Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Returned from the Front

The Old Gringo returned yesterday.   Windy drive up....45 mile per hour gusts....hot...dry and a wait that was a little long at the bridge.   But... one learns at some point in life to enjoy the misery and just get it over with.

      This particular time it seems that the drive was a little tiring, and so it will take a moment or two to re-disorder the thought processes in the "little grey cells".     There is quite a bit of positive news about our little mud hut on the Rio Corona.   There is news on the Mexican overall political front and on the commerce, industry, and agricultural front.   There are commentaries and observations, and a bit of review of prvious pontifications coming up.

     Speaking of pontifications, it will take a tad longer for us to attempt to understand the former Speaker's contention that ".....Catholics have a concience thing..." and therefore cannot be reasonable about issues that require the contradiction of the Canons of the Roman Catholic Church.   She also observed of herself that she loves and honors her Roman Catholic faith, but since the rules were made up by a bunch of old men wearing skirts and funny pointed hats, there is no reason to adhere to any rules...be they of concience or of canon. 

Your patience will be rewarded with some serious thoughts later to-day.
El Gringo Viejo