Thursday, 24 November 2011


These days now begin to fill with memories of sugar plums and all eleven of Santa's reindeer flying over all fifty seven States to apologize to all for the establishment of Christianity.   S0, one prepares for the sharing, the conviviality, and the general hustle and bustle.
      An OROG wrote in to suggest that this linkage is also a very high quality card service with nice themes and artwork;    was reviewed by the Gringo Viejo, and it is a really nice operation.   We are having considerable problem with the other site due to the inability we are having in adjusting our flash drive properly, apparently.   We are not having any problem with the newer site, so perhaps if the same is happening to other  OROGs, perhaps the new place would serve as a decent alternative.

      It is well that we report that the situation in Mexico continues to improve.    We would commend to the attention of all OROGs that they dig into information beyond what is commonly available about the times we are living through, both in the area of our little place and our area in Texas.     It is hard for one person to speak softly into a strong wind and then be heard at any distance.     But, our earlier repeated observations about improving security and re-establishment of predictable social and commercial order have proven to be true. 
     With another few months it is possible that we might even experience the  re-emergence of the way things were 10 years ago.   We simply must wrest away the hands of the demons from the throat of the people who feel compelled to use these strange substances.   Once again, the Gringo Viejo observes that it should suffice to have things as powerful as alcohol and nicotine.  What more could be necessary?

Enough of such things for a little while.   Family is coming down from Central Texas and we are making the journey to the mother-in-law's place for Thanksgiving's gathering.   This will be the first such celebration without the father-in-law.   So it will be a bit of a challenge for each of us, especially for the widow.

If the football games become blowouts and the granddaughters are asleep, perhaps the inspiration will hit to send along additional messages later to-day.
El Gringo Viejo