Monday, 21 October 2013

Anglican Curmudgeon Alert....a must-read for OROGs

     We are urging all to click onto one of our most favoured sites in all cyberspace.
     The Anglican Curmudgeon has strolled forth from the Olde English Church of Saint Bartholomew and its surrounding cemetery to take a walk to the centre of the village.   It's a quaint little village and he needs to pick of a bottle of the famous raisin sauce made locally.   The weather is frightful, but enjoyable, perhaps even due to the challenge that it presents.  He is not going far, because he has to return to finish his commentary on his blog of the same name.
Malvern Abbey as seen from the Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, today as the latest snowfall has created some postcard perfect scenes around the country but has caused chaos elsewhere
Canterbury style English Church in Worcestershire
(pronounced - Wooster, like everything else)

     He has stepped out thinking that, with all the Global Warming, he did not really need his greatcoat, but a brisker step will warm both body and soul.   He knows he must return quickly because scores and scores of members of the Order of the Readers of the Old Gringo are going to be reading his blog about the Value of Paper Money.   If the link does not respond, you can always go down to the lower right....all the way...and there you will find a certain link to the Anglican Curmudgeon.

Part of the south face of a small stone church, seen from an angle, with tiled roofs and a gabled, wooden porch
Old St Bartholomew's Church,
 Lower Sapey, Worcestershire
 from the lateral.   This is
 during calmer summer

We charge the OROG to visit the Anglican Curmudgeon's pub, not far from this church scene, found at the linkage above or below.  Short read, well worth it....about 2 pints of dark, I'd say, and worth the couple'a quid and a tip.
El Gringo Viejo