Thursday, 28 February 2013

     We have always enjoyed this picture of my father when he was a boy, just moved down from Gwinner, North Dakota...four or five years Ed Couch, Hidalgo County, Texas playing with his not-quite-fully-grown pet racoon, named Bandit.  There is a later picture that shows Bandit fully grown, a 90 pound male four-legged disaster area.  His favourite thing to theive was 50 cent pieces.   He would bypass stainless steel, aluminum, and pewter....always selecting the items made of pure silver.   But to steal...50 cent pieces.   He would take them to the horse trough to wash and then bury them nearby.

That's actually all we have right now.   Later we'll back in saddle spewing bile and venom.   The date of this photo is 1919. The pick-up in the background would be a real neat-o thing to have in the garage now, no?
El Gringo Viejo  

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Case for Impeachment and Conviction

     We do not advocate this procedure nor do we think it will happen.

    It is warranted.  Were it to be George Walker Bush or Ronald Wilson Reagan, the filings would have already been made.   Democrats were hot on the trail of the procedure against Richard Milhouse Nixon, long before the Watergate incident.   Because of Nixon's humiliation of the Hero of the Left, Ho Chi Minh, and the apparent success of the bombing and general stepped-up pressure against the communist government of North Viet Nam....Frank Church and most of the Democrat majority in Congress agreed among themselves that they were going to have to "get" Nixon.
Hanoi Jane Fonda, at AAA
battery in Hanoi.  She also
 visited the Hanoi Hilton POW
prison, where she berated
prisoners for being "war
     Once again, long before Watergate's famous break-in, other actions were afoot.  Nixon had begun a process, by his authority as head of the Executive division of the government of the United States, that would begin the process of returning unspent fiscal allocations from the ending fiscal year back to the United States Treasury.   The HOWLING commenced immediately.
     Usually, the various dependencies and secretariats of the United States government counted on the idea that unspent money would be lumped in as something called "carry-over" from this fiscal year's Congressional allocation, and then aggregated to the new fiscal year.  Nixon argued that unspent money indicated that the allocation was a "misestimation" in the amount that should have been allocated, so the un-used money properly belonged to the Treasury of the Republic, in the interest of stewardship on behalf of the American peoples' resources.
      The professional welfare industry,  LBJ's War on Poverty pimps and organisms, the irrational consumer forces (Nixon is committing genocide against the poor! - Walter Crankcase's World News To-night..."And that's the way it was, this, the 37th day of Hoopla...Goodnight) immediately began preparing an "investigation" because of Nixon's usurpation of the power of the lower house of Congress and its Constitutional prerogatives.   He had "violated the Constitution" and therefore was, along with his criminal prosecution of the War in Viet Nam...acting without authority from either house of Congress with reference to the Cambodian Incursion and the "Bombing of the Dikes" would be necessary to see if there grounds for Impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanours.
     This note:   Bombing of the Dikes meant the carpet bombing of irrigation channels located between Hai Phong and Hanoi by B-52s, along with the bombing of Hai Phong harbour.   It had nothing to do with any attempt to bomb Hanoi Jane Fonda for making propaganda visits and gestures, including mounting an AAA cannon, while dressed in a North Vietnamese Army uniform during one such propaganda filming while visiting Hanoi.

     But, we diverge.   The most important point was, Nixon was being investigation formally by the House Judiciary Committee for several other practises...the fiscal issue and unauthorised deployments...when a third-rate burglary was revealed to have occurred at the Democrat National Committee main offices housed at the Watergate Hotel.   Five or six CIA operatives, including Cuban anti-Castro personalities.
     Likewise, Ronald Reagan was exposed to the ludicrous measures, preparatory to movement towards impeachment and conviction for having "violated the will of Congress" in terms of violating the "arms for hostages" law and for illegally arming the counter-revolutionary "contras" fighting the communist Ortega brother's government in Managua, Nicaragua.  The "Boland Amendment" had been an attachment to a Defence Department authorisation that prohibited any further support for the "Contras", and the Democrats were relishing a chance to impeach Reagan for "violating the law".    The "Boland Amendment" was and is clearly un-Constitutional.

     THIS BRINGS us to the Case of Barak Hussein Obama campaigning with public money, wilfully demonstrating that he will punish the Republican Party by employing measures that are neither called for nor required.   Obama feels compelled, however, because that same Republican Party will not grant him the right to raise taxes against the wealthy for the purpose of advancing his political agenda of punishing the rich.    Obama's stated intention of closing down only certain programs that are considered politically "soft and fuzzy"  can easily be avoided by working out four or five very simple measures, with no new tax revenue.   Likewise, it would not require complicated  measures to achieve the overall, necessary belt-tightening in light of trillion-plus dollar annual deficits run up during the past four years.
     The brazen effort to extort a political objective by blatant and needless bludgeoning, not to mention the mendacious posturing and deliberate misleading of the American electorate and population is clearly dereliction.   The notion of suggesting that an aircraft carrier cannot be deployed because of a 2% reduction in overall allocation....and only because the Republicans do not want their millionaire and billionaire friends to pay their fair the depths of blackmail and misleading politics.   It is a messy game being played on a muddy football field suddenly being transferred to a septic tank.
    It is madness, petulance, and a viciousness resorted to by the smallest type person.   It speaks to the true danger Barak Hussein Obama represents.   Responsible for nothing, blaming all others, and all the while running up the debt that he hopes will cause the Death of the Republic, shortly after he moves back to Kenya.   It has been a game for him.  A game called "Kill the Republic".

We depart for a bit.   The auger turns ever deeper into the muck.
El Gringo Viejo

Where do we start? Where does it all end? And, what difference does it make?

    El Gringo Viejo has delayed comment, awaiting inspiration or insight.   Depression has set in due to his observation of the rise of the monarchical rule by a fool over a parliament of whores, governing an increasingly undiscerning populace that is walking haltingly, like zombies, into the gulag of government-provided security.

     When the jester grabs the sceptre and joyously begins to wave it around, there is little that can restrain him.   Our jester is a marxist who has been carefully prepared by a loose and dark conspiracy of liars, nihilists, and marxists.   He is surrounded by confirming druids from Hell who help him by pointing the way to the dull, pointless lives provided by the socialist state...for free.   Empty your pockets and leave the contents, along with your soul, at the door, please.
     Although Edward R. Murrow and Walter Crankcase were supposedly highly regarded journalists,  the fact is that they were dedicated leftists who carefully designed their reportage to forward the "progressive" movement.  Almost all of the front seat reporters for the triple-letter networks since the 1950s have been lefties who held, and now hold, deep-seated hatred for America and the American way.   Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and hundreds of others were Knights of the Order of the Hammer and Sickle in the service of King Commissar of Gulagia.
      There were a few exceptions over the years.  Chet Huntley and David Brinkley were no real conservatives, but they did seem to try to report things that happened, in lieu of trying to report justifications for the progressive movement and the sinful iniquity of conservatives and Republicans.    There were a few others, very few, like Liz Trotta.   But almost all were "progressives"

     We bring up these observations so as to point out that during the period of the last half-century, there has been a steady background hum in the ear of America.   "There is inequity. There is no justice. You are a stick in the mud. America is the only nation in the world that is racist.  Slavery. Poverty. Oppression. Corporate Greed. Pointless Wealth. Homelessness. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Judgementalism. Puritanical Repression. Abuse of women. Abuse of Indians. Abuse, abuse, abuse by the establishment, repression of the majority."
     The discerning people recently were treated to the scene of the Occupy Wall Street movement declaring that they were the 99 percent, mobilising against the 1 percent.   We thought, "Well, finally the cutting edge of the progressive movement has demonstrated that they are deranged loons, leading vapid, undiscerning focus-group fodder to pointless windmills."
     Nancy Pelosi gave her benediction, declaring, "They are doing god's work".    She was telling the truth....except that  we suspect that she marches to the tambourine and drum noise of a different god.

     Now, however we hover on the tipping point...perhaps we are past that point, I fear...where the mindless and  those incapable of critical thinking can be led to the polling places and told to vote for their selfish interests....instead of the interests of their society, culture, and nation.  If one were speak to that section of the populace and say, "There is a difference between self-interest and selfish interest", those listening would not have the merest notion of the meaning of such a sentence.   Why?   Because they have become accepting of the idea that they should want and certainly deserve to be taken care of and provided for by a supreme power, known as THE GOVERNMENT.    Times have brought us to the point where Providence has become providence.
     And those of us who can think critically have either lost the Republic, or are, as stated before, right on the tipping point.   What difference does it make, if it is so evident that the Tea Party dumboes are cleaner, straighter, more considerate, more responsible, more generous, more respectful, and simply better citizens than the filthy, profane, vile, vicious, invasive, presumptious, socially psychotic Occupy Wall Street people?  The dullards and non-critical thinking carried the day in the last elections because they were mean, crass, and mendacious to the core, and we were nice.

     And the ACORN - OCCUPY - Trumka - Ayers axis of hypocrisy and global warming marches on, leading its army of zombies, recipients, and permanently aggrieved victims....marching ever onward to the big Queen for a Day Contest and Lottery Ticket Dispenser in the New Utopia.    Obama, with his Greek Choir of Dolts lined up behind him in full regalia, assures the populace that he will decide what the correct amount of money is needed by the millionaires and the billionaires and he will continue to fight against the Republicans and the Tea Party and other extremists who want to throw old people into the streets, over  the cliffs and deny Head Start to crippled children and force women to have babies, and starve children...and destroying the planet...and everything.   Obama will ask forever to the doltish masses, "What is wrong with using a balanced approach and asking the millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share?'   Rule by focus group phrases uttered by dolts.

     And the Republicans refuse to fight.   They refuse to fight them on the beaches.   The echoes become fainter......"......we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old."  (excerpted from Churchill's accounting of the Dunkirk evacuation and general defence of the Island of Democracy - 1940)

El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pickings from sources here and there

We move into the cyberworld to harvest things of interest to El Gringo Viejo and that he thinks should be of interest to OROGs and others.  We begin with an article from Americas Quarterly about Enrique Pen~a Nieto, President of Mexico, who has surprised the sceptical rightwingers (like me) by complying with various campaign promises quickly and forcefully in the early part of his administration.        
      One is the continued deployment and successful efforts in the degrading of the cartel and gang menaces....and another is the following account of a declaration of another war on another cartel. This is a cartel equally devoid of virtue, although not quite evil. It is a cartel that has taken the Mexican public education system from something noble and effective when Mexico was a truly poor country and changing the state school system into a sow nursing several hundred thousand lazy, in-fighting, whining, dull, and generally useless union thugs piglets. The Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores en la Educacion has steadily avoided guiding its flock for especially the last decades. Under the command of La Bruja (The Witch) Alba Esther Cordillo, who has been the head of the Sindicato (union) for nearly a quarter-century excellent became good, good became fair, fair became poor, and finally poor has become grotesque. The story unfolds below:




Peña Nieto's Reforms Take on Teachers’ Union

February 26, 2013

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed major education reforms into law on Monday, limiting the power of the powerful teachers’ union. By modifying two articles of the constitution, the overhaul allows the government to hire and fire teachers, and aims to gather reliable data on schools, teachers and students in Mexico’s education system, which serves an estimated 35.5 million children. Monday “begins an education transformation Mexican society longs for,” the president said during a ceremony at the National Palace in the capital.

Mexico’s 1.4 million-strong teachers’ union (SNTE)—the largest in Latin America
staged nationwide strikes to oppose some of the proposed reforms, fearing they could result in massive layoffs. The union "cannot support a measure that threatens our job security," said Elba Esther Gordillo, who has led the union for the past 23 years. Still, with Mexico ranking last on test scores among OECD countries, President Peña Nieto considered taking on the unions necessary to achieving meaningful reform.

Bipartisan support of the reform renews hope that the president commands the political capital to pursue his ambitious reform agenda, which includes overhauls of the tax and energy systems. "This reform is the first great step to transform the education of our young. We are going to get Mexico moving," Mr. Peña Nieto said in a Twitter post, shortly after the education bill passed the Congress 360-51 last December.t of his administration.
This is an actual real live picture of Miss Gordillo,
a veritable image of the face of atheist, socialist
union, corrupt thuggery
   EL GRINGO VIEJO adds a few quick observations.   We were always humoured when some jackass would state with great authority that  "Mexicans are poor because they have no labour unions."    The fact was that the government used the unions for years to organise people to vote and vote mindlessly or else.   Petroleum workers, electical workers, peasant farmers, and other divers social groups were forced into a particular, pertinent official nationwide union for the purpose of intimidating business people, conservatives, and other free thinking labouring people....and that went on to a lesser or greater degree for much of the 75 years of the hegemony of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI).
     Someone could say, "Well, what they needed was free and independent unions."  And, of course, such is a contradiction of terms.   During the last 20 years there has been significant, perhaps even massive, movement towards  "Green"  and "White" labour unions that are significantly more production oriented and less politically motivated.    But not the SNTE;  it has become increasingly opaque, devious, even threatening.
      And please understand that forty years ago, when a Mexican child came into the McAllen public school system (usually by tuition back then), if he were in the seventh grade in Mexico (1st grade of secondary), he would usually wind up the school year in the McAllen 9th grade. And McAllen was a very, very advanced educational plant....perhaps the best in Texas at the time...and nationally recognised for its excellence.
       Now, in Mexico, there are few public schools that are functioning well.   About half of the teachers are there as a calling and to serve, while the remainder are union thugs, barnacles, parasites, and slugs.   Turmoil and disputes are the general rule in a majority of primaries and many secondaries.   Preparatories are better, but...much improvement is needed to get back to where they were.   Private schools at all levels in Mexico range from really good to excellent...and many of the public universities are also very good to excellent...especially the technology and medical schools.
Rule number one:   education and unions do not mix,  except to make a poison.
      We also urge a quick visit during your browse to the blog of the Anglican Curmudgeon to see his first posting to-day.  It is very brief, and carries a two sentence, witty profundity worth reading.
El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 25 February 2013

Bobcat Fever

Normally, Bobcat Fever might be associated with something pertaining to Southwest Texas State University....alma mater of LBJ and George Strait, and El Gringo Viejo and his son and daughter and son-in-law.   But this is a real live bobcat story.

     During the early morning hours down at our little mud hut, El Gringo Viejo went out to finish the breakfast ceremony for the dogs.   First they receive their allotment of dog gruel, something like Gravy Train, and then about an hour later, they will receive doggy candy in the form of fairly nice, house brand doggy chew bones.   The procedure begins around 04:30 and ends around 06:15.     So, four or five days ago now as I went out to finish the ritual, it was noticed that we a visitor.
     The visitor was a large male bobcat, walking fairly nonchalantly from our land "down under" adjacent to the Rio Corona.   He was walking just off of our "long, west-facing corridor", and keeping a wary, defensive eye on the dogs and the Gringo Viejo.  Bibi, the labrador growled very slightly.   He is used to dealing with regular cats and has been very deferential to our three "house cats".
      But he knew that this was not a regular house cat.  The bobcat also did not want to become too involved with a dog bigger than him, but neither did he want to gallop off into the diminishing darkness like a coward.   The bobcat veered in his path and strode to the outside grill, jumped the stacked-rock fence, and went somewhat briskly back down to the Rio Corona.   Bibi went the long way out...(he really probably could not jump the stacked-stone wall) through the front gate, and followed the cat from a distance of about 50 feet.
     It was the first bobcat we have had up on the "high part" of the property in several years.  On one occasion, I almost lost a finger to one quick whack by a  bobcat's left hook.  He was confronting a large male domestic cat we had taken in....and that cat had never heard about the "....better part of valour".   All of that drama took place five years ago or so on that same long, west-facing corridor, right at the front door.   In any regard this was a interesting little episode under the watchful eye of the slopes of the Sierra Madre Oriental.

     These kitties pictured at this linkage are very similar in size and colour to our early morning visitor last week.   .

News that can be used, or thrown away....

     We have just returned, yesterday, from our little fraidy-hole in the outback.   We were out for almost a month, and all-in-all, things went well and progress was made.  The negative?  There were troubling incidents, including a grenade having been thrown at the main entrance of the Governor's Palace in Cd. Victoria.   There were casualties, one dead and four wounded...all staff people of the Governor's Office who were standing around outside waiting for assignments.   Most were drivers of vehicles assigned to various dependencies of the State government.
     While the downtick of the overall cartel violence has been remarkable as opposed to two and three years ago, there are still strides to be taken and offensives to be maintained.   There is some irony in the fact that, with so much degradation and cannibalism having been visited upon the cartel activity the fragmented elements, without leadership, essentially become more cannibalistic and more violent.   Still, almost all of the violence, which is substantially less, is conducted within the groups themselves, or at rival groups.
     The "pandillas" (gangs) are erratic, changing loyalties frequently and also behaving in self-defeating ways that leave the observer scratching his head.   Their activities along the border and hereabouts...(Yes, Virginia, there is and has been substantial "spill-over" violence here for decades)....would bring to mind something that would have to be named "Keystone Kartels".
     More to the other points, we had a fairly brief failure in the water delivery system in our little community.   Two days went by without any word from the Water Committee, so it came to El Gringo Viejo to be the one to go and find out the nature of the problem.   It turned out that young glue-sniffers had essentially vandalised a directional valve leading from the large water tower that is about two hundred yards from our little home.    They were attempting to steal it for scrap, ostensibly for obtaining money to buy glue and/or paint.   The valve had some damage, but another one was found that was serviceable, and a dumboe was contacted to install it.
     The installation worked for a couple of days...but after suffering through three days of no delivery....two days after the Ronald Reagan said..."There they go again".    Alvaro came to tell me that the Committee had found that the valve in question needed a threaded sleeve which the plumber had not used.   The Committee did not have any money, but they had found the sleeve and the plumber we normally used had agreed to put it in.   But, they wanted to know if they could have El Gringo Viejo buy the brass sleeve at the main local hardware and construction supply outlet at the Estacion Santa Engracia.
     The OROGs are aware that this is a fairly normal process.   The Committee goes then to the State Water operation, which heavily subsidises these local water  operations, which are actually medium to large locally administered endeavours, and they are re-imbursed.   We have backed them up this way perhaps four or five times, and they have always returned the money....either very or relatively quickly.   It is a holdover from the time of noblesse oblige, and they lump me in with about three other "patrons" who form up the "local nobility".
     As we left yesterday morning, for instance, Alvaro informed me that the Water Master had told him that they were going on Monday to pick up their re-reimbursement.  It might be pointed out that the monthly charge for daily delivery of three to five hours of potable water at medium high pressure is about 3.20 USD,   We have a large cistern and our own internal pumping system for the house, and we use the remainder of the deliveries to water our growies and lawns once the cistern is refilled.   The cistern by itself can supply the Quinta for about a week of disciplined use.
      The vandals were already under judicial process, as juveniles.   Now however, it seems that they are adults and so they will be picked up some night in a gutter in Cd. Victoria and be put into that wondrous process of the Mexican judicial system.  For these and several other minor but significant offences they will probably get to hang around in real live prison for about three years.
     We are also putting in a small, but quite nice, "cochera" (Koh-CHAIR-ah), which in our case is an open-air carport.    It too will be a bit rustic, rhyming into the style of the home and the out-of-date, minimalist, head-in-the-sand nature of the local nobleman.  Alvaro is the overseer of the operation and it had come time to go and buy the heavy (and rustic) full-cut two-by-four members that will be used to be tied into by our metal roofing.    This meant a 400 yard walk over to a humble home where a man known as "The Bear" forms wood into various lengths, widths, and thicknesses.    That was 320 pesos (about 25 USD), and Alvaro and I carried the long, and very heavy six members back to the Quinta.
     What struck me as I went was the somewhat humbling realisation that there had been various new houses and other structures built of which El Gringo Viejo had been unaware.  The main characteristic of 90% of the new structures is that they all showed obvious signs of having been variations or near duplications of the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.  It is not our normality to walk around much in the Ejido, and we live on the edge of it.   There is nothing really to avoid in the Ejido Francisco I. Madero, it is just that for one or two people the day at the Quinta is almost always full of projects, and necessities are usually bought at a couple of little stores that are 3 miles distance or more, while Alvaro will go and buy Coca Colas, milk, and necessities of urgency at any of about a million different little outlets quite nearby.
      So, this passing by of twenty or so structures, glowing bright white, looking very "retro-progressive", using colonial touches and a bit of organisation of the vegetation was almost disorienting.   However, and with all American judgementalism in place, these places are better than the near-hovels they replaced.   Other near-hovels are being improved even as we write.  But it was strange that the phenomena had been right in front of me, and I had not seen it over the past two years or so.
There will be more venom and rancid liver bile poured forth in the coming days.  We have an observation or two about the president's on-going .....dare I say....crusade to destroy and humiliate the United States of America.   We have more about Mexico in general.   We urge the attention of the OROG to the last three posts in the Anglican Curmudgeon's blog, and of course there will be guests' submissions as they arrive.    We appreciate your interest, time, and attention.
El Gringo Viejo

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Notice from El Zorro to his posse

A notice from El Zorro about the reality of buying medical devices under the conditions of the affordable care disaster.
Anyone still believe Obama didn't raise taxes on the middle class?
A little inconvenient truth sprouting up through the cracks of the socialist sidewalks.   Free medical really is not free, Virginia.  When the government increases its involvment in the affairs of the citizens, costs go up and quality goes down....the socialist promise that the property of the State is everyones property, sooner usually than later, becomes an awareness that the property of the State is no ones property.   In God We Trust becomes "take what we give you and pay the price we're telling you to pay.  And do it now!"
      El Gringo Viejo has returned and will be railing forth again, to-morrow.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Hello from the Sierra Madre

We are in the little community of Estacion de Santa Engracia, briefly.   We needed to buy the cover for our new ´´´cochera´´ and thereby finish the project.   To-day we had another pass by a bobcat, who eyed Bibi the Labrador as he passed by the dog on his way through the property.   They came to an uneasy peace, and Bibi followed the large male back towards the Rio Corona, but at a distance.   The Bobcat´s weight we would estimate at about 36 pounds.
     We continue to be depressed, amazed, and disgruntled about the  performance of the president of the United States and of the public.....the body politic.   The fact is that it is increasingly evident that Texas must re-establish itself as an independent governing Republic or Constitutional Monarchy or avoid the control of people so specious and evil as Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, and Barak Obama, etc.  The complicity of the Obsolete Press in covering and performing apoligetics for these horrid marxists is tantamount to a reasonable charge of treason.
      We need to prosecute our affairs here, and will be back in touch in a couple of days or so.   

Thursday, 14 February 2013

News from the Sierra Madre Oriental

Crisp mornings....upper thirties to the mid forties...and afternoons that run up to the low eighties.   Things are a bit dry and there is a ragged appearance all about due to the uneven spring greening and blossoming.   We had a three day service interruption in our water delivery and this causes more than a little consternation.  We really cannot water....or really bathe....or whatever because there is no really good way to determine when the service is restored.   Rumours and gossip abound, and there is nothing to be gained by driving over to the watermaster´s home every three ask the same question...and receive the same deflective, non-informational answer from a family member.
      Water was restored...there had been an attempted theft of a old diversion valve...made of all brass...and this had left the part of the line that served us and about 20 other households  un-fed.    But now all is bliss, because the service is restored, and we are being rewarded with periods of 6 hours of delivery.
      We had a very slow period of it concerning the birds until  yesterday....Wednesday.   Then the tree lit up with the usual show of colours and squawking.   A little rain would help.   The Quinta has served well in that during the very brisk nighttime hours and early morning, the temperature has remained at or above 72 degrees.   During a very high wind episode three days ago, we once again did not lose power or even the signal from SKY TELEVISION.
     El Gringo Viejo has little to say about the president's address.   It brought to mind a very poor form of those advertisements that deal with Red Chinese junk that always include the admonitions,"....but wait. there's more!"   It was a very un-clever, predictable sermon to the low-information crowd....and a perfect service of government largess designed to enslave the proles.     The pre-school bilge was very interesting due to the fact that it has been demonstrated time after the time that the  Head Start program has serve no academic or assimilation purpose of any merit.  It does provide make-work jobs for lots of people who are willing to do as little as possible so as to have a make-work job handed down by some Democrat ward-boss.
      This incessant bilge about green energy is so pitifully transparent, Spain's much vaunted infrastural renaissance based upon green energy (what is green energy?)  produced a present unemployment rate there in the neighbourhood of 24%.   In the USA it is simply a method of using "free money" to be channeled to papier mache' companies whose executives then dump large sums into various Democrat and leftist coffers.
     We have a new deployment of heavy infantry here.   So, apparently the new President of Mexico is keeping his word about the deployment patterns.   This is a group of  about three companies...perhaps 550 or so men and officers....and they are saying that they might be here for some time.   Asides from the incident with the attempted theft of the old brass valve, there is nothing to report concerning the social situation.
More later.
El Gringo Viejo

El Zorro sends a message worth the reading....THE NARCISSISM IS DEAFENING

The narcissism is deafening.

It is "all Obama all the time." For four full years there has not been a day remembered that this egotistical mental midget has not appeared on any (and perhaps all) news media. Even if we liked the guy we could not stand the constant hounding. By "we" we mean the average to above average intelligent people in this hemisphere, the left one. He shouts ultimatums from his pulpit "Do it now!", "Get it done!", "If the Congress won't act, I will", "Get it to my desk!", "Pass this bill", and on and on and on. He has no ideas but a single ideology, that being bring everyone down to his ideological level.

It is this writer's opinion that the ideology of Barack Hussein Obama is just that simple. He has a severe inferiority complex that stems from his lack of parental stability. He has more than one mother, figuratively, and just one real father he can only dream about. The pseudo father figures in his life were radicals, philanderers, drunks, and losers. From his own book we know he admired the worst of mankind and deplored the successful virtuous of them. His education consisted of personal experience that could only fill him with anger. His associations, few as they were, in his formative years were spoiled college kids with whom he could not compete and lower class "friends" who shared socialist ideas, not to mention marijuana and cocaine.

Evidence of his inferiority complex is his selection of political appointments. Since the beginning of his administration we have seen him lean on strong personalities for his ideas. One example is Rahm Emanuel, who was the strong arm or enforcer/bully whom he used to pick on other cabinet members and congressmen to get his way, especially in the case of the Affordable Health Care Act. Now Emanuel is suspiciously gone, probably because he was too powerful for Obama to contain. Then there is Hillary Clinton who is to Obama a threatening figure he was compelled to keep close rather than risk the wrath of Bill Clinton. His other appointments consist of "yes" people he can hold in front of him as targets. Notable ones are Janet Napolitano, Kathleen Sebelius, Ray LaHood, Ken Vilsak, Hilda Solis, and Ken Salazar. What have these cabinet members done on their own? What ideas have they brought to the table? What are they known to be exceptional for? They are simply Obama's human shields spouting the Obama propaganda. Then, last but not least are "Tiny Tim" Geithner, Eric Holder, and Leon Paneta. These are his selections for important cabinet posts and none of them have credentials that would be considered exceptional (except for tax cheat, Fast and Furious, and premature withdrawal and announcement of withdrawal from Afganistan respectively). There are others that do not come immediately to mind. Now we will see other suck ups in the persons of Chuck Hagel, John Brennan, and John Kerry.

Chuck Hagel is anti-Israel by his own comments in 2007 "...Jewish lobby intimidated lawmakers." As a Senator he opposed the surge in Iraq which was hugely successful. He refuses to label Iran as a terrorist state. His posture in this position is a mirror of Obama's. He is touted as a war hero. That is a credential which is considered as untouchable; however, he was an enlisted soldier which does not in any manner qualify him to be the head guy in Defense. The enlisted forces are very important to the nation's defense but they, as individuals, do not have the big picture and are not necessarily privy to the total military strategy of the United States. He was drafted into the Army which does not detract from his service but he reports that he enlisted. It is not certain exactly how his enlistment occurred but it is sure that he was drafted if before he enlisted.

John Brennan is being nominated for the position of Director of the CIA. He has been a favorite of Obama's since he took office. Brennan is considered the architect of the drone program, that being the war strategy that Obama singularly takes credit for. Brennan supported torture; however, in his nomination hearings he denied his support of water boarding which he formerly supported. He has trouble answering yes or no questions. He will be a terrific addition to Obama's collection of Czars.

John Kerry is the President's selection for Secretary of State. This is a man who was "...against it, er uh no, for it, no, against it before he was against it before he was for against it." Seriously, John Kerry was a non-war hero who is given hero status by the adoring media. He saw no significant combat relative to soldiers who endured ground combat for at least a full tour in Vietnam. Kerry was "in country" for three months on a river boat. His actual duty and service there is questionable by his counterparts in the Navy at the time. He bordered on treasonous speech after his service when he denounced the Vietnam War. This guy takes credit for being a hero on one hand and denounces his actions on the other. He is perfect selection for Obama.

These last three appointees fill out the presidents foreign policy shields. They have and will support him (take bullets for him, figuratively) on all matters of war and relations with the rest of the world.

In short, Obama is an average IQ coward who surrounds himself with average IQ shields. He will take credit for what works, and avert and assign blame when policies do not work.

On the domestic side, he thinks we have to "pay" for tax cuts. That makes no sense at all. The money not taxed belongs to the people, not the government. He points out that we are in deep trouble financially. He says we need additional taxes to pay off the debt but will not consider any cuts in his ridiculous health care plan. His bailouts of the housing and other industries are unaffordable and not even necessary. If an individual or a business does not manage well enough to survive, it is time for them to figure it out themselves. The government under the Constitution has no duty or responsibility to do these things. This president is out of control on all levels and should be investigated by the Congress for impeachment for violations of the Constitution. Unfortunately he has the power to intimidate, the Congress, the Courts, and most of all, the media. Examples of issues for impeachment or at least violation of the Constitution are clear, one being the non-recess appointments of NLRB members. Also, by executive order, he ordered that federal officials not deport or prosecute illegal immigrants. Then it is questionable that any or all of his twenty-three executive orders regarding gun control are constitutional. There are other examples to numerous to count. If there were a serious effort to impeach him, the ammo is available.

We have four full years to suffer this dictator like, self-assigned monarch of the United States. Obama is everywhere on the Internet, TV, radio, and news media. It is incumbent on us not to tune out but to listen, no matter how distasteful, to hear and read between the lines what he is saying. If there is an opportunity to end his presidency by impeachment we all have to participate. We would recommend a contribution to the
Landmark Legal Foundation. They are actively pursuing legal action against the unconstitutional acts of this president as we speak. They have cases on several different issues not the least is the repeal of Obama care. Please consider at least giving the web site a look. It costs nothing and contributions are IRS deductable as they are a 501(c) tax-exempt organization.

Keep the faith, protect the Constitution, and God bless us all.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Problem is Addressed by Neither Side, especially the Democrat

    The pointless posturing continues.  Each side going to bat in the standard ways.  The Democrats howl to the moon that the Republicans want human trafficking and low wages paid, and they are compulsive slavers and sweat shop operators...and oh! the poor immigrant because we are all immigrants.  What a bunch of bigots who are afraid of people who don't look like them!   They intone it in the tones of a sanctimonious religious Jimmy Jones perhaps.   And the Democrats never quite want to take care of the problem, of course,  because it behooves them to keep it around....every two Social try to scare the stupid, ignorant, and unfamiliar into trundling down to vote for their self interests instead of the Country's interest.
   As stated before, there is no hispanic issue to be had, won, or lost here.  If we play that game, all is lost.   Please notice that we win when we fight back and fight back vigourously. The National Rifle Association was laughed at throughout the Obsolete Media for being so stupid and fascist and racist to propose armed security at schools...HAHAHHAHAAHHAAA, what a bunch of hill-billy, stupid hicks .hhHhHHHAAAaahahahaaaaha.
     Bulletin:   armed security intervenes and captures shooter in Atlanta School 28 January 2013....bulletin....Newtown, Connecticut schools endorse armed security at schools....bulletin, Earth to Obsolete Media Arrogant Fools - Texas has many, if not the majority of schools covered at this time by private, city, or university police departments who are armed.   Many schools have armed and are continuing to arm up via conceal carry by teachers, janitors, and administrators.
There is an understanding even among many of the right-brained people that force, nay, overwhelming force is necessary when confronting a demon who is using armed force.   Please imagine, as the Beatles would snidely say...that Whoopee Goldberg is a member of the NRA, along with many other leftists.
     We do best when we fight back and make our cases, and when we do not wait for permission or approval to speak and act from our enemies.   The Socialist Democrats desire our total evaporation from the social, cultural, and political theatre.
     In terms of immigration, neither the Socialist Democrats nor the Republicans care to solve the problem with any reasonable solution.   All the mechanisms are available at this time.  The muslim extremist movement and the Marasalva Trucha and FARC make it even more urgent...long past urgent....since all these contaminants are heavily involved on American soil at this time.  They have entered through Mexico, Canada, and through our laterals.   The number of common legal and illegal Mexican aliens living in the United States has actually declined during the past couple of years.  Some of that is due to the all but exploding Mexican economy, and some of it is because of the stagnation that stimulus programs by governments always cause.
     The Trojan Horse and Camel's Nose in the Tent play that was used during the last Amnesty came back to bite normalcy on the ankle.   "We just want to legalise and give a pathway to normalcy for these people upon whom we depend so much", quickly became...authorisation to bring in relatives of the first AND second level relation.  Then, wonders of wonders, it was noticed that THE PROGRAM HAD ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT UPON THE ENTRY OF ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THAT THE NEWER GROUPS OF ''LEGALISED'' AND THE NEW ILLEGAL ALIENS were a terribly unproductive lot.   They stopped long enough to throw their garbage out on someone else's property, and then the next morning made a beeline  to the Texas Department of Human Refuse.   It is pitiful in a way because these people frequently were under the opinion that their path was the correct and normal if it was something that all Americans and people who live in America are supposed to do.
     Once the Welfare Reforms went into effect, there was very, very little effort to clear the previous abusers off the rolls.   State welfare workers, under pressure from the central government in Washington D.C. remain compelled to avoid requiring proof of legal status, and programs such as medicaid, section 8, food stamps, AFDC,  WIC, Head Start, School Lunch,  Summer free lunch, electricity subsidy, and almost total exemption from the law concerning licensing of drivers, inspection stickers, liability insurance coverage for the "poor immigrants'' continued without abatement.
     The "growth" along the southern border of the the Republic of Texas was almost totally due to the peon-mentality people who poured over directly and indirectly prompted by the First Amnesty.   Not too hidden in their ranks were several score thousand anchor-baby-mothers.  These are girls who are either already awaiting the stork, or who are finding a place where they can cause to happen the things that put the storks to flight.    In the opinion of El Gringo Viejo they are the close relatives of the the cowbird, who specialises in flying into the next of freshly laid Oriole or Mockingbird eggs and leaving her egg with the other expectant mother, during that expectant mother's absence.   That kind of generousity is to be admired, I guess.   Here, the anchorbabymothers fly into the Partera's clinics, frequently operated by "independent midwives" who are actually agents of liberation-theology psuedo-Roman Catholic nuns and political groups such as the "Farmworkers Union"  (an inaccurate catch-all phrase, a holdover from past days).   The worst of the pseudo nuns is the Maryknoll order, which is essentially a marxist social sabotage group whose mission it is to flood the United States and Mexico with as many unqualified consumers as possible for the purpose of breaking the treasury and causing ethnic and racial tensions.
    My tension is with them, and not the dumboe cowbird girl who is not intellectually equipped to even consider, much less understand that she is a useful lackey for communists.

     (I)    The first solution is for Texas to re-establish itself as an independent nation with the right and reponsibility to establish control on its border and to normalise the free flow of people who represent no threat to the peace and/or prosperity of this Republic or to the Republic of Mexico and any of it several member Sovereign States.
      Either with the American Republic or the Texian, it is necessary to enforce the rule that is still there but never regarded.   The legal alien came into this country under the certain agreement that he would not become a public ward and that he would not be a threat to the common good or the domestic tranquility.   In days not at all long past, the United States would require of a person gaining resident alien status that he have a responsible sponsor who would ensure that the new arrival would not become either a menace to others or a pubic ward.
     That is what must be done now....and I mean RAT NOW!
    (II)    The second solution is to seek out the Parteras' clinics and put them under the legal control and operatin of the County Health Department in the various counties of the Republic of Texas.   If a cowbird anchorbabymother comes in for her "free delivery'' and the subsequent automatic enrollment into 30,000 dollars worth of "free public assistance" PER ANNUM, then the  baby will be taken from her and taken to a RoT Post Natal  &  Pre-Adoption  facility.
      The reason, you see, is that the baby anchors her in the country because she is the only care giver.   The conundrum is that she cannot legally be here, but she can't be deported because she is the only source of support and nurture for the baby, who is incorrectly considered to be an American citizen.  The determination that the baby is an American citizen is based upon the notion that  a set of constitutional amendments  that cause all babies born over American soil to be American citizens.   The constitutional Amendments are the XIIIth and the XIVth which address the requirement that Negroes born into slavery or free, were to be considered to be and in fact be American citizens and citizens of the States wherein they were born or now reside.   The effort to recognise people being thrust out of bondage and into freeman status was the only intent of those Amendments.   Pinko judges and sloughy brained dumboes gradually developed the notion that some kind of radioactive y-factor gamma and ocean waves caused the baby born in  Kansas, on a hijacked airliner arriving from Japan, with an Argentine woman and her Ukranian husband being the new be an American citizen baby.   Such a notion is patenty ridiculous and will be dealt with suddenly  by the new Texian Congress, as it refines our bulky, somewhat Mexican-style Constitution of 1876.
     She will be advised that her baby has been taken for a first period of 30 days, and that within that time frame the new mother was to find the father and  have him come in for a DNA, finger, toe, hand, and foot printing, iris scan and a series of photograph including any and all scars, knive and bullet wounds, etc.   He will also be subject to alcohol and drug analysis and a moral exam, including but not limited to any criminal record or activity anywhere in the world, with emphasis on the the Republic of Texas and the American Republic.   He will be told that, if his DNA show that he is the baby's biological father, then he needs to check this block indicating that he refuses to accept paternity.   He has already been judged by the TEX. DEPT. of Child Protective Services, because he did not pay the 3,000 dollar charge 90 days before the anticipated normal delivery, nor did he visit the baby until being detained and brought to the Republic of Texas Post Natal and Pre-Adoption facility.
     The mother is advised that her "friend" has rejected the baby and her.  If he is an American, Texan, or a legal alien he will be released to the police for a further review of his standing with the criminal justice system.   She, as an illegal alien, is immediately moved to the Republic of Texas  undesirable alien removal facility at the nearest port of entry.   She is advised that the next time she comes to the Republic of Texas to do her cowbird dance to get on Texian welfare so as to be a muumuu wearing, gargage throwing, food-stamping slug watching telenovelas, she will be spayed and sent to prison for three years.   She will be charged with impositive hubris, which will be considered a form of conduct one level below treason and murder.    The idea of having a baby to live off of, paid for by foreigners. PLEASE! Give me a break.

     (III)    It is difficult for normal people to understand the innate good and positive effect of Mexicans, Texans  of Mexican ancestry, and the whole Latin thing in Texas is and has been.  The rot began when public assistance was dangled out one more time to a body of people that the Socialist Democrats have been bound and determined to enslave into the welfare dependency that typifies the  slight majority now of all Socialist Democrat Party voters.
     The fact is that the Democrats are the ones who are worried about the "Hispanic Vote" .  It is not spoken about by the Obsolete media, but the fact is that the graph of the Latino vote actually continues to edge up.  Romney could have done wonders by pointing up his many Mexican cousins and his whole Mormon - Mexico involvement...even a visit to the nice places where his blood-line still prospers and sets a free enterprise, Christian ethic example for addressing life's issues.
      There is so much positive about our undertandings and interinvolvments here in Texas and the Democrats are driven crazy by the fact that as Latinos approach the 30 year life-mark they begin to slide off to the right and also tend to become more involved in voting.  Romney and McCain and Bush all failed in not wrapping their arms around the issue with strong olive branch...historical realities...and lightning bolt explanations.   But they all allowed themselves to try to be Democrat light....It is very difficult to make the "general population" understand how bitter the Latin people who have been here and who are established and the ones who came and did everything normally and legally  RESENT  being lumped into something like THE HISPANIC VOTE.   The military, social, and philosophical nature of those people is so profoundly  "American" in nature that they cannot help but feel slighted by attention being given to the people who whelp out gang members, drive-bys, dependency....almost all of whom are 1st  and 2nd and now 3rd generational welfare abusers and addicts.    THEY DO NOT EVEN LIVE IN THE SAME NEIGHBOURHOODS normally.

With all of this, I must retire.  Tomorrow morning its off for the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre, aka the adobe hut...and numerous projects.   Please stay in with us and see what posting we can make from El Zorro and from the area of the Quinta.  These are interesting times.
El Gringo Viejo

Help with this, please

      El Zorro sent this in to the little adobe hut on the side of the Sierra Madre Oriental.  He has a friend with access to such interesting missives, and it is shared with all now.   We leave it to the OROGs devices to determine the value of the guidance the words provide.  If this writing by the newspaper's contributor is something serious, then I concur and agree with El Zorro's lament.
 He writes:     

     I don’t know what publication came from, but the editor is just as dull as the person who wrote this dribble. Unfortunately, this is the mentality that pervades our society today and the reason we have the ilk they elected ruining it. If reason does not prevail in 2014 we may be finished.

This is a letter to the editor, written ostensibly by
a proud Democrat.   The errors in logic, in deduction,
and in fact are so predictable and astonishing that
El Gringo Viejo at first thought that it must have been
sent in by a Republican / Conservative trying to be
sarcastic, and poking fun at the illogique that is share
by Democrats, both the low information voter and the
obsolete, elitist media informed, Martha's Vineyard
type Democrat voter.

We leave it to the OROG to make up his/her mind.


Something upon which to gnaw your teeth.  Depressing at best.
El Gringo Viejo

Friday, 1 February 2013

Quick Points

(1)   The explosions in Turkey and Mexico are perplexing.  Barak and Hillary have their Love Dance of Death, before they begin to rip each other to shreds later, to pat each other on the back for saving the Arab world from itself.   And they are content in the knowledge that  the Arab world is very proud of Obama and America.   Just think, they say to themselves, on the air, of all the things Barry and Hilly have done for and given to the women and the children.   And, while the Turks and the Kurds are not Arabs, they are Muslims.   Something is going on, there.
     There is also a problem with the explosion in Mexico City.   The PEMEX central administration building there in near-northcentral Mexico City is a wondrous building, very modern, a building that has scoffed at 7 and 8 level earthquakes.   The best way to structurally compromise a building of this sort is to destablise it from the lowest point possible.  Obviously, a bomb of the highest potency possible is the best solution.   Even the "Blind Sheik" knew that before he tried to blow down the Twin Towers in 1993.

The 50+ story PEMEX
central administration
    Both of these events could be just what they seem to be.   The one in Turkey is just a run of the mill lunatic Muslim extremist trying to get to the front of the 72 virgin line.  And the one in Mexico is just an incident of oversight of a boiler or the like.   The problem with the Mexico angle is that El Gringo Viejo had opportunity to work inside of that building on a couple of occasions, and its ventilation and exhausting of the auxiliary power and climate control/filtering/air movement  systems was quite good.    It was not a Mickey Mouse operation, although PEMEX is frequently criticised for a myriad of errors in terms of corruption and maintenance throughout the country.   It must, as well, be pointed out that PEMEX over the last 10 years especially has made great strides to become a "thoroughly modern Millie", and they really never were so totally corrupt as some might have suggested.  There is a saying in Texas, among those who have dealt with PEMEX, and that is "Nobody has ever taken a PEMEX check that bounced."....and that is true.   The Mexicans are so dumb that they even paid off the bonds that they used to indemnify the Foreign Oil interests after the expropriation in 1938.
     The reason that El Gringo Viejo is concerned about this is because Pen~a Nieto is leaving the door pretty much wide open to the possibility of significant privatisation of the government owned company.    Many Mexican  Bill Aires types lurk around in Mexico...unrepentant, unconvicted, communists, murderers....who are TOTALLY opposed to PEMEX privatisation.  Therefore, it follows,"If I am against something, I get to kill innocent people because I am against something." 

(2)   We shall be down at our little place on the face of the Sierra Madre Orental for the next little while.  We should be able to maintain a fairly frequent contact with everyone via email and this blog.  It is time to do considerable pruning and preparation, as well as to begin the last stages of a couple of projects that are unfinished.   Nothing too difficult, but things that need to be done have a way of needing to be done.   We are going to have, by this time next year, a carport with a crown of bouganvilla and duranta that will make all the ladies in the ejido bitterly green with envy.  It will also serve to demonstrate that El Gringo Viejo stayed in with them during a  Winter of Discontent that was quite a trial for everyone.  While it was not like Valley Forge, it was, is, and will be a life-moment that leaves certain scars.
     We are not done with the issue as of yet, but there are assurances that the Army remains and the Naval Infantry remains, and to this point what has been promised militarily has also been complied with.  The willingness of the common people of the area to drop dimes has been a pivotal point in the victories accomplished to this point, and we are  hopeful that we can move now into a new era of passive enforcement.
      This has all seemed to pretty much follow El Gringo Viejo's timeline of events.   If anything, it is a little quicker than we thought possible.   In any regard, we have continued along our path, openly, so as to underscore our commitment with the local people, most of whom know that El Gringo Viejo is crazy, but who still like to point out that he hasn't done a lot of damage to the Ejido de Francisco I. Madero and that they tolerate funny-looking foreign people who talk in funny languages.

El Zorro lives on the other side of these mountains
a good long ride from here.   El Gringo Viejo
lives on this side.
(3)    We are going to be requesting that El Zorro send a commentary once every four to seven days...more if he can find the time.   We will rely on his input during these coming days if he wishes...and it would be preferred that his contributions be as frequent as he can manage.

     El Zorro is a specialist in areas where El Gringo Viejo is not.  He and I agree and/or concur to a 99% level on everything.   He remains an American, however while I have decided to jump the fence and become a Texian,  native born and by birthright.  His takes are refreshingly different from El Gringo Viejo's....although he is native born as a Texian, and with even a greater lineage and birthright to declare himself Texian.
     So, we hope to be bringing you a little more of the ranting, conjecture, observations, and conclusions that reasonable men do when confronting obstinance, arrogance, and  destructive forces that work against our understanding of right and wrong, good and bad.    I shall try to chime in when possible from my place on the side of the mountains. Some day soon, we shall spring for the antennae adapter for a laptop tap computer (I know...sooooo 2012)...that can be used by guests to essentially make face to face phone calls, etc.  We have that capacity now available, but I am just to cheap and lazy to do anything about it.   Maybe down the road.

(4) To those American Republicans who still think your ship of state is salvagable, we urge that you advise the Republican Party that issues raised by the Socialist Democrat Party are not issues with which you should identify, nor concern yourselves.   Among the Anglos you are not going to gain the votes of the steely-eyed marxists, the lazy union thug who thinks he deserves something, the spoiled and narcissistic child who wants to be given  a starter position at 56,000 dollars/year just because he graduated from RustBuckette University with a BA in the History of Left-handed Toothbrush Repair.   You are not going to gain the votes of the Anglo guy with the Meth Lab in his baby daughter's crib room.
     The same goes for trying to assume that "all Hispanics...." anything.   The consumer/dependent class of Latins are drawn from a tradition of peonage that was almost abolished, but that the Mexican central government kept on life supports for the entire post-revolutionary period until around 1996.  There are still vestiges, official supports for prices, silly medical and food programs, and so forth, although theirs are being refined and are being morphed into private sector alternatives.
        We have invited the left-overs unto ourselves in the United States, and they have arrived with a vengeance with the notion that "Uncle Sam and Tio Obamaham, is better than that stupid Mexican government that just doesn't seem to want to give a single mom with four "special needs" babies ages 1 through 5 about 90,000 dollars/year worth of food, shelter,
"free"medical care, therapy for her children's various birth defects, transportation, WIC, AFDC, etc.     You, as Republicans will never be able or prepared  to provide that to her or anyone else.
       Only the Democrats and corrupt businesses (collaborators in socialist deviancy) practice this insanity.   If you, as Republicans, try to out "immigration" or out "welfare" the Hispanic issue from the Democrats, you will lose because the Socialist Democrats are not bound by the truth, and they will always outbid you.   The Republicans promised you a 29,000 inch 5 dimensional Televsion made in Red China, we are giving you 70 million inch atomic television that pours out 30 million barrels of beer and doritos per second and shoots quadzillions of pampers per second into every parking lot and sidewalk in a billion, million universes.
     The Socialist Democrats can and will promise to teach all of your children about diabetes and how it is the pinche gabachos' fault, and they will provide free classes in soccer and how to form new gang signs and do indelible graffiti.   Plus they will provide free funerals for all family members killed in drive-by shootings when the shooters are using firearms released to gang members and criminal elements by the USGovernment.

   In short, you must only be concerned with Latin people as you are concerned with all people.   "Our people" are the skilled labour people, the professional people, the "worked their way to be manager at MacDonalds people, the small business people, the professional and trades people, military and most police people....that is where our people are....and there is not a dime's worth of differernce among them when they are all together supporting an issue.  Their commonality of thought is amazing.   THEY ARE THE STRAIGHT-THINKING HUMANS.   In Texas among the Latins, the percentage of conservative voters has increased.  So please do not listen to Socialist Democrats diagnose and prescribe concerning maladies within the conservative and/or Republican group.

My faith and certain knowledge  is that the Republicans will not listen to this madman,  shouting in the wilderness.   They are driven to be kinder and gentler and to be liked, when it is written, "Dependent proles and consumers HATE REPUBLICANS.  Republicans have things and also make the dependent people who live by invading the work and investments of other feel guilty. They make up for their guilt by HATING REPUBLICANS.  THEY HATE REPUBLICANS."   See the words glowing on the wall! 

Belshazzar's Feast -  From a work by Rembrandt
The King beholds the ominous message of
Mene mene....Meaning that Calamity
From the Book of Daniel


 We shall depart the field of battle for a bit.  Perhaps to-night and to-morrow we shall buckle the swash, scale the mael, prance the lance and all that good stuff.  Come Watson!  Bring your pistol! The game's afoot!
El Gringo Viejo