Saturday, 2 February 2013

Help with this, please

      El Zorro sent this in to the little adobe hut on the side of the Sierra Madre Oriental.  He has a friend with access to such interesting missives, and it is shared with all now.   We leave it to the OROGs devices to determine the value of the guidance the words provide.  If this writing by the newspaper's contributor is something serious, then I concur and agree with El Zorro's lament.
 He writes:     

     I don’t know what publication came from, but the editor is just as dull as the person who wrote this dribble. Unfortunately, this is the mentality that pervades our society today and the reason we have the ilk they elected ruining it. If reason does not prevail in 2014 we may be finished.

This is a letter to the editor, written ostensibly by
a proud Democrat.   The errors in logic, in deduction,
and in fact are so predictable and astonishing that
El Gringo Viejo at first thought that it must have been
sent in by a Republican / Conservative trying to be
sarcastic, and poking fun at the illogique that is share
by Democrats, both the low information voter and the
obsolete, elitist media informed, Martha's Vineyard
type Democrat voter.

We leave it to the OROG to make up his/her mind.


Something upon which to gnaw your teeth.  Depressing at best.
El Gringo Viejo