Sunday, 28 April 2013

Eric Holder....Liar, Incompetent, Mean, and so what? I mean like, "What difference does it make?"

Thanks, Eric,  for bringing back to mind what a perfectly disgusting slug you are.   You demagogue the State of Arizona to Hell and back because of the 'anti-immigrant" legislation that it had passed and was trying to enforce in order to protect the citizenry and residents of the State from the never ending assault by criminal elements among the illegal alien cohort of the general population in the State.
      Mr. General, you are a mendacious poseur exactly like your demagogue boss-man.   If you were a real, live attorney general, you would know that Texas, for instance, has always during my lifetime required certain and verifiable identification of people who are detained, however briefly, by the police agencies in Texas.   Texas Rangers, Texas Department of Public Safety Officers, local Sheriffs' Department commissioned personnel, city police, Constables and their deputies are instructed to first identify the detained person and determine his legal status and present place of residence.
     So, checkmate.  I win. You lose.  You are a jackass and a liar.   You are a committed Marxist who is dedicated to filling up the Texas and the other 56 States in the federation with people you consider to be inferior to the point that they will contribute substantially to the demise of the federated union of sovereign States presently known as the United States of America.
     Why do you do that?   You and your Marxist buds?   Because you hate self-sufficiency, individual discretion, traditionalism, and that ephemeral undefinable thing known as Americanism.  You hate common law.  You hate natural law.  You long to apply the solutions created by man to solve problems that frequently do not even exist.   You do those things so that you can take money from people who have a few or many resources and after keeping a considerable amount for yourself, you and your draculene buds spend the rest on programs and efforts designed to enslave the greatest number of proles possible to dependency upon you and your Ghouls of Bondage.
      That is why you want more and more, not less and less of the people you yourself consider to be wholly inferior and therefore unqualified to be decent, self-supporting citizens.  You assume that you are doing something that nobody can understand.   But, El Gringo Viejo is a minor league sociologist, a somewhat experienced liver of life, and a somewhat successful practitioner of the art of living.    If he sees through your invisible fine raiment, then so do many....all better men...and women than you.
     Therefore, when you are trying to tell us about your bag-drop on the legal gun dealers in Arizona with your "fast and furious" program that winds up killing almost 500 innocent Mexicans and at least 3 innocent Americans, JUST SHUT UP.  WE KNOW YOU ARE LYING.  It should take about two weeks of investigation to "get to the bottom" of any such programme's  agent of culpability.  Either you are totally incompetent, or you are totally corrupt.  In your case you might well be a simultaneous switch-hitter.
     Therefore, we do appreciate that you revealed your innermost ignorance, stupidity, and craven corruption with your slimy pronouncement during recent days that .....granting citizenship to illegal aliens is a civil right...!
      This one thing should prove that you have no idea what citizenship is, and/or that you care neither to know nor to avail yourself of such knowledge. It proves only, once again, you are moved to hasten to the voting booth people who you feel and/or know to be inferior humans, incapable of performing the most basic functions of citizenship.  Your frenzy in pushing the people you consider to be slack jawed slugs through the turnstiles to the oath of allegiance are those you hope and assume will be making their second stop in the USA as citizens, at every welfare dispensary available to them.   The more slack jaw slugs, anchorbabymothers , repeat criminals, welfare chiselers, and 300 pound summer school-lunch fourth graders, and Russian Islamic Terrorists you can cattle-drive to the Detroit Academy of America Do0 - Dah you feel will be that much faster that America is ground into the dust.     You can then ridicule the wasted dump that you have gleefully destroyed.

     Not long ago, about 90% of the Mexicans and other Latin Americans who came up to the border and crossed illegally were decent folk, with catechism, and essentially hard-working persons.    After forty years of hard-core force-fed welfare...we are now attracting both legal and illegal types who are about 50% cognizant of the basic precepts of citizenship.  The other 50% is arriving to these shores and banks in order to harvest the bounty of others.  The Chechen brothers are an entire family of thugs, slugs, moochers, murderers, arrogant, self-absorbed sub-human scum. Just like Auntie Zietuni Obama and Uncle Omar Onyango Obama....welfare, illegal alien scum.
       This is the product of the welfare state that the socialist - progressives have created and to which American Capitalism has decided to prostitute itself.
       "You just gotta help people get started.  It's only fair."   And the National Socialist big business and big banking interests put the money in the that has been taken at the point of a gun by the IRS from the people who are actually working to make 20,000 dollars to 1,000,000 dollars per year.....while another smug slug of a Marxist talks about "paying your fair share".   Aunt Zietuni and Uncle Omar have had several helpings of fair shares....along with almost 1,000,000 anchorbabymothers.

El Gringo Viejo