Friday, 1 February 2013

Quick Points

(1)   The explosions in Turkey and Mexico are perplexing.  Barak and Hillary have their Love Dance of Death, before they begin to rip each other to shreds later, to pat each other on the back for saving the Arab world from itself.   And they are content in the knowledge that  the Arab world is very proud of Obama and America.   Just think, they say to themselves, on the air, of all the things Barry and Hilly have done for and given to the women and the children.   And, while the Turks and the Kurds are not Arabs, they are Muslims.   Something is going on, there.
     There is also a problem with the explosion in Mexico City.   The PEMEX central administration building there in near-northcentral Mexico City is a wondrous building, very modern, a building that has scoffed at 7 and 8 level earthquakes.   The best way to structurally compromise a building of this sort is to destablise it from the lowest point possible.  Obviously, a bomb of the highest potency possible is the best solution.   Even the "Blind Sheik" knew that before he tried to blow down the Twin Towers in 1993.

The 50+ story PEMEX
central administration
    Both of these events could be just what they seem to be.   The one in Turkey is just a run of the mill lunatic Muslim extremist trying to get to the front of the 72 virgin line.  And the one in Mexico is just an incident of oversight of a boiler or the like.   The problem with the Mexico angle is that El Gringo Viejo had opportunity to work inside of that building on a couple of occasions, and its ventilation and exhausting of the auxiliary power and climate control/filtering/air movement  systems was quite good.    It was not a Mickey Mouse operation, although PEMEX is frequently criticised for a myriad of errors in terms of corruption and maintenance throughout the country.   It must, as well, be pointed out that PEMEX over the last 10 years especially has made great strides to become a "thoroughly modern Millie", and they really never were so totally corrupt as some might have suggested.  There is a saying in Texas, among those who have dealt with PEMEX, and that is "Nobody has ever taken a PEMEX check that bounced."....and that is true.   The Mexicans are so dumb that they even paid off the bonds that they used to indemnify the Foreign Oil interests after the expropriation in 1938.
     The reason that El Gringo Viejo is concerned about this is because Pen~a Nieto is leaving the door pretty much wide open to the possibility of significant privatisation of the government owned company.    Many Mexican  Bill Aires types lurk around in Mexico...unrepentant, unconvicted, communists, murderers....who are TOTALLY opposed to PEMEX privatisation.  Therefore, it follows,"If I am against something, I get to kill innocent people because I am against something." 

(2)   We shall be down at our little place on the face of the Sierra Madre Orental for the next little while.  We should be able to maintain a fairly frequent contact with everyone via email and this blog.  It is time to do considerable pruning and preparation, as well as to begin the last stages of a couple of projects that are unfinished.   Nothing too difficult, but things that need to be done have a way of needing to be done.   We are going to have, by this time next year, a carport with a crown of bouganvilla and duranta that will make all the ladies in the ejido bitterly green with envy.  It will also serve to demonstrate that El Gringo Viejo stayed in with them during a  Winter of Discontent that was quite a trial for everyone.  While it was not like Valley Forge, it was, is, and will be a life-moment that leaves certain scars.
     We are not done with the issue as of yet, but there are assurances that the Army remains and the Naval Infantry remains, and to this point what has been promised militarily has also been complied with.  The willingness of the common people of the area to drop dimes has been a pivotal point in the victories accomplished to this point, and we are  hopeful that we can move now into a new era of passive enforcement.
      This has all seemed to pretty much follow El Gringo Viejo's timeline of events.   If anything, it is a little quicker than we thought possible.   In any regard, we have continued along our path, openly, so as to underscore our commitment with the local people, most of whom know that El Gringo Viejo is crazy, but who still like to point out that he hasn't done a lot of damage to the Ejido de Francisco I. Madero and that they tolerate funny-looking foreign people who talk in funny languages.

El Zorro lives on the other side of these mountains
a good long ride from here.   El Gringo Viejo
lives on this side.
(3)    We are going to be requesting that El Zorro send a commentary once every four to seven days...more if he can find the time.   We will rely on his input during these coming days if he wishes...and it would be preferred that his contributions be as frequent as he can manage.

     El Zorro is a specialist in areas where El Gringo Viejo is not.  He and I agree and/or concur to a 99% level on everything.   He remains an American, however while I have decided to jump the fence and become a Texian,  native born and by birthright.  His takes are refreshingly different from El Gringo Viejo's....although he is native born as a Texian, and with even a greater lineage and birthright to declare himself Texian.
     So, we hope to be bringing you a little more of the ranting, conjecture, observations, and conclusions that reasonable men do when confronting obstinance, arrogance, and  destructive forces that work against our understanding of right and wrong, good and bad.    I shall try to chime in when possible from my place on the side of the mountains. Some day soon, we shall spring for the antennae adapter for a laptop tap computer (I know...sooooo 2012)...that can be used by guests to essentially make face to face phone calls, etc.  We have that capacity now available, but I am just to cheap and lazy to do anything about it.   Maybe down the road.

(4) To those American Republicans who still think your ship of state is salvagable, we urge that you advise the Republican Party that issues raised by the Socialist Democrat Party are not issues with which you should identify, nor concern yourselves.   Among the Anglos you are not going to gain the votes of the steely-eyed marxists, the lazy union thug who thinks he deserves something, the spoiled and narcissistic child who wants to be given  a starter position at 56,000 dollars/year just because he graduated from RustBuckette University with a BA in the History of Left-handed Toothbrush Repair.   You are not going to gain the votes of the Anglo guy with the Meth Lab in his baby daughter's crib room.
     The same goes for trying to assume that "all Hispanics...." anything.   The consumer/dependent class of Latins are drawn from a tradition of peonage that was almost abolished, but that the Mexican central government kept on life supports for the entire post-revolutionary period until around 1996.  There are still vestiges, official supports for prices, silly medical and food programs, and so forth, although theirs are being refined and are being morphed into private sector alternatives.
        We have invited the left-overs unto ourselves in the United States, and they have arrived with a vengeance with the notion that "Uncle Sam and Tio Obamaham, is better than that stupid Mexican government that just doesn't seem to want to give a single mom with four "special needs" babies ages 1 through 5 about 90,000 dollars/year worth of food, shelter,
"free"medical care, therapy for her children's various birth defects, transportation, WIC, AFDC, etc.     You, as Republicans will never be able or prepared  to provide that to her or anyone else.
       Only the Democrats and corrupt businesses (collaborators in socialist deviancy) practice this insanity.   If you, as Republicans, try to out "immigration" or out "welfare" the Hispanic issue from the Democrats, you will lose because the Socialist Democrats are not bound by the truth, and they will always outbid you.   The Republicans promised you a 29,000 inch 5 dimensional Televsion made in Red China, we are giving you 70 million inch atomic television that pours out 30 million barrels of beer and doritos per second and shoots quadzillions of pampers per second into every parking lot and sidewalk in a billion, million universes.
     The Socialist Democrats can and will promise to teach all of your children about diabetes and how it is the pinche gabachos' fault, and they will provide free classes in soccer and how to form new gang signs and do indelible graffiti.   Plus they will provide free funerals for all family members killed in drive-by shootings when the shooters are using firearms released to gang members and criminal elements by the USGovernment.

   In short, you must only be concerned with Latin people as you are concerned with all people.   "Our people" are the skilled labour people, the professional people, the "worked their way to be manager at MacDonalds people, the small business people, the professional and trades people, military and most police people....that is where our people are....and there is not a dime's worth of differernce among them when they are all together supporting an issue.  Their commonality of thought is amazing.   THEY ARE THE STRAIGHT-THINKING HUMANS.   In Texas among the Latins, the percentage of conservative voters has increased.  So please do not listen to Socialist Democrats diagnose and prescribe concerning maladies within the conservative and/or Republican group.

My faith and certain knowledge  is that the Republicans will not listen to this madman,  shouting in the wilderness.   They are driven to be kinder and gentler and to be liked, when it is written, "Dependent proles and consumers HATE REPUBLICANS.  Republicans have things and also make the dependent people who live by invading the work and investments of other feel guilty. They make up for their guilt by HATING REPUBLICANS.  THEY HATE REPUBLICANS."   See the words glowing on the wall! 

Belshazzar's Feast -  From a work by Rembrandt
The King beholds the ominous message of
Mene mene....Meaning that Calamity
From the Book of Daniel


 We shall depart the field of battle for a bit.  Perhaps to-night and to-morrow we shall buckle the swash, scale the mael, prance the lance and all that good stuff.  Come Watson!  Bring your pistol! The game's afoot!
El Gringo Viejo