Thursday, 14 February 2013

News from the Sierra Madre Oriental

Crisp mornings....upper thirties to the mid forties...and afternoons that run up to the low eighties.   Things are a bit dry and there is a ragged appearance all about due to the uneven spring greening and blossoming.   We had a three day service interruption in our water delivery and this causes more than a little consternation.  We really cannot water....or really bathe....or whatever because there is no really good way to determine when the service is restored.   Rumours and gossip abound, and there is nothing to be gained by driving over to the watermaster´s home every three ask the same question...and receive the same deflective, non-informational answer from a family member.
      Water was restored...there had been an attempted theft of a old diversion valve...made of all brass...and this had left the part of the line that served us and about 20 other households  un-fed.    But now all is bliss, because the service is restored, and we are being rewarded with periods of 6 hours of delivery.
      We had a very slow period of it concerning the birds until  yesterday....Wednesday.   Then the tree lit up with the usual show of colours and squawking.   A little rain would help.   The Quinta has served well in that during the very brisk nighttime hours and early morning, the temperature has remained at or above 72 degrees.   During a very high wind episode three days ago, we once again did not lose power or even the signal from SKY TELEVISION.
     El Gringo Viejo has little to say about the president's address.   It brought to mind a very poor form of those advertisements that deal with Red Chinese junk that always include the admonitions,"....but wait. there's more!"   It was a very un-clever, predictable sermon to the low-information crowd....and a perfect service of government largess designed to enslave the proles.     The pre-school bilge was very interesting due to the fact that it has been demonstrated time after the time that the  Head Start program has serve no academic or assimilation purpose of any merit.  It does provide make-work jobs for lots of people who are willing to do as little as possible so as to have a make-work job handed down by some Democrat ward-boss.
      This incessant bilge about green energy is so pitifully transparent, Spain's much vaunted infrastural renaissance based upon green energy (what is green energy?)  produced a present unemployment rate there in the neighbourhood of 24%.   In the USA it is simply a method of using "free money" to be channeled to papier mache' companies whose executives then dump large sums into various Democrat and leftist coffers.
     We have a new deployment of heavy infantry here.   So, apparently the new President of Mexico is keeping his word about the deployment patterns.   This is a group of  about three companies...perhaps 550 or so men and officers....and they are saying that they might be here for some time.   Asides from the incident with the attempted theft of the old brass valve, there is nothing to report concerning the social situation.
More later.
El Gringo Viejo