Saturday, 28 November 2015

Making Ready to Head South - Important things first

    The big deal, to-morrow, is the baptism (christening) of our granddaughter Scarlet.   Bunches of folks drove half-way across the Republic of Texas to-day to bring the baby to this point, to an area where her father and aunt were baptised, and to the same church were her grandfather was baptised several hundred years ago (almost) and where her grandmother is a member of the altar guild and a long time contributor to things such as Sunday School, and social missions.

    The service will be brief, one of the last remaining recognizable things about the Episcopal Church.   We have combined all nature of turkey, pies, the sharing of secrets of the kitchen by my wife with the other granddaughters who are actually interested and adept at producing real, live stuff like the Spanish - Mexican classic "empanadas de calabaza" (a pumpkin-paste filled sweet roll, of sorts....really addictive) that came out perfectly.
     The boss makes grapefruit pie that is a hit even with people who do not normally care for grapefruit, and she made the cherry-ringed, ultra-dark chocolate brownies, all these things from scratch.   The "older granddaughters (ages 7 and 10), seem fascinated with the idea that so much good stuff can actually actually be made of a bunch of disparate ingredients stuck into a heated oven.
 26 November 2015

     We have had a time of it, baptising a baby granddaughter, moving multigenerational people around...all related by marriage or blood to the child to be baptised, and imposing upon a hapless Episcopal priest to comply with the overly sentimental notion that the father and grandfather had been acolytes at the same Parish two and three hundred years ago (so it seems).   All went well, a luncheon with family at a more than adequate theme restaurant, well-attended and and well provisioned.   It was moving, in a way, to have the officiating Priest and my mother-in-law talking earnestly after the service, while still in the Sanctuary.   The Priest, an Episcopalian, and the mother-in-law, a Roman Catholic, at home in their Orthodox surroundings, with the impressively vestured Priest declaring what a pleasure it was to deal with a baptism where four generations were present, all seemed to underscore the theme and purpose of the event.   Certainly, with that many in the Army of Righteousness, this baby could be protected from the Devil until she can defend herself.
     Visits to the very old who are infirmed...among our family....and a twilight with  son-in-law, daughter, granddaughters, daughter-in-law, son, wife, where much was settled in the ambience of the Casa de Palmas Hotel in the very centre of the city of McAllen, Texas.   We were surrounded by various types of very civilized hootsey-tootsey Monterrey-area business people, and other Mexicans, up from the central part of Mexico, on buying trips and negotiations about buying/selling things that people want to by and things people want to sell. The Casa de Palmas  These are the legal and moral sorts whose trade constitutes over 99% of the international business in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.
     It ran from around 09:00 hours this morning until about 19:00 hours this evening.  No complaints...but a lot of driving back and forth between McAllen and Mission.   All in all, better than a 100% rating for the day.
     We head down to our little mud hut in the Mexican outback to-morrow, early in the morning.   The things that needed to be accomplished were accomplished and now there are things to do and to say grace over at that mystical place in front of the Sierra Madre Oriental.  We have, perhaps, dodged a bit of a bullet in that the Hurricane Sandra suffered a one-two punch, (1) the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains that rise up almost immediately at the Mexican west coast with the Pacific Ocean, and (2) a frigid Arctic blast that has brought sleet, snow, and freezing rain as far south as the Edward's Plateau in west central Texas.
     This means that a repeat of Hurricane Patricio, about five weeks ago, will not be visited upon Texas and our area in northeastern Mexico.   As you all are aware, the problem is not the winds associated with the hurricanes, because those are bashed out, almost always,  immediately upon coming ashore, due to the rugged and high mountains.   The real problem comes from the collision of super-saturated middle and upper levels of the atmosphere with warm and equally moist tropical maritime air coming up and in from the Gulf of Mexico and even the Caribbean Sea.

     We shall entrust everything that pertains to "North of the Border" to the better three-quarters, while I take care of the things that can be put-off for two or three months.   In that this might be our last transmission for a few weeks, we beg forgiveness from the contributing OROGs for this rapid departure, and remind you all that we are thinking about you and what can be written to justify your  continued presence upon my return.  Many things are afoot both in Texas and Mexico that will merit your interest, and we shall have considerable comment upon re-arrival.

El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 23 November 2015

Often told, but still few know....."Why Poinsettias, or is it Poinsiettas, or just plain Good Night??"


(1)poinsettia, or (2)poinsetta or (3)Noche Buena?

All those names are correct in the vernacular.

The way El Gringo Viejo learned it?  Number 2
and number 3.... But the official general
 modern-day use in the United States
 is number 1

     It's  beginning to look a lot like Christmas, goes the song, so even those of us who follow the western Orthodox Calendar.... we look around and ask, "So what if it's not even Advent yet?  We can still start looking around for those showy postings and plantings of newly and freshly blooming Ponsiettas.    We tell ourselves, "After the first of the year, this time I am really going to plant some in the back yard, and not buy any more, from now on."
     After several weeks of overwatering, or failure to "remember'' about watering and dropping a little orchid food in their water, the hapless plants tend to wind up in Dempster Dumpsters along with a lot of Christmas gift wrapping material, burned out twinkler lights, and such things.   Sometimes the poor Ponsietta owner wonders why the name of the plant begins with a "capital P".   There is a reason.   But first:

     We find the stemmy plant surprising the monks who were very much involved in plants, edibles, flowers, and horticultural lore among the native groups in New Spain....or what would much later become what we know as Mexico now.   They found it in the Vera Cruz lowlands....warm, steamy, humid, with 60 - 100 inches of rain...they found in the lower mountains and almost up to 9,000 feet along some of the higher passes and where sheltered places could protect them from the cold.
     They found the plant in the dry lands to the north where they had to be watered carefully and on an almost ritualistic basis....and they adorned the patios of the grand casones of the wealthy and the irregular "yards'' of the most common Indian's hovel. 

Large but no record,  16 feet across and 8 feet high
and growing in a normal 
neighborhood, from stems
of 18 inches, being simply stuck into the ground.


     The above picture is repeated in different ways in thousands of places throughout central and southern Mexico as well as much of Central America and the Caribbean.  

     During the earliest days of the Spanish contact and conquest of Meso - America, the friars and others learned that the name of this plant or bush was somewhat depressing....cuitlaxochitl....reduced phonetically into the Spanish from the native Nahuatl language.  Cuitlaxochitl (Kwee tlah zoh CHI tl) means any number of variations of "flower that dies", such as death flower or suffering and dying flower.
     The friars liked it more for its surprising quality of beginning to change their leaves from green to bright red....very a very propitious time.    That colour change and  blooming occurs at the darkest time of the year, which to the good fortune of the friars co-incided with major religious events. 
     We proceed.  El Dia de la Aparicion de Santa Maria de Tepeyac (Our Lady of Guadalupe),  de La Fiesta de la Navidad, el Feliz An~o Nuevo and the Epifania constitute a string of high Holy Days and episodes that run from the 12th of December through the 6th of January.   There are numerous celebrations from the Matachines to the Posadas visitations and processions.   Fronds  and Poinsiettas, among other flowering niceties accompany all such events and celebrations.

     Poinsiettas require certain attention, things,
and schedules.   They have to have well-drained
soil, and they have to be allowed to go to dry
between waterings.

   They seem to prefer benign neglect, but
many gardeners swear that Poinsiettas have
to be pinched back one/fourth of their height
on or about Memorial Day and then again on
Labour Day.

    Pray for rain, but water the larger bushes at
least once every two or three weeks. Over-fertilizing
will result in lots of green leaves that do not change

     The story can go on and on.  But, imagine if one of Americas earliest diplomats to Mexico, who also was closely associated with the establishment of the  Smithsonian Institution, also had a hand in the naming and introduction of this, and other wondrous plants into the United States.  It is all true...and in spades.   Joel Roberts Poinsett was the Charge d' Affaires of the American government during the time shortly after the establishment of the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and shortly before the instability of times brought on by the torments of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.  He served in Mexico for almost five years.   His feats were similar if not more exhilarating than any James Bond fiction.

     Santa Anna changed sides  in any political argument, more frequently than (Sir Edmund) Hillary.   He had also groomed what would prove to be a core of an Army with the Mexican Army that would strangely seem to follow him from 1829 or so through nearly 1860, no matter how "confused" their leader might have been at the moment.

Joel Roberts Poinsett,
 Renaissance Man, International Meddler
 and Agent for both the United States
 and the Scottish Rite Masonic Lodge,
 brilliant horticulturist, and scientist

       Although Lopez de Santa Anna was a member of the Scottish Rite Masonic Lodge, as was Joel Roberts Poinsett, he was also enrolled as a member of a York Rite Lodge in Vera Cruz.  Santa Anna also changed from Republican Federalist to Centralist and back again several times.   He also served as self-appointed or elected President and Vice-President depending on how much blame needed to be taken and how much rest he needed in his beloved Hacienda El Mango de Clavo de Lencero in Vera Cruz State.

   It behooved Lopez de Santa Anna to reveal to Mexico that Joel Roberts Poinsett and various others involved at high levels of the Mexican government were conspiring to commit acts offensive to the National Integrity of the Republic of Mexico.

   He raised a stink strong enough to manage to successfully accuse Joel of being involved in this terrible conspiracy and managed to have him declared persona non grata, and deported.

     Joel Roberts Poinsett was allowed time to pack his many effects, among them many of his pottings of the Noche Buena flowers so associated with the many Winter parties he had attended.   Many of the Mexican hosts noted his delight with the plant, and had also learned that he was one of America's foremost plant experts and horticulturists, so various of the hosts gave him a good range of sturdy plants.   It is thought that even Lopez de Santa Anna gave him a sample from that hacienda outside of Jalapa, the capital city of Vera Cruz.

    By the end of 1829 he was back in his beloved South Carolina and plotting other adventures.   During his life, he "meddled" in several countries of South America, in every nation of the western 2 / 3's of Europe, always representing the interests of the United States of America, officially and well, as well as tirelessly advancing the code and standards of the brotherhood of Scottish Rite Masonry.   We commend study of his life....a very complex and adventurous life, by all OROGs.

     And that, Virginia, is why we named the Mexican "Noche Buena'', officially and definitively in the mid-1830s by those in charge of official names for strange and interesting things from the Vegetative Kingdom, the "Poinsettia".  (many Southerners still pronounce it "Poinsietta", however)

More later.  I hear the sound of the Cannons!!!
El Gringo Viejo

The Anglican Curmudgeon Speaks to the "Refugee Issue"


     We are reluctant to do this re-posting due to the fact that we genuinely know it to be a form of trespassing.  However, while admonishing the OROG community to visit with some frequency the Blogsite of The Anglican Curmudgeon for the purpose of self-edification, it is necessary, at times, to make certain that we show examples of why such visits are worthwhile.   Very Worthwhile.

Mr. A.C. Haley, who is The Anglican Curmudgeon ( writes, unapologetically, unabashedly, and in clear language, the following:

Has America Sold Her Christian Soul?

The ISIS/ISIL/IS (could we please agree on a convention, folks? -- see below) terrorists in Paris have finally pushed America over the top, it would seem.

Well, let the reader decide. Here are just the straight facts:

1. The President proposes to increase the number of refugees authorized to immigrate here by up to 100,000 per year by 2017. This year alone, at least 10,000 will come from Syria.

2. More than 96% of the Syrian refugees the President and the State Department are bringing in identify themselves as Muslim.

3. Since over 70% of the civilian mass murders in recent times have been carried out by Muslims; since ISIS/ISIL/IS proclaims itself to be the re-establishment of the ancient Islamic caliphate; and since ISISILIS (let's just call it that: pronounced I-SIS'-I-LIS, to rhyme with syphilis) has announced its intention to bring Paris-style terrorism to these shores, many Americans think that to bring tens of thousands of Muslims into America from a country where ISISILIS operates is a particularly bad idea.

4. The Republicans in the House, led by their new Speaker Paul Ryan, have introduced a bill that supposedly requires the Government to check all new Syrian emigrants before approving them for travel to the US and resettlement there. The bill is a sham, because its vetting requirements are mostly meaningless, impractical to carry out, and may be evaded with a simple certification.

5. The President, however, is not one to allow the House Republicans to show him up as unconcerned for America's safety. He has announced he will veto the Republican bill -- before he even has seen what it will finally say -- because his administration is already taking the necessary steps to protect usAnd the media, as usual, are right behind him.

6. At the same time, the chief religious denominations in the US are also joining in castigating the Republicans for trying to put limits on the resettlement of Syrian Muslims -- even if some of the immigrants might prove to be terrorists traveling incognito. That is just the price we will have to pay for our upholding Christian principles of charity toward all strangers -- "be not afraid!"

7. Other religious groups and House Republicans -- a definite minority in both places -- point out that it is a little hypocritical for the majority denominations to speak of "simple Christian charity", because it is precisely the Syrian Christians who are being persecuted and driven out of their traditional regions. At the same time, the State Department, pursuant to Obama's direction, absolutely refuses to open up any refugee resettlement slots for Christians.

8. President Obama and the major Christian denominations say that admission to America must never be based on any kind of "religious test" -- regardless of the fact that our immigration laws require that a refugee's religion be taken into account, since one of the most prominent forms of persecution in refugee areas is religious persecution: just as Syrian Christians are, as you read this, being persecuted and driven out of their homes by Syrian Muslims.

9. Evangelical Christians add that they do not need any of their fellow Christians rescued, as they are already "eager to share their faith with [the non-Christian] new arrivals."  So the suffering Christians should apparently just go on suffering, as far as their evangelical brethren are concerned.

10. Meanwhile, as all this takes place, Obama's unilateral changes last year to immigration enforcement policy are allowing over 80% of those already here illegally to stay without fear of deportation.

The end result is that President Obama and his State Department, joined by the media and major Christian denominations, want only Syrian Muslims brought into the country, regardless of their backgrounds. The House Republicans, meanwhile, want to be seen as opposing this policy while also doing nothing  to stop it, or to help Syrian Christians. All of them do not want the immigration laws enforced as written -- if doing so would mean that most Syrian Christians would qualify for resettlement here. The Christians, as a consequence, are left to perish.

As Dave Barry always says, you cannot make this stuff up.
     As we have stated, we do not like re-posting.   We would advise the OROGs, even in this case to visit the Anglican Curmudgeon's blogsite to see the spirited comment section of this particular set of observations made by The Anglican Curmudgeon himself.    The site is normally given over to relatively deep and extremely deep canon law, canon law interfacing with civil and criminal law in the various States and the American union, and matters of Anglican, and what is left of Anglican, and other such Orthodox Christian denominations.
     We consider Mr. Haley's understanding, knowledge, and way of expressing himself to be of the highest order and certainly worthy of all men/women to be received and studied.   He has diverged a bit from his normal commentary and analysis, and edged into the frontier of our own less disciplined and more "overly expressive" and vitriolic way of commenting.
    He has moved from the legal, ecclesiastical, historical Church theatre of concern into the popular political, cultural, and secular historical philosophical zone.  The mire, muck, and tar-pits of present day sociological thinking, political maneuvering, and mud-wrestling are not a befitting place for a person of such stature.  But!!  He joins the fight and conducts himself, as usual, with an intellectual precision and bite that cannot be equalled.

    I call, therefore, his latest posting to All OROGs' Attention,  because it will help all of us and our little grey cells in the processing our natural law and common law understanding of to-day's events. We have provided a link above and here below   so as to further facilitate your access.   We consider it that important and valuable.

We move on to the sound of the cannons.
El Gringo Viejo

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Bo Snerdly and millions of other realists say, know, and remember these things.... (Second and final installment)

(continued from yesterday's posting)

    And, of course, the inevitable question arises...."Well, if Jim Crow is so much better for the general situation than the Welfare State,  then we suppose you would be comfortable with re-instatement of the segregationist schema."

    The answer is "No" and "Absolutely not".  To a Conservative, rights are granted by the Creator, not by a central, State, or local government.   Even if that government is substantially under the control of those most affected by the actions of that government, there should still be the greatest effort to extend the greatest amount of liberty to the citizen who is otherwise compliant with the laws necessary to provide order and basic public services.

     We would strive to have an environment where a bakery owned by homosexuals could have and enforce the conditions of a sign on the wall that says, "We reserve the right to serve or not serve anyone, no-one, everyone, someone, extra-terrestrials, Eskimos, and/or whoever, at any time, or at no particular time.   We own this bakery, and to the extent possible, we shall run it as we wish."

     We would strive to have an environment where people could refuse to perform work for other people should that work imply a violation of the service provider's discretion to not do things that violate his/her understanding of sacramental or religious, and /or philosophical beliefs.


     The failure of the "uppers'' to re-establish control of society, after Reconstruction  while a lower form of white society assumed the day-to-day oversight and administration of many hundreds of political entities in the South is a fundamental failure of the South.    Frankly, in many cases, local political leaders had neither the breeding nor education to lead what was essentially a rural, feudalistic traditional society into a post-industrial, new reality.   That fact became the  curse of the South.
    The greatest segregation, in many ways, were the Icons and Sacred those days, the old veterans of Confederate service, and those blue-bloods and Plantation people who hid behind the iron gates.    The old soldiers, with their grey garb and fancy golden french officers' scrolls on the sleeves died off,  their uniforms frequently being buried with them.   There were fewer and fewer people left to cajole, direct, scold, or provide blue-blooded "presence", and a fairer arbitrage of the "Negro situation".
     As those people became fewer and fewer, and in the case of the wealthy, more and more distant and "behind the gates", people began to set up laws and regulations that would establish that the White lower classes were legally allowed to tell the Negroes where they had to find a restroom and/or a water fountain.    Prescriptions and assignments were placed around until they transcended the ridiculous.   Trolley cars and busses, restaurants and diners, movie theatres and and stadiums, churches and cemetery lot assignments, all had controls and procedures concerning who would drink, watch, listen, worship, travel, or be buried and when and where.   Most hospitals had segregated emergency rooms, wards, and floors.

     In most places the laws were followed.  In some places, such as southern Louisiana, especially the southwestern part in the Cajun and swamp people country, Negro rules were posted and not followed.   In southernmost Texas there were very few Negroes, and the few there were had close connections with many and diverse people in places like McAllen, Laredo, and Brownsville.   McAllen's school district simply closed the required School for the Coloured, because it was foolish to maintain a separate school for 13 chilluns, when the "all white" schools  (Latin and Anglo) had in those years almost 4,000 urchins.   The Latins and Anglos, all considered 'white' by Texas Law,  were technically not segregated but did attend neighborhood primaries.  But entering Junior High, at the 7th grade forward, everyone went to the same schools.
     My godmother was the one who proposed, as a trustee, the closure of the Coloured School, although to do so would be a violation of State law.   She was elected President of the School Board during the next elections, partly because she had the gumption to get rid of the stupid rule, and because it saved considerable money.   The State of 1952 did not raise an issue with the closure and subsequent assignment of Negroes to standard classes.

    I did not witness these Jim Crow laws except when travelling to points far out of my home area in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.   A semester at LSU in Baton Rouge while staying with my brother and sister-in-law, was an eye opener, but so was New Orleans, where enforcement of segregated eating facilities and the like were should we say.....optional.


     To summarise, it is my opinion that the Abolitionists hastened and forced the issue of Emancipation of the Slaves because they thought they had the moral high ground on a very basic issue.   They also assumed, very broadly, that we in the South just loved having someone to whip and "keep down".   They lived in an industrialised and increasingly industrialising North, where they could trap young Irish children in looming factories and throw these children into the street after they had lost too many fingers to be of further use.
   They lived in a place where race riots broke out against Negroes who would gather in urban places while making their way to some favourable stop on the Underground Railway.   Their hands were stained by the low wages, horrid working conditions, and cut-throatery of the world of the Bankers and Industrialists and the continuously increasing  numbers of wounded and dead factory workers.
     It became a rage....very much like the ridiculous causes among the "progressives" to this day....Equal Pay!!!!  Glass Ceiling!!!!  15.00/hr Minimum Wage!!!!   Black Lives Matter!!!!  Hands Up!  Don't Shoot!!!!
         Further, the worst of the racists were people to whom the progressives and leftists of to-day's American give all adulation and esteem like Margaret Sanger, Franklin Delano and Eleanor Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and the like.

     Southerners who travelled to the North during the antebellum period were often stunned at the conditions under which the northern labour force worked in those days.   They would tell their northern cousins  that, "....if we were to treat our people like this there would be slave riots throughout the South."   In fact, true Slave uprisings occurred, but as a per capita thing, it never reached the level of the labour unrest in the North before and then after the War Between the States.
     Jefferson Davis and his older brother Joseph were part of a movement that was active in the South, concerning self-government by the slaves over matters that directly concerned them.  They established a jury system that actually worked after several false starts (a decision by a jury to give 5,000 lashes for a theft of a number of laying hens, on the first case, for instance).

     As in the case for War against the South, the industrialists and bankers knew that the major financial interests would have to move before the process of manumission would take away the incentive for the argument for abolition.   The number of Negroes gaining manumission, sometimes by will and testament, sometimes because it was just time, and sometimes because, whether the Negro was equal or not the "peculiar institution" was expensive and repulsive and becoming an economic anachronism.
      In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the forces for radical social change knew that the Negro had arrived at a bifurcated choice set.   Keep on with the pleasant Nat King Cole, Platters, and Mills Brothers image and Jackie Robinson, et al and unemployment just slightly higher than the White rate and economic advance moving slowly ahead or take the path of "Freedom Now" and confrontation.
     The left knew that it would win if it could pose the question about the path for the Negro population so that it would seem rational to be confrontational. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, very much a communist front and provocateur for violent confrontation, also known as "peaceful demonstrations", departed from the staid, establish pastors and Black professionals.   They hoped that they could provoke over-reactions of the "white power structure" and wake up the yahoos and white trash to come out and show the "darkies" how the cow at the cabbage and put them in their place.
      Lamentably, the SCLC and other such groups played their cards better, and involved the press correctly, and managed to play the role of the Pied Piper so as to take the nation off to this mess we have right now.   The SCLC and subsequent black groups, thinking they had accomplished something, perhaps, would soon learn that they were being tooled around by an extreme left-wing group that wanted to convert the Black Race in America into a voting bloc that would support the progressive marxist agenda, and thereby the destruction of American.  
      The most sure and certain way to do this would be to begin a "cattle drive" of the American population of Black African descended peoples into the snake pit of public assistance and all of its helping hands.  It took only two generations of the United  States government spending other peoples' money to bring the bulk of the Black population to the point of servitude.
     Along with that debasing came the good news for the leftist social engineers  and political gurus that black people were killing each other at record levels, black church attendance had fallen as a portion of the black population, even more precipitously than the White cohort of the overall population.   This would mean more and more calls for more and more programmes to address the problems that the previous programmes had caused.    That would keep numerous Democrat Party sacred cows and sacred institutions and the Democrat Urban hegemony safe for at least a little longer.

    Northern elitists, social engineers, bankers, and politicians and a book by the name of Uncle Tom's Cabin hastened the dash to Emancipation, managed to kill a million people on two sides of an issue in a totally useless war, and brought an end to the manumission process that was actually turning Black Folks out of slavery and to solid Freeman status at an increasing rate in 1860.
       After helping to set back true social improvement by 80 to 100 years, the same Northern intellectuals and political charlatans came along just in time to fuel the racial animosity fires so as to discard the actual condition of things in the 1955 - 1960 period, and the solid improvements that were being made in the American and Black American and White American social construct.
   We are facing the fruits of those "improvements" again.   Think of all the falsehoods and falsities of these ghouls who have "led" us for the past seven years.

El Gringo Viejo


Friday, 20 November 2015

Bo Snerdly and millions of other realists say, know, and remember these things.... (TWO INSTALLMENTS)


     Bo Snerdly, the only person  (besides Rush's wife) who tells Rush Limbaugh what to do and when to do it was at a confab recently, where Black Folks and White Folks can talk to each other without being shouted down by Arian Nation / KKK nuts, or St. Blatherdoodle Baptist Anti-Fag Church, or Black Lives Matter, or Muslim Brotherhood, or the Obsolete Press.

    It was some kind of meeting with an attendance that could have probably  had people qualified to be  Sons of Confederate Veterans and The Grand Army of the Union folks who did get together and, like Barney and Fred, have a gay old time, where a person could still say the word "gay'' and mean it.

     Mr. Snerdly, who is a large and tough looking Black man spoke with clarity, humour, obvious high intelligence,  and depth.   It was clear that he was born to the heat, complexity, and accuracy of deduction of controlling a massive Caucasian intelligence and ego, a relentless clock, and a listening audience that ranged from the deranged to some of the most astute, and commonly noble and intelligent listening audience on the Planet.  In the control room.....He Rules Everything, inside and out. 

     Part of what set off  El Gringo Viejo to-day is not some left-wing kook blowing his mouth off.   It was Glen Beck, nearing tears again, talking about how we need to get back to those times of solidarity when Martin Luther King, Jr. called for measuring a man by the content of his character and not by the colour of his skin.   Bo Snerdly has an IQ about 30 to 40 points higher than Glen Beck.   (There were no "affirmative action" make-up IQ points added to Glen's score.)

     We reviewed the event and the various commentators, all excellent, but the observations of Mr. Snerdley were profound.   He pointed out that the condition of the Negro, and the relation of said person(s) with other Negros and with the Whites who surrounded them were a lot more pleasant during the those final days of Jim Crow.
      He did not call for those days to return, mind you, but he did point out the fact that in those days, there were all kinds of "better conditions".   Among them, almost all Black Folks counted among their closest friend and confidants....Honkey-type people (actually middle and upper class White Folks).   It suggested those images brought to mind about my Grandma Mamie, who said "....and, well,  the White Folks in the in Tennessee and Alabama, they measured the good of a person by how many of the "old timey" Coloured might be there at the funeral or for the burial (she actually used a word that the spell-check cannot digest - I attempt it here with phonetic tricks - BRRR  ee  yin).

     As usual, I have a thousand, million stories from my Southern maternal grandparents....but Bo Snerdly hit many of them with a carpet bombing of truth.  Mr. Snerdly is not a person who speaks only with words of silver needles and golden threads .... he speaks with words of ingots of iron, and bullion bars of copper, silver, and gold.
      He points out that before the "Civil Rights Movement" (my choosing of the naming of the time, because that is when it occurred and and it is the time that he identified specifically), the edging towards tiredness with the Jim Crow laws...maintained by the White-trash demagogues in the South, and disregarded wherever possible....ONCE AGAIN BECAUSE THE UPPER-MIDDLE AND PLANTATION CLASSES, AS DURING THE DEMISE OF SLAVERY, did not point out the need to follow the ancient admonitions:   Do not kick the sleeping dog.   Allow the mellowing influences of Christianity, as RELee said, to solve this problem of a society of two races forming one citizenship and Nation.

     Bo Snerdly advised all in attendance that during those days up into the 1950s,  with Jim Crow, almost every home of the Black African cohort of the American population, had a mommy and and daddy and beaming children who all looked like David Robinson and C0ndoleeza Rice. Schools were segregated.....much was segregated....but black crime on black people, black crime on white folks .....was much, much, much, much lower than than to-day in terms of events per 100,000 people.   Do not try to catch me on the basis of gross numbers deployed over much lower population numbers.   These are percentages per constant numbers.

     It is reasonably estimated that 85% of all Negroes were in one church or another during the week.  The leaders of the "communities" as we understood the word back then, was the pastor, priest, or preacher-man of the local Orthodox, Protestant, or Evangelical/Pentecostal Church....and the fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and close cousins of the children at the Church picnic.

      Pardon the reference, but solely to back up the observation by Mr. Snerdly, the white/anglo/standard American issue population had a 5% illegitimacy rate in 1950.   The Latin cohort of the population....very small...but also easy to measure, had a 6% rate of miracle babies.    Remember, these were the days when the old biddies with blue hair, and the hair-dressers in the "beauty parlours" who "knew all", and the best friends of the afflicted, counts hours, days, and seconds from the time of the vows 'til the time of the howl in the delivery room.   It was a different time. those "times''....the Negro illegitimacy rate was....tah! dah!:


    What to do?   The Democrats and the social progressives cannot let go of this batch of people they have spawned.   They had  determined, based upon common and basic communistic strike force tactics, to flood a nation with dependent, violent people, so as to destroy that nation.
      This reality is perhaps best demonstrated by the Red Chinese, after Inchon, flooding the masses of people seeking refuge South Korea...people who were leaving North Korea in droves of scores of thousands with fifth column people impregnated within them.  These Trojan Horse "riders" would serve to destabilise both for the moment and long range moles awaiting orders, taking data, observing, and generally aiding the totally psychotic regime to the North.
     Why?   Because they knew the Gringos were reluctant to fire upon masses of Korean civilians who were probably all refugees save for 5 or 10 per cent.   That way they could inflict terroristic murders, car-bombings of "refugee" centres, and cause general havoc behind the lines.
      This is what we see now.  We understand that the "progressives" want to destroy America....and dependency is truly the quickest way.   Food, Medicine, Schooling, Housing, transportation, etc.  all "free";   It  produces a dependent matter the colour or racial extraction....a dependent race that will demand "cake from the bakery when the bread runs out"...or they will burn down the bakery and everything else.

And without droning on forth...we retire.   We leave all of this to the ruminations of truly the highest form of human life, the OROG.
El Gringo Viejo