Saturday, 5 November 2011

Out for a Bit

Times will be quiet here on the blog for a bit.   The Old Gringo will be heading down for another stint of it.   With the settling of issues at hand from a couple of weeks back, it is time to take my place on the bridge and at the helm of our little place in the middle of nowhere, Mexico.   It is somewhat disconcerting to know that Jesse Ventura is coming back to Mexico after his recent setback in court.   Actually it is rather a sad state of affairs when a person such as Jesse Ventura cannot board an airplane without being repeatedly groped.   He has had a titanium hip replacement that makes it necessary for him to undergo super-inspection at almost every boarding.
     My understanding is that he did not think that he deserved any special treatment, only that he should be able to carry some fail-safe identification that would show that he is an ex-governor of one of the 57 States in the Union and that he has a titanium hip replacement and does not like to have people groping him at every opportunity.
     The judge decided against him.   In a way.  The judge decided that his court was not the most appropriate bench before which to present the case.   Jesse became very grumpy about it all.   We'll both be arriving back home in Mexico about the same time.   But the Old Gringo is not grumpy.   Not too grumpy.
    Not too grumpy....even if some sow has a weep-out about her son's plight.  She does feel really bad for that lady who had her head caved in by her child who dropped a grocery cart off a four story ledge onto the lady's head.  She was really sorry about that, but she just had to point out that the real victim in the affair was not the old white woman but her poor son who is only 12 years old....and New York might be going to treat him like an adult criminal just because of this and his other 22 arrests for various misdemeanours and felonies.  He is, after all, all really good kid.
     The woman who was injured has severe to profound head and brain injuries and is comatose and not expected to live.    The mother of the child lives in an housing project near the shopping mall where the events took place.   She and the mother of the other boy, also a multiple offender at the age of 12,  who was involved in the dropping of several grocery carts, apparently with the openly stated intention of killing or injuring someone....are professional welfare recipients and optimizers of the "baby mother safety net".
      The woman in the coma is one of those peculiar people who still think that organisms who look roughly human must be born with and have souls  even if they are completely unsupervised, are unchurched, and are in the fourth generation of welfare dependency.
      The woman in the coma was doing an errand at the mall that day was to purchase several hundred dollars worth of higher quality candies for the children at the housing projectl   The candy was to be passed out during the trick or treat festivities of All Hallow's Even.
      The woman in the coma was a wealthy woman who had dedicated much of her time and a great deal of money over the years to efforts to help the marginalized populations in New York City and elsewhere.   May she rest in peace.   May the Great Lord Yahweh forgive us all for having allowed the creation of a system of government sanctioned and subsidized creation of narcissistic, sociopathic monsters.

El Gringo Viejo, will return in a few weeks...with luck, during his absence, he might be able to forward some information and conditions about our little mud hut on the spring fed mountain creek somewhere in the boondocks in Mexico.

Al always, thanks for your time, attention, and interest.....