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An oddity...co-incidence...a question

An injured woman tends to her wounds after the explosion.
One of the more than 40 injured
in the Prague blast.
(Picture David W. Cerney, Reuters)
     It truly seems odd.   In the Prague, Czecha Republic a huge downtown explosion, supposedly of an ignition of a natural gas leakage.   That explosion occurs on 29 April 2013 in the gentrified, very elegant part of the city.   It is the part that fills the tourists' cameras, the Czech visitors and foreign as well.

     While it is the official, and probably the truthful, line, it seems really, really eerie that such an event would occur in a place where correct handling of such plumbing has long been second nature to the populace. Of course, we even have such problems here in Texas where we use natural gas to brush our teeth and to make sticky note.

     The double-down on the eerie part is that in another Czech capital....in Texas...there was an explosion in this same April, on the 17th to be precise.   Almost 20 people were killed and almost 200 were injured to lesser or greater degree.   And yes, Virginia, it occurred in another Czech Capital....the Czech Capital of Texas.    A little place named West, Texas.

     The AMTRAK Texas Eagle goes almost through the due middle of the little town, which is situated more or less midway twixt Austin and Dallas.   It is little north of Waco....in pleasant country, rolling hills, farms, thickets, and small villages.  The northbound Eagle, heading for Fort Worth and Dallas, Texarkana, St. Louis, and Chicago went through a little the fire had started at a fertiliser plant.  The southbound Texas Eagle would have gone through a couple of hours before the fertiliser plant finally exploded...and shook seismographs throughout the entire Republic of Texas.   The folks sitting on the right side of the train would have clearly seen the fire, and certainly commented upon the event.

     And why is West, Texas the Czech Capital of Texas?   Well, Texas is everything the lore has it to be, and it is also a composition of things that might astound a lot of folks.  For instance, the entire area of Central Texas has a rural population (the last generations are substantially urbanised) that is drawn from Germans of different sorts, Polish, Czech, Bohemian, Alsatian, Wends, and Ukrainian/Russian in that descending order.   The area to the east of Interstate 35, that connects Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Temple, Ft.Worth/Dallas, is involved with immigrations of Polish and Czech and Bohemian folks  shortly before the War Between the States and continuing on through the earliest 1900s.   There were probably 300,000 of such folks who arrived in the descending order above.  They stayed west of Houston and East of Austin in the land purchases and settlement.   The different types of Germans settled to the West of that line that is now marked by Interstate 35.

     These ethnic groups are still identifiable by their surnames, their numerous Roman Catholic or Lutheran churches  (some quite elegant....look up on Google - Painted Churches of Central Texas).   These groups are very traditional, very typically Texian, agrarian in personal outlook, usually well educated and/or trained, very patriotic to Texas and also loyal to their ethnic past...conservative, primarily Republican voting;    Also clean, productive, communitarian, and anti-socialist.

     This town, West, Texas holds a huge Czech Cultural Celebration every year at Memorial Day with polkas, beer, kolaches, sausages and other barbeque, fancy native costumery, lots of accordions...and really good times.   And above it all are banners, placards, and other types of notice reminding one and all that West is the Czech Capital of Texas.   Simply Google that term and see....West, Texas, the Czech Capital of Texas.

Very Strange.   Two Czech capitals with severe explosions a few days apart.
El Gringo Viejo

An old message for the New Christie Minstrels...


El Gringo Viejo's father was in the 1st Cavalry Division, 12th Regiment, Headquarters Squadron....1930 through 1933...stationed at Fort Brown, in Brownsville, Texas. That year there were four tropical involvements that struck right on or close by either side of Brownsville, Texas, including one horrific storm. In the aftermath, the Rio Grande ran 100 miles wide at the mouth, and the disturbance and disorder was total. The Mexican Cavalry and the American Cavalry horses and mules...the ones who had survived...had mixed up on various "islands". Both armies went about recollecting the horses and mules. Many bore the same markings because of shared purveyours. They separated them by using the different bugle calls. By that manner each Army recovered about 98% of their mounts.

Also...like Galvez Town in 1900....where there was no FEMA...no posturing politicians...just 7,000 - 12,000 dead people and total destruction. It is hard for people to realise that Galveston had the first or second largest Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Methodist Churches in Texas at the time. Over 90 percent of the city was totally gone. There were 20 X 30 inch members, 30 to 60 feet long found 20 miles from Galveston. Locomotives were carried off and found a year later. But, by the third day Negroes, Mexicans, Anglos, foreign sailors, prostitutes, doctors, teachers, labourers, etc. were out burying the dead, caring for the injured, cleaning up and separating chaff from leavings that could be used in the reconstruction. Bartenders and preachers, garbagemen and city councilmen, all working side by side. Galveston was a rough town...still has a rough edge to it....but, by God, the Samaritan Rule was followed and we didn't ask then or in Brownsville, for some abominable Messianic Maniac to come and pronounce that things could start back to normal and that he would make sure every body got everything they needed. We have become a wanton race of people....waiting for Father O'bamaham to "give" us back our normalcy. I spit on the shoes of Christie and Cuomo. I lament the people lining up to become contestants in the "New Queen for a Day" program. I expected it from New Orleans...but the sociological cancer spreads even to those who used to know how to buckle down and do, instead of whine.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 29 April 2013

texas-goldA key component of the economic mission of the Texas Nationalist Movement is the promotion of monetary policies that support the independence of Texas.
As Russell Longcore notes, one of the cornerstones of maintaining the sovereignty of an independent state is the "power of the purse".
Enter in House Bill 3505 (full text here).
This bill, currently making the rounds through the Texas Legislature is major step to asserting the economic independence of Texas.
Sponsored by Rep. Giovanni Capriglione and backed by Gov. Rick Perry, HB3505 would create the Texas Bullion Depository, a state-based bank to house $1 billion worth of gold bars owned by the University of Texas Investment Management Co. and presently stored by the Federal Reserve.
HB3505 creates the Texas Bullion Depository to:
"serve as the custodian, guardian, and administrator of all bullion and specie transferred to or otherwise acquired by this state; provide the basis for a system for precious metals-denominated intergovernmental payments and settlements; establish a process and mechanism by which the system is able to function in the event of a systemic dislocation in a national and international financial system, including systemic problems in liquidity, credit markets, or currency markets; and provide a regulatory and administrative framework for the system to be made available to private persons."
In plain language, the bill essentially creates a means for intergovernmental transactions to occur in precious metals. Taxes could be paid in precious metals and it would allow people who receive payments from the government to elect precious metals for payment. It would also allow normal citizens to open an account and deposit their precious metals in the state depository. They could then use the electronic system to make payments to any other business or person who also hold an account.
All metals would be redeemable on demand. Fractional Reserve banking would be prohibited as well as all other types of banking or investment with the deposits.
Why this and why now?
It's simple. The fiscal chickens are coming home to roost. It is absolutely no secret that the Federal government and the economic system that they have imposed is on the verge of collapse. 

This bill represents an opening salvo in Texas' fight to control its own economic destiny. 
What's the hold up?
Politics and misplaced priorities. This bill was almost introduced during the last session. Even with Governor Perry's very public support of this bill, the process has ground to a halt in the Texas House. The House leadership are committed to a "Casper Milquetoast" session so that any potential opposition in the next election cycle will have no controversy with which to challenge them.
As the Federal Government continues to actively attack the sovereignty of Texas and our rights are discarded like yesterday's garbage, the Legislature is looking to avoid pain now and in the next election.
What can you do?
The bill currently sits in the Appropriations Committee and needs a vote to get to the floor. It also needs Governor Perry to put his political capital where his mouth is. And it needs the Lt. Governor to hasten it's progress through the Texas Senate when it gets there.
In short, they need to hear from the people that this is a priority.
Two things:
1) Call these three today and let them know that you want to see support and action on this bill.
  • Representative Jim Pitts (Chairman of the Texas House Appropriations Committee) - (512) 463-0516
  • Governor Rick Perry - (512) 463-1782
  • Lt. Governor David Dewhurst -  (512) 463-0001
Tell them that you support HB 3505 and want to see it become law in this session.
2) Spread this article far and wide. There must be a groundswell of support voiced to these three to make this happen.
HB 3505 is important to the independence of Texas and you can help make it happen.

Flag of Texas.svg

El Gringo Viejo

Diederik Staple

  Diederik Stapel (above), a Dutch social psychologist,
 perpetrated an audacious academic fraud by making up
 studies that told the world what it wanted
 to hear about human nature.
picture and article from Koos Breukel, New York Times 
    The Ghost of East Anglia Universities Past has surfaced again.   One of Marxist academia's favourite  analysts, after completing over fifty very thorough studies about how disgusting white people, normal people, and people who take care of themselves really are....finally comes clean.  His entire life was finally turned into a Petri dish in a Great Research Project, called "I am better than you are because I am willing to lie to prove that I am better than you are.   You are a carnivore, a skilled blue collar or professional white collar worker who actually thinks he is in charge of his own life and responsible for himself.  I hate you.   I am a socialist who wants to be part of the grey herd because I am ethically and evolutionarily better than you.   Therefore I lie."

(derived from Wikipedia)

In 1999 Freeman published another book, The Fateful Hoaxing of Margaret Mead: A Historical Analysis of Her Samoan Research, including previously unavailable material.

The analyst (Freeman) attempts to explain, forgive, ascertain, and otherwise run interference for a poor innocent ball carrier on the football field of academia.   Please be  certain that you work through the last paragraph of the following material written in blue.   Martin Orans's last sentence of that paragraph is the key statement, so please wade through to that point.
    "Most anthropologists have since been highly critical of Freeman's arguments. A frequent criticism of Freeman is that he regularly misrepresented Mead's research and views.[23][24] In a 2009 evaluation of the debate, anthropologist Paul Shankman concluded that:

Margaret Mead (1901-1978).jpg
Margaret Mead
"There is now a large body of criticism of Freeman's work from a number of perspectives in which Mead, Samoa, and anthropology appear in a very different light than they do in Freeman's work. Indeed, the immense significance that Freeman gave his critique looks like "much ado about nothing" to many of his critics.[23]
 "In 1996 Martin Orans examined Mead's notes preserved at the Library of Congress, and credits her for leaving all of her recorded data available to the general public. Orans concludes that Freeman's basic criticisms, that Mead was duped by ceremonial virgin Fa'apua'a Fa'amu (who later swore to Freeman that she had played a joke on Mead) were false for several reasons: first, Mead was well aware of the forms and frequency of Samoan joking; second, she provided a careful account of the sexual restrictions on ceremonial virgins that correspond's to Fa'apua'a Fa'auma'a's account to Freeman, and third, that Mead's notes make clear that she had reached her conclusions about Samoan sexuality before meeting Fa'apua'a Fa'amu. He therefore concludes, contrary to Freeman, that Mead was never the victim of a hoax. As Orans points out Mead's data support several different conclusions, and that Mead's conclusions hinge on an interpretive, rather than positivist, approach to culture. Evaluating Mead's work in Samoa from a positivist stance, Martin Orans' assessment of the controversy was that Mead did not formulate her research agenda in scientific terms, and that "her work may properly be damned with the harshest scientific criticism of all, that it is 'not even wrong'".[25]

MEAD'S WORK MAY BE PROPERLY DAMNED WITH THE HARSHEST CRITICISM OF ALL, THAT IT IS  NOT EVEN WRONG.'"     Her work was accepted as absolute anthropological and sociological .925 sterling and beyond reproach.  The "just the facts, please" Miss Hathaway to Banker Drysdale on the Beverly Hillbillies personality-type lectured throughout the United States about how the primitive Samoans were better, more moral, and just all around superior to the tightly wound American white race.   She and Doctor  Benjamin Spock were friends, and interfaced and interacted a great deal on various matters.  Both those academic frauds were admired and followed by my poor mother, who always wanted to follow the lead of intellectuals.  It was a real crusher when it was released in the news back in the early 1990s that COMING OF AGE IN SAMOA was a big bucket of bologna and bilge bricks.   Doctor Spock and Doctor Seuss were both nutters, and, in our humble opinion.....dangerous to children and other living things.

Ted Geisel NYWTS 2 crop.jpg
 Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel
      We have been, and continue to be, carpet bombed on a daily basis by "intellectual" frauds who have hootsy-tootsy Ivy League advanced degrees in Underwater Basketweaving who then set out to do "studies" that are  flawed and/or purposefully faked in order to forward a pro-socialist agenda.  East Anglia University Global warming, anybody?    And literally hundreds of other surveys can be citied.    El Gringo Viejo's admonitions emanate even into the conclusions about "the Hispanic vote"....which are based on very, very, very flawed data collection procedures.  What seems to be reasonable in that issue , because it is now part of the "common knowledge" is neither reasonable nor correct, due to the nature of the collection of data as well as the difficulty in even identifying what a Latin voter might be.   Almost all research conclusion in the social sciences being performed by major universities at this time should be held suspect as wholly fabricated or "guided" in their conclusions.  We must remember the need for embryonic stem-cell research needing the "unused" preserved and frozen human embryos....when in fact other research had already established that a patient' s own stem cells would soon be convertible for implant purposes.
    This is not to mention that according to Al Gore, the place where he bought his lovey-dovey nest on the California coast....in 2006.....had been under sea level since 1995 according to Al Gore's predictions made in 1990.   Poor Al, all that ploughing with a team of mules on the rocky hillsides of Tennessee, planting that tobacco, must have addled his po'h brain in the Sun.
El Gringo Viejo

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SAN JACINTO - 21 April 1836

This is a reprint from a previous post.  We had a new set of commentaries about San Jacinto that suffered from an electrical problem during editing.   We are attempting to either resuscitate or re-write the lost submission.

San Jacinto Day - 21 April 1836. Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad. May they all Rest in Peace.

File:Vicente Filisola.jpg
General Vicente Filisola
The gentleman pictured above was many things.   He was a Spaniard with an Italian name.  He was a veteran of the Napoleanic Wars, and a distinguished Spanish soldier.   He came to New Spain late in the colonial period and served during the transition from Spanish to Mexican control of that area which now would include all of Mexico, Central America, western Canada, and most of what would become the western half of the United States of America.    For a brief period during the rule of Emperor Agustin de Iturbide I of the Mexican Empire 1821 - 1823, General Vicente Filisola served his Emperor as Governor of Central America.
      The good General served only briefly, however, due to the overthrow of the Empire and the establishment of the Republic of Mexico in 1824.   He did provide for an orderly transition from Mexican control to local governance and order, and withdrew his Imperial Army back into Mexico and joined the re-organised Army as a brigadier.
      It is said that Filisola was probably the one who inspired Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to think of himself as...."The Napoleon of the West"....because of Lopez de Santa Anna's fascination with Napoleon Bonaparte and the legends associated with that Corsican.   Filisola was one of the few people in anyones army who had officer level dealings on a Napoleonic field of battle.

    Vicente Filisola is important to Texans because he was one of those Generals immediately under the command of the all important, self-consumed, pompous Generalissimo Presidente Lopez de Santa Anna. Along with Filisola, and Perfecto de Cos, the Presidente's brother-in-law, and old Castrillon, and Ramirez y Sesma....all Spaniards  by birth and world view, there was also Brigadier Jose' Urrea, the Indian Fighter, a Davy Crockett figure, at once both rough-cut, and aristocratic, and oddly one of only two Mexican general officers fighting in the Texas War of Independence who were born

    The commander in chief Lopez de Santa Anna, and the lowest ranking general officer were Mexicans.   Lopez de Santa Anna had moved three large elements from all parts of the country from January up to mid-February to do battle against a crafty bunch of scrappers in a place called "nowhere" by some and Texas by others.   Urrea expertly moved a third of the Army along the Texas Coast, aiming to unify with the main body of the Army around a place called San Jacinto.   Urrea also moved quickly, like an early
form of blitzkrieg, although he had five major battles against Texian units numbering from 100 to 500 combatants in each case, and several significant skirmishes which tested his 2,400 effectives severely.
General José Urrea
Gen. Jose' Urrea
   He is best remembered, however, as the Mexican general who left orders to deal fairly and well with the Texian Colonel Fannin and the 440 Texian prisoners, only to have his orders countermanded by the Generalissimo Presidente.   So while Urrea had moved up to Victoria del Rio Guadalupe a few miles from Goliad, his subordinate received orders underlining the existing orders from the High Command that all found holding arms against the government would be executed for treason.
     Here, El Gringo Viejo enters a well-documented but rather neglected fact about the the issues of personality, strategy, tactics, honour, and the business of war that the Mexicans were undergoing even as they were winning, fairly easily against the insurrectionists.  To wit:

Words of the hapless Colonel Nicolas de la Portilla

     "I was unable, therefore, to carry out the good intentions dictated by my feelings, overcome by the difficult circumstances that surrounded me. I authorized the execution, of thirty adventurers taken prisoners, and setting free those who were colonists or Mexicans.
     "These orders always seemed to me harsh, but they were the inevitable result of the barbarous and inhuman decree which declared outlaws those whom it wished to convert into citizens of the republic,  I wished to elude these orders as far as possible without compromising my personal responsibility.
      "They doubtlessly surrendered confident that Mexican generosity would not make their surrender useless, for under any other circumstances they would have sold their lives dearly, fighting to the last. I had due regard for the motives that induced them to surrender, and for this reason I used my influence with the general-in-chief to save
them, if possible, from being butchered."

Diary of the Military Operations of the Division
which under the Command of General José Urrea
Campaigned in Texas February to March 1836
Translation from Carlos Casteñeda's The Mexican Side
of the Texan Revolution (Some headings added by
current editor, WLM)
For Biographies, Search Handbook of Texas Online

(Extract from the Diary of Col. Nicolás de la Portilla)

Col. Nicolás de la Portilla

In a Letter Portilla to Urrea....."I feel much distressed at what has occurred here; a scene enacted in cold blood having passed before my eyes which has filled me with horror. All I can say is, that my duty as a soldier, and what I owe to my country, must be my guaranty...."

March 26. At seven in the evening I received orders from General SantaAnna by special messenger, instructing me to execute at once all prisoners taken by force of arms agreeable to the general orders on the subject. (I have the original order in my possession.) I kept the matter secret and no oneknew of it except Col. Garay, to whom I communicated the order. At eighto'clock, on the same night, I received a communication from Gen. Urrea byspecial messenger in which among other things he says, "Treat the prisonerswell, especially Fannin. Keep them busy rebuilding the town and erecting afort. Feed them with the cattle you will receive from Refugio." What a cruelcontrast in these opposite instructions! I spent a restless night. sdct March 27.   At daybreak, I decided to carry out the orders of the general-in-chiefbecause I considered them superior. I assembled the whole garrison andordered the prisoners, who were still sleeping, to be awaked. There were 445.(The eighty that had just been taken at Cópano and had, consequently, notborne arms against the government, were set aside.) The prisoners weredivided into three groups and each was placed in charge of an adequateguard, the first under Agustin Alcerrica, the second under Capt. Luis Balderas,and the third under Capt. Antonio Ramírez. I gave instructions to theseofficers to carry out the orders of the supreme government and thegeneral-in-chief. This was immediately done. There was a great contrastin the feelings of the officers and the men. Silence prevailed. Sad at heartI wrote to Gen. Urrea expressing my regret at having been concerned inso painful an affair. I also sent an official account of what I had done,to the general-in-chief.[Portilla to Urrea, Goliad, March 26 1836 and Portilla to Urrea, Goliad, March 27, 1836]


     El Gringo Viejo and many old timey Texans know these stories, but they are not
well-known any longer.   Newly arriving people with Mexican backgrounds
assume they know all and newly arriving people from the United States and
elsewhere have seen Davy Crockett on Disney or some variation, and are
certain in their knowledge of the issues involved with the period from 1829
through 1846 and the Texas situation.
     This is not said with any particular arrogance.   It is known that what
El Gringo Viejo knows from his own research is now useless information.
Nothing matters in the course of human conduct that cannot be compressed
into a six-word phrase to put on a bumper sticker.   What is past is no
longer prologue, but rather simply useless white-noise on the left side
of the time line.
      But as an enemy the man pictured below is known among the old, last
remaining Texans who know what Texas really was, as an honorable
enemy....a good and patriotic man involved in a grisly profession.
    Something like Rommel, perhaps.

Manuel Fernández Castrillón (1761–1836)
Fought Texians both at the Battle of the Alamo

and at the Battle of San Jacinto.

Castrillon was Santa Anna's ally through much of their working relationship, but Castrillón often took exception to Santa Anna's decisions during the Texas Revolution. He opposed the hurried assault on the Alamo. Yet when he received his orders to lead the battle's first column of troops, he did so with expert efficiency.
A humane and honorable soldier, Castrillón also pleaded clemency on behalf of the seven Texian fighters who survived the Alamo siege. Castrillón's arguments for mercy were ignored, and the men were executed. Castrillón again stated his protest when Santa Anna ordered the execution of the Goliad prisoners.
Castrillón's compassion was a sign of kindness, not weakness. When the Texians roused Mexican forces from their afternoon siesta on 21 April 1836 at the Battle of San Jacinto, he was one of the few Mexican officers to stand his ground.
His bravery was recorded in the memoirs of Texian second lieutentant Walter Paye Lane:
"As we charged into them the General commanding the Tampico Battalion (their best troops) tried to rally his men, but could not. He drew himself up, faced us, and said in Spanish: 'I have been in forty battles and never showed my back; I am too old to do it now.'
He continues: "Gen. Rusk hallooed to his men: 'don't shoot him,' and knocked up some to their guns; but others ran around and riddled him with balls. I was sorry for him. He was an old Castilian gentleman, Gen. Castrillo."
Honored on both sides of the Texas Revolution—except by Santa Anna, who blamed the loss at San Jacinto in part on Castrillón—he was even buried in the family graveyard of Lorenzo de Zavala, the vice-president of Texas.

     So, all these major footnotes are added into the blog in order to celebrate the victory tomorrow, the 21st day of April, 1836 of the Battle of San Jacinto.   Normally creditted to the efforts of Gen. Sam Houston, who truly was a bigger than life figure, the truth is that Houston was painfully wounded at the beginning of the battle, by a musket ball to the right foot.   It was Gen. (then Lt. Col.) Somervell, commander-in-charge, and the surprize rush of the limited cavalry of the Texian force of a bit fewer than 700 men.....attacking on a Sunday morning.   The head of cavalry squadron in the thickest of the fight  was Capt. Juan Seguin, an arch-enemy of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.   Major Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar was the overall commander of the mounted part of the Texian force, and he would later become a President of Texas for a term.
     The resolve of the Texian force to gain Independence, avenge the atrocities of Goliad and the Alamo allowed the inferior force to pin into a peninsula surrounded by a snake infested bayou, and then essentially destroy the effective force of an Army of 2,500 with superior munitions, armament, artillery, cavalry, stores, and so forth.
     Going back to Gen. Vicente Filisola, it was he who took control of the Mexican Army as it withdrew from San Jacinto.   Lopez de Santa Anna remained under arrest and would later be tranferred to Washington D.C. as an oddity and war-trophy of sorts.   He had been the best general in the field, but also the one most prone to err through arrogance and hubris.   Some say his membership in the Scottish Rite Masonic order saved him from a rough and ready gallows at San Jacinto, since Houston and Somervell were both brother Masons.
     Filisola was met with his columns by Urrea, who forced control from Filisola, and took command of the withdrawal.   The two men would argue and write accusations against one another, and each would write interesting, if self-serving accounts of their experiences during the War.   It is the opinion of El Gringo Viejo that Urrea was the better soldier and was truthful concerning his wishes for the good treatment of the Goliad prisoners of war.
      Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna blamed both of them for everything;  Urrea for arriving too late to San Jacinto, Filisola for not mucking through the mud with cannons and stores any faster (he actually moved 2,000 men, animals, and stores faster than Santa Anna had moved his Army away from San Antonio in pursuit of Houston's Army.)   Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was a lot like Obama in his ability to blame everything on everybody but himself.

Committed to the dull truth, which always seems to wind up being far more interesting than the false legends or any fiction.....El Gringo Viejo resigns the evening and promises to return to more tales that interest him, and he hopes, the OROGs everywhere.
El Gringo Viejo

Eric Holder....Liar, Incompetent, Mean, and so what? I mean like, "What difference does it make?"

Thanks, Eric,  for bringing back to mind what a perfectly disgusting slug you are.   You demagogue the State of Arizona to Hell and back because of the 'anti-immigrant" legislation that it had passed and was trying to enforce in order to protect the citizenry and residents of the State from the never ending assault by criminal elements among the illegal alien cohort of the general population in the State.
      Mr. General, you are a mendacious poseur exactly like your demagogue boss-man.   If you were a real, live attorney general, you would know that Texas, for instance, has always during my lifetime required certain and verifiable identification of people who are detained, however briefly, by the police agencies in Texas.   Texas Rangers, Texas Department of Public Safety Officers, local Sheriffs' Department commissioned personnel, city police, Constables and their deputies are instructed to first identify the detained person and determine his legal status and present place of residence.
     So, checkmate.  I win. You lose.  You are a jackass and a liar.   You are a committed Marxist who is dedicated to filling up the Texas and the other 56 States in the federation with people you consider to be inferior to the point that they will contribute substantially to the demise of the federated union of sovereign States presently known as the United States of America.
     Why do you do that?   You and your Marxist buds?   Because you hate self-sufficiency, individual discretion, traditionalism, and that ephemeral undefinable thing known as Americanism.  You hate common law.  You hate natural law.  You long to apply the solutions created by man to solve problems that frequently do not even exist.   You do those things so that you can take money from people who have a few or many resources and after keeping a considerable amount for yourself, you and your draculene buds spend the rest on programs and efforts designed to enslave the greatest number of proles possible to dependency upon you and your Ghouls of Bondage.
      That is why you want more and more, not less and less of the people you yourself consider to be wholly inferior and therefore unqualified to be decent, self-supporting citizens.  You assume that you are doing something that nobody can understand.   But, El Gringo Viejo is a minor league sociologist, a somewhat experienced liver of life, and a somewhat successful practitioner of the art of living.    If he sees through your invisible fine raiment, then so do many....all better men...and women than you.
     Therefore, when you are trying to tell us about your bag-drop on the legal gun dealers in Arizona with your "fast and furious" program that winds up killing almost 500 innocent Mexicans and at least 3 innocent Americans, JUST SHUT UP.  WE KNOW YOU ARE LYING.  It should take about two weeks of investigation to "get to the bottom" of any such programme's  agent of culpability.  Either you are totally incompetent, or you are totally corrupt.  In your case you might well be a simultaneous switch-hitter.
     Therefore, we do appreciate that you revealed your innermost ignorance, stupidity, and craven corruption with your slimy pronouncement during recent days that .....granting citizenship to illegal aliens is a civil right...!
      This one thing should prove that you have no idea what citizenship is, and/or that you care neither to know nor to avail yourself of such knowledge. It proves only, once again, you are moved to hasten to the voting booth people who you feel and/or know to be inferior humans, incapable of performing the most basic functions of citizenship.  Your frenzy in pushing the people you consider to be slack jawed slugs through the turnstiles to the oath of allegiance are those you hope and assume will be making their second stop in the USA as citizens, at every welfare dispensary available to them.   The more slack jaw slugs, anchorbabymothers , repeat criminals, welfare chiselers, and 300 pound summer school-lunch fourth graders, and Russian Islamic Terrorists you can cattle-drive to the Detroit Academy of America Do0 - Dah you feel will be that much faster that America is ground into the dust.     You can then ridicule the wasted dump that you have gleefully destroyed.

     Not long ago, about 90% of the Mexicans and other Latin Americans who came up to the border and crossed illegally were decent folk, with catechism, and essentially hard-working persons.    After forty years of hard-core force-fed welfare...we are now attracting both legal and illegal types who are about 50% cognizant of the basic precepts of citizenship.  The other 50% is arriving to these shores and banks in order to harvest the bounty of others.  The Chechen brothers are an example.....an entire family of thugs, slugs, moochers, murderers, arrogant, self-absorbed sub-human scum. Just like Auntie Zietuni Obama and Uncle Omar Onyango Obama....welfare, illegal alien scum.
       This is the product of the welfare state that the socialist - progressives have created and to which American Capitalism has decided to prostitute itself.
       "You just gotta help people get started.  It's only fair."   And the National Socialist big business and big banking interests put the money in the bank...money that has been taken at the point of a gun by the IRS from the people who are actually working to make 20,000 dollars to 1,000,000 dollars per year.....while another smug slug of a Marxist talks about "paying your fair share".   Aunt Zietuni and Uncle Omar have had several helpings of fair shares....along with almost 1,000,000 anchorbabymothers.

El Gringo Viejo


Friday, 26 April 2013

Life on the Hacienda (and by the Quinta)

     This is a little aside.  The OROG will remember the other day that we posted a picture of Alvaro (our mayordomo) working on one of the posts that forms the half of the anchor of the main gate of the Hacienda de la Vega.   That composite stone post...in Spanish "muro" (Arabic) or "Castillo" (Latin).....pre-dates World War II.   It is kind of a "living" monument. 
Typical Cristero Battalion level bivouac scene
      When it was put in, the nearest paved road was 20 miles away.   It was the original Pan American Highway and even that had just been completed.  Mexico Firsters and America Firsters said that highway would be the end of national sovereignty and that before long the (Americans)(Mexicans) would eat the country and exploit the neighbour to ruin.

    There was  no electricity except for a couple of diesel generators within a two-hundred square mile area.   Smoke was just settling from the Cristero War (1926 - 1929), the disorders from the Agrarian Reform (1933 - 1934 in the area around the Hacienda de Santa Engracia), and even resentments from the not-so-distant Mexican Revolution of 1910 - 1917.  It was a daunting adventure....perhaps Quixotic...to try to establish a property with essentially no infrastructure save for a very, very bumpy and easily interrupted by heavy rains road from Cd. Victoria.  That drive, in those days would essentially take the entire day....to go 20 miles.


   There was another way in, but it was fraught with its own inconveniences.   But how in the name of Jumping Jehoshaphat all that was necessary was ever brought in to the newly formed property, ever made it to its intended destination, in 1934...El Gringo Viejo finds it all amazing.

    But, moving to the present, the grandson of the fellow who established the Hacienda de La Vega is a civil engineer.   He and my Man Friday, Alvaro got together and determined to  fix the list of the venerable stone column.  What El Gringo Viejo places here to the attention of the OROG is the detailed plan that was drawn up to show exactly how an 11 tonne column  was to be re-positioned.   While it brings a smile to most, it is serious, please also remember that this was done essentially by one person with a somewhat limited helper.   The excavation required went down four feet, and it had to be done by hand.  There were two back-hoes available but no one really wanted to have his back-hoe take on the 11 tonne  columnzilla.   To wit:

This is Alvaro digging out and adjusting the position of
the huge, round foundational rocks under the column.


This shows the procedure.  "Sacar piedras" means
"take out rocks".  Each step was dealt with thusly
and the whole job was done manually.  It should
be noted that, when done, the column plumbed perfect.



Thanks for putting up with this little, unexpected vignette.
El Gringo Viejo