Thursday, 14 February 2013

El Zorro sends a message worth the reading....THE NARCISSISM IS DEAFENING

The narcissism is deafening.

It is "all Obama all the time." For four full years there has not been a day remembered that this egotistical mental midget has not appeared on any (and perhaps all) news media. Even if we liked the guy we could not stand the constant hounding. By "we" we mean the average to above average intelligent people in this hemisphere, the left one. He shouts ultimatums from his pulpit "Do it now!", "Get it done!", "If the Congress won't act, I will", "Get it to my desk!", "Pass this bill", and on and on and on. He has no ideas but a single ideology, that being bring everyone down to his ideological level.

It is this writer's opinion that the ideology of Barack Hussein Obama is just that simple. He has a severe inferiority complex that stems from his lack of parental stability. He has more than one mother, figuratively, and just one real father he can only dream about. The pseudo father figures in his life were radicals, philanderers, drunks, and losers. From his own book we know he admired the worst of mankind and deplored the successful virtuous of them. His education consisted of personal experience that could only fill him with anger. His associations, few as they were, in his formative years were spoiled college kids with whom he could not compete and lower class "friends" who shared socialist ideas, not to mention marijuana and cocaine.

Evidence of his inferiority complex is his selection of political appointments. Since the beginning of his administration we have seen him lean on strong personalities for his ideas. One example is Rahm Emanuel, who was the strong arm or enforcer/bully whom he used to pick on other cabinet members and congressmen to get his way, especially in the case of the Affordable Health Care Act. Now Emanuel is suspiciously gone, probably because he was too powerful for Obama to contain. Then there is Hillary Clinton who is to Obama a threatening figure he was compelled to keep close rather than risk the wrath of Bill Clinton. His other appointments consist of "yes" people he can hold in front of him as targets. Notable ones are Janet Napolitano, Kathleen Sebelius, Ray LaHood, Ken Vilsak, Hilda Solis, and Ken Salazar. What have these cabinet members done on their own? What ideas have they brought to the table? What are they known to be exceptional for? They are simply Obama's human shields spouting the Obama propaganda. Then, last but not least are "Tiny Tim" Geithner, Eric Holder, and Leon Paneta. These are his selections for important cabinet posts and none of them have credentials that would be considered exceptional (except for tax cheat, Fast and Furious, and premature withdrawal and announcement of withdrawal from Afganistan respectively). There are others that do not come immediately to mind. Now we will see other suck ups in the persons of Chuck Hagel, John Brennan, and John Kerry.

Chuck Hagel is anti-Israel by his own comments in 2007 "...Jewish lobby intimidated lawmakers." As a Senator he opposed the surge in Iraq which was hugely successful. He refuses to label Iran as a terrorist state. His posture in this position is a mirror of Obama's. He is touted as a war hero. That is a credential which is considered as untouchable; however, he was an enlisted soldier which does not in any manner qualify him to be the head guy in Defense. The enlisted forces are very important to the nation's defense but they, as individuals, do not have the big picture and are not necessarily privy to the total military strategy of the United States. He was drafted into the Army which does not detract from his service but he reports that he enlisted. It is not certain exactly how his enlistment occurred but it is sure that he was drafted if before he enlisted.

John Brennan is being nominated for the position of Director of the CIA. He has been a favorite of Obama's since he took office. Brennan is considered the architect of the drone program, that being the war strategy that Obama singularly takes credit for. Brennan supported torture; however, in his nomination hearings he denied his support of water boarding which he formerly supported. He has trouble answering yes or no questions. He will be a terrific addition to Obama's collection of Czars.

John Kerry is the President's selection for Secretary of State. This is a man who was "...against it, er uh no, for it, no, against it before he was against it before he was for against it." Seriously, John Kerry was a non-war hero who is given hero status by the adoring media. He saw no significant combat relative to soldiers who endured ground combat for at least a full tour in Vietnam. Kerry was "in country" for three months on a river boat. His actual duty and service there is questionable by his counterparts in the Navy at the time. He bordered on treasonous speech after his service when he denounced the Vietnam War. This guy takes credit for being a hero on one hand and denounces his actions on the other. He is perfect selection for Obama.

These last three appointees fill out the presidents foreign policy shields. They have and will support him (take bullets for him, figuratively) on all matters of war and relations with the rest of the world.

In short, Obama is an average IQ coward who surrounds himself with average IQ shields. He will take credit for what works, and avert and assign blame when policies do not work.

On the domestic side, he thinks we have to "pay" for tax cuts. That makes no sense at all. The money not taxed belongs to the people, not the government. He points out that we are in deep trouble financially. He says we need additional taxes to pay off the debt but will not consider any cuts in his ridiculous health care plan. His bailouts of the housing and other industries are unaffordable and not even necessary. If an individual or a business does not manage well enough to survive, it is time for them to figure it out themselves. The government under the Constitution has no duty or responsibility to do these things. This president is out of control on all levels and should be investigated by the Congress for impeachment for violations of the Constitution. Unfortunately he has the power to intimidate, the Congress, the Courts, and most of all, the media. Examples of issues for impeachment or at least violation of the Constitution are clear, one being the non-recess appointments of NLRB members. Also, by executive order, he ordered that federal officials not deport or prosecute illegal immigrants. Then it is questionable that any or all of his twenty-three executive orders regarding gun control are constitutional. There are other examples to numerous to count. If there were a serious effort to impeach him, the ammo is available.

We have four full years to suffer this dictator like, self-assigned monarch of the United States. Obama is everywhere on the Internet, TV, radio, and news media. It is incumbent on us not to tune out but to listen, no matter how distasteful, to hear and read between the lines what he is saying. If there is an opportunity to end his presidency by impeachment we all have to participate. We would recommend a contribution to the
Landmark Legal Foundation. They are actively pursuing legal action against the unconstitutional acts of this president as we speak. They have cases on several different issues not the least is the repeal of Obama care. Please consider at least giving the web site a look. It costs nothing and contributions are IRS deductable as they are a 501(c) tax-exempt organization.

Keep the faith, protect the Constitution, and God bless us all.