Monday, 27 August 2012

Another Visit from He Who Rides When the Full Moon Is Bright

This time, as I cinched up my old dependable black hand ran over the cover-flap of the rifle scabbard, and it seemed to be strange that it was not fastened.   Did I forget?   Immediately upon mounting, I checked, although everything had felt  (weighed and balanced correctly) right.   Surely the old lever-action 30 - 30 Winchester was there.   And sure enough, it was.   But under the lever, it could be discerned.....yes....a carefully folded page of fine stationery fitted underneath the lever.   One knew immediately that it must be another message from
It reads.....
We attended the early afternoon showing of “2016…” to take advantage of the early afternoon bargain discount and the old codger discount.  This was the first showing available within reasonable distance of our place. 
Having read D’Sousa’s “Roots of Obama’s Rage” as well as “Lights Out…” by Mark Steyn, “The Looming Tower” by Lawrence Wright, “While Europe Slept…” by Bruce Bawer, etc., etc,. etc. not to mention Both of the Obama books, “The Communist Manifesto”, “Rules for Radicals”, “Prairie Fire…” by none other than Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  There are many more, shall we continue?
All of this is to corroborate that we already knew and have already been exposed to just about all of the content and conjecture of this film so this reviewer was not impressed on that level.  However to be objective it would only be fair to say that 99% of the population has not tread the same virtual ground as yours truly.  In that respect, it has to be estimated that 95% of the population might have learnt a great deal about the man who would be President… again. The documentary was well done aside from the monotone dialog.
    A conclusion that might be taken from the film is that Obama is not of America.  His premature experiences are totally third world.  He does not understand America but from his mother’s hippie communist indoctrination and his father’s Marxist anti colonial activities.  His bitterness is probably exacerbated by the contradiction between his father’s ideology and that of Lolo, his step father.  He did not know his father other than what he had learnt from his mother who adored the older Obama and the younger Obama’s grandparents.  In his young adulthood he attended Punahou School in Hawaii, then Occidental and Columbia when that confusion led him to go to drugs and known underground radical associations.  He is bitter, confused, indoctrinated, and misguided.  This is what this viewer takes away from “2016” objectively on behalf of those who have not the time or enthusiasm for the documentation openly available in books and on the internet.  It is not a condemnation of those for those reasons.  It is unfortunate that we have to go so deep into the character of this man to know what trouble we are in.  It is fortunate though that D’Sousa has made this unbiased documentary.
     The left will not see the movie as unbiased but it truly is.  D’Sousa is very careful not to personally denigrate Obama but to show where he came from and how it relates to what he does.  The viewer is left to decide for him/herself what America might be if Obama is President for a second term.
     It was disappointing that the crowd of about 150 were people of ages from about 50 to 80.  The theatre would seat about 400 so 150 for the time of day, a Saturday, in a town of 200,000 seemed disappointing to me as this was the first showing in this community (75 miles from our rural bunker).  It is disappointing that we do not see more 18 to 50 year old people at these showings.  The ratings and attendance since we saw the film have been more encouraging.
     Under any circumstances or for whatever reason this pathological, bitter, misguided pretender cannot be elected again!  D’Sousa has done his part.  We all need to do ours. 
Z (and Lolita)
PS – The books above-named are required reading for liberal vision correction!   If such is not done, El Zorro will pass through their useless home libraries while they sleep and take the books to the fat friar at the Parroquia so he can use the dusty tomes to teach the Indian children to read.

      We are a bit distressed about the  census at the place away from El Zorro's bunker because ours was substantially better.  It exceeded "swamping" because there actually were people outside for the later showings hoping to pick up tickets from people who had to break their engagement.  But, perhaps there were also better crowds at El Zorro's place when the hour grew later.
      It is definitely true that Dinesh D'Souza pulled his punches, leaving great gaps without explanation and obvious conclusions left unstated.   One could not help but to have been struck by the open, sincere nobility of a man whose life had been ruined by his own hand in some ways, and in other ways by the horrid corruption and government control environment wherein he is mired.  That man is brother  George, O'bama's ignored brother.   There is no disclaimer or self-congratulation about the fact that George Obama called Dinesh sometime after the filming, on site, at George's home.
     George had need of funds to acquire treatment in a real medical facility.   Dinesh had a bit of reservation, because he has been hustled by people at all point on the globe.   But, there is something about George Obama that is lacking in his brother.   George is sincere...deeply gazing at his conversation partner into his eyes.   He is un-presupposing.   Although frail and thin, he seems almost regal.   And his speech is clear, without prompting....he seems almost regal while his brother reeks of profanation against both God and mankind.
     In any regard, Dinesh arranged for money to be provided and is now involved in an effort to try to wean George from his addictions and to continue writing about his opinions as non - anti-colonialist in Kenya.   The Old Man...Barak and George's grandfather.... is a much more complicated man...a man of two allegiances...a man with honour trying to serve two traditions as a gentleman and a true person.   One can see that George is his grandfather's son....and Barak, Jr. is Barak, Sr.'s son.    The former "has class", the latter is a petty, jealous vindictive little person.
El Gringo Viejo