections.
    Perot did not receive one Electoral C0llege vote.   Clinton ran
    third in Texas, behind Bush and Perot.   Oddly, in the 2000 Presidential
     elections, Al Gore failed to carry his home state of Tennessee as a
     Presidential candidate in his own right four years later.

         Billy Jeff floated to the top of a miserable field of Democrat presidential candidates known as "The Seven Dwarfs" in 1992.   He had delivered the most boring, stupid, and rambling speech in the history of the Democrat National Conventions in 1988....being cheered and rendered a standing ovation when he said those memorable words...."....and finally, in closing....".
          The candidate everyone had wanted in 1992 was Mario Cuomo, governor of New York.   Mario knew, however that no one could beat George Herbert Walker Bush after his successful war to liberate Kuwait and a generally inoffensive Presidency.   Bush did endorse "mid-night basketball" as the cure-all to urban violence, and he did decide to break his word about "No New Taxes", made at the Republican Convention in 1988.
         Enter a moderately deranged Third Party Candidate by the name of H. Ross Perot, who made absolutely no sense when he spoke, and had no platform except to "....get under the hood and fix it"...and America had ingredients for the unbelievable.   G.H.W. Bush decided to look at his watch during one of the 3-way debates, and that did it.   The bedwetters, thumbsuckers, and slugs who wanted something for free voted for the "nice daddy" who used terms like ...." I feel your pain,"....all the while yukking up his sleeve.    Jennifer Flowers, an Arkansas saloon singer, smart and good looking and with a smidgen of class, came forward to remind the world that Billy Jeff would lie like a rug when it would have been easier to tell the truth,  and that he had a lot of "issues" with women.
         By this point the already Obsolete Press had decided that Perot was crazy, Bush had been a lap-dog for Reagan when he served Reagan as Vice-President for eight year, so they had to go with the Hillbilly.   We must never forget how viscerally the Obsolete Press hated and hates Ronald Wilson Reagan.    Billy Jeff won with 43 percent of the vote, the first of his two less-than-50% victories.   President Bush wound up with 37.5 percent, and H. Ross Perot had 19.5 percent. 
         During the campaign's heated moments it was decided to have Hillary and Billary go before America so that Billy Jeff could say, "Ours has not been a perfect marriage, but we are in a committed relationship now and ....blah...blah....blah."   Women with limited discernment capacity and intellectual impairments, voted for Billy Jeff about 2 - 1 - 1.   Before two weeks had transpired in his Presidency, Billy Jeff had to report to the people that "....after working harder than I have every worked in my life..."  he could not find a way to provide the tax relief to the middle class that he had promised.   Not only that, but it was going to be necessary to pass a RETROACTIVE income tax increase on everyone just to keep up with the obligations of the central government.   It was all Bush's fault and "....he just didn't tell us the truth about how bad it really was...". 
        Clinton and his Democrat Congressional majority voted in sharp tax increases, and the recovery that had been underway, went south.   On top of that, his ash-tray slinging, potty mouthed hag of a wife had embarked upon the Ist Great Socialised Medical System Project which was rejected soundly by the people.    It had 4,000 pages and was written up entirely in secret.
         Like it's progeny 16 years later (they never stop trying), Hillary's nationalisation of the American medical system brought about something that the American people had not seen in forty years.   That would be a Republican majority in the House of Representatives.   The Senate was held by the Republicans, albeit not by the two-thirds number in those days that was required to override a filibuster.    We began a glorious period of "gridlock" which meant that it would be more and more difficult for the left to push through its "tax, tax; spend, spend; elect, elect" platform.
         Republicans pushed through two "welfare reform" bills that provided for little snippets of cuts in the increases for funding of "feed the fat miracle babies until they are 65 years old" programs which the President promptly vetoed and demagogued to Hell and back.  Finally, early in his second term, the Congress sent him an even stronger bill with a threat that each successive bill would be tougher and tougher, and the Man From Hope finally relented and signed the famous "Welfare Reform Act".   He sent signals...very blunt the people in charge of the "We Buy Our Votes with Your Money Program" that he would try to "repair" many provisions of the bill at some later time.  Something named Monica got in the way.

         After Clinton pushed through his tax increases in 1992, the economy went back into a dive.   For two years it stumbled a bit ahead, at bit backwards and it was a rough patch.   Clinton went to the Texas State Democrat Convention in 1994 and declared, "I bet you all think I increased your taxes too much....Well, you know....I think I did too", yuk, ayuk, yuk he grinned at the 1,000 sullen faces looking, unsmilingly, back at him.
         Spending increases were slowed down, and tweakings were done to try to alleviate the damage done to the old Reagan tax schedule.   The Clintons became embroiled in more really stinky matters that finally resulted in Hillary almost being indicted for various charges, and Bill losing his law license and being hit with a 25,000 dollar fine for "purposefully misleading  testimony" given before a judge during depositions in one of his many sexual assault issues.

         By early 1999, it appeared that the Central Government's budget was coming into balance due to the Republicans having put at least a slight bit of pressure on the brake pedal.   But, the "Tech Bubble" was bursting, and Simi Valley was starting to see a lot of "for lease" signs.  Many, many companies had sold stock, taken loans, and generally invested lots of lucre and sweat and tears into products that, while ingenious, were not able to be applied to the production of anything that could be sold.    So, for the better part of two years....1999 and 2000....the American economy went into a trough.
         Bush came in in 2001 and immediately proposed across the board tax cuts.   The economy just as immediately began to reactivate and was starting to hum, when two airplanes flew into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and another crashed in rural Pennsylvania.   Even after that, within 10 months the engines of economic activity had the United States on the road again.  The ticking time-bomb in the hall closet, however...that being the FmHa and FHA housing bubble, created by writing up sales to people who had no earthly hope of ever paying off the loans, was busy ticking away.   Bush's tepid admonition to Congress that the problem was going to blow up, sooner rather than later, was met with derisive laughter and sneers by the Democrats who vowed to filibuster any changes to the old 1998 rules of buyer qualification for housing financing.

         So...there we have it.   The Clintons' Co-Presidency which produced the Greatest Economic Decade in the History of the World....was actually a seedy, crummy soap opera, kept afloat by the Obsolete Media who actively covered up every possible ugly detail of the Clintons' incredible depravity.    They killed one recovery, and then taxed the nation into an extended recession, and then were forced against their will to take the most minuscule steps to fiscal responsibility and then disregarded everything while each fought and clawed for his and her social and political life for the final 3 1/2 years of their Co-Presidency.
         The first two years were a disaster.   Clinton had to go hide at Camp David and in Arkansas to "find his core beliefs"....seriously....he ran and was elected to the presidency without knowing his core beliefs.   ? !     The middle four years were a period of adjustment forced by a Republican Congress.   And the final two years were a disaster due to the "Tech Bubble" bursting.    The train was put out on the track by the Bush administration.    The Bush and the Republicans decided to be "Democrat Light" and killed the goose, the golden eggs, and became baby bolsheviks.

       The Clintons were so disgusting that not even a perverted old hypocritical slug like AlGore wanted them around his candidacy during the 2000 campaign.   (Do you all remember AlGore's big smooch with his dumbo wife in front of the convention and the national television audience?   Gastroenteritis and regurgitative issues prevailed throughout the populace for five days after that.

         Billary and Hillary will always be popular among that group that uses terms like "reproductive rights'' and "women's choice'' and "womens' issues''  when they mean to say...."Hooray for the the solar powered Abort-o-matic Machine!".   Other serious analysts see their time at 1600 Pennsylvania as a pointless low-point in the history of the Republic.        

    A very brief summary, drawn from another source, includes these sample entries.   We repeat, this is a very abbreviated list:
  • A 1969 charge by a Eileen Wellstone, 19-year-old English woman who said Clinton assaulted her after she met him at a pub near the Oxford University campus where the future President was a student. A retired State Department employee, who asked not to be identified, confirmed this week that he spoke with the family of the girl and filed a report with his superiors. Clinton admitted having sex with the girl, but claimed it was consensual. The victim's family which included the victim's grandfather who was a Peer in the House of Lords,  declined to pursue the case.   It did not seem fitting to make public the details of the incident in a Royal Court.   The victim had damage to her teeth, a dislocated jaw, a black eye, and a dislocated shoulder.
  • In 1972, a 22-year-old woman told campus police at Yale University that she was sexually assaulted by Clinton, who was a law student at the college. No charges were filed, but retired campus policemen contacted by Capitol Hill Blue confirmed the incident;  this woman had her faced pushed from behind into a rough brick wall, and multiple bruises, along with the bitten lip, one of Billy's trademarks.
  • In 1974, a female student at the University of Arkansas complained that then-law professor Bill Clinton tried to prevent her from leaving his office during a conference. She said he groped her and forced his hand inside her blouse. Clinton claimed the student ''came on'' to him and she left the school shortly after the incident. Several former students at the University have confirmed the incident in confidential interviews; in this case the family said that the ''law professor" had made threatening telephone calls to the girl, and that his wife had been especially cruel with her remarks.
  • Broaddrick, a volunteer in Clinton's attorney general campaign, said he raped her in 1978;   She suffered the bitten lip and also received  an assurance  that she needn't worry about being pregnant because Billy Jeff had had mumps after the onset of  puberty, so he was "safe".  
  • From 1978-1980, during Clinton's first term as governor of Arkansas, state troopers assigned to protect the governor reported seven complaints from women who said Clinton forced, or attempted to force, himself on them sexually. One retired state trooper said in an interview that the common joke among those assigned to protect Clinton was "who's next?";  one of these girls, also a Miss Such and Such State, had been treated so roughly that she thought she was going to be murdered.   She suffered such psychological trauma that she moved to Canada and still lives in some undisclosed, rural location.   She moved there, according to her family, because she had been told that she would be killed in order to keep her quiet if necessary.
  • Elizabeth Ward, the Miss Arkansas who won the Miss America crown in 1982, told friends she was forced by Clinton to have sex with him shortly after she won her state crown. Last year, Ward, who is now married with the last name of Gracen, told an interviewer she did have sex with Clinton but said it was consensual. She later recanted that interview and said she had been threatened by Clinton supporters into claiming the sex was consensual.
  • Paula Corbin, an Arkansas state worker, filed a sexual harassment case against Clinton after an encounter in a Little Rock hotel room where the then-governor exposed himself and demanded oral sex. Clinton settled the case with Jones recently with a cash payment.
  • Sandra Allen James, a former Washington, DC, political fundraiser says Presidential candidate-to-be Clinton invited her to his hotel room during a political trip to the nation's capital in 1991, pinned her against the wall and stuck his hand up her dress. She says she screamed loud enough for the Arkansas State Trooper stationed outside the hotel suite to bang on the door and ask if everything was all right, at which point Clinton released her and she fled the room. When she reported the incident to her boss, he advised her to keep her mouth shut if she wanted to keep working. Miss James has since married and left Washington.
  • Kathleen Willey, a White House volunteer, reported that Clinton grabbed her, fondled her breast and pressed her hand against his genitals during an Oval Office meeting in November, 1993.  This assault occurred one day after the death of Willey's husband, by his own hand.   Willey, who told her story in a 60 Minutes interview, became a target of a White House-directed smear campaign after she went public.   Later a man passed by Kathleen Willey's house, jogging.   He stopped when he saw Willy on the front stoop and said, "Really sorry to hear about what happened to your cat."   The cat had been killed by blunt force trauma and placed on the front stoop about a week earlier.

  •      This is a VERY short list of the Clintons' "accomplishments".   During the first run for the Presidency, Hillary established a complete, separate office inside the campaign specifically designed to control what were referred to as "Bimbo Eruptions".   They made a list of over 400 different women who were in a position to "make up stories" about Billy Jeff.   This is the man who is everybodys favourite statesman.   According to the Obsolete Press.   And of course, Hillary....who is everybodys favourite statesperson, because of what she has done for everybody...and all her know she did all that stuff about those things and know.    America was really impressed when she handled everything so well during that....oh!  that's right....Janet Reno did that one.   Well, maybe she was really brave, corkscrewing into Kosovo...running across the tarmac with her flak jacket and helmet....dodging sniper know....whatever.    Well, she might would have done it if it had been necessary, you know....Huh?  Huh?

    This is placed into evidence to remind the folks what the Democrats considered to be a really fine Teddy Kennedy, Barney Frank, Gary Studds, and all those folks who have such stellar moral qualities.   We have a dumboe who stumbled into a liberal radio show's trap and falls for it....make a stupid remark....and there you have it.   The rule is "If a Republican double parks he must be taken to the guillotine.   If a Democrat kills a girl, puts her body into the car, and points it into Chappaquidick Sound he is called the "Lion of the Senate"and venerated...almost worshipped.    Think of all he did for everyone.

    El Gringo Viejo