Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Without Shame, I Post....a word from the Anglican Curmudgeon's Bank of Oldie Goldies


     We are not big fans of this kind of copyright invasion and general laziness, but at times it is quite necessary.   That is good, because I am invasive as well as quite disposed to suffer from attaques of lassitude.   What follows in blue type is extracted from a post from a very tired and overworked attorney and Orthodox Christian man.

     I refer, of course, to the Rabbi of my intellectual Temple as my life interfaces with the Cosmos.  He and a certain Mr. Finch, and a buddy in Extreme North Texas we code name El Zorro, and a very few others pretty much make of this eccentric old curmudgeon's posse.  

     The Rabbi is not a rabbi, but rather an expert on the interfacing of the canonical and secular law, and how such laws and rules interact.  He is profoundly intelligent, studied, and experienced. At this point he has tired a bit.   The sails have gone limp, and for good reason.   He, as I, resorts at times to calling up from his body of works a post from his past publications.   Perhaps it is to rest between rounds in the ring of life.   Perhaps the ''little grey cells'' need rest.   Perhaps it is even a bit of dispair.   Who among the OROGs does not feel a bit of despair. 

     We vigorously recommend that the OROG read the Anglican Curmudgeon's most recent post from 14 June 2016 - "Don't Support the Media's Memes".   It refers to the frustration of having to endure the ignorance, stupidity, and  duplicity of the anti-firearms segment of our present society. 

    It was noticed that just before that post was what we famous blogspot bloggers call a "repost".  It represents the fact that we are out of time, out of breath, or just flat out of steam.   El Gringo Viejo demands that everyone read the entire "repost" titled On Faith - and the Dark Side, reposted on  9June 2016.  We have taken an extract from that repost that entertains this reader, because it relates to the ancient middle English just before the publication of the first, inspired composition of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England, an Holie, Catholick, and Apostolic Church.   Invest of time for reading.....2 minutes and 45 seconds.   It includes the following:

Here begin Mr. Haley's comments:

.Unless -- unless -- well, perhaps it is worth a try, should this post ever make its way into your hands.

Should that happen, young man, please remain open to a possibly new experience of something that is very, very old. For I am going to take you far back in time -- to an age when the churches were musty, and smelled of wax and incense, and mould and dung and who knows what else. I hope that the words I am about to quote will do the feat all by themselves.

For they are old words, from the middle of the sixteenth century. Some of them may look strange to you, because the spelling differed back then, but that very spelling is part of the experience I want to try to share with you.

Picture yourself as a medieval knight, in England, in 1550. Normally you would be in armor, but for this occasion -- the wedding ceremony in the manor church of your lord and master, as he marries another lord's daughter -- you have doffed it, and are instead in full formal livery. You are right up there in front as the priest begins to intone the words of the ceremony ... [close your eyes for a moment, and use your twenty-first century technical skills to put yourself into the picture] ...   

Ready? Begin:

DEERELY beloved frendes, we are gathered together here in the syght of God, and in the face of his congregacion, to joyne together this man and this woman in holy matrimonie, which is an honorable estate instituted of God in paradise, in the time of mannes innocencie, signifying unto us the misticall union that is betwixte Christe and his Churche: whiche holy estate, Christe adorned and beutified with his presence, and first miracle that he wrought in Cana of Galile, and is commended of Sainct Paule to be honourable emong all men; and therefore is not to bee enterprised, nor taken in hande unadvisedlye, lightelye, or wantonly, to satisfie mens carnal lustes and appetites, like brute beastes that have no understanding: but reverentely, discretely, advisedly, soberly, and in the feare of God. Duely consideryng the causes for the whiche matrimonie was ordeined. One cause was the procreaciion of children, to be brought up in the feare and nurture of the Lord, and prayse of God. Secondly it was ordeined for a remedie agaynst sinne, and to avoide fornicacion, that suche persones as bee maried, might live chastlie in matrimonie, and kepe themselves undefiled membres of Christes bodye. Thirdelye for the mutuall societie, helpe, and coumfort, that the one oughte to have of thother, both in prosperitie and adversitie. Into the whiche holy estate these two persones present: come nowe to be joyned. Therefore if any man can shewe any juste cause why they maie not lawfully be joyned so together: Leat him now speake, or els hereafter for ever hold his peace. 
And also speakyng to the persones that shalbe maried, he shall saie. 
REQUIRE and charge you (as you will aunswere at the dreade full daye of judgemente, when the secretes of all hartes shalbee disclosed) that if either of you doe knowe any impedimente, why ye maie not bee lawfully joyned together in matrimonie, that ye confesse it. For be ye wel assured, that so manye as bee coupled together otherwaies then Goddes woord doeth allowe: are not joyned of God, neither is their matrimonie lawful.

Can you even begin to grasp the kind of minds who would receive this speech as perfectly ordinary, understandable, and normal, young man? For in their world, they did not decide their own reality. No, their reality was God-given: it came from outside themselves, they were born into it, and they lived their entire lives inside its sheltering folds.

For them, God made their world, and that was the end of it. They stood in fear and awe of it, even as they exercised man's dominion over it. (And so there were lords, knights, serfs and peasants -- yes, I know. But God knew, as well, and God settles all accounts on the day of judgment. Thus, it is not for you to criticize, or to fret over, or to use as reason to abandon the faith.)

Ponder those words of ceremony, and savor them. They are soundly based in Scripture -- in the "faith once for all entrusted to the saints." As such, they are part of your heritage -- receive it or not.

May they bring you back from the dark side -- that is my fervent prayer.

    Thanks for reading Mr. Haley's excellent work.  Go and sin no more, enjoy life, and try to figure out why (Sir Edmund) Hillary has not been in prison during the past 25 years.   We urge that you all check the last three or four postings of A Gringo in Rural Mexico for other salient and temporal commentary.

El Gringo Viejo