Thursday, 31 January 2013

El Zorro says in few words what others fail to say in many

Your January 30 journal was spot on.
I wish you un viaje bueno hasta que vuelva.
Just a couple of issues of frustration.....

Gun Show Loop Hole?:
Does no one understand the BATF regulation on transfers of firearms?
       It is simply this. Individuals can trade, sell, or anywise convey firearms to other individuals in the same state (no registration or notification required) if there is no reason to believe the transferee is not a criminal and known to be unfit to possess a firearm. Period! In the case of a gun show, individuals who have guns or, paraphernalia relating to such that they wish to convey, they can purchase space at a gun show and transact business as individuals. It is obvious that individuals who take their wares to the gun show have the advantage of exposure, but there is no loophole!!
If they say it long enough the sheep will believe it. (egv adds - Goebbels, right?)
     In the same vein, it is very annoying and destructive to the purpose that the political and media conspirators continue to call violence control, “gun control” and “gun violence”. To call it that is to imply that guns are the total issue when guns without a shooter are useless to any purpose. Guns obviously are a tool a criminal can use to commit violence as is poison, bomb, knife, hatchet, hands, feet, rocks, in ad infinitem. “...hearings on ‘gun violence’ my butt. Arrrrrrrggghhhh!!!!
Talk to you soon my friend.


El Gringo Viejo adds only that what Jim is saying is so readily understood hereabouts that I was wondering why it had to be said...but it must.  The human beings and OROGs must also understand that any real live gun show is normally crawling with every known type of BATF-A.    It is always just a dull and boring grouping of collectors, investors, and shoppers  who normally are more numerous than people who are buying so as to burn up ammunition at the firing range.  At these "horrible, dangerous gun shows", everybody is armed, and there are never any problems.  That alone should be a lesson to somebody.
El Gringo Viejo

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Barack Obama's uncle to face deportation hearing:

Uncle Otto Onyango Obama, the uncle of US president Barack Obama, will learn if he is to be deported from the US to Kenya at a hearing scheduled for Dec 3.  We do not know if this is 3 December 2012 or 2013, but the article is current in the Guardian and the Times of London,as of this date, 31 January 2013.   El Gringo Viejo will check to-morrow for clarity.


Barack Obama's uncle to face deportation hearing
pictured left, OMAR ONYANGO OBAMA, lived
on public assistance as an illegal alient for
forty years. Fluent in Swahili and begging.
pictured right, BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA,
citizenship - poor to unknown, also no
known trade or profession.  Known
for self-promotion and spending
massive amounts of other
peoples' money.
Each in his own way presents a clear
 and present danger to the Republic. 

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tired of the Proclamation

     We have long, long since grown tired of the issue 0f "hispanic" and what to do about the "11,000,000" illegal aliens.   We are tired of our leadership in the Republican Party even giving a minute's time or space to anything associated with "African-American" or "Hispanic" or "Anglo" or "Eskimo" or any such issues.   At the very moment we begin think in those terms, the issue is lost.  The concept of English Common Law is thrown over the gunwales, and fed to the sharks.

     Once English Common Law is thrown to the sharks, all sorts of ills follow.   That is the seed which Slavery was.   The Yankees had their bloody hands in it, the Brits had their bloody hands in it, the Southerners had their bloody hands in it, the Black Africans had their bloody hands in it, the Arabs had (and still have) their bloody hands in it and we shall reap that fundamental violation of English Common Law....and what earlier was known as....something like  culture based upon the Beattitudes and variations of the Golden Rule. not just sing and smile pleasantly at the next funeral or issue where the pipes play, or a choir sings, "Amazing Grace".   Contemplate that the Anglican anthem was written  by John Newton who had been a captain of a slaver....and a very successful one, at that.   He quit his task, we urge the OROG to search out why if he/she does not already know, and then contemplate our task;   our moral task....not our compliance in turning over our will to an all-powerful government, or worse, to an all-powerful international government.

     Strong words follow, and we shan't deny nary a one.  Rush Limbaugh is a lovable, moderate dumboe at times, such as when he wails and points at the horrors of an ever encroaching government on Tuesday and then wrails and points at the irreverence and un-American nature of some teacher or professor criticising Abraham Lincoln on Wednesday.   We are taught to reverence and all but diefy Abraham Lincoln....rather much like we are taught that Hillary Rodham is a goddess because she a Solar Powered, Mega-reclinomatic, LazyBoy Atomic Massage Chair to one pointless, waddling, stumbling, meeting after another.   And we are taught that she is qualified to be Queen of the Universe because not too many hundreds of millions of people are going to die because of her pointlessness and ineffectuality and narcissistic shallowness.

       The number of really bad, evil, and yet highly revered and worshipped and magnified personalities, in the opinion of this writer includes the following:

         Andrew Jackson, arbitrarily throwing in with the northeastern bankers and capitalists against the Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, and Creek Nations after White Southerners had fought with, made peace with, intermarried with, made friends and entangling social, business, and other entangling alliances with those great Indian nations.   Walt Disney and almost all commentators do not identify why David Crockett and Sam Houston....both wildly more interesting and popular figures than Andrew Jackson...and previously being friends and fellow Tennesseans, decided to move to Texas.   The Anglo/Frenchy David Hawkins Croquette and the low-aristocratic, slave-owning family member Samuel Houston were mixed thoroughly by legal and high ceremonial adoption, in Houston's case, by Cherokee Royalty,  and in Croquette's case with having fought, having carried the blood in his veins, and having totally mixed his business, social, and political interests finally with the Indians equally with the Whites.

Republican presidential ticket 1864b.jpg
The National Union Party
     Abraham Lincoln, who arbitrarily and within his own manner of thinking and rationale, decided that he would do whatever was necessary to fool, trick, and scheme his way into the Presidency.   He even had his Nancy Pelosi moment by stating to the choir of fools, "If I can keep the Union together with Slavery then I will do so".    I'm sorry, Abe...but I knew Mssrs. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison....they were friends of mine...and you are not a replicant of the least of them.
     Republicans like to cite the fact that they are good people because Lincoln freed the slaves and we are like Lincoln because we are Republicans.  On Lincoln's first ascension to the Presidency he ran as some new thing called "Republican" which had displaced the frumpy, dull Whig Party.   On his second run for the roses, he ran on the National Union Party ticket, which was registered on the various northern States' ballots as the Republican Party, but not with much pleasure.   The change was designed to recruit votes away from the Copperheads and to develop at least a bit of a following among the "War Democrats", such as was my Great-grandfather in Pennsylvania.    He was so concerned about the Negro and the slavery issue that he decided to take on that great statesman from Tennessee, Andrew his vice-presidential choice.   Andrew had his inner-Uncle Joe Biden down to a "t", gaffing and blubbering his way into the history books.   It is said that he was probably "somewhat sober" at his emergency swearing in after the assassination of Lincoln.   He was famous for stumbling around in the White House in the early morning hours cursing the ".....damned n****rs...." while calling for the Negro butler who had the key to the whiskey cabinet.    Johnson also hated the northern Abolitionists, the Radical Republicans, all Southerners, and of course all Negroes.....he was a conflicted sort but only when he was drunk or occasionally sober.
     Lincoln's own legacy is one of causing the greatest number of tombstones in the history of American warfare.   The total number of dead, wounded, and MIA during the War Between the States is almost the same as the total number of dead, wounded and MIA of all the other Wars and "police actions" combined.   And we must remember what the population base was at that time to understand the massive social and demographic impact of that single War. My grandfather, alone, lost two brothers dead, combatting  the Confederate Armies. resulted in nothing save the end of the concept of English Common Law as a basis for the American jurisprudence system.   The invalid Emancipation Proclamation had to be "healed" quite literally by the XIIIth Amendment and the XIVth Amendment to the Constitution.    Why?   Because no president of the United States has (had) the right to remove property or order a change in the civil estate of a person or a person in bond or to quit the property of a person when said property had been derived by accepted, legal process.   That is why the people who think with the right side of their brains only (pinkos and people who 'feel' rather than think) believe to this day that "Lincoln freed the slaves".
     His very edict, written in the double-speak, parching, multiple-possible-interpretational gibberish so favoured by the present day marxists in the Obama Administration, can be easily construed, and probably meant, that the only slaves to be emancipated by said "proclamation" were those still in areas under the control of the Confederacy, while those found in areas under the control of pro-Union military forces or government would still be considered slaves and chattel.
     It remains, in any regard, that we fought a war so as to free a man into a system by which the government could then tell that newly freed man that, later, he could not smoke, eat, think, say certain words, have or express certain attitudes, own certain types of things, practise certain beliefs, etc. etc.   In fact, that man was freed into a different, more pernicious type of slavery.   A "boiled-frog" slavery.
     All of my Limbaugh people in Tennessee...Rush's great-great grand uncles and cousins...fought for the Confederacy.   Some were wounded. One died.   Rush's Limbaugh and collateral people in southeastern-most Missouri were also involved in the Confederate military effort and civilian governmental activity.   His grandfather, who died not so very long ago at the age of 104 in 1996 (we believe),  was a highly accomplished attorney and a true expert in matters of classical history and law, as well as the origins of thought pertaining to the Constitution of the United States.   As a child, Rush's grandfather also would have had close contact with a lot of not-so-very-old Confederate personalities.   So Rush needs to study, a little more deeply, the numerous flaws and parallels between Abraham Lincoln and other defective American political figures.   The first Limbaugh (1738)  in the Colonies...Pennsylvania...was a Hessian/Prussian type, Johann Michael Limbaugh, who was a good American Colonialist, involved militarily AND in civilian capacity with the Continental effort to overthrow the yoke of King George III.   His children were also colonial American patriots.   And so, much of Rush's "blood" is Confederate, like mine.

Theodore Roosevelt -  a cocky, ultra-uber-aristocratic, up-river Hudson Valley child of privilege becomes an American Icon because of his heroic charge up San Juan Hill, where he and, to a lesser extent, the famous Rough Riders destroyed the Spanish Empire.   Of course he took credit for the long previously under-process Panama Canal, established central government preeminence in terms of land tenure and use, to establish central government authority over business and labour activity, and then generally lived la vida buena of a person who loved to impose his fantasies upon the masses.
    He also broke up the Republican Party like a bull moose, by opposing Taft  during the 1912 the standard bearer for the Bull Moose party.... thereby giving us that wondrous Democrat Twin of Teddy...Woodrow Wilson.

A really horrid person and
perhaps the lead element in the
nacent effort to establish State
Capitalism and National Socialism
under the control of elites throughout
 Planet Earth.   Atheist, totally
hated Jews, Catholics, Protestants,
Negroes, Mexicans, Latins of any
sort, and totally dedicated to a
planet where the apes who would
allowed to live would also be
ruled and cared for by elites. 
Thomas Woodrow Wilson  -  Blithering, racist, elitist full-blown nutter.  Controlled by spooky dudes such as Colonel Edward Mandell House who is something very much like the Russian Rasputin in terms of his spooky dudeness.   But, "Colonel" House was not a colonel any more than Rasputin was a seer, a poet, a priest, or anything with socially redeeming value.

He managed to fog the issues in Mexico to such an extent that neither country has or probably ever will recover from the bungling committed by Wilson and House, and of course, that glorious old windbag, William Jennings Bryan.  A more perfect bag of bigots and nincompoops could never have converged so perfectly.   His inept dabbling brought us dangerously close to Workers of the World meets the Council on Foreign Relations permitted another great fog, that of World War I, its entrance, conduct, and termination.  It further set the stage for that great leap forward by humanity, The League of Nations.
     Woodrow Wilson was what House formed.   And Woodrow Wilson was what his second wife formed...and cemented while attending to him after his stroke in September of 1919.  She effectively became the first female President of the United States by huddling over her incapicated husband for his last nineteen months in office.

     Wilson was truly an incompetent, blithering lecture-crat. He was the one who chose winners and losers like Obama, and in the case of Mexico, went out of his way help stab Pancho Villa in the back, and caused a purposeful and false re-writing of Villa's curriculum vitae that forced him to the sidelines of the Mexican Revolution of 1910.   The Hearst people, who also helped "Sink the Battleship Maine" did yoemen's work in that hatchet job.   Wilson more directly essentially allowed the execution of Madero and Pino Suarez in 1912, and the assassination of Emiliano Zapata in 1916...that stupidly brought to power the pro-German..and later to Venustiano Carranza into the presidency of Mexico  in 1917.
     Nice work, if you can get it...and then be paid for it.   But let us continue on to the list that will live in infamy after El Gringo Viejo becomes Emperor and we dig up the bones of all these reprobates and burn them.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt  -   Another up-river Hudson Valley hootsy-snootsy.   Cousin of Teddy.   Teddy was also the Uncle of the first Queen of the Universe,  Eleanor Roosevelt.  Eleanor was also the 2nd cousin of her husband, Franklin.   So, the bar-b-ques up on the Hudson were probably pretty tightly closed family affairs.   Eleanor was also a close friend and confidant of almost every communist and national socialist mole, spy, co-conspirator, thinker, philosopher, and peculiar anti-American personality in America at the time.
     This Roosevelt was the first great exponent of the idea of "shovel ready" and "Pour all the milk out into the storm sewers for Prosperity!" programmes.   The National Recovery Act, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the the Works Progress Administration, and several hundred other central government, national socialist AND Kremlin inspired "great leaps forward" had a terrific impact on the Great Depression that afflicted the United States during the entire 1930s period.   Roosevelt ran against the dumboe liberal Republican Herbert Hoover in 1932, declaring that he would return the Government to fiscal prudence and a balanced budget and restrict the meddling of programs and experiments by the government so as to allow the  free market to heal itself.
    Immediately upon taking office, he revealed his true colours by embarking on all the above schemes and ushering in to the halls of government the biggest influx of reds and pinks known up until that time.    All of these people and programs, as stated, did have a great impact upon the American economy.   Things became hopelessly worse.
    Roosevelt finally manoeuvred America into World War II late in 1941, and the Great Depression was over.  He died in office of complications from polio, an affliction that had left essentially paralysed from the waist down for most of his life.  Shortly after his demise, another relatively useless person assumed the presidency. That person left office with the lowest approval rate ever, and still holds the record.

William Jefferson Blythe Clinton    - Total slug.  Erstwhile marxist, full-time, hedonistic narcissist.  No medical report.  Many charges, almost all reliable, rape, sexual assault, assault, and other examples of essentially being a male whore and a Category V misogynist.  As is the case with leftists, he derived and still enjoys massive support from among the right side brain  crowd because he learnt to support abortion and oppose the burning of black churches in the South, as well as to bite his lower lip when he was faking concern for anyone other than himself.   List of disgumdusting personal and political failings, failures, and flimflammeries too long to list with only eternity left to list them.

Barak Hussein Obama Soetoro Obama   - Total slug on steroids.   Like William Blythe, a consummate drug user in his past, and also trafficker.  No records concerning health or  educational acheivement or accomplishment.  Totally devoted  to the notion of social democracy....and assumes that he is one the three or four hundred people who know that he actually means socialist re-organisation of America.  He was apparently hypnotised at a very early age and told that he is beautiful and always right and can do no wrong and that the people who despise him for being the anti-American marxist that he is are racists and bad, bad, people.   This particular member of the Rogues' List is the worst of the bunch.   There is nothing good to say about him.

We shall be departing soon for our little mud hut.   Thanks for your attention and continued interest.  Welcome to the new readers and fellow Anglicans in the fight for Orthodoxy and tradition.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 28 January 2013

Trotsky and Stalin, Barak and (Sir Edmund)Hillary

Something very strange is going on now.   Perhaps our salvation will be in the hubris of our foes.   They are putting up Goliath for the fall, perhaps.
     Shortly after the mess created by the war between the Reds (bolsheviks) and the Whites (monarchists and parliamentarians) in that amorphous mass of Terra Firma known as Russia, stability began to return.   Some of this required the early retirement from the  political scene by insignificant parties  such as the Romanoff family, and several million other useless anti-progressives.
     In the next paragraph is a partial list of the most important first level members of Kerensky's provisional government.  It is the nature of communists.   They killed Salvador Allende, and blamed the is the nature of socialists of all kinds.   Some 30,000 party members, revolutionary soldiers, purveyors, and other associates of Castro's Revolutionary army were taken  before the firing squad before the first year of "liberation" was done.  The ones below were the ones who were involved immediately after the "abdication" of Czar Nicolas II.
Fate of the Former Ministers of the Provisional Government
Most of the former ministers of the Provisional Government who did not leave Russia were executed by the Soviet Government in the later years or died in prisons: A.M.Nikitin (executed), A.I.Verkhovskiy (executed), P.N.Malyantovich (executed), S.L.Maslov (executed), F.F.Kokoshkin (brutally murdered in a prison hospital), V.N.Lvov (died in prison), N.V.Nekrasov (executed), M.I.Skobelev (executed), A.I.Shingarev (brutally murdered in a prison hospital), D.I.Shakhovskoy (died in a labour camp). Others spent many years in prison: K.A.Gvozdev (spent 18 years in prison), N.M.Kishkin.   (the euphemism ...."were executed by the Soviet Government" a bit cutesy.  Soviet Government = Stalin.)
     The authoritarian-by-default Nicolas II, last Emperor of the Russian Empire, had seen declining fortunes for the Empire for quite some time.  The disastrous war with Japan to begin the century, then the failure to diagnose the social psychosis brought on by the provocations to anarchy by the  communists, Workers of the World,  coupling into another war of questionable value to prince or pauper, as was the World War, essentially wore the Russian psyche down to exasperation.   As the Russians were saying, "Every year has nine months of ice and snow, 12 months of hunger, and 18 months of war".
     The hordes and vermin under the command of the Bolsheviks, ergo Nicolai Lenin, manoeuvred and constructed the quickest dispatch of the forces of stupidity (also known as)  reasonability, moderation, democratic socialism, reasonable capitalists,  free labour unions, kinder and gentler, and the Society for Being Nice to Crippled Jews into the Dustbinsky of History.    
Our good friend on the left managed to do the impossible.  He led a country that was already prostrate to even deeper depths of  arbitrary totalitarianism, from hunger to starvation, into the brave new world of building refrigerators and sending them to places with no electricity.  Part of his legacy is that his efforts were so good, that many places in Russia still do not have electricity.  The electrician comes next Monday, as they say.
Mr. Nice Guy
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
      At least with the Monarch there was a bit of colour and show, pomp and circumstance.  But Lenin was just the point of the bullet, so to speak.  Others would come after him to perfect the concept of the New Democracy, where everyone would truly be equal, except for the leadership of the Communist Party.
      Vladimir (aka Nicolai) micromanaged to-day, and macro-managed to-morrow, and managed not at all until the Joseph Robert Stalin (aka: Uncle Joe), fairly quickly inserted himself into positions and issues of greater power and influence.   By the time Lenin had had a "stroke" that incapacitated him to some extent (like Woodrow Wilson had been towards the end) he was reduced to passing "testaments" to his wife which were delivered for the politburo to brood over.
        The condition brought on by Lenin's "stroke" was pointing to a "shovel ready" solution by 1923.   His actual demise is now accepted as neurosyphillitic degeneration, (to know syphilis is to know medicine) and the malady is certainly common among leftists leaders.  It is one of the main reasons why every Democrat President who has served in this century has refused to render a complete medical report for public review.  Among Caucasians, roseatia is a common early-onset problem with chronic STD affliction and among Negroes it is frequently associated with early onset greying of hair and yellowing-hue of skin.   But, we digress.
     Before long Uncle Joe had whittled down the number of dull, murderous thugs who were in charge of that particular great leap forward into the brave new world, to him and another dolt by the name of Leon Trotsky.    He was born Levi Davidovich Bronshtein on November 7, 1879.   He became of those peculiarities, the atheist Jew.   He changed his name so as to divest himself from his Abrahamic birthright and to join that amazing march of the mindless, Oprah Zomboes who would perfect society and the human condition. 
      Leon Trotsky's revolutionary activity as a young man spurred his first of several ordered exiles to Siberia.   The horrid Romanoffs had over 20,000 political prisoners, and this could not be tolerated by the Progressive Reformers.   By the time the Red Army and the Bolshevik thugs had finished with the implementation  of the major elements of the communist revolution, there were almost 1,000,000, mainly housed at 111 Elm Street, Nowhere, Siberia.  Almost 100,000 had been murdered or sent to a firing squad or a bullet in the back of the head squad during the purposeful terroristic campaigns especially directed at non-communist leftists in the period from 1921 to 1923. 
Leon with that endearing
"deranged maniac" gaze
into the future
        So although Trotksy fought alongside Lenin during the formative revolutionary period, from the 1917 revolution until 1925, his usefulness to Stalin was coming to an end. As commissar of war in the new Soviet government, he helped defeat forces opposed to Bolshevik control.    And the Soviet government developed, he had the audacity to be involved in a power struggle against nice old Uncle Joe.   By 1936 he was enjoying a nice, bourgeois upper-middle class life in Mexico City before the smog of capitalism had ruined everything.
     He wrote and wrote, memoirs and manifestos, love letters to Frida and other very meaningful missives.  Stalin wrote, as well, orders of apprehension, assassination, vilification and all manner of hate-speech against Trotsky.   He caused all of Trotsky's last allies in the politburo in the mid-1920ds to be executed as traitors to the Revolution.

Frida Kahlo
during her
     Trotsky managed to deflect Frida Kahlo's peculiar emotional compass from other women and Diego Rivera long enough to effect a "relationship" with her.   Trotsky's second wife was not really impressed with any of that, and Diego came crawling back to his "ugly swan", thereby literally breaking the lease that the foursome were holding on a large home in the fourth best neighbourhood in Mexico City at the time.  Not exactly the digs of our Hollywood images of grimy revolucionarios.

     The problem with all of it, finally, was that death  or erasure is the final solution of any negotiation for leftists.   Whether it is Adolf Hitler's socialism or Fidel's socialism, or the socialism of whomsoever, any challenge to the leadership must result in death or banishment of the offender.   So, Stalin finally managed to send an agent into Mexico City who stabbed Trotsky in the upper back of the neck with a pointed knife-like device and then put a hatchet, deep into his stupid, vacant head.

It Takes a Village (1996)
 "It takes a

This will be the results of the love-fest between Hillary and Barak.  That the two egomaniacal marxists hate each others guts is palpable, and generally well known.   This most recent airing of the first edition of  "What's My Lie" starring the Queen of the Universe and the nephew of Aunt Zietuni and Uncle Omar Onyango Obama, Barry Soetero, the foreign exchange student from Indonesia...or Kenya....or Hawai'i....or whereever, has been aired.   The two vipers were tangled in their "Love Dance of Death".
     Barak knows that Hillary will not let his "legacy" stand.  Barak is a life-commitment marxist who will not be done until the very concept of America is totally destroyed and debased.  He wants the nation degraded into something like a cross between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, so that white people can understand what misery they have brought to the rest of the world.
     Hillary does not give a damn about white people or people of any colour.  She especially does not give a damn about women or women's issues or children or children's issues.   Hillary cares about Hillary and would change to the Republican Party if the focus groups with average member IQs of 44 would be impressed with such a measure.
      Both of the mendacious posturing egomaniacs are the same in their willingness to sacrifice the other in order to advance his/her gloriousness.   BUT, and here is the rub, Barak has morphed his campaign fund into a perpetual, marxist Assault on America Fund.   Hillary can live with an assault on America...even a total destruction of America, imploding the White House, covering Arlington Cemetery with 12 feet of reinforced concrete,  blowing up the "Cliff Presidents" at Rushmore, derailing all AMTRAK trains, burning down Mt. Vernon and Monticello simultaneously, selling pieces of the imploded Capitol Building in order to raise money to build 35 billion square mile-at-the-base, four-sided pyramid with smiley faces of Hillary on each flat side.   So she is suspicious that Barry is not going to send out the Zomboe-wi-fi waves to his Zomboevoters to march stiff-legged and unblinking into the voting booth....arms stuck almost straight out in front, swaying from side to side, mindlessly repeating, "Must vote for Hillary...Barry says must vote for Hillary...Hillary....Hillary Duff...."
     Hillary being devious and mendacious, and ever-posturing, will suspect the same of Barry.  that Stalin thought of Trotsky.  She will think he is getting ready to deep six her and back someone like Lady Doo Dah, or Shakira or Kim Kardashian  or even Aunt Zietuni.   "Let me ask my mirror, 'Mirror mirror on the ...'" (sound of glass breaking in the background).

President Barack Obama
My son Treyvon ain't gonna
play some Cracker game'like
football and git himself hurt
But,  I'm down with sending
 my girls into combat on the
front lines.  It'll be good
 for them.  Make men of''em
     In seriousness, we should begin to start seeing little vignettes about how Vince Foster's death was "suspicious" according to many forensic analysts....and about how Barry Soetoro was arrested on multiple occasions for trafficking in cocaine on both Columibia's and Harvard's campi.  He avoided prosecution by means of the intervention of the Annenburg Foundation and the Mary Knoll nuns.   Then there will be the incontrovertable evidence that Barry was not qualified to attend the schools he attended by virtue of various shortcomings in terms of academic performance and/or intellectual limitations.   That he falsified information either about his American citizenship or his eligibility to receive a scholarship as a foreign exchange student....he could have one benefit but not both.   More people will soon begin to be brought forward to say that Barry might have been editor of the Harvard Law Review, but he only came to the office three or four times, and that was to smoke dope with his beer drinking buddies when they were thrown out of one of their crash-pads for failure to pay rent.
      Others will be found who will testify to the shenanigans Bill and Hillary before, during, and after their White House period.   Hillary's involvement in the Mount Carmel affair outside of Waco, her meddling in White House files and and classified matters will be leaked out by pro-Obama elements.   Things like that will begin to appear in the next 16 months as control of the National Socialist Democrat Party begins to be contested.   We shall watch and see how far Crazy  Uncle Joe Biden makes it towards the finish line and who else comes out of the wood-work.

Otherwise, at this point, we appreciate your kind attention and interest.
El Gringo Viejo

Saturday, 26 January 2013

What difference does it make?

The logic employed by Hillary Rodham Clinton makes sense to people who believe that it is necessary to defend her first, and at all cost, because she, in and of herself, is greater than any issue confronting the United States or the world.   One of the first people who are advocates of this insane position is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I just have one thought:  Me
Hillary Rodham Clinton travels with a stylist and a large
 staff of servants and attendants who make certain that she is "sick",
  "ill"  "indisposed" "has previous engagements",  "is involved in delicate
 diplomacy" "has a concussion" "has the flu" "has intestinal flu".
 According to the flight master,"The White House says to keep her liquor
 cabinet full, and out of Washington until we can program some canned
filibuster evasions for her hearing.  Call the usual places for
 invitations to funerals and "highlevel talks".


      The next group of people who believe it is necessary to defend any mendacious conjuring of testimony by Madame Secretary is that group which believes fervently in free and legal abortion without condition.   There is some kind of sickness among people who cannot disconnect abortion from a military/geopolitical issue or from any issue.  It is the basis for excusing and even vindicating all manner of sickness, depravity, and incompetence among a category of politicians and excoriating others who have little or no fault save opinion or conviction of principle.

      Examples, and probably not even the best of many examples, are Hillary Rodham, Barney Frank, Edward Kennedy, and William Jefferson Blythe.  The number of dead people, of parking tickets fixed for homosexual "escort service" operators, of cover-ups of felonies, and hypocritical positions, mega-whoppers,  invasion of the exchequer for personal benefit, pardons-for-sale, rapes, physical assaults of women, and so forth is staggering.   The reaction to all whoppers and transgressions of the normal concepts of decency and morality by the Obsolete Press and the leftist cabal is something less than what a person would have upon finding a flat tire on his motorcar.
     El Gringo Viejo is driven back into his cave of remembrances about Clarence Thomas.  When he was nominated to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, the leftist cabal determined to Bork him because he was an ungrateful Uncle Tom who had wandered off the socialist welfare plantation.  The Bush Administration, ever willing to be reasonable, was going to pull his nomination back, but Thomas and some of his RINO Republican backers (oddly) who agreed that Thomas was a worthy candidate, decided to fight.   Their fight was against charges that Thomas had somehow been "offencive and had practised sexual harassment" against  a woman by the name of Anita Hill.  When it became apparent that the charges were groundless, the "women's movement" people said that the invalidity of the charges was not important.  What was important was the "seriousness of the charges",  and that anyone who had been charged for such horrid offences should not be considered for such and important position.
     The public now either never knew this story, or if knowing, does not care.   At first, even after all the normal vetting of such an nominee, a sudden "witness' came forward with the horrible story about the sex-crazed, obsessed, and vile man who ....when all was said and done made a lewd remark about some porno star, and during his batching period had a Playboy pinup on his wall.    That was pretty thin milk to sling, especially considering that Edward Kennedy and Christopher Dodd had essentially raped, simultaneously, and in a public place, a waitress in an up-scale restaurant in Washington D.C. and, along with the press, had made light of the issue...essentially passing it off as a good-natured payback to an overly flirtatious waitress.   Such was anything but the truth, it was, in fact a lie.

      To wit: 

Michael Kelly’s famous piece on Kennedy, here’s the immortal passage on the “waitress sandwich” he once created with his buddy Chris at La Brasserie:
The fine and upstanding
and very liberal, defender of
women, Christopher Dodd
     It is after midnight and Kennedy and Dodd are just finishing up a long dinner in a private room on the first floor of the restaurant’s annex. They are drunk. Their dates, two very young blondes, leave the table to go to the bathroom. (The dates are drunk too. “They’d always get their girls very, very drunk,” says a former Brasserie waitress.) Betty Loh, who served the foursome, also leaves the room. Raymond Campet, the co-owner of La Brasserie, tells [waitress Carla] Gaviglio the senators want to see her.

Edward Moore Kennedy
The Lion of the Senate
As Gaviglio enters the room, the six-foot-two, 225-plus-pound Kennedy grabs the five-foot-three, 103-pound waitress and throws her on the table. She lands on her back, scattering crystal, plates and cutlery and the lit candles. Several glasses and a crystal candlestick are broken. Kennedy then picks her up from the table and throws her on Dodd, who is sprawled in a chair. With Gaviglio on Dodd’s lap, Kennedy jumps on top and begins rubbing his genital area against hers, supporting his weight on the arms of the chair. As he is doing this, Loh enters the room. She and Gaviglio both scream, drawing one or two dishwashers. Startled, Kennedy leaps up. He laughs. Bruised, shaken and angry over what she considered a sexual assault, Gaviglio runs from the room. Kennedy, Dodd and their dates leave shortly thereafter, following a friendly argument between the senators over the check.


     So, why bring up such disgusting sluggery?   To tie the points together, that is why.   Lyndon Johnson was a liberal Democrat who was excused all manner of depravity, and around whom circulated many, many stories of obtuse corruption and  peculiar early demises.   But he was slowly accepted by the progressives because Franklin Roosevelt was his political godfather, and because he had no sense of any kind of morality, he might be useful in forwarding the social welfare debacle in which we find ourselves now mired.  Great Society, anyone?
     The Kennedy Brothers, interesting, roguish, fascinating in a morbid way, but of all of them, the least valuable...Teddy...a drunken, whoring, misogynist.  Raped and assaulted women abound in his vitae...prostitutes in open display...dead young women...but for liberals and socialists...boys will be boys.   Bill long as he would work to extend abortion and push a generally leftist agenda...he could rape, indulge, assault, and have any degenerate history and he was cleared for take-off..a brilliant man (he is actually rather dull, but like many white trash, he is cunning and willing to take unto himself that which is not nailed down)!  Simply Fascinating!
     El Gringo Viejo asks and asks, again and again.  Why?   He is white-trash, through and through, never makes sense when saying anything, panders to the weaknesses of people, is totally self-consumed, is an adjudged liar, disbarred and fined during his presidency for such offences...and has never done anything for anybody worthy of mention.   But, he is lauded like his horrid "wife"  for "all he has done" for the left handed Eskimo lesbian astronauts, or there's a good one...Haiti....and he rebuilt that funny little place that had the Tsunami....look at all the social improvement there has been for the coloured folks...'cause he has an office in we remember?
     And the issue of Barney Frank and Gary Studds, both thoroughly corrupt in a legal sense, and in a moral sense, but both receiving standing ovations when they returned to the floor of the House of Representatives.  Their numerous and continuing offences, unrelated one to the other or in time-frame, were ghastly, horrible abuses of power and expressions of hubris and perfect arrogance.  But, because they were extreme leftists, pro-abortion, and homosexuals...they received standing ovations from their Democrat cohorts because of their "bravery".  Corzine, Weiner, Torecelli,  Nagin, Hamilton, Rangel, and on and on and on.  When Republicans do bad things..they are flushed, usually by the party itself.  Democrats and leftists, they are applauded and marvelled at for being able to "get away with it".     Two different worlds.
     There is something appropriate about the continuing banking and  housing mess being traceable to the Dodd-Frank Bill....perversity in morality breeding perversity in the construct of banking and housing legislation and policy.
     So, with these shining lights of "public service" set up as examples, we arrive upon the person of Hillary Rodham Clinton...the number one most whopperistical and narcissopotamus organism presently afflicting American culture.  She eclipses even the totally self-consumed Barak Hussein Obama.   When she asks, "What difference does it make?" in responding with exasperation to a terribly disrespectful question by some nobody of a senator or congressman....we can all have "empathy" (pointlessly overused word in these times...and appropriate for its meaninglessness) for this Great Paragon who has done so much for women and children.
     She is sitting in the same saddle that has been ridden many, many times by the corrupt, socialist cabal...filled with personal conceit, hubris, and arrogance...that states clearly, "What I have done is done.  I have gotten away with it, and there is nothing you can do about it, because you are not as important or powerful as I.  And if you oppose me I will arrange the same treatment that was rendered others...and I shall get away with those crimes as well.
      So," she can ask forcefully and melodramatically, "What difference does it make"....whether they were killed by a crowd protesting a film or just because "someone" decided to kill some Americans when he was out taking a walk (signs of delusion?)"..and  she adds, not by word but by glinting it through her "special glasses" that " doesn't matter what the truth is.  It only matters that I not be bothered by the truth".
       Even the expression "....out taking a walk " shows that, in her mind, she deflects the issue into some shrouded, unreal Twilight Zone of plausible the Wiley Coyote running in mid-air for 9 seconds before falling 3,000 feet into the Canyon, and surviving.
      And El Gringo Viejo responds, that he does not care, as does Hillary and Barbara Boxer and the Hillary Abortotrons, that poor Hillary has flown 1,000,000 miles for America, and has been the hardest working and best Secretary of State in American History.   For one, such bilge is both impertinent and also false posturing.  We do not care that she has flown 1,000,000 miles.   She had sufficient comfort and quarters while flying....much greater than the 99.99999% of the rest of the flying public.   Her padding....and seating and accommodation is considerable .  She travels with a stylist, secretary, butler, staff, and other slobbering sycophants, an adoring press made of abortotrons and other marxists and a limitless budget of other peoples' money.   She is not great, her accomplishments are nil in most cases, moot in others, and disastrous in several.   Arab Spring, anyone?   Thank Allah that she had a stylist on board, or she might not have looked as good as she did during most of those photo-ops, all of which were meaningless.
     As she entered the office, the world was complicated and filled with treachery.   As she is leaving, she has had no impact, save negative,  on any of it, and her "bossman" had succeeded in placing the United States into a second tier of influence to the point that the only response to an attack on a diplomatic station...probably involved in contrabanding Libyan arms to al Qaeda forces fighting Assad in Syria...was to stand by and watch.  He also succeeding in keeping the Old Bat out of Washington D.C. as much as possible.  The kept her from dominating the publicity photographs, so to speak.
        Obama did not and does not want anyone to figure out about the contrabanding.   That story is making increasing inroads in the consciousness of some, but, of course, not among the focus group low-info and low-intellect electoral base of the Democrat Party.  That contrabanding of Arab "Fast and Furious" if the OROG please,  and the nexus with a group that most Americans know to be a remorseless, unyielding enemy, will not play well in the political market in the long run.   The American public intuitively knows that al Qaeda will take arms from us as a peace opening or offering and then kill us with those same arms.   That is another of the big reasons why Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton  do not want anyone to fully comprehend the level of insipid, arrogant, and very dangerous folly the White House embarked upon. 
    Saints preserve us.   A film about Islam...about muslims...a disrespectful film about Mohammed...and apology radio broadcast to Pakistan (?) and general talking points world-wide, United Nations presented cover up a contrabanding operation that was doomed to go bad???    Is that why the White House had to shroud the issue and ALLOW the al Qaeda operatives in Benghazi to "eliminate the witnesses" once the issue gotten out of hand among the ever in-fighting factions of Arab Muslim extremist clics, cells, groups, and agents? 
     What else would explain the calling off of the carrier-based air response and the C-130 Spectre and/or Spook gun-ships, and other response groups who were eager to join the battle?    Where are the survivours of the Benghazi debacle, and why have they not been allowed to testify, in any way, to the Congress or the press (such as it might be)..Where?  Why?   Why were all the three star general officers in the theatre essentially detained and transferred Stateside?   Where are they?   What is their status?   Will they be dealt with as harshly as the Muslim extremist madman who murdered and wounded scores of UN-ARMED American soldiers at Fort Hood?    Or will they receive a swifter punishment.  Will they have heart attacks life Mr. JimMcDougal?  

Jim McDougal, died shortly
after entering prison for
involvement with crimes
in the Whitewater fiasco,
as the Clinton's partner, along
 with his wife. He had begun
 co-operating with authorities.
  Always dangerous when dealing
 with the Clintons.
      What treatment has been received by the parents of the four slain individuals from the Benghazi debacle?   Stories are surfacing that they have been subjected to all manner of governmental harassment from the Department of Justice and the IRS.   Is this just blogomania or is there something happening to them a la Mt. Carmel?   Is the dumboe who made that stupid film still in jail?   That was a high moment in American law enforcement, like Elian Gonzalez...shades of the American KGB when the Democrats have the DOJ and the FBI and the Secret Service and ATF and E and the resources of the White House's smear engines.

 Dear Madame Hillary,
 in the above three paragraphs, a common American, with little advanced strategic or even tactical military or diplomatic expertise, has painted a serious scenario of what was happening in Libya on your watch and on the tour of duty of that worthless poseur and fraud playing the role of president.   The conclusions that could and can be drawn by your predictably mendacious ....and illogical, self-contradicting testimony....coupled with your concoction of a ridiculous series of medical emergencies falling at the very moment you would be called to testify about your laziness, incompetence, self-absorption, and manoeuvring to be President of these pitifully beaten down United sadly laughable.    I scoff at your lies.  I take umbrage that you would lie under oath again.  It is repulsive that you take the lives of the people you allowed to be killed so lightly, that you would let them fall so you could preserve your "pristine" image.   Your testimony was no surprise.
    You remain a murderous, mendacious, marxist hag.  There is no health in you, your associates, your party, or your mission as it pertains to the destruction  of the unborn and of this Republic.

We retire.
El Gringo Viejo 

Friday, 25 January 2013

It seems so simple

     Truly, it is such a simple matter.   When you guys go down to Gramercy's there between Park and 5th...after a long day's work defending the poor and fighting racism on behalf of the White House...would it not occur to just one of you?

     If the crackers and gun totin' white trash from those no-account places like Shiner, Texas are so stupid and backwards and wrong about absolutely everything...why not really just edge on over to one story...just one story...and see if perhaps...just press people...all of your friends in  government "service".... slugs, barnacles and parasites, heck, even Holder and Sibalius and Hillary and Barak and Vice-President Uncle Joe Biden...and everyone from GS - 15 on up in the "public service" of the civilian sector of the central government, might all be chronic pathological liars.

     You went out of your way to call George Bush a liar...when in fact, you knew he really was not a liar.   He and most of the intelligence services in the world were slightly out-of-focus, but not you know;  but as you cannot admit, because it would expose you as liars by omission and commission.  And goodness knows that liberals and American marxists do not lie...and whatever little deviations from truth they simply have to employ is for the greater good of all...the children...the minorities...the women....the halt...the lame....Mother Earth, and ALL of God's children (although we know there is no such thing as a god or angels, no devils etc. and a merry solstice to you all, etc. etc.)

    What possible service are you people in the press providing when such an obvious whopper by such an obvious, deranged whopperprodushenschlemiel as Joe Biden can produce one after another, with nary a comment or even a raised eyebrow?  Is it that you have selective loss of the five senses?   Is it that you are afraid of having to confess that your side of the intellectual social discussion has produced great social concepts like multigenerational public assistance professionals?   Are you proud that we have a popular culture that, were it a physical thing, would look like a broken down sewage treatment plant in downtown Detroit, placed there as an public sculpture with the title, "Hope and Change, Now!'' .
     Its a lot like "Turandot" or a gallery showing Renoir or a four day weekend at Branson or Nashville, no?   Well, at least it's similar...No?


      Uncle Joe Biden is the Vice President of the United States.  He is the president of the United States Senate.  It is a position sometimes scoffed at by politicians but that affords a great deal of exposure and opportunity for service.   Biden has managed to denigrate the position and serve as an accomplice to all nature of deviousness and dis-service to the Republic.

     We would like to point out just one case.   It is a good case because it is exemplary of many other cases, not only during Biden's Vice-Presidency, but also from the beginning of his public life.   He is still famous at the History Saloon among the fellows who have "designated barstools" or "standing privileges" at that place.    He is famous for making many boners and ridiculous statements.  But the last one....with which we have any familiarity, is the AMISH SHOOTINGs THAT JOE HEARD.   Were it to have been George Bush, or any one of us, the press would have been demanding documents, transcripts, statements, and two vials of our great-great grandmother's blood.    In Bush's case they would have been demanding his immediate stepping down from office as an un-fit incumbent ...."because of the seriousness of the charges".   Impeachment and Conviction would have been too good for him.


By Dave Boyer
The Washington Times
Thursday, January 17, 2013
Mr. Biden told a U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Washington that it was “pure coincidence” that he was in Lancaster County, Pa., on Oct. 2, 2006, when a deranged gunman was killing students nearby at a tiny Amish school.
“I happened to be literally — probably, it turned out, to be a quarter of a mile [away] at an outing when I heard gunshots in the woods,” Mr. Biden recounted. “We didn’t know. … We thought they were hunters.”
The vice president, who owns two shotguns, apparently was on a golfing trip, although he didn’t specify the reason he was there.
“As I got back to the clubhouse of this outing and saw helicopters, it was a shooting that had just taken place in a small Amish … school just outside of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. So it’s not just big cities or well-to-do suburbs. It can happen anywhere.”
He was referring to an incident in which a truck driver, Charles Roberts IV, entered the West Nickel Mines School and shot 10 girls, five of whom died. The gunman committed suicide as police closed in.
An online search didn’t produce any earlier instances of Mr. Biden telling the story about having been within earshot of the school massacre.   The nearest golf course is eight miles away.


His spokeswoman, Kendra Barkoff, would say Thursday only that the "vice president was golfing in the area on the day of the shooting." She did not respond to inquires about which course.

"It was pure coincidence. I (Biden) happened to be literally, probably it turned out to be a quarter of a mile, back in 2006, at an outing when I heard gunshots in the woods that we didn't know where — we thought there were hunters," Biden said, according to a transcript of the Jan. 17 speech.
"As I got back to the clubhouse in this outing and saw helicopters, it was a shooting that had just taken place in a small, Amish school just outside of Lancaster. So it's not just big cities or well-to-do suburbs. It could happen anywhere."

Farms and fields are common around the rural school.
The tragedy that shook the very core of the Lancaster County community more than six years ago occurred on a warm Monday morning. A local man with a young family of his own walked into the Nickel Mines one-room schoolhouse, let the little boys and adults free, and opened fire on 10 little girls, killing five and wounding the others.
The small school, now razed, sat in an open field on a quiet street with Amish farms and modest non-Amish homes sharing the neighborhood.
Biden, then a U.S. senator in neighboring Delaware, did not have votes on Capitol Hill that day, according to a review of congressional votes.
In an article about school violence that ran in Biden's hometown newspaper, The News Journal, two days after the Amish school shooting, he discussed the need for more school security. The reporter who wrote the story, reached Thursday, said Biden never mentioned his being in the vicinity of the massacre.

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We defer further comment.   A person feels dirty, after studying these people all day.
El Gringo Viejo