Wednesday, 19 September 2012

You jes' gotta' believe in Hope 'n Change 'n Hypo Crits

This is a special consideration for Beyonce (what
is a beyonce?) put in place for the "fund-raising" get-
together for Obama, last night.  This richly demonstrates
Obama's closeness to the common man and his experience
with the suffering of America's oppressed.   He will explain
to Pimp with the Limp on the next radio programme how the
300,000 dollar tower of premium label champagne was
put in place to remind all in attendance about how Romney
is out of touch and full of animal cruelty impulses and other
forms of debauchery.   They reviewed a porno film of Romney
romping around in a hot-tub with Charro and other clandestine
films showing Romney selling 100 twelve year old blond girls from
Minnesota to Arab human traffickers.   That's the way Romney
raises his money for this campaign.   It's just the way rich people
operate.   Like strapping dogs onto the  roof of your car just to
watch them suffer.

Thank the Originator of all Kwanzaa-like Solstice days that
we can get this information out about what a hypocritical tea-bagger
swine with lipstick Romney and his whiney, do-nothing wife are.
Hope  Change  Forward  Liberte'  Egalite'  Fraternite'

You just gotta love it!  Chutzpah Uber alles! Thank Lucifer
for stupid, guilt-ridden, white folks with tingly legs.  And
now, our new National Anthem:

El Gringo Viejo  -  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem