Tuesday, 18 September 2012

You see...these people need welfare....

The liberals tell us about Black issues, Hispanic issues, and so forth.   Conservatives know that we are not equal.  The Good Lord provided many paths to spiritual and material prosperity.
    This little mite is....if I can judge the accents correctly....a Spanish and Tagalog speaking girl from the Phillipines....and she has been endowed with considerably more musical talent than El Gringo Viejo and the vast majority of the rest of the human race.   The rank and file Filipino is a peculiar bundle of energy and intelligence and talent, I have learned over the years.
     We should hope that some Col. Tom Parker doesn't come along and ruin this mite, like he ruined Elvis.

Worth the play.   It turns out that she was actually singing to the music and the vocals are hers.
This song was a Dolly Parton original, as almost everyone knows.   She wrote it to heal up from her own decision to leave the syndicated Porter Waggoner Show, back in the early 1960s.   Parton was swimming alone in shark filled waters, but Waggoner released her from a binding contract, and eleminiated a legal stumbling block.   To-day, Dolly is worth about one half - billion dollars, and is still married to the same dumboe she started off with.  My mother's family, two generations back had a Parton boy who married into the Neal family in that area of Tennessee.   All of those people could sing as a birthright.

     On a more serious, but equally pleasant note, we urge that all OROGs "go back to church" with the Anglican Curmudgeon.   This time he leaves the parish grounds for a stroll into the secular mess known as The Presidential Campaign.   His views are salient and wise. A must read...quite short.
More later.
El Gringo Viejo