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Shiela, the Obsolete Press, Democrat Nothingness, and a Warning - and we promise to be brief


    We begin this contribution to the blog with a few words concerning fossils and global warmingcoolingclimatechange and other such rubbish religion.   To begin, and to essentially prove the senselessness of the Ecolunatics, there is no such thing as a fossil fuel.   Natural gas, petroleum, coal, none of these are fossils, have ever been fossils, nor will they ever be fossils.
     These resources might well be encountered where there is an abundance of fossils, and they might well be encountered where there is a paucity of fossils.  But fossils neither drink nor provide oil, coal, nor natural gas.   The term "fossil fuels" is a cute term, dreamed up by some well intended nihilist or anarchist to leave the impression on the ever shrinking minds of American university and secondary...dare I say..."students".   The two words roll off the tongue in onomonopieac smoothness, something like a fine wild honey mixed with 50 year old French wine.

     But, Virginia, while there is a Santa Clause in a moral, religious, and cultural way...there are no fossil fuels.  No matter how smooth one makes it sound, it is a lie.

     Carbon Dioxide is the most hated poison on every University of California at Whatever, and every Ivy League schools where Chelsea did her jogging teaches that carbon dioxide is a horrid poison.   Problem?  It is also a very necessary food for every botanical specie with a green leaf.   Chelsea's mother can dodge bullets running across the tarmac, decked out with battle helmet and flak jacket in order to build another village to raise a child, but she cannot find a replacement for carbon dioxide in the plant, tree, and grass food cycle.

     As one prepares to head to the University, he / she should be able to rationally understand
The colonial era Parish Church of Old Guerrero
inundated by rising flood waters from the Rio
Grande coming into Falcon Reservoir.  One of
the benefactors of the church named Galan,
was an in-line ancestor of my wife.  In the
sanctuary there is still a notice of the first
baby baptised having been Juan de Dios
Galan.   This water did not come from
certain basic truths.   If you have a motorcar that has to be plugged in, you are burning coal or something to provide the electricity.  If your electricity is generated by windmills, then you are killing several thousand raptor birds, who must necessarily fly while looking almost straight down. The total for 2016 was reasonably estimated to be over 4,000 eagles alone.  And panels?  They are a veritable pain in the neck to dispose of, the panels and the batteries in the new "advanced" vehicles that run on batteries.

   For one - Every short, long, and extended climatic forecast made by the nouveaux authorities concerning climate matters, all have been wrong.  Proudly wrong.   When caught while blatantly fudging figures and amending computer models so as to present the "preferred" conclusion, universities worldwide have declared that the fault lay at the feet of those who caught the faux science practitioners.  Something like,"If you hadn't caught us lying and cheating, our figures would have been correct.  So it's your fault, not ours."  Such was the defence put up by the academic dullards and dregs of East Anglia University.

     Next,  masseuse connoisseur Sir AlGore the Dull, who managed to flunk out of both Yale and Harvard graduate schools and be hailed a genius, also managed to, shall we say, be 110% incorrect about every climate prediction he ever put forth.   All the false Polar-Bear-on-a-doomed- block-of-ice, floating towards Hawaii images in the world could not cover for AlGore's blatant, mendacious hyperbole.
     AlGore, after disgustingly smooching his poor wife on the main stage in front  of a horrified crowd of delegates at the Democrat National Convention, before losing the presidential election of 2000, dumped his wife, and struck off to the land of perpetual bliss and bought an ocean-side love-shack.   The problem?  His love shack was 30 feet or so below where he said, some years earlier, that the water level of the Pacific Ocean would be in 20 years.  But, not to worry.  The water levels have unobligingly receded instead by a foot or so.  And his flame tired of him quickly.

     Not to worry, AlGore continues to talk out of seventy-three sides of his mouth, drawing crowds to what seems to be every errant summer snow storm and climate contradictor he has "misunderestimated".
     Next, we move on to the great personality, known lovingly on Capitol Hill as Queen Shiela.  She has been awarded that high title because all those around her genuinely think she is the biggest shrew since (Sir Edmund) Hillary first graced the hallowed halls of governance.
     Shiela Jackson Lee apparently is unaware that she will soon have to be lifted out of her digs in the Capitol Building and swung, unceremoniously, to a "storage facility" because she is even more offensive than just being the most offensive person on "The Hill".  The Black Caucus apparently failed to recognise that the Houston Representative, besides being wonderfully stupid, a total race-baiting banshee, an arrogant and bossy hag, also bore the two surnames of Jackson and Lee.
     Therefore the Black Snowflake Re-writing Committee has been called in to try to figure out how to haul her considerable carcass out of the precincts of the finest form of Republican Democracy on the planet, and transferred to what has been called a "storage facility".   It remains a challenge during these hours.    In the meantime,  Sheila Jackson Lee managed somehow to sneak out of the Capitol Building and make her way to an un-named airport in the Washington, D.C. area.

     Mrs. Jackson Lee had another tectonic meltdown tantrum when she showed up for her flight and learned that no one had kept a first class seat held back just for her.  There was just some poor white marxist girl who works on behalf of marxist and criminal detainees in Guatemala in some kind of Human Rights context.   The problem was that the arrogant, white-privileged, white girl thought that she had her ticket bought and confirmed simply because she had her ticket, boarding pass, and confirmation in hand.   Stupid white girl.
     According to Mrs. Jackson Lee, "an African American attendant helped me get my correct treatment."   The stupid white marxist girl had to get off the plane and go back to the desk and try to find out why she had been bumped.  Of course, she received a bundle of gibberish, a pack of lies,  and a number of accusations and threats.  Finally she was given another ticket, after considerable delay.   It was not the best performance by the personnel of the airline, to say the least.

     The Hon. Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee threw her around and threatened and generally made everyone very uncomfortable, until she succeeded, as usual, in fulfilling her calling to be the most loud-mouthed, obstinate, and self-possessed egomaniac, perhaps in Texas.  We include this, from the substantially liberal Washingtonian Magazine:

  Her counterpart is Texas representative Sheila Jackson Lee, voted one of the top three meanest by House staffers five times. Former aides tell of excessive workloads, brutal criticism, and callous comments toward a disabled staffer (who is suing Lee). She got seven times as many votes as North Carolina’s Virginia Foxx. 
     Likewise, it was a well-known "secret" that when the Southwest Airlines flight attendants would learn that the Hon. Mrs. Shiela would be on a certain flight, most would call in sick the night before departure.  Foul-mouthed, demanding, complaining, threatening, and always invoking the notion that any perceived slight was caused by the personnel's "racism". 

    Horrid, dull embarrassment for the Republic of Texas.

     Concerning the Obsolete Press, we actually did a bit of channel switching among the various "news sources".   Actually, it was even worse than we had originally imagined.   Blatant lying and misrepresentation.  Incoherent reasoning, bordering on the edge of mental dysfunction, (and at times passing well over the line).    It was the biggest assembly of presumptuous baffle-gab and incoherence in one place that one could hope to encounter.
     When one considers the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly stumbling, lying, sneering, race-baiting, corruption, and purposeful injury caused by Obama, his wife, and his sycophants to the Republic, it can only be assumed that the Fifth Column truly wants America to be an emotion driven, irrational, socialist autocratic hell-hole like Venezuela, Cuba, and about fifty other "nations" where it is accepted that open sewers are beauty marks.
     There is no cure.

    In the next day or two, you all need to be aware that we shall strive to fill in a bit more concerning Lorenzo de Zavala, a personality so powerful, that without him Texas would never have been able to come out from the clutches of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna during those critical times in 1835 - 1836.  We shall try to dig a little deeper into the life and time of this man. 

With that said, and extending the sincerest of gratitude to our community, we retire into a cold, dark, and drizzly night....with bits of snow lurking here and there in the ranch country to the west and a little north of our McAllen, Texas area.   It has been an "interesting" late Autumn and Winter period.

The Friendly Beasts

The Friendly Beasts

We are throwing this little catechismal ditty into the 12 days of 
Christmas mix.  It come from a medieval period when various of the 
Celtic dialects were still commonly spoken.  Friars (frequently Normannic
clerics and monks) worked these relatively simple songs with the children
so as to forward the forging of a commonly understood language.  That
language would finally embody Gaelic (many dialects and variations),
French (especially provincial, western French), Saxon German, Latin,
Spanish, Arabic, Greek, and Scandanavian (as in Viking).
The last six were not as important, but they were
certainly in the mix.

The Clerics were wise to use these methods to teach catechismal things
as well as a language, a method of writing and so, of course reading
in order to form a class of self-identifying peoples.


Bee it a verily merry Christ's Mass, et
un Joyeux Annee Nouveau !!

Remember that you do not have to take your tree down or anything else until late on the 6th of January, or the Epiphany in the Anglican and Roman Calendar.  So indulge yourselves for the Twelve Days of Chrismas,
enjoying not only Christ's sacrifice for us all, but also His birth
which made it all possible.

Thanks for the time you have invested with us, both the newcomer, and certainly those friends, family, and cosmic travellers who favour us with their attention.   We remind all that our feelings, beliefs, and creeds are very strong.  We also point out that we bear no malice to those who wish to discuss and who eschew malice as a method of debate or discussion.  Go in Peace, and Come in Peace and this shall ever be your home in the cyber as well as the real world.
And Yes, Virginia...Santa Clause is a reality.
El Gringo Viejo

Sunday, 24 December 2017

A Bit of a glimpse into the ever more-distant past....

____________    On Facebook, where I check in with less frequency than before, there was a bit of a realistic discussion about being discipline for having spoken Spanish on campus, or worse, in the classrooms during the days that my brothers and I attended McAllen public schools.  Actually the rule was also enforced even in the Catholic schools and the few other church-associated schools in the area.     There was a bit of grousing about it, but most, even the Latin folks who went through the drill in those years, declared that it was probably for the better.  One fellow chimed in during the conversation, declaring that he had been punished for speaking Spanish, even though he was an Anglo in a Roman Catholic school (a very fine school, at that).    The other contributors seemed surprised at that, not quite disbelieving, but truly surprised.  But, it was a true fact.  I decided to contribute a bit of my own experience to the affair, in that I had been sent to "the Anglo school (David Crockett Elementary)" on the furthest northern extremity of the City of McAllen.  This was due to the fact that we lived "way out" to the north of town, but well within the McAllen Independent School District.   We were "farm people", deeply involved in the citrus orchard care business, the citrus business itself, and the raising of cotton and certain seasonal vegetables.     This writer waded in to essentially inform the Latin group that the individual stating that he, an Anglo, was disciplined for speaking Spanish was a true story.  Certainly throughout the Lower Rio Grande Valley, all or almost all schools had that same rule, up to around 1967.   It is hard for our "Winter Texans" to believe now that McAllen, and Hidalgo County was primarily "Anglo" (actually meaning anyone whose first language was English, and who had no Latin lineage).  The ratio of Anglo to Latin was about 3 to 1 when I was born in 1947.   Almost all the Latins were either colonial Spanish or refugees from the Maximilian - Republican war period (1867), the post-Revolutionary period and the later Cristero War during the 'teens through the mid-1920s.     There were substantial changes in the composition of the demographics of South Texas during the l967 - 1990 period.  The ethnic ratios now are about 10% Anglo and 89% Latin of some sort or another.   The other one per cent would be people who identify as being of Black African ancestry or Japanese / Chinese  origin.   There is considerable Latin / Anglo intermarriage...the off-spring calling themselves "Hispanglo"or  "Anglexican" in good humour.______________     So, we waded in with our own story and the basis for the point of view that we might have due to our historical perspective.  To wit:Elvia Alcazar Diaz We went to Sam Houston Elementary. We learned Spanish from my grandfather who lived on 17 1/2 street just block and a half from the school.

Orlando Caballero I know a Mexican American family that is this way now. Great for teaching the kids Spanish and for when mom and dad need to say something.

Orlando Caballero 1709 Mobile Ave. Little corner house. Has been rebuilt several times but still in the family. My grandpa was Severo Caballero.

David Christian Newton I was paddled at David Crockett when a young girl was brought into the class....all of us we little Gringitos in the 1st grade, about half of us were rural (Including your humble servant). The little girl (very cute) was reluctant to speak or engage. and we were scratching our heads a bit...(perhaps she did not like us). At recess three of us, two boys and a girl from the farms to the north of McAllen, spoke to the girl, Magdalena, and she said, very shyly, "....pues. es que no puedo hablar americano, solamente espanol." We were so dumb that we told Mrs. DeWeese, (a classical old battle ax) that we had spoken to the little Mexican girl and she said she could not speak English, and that she is not mad at us." We thought we had really done our good deed. But no...Mrs. Battle Ax dragged us down, literally alternating ears to pull, and threw us on the mercy of Mrs. Queen, the principal. She invited Mrs. DeWeese to return to her classroom, and assured her that the matter would be resolved. We went into the principal's office one-by-one, each of us dreading the three humiliating strokes. The principal's secretary went in to serve as a "witness". Mrs. Queen took the paddle and whacked her desk-top somewhat deliberately, and hard enough to sound at lease something like a swat. I was first, Bruce King was second, and Suzy Quentin (?) was last. Mrs. Queen told us that if we divulged (told) any of the students that we had not been paddled, that she then would paddle us for that. It was a different time. But remember...everyone who was of Mexican / Spanish origin who went through that procedure, learned well and quickly how to speak English...frequently better than some Angloids whose native tongue is English. My exposure from infancy to scores of Mexican workers....Tarascan Indians from Guanajuato, and white Mexicans from the Monterrey - Allende - Montemorelos - General Teran citrus and industrial areas....all pushed me to learn to speak with them on their terms. It was, of course, one of my eldest brother's and my greatest gift from those industrious, honest, and compliant men who always returned back to work with my father, and Mr. Niece and Mr. Alpers and Mr. Schroeder. My mother and father, in their grove-care business and other farming activities employed over 1,100 Mexicans during the bracero programme, and we also had men who were "tourists". When they went back home for whatever reason, they always refused their money, telling my father to send the money, "por Telegrafos". And, the addresses very frequently were "Domicilio Conocido", Yurriria, Guanajuato (or similar). At times in the early 1950s, my father and/or my mother and I would go over to Reynosa to the Telegrafos and send, at times 2,000 or more dollars to eight or nine different addresses...and the money always arrived.

Reply15h - Edited

Group admin
What was the workers' reason of wanting their money transferred? Because they might spend it, or because they might get robbed?


David Christian Newton (Apparently my response last night did not "stick".) One reason was because the workers did not like having to show how much cash money or certified checks they had when crossing back into Reynosa to find a bus to the west and south. The Aduana officials would take 10% of their total funds, ostensibly to pay as a required, legal contribution to the returnee's Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social - IMSS. That, as you know is Mexico's socialised, or public, health system. It also has a bit of a pension element as well. But even more than that, they were concerned about falling prey to seductresses, gambling schemes and gamblers on the bus, train, or at the bars or restaurants along the way, and being cheated or fooled out of their truly hard-earned lucre. Finally, however, their main concern was being held up or just plain robbed by force or otherwise by highwaymen or professional thieves. My parents would give the men a small amount for meals and for the better class of bus transportation, perhaps 100 pesos. It seems so little now, but even as recently as 1963, I remember going to Miquel Aleman, for instance, to a nice little diner across the main street from what passed for a Plaza Mayor there. There I could order a decent, small hamburger (very good, tasty, and well presented), and a small Coke. I would pay with a one peso slightly silver coin, and receive one of those huge 20 centavo coppers in change. I would leave that coin for the waitress. One peso....$0.08 American cents. In the year of our Lord, 1963.

Like - Reply - 5m - Edited


    We decided to publish some of these stream of consciousness exchanges and experiences, partially because various people have suggested that we compile and circulate these remembrances, and partially because I am old enough now to really not be constrained by reactions people might have concerning my attitudes, beliefs, and experiences.

More later.  As always we are profoundly honoured at the attention and time that our readers invest with us.
El Gringo Viejo

Friday, 22 December 2017

All Republicans and rightwingers (Let us celebrate this significant moment of political success) (amended with typing corrections 23 December 2017)

Whooopeeee!!!  Last one into the lake is a Hippopotamus's Uncle.

    We are frequently humoured by the proclivity of the sophisticated class including the weather / climate alarmists, and the social justice sages, the Che T-shirt crowd, and Hollywood elites to lump  their "enemies" into the Group of Lost Souls.

   The Classical Liberal as well as all Confederate Republican (not klanner), any self-described conservative, conservative-libertarian Republican, or Log Cabin type Republican, or Country Club Republican, or Moderate Republican, or traditionalist, Evangelical, or other form of religious infinitum... are to be squashed into pickle barrel and brined.

   Those who are sealed in and survive must be prepared for transhipment to Auschwitz or a Siberian Gulag.  That group is presented almost always, by the Obsolete Media and Hollywood as the retro-neanderthal, war-monger, and of course, incurably racist.

     The Democrat Ghouls on Capitol Hill are even more strident.  Elijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi, Algae Hastings (convicted felon extraordinaire and yet later elected and allowed to sit in the Lower Chamber as if he were a human being and not a criminal slug) and almost the entire Congressional choir and acolyte corps  (no, Barry, not corpse), seem to become more hysterically irrational the more hysterically irrational they become.  Pocahontas, Bernie...very much appear to be increasingly devoid of any reason whatsoever.

   Why does Pocahontas not return her salary earned under the false pretence of being a "real, live Injun?"   Why does Crazy Bernie rail-on about the unjustifiably financially endowed, when he lives in a mansion?  It is all very confusing.

How many yachts do billionaires need? How many cars do they need? Give us a break. You can't have it all!
(Famous quote from the depths of Uncle Bernie's mind)
Image result for image bernie sanders home
Bernie's Hideaway - 
    Of course, Bernie buys a $575,000 home, apparently in cash, three weeks after endorsing (Sir Edmund) Hillary Corkscrew after the Democrat national convention in 2016.
   "Movin' on up, Bernie?" one might ask.  Or perhaps it was just that his other two homes were not quite enough.

     And of course, we are waiting for the notification from I', the certifying agency for people who falsely declare American Indian ancestry, concerning Pocahontas.  Several cultural anthropologists have suggested that she does appear to be from the Indian Nation of Scandinavia, long noted for its people of American Indian ancestry.  Or not.

    Our side of the aisle does not need to apoligise for insensitivity.  We far exceed the "socially concerned class" and the "consumer class" in terms of social volunteer service and private, charitable financial support for man and beast alike.   With that considered, I still implore the Almighty that He disregard my arrogance and glee about the resolution of the Tax Adjustment matter recently closed in Washington, District of Colombia.

     We hope that that the rank and file take note.   Allow me to state again that there are various types, colours, sizes, and temperaments of Elephants now and in this matter of tax adjustments and the 
abolition of the national socialist nightmare of Obamacare.  But we all came to the trough, in one manner or the other.

     We must admit, save for 12 jerks who say they are Republicans in the Lower House (who voted with the Democrats on 20 December 2017), all the Republicans finally...finally...amalgamated around the necessity for America to have the pleasure to witness an Elephant Stampede.   In making this observation, El Gringo Viejo is confessedly admitting to the fact that all the above-mentioned factions of the Republican Party finally unified, as in the soldering of a broken axle, and stuffed the Social Justice Warriors and socialist ghouls a little deeper into the dust-bin of history.

     Among those hypocrites who were quick to speak out against the resolve of those who want the populace to control, each his/her own funds and future was the estimable Alcee Hastings, convicted felon, removed from the federal bench in shame for having received substantial bribes to put his thumb on the scales of justice.
     In fact, his conviction was overturned, but later it was demonstrated by a judicial review, that Hastings had lied under oath even in the matter of his appeal, as well as his trial.   To wit:


August 28, 1979
President Jimmy Carter appointed Alcee Hastings to the Florida federal bench, making him Florida's first African-American federal judge.
February 4, 1983
Judge Hastings was acquitted in the criminal trial for perjury and bribery.
March 1983
A month after Hastings' acquittal, two U.S. District Court judges filed a complaint against Hastings under the 1980 Judicial Councils Reform and Judicial Conduct and Disability Act (PL 96-458), accusing the judge of fabricating his defense.
August 25, 1986
Hastings tried but failed to block federal judiciary from making a formal recommendation to Congress.
September 2, 1986
The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta voted to recommend impeachment to the House, despite the fact that Hastings was acquitted in his criminal trial.
September 3, 1986
Recommendation of Circuit Court forwarded to U.S. Judicial Conference.
January 16, 1987
Hastings petitioned Congress to terminate the judicial investigation and to repeal PL 96-458, which provided the legal basis for the investigation. The Senate referred the petition to the Judiciary Committee.
March 17, 1987
Subsequent investigation of Hastings'
actions led the panel of 11th Circuit Court judges to conclude that Hastings had lied during the trial and was guilty of perjury and bribery, and that he had fabricated his defense.  The 27-judge panel certified that Hastings had "engaged in conduct which might constitute grounds for impeachment," and recommended impeachment to the House of Representatives (unanimous vote).
April 18, 1988
U.S. Supreme Court rejected Hastings attempt to invalidate the Judicial Councils Reform and Judicial Conduct and Disability Act.
May 18, 1988
House Judiciary Subcommittee on Criminal Justice began investigating charges against Hastings.
July 7, 1988
House Judiciary Subcommittee on Criminal Justice voted 7 to 0 in favor of impeachment.
July 26, 1988
House Judiciary Committee voted 32 to 1 to approve 15 articles of impeachment, and approved 2 other articles by voice vote.
August 3, 1988
House of Representatives voted 413 to 3 to approve 17 articles of impeachment.
August 9, 1988
House of Representatives formally presented impeachment resolution to the Senate.
January 26, 1989
Senate Rules Committee heard arguments from House Managers and Hastings' attorneys on how to conduct impeachment trial. Defense attorneys also asked that Hastings be allowed use of Senate funds in his defense.
March 15, 1989
Senate began impeachment proceedings. Hastings appeared before the Senate, asking that the articles be dismissed, claiming a second trial would amount to "double jeopardy."
March 16, 1989
After a two-hour closed session, the Senate rejected Hastings' motion for dismissal by 92 to 1 vote. (Senator Howard Metzenbaum later stated that he believed Hastings had already been tried and a further trial was not warranted and violated protections against "double jeopardy.")
March 16, 1989
Senate passed S. Res. 38, creating a 12-member Senate Impeachment Trial Committee.
April 12-13, 1989
Senate Trial Committee deliberated in closed session.
May 18, 1989
Senate Trial Committee rejected Hastings' request for Senate funding of his defense.
July 05, 1989
Judge Gerhard A. Gessell dismissed Hastings' complaint that he would not receive fair trial unless the full Senate heard all evidence and testimony.
July 10, 1989
Senate Trial Committee began hearing evidence, a process that continued until August 3, 1989.
October 2, 1989
Senate Trial Committee presented its report to the Senate.
October 2, 1989
Senate Trial Committee presented its report to the Senate.
October 18, 1989
Case came before the full Senate. Hastings, on the Senate floor, spoke in his own defense.
October 19, 1989
Senate deliberated in closed session.
October 20, 1989
Senate voted on 11 articles of impeachment, convicting Hastings on 8 articles, with 2 articles falling short of the necessary two-thirds majority for conviction, and a third article receiving a 95 to 0 vote for not guilty. The president pro tempore of the Senate ordered Hastings removed from office.

Closed Sessions:
Trial Committee:
April 12 and 13, 1989
Full Senate:
March 16, 1989 (2 hours)
October 19, 1989, 2:05 p.m. to 9:20 p.m.
(It is necessary to point out that at this time the Democrat party controlled both House and Senate.  That fact will give the reader some notion about the level of egregiousness Hastings committed.) 
    We shall refrain from commenting about (Sir Edmund) Hillary Corkscrew' brother   being sued by a group of Red Chinese investors due to his and Terry McAauliff's stiffing them in a fraudulent investment scheme.   It is certain that all the people must be very proud that Terry (ex-governor of Virginia), and the oft-convicted and legally chastised brother of the estimable (Sir Edmund) Hillary Corkscrew.   We remember when this fine example of rotted nepotism, a true felon in his own right, was appointed to a position of share-holder in a Haitian gold mining deal after the Haitian earthquake.   His total lack of knowledge of procedures associated with mining and processing gold, combined with his social record, are certain qualifiers for an executive position in such an enterprise.  (Oy Veh!)

A lot of fruit falls very close to an open sewer.  I think that's the way the saying goes.