Mayor Sly, your statement that "they" are not just shooting each other, "they" are shooting our children baldergash. "They" have been shooting our children and all other innocents for over twenty years now....honest and semi-honest Mexican cops, Mexican soldiers, Mexican Naval Infantry, American cops, American children in cross-fires and in murders of retribution, Angloid white-trash meth-heads,  Negroid thugs and gangs and ghouls, Mexican and other Latin cockroaches for years now.   If you are going to speak baldergash...then shut up!!!!!!  Twenty or twenty-five years now.....we will be judged to how we stood up to these slime, in lieu of how we said things that were innocuous and senseless in the face of depraved, homicidal, soulless stupidity.
      Negroid inner and outer city thugs who are looking for the easy way out of a life of work and responsibility, to hell with them all .....Mayor!!! Shut up!!!!! The baby pictured above is this old Confederate's daughter and granddaughter, and the reader's daughter and granddaughter, and the granddaughter and daughter of all and each of us.   I plead for her. Not you!
   The liberal, progressive, "help the poor Negro and oppressed people" movement has succeeded in what they really wanted.    That "help" has spawned a batch of males who have no souls because they have no fathers. Both Treyvon and the Gentle Giant did not have any kind of parentage until they had been killed, essentially by their own actions and hubris.
  The parents lived in a penumbra of protection in jobs paying far more than they were worth and by living within and upon welfare subsidies and/or combinations of the two that both pairs of parents thought they could get away with. (pardon the preposition).   The progressives wanted to develop a census cohort that would destroy America so as to more easily allow for the installation of have won...and in so doing you have lost.   We shall fight back in every legal and reasonable way.
     Stop looking for solutions. In order to stop everything now, we should  spay all females who are third generation, transgenerational welfare parasites.  We certainly must track down all babyfathers and go WHACK, WHACK so as to let them sing on the left side of the choir.

    No more public assistance!!   And especially no more public assistance for multigenerationalbabymothers and multigenerationalanchorbabymothers. Snip-snip and Whack-whack them all in the area where they commit  transgenerational procreation.

     No abortion. But also no conception without a ring, a license to procreate, a plumber's license, a teaching certificate, a commercial drivers' license, a business producing a bit of profit...etc. YA!!!! BASTA!!!! NO MAS, NO MAS!!!!!!!! This baby is the daughter and granddaughter, sister and niece of all of us. She is dead. Deal with it? I cannot. Can you, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson?   If hell with you all.
   I return to my cave.   To Hell with all the race-baiting swine who can only derive their income from being minor-league demagogues.
El Gringo Viejo