As most all know, we are very much committed to the idea of proceeding with an amicable withdrawal from the American Union.
     In short, the American nation we once knew is willfully casting its fortunes with a woman who is a proven narcissistic, self-absorbed, factory of conceit. She is also a serial, chronic, and pathological liar. Perhaps the best thing that can be said of her is that she is a dedicated marxist in terms of what she expects for the common class, and a raving Robber Baron opportunist when it comes to the operation of the highly suspect, probably totally illegal, and certainly unethical and immoral "Clinton Foundation". The rest of this paragraph concerns itself with all those things she has done for women and all those battles she has fought for making the village inhabitable for the reverse re-transgendered and unemployed college graduates.
     We refrain from commenting on what she has done to make the village uninhabitable for the normal, productive, self-reliant class of people who just want the government to do and not do only what is prescribed and proscribed by the now-neglected American Constitution.

     We have little or nothing to say about a candidate who is clearly assumed to be a great business leader, tactician, and strategist. We recognise Mr. Trump as a pushy, spoiled brat who could whine about how a whippersnapper a little more than half  age and experience could best him in the collection of "after-delegates" during the primary process.
  Trump's lack of knowledge, expertise, and deductive acumen in this matter prove that his wattage, as well as his "class", is lacking. Instead of correcting the deficiencies of his campaign mechanics,  he began to brand Ted Cruz as "Lyin Ted". Cruz neither lied nor stole, but by the time the FOXNews network was through with Cruz, the real liar Trump was well on his way.

     This shows that Trump's cunning relies solidly upon the whitetrash-like sneering insults, strutting, taunting, belittling name-calling much like a fourth-grader. He seems to thing 'when in doubt always sneer, shout, belittle, attack on a personal basis, overstate, repeat repetitively and generally provide what seems to be the opening scenes from some All-Star Wrestling event. This type of show is designed for people with low intellectual wattage.  They like it, they think the blood is real. That is the Trump Way.

     Trump deserves extra respect points for being able to say two or three things in one paragraph, and repeat those things repetitively, perhaps three or four times within one breath, and then contradict those same words later in the same paragraph. When asked about this or that "misstatement" he has been known to state the next day that he never said such a thing, "Never".

      When shown the video that reveals a person who looks like Trump, speaking in Trump's voice at yesterday's 20,000 person Rally of Droolers, Trump can say, "I didn't say that. What I said was......". Marvelous.

     We now have a mass of people supporting (Sir Edmund)Hillary who have no idea what a Republic is. We have a mass of people supporting Trump who are just as vacant as the intellectually challenged as well as scholastically challenged who can rally around a campaign slogan like "HOPE and CHANGE" and "Making America Great Again" or whatever. Only the Great Commander of the Cosmos knows what (Sir Edmund) Hillary's campaign slogan is, could be, or should be: perhaps "Lying About Corkscrewing into Kosovo and Dodging Sniper Fire is Proof About Whatever or Something!!!".
     And, perhaps, I am just saying: If we have painted ourselves into this corner due to the complete intellectual breakdown, and complete apathy now rampant in the United States concerning free enterprise, industry, motivation, self-dependence, reverence for the greater good and for charity of private origin, States' Rights and Local Control....then there is no further reason to go forth.

      Texas, with all its warts and scars, remains a hallowed place. With 27 identifiable ethnic / national groups within several racial groups living in substantial harmony over the past six or seven score years, we have proven that we have World Class qualifications to take our own path. We would wish to control our own immigration matters, our own form of taxation, our own form of educational systems, our own form of medical remedy and analysis, as well as our own system of justice. We can take care of ourselves.
      We are tired of the AFDC multigenerational slavery you have offered to those from whom you buy your votes in the United States of America. We have tired of your habit of sending intolerant demands down the pipe to us, such as who, what, and when somebody can do whatever in a public....or even private...restroom, for the love of Pete.

     We, in Texas, are generally....perhaps I should say....are overwhelmingly dedicated to work, play, family, church and/or hobbies and/or philosophies, and/or material and spiritual betterment as we move through life. We are simple, and we are very complex.   With fewer than 30,000,000 people our Gross National Product is the equivalent of Mexico's or Canada's.

     We, once again, point out that we would like to begin the process that will accommodate an amicable separation of the Republic of Texas from the American Union.

El Gringo Viejo