Wednesday, 30 November 2011

It's always the same

    Whether it's the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City after the presidential election protests five years ago or the OWS mess in downtown New York City a week ago, or any leftist or Democrat's always the same.

   We bring to mind the young woman who sneered at the television camera this morning, and said,"They have no right to make us leave!  We are the people.   This is a public park.  It belongs to us."    The perfect, psychotic, conceited, narcissistic, lazy, mean, self-absorbed notion that a public park belongs to .....enter any word other than to the general public to come and go in general legal activity without interfering with another to do the same.

     The Gringo Viejo is not the smartest person ever born.   He is certainly not the best person.  But even he can understand that public places belong to everyone in a common law sense.   They belong to no one group or individual.   That is the difference between communitarianism and communism.

     And it must be underscored....At all the Tea Party functions the grounds and fixtures were left clean...totally picked up....all the permits and licenses in order....self-policed and conducted with restraint and dignity.   Even when the plants and provocateurs came to try to misrepresent or provoke....they failed....because the dumboe Tea Party people knew they were coming and received them with expert passive resistance.

Day and night.   Good and bad.   There is natural law.   There is a correct way and a wrong way.

Thanks for your time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo

That Common Touch

If Hillary and Michelle do it, they are "sophisticated" or "with it" or "in" .   If Laura Bush were to have done it, she would have been styled "insensitive" or "self-indulgent" or "Beverly Hillbillies come to Washington".

stupid turn eat the obama s humpy and dumpy

Laura Bush Malaria No More International Honors Fifth Anniversary Benefit
Source: Getty Images
Just one of the differences between socialists who are in the Democrat Party and liberals who are aligned with the Republican Party.

(Did you all ever notice how black people, white people, any kind of people look so ....normal..when they are Republicans and/or Conservatives, and how Democrats and leftists look like characters from saloon scenes in Star Wars movies?)


Additional Warning!
    All Negroes intending to stick their necks out and campaign for anything as a Republican, please be aware that Gloria Alred has a stable of kooks and malcontents who will trundle forth to tell the world about having been raped, assaulted, sexually "harassed", or left hanging after an affair with the Negro Republican or Conservative postulant.   Those same women, like the Guatemalan illegal alien domestic who lied on her application for employment to the domestic agency that provided workers for the immediate past Republican candidate for Governor of California, then become as  Cheshire Cats, out of sight....and out of mind.
     The Old Gringo, in spite of having had knowledge of the strange proclivity for some women to make up stories from whole clothe about various offences against their sensibility, always sided with the women when these stories would surface.   The last time, however,  was with the perfectly, carefully well-spoken Anita Hill who spun a story that was perfectly believable and astounding....until it became apparent that it was a fantasy.
     When her story unravelled, the Old Gringo shook his head in wonder at the continued assertion of the validity of the Molly Yard....that the truth of the issue was not as important as the seriousness of the charges.   It is a variant of the "....we'll have to vote for the bill in order to find out what is in it"....logic that marxists, relativists, and rationalists simply adore to invoke.

    And Justin Beeber having to defend a paternity issue?   And the Duke lacrosse players?   That woman  wound up killing her boyfriend later.    Herman Cain's latest accuser has been evicted from housing on several....many occasions.   She was issued a restraining order for stalking, extreme repetitive telephoning, threatening, and generally tormenting her business partner and was given a chance to avoid felony charges by desisting.   For a brief while she did, and then returned to her old ways, including publishing and declaring false and injurious information about that business partner.   That individual sued her in court for defamation, and won a judgement against her.   She never paid the judgement, but she did desist in further harassment and tormenting of the business partner, fearing jail for contempt of court.
    Her last eviction was in October of this year.
    Any errors Herman Cain may have made should be addressed.   If they are egregious, he should quietly retire from the field.   The Old Gringo fears that even if the charges are spurious, he is now damaged to an extent so as to be unrestorable.   ALL CONSERVATIVES AND ALL REPUBLICANS of the BLACK RACE MUST CONSIDER BEFORE FILING THAT THE MARXISTS AND ELITISTS WHO CONTROL THE MEDIA FOR THE MASSES WILL THROW ANY AND EVERY KIND OF FILTH THEY CAN AGAINST YOU.   A misdemeanour committed by a conservative will be dealt with as a life and death felony.  A felony committed by a liberal or a Democrat will be treated as a badge of honour and a sign of "growth".   Gary Studds, Barney Frank, William Jefferson Blythe, Hillary Rodham, Franklin Raines, Jesse jackson, and there is not enough ink to fill in the rest, all the way Lyndon Baines Johnson, Wilbur Mills, etc.
     It is apparent that if a Negro gets "too far up" as a Conservative or Republican, he will face a flood of sexually related charges brought by people who have a peripheral, glancing passage with the individual of concern.   There needn't be any true offense, only a time and space possibility.    With the Clintons, an avalanche of evidence concerning fraud and other felonies results in that pitiable finality of listening to Web Hubble moaning to his wife during his conversation with her from his prison telephone room, " Then you mean I'm just going to have to roll over one more time in order to keep them out of trouble."    The wife was pleading with him to back up Hillary's "corkscrew story 2,394.0" ....Web's wife had a White House job at the time....When she called her husband at the prison, she had forgotten that prisoners have no right of privacy in their telephone calls.   She called due to the fact that she feared for her life.   Her shaking voice and pleading was that of a woman frightened for her life.   The stupid Republican Congressman from Indiana who was heading an investigation into some of the Clinton's shenanigans, released that tape instead of holding it back for leverage and positive impact at a more opportune time for the good of the Republic.
     The mainstream press totally....completely.....entirely....absolutely disregarded the telephone call except for one statement about how telephone calls should be private.

Pray for the state of the popular culture and the popular intellect.   Bring us to the Altar of John Corzine and Anthony Weiner.   Let us seek comfort in the goodness of iniquity.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Blessed Event

   The Hacienda de la Vega, the neighbour of the Quinta de la Sierra Madre, is pleased to announce the arrival by Stork of the Sra. Mara de los Salazares of three daughters and eight sons.   The blessed event occurred during the morning hours of the 26th of November, 2011.    Sons Mokumbu, Juan, Lazaro, Fidencio, Gregorio, Maximiliano, Bernardo, Marco Antonio,and daughters Maria Mara, Maria de Jesus, Maria Josepha are all doing well, while the father has not yet regained consciousness.

The start of a 100 dollar/month food bill

      All are registered Rhodesian Lion Hounds, also known as Ridgeback Hounds.   The males frequently reach weights of 140 to 16o pounds.   They were bred in Central Africa during a time when lion hunting and protection from lions was a necessity.   To-day, they specialise in laying around, eating, and begging for head-scratchings and boney-woney treats.    Still, at night, they are not pleasant surprises for an uninformed intruder.

Ridgebacks are famous for protecting the hearth from intruders and
wild animals, especially cats, from damaging slaves, property, animals,
employees, and even wives that pertain to the domain, as one can readily
note.   Females only increase in weight to the area of 100 pounds, males
can wind up in the 160 pound range.

      Our neighbour is actually quite pleased, because Mara had trouble with her first delivery.   She is a very good, compliant, and clean dog and has shewn herself to be much more than an adequate mother.

    Just a note to show that we know what is really important.    Thanks as always for your time and attention.   Prince William piloted a rescue of sailors lost at sea...successfully.   Pray that the Brits, while playing their monarchical game of toy soldiers, have the wit and wile and willingness to name Charles as dolt-regent and to install William as King and Defender of the Faith.

El Gringo Viejo

Monday, 28 November 2011

Pointed Potpourri

A flurry of little things come up as new problems arise on the homefront, and new solutions as well.   The international situation....economic turbulence....unreasonable reasonability.    This can be mixed with unreported or mis-reported news about Mexico and Texas.   Set all of this against the backdrop of the fourteen month long American commercial holiday season and it becomes an interesting artist's studio full of paints, easels, and canvas.

(1)    At this time of year, the Old Gringo pauses to remember that Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves, nor did he particularly give a whit what would becomes of Negroes once emancipated by force.   His preference was to send as many of them as possible to Panama to dig the canal that would make the world perfect for all times.

(2)     The Mexican military, somewhat discreetly, announced the arrest and confiscation of a large container off of a Red Chinese freighter at dock in Lazaro Cardenas, an unfortunately-named port city, situated on the Pacific coast in the western State of Michoacan.    The contents of the container?    A large shipment of knock-off brand AK-47 rifles with automatic conversion capacity, a large number of knock-off brand 9mm semi-automatic pistols, and a large number of kn0ck-off military police style 12 guage shotguns, along with considerable amounts of the appropriate ammunition.    The port rumour is that a complete inspection of the ship will reveal the truth of the issue.   The ship is probably carrying a huge shipment of illegally transported arms.    That truth is also that Communist Chinese, northern South American producers and transporters of drugs, Castro's Cuba, Hezbollah/Iran, and international black market arms dealers especially from Russia and Eastern Europe are the purveyors of arms into Mexico.   Not dumboe American gun stores and collectors....but people who want to destroy Mexico, the United States of America, and Canada.  Communists, Islamic psychopaths, professional criminal interests, and other people with no souls who hate liberty.
      This announcement by the military has to have been allowed by the President of Mexico.   It is a dangerous step in a way for the President to allow this official news to be made public.  The official Mexican position is that the "gun dealers" in Texas and Arizona have been the main sources of guns for the drug cartels.    This faery-tale helps, to some extent, the leftists who wander  in Mexico's pantheon of illustrious bologna-legends that all ills in Mexico come from the United States.    It has taken the better part of 24 years of centrist and center-right conservative governance to barely pick away at the dead petals in the chrysanthemum blossom, so to speak.   Felipe Calderon Hinojosa has taken a brave step in the direction of telling the world, the Americans, and the Mexicans the whole truth and nothing by the truth now.
      We must remember that that largest cash interception of recent history was the 215, 000,000 dollars, in true American currency as well as much other treasure that was found on the finca of a Red Chinese "vacationer" outside of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, at another mansion near Culiacan, Sinaloa, and at an ultra-mansion in the posh Lomas de Chapultepec section of Mexico City about four years ago.    That amount of money being found in the possession of an agent of the Red Chinese Army....a high ranking general officer....posing as a common wealthy tourist... can only be considered as an act of war against Mexico.   There can be no justification for it  when a person can live the life of royalty even in highly developed surroundings in Mexican resorts....easily on 1,000,000 dollars per year and have lots of change left over.....lots of change...forever....seriously. 
     For a fairly accurate summary of the events surrounding this matter, oddly enough, Wikipedia has a good collection of facts and suppositions.   They do make reference to the Chinese individual's being elevated to "Che Guevara" status with bumper stickers and t-shirts and the like, and it is not true that most Mexicans believe the Chinese individual's claim that he was just keeping the money for Calderon.   The Chinese individual is not one of those nice, kind, little men from Shanghai who just happens to have 1,000,000,000 dollars laying around in his dacha in the form of ready cash, Mexican gold coin, jewels, Euro cash and bonds, etc.    He is also just a "regular Chou" who has active wants, warrants, and search orders out in several countries and Interpol....some of them for complicity in homicide.   The Gringo Viejo recommends the perusal of this article and gives Wiki an A- for its analysis.    In the article, there are hints at obfuscation and a bit of a willingness to ask the reader to believe that cows and pigs can fly and jump over the moon, but it is easy to see that this is not the fellow you wanted your daughter to bring home to meet you.   He is not "Charlie Chan" or the nephew of Confuscius.  He is a Chinese "businessman" who set up a receiving operation for arms, money, espionage, sabotage, criminal alliances, and preparatory military penetration of the North American Continent.    It is the Red Chinese method of making war.
     It is worth pointing out that the American Coast Guard and the Mexican Navy probably co-ordinated with each other in this operation against the ship currently in port.    O'bama will apologise to-morrow, we are sure.

(3)     The Consul General for the State Department of the United States of America, situated in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico announced yesterday that travel advisories to that city and the State of Tamaulipas have been cancelled.   They cited the success of federal troops in re-establishing the previously existing order and urged travellers to exercise only the normal precautions involved in travelling anywhere, anytime.
       In this same vein, the Gringo Viejo was surprized to note that he enountered a caravan of travel trailers....about 29 or 30....heading south during his last drive north from our place by the mountains in the interior.    It was such a normal sight that at first he did not register it in his brain.   But then, as trailer number six or seven went by, it dawned on him that the phenomena had been absent from the Mexican roadway for almost three years now.
      What the caravaneers encountered was a peaceful transit over highways that have been up-graded from B-  and A-  to B+ and A during their absence.    They also, knowing it or not, will be re-enforcing a pride inside the heart and soul of the "common Mexican" that their country has fought for itself and is winning the respect of "common Americans" who have the willingness to reach beyond the controlled news media outlets and do their own research.   The War is not over.   The skirmishes will never end.   But, the improvement in social order is very much like the difference between the dead of night and the brightness of the dawn.
     God Bless the Mexican Army and the Naval Infantry.

(4)     During the next months, Mexico will undergo Presidential Elections.   The leftists and communist elements have already launched an Abu Ghraib event to throw into the mix in order to defame the Partido de Accion Nacional, the present President's party.   They are backing an effort by "international human rights organisations"  to prosecute the Mexican military for 450 "human rights" violations.   Unreasonable searches and seizures, abuse of power, the killing of innocents, destruction of evidence in collateral damage cases, torture, illegal detention, illegal interrogations, etc. are being alleged.
       To begin, when one considers fog of war....having been fought over a five year period so far....with literally millions of contacts with the populace.....that, in and of itself is remarkable.  Would that the Union forces had treated the Confederacy so well.   Next, what the Mexican military was facing was a group that would kill an entire family, men, women, and children because of the fact that one of their family, forced to work as a mule, had lost his load of marijuana or drugs to the American or Mexican authorities or to another criminal organisation. This has happened thousands of times in these recent contratemps.  Thousands.    The atrocities committed by the military's enemies have been monstrous and legion.   They are the same things the  communist guerrilla did in Guatemala and that Rigoberta and the world press blamed on the hapless Guatemalan Army. 
     The fact is that the Mexican military was the most respected institution in Mexico before this all began, and their ratings have only risen to this point.  They have also been remarkably open and rapid in the court martialling of issues of violation of rules of engagement, fraud, and other violations of military protocols and laws.    Not perfect....they say so themselves...but remarkable positive and pro-active.

(Long sentence warning)
(5)     Finally, when one worries about all the money going to if it is somehow being removed from here and taken there....the Old Gringo was amazed to see the hundreds of overloaded pickups and SUVs with American plates heading south during this Thanksgiving holiday period, loaded up with junk....that had been bought before "black Friday", and then taken down to family, close and distant, to begin the celebrations.   Mexican purchases, made by Mexican legal aliens, Americans of Mexican descent, and Mexican tourists coming up just to shop on the border and other places in the United States will spend up to 20,000,000,000 dollars this season.    "Christmas" for Mexicans begins lightly with American Thanksgiving and then gradually builds into a period of lethargy, paralysis, fun, fiesta, food, conviviation, too much beer, tequila, rum, and too much gift buying, laughing, crying, singing....including the national MONSTER celebrations of the Apparition of the BVM at the Hill of Tepeyac in Mexico City on 12 December 1531....then the Posadas, door-to-door carolling based upon the trials of the Journey to Bethlehem, then the Feast of the Nativity....and then on to the 6th of January and the arrival of the Three Kings and their additional gifts to children.      WHEW!!  Out of breath.

St, Juan Diego, and the tilma with the
image of Saint Mary, and the probative
roses she gave him
This should be enough for a while.  Please forgive the longwinded nature of the entry.  More later.
El Gringo Viejo

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Worthy of Interest

abc hero wardog ll 111122 wblog Not Photoshopped: Beam of Light Shines on Fallen Soldiers Miracle Dog
(Kimberly Launier/ABC News)

     Please notice that this is an ABC News reporter's shot.   Various sources assure that it is not a photoshop, retouch, or combined photograph of any kind.    This is the dog "Hero"  who was saved by an American soldier in Iraq.   The soldier was killed in action shortly afterwards.   The dog was sent to the American soldier's home.   This picture was taken in that soldier's parent's back yard shortly after the soldier's mother had been hugging the dog, and asking to the dog's chest, "Justin, are you in there?"....a mother's lament.
The sunrays came upon the dog very shortly after the question had been asked.
El Gringo Viejo

Probably should have said...

About three weeks ago, the Old Gringo was presented a very large Mexican flag, quite a nice one, not made in Red China, of a satin-like material, with excellent stitchwork and colour-fast colours and design (eagles and serpents and all of that), and measuring about 3.5 feet by 5.5 feet.   It was presented by the local Telegrafos Station where we wire money at times.   It was also presented by the Comite' Ejiditario of the Ejido de Francisco I. Madero.    The station-chief of the Telegrafos facility in the Estacion de Santa Engracia was the deliverer of the flag and indicated that the Gringo Viejo was the person selected to receive the honour this time because of the works and examples he had set forth for the communities in the area.
      It was all a bit humbling, but un-necessary.   The article is relatively costly and must be treated with certain formal protocols.....which of course we follow.   Heretofore, we would clothes-pin the Mexican and/or American colours on their appropriate days of celebration or recognition.   Neither flag was particularly ostentatious, but they were always arrange with respect on a nice rope that we run on the inside of the the outside horizontal support  for the manser of the corridor.   Without any pride or humility we assert that it looks dignified, correct, respectful, and appropriate for the appropriate date.    This particular flag has attached ties, and those must be used to secure the banner to its place.   It cannot be pinned, nailed, glued, or taped into its place of display.
      On the day of the 12th of December, we normally hang the flags of Texas, Mexico, and the United States to recognize that the presence of Saint Mary in her apparition at the Hill of Tepayac near Mexico City in 1531 is recognized as the Patroness of All the Americas.

      Sometimes when the Old Gringo is grumpy he might even fly the Mexican tri-colour with the date "1824" in gold numbers on the white field.   That was the flag that flew over the Alamo during the confrontation in San Antonio in 1836.    The defenders at that place were actually fighting for the restoration of the Mexican Constitution of 1824 and the defeat of the famous hideous usurper Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana.    Most Mexicans know the flag as a statement of stubborness and loyalty to principle....and the willingness to fight to the end for an abstract point.     There are other times....usually on Bobbie Lee's birthday and/or Confederate Veterans' Memorial Day that we might fly the Confederate military flag....albeit a small a discreet place on the same corridor.

     We have had teachers bring their students to listen to my understanding of history and my explanation of the various flags and why they are posted on certain days.    Perhaps to the consternation of my ejido, the Gringo Viejo will play the Mexican National Anthem at VERY HIGH volume on major Mexican national days  (there's a bunch) at 06:oo during the morning's darkness.   We have done it during the period of disorder, perhaps to our peril...but it was felt to be necessary so that the youngsters going to school (it starts early there) would know that there are certain things bigger than immediate gain.
      Sometimes a person might think that he has become so eccentric as to be perfectly irrelevant.    Perhaps it would be well should he be so.   But then, along comes a flag that cost a couple of organisations the better part of  50 or 60 dollars, and then that person feels requited and a bit humble.

And that was my story for this hour.
El Gringo Viejo 

Thursday, 24 November 2011


These days now begin to fill with memories of sugar plums and all eleven of Santa's reindeer flying over all fifty seven States to apologize to all for the establishment of Christianity.   S0, one prepares for the sharing, the conviviality, and the general hustle and bustle.
      An OROG wrote in to suggest that this linkage is also a very high quality card service with nice themes and artwork;    was reviewed by the Gringo Viejo, and it is a really nice operation.   We are having considerable problem with the other site due to the inability we are having in adjusting our flash drive properly, apparently.   We are not having any problem with the newer site, so perhaps if the same is happening to other  OROGs, perhaps the new place would serve as a decent alternative.

      It is well that we report that the situation in Mexico continues to improve.    We would commend to the attention of all OROGs that they dig into information beyond what is commonly available about the times we are living through, both in the area of our little place and our area in Texas.     It is hard for one person to speak softly into a strong wind and then be heard at any distance.     But, our earlier repeated observations about improving security and re-establishment of predictable social and commercial order have proven to be true. 
     With another few months it is possible that we might even experience the  re-emergence of the way things were 10 years ago.   We simply must wrest away the hands of the demons from the throat of the people who feel compelled to use these strange substances.   Once again, the Gringo Viejo observes that it should suffice to have things as powerful as alcohol and nicotine.  What more could be necessary?

Enough of such things for a little while.   Family is coming down from Central Texas and we are making the journey to the mother-in-law's place for Thanksgiving's gathering.   This will be the first such celebration without the father-in-law.   So it will be a bit of a challenge for each of us, especially for the widow.

If the football games become blowouts and the granddaughters are asleep, perhaps the inspiration will hit to send along additional messages later to-day.
El Gringo Viejo

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Returned from the Front

The Old Gringo returned yesterday.   Windy drive up....45 mile per hour and a wait that was a little long at the bridge.   But... one learns at some point in life to enjoy the misery and just get it over with.

      This particular time it seems that the drive was a little tiring, and so it will take a moment or two to re-disorder the thought processes in the "little grey cells".     There is quite a bit of positive news about our little mud hut on the Rio Corona.   There is news on the Mexican overall political front and on the commerce, industry, and agricultural front.   There are commentaries and observations, and a bit of review of prvious pontifications coming up.

     Speaking of pontifications, it will take a tad longer for us to attempt to understand the former Speaker's contention that ".....Catholics have a concience thing..." and therefore cannot be reasonable about issues that require the contradiction of the Canons of the Roman Catholic Church.   She also observed of herself that she loves and honors her Roman Catholic faith, but since the rules were made up by a bunch of old men wearing skirts and funny pointed hats, there is no reason to adhere to any they of concience or of canon. 

Your patience will be rewarded with some serious thoughts later to-day.
El Gringo Viejo 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Out for a Bit

Times will be quiet here on the blog for a bit.   The Old Gringo will be heading down for another stint of it.   With the settling of issues at hand from a couple of weeks back, it is time to take my place on the bridge and at the helm of our little place in the middle of nowhere, Mexico.   It is somewhat disconcerting to know that Jesse Ventura is coming back to Mexico after his recent setback in court.   Actually it is rather a sad state of affairs when a person such as Jesse Ventura cannot board an airplane without being repeatedly groped.   He has had a titanium hip replacement that makes it necessary for him to undergo super-inspection at almost every boarding.
     My understanding is that he did not think that he deserved any special treatment, only that he should be able to carry some fail-safe identification that would show that he is an ex-governor of one of the 57 States in the Union and that he has a titanium hip replacement and does not like to have people groping him at every opportunity.
     The judge decided against him.   In a way.  The judge decided that his court was not the most appropriate bench before which to present the case.   Jesse became very grumpy about it all.   We'll both be arriving back home in Mexico about the same time.   But the Old Gringo is not grumpy.   Not too grumpy.
    Not too grumpy....even if some sow has a weep-out about her son's plight.  She does feel really bad for that lady who had her head caved in by her child who dropped a grocery cart off a four story ledge onto the lady's head.  She was really sorry about that, but she just had to point out that the real victim in the affair was not the old white woman but her poor son who is only 12 years old....and New York might be going to treat him like an adult criminal just because of this and his other 22 arrests for various misdemeanours and felonies.  He is, after all, all really good kid.
     The woman who was injured has severe to profound head and brain injuries and is comatose and not expected to live.    The mother of the child lives in an housing project near the shopping mall where the events took place.   She and the mother of the other boy, also a multiple offender at the age of 12,  who was involved in the dropping of several grocery carts, apparently with the openly stated intention of killing or injuring someone....are professional welfare recipients and optimizers of the "baby mother safety net".
      The woman in the coma is one of those peculiar people who still think that organisms who look roughly human must be born with and have souls  even if they are completely unsupervised, are unchurched, and are in the fourth generation of welfare dependency.
      The woman in the coma was doing an errand at the mall that day was to purchase several hundred dollars worth of higher quality candies for the children at the housing projectl   The candy was to be passed out during the trick or treat festivities of All Hallow's Even.
      The woman in the coma was a wealthy woman who had dedicated much of her time and a great deal of money over the years to efforts to help the marginalized populations in New York City and elsewhere.   May she rest in peace.   May the Great Lord Yahweh forgive us all for having allowed the creation of a system of government sanctioned and subsidized creation of narcissistic, sociopathic monsters.

El Gringo Viejo, will return in a few weeks...with luck, during his absence, he might be able to forward some information and conditions about our little mud hut on the spring fed mountain creek somewhere in the boondocks in Mexico.

Al always, thanks for your time, attention, and interest.....

Friday, 4 November 2011

Best Bargain on the Web, very enjoyable

This entry comes from some folks who produce the greatest greeting cards on or off the web.  It seems that they don't worry so much about being politically correct or incorrect.   They seem terribly Anglican, which is not that strange because they come from rural Sussex, from the below-named village of Lurgashall.   In keeping with things there, they are all very intelligent, talented, and sophisticated and have a talent for modernizing antiquity.   The operation is Jacquie Lawson Cards, and they would be something equivalent to a Japanese Bonzai tree that is 500 years old, or like Lou Gehrig's farewell to Baseball speech, or actually having a private audience with Santa Claus, or a two-month rail trip around the United States.
Check in at    and see their offerrings.   We cannot figure how the business can make any money, so we assume that they are all independently wealthy and have not been taxed enough.  We shall report them to Barry and Michelle's Tax Collection Service if more evidence presents itself. 
     The Gringo Viejo's ancient ancestry considering our various surnames are terribly Hebrew, Ingles, Picts, and Jutes, Frenchy, Dane, (and some Prussian, Hessian, and German Saxon thrown in, but do not tell anybody).   We have a lot of people buried around Bury Saint Mary's, Kelsale, Suffolk, to the north of Lurgashall, Sussex.

Lurgashall village

Jacquie lives in the village of Lurgashall, in Sussex, England. Most of the scenes, characters and animals for her cards are taken from the village, or indeed from her own picture-perfect period cottage.
The name Lurgashall is probably Saxon in origin, dating from the period following the Saxon invasion circa 500AD when a roving band of marauders may well have travelled along the Roman road from Chichester to London and settled on the site. Although the village is not mentioned in the Domesday Book, situated as it was in the dense forest of Wealden which was then considered to be of little value, Lurgashall was included in the fruits of victory which William the Conqueror handed out to his greedy henchmen.
Lurgashall is a now small but thriving village of around 700 inhabitants, and it boasts a pub (of course), a Saxon church, a shop, and a cricket green. The cricket pavilion (which can be seen clearly in the "Snowdog" Christmas card) is notable for the clock tower which was erected in 2000 in memory of Jacquie's late husband Roger, who was for many years captain of the village cricket team. The cricket team has its own website -
If you're ever passing through, be sure to call in at the Noah's Ark Inn, where Henry and Amy will be happy to serve you a pint of their best Greene King IPA!
St. Laurence's Church
Although nothing remains of the original wooden Saxon building, the present Church shows clear signs of later Saxon architecture. The Tower, with its pointed arch, is Norman. The Cloister was added in the 16th century, so that parishioners from some distance away could rest & eat between morning and evening services. Remains can be seen of an early font which was smashed by the Puritans in the Civil War. This bears signs of a lock to prevent the theft of Holy Water for superstitious purposes. Beneath is a 'Resurrection Stone' of immense weight which was hired out to prevent newly buried corpses from being stolen! The present font, of Sussex Marble, was first used on Lady Day, 1662, when the restored Charles II had reintroduced the Prayer Book and the ceremony of Baptism. The Lectern was presented in 1897 in memory of Alfred Lord Tennyson who lived nearby and was a regular worshipper at St. Laurence's.
     This is where a bunch of really pure-bred English mongrels were baptised, married, and buried back in the 1200 - 1600 AD period.     This is in the little city of Kelsale, Suffolk, in Anglia, England.   Lots of primordial Gringos there.

Church of Saint Paul and Saint Mary, C of E
Kelsale, Suffolk, East Anglia

Some day soon, perhaps, we shall be able to make the trek to various places to see at least where our children's ancestor saw things, whether we see the same things or not.   We shall have to go into most of south and eastern England.....then some places in western England like Shropshire and southern Mersey Counties which are adjacent, I believe to the northwesternmost corner of Wales, but still in England...and then Cumbria and Northumbria in  northernmost England and to the Isle of Man.   Before or after that, on the same trip, we shall have to cover the southeastern third of Spain to say grace over the bones and dust of the children's better side.
     Any English OROGs on a personal basis with Basil Rathbone need to ask him if he can pick us up at the station and take us over to see his place at 221B Baker Street.   We would prefer one of those black taxis or perhaps one of the red double-decker busses that we see in the war movies.    We'd intend to be staying in the London area for three or four nights.   We'll need one day to give the Archbishop of Canterbury a few pointers about Anglican dogma and ritual.....also to remind HRM Elizabeth that she really needs to name her son as Duke of  Falkland and Belize, and then pass the succession directly to her grandson, HRH Prince William.    It would be a shame to follow a pretty decent run of it for one monarchette with a dumboe like the present Prince of Wales.  Would there be a king so bold of bone that he would deign to deny the dullards the dole they demand and disband the Labour Party, and expel their pinky souls (what be left of 'em)from the Parliament.   So there.   Let it be written.

El Gringo Viejo

Thursday, 3 November 2011

If a Republican Were to Do This....

W.H. fact-checks W.H.
Jay Carney quoted the Bible on Wednesday. Except he didn't. AP PhotoClose
MR. CARNEY: Well, I believe the phrase from the Bible* is, “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” And I think the point the President is making is that we should -- we have it within our capacity to do the things to help the American people.
And it might be added, that since it is in the Bible that rich people are ropes that cannot make it through the eye of a camel they are all going to be turned into pillars of gold like Damacles and all those people in Atlantis.  So much for what you believe, Carney....because if you believe in what you believe the Bible says about this matter, you are capable of believing anything, everything, and nothing all at the same time.

And then....with no particular respect...."I think the point the President is making is that we should - we have it within our capacity to do the things to help the American people."
        To do what, precisely?    We have to help the American people to help themselves be helped?  Is that what the great Yahweh said in the Bible?   Is that what someone said he said?   Did  Nancy Pelosi, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, Harry Reid, Jay Carney, Barry O'Bama, almost every Democrat officeholder and appointee, and all the other intellectually-challenged people all go to the same school of rhetoric, composition, and logic?
The Gringo Viejo told his supplier he needed a camel for his
next blog entry, but it arrived late.   So he was sent back.

Right!   Carney knows that quote is actually in Poor Richard's Calendar, too.  It's kinda like Margaret Mitchell's book,   Gone with the Mockingbird.
El Gringo Viejo

(enter Dr. John Dean's battle cry in after the Iowa Demcrat Primary in 2004)

For Every Season, There Is a Time

Occupy Oakland demonstrators gather in Oakland
Be not deceived;  God is not mocked: for whatsoever
a man soweth, that he shall also reap.

     There is no way to avoid the natural law of Yahweh as it is set down.   If we produce un-fathered children and support those children with the wealth of those who are not their parent, the majority of those children are bound to the crooked, self-destructive path.   They care nothing for their own patrimony and will destroy the patrimony of others.   They have no souls.   They do not care.   They are born dead....seeming to live for a brief while, as they destroy everything around them.
      There is no way to avoid the natural law of Yahweh, as it is set down.   If we send out children to tutelage, and they dwell among fools, then our children will leave their instruction as fools, with only rare exception.   If they are told naught, they will know naught.   If they are told the tales of fools, they will be as the fool.   If they are told that they are wise, and their informers are fools and full of guile, our children will be a danger to themselves and everyone around them.   Our children's souls will atrophy within them and they will see themselves as greater than the Laws of Yahweh.    They will know there is no Yahweh, and with that certainty they will know that they  themselves are gods, and have no constraint.

       Mexico has lost 20 percent of its young people and 15 percent of its human-occupied geography.
        America has lost 20 percent of its young people and 10 percent of its human-occupied geography.
        Canada has lost 10 percent of its young people and  5 percent of its human-occupied geography.
      Were it a war, these losses in dead, wounded, and captured would essentially mean that those who had suffered those losses had lost the war.   When it is stated that an amount of children have been "lost", it is meant that those children have been killed or taken into the short life of organized crime, or those children who have embarked upon the life of glue and paint sniffing, marihuana smoking, cocaine, methamphetamine, morphinates, and other inebriates.    Most are drawn from what is politely known as the "urban environment", but....

        Do not doubt that your own children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, and/or those of your friends and associates  could be among those who have the 10 miles stare, the lying, the early aging and dental problems, the secretivity and sneakiness, the peculiar moods, the irascibility, and the counter-productive explosive spontaneity.
 "My parents treat me like I'm a
child.   Nobody understands me.''

       Reasonable alternatives proposed in the past were not employed.   Many proposals were made.    Some were seemingly radical.   What we have now is a catastrophic collapse leading soon to total anarchy, death, and destruction of all property, value, and wealth.   IT IS HAPPENING NOW.     All the "radical" proposals bandied about in restaurants and saloons and beauty parlours, and backyard barbeques could have had a positive impact towards moving to a solution to the problems caused by bastardy and the unwillingness of so many  to concern themselves with the legal pursuit of self-sufficiency.

(1)    Utter and total legalization of all psychotropic anything.  With safeguards such as requiring the AMTRAK engineers and the Southwest Airlines pilots and the Greyhound Bus drivers and all such similar critical personnel to submit to urinalysis before departure or other such deployment...and other such basic, logical measures....we could have allowed those so disposed to turn into the Zomboes they wished to be, take them out to de-activated Indian Reservations, and kept them there, stringing beads, and eating their oatmeal and Vienna sausage until they died.    The Gringo Viejo rates this alternative a 93.

(2)     Arrest, demonstration of incontrovertible proof to the satisfaction of a special drug jury of 18 people who have passed a reasonable, difficult examination concerning their intellectual capacity and reasoning ability, and execution by firing squad that could be publicly heard but not seen.   Another two tiers of appeal should be worked out.   Visiting panels of (6) jurors, drawn from random assignment as in a lottery, could be the first tier of appeal.   Another could be the existing Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.    The entire process would be held to the time limit of 360 calendar days.    El Gringo Viejo gives this alternative a 93.


(3)     Withdraw, cease, and eliminate the operation of government public assistance programs.   The central government in Washington, D.C. has no Constitutional authourity to transfer payments from one group to another.   The individual States might have that authourity if they, in their wisdom, wish to burden their own citizenry.    Elevate the eleemosynary institutions in the various locales to the task of providing for those who require charitable intervention in their lives.      El Gringo Viejo gives this alternative a 95.

(4)      Upon the proving beyond all reasonable doubt, any woman who is deriving the majority of her family unit's support from charitable or public assistance, and who has a third baby without the benefit of paternity will be first given a preventative, and then after due process with be taken to a veterinarian to be spayed.    The three children will be taken into private or State child protection and adoptive alternatives sought and obtained.    There will be no foster-care programs...only adoption.
       Any female who has produced three children without benefit of paternity will submit her whelp to paternity testing.  Those who have been identified as the procreants to her whelps........barring he who can demonstrate the PREVIOUSLY publicly published announcement and DEMAND FOR THE RIGHT and intent to take, own, and be wholly responsible for his progeny, .......will be taken to the veterinarian and be the procreant's expense.
         All participating veterinarians will be exempt from any civil liability for these services.
         El Gringo Viejo gives this alternative a  95.

AS always, it is an continuing pleasure to have your company, share your time, and receive the OROG's attention.
El Gringo Viejo...   

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Emotional Millstones

Each morning, each week, each month, as the sand runs through the narrow part of the hourglass, El Gringo Viejo tries to move to the next issue without being troubled, angered, and distressed about things over which he has no control.
      The fault is entirely that of the Gringo Viejo.   He chooses to forget the admonitions of his father to his mother when she complained about some foolish thing someone had done..."Doll, try to remember he's a Mexican"    or  "Doll, try to remember he's a German"  or "Doll, try to remember he's a Southerner".    These admonitions gave, at the very least, some comfort to those who believe in bio-cultural dominance in terms of major influences over individual and group human activity.
      "I just can't believe that that horrible man was letting his 6 year old child drink beer at the table.   We're only 30 years away from the Prohibition and half the County's still dry!   I want you to go over and tell Mr. Hophenbluschter what a bum he is!!   We fight two wars against them and they still don't learn anything"
      "Husband, that lazy Mexican is over there sleeping at 2:00 in the afternoon!   People are going to say he's drunk!   Go over there and wake him up right now!
      "Look at that crazy English tourist there on the beach.   He's actually going into the water and it can't be a degree over 80f," she would point, incredulous of the scene.
     It was not quite that extreme, but it was something similar.   The Old Gringo's father would smile and beg a bit understanding and tolerance, which was always granted.    It was my job to anticipate my own uncomfortableness with deviant social and cultural behaviour and move to be understanding and tolerant, to the extent possible.    One does that realizing  there are certain cultural, biological, and social forces that are overwhelming to the large majority of humans.    There are also certain variables among individual humans who make them disposed to do well, prosper, be happy, to work, to serve, to do good by their neighbours, and generally be positive....And there are variables that move certain persons, individually to do things that are self-destructive, that are narcissistic, that cause pain to self and others, that are counterproductive in general to the establishment of a good, prosperous, and happy existence in this life.

    Sometimes El Gringo Viejo forgets.   Forgets to accept.  Consider the Leftist.
      He is always angry.   Let him be angry.
      He is always certain that his motives are the only pure motives.
     He is satisfied, since his motives are pure, that his policy of taking things away from owners, killing millions of people - or thousands - or hundreds - or scores that is always justified, for the greater good.
     He is always sure that his plan for bussing someone else's child from here to there will serve to punish the evil and liberate those he wishes to liberate.
     He is always convinced that when his programs and designs produce results that are many times worse than the ill that had been proposed for extinction, it was the result of insufficient expenditures.
     He  is satisfied that all the ills of the world are caused by wealth and the wealthy, and that the "poor" are somehow more morally grounded than other people.
     He is content in the knowledge that, if it is necessary to publish information about an event, it is perfectly acceptable to amend the facts so as to protect his point of view and to slander the opponent.   After all, those who oppose helping the poor are evil people.
    He is proud of the people who foul the lives of the un-involved and destroy their paths and properties, because he knows those who have, need to suffer what it means to be poor and lacking control.
     He understands that while he proposes stringent programs and strident solutions to problems that may or may not exist, he himself must not be restrained by the law, or even require of himself any compliance with that new law.
     He scoffs at the idea that certain people suffer in life due to their own addictions to alcohol, drugs, sloth, self-centeredness, promiscuity, violation of natural law, profligacy, or other personal failings.   All personal problems are reactions to the Oppression by the Rich.
     He stares in wonder at an old fool like the Gringo Viejo's father who always urged to understand the origins of each man.  To tolerate his idiosyncrasies.  To allow a troubled person to awaken to his disorder, seek help, and climb from his abyss. (Stupid Indian, why doesn't he use a saddle for his horse?)

El Gringo Viejo was touched by this posting by a OWC activist.   Much jewelry, many piercings of nose, lips, eye brows, and many tatoos.   She was well dressed but dirty.   Her eyes seemed to be able to hold a focus for two or three seconds before going into a 10-mile stare.  She might have been 20 years old.

Her protest sign?

"There is nothing the Amerikan Wehrmacht  can do that regular people can't undo with a law to set people free and give them money and food and what people nede.   No Jews!  No Jews in Palestine! No Jews in America!"

The Gringo Viejo will have to vote for that bill before he reads it again.  Peace, brother.


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Collegiate Defect

     Rush is raving forth about the dunce - ism of majoring in liberal arts.   In these days, most of those who are stumbling through a liberal arts curriculum are not aware that the only place where their studies can be readily applied is in the area of instruction.    Therefore it becomes something like the Bavarian Butt Biter.   The Bavarian Butt Biter is the animal who bites himself on the rear and as the pain becomes more intense the animal gnashes himself on the rear even harder.   One can only imagine how it all would one it all ends.

     But, frequently Rush is wrong.   The Old Gringo has the right to say a little about that because we were sponsors of one of his early stops during the Rush to Excellence Tour he did early on during the launch of his National radio career.    Rush is more frequently right, this this time he is wrong.
     The point is that those who go into liberal arts need to know going in that they are bound to have to adapt to a changing seascape here and a changing landscape there.    There is plenty for them to do, because they are usually capable of performing in three or four or five discipline areas.   Many are extremely quick studies and can move from entire discipline to another with ease.
      BUT !!!    The type who wants to go into liberal arts should be a person who is going to university only to verify that he is a gentleman or that she is a lady, a studied and compliant person to some measurable degree.  The liberal arts graduate has a piece of paper to prove it to the world.   That same graduate must accept that others who have taken technical and professional degrees have a leg up....but only in direction of life's path.
      Once the liberal arts graduate has finished he might go to the military, the Peace Corps, into church missionary work, or (heaven forbid) into "public service".   He can also move into the business world by serving a form of apprenticeship in or with a small or large business.   He can quickly figure how to start small, on a shoe string, and connect with potential clients.   He is comfortable in old tech, low tech, high tech, cutting edge tech, business, trades, or space colonisation.
       The Old Gringo met a man in Louisiana who refurbished old Confederate whatevers;   wagon wheels, pistols and rifles, flags, uniforms, ledgers, or whatever bore an identifiable CSA purpose, manufacture, or utilisation.   He had three degrees in History.  BA, MA, PH.d. and said that he was essentially retired when he was 43 years old.   People paid him and paid his travel to review documents, supervise reconstructions of old homes, supervise battlefield and cemetery excavations, and repair artifacts.   He made about what a "pretty fair lawyer" might make, in his own estimation.
        He said he had only been interested in one thing since he turned five years old, and he never grew up.   They had paid him in public and private universities to work at his hobby and then after he kind of, more or less,  withdrew gradually from the teaching he went on to working at his hobby and being paid for it.    He said, "I'm like Mickey Mantle.   I'm paid to play."

       What the Gringo Viejo means by all of this is some people do well to be uselessly educated.   BUT THEY MUST BE SADDLE TRAMPS, even if they are from the upper-middle, or upper class.  They have to establish their own "career ladder", understand the value of a university education that has no direct objective.    They must have a sense of self-value that is not measured by trappings and treasure, but by the nature of  their journey.    The journey will ultimately bring wealth if the Saddle Tramp Paladin is true only to the Beatitudes and the Golden Rule and loyal to those closest to him....the first level of relation and the one or two friends that one might encounter in a lifetime.    Usually, wealth to the "professional Liberal Arts" person is something to store up later in life and to be meted out or willed to causes and people deemed to be of value.
      Rigid values, flexible path, and basic catechism.   Those are the tenets of success for the liberal arts person.    Most of those who are in the liberal arts schools at Whatever U. are not there for the right reason in these days.    My urchins are liberal arts type people and they have wound up in areas so interesting and places so perfectly ordered for a good life and having accomplished so much that it is staggering.   My son-in-law and his brother are the same.   So....just because your degree does not have a built in range-finder or a roadmap to the pot of gold or does not mean that you are in the wrong room.   Maybe you just crossed into the Twilight Zone of fulfillment.

(just to prove the Old Gringo's point, click below)
For Yankees

For both regular folks and Yankees,

These people are all happy, frustrated, grumpy, and get up every day and do the same thing because it gives them great pleasure.
El Gringo Viejo