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Trotsky and Stalin, Barak and (Sir Edmund)Hillary

Something very strange is going on now.   Perhaps our salvation will be in the hubris of our foes.   They are putting up Goliath for the fall, perhaps.
     Shortly after the mess created by the war between the Reds (bolsheviks) and the Whites (monarchists and parliamentarians) in that amorphous mass of Terra Firma known as Russia, stability began to return.   Some of this required the early retirement from the  political scene by insignificant parties  such as the Romanoff family, and several million other useless anti-progressives.
     In the next paragraph is a partial list of the most important first level members of Kerensky's provisional government.  It is the nature of communists.   They killed Salvador Allende, and blamed the is the nature of socialists of all kinds.   Some 30,000 party members, revolutionary soldiers, purveyors, and other associates of Castro's Revolutionary army were taken  before the firing squad before the first year of "liberation" was done.  The ones below were the ones who were involved immediately after the "abdication" of Czar Nicolas II.
Fate of the Former Ministers of the Provisional Government
Most of the former ministers of the Provisional Government who did not leave Russia were executed by the Soviet Government in the later years or died in prisons: A.M.Nikitin (executed), A.I.Verkhovskiy (executed), P.N.Malyantovich (executed), S.L.Maslov (executed), F.F.Kokoshkin (brutally murdered in a prison hospital), V.N.Lvov (died in prison), N.V.Nekrasov (executed), M.I.Skobelev (executed), A.I.Shingarev (brutally murdered in a prison hospital), D.I.Shakhovskoy (died in a labour camp). Others spent many years in prison: K.A.Gvozdev (spent 18 years in prison), N.M.Kishkin.   (the euphemism ...."were executed by the Soviet Government" a bit cutesy.  Soviet Government = Stalin.)
     The authoritarian-by-default Nicolas II, last Emperor of the Russian Empire, had seen declining fortunes for the Empire for quite some time.  The disastrous war with Japan to begin the century, then the failure to diagnose the social psychosis brought on by the provocations to anarchy by the  communists, Workers of the World,  coupling into another war of questionable value to prince or pauper, as was the World War, essentially wore the Russian psyche down to exasperation.   As the Russians were saying, "Every year has nine months of ice and snow, 12 months of hunger, and 18 months of war".
     The hordes and vermin under the command of the Bolsheviks, ergo Nicolai Lenin, manoeuvred and constructed the quickest dispatch of the forces of stupidity (also known as)  reasonability, moderation, democratic socialism, reasonable capitalists,  free labour unions, kinder and gentler, and the Society for Being Nice to Crippled Jews into the Dustbinsky of History.    
Our good friend on the left managed to do the impossible.  He led a country that was already prostrate to even deeper depths of  arbitrary totalitarianism, from hunger to starvation, into the brave new world of building refrigerators and sending them to places with no electricity.  Part of his legacy is that his efforts were so good, that many places in Russia still do not have electricity.  The electrician comes next Monday, as they say.
Mr. Nice Guy
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
      At least with the Monarch there was a bit of colour and show, pomp and circumstance.  But Lenin was just the point of the bullet, so to speak.  Others would come after him to perfect the concept of the New Democracy, where everyone would truly be equal, except for the leadership of the Communist Party.
      Vladimir (aka Nicolai) micromanaged to-day, and macro-managed to-morrow, and managed not at all until the Joseph Robert Stalin (aka: Uncle Joe), fairly quickly inserted himself into positions and issues of greater power and influence.   By the time Lenin had had a "stroke" that incapacitated him to some extent (like Woodrow Wilson had been towards the end) he was reduced to passing "testaments" to his wife which were delivered for the politburo to brood over.
        The condition brought on by Lenin's "stroke" was pointing to a "shovel ready" solution by 1923.   His actual demise is now accepted as neurosyphillitic degeneration, (to know syphilis is to know medicine) and the malady is certainly common among leftists leaders.  It is one of the main reasons why every Democrat President who has served in this century has refused to render a complete medical report for public review.  Among Caucasians, roseatia is a common early-onset problem with chronic STD affliction and among Negroes it is frequently associated with early onset greying of hair and yellowing-hue of skin.   But, we digress.
     Before long Uncle Joe had whittled down the number of dull, murderous thugs who were in charge of that particular great leap forward into the brave new world, to him and another dolt by the name of Leon Trotsky.    He was born Levi Davidovich Bronshtein on November 7, 1879.   He became of those peculiarities, the atheist Jew.   He changed his name so as to divest himself from his Abrahamic birthright and to join that amazing march of the mindless, Oprah Zomboes who would perfect society and the human condition. 
      Leon Trotsky's revolutionary activity as a young man spurred his first of several ordered exiles to Siberia.   The horrid Romanoffs had over 20,000 political prisoners, and this could not be tolerated by the Progressive Reformers.   By the time the Red Army and the Bolshevik thugs had finished with the implementation  of the major elements of the communist revolution, there were almost 1,000,000, mainly housed at 111 Elm Street, Nowhere, Siberia.  Almost 100,000 had been murdered or sent to a firing squad or a bullet in the back of the head squad during the purposeful terroristic campaigns especially directed at non-communist leftists in the period from 1921 to 1923. 
Leon with that endearing
"deranged maniac" gaze
into the future
        So although Trotksy fought alongside Lenin during the formative revolutionary period, from the 1917 revolution until 1925, his usefulness to Stalin was coming to an end. As commissar of war in the new Soviet government, he helped defeat forces opposed to Bolshevik control.    And the Soviet government developed, he had the audacity to be involved in a power struggle against nice old Uncle Joe.   By 1936 he was enjoying a nice, bourgeois upper-middle class life in Mexico City before the smog of capitalism had ruined everything.
     He wrote and wrote, memoirs and manifestos, love letters to Frida and other very meaningful missives.  Stalin wrote, as well, orders of apprehension, assassination, vilification and all manner of hate-speech against Trotsky.   He caused all of Trotsky's last allies in the politburo in the mid-1920ds to be executed as traitors to the Revolution.

Frida Kahlo
during her
     Trotsky managed to deflect Frida Kahlo's peculiar emotional compass from other women and Diego Rivera long enough to effect a "relationship" with her.   Trotsky's second wife was not really impressed with any of that, and Diego came crawling back to his "ugly swan", thereby literally breaking the lease that the foursome were holding on a large home in the fourth best neighbourhood in Mexico City at the time.  Not exactly the digs of our Hollywood images of grimy revolucionarios.

     The problem with all of it, finally, was that death  or erasure is the final solution of any negotiation for leftists.   Whether it is Adolf Hitler's socialism or Fidel's socialism, or the socialism of whomsoever, any challenge to the leadership must result in death or banishment of the offender.   So, Stalin finally managed to send an agent into Mexico City who stabbed Trotsky in the upper back of the neck with a pointed knife-like device and then put a hatchet, deep into his stupid, vacant head.

It Takes a Village (1996)
 "It takes a

This will be the results of the love-fest between Hillary and Barak.  That the two egomaniacal marxists hate each others guts is palpable, and generally well known.   This most recent airing of the first edition of  "What's My Lie" starring the Queen of the Universe and the nephew of Aunt Zietuni and Uncle Omar Onyango Obama, Barry Soetero, the foreign exchange student from Indonesia...or Kenya....or Hawai'i....or whereever, has been aired.   The two vipers were tangled in their "Love Dance of Death".
     Barak knows that Hillary will not let his "legacy" stand.  Barak is a life-commitment marxist who will not be done until the very concept of America is totally destroyed and debased.  He wants the nation degraded into something like a cross between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, so that white people can understand what misery they have brought to the rest of the world.
     Hillary does not give a damn about white people or people of any colour.  She especially does not give a damn about women or women's issues or children or children's issues.   Hillary cares about Hillary and would change to the Republican Party if the focus groups with average member IQs of 44 would be impressed with such a measure.
      Both of the mendacious posturing egomaniacs are the same in their willingness to sacrifice the other in order to advance his/her gloriousness.   BUT, and here is the rub, Barak has morphed his campaign fund into a perpetual, marxist Assault on America Fund.   Hillary can live with an assault on America...even a total destruction of America, imploding the White House, covering Arlington Cemetery with 12 feet of reinforced concrete,  blowing up the "Cliff Presidents" at Rushmore, derailing all AMTRAK trains, burning down Mt. Vernon and Monticello simultaneously, selling pieces of the imploded Capitol Building in order to raise money to build 35 billion square mile-at-the-base, four-sided pyramid with smiley faces of Hillary on each flat side.   So she is suspicious that Barry is not going to send out the Zomboe-wi-fi waves to his Zomboevoters to march stiff-legged and unblinking into the voting booth....arms stuck almost straight out in front, swaying from side to side, mindlessly repeating, "Must vote for Hillary...Barry says must vote for Hillary...Hillary....Hillary Duff...."
     Hillary being devious and mendacious, and ever-posturing, will suspect the same of Barry.  that Stalin thought of Trotsky.  She will think he is getting ready to deep six her and back someone like Lady Doo Dah, or Shakira or Kim Kardashian  or even Aunt Zietuni.   "Let me ask my mirror, 'Mirror mirror on the ...'" (sound of glass breaking in the background).

President Barack Obama
My son Treyvon ain't gonna
play some Cracker game'like
football and git himself hurt
But,  I'm down with sending
 my girls into combat on the
front lines.  It'll be good
 for them.  Make men of''em
     In seriousness, we should begin to start seeing little vignettes about how Vince Foster's death was "suspicious" according to many forensic analysts....and about how Barry Soetoro was arrested on multiple occasions for trafficking in cocaine on both Columibia's and Harvard's campi.  He avoided prosecution by means of the intervention of the Annenburg Foundation and the Mary Knoll nuns.   Then there will be the incontrovertable evidence that Barry was not qualified to attend the schools he attended by virtue of various shortcomings in terms of academic performance and/or intellectual limitations.   That he falsified information either about his American citizenship or his eligibility to receive a scholarship as a foreign exchange student....he could have one benefit but not both.   More people will soon begin to be brought forward to say that Barry might have been editor of the Harvard Law Review, but he only came to the office three or four times, and that was to smoke dope with his beer drinking buddies when they were thrown out of one of their crash-pads for failure to pay rent.
      Others will be found who will testify to the shenanigans Bill and Hillary before, during, and after their White House period.   Hillary's involvement in the Mount Carmel affair outside of Waco, her meddling in White House files and and classified matters will be leaked out by pro-Obama elements.   Things like that will begin to appear in the next 16 months as control of the National Socialist Democrat Party begins to be contested.   We shall watch and see how far Crazy  Uncle Joe Biden makes it towards the finish line and who else comes out of the wood-work.

Otherwise, at this point, we appreciate your kind attention and interest.
El Gringo Viejo