Friday, 17 October 2014

They are not stupid. They are marionettes at the end of strings pulled by Valerie Jarrett.


Staff Meeting - White House

The point, once again, is to not assume that the lackeys of this administration are stupid or idiotic.   They are not.  They are lackeys under the complete control of Valerie Jarrett who is under the complete control of a particular group of socialist elitists.   We call them robotrons.   Dr. Frieden is a classic example of a robotron.    General Wesley Clark, the spokesman for the Pentagon, the press secretary Whatzizneim, 0the entire staff and crew of ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCRuetersAssociatedPressNYTWP.... and still, people like Hannity say (during his frequent and pointless re-repetitions of saying things over-and-over again on a time sensitive medium....) "Why can't they see the stupidity of what they are doing?"

     The fact is, Hannity, once again I am shouting into the ear that leads into the hollow cave that you call a brain cavity....."It is all intentional."  This particular manoeuvre of shaming the hospital in Dallas was purposefully constructed and designed to cause hospitals to be ridiculed by "higher authority" such as the  central government that has a grand national plan to avoid all this silliness.  This entire thing is set up so as to justify calls for the nationalisation of the hospitals.   Can we not see (Sir Edmund)Hillary and Rosie O'Pottamus nodding in agreement with each other when Hillary proposes that nationalisation next week on The View?
   Do we not remember that  Government Motors was nationalised by the stroke of a pen, and turned over to the labour unions?  That Chrysler was sold to FIAT, once again, by the stroke of a pen....and billions of dollars worth of bonds and preferred stock were flushed down a National Socialist toilet that in all probability was made in Red China.
     Because the National Socialist Democrat Labour Party tells us it cares more about the most exposed in the society, we feel moved to  remind the OROG community of  something they already know; that being, American Corporate Preferred Stock and Bonds are referred to as "The Widows' and Orphans' Fund".  Obama cancelled a good portion of that fund.  Nobody said or did anything in the face of that act of tyranny.
The waiting room for a small town Cuban Hospital
And please understand, we did not scour the archives
for something really ratty.  This is the norm or
perhaps a little above the norm.
   As an adjunct to taking over the hospitals so as to induct them into a British NHS-style medical jungle, the purpose of all of this medical gyration is to drive the American system into the ground so that we have the equivalent system found in every dull, grey socialist country with public-health-for-the- Proles.   Perhaps, more like Cuba, where all medical care is "free".   One thing for sure, in Cuba, since it's "free" you know how much it is worth. 
    The epithet on the wall by Comrade Che's image reads, "There is greater value in the life of one human being than all the gold of the richest man in the world."   This is a touching statement attributed to a man who, by reasonable estimates, shot down, in cold blood, over 250 people in his miserable, short lifetime.
Think before you speak, Hannity!  Please.
El Gringo Viejo