In 1964, anyone visiting the McAllen High School in McAllen, Texas would have walked through a parking lot with about 600 autos and pickups. They were driven mainly by spoiled extreme upper-middle class and well-to-do students, ethnically it was almost all white, with a split of 2 parts Anglo and 1 part Latin. Of the 4,000 enrollees, there were about six of black African ancestry.
In the parking lot, of the 600 vehicles, every other one had a rifle, shotgun, and/or a pistol. They also had ammunition. The rifles were frequently hung in a rifle rack at the level of the rear window. I had a Kharmann Ghia Volkswagen. In the driver's door pocket, I had a .22 9 shot revolver, with a 6" barrel. It was a fun target pistol, but it made up for lack of punch with a lot of chances to make a head shot if necessary.
There was never a firearm incident on the McAllen campus. From 1911 until that time there was never an incident. Everyone had a catechism. Protestant, Roman Catholic, Hebrew...Anglican....We all had an understanding of moral obligation and we all pretty much yielded to authority. But we never abused the considerable amount of firepower as 14 - 18 year old spoiled punks, brats, preppies, Dean and Brando types, even Mexican-American neighbourhood gangs back when the gangs were more social than violent...and almost everyone had two parents of different sexes.
Catechism, instruction, and a sense that there is something bigger than one's self.
Thank each and every one of you all for your time and interest.