Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mealy Mouth Clinton usual.

“There’s the thinking that the president is somebody who is all-powerful and can get everything done,” Obama responded. “In our branch, in our system of government, I am the head of the executive branch. I’m not the head of the legislature, I’m not the head of the judiciary. We have to have cooperation from all these sources in order to get something done. So I am happy to take responsibility for the fact that we didn’t get it done, but I did not make a promise that we would get everything done, 100 percent when I was elected as president." (sounds so much like Clinton it gives me shudders)

     No, Barry, there is the thinking by stupid, un-schooled people that leads them to believe that their lives depend upon the President.   Who the President is, how he feels about "me", what he does for "me", when he will do something for "me", and above all else, if he will cut the rich people down to size.
     The people with whom you were talking at the Univision appearance, including the lefty but respected Jorge Ramos,  already know about the Constitutional assignments given to the Excutive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the United States of America.   The pedant, dull un-necessary explanation you gave was disgusting.   It was a normal, arrogant performance of a person who assumes that he is the brightest bulb in the chandalier, when in fact his filament is already burned out.
     It is the final sentence in this paragraph uttered by the naked Emperor that gives Chris Matthews a warm and fuzzy tingle;   "....but I did not make a promise that we would get everything done, 100% when I was electred as president".   You see, you can't catch me.   I can't be caught by your stupid little question.  I'm a really smart lawyer.  So I'm gonna ask you, "Have you stopped beating your wife? Huh?   Huh?"  Gotcha!
     The president chose not to bring the issue of amnesty, path to citizenship, normalisation of temporary work permits, and several other immigration issues to the forefront when he had a majority in both house of Congress because, in typical marxist fashion, it is best to keep issues that can be demogogued easily to one ethnic, age, income, or other category, until some time around election time.   The merest thought of bringing the issue up in 2010 would have extended the disasters for the Democrats in that election, so it was delayed until the next election.
      Another problem is that 60 percent of the Latinos don't give a whit about immigration issues.   About 15 percent have some kind of skin in the game.   Part of the impatience that the hosts had with Obama on this occasion was that he was talking down to them as though they were all like the dolts he has as dumboe-manakin props behind him in the press clips.  (One wonders how much training must be invested to make sure that the dolts in those scenes don't drool on their 'forward' signs that they are holding upside down)
     Another part of the impatience of the Univision people is the matter of the casualties involved in the ridiculous shovelling of firearms into the hands of the cartels by the Obama/Holder Department of Justice, about 400 were civilian men, women, and children, honest and semi honest cops, and, of course, heroic Mexican military personnel of the Army and Naval Infantry.   Killed....Dead.  No one in the administration has expressed a whit of interest in the is fact, much less bemoaned it.   If  the 'apology marathon' were to employed anywhere, it seems as thought this would have been a fairly easy apology to make to someone.
    The fact is that when people are killed during a commission of a violation of the law, those deaths are classified as homicides, and referred for prosecution as felony murder or manslaughter, depending upon the aggravating circumstances.    High Crimes and Misdemeanours?  Impeachment, conviction, and imprisonment for Obama and Holder?   Were they to be Republicans, or worse, Conservatives, they would already be in prison.
     Jorge Ramos was so crass that he asked Obama if he is going to fire Holder for his mishandling of the "Fast and Furious Debacle".    Obama stuttered and filibustered another answer, while the atmostphere in the hall continued to cool to the freezing point before the interview was over.   And yes, don't worry, there will be none of it on the Obsolete Media to-morrow.   Fox is barely coverning the story, but believe me that this interview will have a 10 point hit in the days to come among Latinos.

 Finally, more than anything, it was good to see someone in the media not start and end the honour of having a chance to interview this terrible narcissistic dullard with questions like,"Don't you just hate when you make a shot and there's no way to tell whether or not it made it in, or just looked that way by the way it whisked the net?"  or  "Do you ever get tired of people with an ax to grind saying unjustifiable mean things about you?"   If I were to interview him, I would have asked him if he wanted to do the interview in English or Dhuhluo or pre-Dutch Indonesian.
     What is interesting about these two points....and then the total failure of anticipation, preparation, and the employment of just plain good sense in the matter of the multiple Embassy that Obama appeared off-balance, arrogant, almost offended by the questions.  It was left to a lefty, Spanish language network to actually pull of a complete show of hostile questioning...with a healthy mix of Latino-type questions, and general American question.   Harsh questioning.  It was a great moment for Univision....and the normally pinky Jorge Ramos and his female counterpart.

More later.
El Gringo Viejo  


We shall be heading to the South to-morrow.   There have been various projects started and mainly finished.   So, we look forward to seeing the nature of their appearance and function.  In the next few months we might be buying what might be that last motorcar.  Given that the one El Gringo Viejo is driving right now has been "in the family" so to speak for over twenty years this next vehicle has to be chosen carefully.
     The present one has served well, but now has more quirks that only one person can ever hope to operate it.    We were going to loan it to my son some months back, after some girl ran into his neat little Mustang when he was parked at a stop light.   The "special notes and suggestions" that we wrote up to introduce our old grey (barely maroon) mare took almost two pages of single spaced typing of the size the OROG sees here.   And that was just to start rolling.   The stopping and getting back to square one has other sets of instructions.  Those, however, can always be read while one tries to work it out of 2nd gear while texting the hospital to make reservations in the emergency room.

     In any regard, the old mare has been a loyal and faithful servant, so perhaps we will find a pleasant barn where we could jack it up to keep the tires off the ground and restore it some day.  It still makes about 30 miles to the gallon of fuel.   It has also served during the past years as a device to disarm any nefarious bum who was on the prowl to impress an SUV or four-door pick-up into Cartel service.   Humble looking is also the better part of valour sometimes, too.

     Our normal route does not take us by the blow-out at the PEMEX natural gas processing and transmission plant.   To go that way means an extra couple of hours drive, passing through Linares instead of San Fernando.   Our understanding at this point is that there are only four of the injured remaining in the hospital in Reynosa.   They are, as one might imagine, very seriously injured.   There are a few, perhaps as many as six, who are not accounted for, and who might well have been immolated.   The bulk of the casualties were Schlumberger technicians from France or affiliated sub-contractors.   One of the things that was going on at that hour of that day was a cleanout of a line-feed and tank that is used for extracting nitrogen dihydroxide  (water infused nitrogen gas) and putting it into another tank for drying and preparation for turning into other products, such as anhydrous ammonia to be used in fertilizers.

     We shall be a little removed from ready comment or from reception of emails.  Any questions can be directed to Diana, and you will probably received better, and shorter, answers anyway.   There will be a couple of more entries during the remainder of the day if there are no surprises.

El Gringo Viejo

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


To the left is the President of the United States of America and to the right is the President of Libya, Mohammed Magarief.  One of them is an honest man.   One of them puts his people above himself.  Only one is worthy of Honour.

Here are a couple of fellows.  
Both are Presidents.  One of Libya, and the other of a nation in serious decline, somewhere north of Belize.  One tells the truth, even at the risk of his own life.  The other one lies without compunction.
    One tries to be reasonable, even in unreasonable conditions.  The other is essentially an extreme marxist ideologue, dedicated to forcing social democracy onto a common law, free enterprise country, as a form of punishment for having "oppressed" certain bodies of people.
     One is trying to re-establish a country that has had years of oppression of a kind that cannot be comprehended by most Americans.   While some speak of a War onWomen in the United States, the President of Libya must deal with armed gangs of deranged religious maniacs who think nothing of lining up the daughters, especially the daughters of people suspected of helping a different faction.   The thugs rape and shoot the girls in front of the parents, just as if the girls were common foreign female news reporters.   That is what the President of Libya sees as a War on Women.

     El Gringo Viejo noted when the President of Libya was speaking yesterday about the probable source of the disorders in Benghazi, assigning the blame to terrorists, probably under the control of an Al Qiada group that he appeared to me to be an honest, sincere, and straightforward man.  A Statesman.

     El Gringo Viejo noted on the Letterman show that the President of the United States continued to lie and construct preposterous Windmills and Hobbit holes and Cheshire Cats concerning the probable source of the terrorist attacks.   WE CAN TRUST NOTHING THIS MAN SAYS ABOUT THIS ISSUE OR ANY OTHER.   HE IS A MARXIST WHOSE ONLY TRUTH IS THAT WHICH AIDS IN THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA AND ANY FREE STATE.

    We would be willing to trade Libya's President for ours, but something tells me that the Libyans would not take the trade.
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.                                                            El Gringo Viejo

WE, the rightwing crazies have to pull Romney Out of the Clutches of the Liberal Republican Loser Thinkers

What a funny little quirk of fate.   The country-club, pinky-pants kinda-conservative Republicans tell us "ONLY ROMNEY CAN WIN.   NO RUBES OR HICKS OR MOOSE KILLERS NEED APPLY!!"
     The rightwing crazies say, Romney has a lot of pinko liberal baggage, and he is a compromiser.   The Country Clubbers respond,"You people are not sophisticated enough to understand.  We have to have a moderate.   The American people do not want hard liner extremists.   We have to have a moderate.   Someone who doesn't believe too hard in anything and who will throw in the towel immediately during any negotiation with the socialists.   After all socialism is the inevitable wave of the future and there is no way to avoid it."
      The rightwingers respond, "Then that's how Gerald Ford, King George I, Bob Dole, and Col.  McCain really stuck it to the liberal Democrats, right?"
      To which the pinky pants Country Clubbers respond, "If you only knew what a nice boy Billy Jeff Clinton is.   He is just the nicest boy and he does a lot of nice things.  He's just like one of us.   He is like a son to us.   And yes, Bob Dole and Col. McCain ran nice races because they like nice things and they like to have agreement and make progress.   Just think of all those nice parking spaces for crippled folks and geezers the food stampers can leave their grocery carts and pampers in.  That's nice because only gang members who print handicap tags ever use the parking spaces anyway."
      And the rightwing crazies say, "But McCain runs a nice campaign against a guy who makes fun of  "Special Olympics" on national television."
      "Yes, it was not good that Col. McCain built up that kind of pressure on a Negro who needed to be accepted and approved by the people because it was "their " time.   Perhaps it was the pressure of that girl from Canada who he chose to be his running mate.   Everybody knows they were having an affair....that's why they had to keep it a secret.   She was such a catty, gossipy, little trampy piece of white trash.   You realize of course that she has never know...."belonged" the sense of, you know... "belonging".   I mean, do they even have a country club in...where is it?  the Yukon?    She doesn't even understand the "inconvenience" a nine-month prison sentence....sometimes a girl has to stand up for what's right, and she just didn't understand what it's like to be a real woman, with a little dignity....knowing which fork to know."
      "Fork or coathanger?''

     And so it is left to the Rightwing Crazies to ...not just gather 'round...but to charge the parapets.   Surrounding the charger of our King, we force him to ride with us to assault the walls of the evil Prince Barry and his hideous court of treacherous vipers.  "Raise your Sword, Your Majesty!   We are carrying the Day!   There is fear and disorder in the Castle, and the defence lines and giving'way!" a popular captain calls over the din of battle.
     Suddenly the Good King Willard takes faith, seeing these new troops flooding into and onto the battlefield.  Looking up he sees that the defenders are gone from the walls.   Then, with but little delay, he points to the Castle and declares, "In the name of the people of England and by the Will of the Almighty, We reclaim the throne on behalf of every goodman!"
      The charger surges forward.   Good King Willard notices that his previous advisors are on the edge of the field, shaking their heads to the negative.    They had shone all observers how the battle had already been lost, even before it started.    When asked why it was that they had pushed him to the head of the line as the only reasonable replacement for the evil Prince Barry, if they were only going to abandon him at the beginning of the battle, they mumbled and looked away, finally pulling their mounts' reins to ride back to the Channel Coast.
      But back to the Battle at hand.   Look...look...the white flag is out!   The Castle has fallen.  Good King Willard is restored!   God Save the King!   Hooray!!  Hooray!!
     Prince Barry is stripped of his crown, title, and sent to California to remain in permanent exile, living in a small house whose only view is next to the pool where Lady Pelosi and Dame Hillary and Baroness Janet go skinny dipping every day and where he will work to repair grocery carts for the homeless for the rest of his days.   On Thursdays they let the errant Prince go down to the Exotic Dancers Saloon so he can watch RoseAnn Barr's special four hour Dance of the Seven Veils again....and again....and again.
Esteemed OROGs:   The Republican liberal eletists said we had to have Romney.   Romney hits a very minor bump and they abandon him.  They are shouting about Icebergs when our ship has only been bumped into by a porpoise.   The Abominable Rightwing Crazies are at the helm and at every battle position on the Ship soon-to-be of State.   We shall win this thing.
     And yes, we know, Romney and his "friends" will throw us out the back door in the dark after we win the election for Romney, but the credit is more important to his "friends" than it is to us.   God knows that some of us only have half or less of our genealogy connected to titled positions.
El Gringo Viejo

We Feel Sorry for the Everyday Muslim

It is pretty much a thankless task.   If a guy is just regular Mohammed, and comes and goes to work and takes the tourists for camel rides, and goes to church on Friday, and takes care of his family, looks after the elders, checks into the brick factory he and his brother operate, go home tired....he can still look around in fear.
     Are the Sharia nuts coming to drag his daughter off to the clinic for circumcision?  Is it true what that gossipy old woman said that she saw a Hezbollah agent talking to my son yesterday morning?   Will that thug from Hezbollah come again to-morrow to threaten my brother and me about the "tax" on our brick factory?   We have to pay 25% to the "war tax" so we can kill the Jews....?
     Three days ago, a Hezbollah took a digital picture of me with the tourists.   We were all laughing and putting the Gentile girl in the right place for the mare to stand up without the Gentile girl falling off on her way up.   The Gentiles maybe they were  Jews,   but they were American.  I charged them  30 dollars for three camels and they gave me 30 dollars and 20o Egyptian Pounds (32 / am.cur.)   I was embarrassed.  They were good people, the angel travellers that The Prophet said would pass by when there is need in my house.   But, the Hezbollah camera thug was still lurking at the curio stands, taking his rake-off.

     There are so many of them.  But yet, so many of us do not participate in their rallies, but we are watched all the time.  The preachers are not preachers.  They are spies and gossips.  But what do we do.   If a Copt brings me a Christmas thingy or some gift-plate for our Ramadan supper....the Hezbollah thugs are watching.  If we take them a little something for the baby on the Three Kings, the Hezbollah act like they are making notes in their little notepads.
     At any moment, when they are drunk with the liquor we do not use, they come and curse the Copt and his Saviour, and me for talking to him, and they call me a Jew-dog spy.  The thug does not even know the Copt's Saviour is a true prophet of Islam.   One pull of the trigger and my family is slaughtered.   And my brother's family.   My brother lives only six doors away.   We helped build each others houses.   They are nice...especially on the inside.  It is the tourist-angels.  That extra money.  My children can build a computer with their eyes closed, and my son can play the Spanish guitar. They are so full of life, but there is always fear in their eyes.   You do not understand the eyes that always watch and always see.   What would be life if we could be out of the view of the vermin?   And then, what if we help the American agents?  Then later the White House says..."We have people on the ground who spoke to Mohammed the Camel Driver, and he gave us the necessary information.   He lives at 222 Olive Tree Street, Cairo."
    What do we do?  We'll keep making good bricks, and waiting for Traveller Angels, and hope maybe things go back to a better normal, if God wills.

Prayer from Mohammed, the brick factory owner and tourists'-camel man extraordinaire.

El Gringo Viejo

You jes' gotta' believe in Hope 'n Change 'n Hypo Crits

This is a special consideration for Beyonce (what
is a beyonce?) put in place for the "fund-raising" get-
together for Obama, last night.  This richly demonstrates
Obama's closeness to the common man and his experience
with the suffering of America's oppressed.   He will explain
to Pimp with the Limp on the next radio programme how the
300,000 dollar tower of premium label champagne was
put in place to remind all in attendance about how Romney
is out of touch and full of animal cruelty impulses and other
forms of debauchery.   They reviewed a porno film of Romney
romping around in a hot-tub with Charro and other clandestine
films showing Romney selling 100 twelve year old blond girls from
Minnesota to Arab human traffickers.   That's the way Romney
raises his money for this campaign.   It's just the way rich people
operate.   Like strapping dogs onto the  roof of your car just to
watch them suffer.

Thank the Originator of all Kwanzaa-like Solstice days that
we can get this information out about what a hypocritical tea-bagger
swine with lipstick Romney and his whiney, do-nothing wife are.
Hope  Change  Forward  Liberte'  Egalite'  Fraternite'

You just gotta love it!  Chutzpah Uber alles! Thank Lucifer
for stupid, guilt-ridden, white folks with tingly legs.  And
now, our new National Anthem:

El Gringo Viejo  -  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

You see...these people need welfare....

The liberals tell us about Black issues, Hispanic issues, and so forth.   Conservatives know that we are not equal.  The Good Lord provided many paths to spiritual and material prosperity.
    This little mite is....if I can judge the accents correctly....a Spanish and Tagalog speaking girl from the Phillipines....and she has been endowed with considerably more musical talent than El Gringo Viejo and the vast majority of the rest of the human race.   The rank and file Filipino is a peculiar bundle of energy and intelligence and talent, I have learned over the years.
     We should hope that some Col. Tom Parker doesn't come along and ruin this mite, like he ruined Elvis.

Worth the play.   It turns out that she was actually singing to the music and the vocals are hers.
This song was a Dolly Parton original, as almost everyone knows.   She wrote it to heal up from her own decision to leave the syndicated Porter Waggoner Show, back in the early 1960s.   Parton was swimming alone in shark filled waters, but Waggoner released her from a binding contract, and eleminiated a legal stumbling block.   To-day, Dolly is worth about one half - billion dollars, and is still married to the same dumboe she started off with.  My mother's family, two generations back had a Parton boy who married into the Neal family in that area of Tennessee.   All of those people could sing as a birthright.

     On a more serious, but equally pleasant note, we urge that all OROGs "go back to church" with the Anglican Curmudgeon.   This time he leaves the parish grounds for a stroll into the secular mess known as The Presidential Campaign.   His views are salient and wise. A must read...quite short.
More later.
El Gringo Viejo


     The facts about the 47%.    It is not a monolith.   Suffice that almost everyone who is using Medicaid, AFDC, and Food Stamps are lost.   There are so many other methods by which the United States attempts to seduce the people away from their own care and nurture.   It does not behoove this writer to go through the litany.   There are even "free" cellular telephones and calling plans especially designed for telephonic Miss Flukies who feel that someone else should pay for her stupid banal conversation.  "I'm on the aisle with all the pasta now, but I still don't see it."
      In the programs known as Social Security, Social Security Supplemental Income, and Social Security Disability, food stamps:   Surveys consistently indicate that between 33 and 37 percent of all such money goes to the following applications:
                                                  American Indian Indirect Investment System
                                                  Las Vegas and Atlantic City Indirect Investment System
                                                  Gambling Princess Cruises
                                                  Let's Beat Up Your Grandmother, Get her check, buy some crack
                                                  Let's Beat Up that old bag over there, get her check n'go smoke
                                                  I'll give you 30 cents on the dollar for your Lone Star Card.
                                                  Have any of you boys seen my ATM card?
                                                  Auntie Zietuni
                                                  Uncle Onyango
                                                  Gimme 10 Monster Zombo scratch offs and 10 Easy Lottos
     The bulk of the rest of the Social Security pension program....the very standard payments....go to geezers who use the money to do the following:
                                                 Pay normal domestic operations
                                                 Subsidise business ideas and applications
                                                 Savings and portfolio applications
                                                 gifts for grandchildren
                                                 Reserve and discretionary fund
     So, what this is about, is that while there is a large entitlement outlay, and it is too large, and it should be constrained, much of it goes to investment and rational domestic expenses.  The people who use Social Security repayments in this manner are very apt to vote to the right.   Many are Tea Party People or second career Geezers, or Geezers who have small businesses that employ significant numbers of skilled and productive people.
      This means that the concern about the the universe of potential  straight-thinking voters being shrunk because so many people receive "government checks", is a little over-estimated.    There are also military pensioners who tend to vote to the right.   So, this number of 47% that is bantied about by Rush, Romney and way, way too overly pessimistic.
      Sixty-eight percent of Social Security recipients have two or more strains of investment or royalty income and/or collections of guns, things, antiques, coins, stamps, gold & silver, art pieces, and so forth, as well.   Many work and/or are self-employed.    The Geezer vote will probably break out 65 - 35 in favour of Mr. Romney.    In spite of everything.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Believe it or not

      Vince Foster took a pistol, not his own, and put the barrel in his mouth, pulled the trigger and essentially blew the back of his head off.   He then took a shower, put on a nice, fresh, starched and ironned white dress shirt, a nice jacket and pants combination, walked over to Fort Marcy Park, laid himself down with his head leaning onto a tree, crossed his arms over his chest, still holding the pistol, (not his own).
     Several hundred thousand muslim extremists decided on the morning of the 11th of September to go down to the the American Embassy or Counsel most available, and burn, destroy, murder, and chant.."I am also Usama!" along with other meaningful epithets and admonitions.   It was all spontaneous.   The moderate Muslim Brotherhood had nothing to do with any of it, and in fact worked to minimise, difuse, and calm the justifiable anger of the masses caused by a"film" released many months ago.   The film points out how there is a group within the Muslim faith that is so stupid and lacking in self-control and self-worth that they will insanely attack people and buildings that have nothing to do with the films. Because of that, these people feel compelled to insanely attack people and buildings that have nothing to do with the films.
     It is the same disorder that affects other people who riot and burn down their own neighbourhoods  when an incident occurs, is said to have occurred, might have occurred, did not occur but would have been bad if it had occurred, or because a Korean family bought the liquor store and turned it into a specialty grocery and general merchandise shop.
Huma Mamood Abendin -Weiner
referred to by (Sir Edmund) Hillary as
 "a second daughter", also known as
Hillary's "body woman" during the
bloody 2008 Democrat Presidential
Primary.  Huma is very important, is
a new mother of Anthony Weiner's
baby, and is (Sir Edmund)Hillary's
immediate subordinate at State.
She also has the unfortunate problem
of having her (late) father, her mother,
and her brother connected to a group of
stamp collectors known as "The Muslim
Brotherhood".  Huma assured everyone
that these outbreaks were spontaneous. 
     We know that what is represented in the second paragraph is especially true because (Sir Edmund) Hillary Rodham, Perpetual Queen of the Universe, and the greatest, most betterest than everybody else, said it was true.   We know it is true because Ambassador Susan Rice who serves as our Ambassador to the United Nations said it happened that way.    And we also know it is true because (Sir Edmund)Hillary's prime aide, the wife of Anthony Weiner....of late a United States Representative for a district in New York State and facebook a nice Muslim girl, and a marxist, so the Secretary of State must know everything about this matter....just like she (Hillary) dazzled the markets with her clairvoyance concerning cattle futures, many years and corkscrewings ago.
    We also know it is true because the Obsolete Press continues to include statements such as ..."provoked by an outlandlish film besmirching the Prophet Muhammad".  And we know that it must be true because the FBI arrested the producer/director of the ultra-minor league film yesterday, saying that he was "wanted for questioning concerning violations of parole with reference to a convictions concerning financial matters". 
      It is absolutely certain that this detention had evcerything to do with the matter at hand in the Middle East, and the  desire on the part of the Adminstration effect....take a bow towards the rioters, and show that we are much kinder and gentler to their sensibilities as murderers and destroyers than we are to the First Amendment right of free expression in this Nation.   We know this because the FBI did assist in the framing of the White House Travel Office personnel on orders from Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Some might even think that the FBI overplayed its hand at Mount Carmel, once again on orders from Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno, or at least to curry favour with the two women and their cause of elemination of private firearms ownership.    We also know that almost any of this could be true because the Obsolete Press almost never told us the full story about any of their faourite personalities.
(Sir Edmund)Hillary is trying
a new look for her run for President
in 2016.   She thinks it is more in
keeping with the image she has
developed while serving as
 Secretary of State.
     Believe it or not, the present provisional President of Libya is not an idiot.   He knows a thing or two about Libya.   He certainly could be expected to know at least as much as (Sir Edmund)Hillary, or Huma Mamood Abedin, or Susan Rice.    He might not be able to corkscrew into a combat zone like (Sir Edmund) Hillary,with a flak jacket on.
       That settled, we can assume that if he says, along with various other Muslim sources, that the Gringos were advised SPECIFICALLY about these co-ordinated attack throughout the Muslim and/or Arabic World...over a period of the weeks leading up to the 11th of September 2012....the 11th anniversary (...with the moon to be in scimitar display with the Star of the East accompanying...) then it is true.
    We might ask...should we trust the these Arab/Muslim officials who have everything to lose by ratting out the deathly sects and gangs, or should we trust the  the brilliant CIA and FBI and the very vigilant President and his NSA and the (Sir Edmund Linda Carter) Hillary of the State Department.....along with her like-a-second-daughter aide...did not know, whose records of performance are somethng akin to Fast and Furious.
    So, if we have to believe it or not:    El Gringo Viejo would  believe a well spoken Muslim, President, speaking sadly, almost confessing to the errors of elements of his own people, seriously, with sincerity, at incredible risk to himself and to his family, and to his friends, and to members of his political alliances, being precise as to his conclusions, and employing only fact, deliberation, reason, and evidence on film with date and timer to substantiate his thoughts and conclusions    Such is a thing of reason.   We cannot believe our Secretary of State not her subordinates.
      We cannot believe our own President, nor his appointees, because this administration has been very successful in throwing the Pakistani doctor under the bus...the Yemeni counterspy under the bus....the Seals under the bus...the secrets about our ability to land people on a kidnapped freighter afloat in a distant sea, via parachute, under the bus...along with scores of other indiscretions in order to inflate an empty suit that stands by an empty chair.    It is only fair that we should believe the people who are telling the truth and disbelief the ones who are still trying to tell us that a trailer to a film caused the concerted, 21 nation chaos and death....on the 11th day of September, 2012.     If we do not believe the President.... I presume we are racists, again.    Agreed?

       We have a choice....Believe your president who is a compulsive, chronic, pathological liar.  We can believe the Secretary of State, and/or her husband, also compulsive, chronic, pathological liars.   We can believe the entire Cabal of Reid, Pelosi, Susan Rice, Huma, Corzine, (list goes on into infinity) cartel of National Socialists and the Obsolete Press, or we can believe our own eyes and ears. 

      This administration has been especially brutal, on the one hand, in allowing information to leak out that jeopardises the health and well-being of reasonable Arab/Muslim persons and their families, and on the other hand blaming the rest of the Cosmos for any reversals to the image of his Cult.   It has, as in the case of the Carter Administration, sacrificed leaders who are  not perfect for replacements who are worse.
      The Shah of Iran was not a Saint.   But he was not a devil.   A professor of applied jackassism lectured once on the To-day Show that the Shah had 3,000 political prisoners in his dungeons.   He had to go!   He left and went to die in Cuernavaca...and everything in Persia became perfect.   Now there are only 200,000 political prisoners, and homosexuals are hanged.    Anwar Sadat was not a Saint, but he brought the Egyptian military up to the point to where it could at least stand up to the Israelis a little more reasonably, and then signed an that peculiar and particular relationship the Egyptians and the Jews have had back to well before the time of Moses....(beginning with Abraham actually)....and then kept his and Egypt's word concerning the agreement.   Mubarak did the same.    Does anyone think that the Egyptian people will be better off berid of the strongman and turned over to the Muslim Brotherhood?
      Bush and the incredible American and allied military ridded Iraq of a real monster, and established a clumsy order towards the establishment of a common law nation.   Obama has solved that problem by withdrawing suddenly, and leaving much of our second tier hardware there on the ground.   No cat...lots of mice.
    Then, it's Afghanistan's turn;   the President decides to establish a date-certain exit point.   Bad Muslims start counting days, good Muslims say....Muhammad is going to kill me and my family when the Gringos leave.....We'd better get out Dodge or change sides now.    El Gringo Viejo is not very, very, very intelligent but he does think that the good Muslim has been left in the lurch and the bad Muslim....the one who shoots prositutes in the head with an AK47 in the middle of the soccer field for half-time entertainment....has been left in charge.
    So, one can assume that Obama will do whatever he thinks will make him look good for a few moments.    Obama will count on the Obsolete Press and the stupidity and ignorance of a broad mass of dullards who can still vote or respond to opinion polls in any remotely coherent manner (and who want free Obamastash goodies) as he continues to crunch the bones of the people he steps on in order to advance to his position in front of the teleprompter.

With gratitude for having a State Department and White House who have answers to all questions, we remain even more grateful for your continued interest.

El Gringo Viejo  

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Yes, We Read Drudge....and other things, as well

'We're very proud of the president's record on foreign policy'...

FLASHBACK: The Day I'm Inaugurated Muslim Hostility Will Ease...

'One of the proudest things of my three years in office is helping restore sense of respect for America around the world'...

     We were aware of the background of the Manchurian Manakin shortly after he won a pre-fab primary for the Democrat nomination for the vacated United States Senate seat from Illinois.    He then wound up facing a stand-in candidate, Alan Keyes,  put up by the rightwing crazy section of the Republican Party at the last minute because the good and moderate, nice and clean Republicans had decided that it would be nice to let this nice a nice United States Senator after all the nice things he had done for his nice people.   After all the seat, in a way, rather belonged to those know...from the central parts of just seemed fair.   And nice.
     Some GOP operatives, both country clubber and rightwing crazy, had come to an agreement on backing Mike Ditka, a famous tight end for the Dallas Cowboys and a relatively popular Head Coach of the Chicago Bears at the time.   Mike backed out at the last moment, no one has ever informed El Gringo Viejo exactly why.   Mike was not a "nice" boy.  He probably did not like the idea that he was being told that everyone wanted him to run, but nobody really wanted him to win.     In reality, the king makers did not  even think he could win.   That is not exactly the way one approaches a person who has a demonstrated Major League attitude about self-discipline and victory.
      So Ditka returned to the War on Women, and cleared the decks for the Archangel Barak.   The anointed Democrat dispatched the hapless, underfunded Alan Keyes in the General Elections, and began his long career as a United States Senator as he had spent his long career in the State Senate for the State of being absent and by voting present for much of his long and exemplary legislative career.  He did manage to throw his considerable support behind one bill that would exempt abortionists from being prosecuted for murder or any other crime should the abortionist has the unfortunate luck to deliver a live baby as a product of an attempted dead baby delivery.   You see, he wanted even the abortionist to have a chance at a mulligan, without fear of having to score extra strokes, if you will.    It seemed like the right thing to do.
     Then, the Archangel, and now Saint, Barry ascended unto the Holy Teleprompter and gave one of his famous leg-tinglers....especially written to massage every synapse of white, liberal guilt.   (We remember Gore Vidal, such a nice boy, lecturing William F. Buckley about race.   He said,"One time I took my shoe and hit a little black boy I was playing with, just to do it.  I just thought it was the thing to do.   Admit it Bill, white people all have things like that in their past".    Buckley did not bat an eye, responding,"Why Gore, were I to have done that, my mother would have surely slapped my face in public and beaten my bottom sore in private.  Of course I have no such thing in my past."
     In any regard, after a long and distinguished career of talking out of both sides of his mouth, bad-mouthing white people, black conservatives, FOX News, and anything normal he decided to vote 'present' a couple of times more before announcing his plans be appointed President.  He was a perfect fit for the office.   You see, he was black, and "understood".    That his "black" was derived from anything but the classical American Negro experience, and that he could not tell W.E.B Dubois from Jesse Owens in a line-up, had probably never heard of either of them, he was obviously qualified.   The Annenberg Foundation was very proud of the work he had done "for the community" via representing the Association of Community Organisations for Revolution Now!.  He had, after all, been especially active in bullying banks into giving home owner loans to people with 20,000 dollar per year (or less) incomes when buying 500,000 dollar houses.    He was a real miracle worker.   Had nice friends.   Communists, terrorists, murderers, anarchists....and Jeramiah Wright (who, by the way, was not a bullfrog).
     Archangel Saint Bishop Astronaut Barry, rose and took his place above the gathered  knights;  his named appeared on his throne immediately upon receiving the merest glance from his honest, sincere, and meaningfully expressive eyes.   Easily, he vanquished the Trundling Sow who was so crass as to think she could impede The Ascension, and he put her in her place.   Her place is the famous Hall of the Has Beens Who Never Were.   A couple of reporters (we think the might have been liberal Democrats) did have a bit of trepidation...asking, on the air, " we really know this person?   We do not have a body of writing, of legislation passed or supported, or even much knowledge of his past."    But it really did not matter.   He was black, and it was time to shove it in the faces of all those white Southern klanner, cracker, hillbilly hayseed, bigoted Christian gun owning hideous people.  Rednecks, flat-earthers, ignorami.   All manners of bad people...not good people like us who will vote for a Negro, no matter that we know nothing about what he thinks, who he is, what his plan is, what his agenda is or any such insignificant stuff.   It did not matter.   He promised Hope and Change, and by golly that was good enough for the really smart and sophisticated people.
      Of hundreds of teleprompted, condescentious pronunciamentos....reminiscent of various railing madmen....we stored up further reassurance of the utter shallowness of this marxist bigot.   His guide through life is Saul Alinsky.   His activity as a youth...nothing.  No piano, no baseball, no rock collections, no model planes.   Just smoking dope and selling cocaine, like any other kid.   And making up stories about white girls who weren't good enough, plugged in enough, or smart enough to keep up with his enlightened brilliance.
     The Police in Cambridge behaved stupidly, my mother was left with no insurance and had to die so that the insurance company could live, and if I had had a son, he would have look an lot like the reverend Mr. Sharpton, and the self-assuredness that can only be expressed by a narcissistic, ignorant empty suit, sitting in an empty chair. 

Now knowing more than we wished to know about this Manchurian Candidate,  Pretender in Chief, we can instuct him about certain basic facts.
     Many Christians and Jews are not perfect people.   Many people who are Christians and Jews, along with the agnostics and others sorts who stumble along life's path with them, are communitarian people who try to do for themselves, help others, leave the bar almsot sober and walk home to the family and help around the house.   That is a base-line.  They do not throw pampers in the parking lot.  They help...a little...a lot...They do and they pull their own weight.   They really don't have time or disposition to hate or even dislike anybody, unless there is a good reason or some kind of justification.  Ole Tex gets along with everyone and gives a little more than he takes.

     BUT,  among the Ishmaelites, we are presented with a problem.   We have a painting, done by one artist, of the Virgin Mary, taken by another artist and smeared with elephant dung.   The United States Government and the State Government of New York pay the artist for his work and hang it with pride in a famous, public museum.    Likewise, they pay and show other great works, such as a jar of urine with a crucifix inside the jar to keep the urnie company.  Truly inspired.   Something the Great Masters and the Impressionists would have had to really study in order to dig deeper into the meaning of aesthetics.  There are no riots, no bombings, no killings.   There is considerable consternation, but we consider the source, and do not patronise the degenerates or approved of their deportment.
     There is a strata of person throughout the Muslim world, who suffers from a richly justified sense of inferiority.   He (we say he, because the opinion of a woman in any matter is of no importance) has a pronounced sense of insecurity about his religion and his personal moral and social value.   He knows that he is a worthless clod.   He knows that in the scheme of things he has less value to the Cosmos than an earthworm.  He knows....and understands his worthlessness.   He is surrounded by other mindless, stupid people who only know how to hate.   They have no other emotion, save a bit of lust in the event that the opportunity to rape a foreign female reporter presents itself.
      There are others, a smaller percentage within those described in the  above paragraph...a percentage of a  percentage of the muslim whole, who are exactly like the ones in the previous paragraph, only these have university educations...sometimes advanced degrees.   Some are, by world standards upper-middle class and even from extremely wealthy backgrounds.   They cannot resist sharing the hatred felt by the unwashed, lower class, sub-human "muslims".   These privileged Muslims also  have trouble with girls, trouble with getting along with almost anybody real, but they have no trouble hating people who are having fun, doing things, being normal, and generally committing sins at ever turn....or being Jews...or being Americans....Americans especially are the ones who are unrestrained by the orders of the Prophet.    Americans only believe in friendship, fun, Coca-Cola, life, liberty, prosperity.   They do not understand their duty to Allah.  They are incurable infidels.  They mislead our children.   We must kill our daughters so as to teach them the evil of the Americans.  We must kill Jews and return our lands to the true followers of the  Prophet.   We must defend the interests of the people who no Arab nation wants, and  who cannot even live at peace with and among themselves, the "Palestinians".    We must hate, we must kill, and especially we must hate and kill others who say they are Muslim, but who are not correct in their practise and/or belief....yes, they must be killed.    Blow up their mosques, they are not true churches for any purpose, they are whorehouses of heretics....blow up the false mullahs, blow down their minarets, kill them as they leave prayers, during their funeral processions, kill them all, and kill all the Jews and kill all Americans.    And so, these well-placed Muslims join with the Muslims who are stupider than dead rocks and they set out to kill, demolish, tear down, destroy, and cause misery...kill, kill, kill.
     Enter Our Holy Pretender.   He tells us that he will make an appearance.   As a committed marxist and as a person who has lived in "foreign countries" he "knows".   He speaks and says:
     "Now you can stop killing Muslims who are in different sects.   Now, you can play Ring Around the Rosey with the white folks and be part of civilised society, and we shall tax the millionaires and billionaires to ensure that all men are taxed into equality by me, the greatest social democrat since Leon Trotsky and Frederick Engels.   I have come not to follow any law, but to fulfil the prophesies and establish the Worker's Paradise.   Only I can weld together for the good of all the oppressed the lunatic Muslim fringe and the dull, instinct driven Marxist cult of class hatred, into BARRY'S MUSLMARX ELECTRIC CAR AND SOCIAL PERPETUAL NON-MOTION MACHINE...AND EVERYTHING IS FREE....We'll simply tax the millionaires and billionaires, so get your shovels and get ready."

     "Stroke of a Pen...Law of the Land!  We just issued an executive order that America is respected for the first time in anyone's adult life.  America is respected because we have changed it int0 a place just like all the rest of the hell-holes on Earth. By becoming like them, a place with open sewers, litter, graffiti, 50% unemployment, unchanging and hopeless, mired in socialist drabness and depersonalisation others will  come to love us.  Praise be also to the little people who helped me in their little way to make all of this possible."
All OROGs will have to admit that they can now feel the tingle going up you alls' legs.   I am very sure that we are all very proud of the President's record on foreign policy, Muslim hostility has eased, and America is finally respected all over the world..... and everything.
El Gringo Viejo
We shall continue to offer our special pricing at the Quinta for those wishing to have a dull and boring getaway, with lots of birds, butterflies, and nice scenery.   Our pricing structure has been modified to demonstrate how things have changed in terms of paper money as opposed to copper, silver, and gold.    I have written before about paying for a good hamburger and a coke at a decent little place in Miquel Aleman, across from Roma, Texas back in 1962.   I paid with a one peso, somewhat silver coin.   At that point is was 10% was worth $0.08 American currency....eight cents American.  With that one peso payment, the girl brought me a 20 centavo coin of almost solid copper.....worth 1.6 American cents.  I left an American silver dime on the counter, so as to impress the girls working there.   It was a good meal.  And, it was a pleasant time.
SPECIAL PRICES AT THE QUINTA TESORO DE LA SIERRA MADRE: for those paying in Mexican or American silver coin, minted before 1965 the price for the minimum stay of three nights, with brunch or breakfast included will be:

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That will give folks a good idea of what money has become worth. The prices in silver are good, should anyone wish to take advantage of the deal.
This offer is real, folks.