Friday, 20 November 2015

Bo Snerdly and millions of other realists say, know, and remember these things.... (TWO INSTALLMENTS)


     Bo Snerdly, the only person  (besides Rush's wife) who tells Rush Limbaugh what to do and when to do it was at a confab recently, where Black Folks and White Folks can talk to each other without being shouted down by Arian Nation / KKK nuts, or St. Blatherdoodle Baptist Anti-Fag Church, or Black Lives Matter, or Muslim Brotherhood, or the Obsolete Press.

    It was some kind of meeting with an attendance that could have probably  had people qualified to be  Sons of Confederate Veterans and The Grand Army of the Union folks who did get together and, like Barney and Fred, have a gay old time, where a person could still say the word "gay'' and mean it.

     Mr. Snerdly, who is a large and tough looking Black man spoke with clarity, humour, obvious high intelligence,  and depth.   It was clear that he was born to the heat, complexity, and accuracy of deduction of controlling a massive Caucasian intelligence and ego, a relentless clock, and a listening audience that ranged from the deranged to some of the most astute, and commonly noble and intelligent listening audience on the Planet.  In the control room.....He Rules Everything, inside and out. 

     Part of what set off  El Gringo Viejo to-day is not some left-wing kook blowing his mouth off.   It was Glen Beck, nearing tears again, talking about how we need to get back to those times of solidarity when Martin Luther King, Jr. called for measuring a man by the content of his character and not by the colour of his skin.   Bo Snerdly has an IQ about 30 to 40 points higher than Glen Beck.   (There were no "affirmative action" make-up IQ points added to Glen's score.)

     We reviewed the event and the various commentators, all excellent, but the observations of Mr. Snerdley were profound.   He pointed out that the condition of the Negro, and the relation of said person(s) with other Negros and with the Whites who surrounded them were a lot more pleasant during the those final days of Jim Crow.
      He did not call for those days to return, mind you, but he did point out the fact that in those days, there were all kinds of "better conditions".   Among them, almost all Black Folks counted among their closest friend and confidants....Honkey-type people (actually middle and upper class White Folks).   It suggested those images brought to mind about my Grandma Mamie, who said "....and, well,  the White Folks in the in Tennessee and Alabama, they measured the good of a person by how many of the "old timey" Coloured might be there at the funeral or for the burial (she actually used a word that the spell-check cannot digest - I attempt it here with phonetic tricks - BRRR  ee  yin).

     As usual, I have a thousand, million stories from my Southern maternal grandparents....but Bo Snerdly hit many of them with a carpet bombing of truth.  Mr. Snerdly is not a person who speaks only with words of silver needles and golden threads .... he speaks with words of ingots of iron, and bullion bars of copper, silver, and gold.
      He points out that before the "Civil Rights Movement" (my choosing of the naming of the time, because that is when it occurred and and it is the time that he identified specifically), the edging towards tiredness with the Jim Crow laws...maintained by the White-trash demagogues in the South, and disregarded wherever possible....ONCE AGAIN BECAUSE THE UPPER-MIDDLE AND PLANTATION CLASSES, AS DURING THE DEMISE OF SLAVERY, did not point out the need to follow the ancient admonitions:   Do not kick the sleeping dog.   Allow the mellowing influences of Christianity, as RELee said, to solve this problem of a society of two races forming one citizenship and Nation.

     Bo Snerdly advised all in attendance that during those days up into the 1950s,  with Jim Crow, almost every home of the Black African cohort of the American population, had a mommy and and daddy and beaming children who all looked like David Robinson and C0ndoleeza Rice. Schools were segregated.....much was segregated....but black crime on black people, black crime on white folks .....was much, much, much, much lower than than to-day in terms of events per 100,000 people.   Do not try to catch me on the basis of gross numbers deployed over much lower population numbers.   These are percentages per constant numbers.

     It is reasonably estimated that 85% of all Negroes were in one church or another during the week.  The leaders of the "communities" as we understood the word back then, was the pastor, priest, or preacher-man of the local Orthodox, Protestant, or Evangelical/Pentecostal Church....and the fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and close cousins of the children at the Church picnic.

      Pardon the reference, but solely to back up the observation by Mr. Snerdly, the white/anglo/standard American issue population had a 5% illegitimacy rate in 1950.   The Latin cohort of the population....very small...but also easy to measure, had a 6% rate of miracle babies.    Remember, these were the days when the old biddies with blue hair, and the hair-dressers in the "beauty parlours" who "knew all", and the best friends of the afflicted, counts hours, days, and seconds from the time of the vows 'til the time of the howl in the delivery room.   It was a different time. those "times''....the Negro illegitimacy rate was....tah! dah!:


    What to do?   The Democrats and the social progressives cannot let go of this batch of people they have spawned.   They had  determined, based upon common and basic communistic strike force tactics, to flood a nation with dependent, violent people, so as to destroy that nation.
      This reality is perhaps best demonstrated by the Red Chinese, after Inchon, flooding the masses of people seeking refuge South Korea...people who were leaving North Korea in droves of scores of thousands with fifth column people impregnated within them.  These Trojan Horse "riders" would serve to destabilise both for the moment and long range moles awaiting orders, taking data, observing, and generally aiding the totally psychotic regime to the North.
     Why?   Because they knew the Gringos were reluctant to fire upon masses of Korean civilians who were probably all refugees save for 5 or 10 per cent.   That way they could inflict terroristic murders, car-bombings of "refugee" centres, and cause general havoc behind the lines.
      This is what we see now.  We understand that the "progressives" want to destroy America....and dependency is truly the quickest way.   Food, Medicine, Schooling, Housing, transportation, etc.  all "free";   It  produces a dependent matter the colour or racial extraction....a dependent race that will demand "cake from the bakery when the bread runs out"...or they will burn down the bakery and everything else.

And without droning on forth...we retire.   We leave all of this to the ruminations of truly the highest form of human life, the OROG.
El Gringo Viejo