Wednesday, 29 August 2012

If Barry Crosses the Finish Line First

     Baroness Susan Kramer, a member of Clegg’s party in the House of Lords, said that a wealth tax could be more effective than an income tax, and that the wealthy won’t move away.    "You have to be part of the society in which you live,” she told the Guardian. “"If we're going to be a coherent society, and that is absolutely fundamental to our success and our prosperity, everyone has to carry a share of it."

     One can read, re-read, and then read it again.   The illogic...the pointlessness....the counterproductivity...the arrogance....and it is the new world-wide movement among the marxist lunatics who are allowed to wander around without their nurses and minders.   Wealth Tax...Saints preserve us.
      We understand her concern about the wealthy not paying their fair share.    So we would propose to just get it all over with right now, once and for all.  Without their wealth they are pretty much useless.   Let us simply take all their goods, possessions, money, collections, and properties of any kind.   Disinter their dead and sell the cemetery space to someone who is more deserving.   The wealthy should, for the sake of efficiency, just be fed to the sharks or eliminated in some reasonably humane long as it costs neither naught nor nary.  
      Then, all of their assets could be sold in order to pay for the programs to feed the children of the four wives the muslim men are allowed to have since the Brits decided to permit muslim men in the United Kingdom to run their private lives by Sharia law.
Snodley shows off his NHS official
toothcare system.   He chose
the red handle ones!
     Then the good Baroness can pay for the dental work to put the entire what-used-to-be-a-kingdom into such a position that the people could actually eat something besides kidney pudding and warm beer.   And even smile, in public, without frightening the children.  Go Manchester United!!
     This movement is not a joke.   El Gringo Viejo recently wrote about the woes of Madame Viuda de Kirchner, the Supreme Ruler of Argentina, who was heralded as the Greatest Thing since sliced pate de foie gras,  all the way into the 1oth month of her reign.   She began her sudden thud to the bottom of the elevator shaft after proposing things like the "nationalisation" of privately held pensions and annuity policies.    She considered such financial instruments to be idle money that was needed to feed the children, and the elderly, and to build monuments to her husband, and to her.   After all she needs to be remembered for building monuments.   Like Hillary, we must think of all the good she has done for..... for..... well, whatever.
     The Red Chinese thugs who are on their way to flooding the galaxy with junk that breaks on the first use, are also having problems with the rise of their ''princeling classe".   These are the children of the ranking thugs who pick up leads and angles from the Peoples' Liberation Army concerning business opportunities.    The princelings and other corrupt thugs who have managed to escape execution are now being eyed as financial and fiscal "organ donors''.    Rumours and scuttlebutt suggest that the little gnomes in Mao suits who sit around somewhere and decide where the next Great Leap Forward should land, have decided that 90% of these peoples' wealth should be "taxed"  (read: confiscated).

Red Chinese rapid rail "situation".   Train was to be
 named Peking Flyer, but factory forgot wings
     Actually, once again a tip of the hat to efficiency, this is only reasonable.   The marxist axiom comes into play, that all wealth was not earned by the wealthy....they do not really make, do, or cause anything.   All wealth actually comes from the exploitation of the proletariat, the poor, and the government.    So, the Red Chinese government is going to take away the wealth of the monsters that the government itself gave to the monsters in the first place.   What the government gives it can also take away.   So there we have it!   Liberation Theology on steroids.   What the Lord hath given, so shall the Lord also taketh away.
     The princelings now are moving out of Red China.   They are trying to find safe harbour even in places like Mexico, Canada, the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, and other such places that have an in-place ethnic Chinese community.

     The President of France and the French Socialist Party has proposed a tax rate of 75% on high wage earners and are studying a wealth tax on people with estates and assets that total more than 1,000,000 Euros.    Wealthy and titled Frenchmen...those whose ancestors avoided the guillotine from another wave of social democratic hysteria....immediately began looking for the exit and preparing their Lear Jets and yachts for new berthing.

     When Barry Soetoro was talking with the Russian thug temporary president and saying," You can tell Mr. Putin that after the election I'll have more latitude to do the things I want to do"....the OROG can be certain that one of those things in the offing for all Gringos of any race, colour, creed, or code  who have any stored wealth in excess of what is "necessary" will be a "wealth tax", along with an agreement to strip Eastern Europe of basic missile defense systems and other impediments to Bears coming out of the east. 

     Almost every totally bankrupt socialist country in the world is studying "the wealth tax" alternative as a possible cure to what ails the insatiable marxist appetite for other peoples' money.

     Voting counts, even if the choice is not perfect, the alternative is a road that leads to re-education camps, gulags, guillotines, firing squads, 30 year prison sentences for writing a poem about "When Cuba Was Beautiful", concentration camps...complete with showers, mass graves in Georgia, killing fields in Cambodia.
      To give folks an idea about how far downhill we can slide very quickly....should Barry Soetoro be returned to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.....Mexico has no inheritance Death Tax.    Barry wants to increase the American Death Tax.    As does the Barroness, Barry wants the wealthy to pay their fair share.....and he might even fit them with a ball and chain, so as to make leaving the country a bit more cumbersome.

Thanks for your patience.  More later.
El Gringo Viejo