Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Problem is Addressed by Neither Side, especially the Democrat

    The pointless posturing continues.  Each side going to bat in the standard ways.  The Democrats howl to the moon that the Republicans want human trafficking and low wages paid, and they are compulsive slavers and sweat shop operators...and oh! the poor immigrant because we are all immigrants.  What a bunch of bigots who are afraid of people who don't look like them!   They intone it in the tones of a sanctimonious religious Jimmy Jones perhaps.   And the Democrats never quite want to take care of the problem, of course,  because it behooves them to keep it around....every two Social try to scare the stupid, ignorant, and unfamiliar into trundling down to vote for their self interests instead of the Country's interest.
   As stated before, there is no hispanic issue to be had, won, or lost here.  If we play that game, all is lost.   Please notice that we win when we fight back and fight back vigourously. The National Rifle Association was laughed at throughout the Obsolete Media for being so stupid and fascist and racist to propose armed security at schools...HAHAHHAHAAHHAAA, what a bunch of hill-billy, stupid hicks .hhHhHHHAAAaahahahaaaaha.
     Bulletin:   armed security intervenes and captures shooter in Atlanta School 28 January 2013....bulletin....Newtown, Connecticut schools endorse armed security at schools....bulletin, Earth to Obsolete Media Arrogant Fools - Texas has many, if not the majority of schools covered at this time by private, city, or university police departments who are armed.   Many schools have armed and are continuing to arm up via conceal carry by teachers, janitors, and administrators.
There is an understanding even among many of the right-brained people that force, nay, overwhelming force is necessary when confronting a demon who is using armed force.   Please imagine, as the Beatles would snidely say...that Whoopee Goldberg is a member of the NRA, along with many other leftists.
     We do best when we fight back and make our cases, and when we do not wait for permission or approval to speak and act from our enemies.   The Socialist Democrats desire our total evaporation from the social, cultural, and political theatre.
     In terms of immigration, neither the Socialist Democrats nor the Republicans care to solve the problem with any reasonable solution.   All the mechanisms are available at this time.  The muslim extremist movement and the Marasalva Trucha and FARC make it even more urgent...long past urgent....since all these contaminants are heavily involved on American soil at this time.  They have entered through Mexico, Canada, and through our laterals.   The number of common legal and illegal Mexican aliens living in the United States has actually declined during the past couple of years.  Some of that is due to the all but exploding Mexican economy, and some of it is because of the stagnation that stimulus programs by governments always cause.
     The Trojan Horse and Camel's Nose in the Tent play that was used during the last Amnesty came back to bite normalcy on the ankle.   "We just want to legalise and give a pathway to normalcy for these people upon whom we depend so much", quickly became...authorisation to bring in relatives of the first AND second level relation.  Then, wonders of wonders, it was noticed that THE PROGRAM HAD ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT UPON THE ENTRY OF ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THAT THE NEWER GROUPS OF ''LEGALISED'' AND THE NEW ILLEGAL ALIENS were a terribly unproductive lot.   They stopped long enough to throw their garbage out on someone else's property, and then the next morning made a beeline  to the Texas Department of Human Refuse.   It is pitiful in a way because these people frequently were under the opinion that their path was the correct and normal if it was something that all Americans and people who live in America are supposed to do.
     Once the Welfare Reforms went into effect, there was very, very little effort to clear the previous abusers off the rolls.   State welfare workers, under pressure from the central government in Washington D.C. remain compelled to avoid requiring proof of legal status, and programs such as medicaid, section 8, food stamps, AFDC,  WIC, Head Start, School Lunch,  Summer free lunch, electricity subsidy, and almost total exemption from the law concerning licensing of drivers, inspection stickers, liability insurance coverage for the "poor immigrants'' continued without abatement.
     The "growth" along the southern border of the the Republic of Texas was almost totally due to the peon-mentality people who poured over directly and indirectly prompted by the First Amnesty.   Not too hidden in their ranks were several score thousand anchor-baby-mothers.  These are girls who are either already awaiting the stork, or who are finding a place where they can cause to happen the things that put the storks to flight.    In the opinion of El Gringo Viejo they are the close relatives of the the cowbird, who specialises in flying into the next of freshly laid Oriole or Mockingbird eggs and leaving her egg with the other expectant mother, during that expectant mother's absence.   That kind of generousity is to be admired, I guess.   Here, the anchorbabymothers fly into the Partera's clinics, frequently operated by "independent midwives" who are actually agents of liberation-theology psuedo-Roman Catholic nuns and political groups such as the "Farmworkers Union"  (an inaccurate catch-all phrase, a holdover from past days).   The worst of the pseudo nuns is the Maryknoll order, which is essentially a marxist social sabotage group whose mission it is to flood the United States and Mexico with as many unqualified consumers as possible for the purpose of breaking the treasury and causing ethnic and racial tensions.
    My tension is with them, and not the dumboe cowbird girl who is not intellectually equipped to even consider, much less understand that she is a useful lackey for communists.

     (I)    The first solution is for Texas to re-establish itself as an independent nation with the right and reponsibility to establish control on its border and to normalise the free flow of people who represent no threat to the peace and/or prosperity of this Republic or to the Republic of Mexico and any of it several member Sovereign States.
      Either with the American Republic or the Texian, it is necessary to enforce the rule that is still there but never regarded.   The legal alien came into this country under the certain agreement that he would not become a public ward and that he would not be a threat to the common good or the domestic tranquility.   In days not at all long past, the United States would require of a person gaining resident alien status that he have a responsible sponsor who would ensure that the new arrival would not become either a menace to others or a pubic ward.
     That is what must be done now....and I mean RAT NOW!
    (II)    The second solution is to seek out the Parteras' clinics and put them under the legal control and operatin of the County Health Department in the various counties of the Republic of Texas.   If a cowbird anchorbabymother comes in for her "free delivery'' and the subsequent automatic enrollment into 30,000 dollars worth of "free public assistance" PER ANNUM, then the  baby will be taken from her and taken to a RoT Post Natal  &  Pre-Adoption  facility.
      The reason, you see, is that the baby anchors her in the country because she is the only care giver.   The conundrum is that she cannot legally be here, but she can't be deported because she is the only source of support and nurture for the baby, who is incorrectly considered to be an American citizen.  The determination that the baby is an American citizen is based upon the notion that  a set of constitutional amendments  that cause all babies born over American soil to be American citizens.   The constitutional Amendments are the XIIIth and the XIVth which address the requirement that Negroes born into slavery or free, were to be considered to be and in fact be American citizens and citizens of the States wherein they were born or now reside.   The effort to recognise people being thrust out of bondage and into freeman status was the only intent of those Amendments.   Pinko judges and sloughy brained dumboes gradually developed the notion that some kind of radioactive y-factor gamma and ocean waves caused the baby born in  Kansas, on a hijacked airliner arriving from Japan, with an Argentine woman and her Ukranian husband being the new be an American citizen baby.   Such a notion is patenty ridiculous and will be dealt with suddenly  by the new Texian Congress, as it refines our bulky, somewhat Mexican-style Constitution of 1876.
     She will be advised that her baby has been taken for a first period of 30 days, and that within that time frame the new mother was to find the father and  have him come in for a DNA, finger, toe, hand, and foot printing, iris scan and a series of photograph including any and all scars, knive and bullet wounds, etc.   He will also be subject to alcohol and drug analysis and a moral exam, including but not limited to any criminal record or activity anywhere in the world, with emphasis on the the Republic of Texas and the American Republic.   He will be told that, if his DNA show that he is the baby's biological father, then he needs to check this block indicating that he refuses to accept paternity.   He has already been judged by the TEX. DEPT. of Child Protective Services, because he did not pay the 3,000 dollar charge 90 days before the anticipated normal delivery, nor did he visit the baby until being detained and brought to the Republic of Texas Post Natal and Pre-Adoption facility.
     The mother is advised that her "friend" has rejected the baby and her.  If he is an American, Texan, or a legal alien he will be released to the police for a further review of his standing with the criminal justice system.   She, as an illegal alien, is immediately moved to the Republic of Texas  undesirable alien removal facility at the nearest port of entry.   She is advised that the next time she comes to the Republic of Texas to do her cowbird dance to get on Texian welfare so as to be a muumuu wearing, gargage throwing, food-stamping slug watching telenovelas, she will be spayed and sent to prison for three years.   She will be charged with impositive hubris, which will be considered a form of conduct one level below treason and murder.    The idea of having a baby to live off of, paid for by foreigners. PLEASE! Give me a break.

     (III)    It is difficult for normal people to understand the innate good and positive effect of Mexicans, Texans  of Mexican ancestry, and the whole Latin thing in Texas is and has been.  The rot began when public assistance was dangled out one more time to a body of people that the Socialist Democrats have been bound and determined to enslave into the welfare dependency that typifies the  slight majority now of all Socialist Democrat Party voters.
     The fact is that the Democrats are the ones who are worried about the "Hispanic Vote" .  It is not spoken about by the Obsolete media, but the fact is that the graph of the Latino vote actually continues to edge up.  Romney could have done wonders by pointing up his many Mexican cousins and his whole Mormon - Mexico involvement...even a visit to the nice places where his blood-line still prospers and sets a free enterprise, Christian ethic example for addressing life's issues.
      There is so much positive about our undertandings and interinvolvments here in Texas and the Democrats are driven crazy by the fact that as Latinos approach the 30 year life-mark they begin to slide off to the right and also tend to become more involved in voting.  Romney and McCain and Bush all failed in not wrapping their arms around the issue with strong olive branch...historical realities...and lightning bolt explanations.   But they all allowed themselves to try to be Democrat light....It is very difficult to make the "general population" understand how bitter the Latin people who have been here and who are established and the ones who came and did everything normally and legally  RESENT  being lumped into something like THE HISPANIC VOTE.   The military, social, and philosophical nature of those people is so profoundly  "American" in nature that they cannot help but feel slighted by attention being given to the people who whelp out gang members, drive-bys, dependency....almost all of whom are 1st  and 2nd and now 3rd generational welfare abusers and addicts.    THEY DO NOT EVEN LIVE IN THE SAME NEIGHBOURHOODS normally.

With all of this, I must retire.  Tomorrow morning its off for the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre, aka the adobe hut...and numerous projects.   Please stay in with us and see what posting we can make from El Zorro and from the area of the Quinta.  These are interesting times.
El Gringo Viejo